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Title: Wicked Wanda
Keywords: fF, teen, inc, nc, mc, voy, mom, sister, daughter Author: Caesar

I dined with Lord Hughing Fitz-Bluing
Who said, "Do you squirm when you're screwing?"
I replied, "Simple shagging
Without any wagging
Is only for screwing canoeing."

Wicked Wanda

by Caesar, copyright 1998-2002

$Revision: 1.8 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:30 $

Wanda tried to ignore her sister and mother arguing yet again at the
dinner table. Her mind going over the items in the book she had found
nearly a month ago at her great-grandmothers house, during that old ladies memorial service.

Not so much a book, but a tome. A thick, very old, leather bound book
filled with barely legible hand-written script and diagrams. In fact
after sneaking it away (hiding from yet more family arguing by taking
the tome to the car), Wanda realized it was written my several
generations of ladies. In different ink and writing styles, it seems
the tome was divided up into sections that each contained one spell.

Yup, in fact, the book contained literally hundreds of spells. Some
dating back probably hundreds of years.

If not for the venerable age of the tome and the fact that so many
women had written their notes and observations upon the pages, Wanda
would have put little credence it. Within a week of first getting the
book, her first test, or spell, confirmed that it did, truly, work as

It was one of the simpler spells in the book, one requiring little
preparatory work. Her mother, upon coming home from work and in a
frightful mood, had shouted from downstairs... Wanda knew that it
would be the first daughter that her mom came upon that got the brunt
of the bad mood thrust upon her. And since Cheryl wasn't here, Wanda
would be the chosen one. Seated within her room, the door closed,
Wanda quickly turned to the page within the tome that had a spell she
remembered. She quickly cast it, using the mundane items it required
that she had already collected (small piece of clear glass being the
main one).

When the door flew open and her mom strode in, Wanda had thought she
was truly about to get in trouble. Even for not calling out when
called, would get her a spanking... and in this mood, who knew how bad
it could get. Wanda sat on the bed, biting her bottom lip as her mom strode into the room, still in her nurses uniform, and stood with feet
apart and hands on her hips looking about. Then, to Wanda's
amazement, she simply stalked out of the room and could be heard
storming back down the stairs to the kitchen.

It had worked. Her mother could not see her. The book had warned
that it wasn't an invisible spell, only that people were made to see
what the caster wanted them to see -- in this case, the bed. If Wanda
had moved or spoke anything, the casting would have been broken.

After that day, Wanda could hardly take her nose out of the book and
wanted to learn as much as possible.


Whoops, she had been daydreaming again. "Sorry," she spoke in her
normally sheepish voice, "what did you say mom?"

"I swear, I have one daughter that is turning into a tramp and another
that is deaf and dumb!" Cheryl snickered at her younger sister for
the latter comment, Wanda simply ignored her. "I said, can you do the
dishes tonight...?"

Wanda quickly interjected, "But its Cheryl's turn tonight, I have
studying to do." Not for school though.

Her mom simply ignored her outburst, and continued. "...Cheryl and I
are going over Mrs. Jennings house for a couple of hours?" It wasn't
really a question.

A tiny mumble, "Yes mom."

"Good. Cheryl, go get your things ready." Mrs. Jennings often
tutored Cheryl, as mom's friend was a university professor and had no
problem helping out. It was the summer break, but Cheryl was in two
summer school classes. Though she had good grades, Wanda was jealous
of the efforts her mom went through trying to get Cheryl's grades past
a 'C'.

Within the hour, Wanda was back in her room pouring over another
casting. Often the script was old and nearly illegible as well it was
written in older type writing and was often hard to understand. It
took an effort to understand, in the proper detail it took, each

Time passed without noticing, until Wanda heard the door to the house
open and her mom's voice call out, "Wanda?" She knew immediately that
her procrastinated chores were about to get her into trouble -- the
dishes sat undone in the kitchen. Quickly she turned to a page in the
tomb that may helped her out of the trouble she found herself in.

Downstairs, it got quiet until she heard her mothers hard footsteps
climbing the stairs. When the door swung open and Wanda turned to see
the barely controlled anger in the face of her mother, she had
memorized what she needed from the book.

"What did I ask you before I left?"

Wanda's hands trembled as she tore a button from her shirt.

The lack of a response seemed to anger her mother further. "Answer me
young lady or by god I will tan your ass so red..."

Wanda spoke the words even as she tossed the button over her shoulder
(and not watching where it fell).


Wanda sat biting her lip, fearful but anxious to know if her efforts

"What was I saying?" Her mom had spoken in a much calmer voice, her
face now turning from anger to puzzlement even as Wanda's turned to
contained joy.

"Where Cheryl was mom."

"Oh yes. I dropped her off at Debbie's'." The best friend of
Cheryl's since she had been in the third grade (though Wanda knew that
her sisters boyfriend often ended up over there with them). After
another awkward pause, Wanda's mom simply turned about and calmly (she
was rarely calm when it came to her daughters) and walked back
downstairs. Within minutes, it was obvious by the sounds from the
kitchen that she was doing the dishes.

That was only the beginning.
Never an outgoing teen, Wanda had few friends and few activities that
did not involve her sitting in her room with the door closed. Before
she had found the tomb, she had poured over novels and had enjoyed old movies -- imagining herself inside the story, outside her real life.
Now, nothing mattered except understanding another spell. It may take
a week just to get to the point where she comprehended the terms,
while other days it only took an hour to understand a whole spell.

As she learned more, she became more anxious to try some of her spells
out. Once, she had caused the dirty dishwater still left in the sink
to come to a boil, within seconds and without any heat. Another time
she had brought her dark bedroom to become as bright as a sunny day
when she cast a spell upon the tip of her pen. And another when she
created two mirror images of herself that moved separate from herself
(meaning she had 3 'Wanda's' in her room each doing something

Yet, with the dozen or so mundane castings, it was the ones that
helped her affect her own life that interested her most. You see, she
was an introvert, where her sister was the opposite, and had no life
outside of her imagination and small room.

So Wanda cast a friendship spell upon Jill (a year older) next door.
A girl that had barely spoken two words to her in the years they had
lived nearly. Wanda had always liked Jill, an average looking girl but athletic, who didn't hang around the 'cool' girls at school but
still had her circle of friends. All that Wanda wanted initially from
the friendship was someone to talk with when her eyes became crossed
from reading too much of the tome. But after only two backyard chats
with Jill, she found the girl boring and was only interested in boys,
basketball and field-hockey. So within a week of her spell, Wanda
instead found herself only wanting Jill to do things for her.

With another quick spell, Wanda now had someone to do her chores for
her. When her mother was at work and her sister was wherever her
sister went, Jill would come over and happily wash the dishes, iron
and wash the clothes, dust, and even mow the lawn. This left more
time for Wanda to study the tome. And much to her enjoyment, the more
she studied and cast, the easier the more seemingly complex casting
seemed to become to her. She was now understanding more and more of
the spells within the book.

Her mother and sister still fought nearly constantly but Wanda found
favouritism with her mom. The chores were getting done, she kept out
of her mothers hair, and she didn't cause trouble with her sister.
Wanda even found herself on the receiving end of a hug from her
mother, which felt awkward, was still enjoyable though infrequent.

One way that Wanda kept out of her mothers 'hair' was that she used
the spell that she had first cast, when her mother came looking for
her. Not finding her youngest daughter, Wanda's mom went on thinking
her introvert daughter was finding a life outside her bedroom.

There was only one catch in these actions, one evening when Cheryl was
at Debbie's house again and after her mother had just closed Wanda's
door (thinking her gone out) after finding it empty, Wanda discovered
a part of her mother she never knew.

Her mom's bedroom was at the end of the hallway with Cheryl and
Wanda's bedroom across from each other half way down the hallway.
This meant, Wanda's one wall was shared with her mother. After
thinking herself alone in the house, Wanda's mom (Betty was her name
actually) retreated to her own room. Initially thinking herself left
alone, Wanda continued with her studying. Within a short time
something brought her out of her deep thought, a noise. The noise
happened again, a low moan or groan. Pain? After hearing it a couple
more times, it seemed to be coming from her mothers room, and though
barely audible, deep sighs could also be heard often between the

When it dawned on Wanda what her mom was doing, it caused a strange
reaction. She could feel her face flush, her breathing nearly stop
and her heart to flutter and quicken. Her body froze and her eyes
widened in amazement at the discovery. So far in her young teenage
life, Wanda had little to no experience in anything sexual. This
includes her own. Oh, a few times, she had awakened in the middle of
the night after a foggy dream with her body perspiring and vibrating
with a need she knew not what. The pool of her own intimate juices
coating her panties, pyjama bottoms and even creating a wet spot on
the bed. After each time, she had found herself touching herself
above her pyjamas or pressing herself into her bed... each time
though, she had finally fallen asleep, uncontented.

She knew, of course, what her mother was doing (mostly from books that
she has read). Though she had no idea how it was done nor that her
mother did it. And from the sounds generating from the next room, it
was obvious her mom was enjoying what she did. Wanda even went so far
to open her closet and press her ear to the wall that was the nearest
place in her room to her mom (which did help her hear, in better
clarity, the noise in the next room).

Within only a moment or two of first realizing what that moaning was,
Wanda's own hand pressed upon her shorts, pushing upwards into her
sex. Soon she was putting pressure between her legs with the same
rhythm that her mom was moaning out. When the moaning increased in
both volume and intensity, Wanda found her own vocalization as she
could not contain the moans that escaped her. She echoed the sounds
next door, but too soon for Wanda, the bed suddenly squeaked violently
and the moan turned to a high-pitched squeal that lasted several long
seconds before another squeak of the bed and then nothing (but Wanda
thought she could hear deep heavy breathing).

With her body trembling, she desired more, needed to hear more. The
sweat was nearly dripping from her forehead and Wanda could feel the
hot moisture upon her fingers that dampened her shorts. She bit her
lip almost to the point of breaking the skin in her frustration. She
knew, of course, what had just happened, why the noises had stopped,
but that did little to alleviate her own need.

Wanda made her way to her own bed and fell into it, tears of
frustration and from need rolled slowly down her cheeks. Eventually
she fell asleep.
Wanda knew some part of her changed, that her mind was hard pressed to
study the tome even while memories of that evening continued in her
mind. At first it was just remembering the noise then it was
wondering what her mother was doing in the privacy of her own room and
finally it culminated to wondering when her mother would next retreat
to her room and again make the noise that so enthralled her younger

Part of her knew it was wrong to think of these things, with her mom especially. But Wanda had no experience with social interaction, had
no experience or had cared about sexuality with men or women. Yet,
that seemed to be changing. She wondered, briefly, if she was a
lesbian -- not ever having a sexual thought about a boy -- but
discovered that she cared not. That she would simply enjoy what
desires came upon her and not to place a label upon them, was her

Several times Wanda gave her mother the same circumstances that had
led to the earlier event. Thinking herself alone in the house, night
time... it had not recurred. Nightly now Wanda had an erotic dream,
at first she could not remember but awoke as she had always done in a
sweat with her sex wet and her mind torn with desire. The longer it
was that Wanda was awaiting another recurrence of that event, the more
memorable the dreams became. Initially it was simply images of her
mother smiling, of a hug, of a private look. Then it became more
graphic as she imagined a flash of thigh, of a remembered sight of her
mom in panties and bra, or even the one-time flash of seeing her
mother in the shower behind the foggy glass. Each night the dreams
felt more real more intense, until she dreamed of her mother laying
upon her bed beneath the sheets as she moaned and sighed calling out
to her, or imagining her mom pressing her clothed body against the
kitchen counter, or of her moms hand dripped with sexual dew.

The nights were becoming more difficult to get through while the days
were becoming more awkward for the young woman. As much as she tried,
she could not stop appraising her own mother. Wanda could become
entranced with just the sight of her moms full red lips as they moved
throughout dinner. A quick movement of a skirt or the press of a
breast against a thin blouse would cause a flutter between her legs.

Though, in time, it was Cheryl that surprised Wanda.

On a rare morning when the three females sat together for breakfast,
the two teenagers being served the meal by their mom, Wanda was
awarded a generous amount of her mothers cleavage as the older woman
bent over to ladle out the pancakes. Since she had just gotten out of
the shower and only wore a robe, Wanda saw nearly to her mothers
nipple. A sight not ever seen by her youngest daughter, or at least
not before noticed. When her mom turned about, to return the empty
platter to the sink before joining her daughters, Wanda glanced at
Cheryl and saw, to her horror, that her older sister saw and
understood all.

A smirk lay upon her sisters face and the two siblings stared at each
other for a long moment before Cheryl blew a kiss and winked. Wanda
felt the blood drain from her face, it was one thing to be infatuate
with her parent, it was another to have it known by another. She
hadn't a button to tear from her clothes for the forget spell that she
could use right now on her sister (and the spell had to be used
immediately). Cheryl returned to her breakfast, all the while,
wearing that smirk knowing it held a bit more power over her own
younger sister.

When the breakfast was finished their mom stood up and informed Cheryl
it was her turn for the dishes. The elder teen smirked (Wanda was
fast disliking that expression upon her sister) and spoke up, "Wanda
will do 'em mom, I did the dishes for her last week." A lie of
course. Cheryl stood up and simply left the house for summer school
classes leaving her younger sister with the dirty dishes (when her mom leaves, Wanda will have Jill do them for her regardless).

Instead, Wanda retreated to her room and poured over the tome looking
for a casting that would help her situation. Perhaps the same
suggestion spell that had worked on Jill, as it was too late for a
forget spell? There were other spells listed of course, most
miscellaneous in use and not appropriate in this situation. There
were also those that Wanda could use but would rather not, spells like
desire or a love spell. The young woman closed the book, having found
a casting that she felt was necessary for this situation.

When Cheryl returned from doing whatever she does, she immediately
went to her room (ignoring her sister) and slammed the door. With
their mother still out, the two girls were alone for several more
hours. Wanda knocked but received no answer so she gently opened the

"Hey pervert." A greeting that caused Wanda to cringe.

Wanda spoke the words and then tossed the ice cube against her sisters
bosom. Immediately the elder teen seemed to stop moving and just
stood there before her bed. Wanda had just paralysed (temporarily of
course) her older sister. The eyes though, were still alive and panic
could be seen within. Wanda barely took notice. She walked the few
feet up to her sister and with one finger pressed upon her sisters
forehead until the tall shapely girl fell back upon her bed (in the
same position she had been standing).

The eyes followed the younger woman. "Now you know." It was spoken
calmly (though she was rather excited at the power coursing through
her) -- did Wanda mean the spells or of her desire for her own mother?
"Whatever you see or hear from now on in this house, is none of your
business. Okay Cheryl?" Of course the elder could not reply.

Wanda spoke more of the powerful words and very undramatically nothing
happened. But it had, fear ran through Cheryl that she could feel
through every fibre of her body. If she had been mobile she would
have ran off screaming ripping her own hair from her head. Instead
she lay there feeling the unnatural horror that ran through her and
seeing her sister's inquisitive face as she watched her.

It lasted only thirty seconds (the tome warned that extended exposure
could actually be fatal).

Sweat covered Cheryl's body and she found that her limbs could move,
so she turned away from her sister and lay in a fetal position
whimpering. "Remember what happened today Cheryl, I could do much
worse!" The younger girl left.
A new feeling ran through Wanda's body -- power. She now realized the
possibilities of some of the spells that were in her book. How they
could be used for her own needs and desires. Oh, she need not
frighten everyone that she wanted to manipulate, but there were so
many spells within the tomb that she was sure to find something for
nearly any situation.

After only a day of contemplation, Wanda knew the two spells that she
wanted to use upon her own mother. The first was possibly the most
difficult spell she had yet tried to cast, invisibility. The second,
a fairly mundane desire spell. In this plan of Wanda's she wanted to
finally repeat that last wonderful nights adventures... but this time,
to be more intrusive, to be able to experience and understand what her
mother was actually enjoying in much closer perspective.

In the four days that went by before Wanda was prepared, everything
seemed to go just right for her. Her sister Cheryl had spent as much
time away from the house as possible, to the point it was almost
obvious that she didn't want to come home, thus the house was empty on
the planned evening. The spells and their ingredients seemed to just
click within Wanda's mind, everything just made sense. Her mom only
worked a short shift that day, and her youngest daughter knew nearly
to the minute that she would returning home.

On the day Wanda had so devilishly anticipated, her mom returned to a
quiet house. Betty dropped her purse and kicked off her shoes and
called out to her daughters. No answer. She undid the pony-tail
holding her shoulder-length thick brown hair and wearily climbed the
stairs. A quick look into each of her daughters rooms confirmed that
she was indeed alone.

When she closed the door to her room, she thought she felt a whisk of
warm air near her face. It had to be her imagination she concluded.
She unbuttoned her uniform and allowed it to drop to the floor. The
attractive mother had just unbuttoned her rear clasp bra and she felt
a small tingle shoot through her body. It took a second for her to
steady herself when she became conscious of her own hands holding the
'C' cups of her brassiere. So much so that her nipples poked
anxiously against the firm white material and into the palms of her

Betty did a slow spin and looked at herself in the full-length mirror
against her one wall. Though she normally was very critical of her
appearance, she found that she liked what she now saw. Her curvaceous
body was certainly more mature than she had been before the girls were
born, there was a definite sexiness about the hourglass figure, the
shapely legs, the wide shoulders and high neck. So much so, that
Betty was pleasantly surprised to find her sex had that familiar

She let the bra drop, instantly forgotten, to the carpeted floor. The
slight sag was no longer noticeable to the horny mom as she turned
before the mirror admiring her breasts. Bringing both hands up, she
squeezed and moved the soft flesh about her chest, loving the touch of
her own hands. In seconds she moved her hands so she could pinch each
nipple between thumb and forefinger. It felt exquisite and caused a
thrill of pleasure to shoot up her spin.

Betty knew exactly what she was leading up to, though never has she
been so impassioned, so horny as she felt now.

Her gaze moved down to her white nylons and white panties. Though she
enjoyed the sight of her legs encased in the sheer white nylon, the
wide thick panties hardly showed off her sexy hips and (still) sexy
waist. Hurriedly, the thirty-something mother of two hooked both
thumbs beneath her panties and shoved roughly downwards. She even
gasped in pleasure when she felt the chilled air tickle her now raw
flesh. Quickly she pulled each foot from the encased nylon.

When she finally stood back before the mirror and gazed down between
her legs, she had to bite her bottom lip in pleasure. The thick brown
bush between her legs had droplets of moisture already upon it, never
had see been so wet when still clothed before, and she now anticipated
the pleasure she was about to give herself.

It seemed to her, that a dam had broke with her patience and she
suddenly wanted that pleasure now. She didn't need no gentle patient
build-up, her body was ready, it needed to be pleasured now.

Betty turned and fell into her queen-sized bed, driving her crotch
into the soft mattress and quilt. It felt so good she already moaned
out and then continued to press her hips down into her bed, trying to
drive her clitoris a foot below the mattress. The loud groans and
gasps of her pleasure sounded intense and loud even in her own ears.
It was like a horny nymph slut had taken over her body and needed to
be pleasured.

Grinding into the mattress wasn't enough, Betty spun onto her back and
threw her legs wide as both her hands attacked her sex. Her left hand
was running two fingers up and down between the inner and outer lips
of her incredibly wet hot sex. The other hand roughly manipulated the
enlarged and highly sensitive clitoris.

With this method she found herself quickly moving towards her
objective. "Oh god...!" Was that her, never before had she spoken,
never before had she been so hot that she had to speak. "I'm so
close... oh god!"

Wanda watched wide eyed as her mom suddenly started to spasm. Her
mom's back arched off the bed and the elder woman shoved three fingers
of her left hand deep into her vagina. The scream that accompanied
the incredible sight pierced the bedroom and the young teens ears.

The young woman stumbled to the door and flung it open but before she
could get to her bedroom, dropped to the hallway floor and shoved her
hand beneath her dripping wet panties (she had only worn panties and a
loose tee shirt). Her mom was still screaming even as Wanda had her
first orgasm kneeling on the floor before her moms room, her ass high
and facing the foot of her moms bed.

The two ladies orgasmed together, and neither no longer noticed the

Eventually Wanda crawled off to her room and collapsed in bed and
immediately fell asleep with a very content smile upon her face. As
for Betty, she eventually opened her eyes and realized the door was
open and stumbled over to close it (and though puzzled, she didn't
much put any thought into how it had opened). Incredibly the young mother still felt her bodies need and pulled a small (though she now
wished it bigger) vibrator from her bedside table. For the first time
in her life she orgasmed more than once in a day... in fact she
finished three times before falling into an exhausted sleep.
Cheryl quickly pulled on a light sweater (the weather was rather
breezy today) and reached for her school bag as the door to her room
opened. Wanda closed the door behind her.

Even a week later, Cheryl still intensely remembered the fear and
helplessness she had felt at her younger sisters hands. Of course she
had tried to understand how it happened but even the memory pained her
and she always tried to forget. But she couldn't.

Rarely ever showing any emotion, Wanda now sported a soft smile.
"Could I borrow your camera Cheryl?"

When at first her sister had entered her room, Cheryl had felt her
body tense up in remembrance of the fear it still held. She
remembered exactly the words her sister had spoken and would do
anything she now wanted not to repeat the same event.

"Sure." She reached for her camera bag, but it was closer to the door
and Wanda calmly got to it first.

Embarrassed she turned her head away as her sister opened the bag to
confirm the Polaroid camera lay within. She did indeed find the
camera, Wanda also found a small stack of photos that Cheryl had been

Wanda's smile widened as she slowly viewed each picture. "How does
that feel?" Cheryl turned back towards her sister and saw the picture she was holding out to her, it was with Tony, her boyfriend, standing
at the foot of the table his cock sticking out of his pants and half
submerged into her body, she was naked.

How to answer, "ah..."?

Her sister didn't wait for an answer, "Who took the picture?"

Why lie, if her sister ever found out she may do to her what she had
done previously..., "Debbie".

That seemed to surprise Wanda and she asked, "You didn't mind?"

"No." It needed more of an answer, "Tony and I kind of like it."

The next question surprised her, "Did you and Debbie ever make it?"

"No!" She remembered her sister seemed to be checking out their own
mother, did that not mean she liked girls? "Debbie wouldn't have
minded, but I only went so far as to jerk off in front of her."

That seemed to catch Wanda's attention. She sifted again through the
pictures and found one that brought a smile to her face. She showed
it to her older sister, it was a recent one that only showed a naked
Cheryl masturbating before a mirror.

The whole situation greatly embarrassed Cheryl but she was more
anxious to find out why her sister was asking all these questions.
And just having Wanda here in the room with her was raising her fear
level and she hated the feeling this gave her. She knew she was
helpless towards her younger sibling.

"Did she ever do it in front of you?"

Cheryl nodded and elaborated, "We often jerked off together and she
always needed to masturbate after watching Tony and me."

There was a long silence as Wanda went though the pictures yet again.
Finally she asked, "Would you jerk off for me?" It was very calmly

Though their mom was still in the house, reading herself for work,
Cheryl felt her head nod in the affirmative. Wanda put down the bag
and the photos while keeping the camera in her hand.

There was no command to start but Cheryl felt her trembling hands
reach up and pull off the jacket she had just put on. She would do
it, she didn't want too, but she would. She had too.

The blouse was next and the jeans, all the while ignoring her sister standing at the foot of her bed, waiting for her to masturbate. It
was eerily silent as she pulled off her white socks and reached behind
her back for her bra clasp. Being seventeen, the eldest sibling had
the breasts her mother had many years before. They were 'C' cup in
size but firmer, higher up on the chest. Cheryl would have seen the
look her younger sister gave her when looking upon her bosom, but had
her eyes closed.

The bra landed upon the tiny pile of clothes that Cheryl had already
deposited upon the floor. There was only one more piece of clothing,
her bikini panties. Upon the thin, well muscled young lady, they
looked spectacular - and both sisters knew it. With her back to
Wanda, Cheryl quickly and unceremoniously pushed down her panties and
stepped out of them.

Cheryl, now completely naked, rolled upon her single sized bed and lay
now upon her back. Wanda watched enthralled as her older sister did
as she was asked, at first disrobing and then laying naked upon her
own bed, legs wide. It wasn't long since her sister would never had
even given her the time of day let alone follow such an intimate
request. It puzzled the young teen but not nearly as much as it
excited her.

With eyes closed, Cheryl grasped one firm beast in her strong young hands and with the other hand rotated her finger tips through her
sparse brown pubic hair.

With eyes wide, Wanda lifted the Polaroid camera to her face and took
one shot of her sister. The harsh noise caused Cheryl to jump in
surprise but otherwise continued to manipulate herself. Both hands
gently moved and touched her skin but for several moments, nothing
else happened.

Wanda started to wonder why her sister wasn't seeming to get excited.
To be sure, she felt that familiar hot wetness drench her own panties.
Why wasn't Cheryl enjoying herself?

Placing the camera down Wanda commanded, "Put your hands above your
head." Cheryl opened her eyes in surprise and unceremoniously grasped
the headboard above her head while watching as her sister came around
the bed towards her. With a trembling heart, she watched as Wanda
climbed over her naked left leg and place herself between the spread

Kneeling down Wanda lowered her torso towards her sisters exposed
crotch. It fascinated the younger girl, never having seen another
woman's privates in such close proximity before. It also turned her
on immensely. She studied the sparse brown curly hair and the
definite crevice below. Unlike her own (or the only other vagina she
had ever seen, her mothers), this one didn't have the clear froth that
revealed sexual pleasure and excitement.

Wanda looked up into her sisters face and met the elders eyes staring
soberly at her. The look lasted nearly a full minute when Wanda
descended her face even lower. It was something that she had wondered
about, had dreamed and fantasied about and something that she had seen
in one of the pictures of her sister and boyfriend.

Opening her mouth as she descended, Wanda's tongue came out and within
a second touched the upper cleft of her own sisters vagina. Cheryl
frowned and tensed but continued to watch her younger sister. Wanda
closed her eyes and started to lick up and down the length of crack
between the thin strong thighs and crotch.

Again and again Wanda licked, until she felt the inner lips of her
sisters cunt enlarge and expose themselves from beneath the fat outer
lips. Now she searched and easily found that hard bud at the top of
the cleft that she herself enjoyed manipulating so much.

Finally Cheryl reacted strongly to the ministrations she was
receiving. It was as if a door opened within her as she started to
pant with enjoyment, hump her sex into her sisters face and even break
out into a hot sweat. She had felt a tongue upon her clitoris before
but never before was it from another girl nor so well applied. She
had never even imagined her own sister licking her cunt, let alone so

"Please... please stop!"

Wanda heard her sisters voice but ignored it, and in fact accelerated
her pace, strengthening her tongue and quickening her licks.

"Please Wanda...!" The young thin legs came up and started to kick
about in the air and she shivered in enjoyment and felt the smooth
cheeks of her sisters face upon her upper inner thigh.

How long this lasted was immaterial, as neither teenager even noticed
the passing time. Yet, Cheryl found that peak fast approaching and
knew not what to do about it and in fact hated the pleasure she was
now feeling. As she was used to, a cloud formed in her thoughts as
she came up to the edge of that summit and felt her body reach it.
She felt the muscles in her body tense up violently and her skin break
out in a cold sweat. Cheryl even bit her lip enough to taste blood
but that did not stop her from squealing out with exquisite pleasure.
Again and again a wave of intense pleasure shot through her as her
sister continued to lick.

Eventually her tired body seemed to lay helpless upon the bed when she
finally opened her eyes yet again to see Wanda with the camera up to
her eye as another photo was taken. Cheryl even realized with
irritation that she wore a small smile of contentment. Wanda left
with but a small wave and a softly spoken, "Don't be late for classes

Cheryl jumped up in surprise and and frantically looked about for her
clothing but stopped and laughed softly to herself. It was the first
time she had had an orgasm with another person (not counting
masturbating in front of Debbie). She also wondered if her sister had
controlled her as she had controlled her a week earlier, but concluded
that her reactions were indeed her own and her sister hadn't helped
(other than with her tongue).
More than anything, Wanda wanted to feel a tongue between her legs.
Needed to feel a tongue between her legs. If there was time she
probably would have jumped up upon her naked sister that morning and
shoved her wet sex in her face. After her sister and mom finally left
for the day Wanda spent several hours masturbating again and again.
So much so that at supper that night, her mom asked her youngest if
she was feeling okay.

Spending a couple of days studying the book Wanda wondered at her next
move. She had concluded that she wanted her mom to be the owner of
the first tongue between her legs, but it was also obvious to her that
she could have her older sister at any time. The elder sibling was
spending a lot more time at home, and watched her younger sister with
a strange look whenever she was near the other. It was as if Cheryl
was waiting for Wanda to instruct her to something, and Wanda could
easily guess what that something was.

How to convince or manipulate her own mother into a horny lesbian that
desired her younger daughter. Wanda's thoughts often fantasied about
her own mother as her girlfriend, often wondering at all the things
that they would do together. Her thoughts ran towards getting dressed
up and going to a restaurant together. She thought about how her mom would pamper and spoil her with attention and love. She pictured how
her mom would dress in her sexiest and finest just because she knew it
turned her daughter on. And she also pictured her mom, panting and
begging to give her youngest daughter a orgasm.

Yet, how to do it?

Now, when she read through the tome for a casting, she considered how
each could be used to ensnare her mother into the incestuous love
relationship that so far only existed in her own mind.
Wanda nearly repeated her last voyeur encounter with her mom, spying upon her masturbating while invisible. Yet she knew the next time she
would not be a simple participant. Or rather, could not be a simple

Instead, she decided upon a spell that weeks ago seemed unusable to
her. A spell of sleeping.

To get rid of Cheryl, Wanda instructed her submissive sister to spend
the evening over at Debbie's (without Tony). She was to take the
camera and get some shots of both Debbie and herself masturbating.

Contrary to Wanda's plans, her mom worked overtime until about mid
evening and she spent the extra four hours walking about anxiously.
When finally the door opened and Betty entered, tired from her long
day, she found a plate of sandwiches set on the table for her and her
youngest watching television.

"Wow!" She nodded towards the sandwiches, "Was that you honey?"

Wanda nodded but didn't say anything, she was actually a little angry
at her mom for being late.

"Thanks Wanda." Her mom ran her hand through her youngest daughters
short brown hair as she went by, grabbing a sandwich as she ascended
the stairs to her room. Wanda watched, smiling, at her mom as she
left. She was so tired from the long day, her mom may actually go to
bed very soon.

Within moments, the sound of the master bedroom's private shower was
running. Wanda knew her mom would take a long hot shower and
immediately go to bed, exhausted. Perfect, thought the young teenager.

Not even watching the show on the television, Wanda waited until
thirty minutes after the shower stopped running before following her
mom to her room. The door was closed, but that didn't stop Wanda and
as she opened it slowly, she found that it was dark inside. She
entered slowly and could hear her mom on the bed, breathing slowly and

The time was right so Wanda cupped a pinch of dust in her hands and
spoke the words to the spell. As soon as she was finished, she bent
over and blew the small fine cloud of sand into her moms face. Betty
didn't even wake up.

Wanda waited for a long three minutes, just standing there listening
to her mom as she continued to sleep. Finally she asked, quietly,



Wanda turned the small lamp next to her mom's bed on and was pleased
when her mother didn't move an inch but continued to sleep on.

One last test, Wanda bent to her moms ear and spoke nearly in a shout,
"Mom can you hear me?" A small laugh escaped her as she straightened
up, nothing, her mom was fast asleep.

The fourteen year-old pulled the blanket from her mothers body and
left her exposed upon the large bed. Betty was sleeping in a fetal
position on her left side facing the edge of the bed. She wore a long
flannel nighty (the evenings have been chilly lately) that still
covered her to the ankles.

Having seen her mom dressed this way a thousand times, Wanda only took
a quick admiring gaze before climbing up behind her mom and laying
down. Wiggling forwards, she fit right behind her mom in the spoon
position. When her mom's warm covered bottom came in contact with the
top of her thighs, Wanda mewed in pleasure.

She lay with her face in her moms long hair in her face, the smell of
her moms recent shower strong, and her hand upon the raised soft hip.
Wanda lay thus for a long time, just content to be this close to her
mom after so long imagining what it must be like. Never before had
she smelt the clean, slightly perfumed, skin and hair in such
proximity before. She liked it, a lot.

Much later, with both of them laying silently and still, Wanda's hand
started to move. It moved crab-like upon her mom's raised hip, the
warm thick fabric beneath moving upwards. When, finally, Wanda
touched the smooth skin of her moms naked thigh she felt a shudder run
through her own body. This was how it should always be, to have
access to her moms beautiful body whenever she felt the desire in her
own loins. And she certainly felt the desire now.

Wanda placed the flat of her hand upon the smooth warm skin and moved
it down the length of the outer leg. It felt wonderful. Yet it
wasn't enough.

She now moved it back up to the hip and then moved it towards the bed,
beneath the bundled hem of the nightgown.

It quickly came into contact with the thick bush of dark hair that was
her mom's Venus mound. In their current position, Wanda could only
touch a few centimetres of growth and wanted more.

Moving her legs back and moving her hand from the front to the back,
she found the same thick bush protruding from between the thighs. It
was thick, it was lustrous, it was even warm. Wanda ran her hand over
it lightly, letting it tickle her fingertips, she pulled on it roughly
until a few long kinky hairs were torn from her moms body.

Soon, even that wasn't enough. Wanda began to explore, moving the
tips of her fingers between the folds of skin. She found and
explored, first, the tiny wrinkled anus. It was like a hard ring of
muscle that wouldn't allow any more than a centimetre of her index
finger to enter. Wanda then moved just a finger space away and found
the depths of her mom's vagina. Her finger submerged fully into its
semi damp depths. Never before had she plunged a digit into herself,
but had wondered what that penis in Cheryl's picture must feel inside
her seemingly small sex. She knew her mom had felt her fathers penis,
probably, many times. Wanda now wished she had a penis to pump into
her moms cunt.

Upon pulling her finger out of her mom, she brought the damp digit to
her lips and licked it slowly clean. Marvelling in the heady taste of
her mom. Maybe not tonight, but Wanda promised herself that she would
lick her own fingers clean after it was submerged in her mom's
extremely wet pussy and left an abundant amount of juices.

Moving to the side, she grabbed her mom and rolled her upon her back.
Roughly Wanda tore the buttons upon the nightgown to expose the full
soft breasts upon her moms chest. She then pushed the nightgown up
past her moms hips so her mom was fully naked from the waist down.

Sitting back, she studied her mom in her statue-like glory. Not as
attractive a body as Cheryl, to be certain, but Wanda felt the heat in
her own loins much more than if it was her sister laying here. They
were in fact, very similarly built -- though one was a more youthful
and energetic version of the other. Wanda still desired her mom more.

Wanda spread her moms thighs and bent forward to stick her nose in the
thick bush. Now that heady scent drifted up to her nose and she loved
it. Different than her sisters (the only other vagina, other than her
own, she was familiar with), stronger smelling. Using two fingers she
pulled apart the outer lips of her moms sex. They spread wide
exposing all for her youngest daughters pleasure.

Slowly, so to remember this moment for all time, Wanda licked from the
nearly hidden anus to the top of the barely exposed clitoris. She
came away with a hair in her mouth and the faint taste upon her
tongue. So she licked again. Then again. And again.

Nothing, no reaction. Wanda was a little perturbed but only sighed
with frustration. She sat back and saw her own saliva upon the dark
pink skin and dark brown pubic hair. It was a sexy sight.

Rushing, feeling the heat in her loins, Wanda quickly pulled the
oversized tee shirt and plain white panties from her body. She sat
naked now in her moms bed. Wanda felt naughty, like a bad girl and
she loved it.

Gently, so as to position herself properly, Wanda crawled over her
moms body and moved her sparse pubic hair covered crotch to the
thickly populated one. When they touched only in the vaginal region,
Wanda let out a loud sigh of long contentment, as she had waited and
imagined this for a long while.

Finally, the young teenager lay fully upon her mothers lush body. She
could feel the warm soft breasts into her own tiny 'A' cup titties.
She could feel her own strong slim thighs upon the soft wider thighs
of her mom. And especially, she could feel the heat of the two loins
pressing together.

Wanda lay like that for a short period, just experiencing it in every
sense. Then she started to move her hips, clenching her buttocks and
pressing forwards with her body. Her tiny hard clitoris brushed the
thick rough pubic hair and drove a bolt of pleasure throughout her
body. Her breathing now coming in gasps, she started to forcibly
grind herself into her mom.

She pressed herself down into her bed after she awoke from an erotic
dream, enjoying the pressure upon her sex was often extremely
enjoyable. Yet, when pressing down into a real woman and not a
fantasy, Wanda found the experience indescribable.

Starting to loose herself to her own heat, Wanda lifted her face up
over her moms and began to hurriedly kiss the dry full lips. Her
tongue came out and began to lick at those lips until they glistened
with saliva. Wanda forced her tongue into the mouth and frenched her
own mother, just the way she had imagined a kiss with her should be
like. Though the young teenager had not ever kissed another person in
passion, this kiss was fully respondent to her own hot desires.

The kissing, the humping, it wasn't enough.

Wanda groaned in need, humping her comatose mother just wasn't enough.
She was so close from an orgasm, but she wanted it to be perfect,
something to remember.

Then it came to her, she would have an orgasm while riding her mothers
mature but still very pretty face. Someday soon, her mom would
actively desire her own daughter to hump her face, but this time Wanda
will have to take the initiative.

Quickly, so as not to loose the heat in her loins, Wanda crawled up
her moms body until her dripping mound was directly over the partially
opened and still saliva-wet mouth. She lowered herself to firmly
plant her flowered open virgin cunt upon her own mothers lips.

Shivering in need for sexual release, Wanda ground her flowered pussy lips roughly against her moms partially opened mouth. Again and again
she pressed down onto her moms lower face, and as great as it felt, it
hadn't brought on the orgasm that she desired.

Wanda could barely move her own limbs, so shaky they were, as she
moved only a few inches up. Her mothers small pointed nose touched
upon her clitoris and caused an electrical explosion of enjoyment to
run throughout her body.

Again and again, Wanda used her mom's nose to fuck her own cunt.
Mostly just grinding her clitoris with it, but sometimes allowing it
to force itself into her vaginal hole. Wanda fucked her mom's face,
and knew it. She more than just knew it, she enjoyed it. Immensely.

The orgasm, long desired, began with a bang of an internal explosion.
Wanda shouted out as her orgasm hit every nerve in her body. It
caused her muscles to become uncontrollable and spasm wildly, and her
body to disengage itself from her thought patterns. Wanda fell
forwards upon the bed and lay with the last of her energy draining
from her body. She was exhausted.
To her, Wanda's house was changing.

Her sister, fearful of her also wanted to stay on Wanda's good side,
did anything her sister asked. Cheryl took many a picture of Debbie
and herself masturbating each other for her younger sisters pleasure.
She even dumped her boyfriend Tony and began teasing Debbie, all on
Wanda's instance.

The girls mother was changing too, she actually tried not to go to
bed. For a few weeks now, she had found herself waking from some very
explicit dreams involving other women. Sexually explicit dreams. The
older woman even tried to control herself, but they excited her, very
much. She found that she could barely keep her hands from fondling
herself, from fingering herself to a needed orgasm. Though the dreams
involved nearly every woman she knew, it mostly involved her two

Jill, the neighbour-slave, that Wanda employed. Was often
experimented upon with Wanda's spells. A spell was cast upon the
teenager and then Wanda would discover if it worked fully or not. In
this way, some very interesting results were found out. And in the
course of these experiments, Jill was now allowing her own older brother to fuck her. She was sucking off her younger brother. And
she was also licking her aunt.

You see, Wanda was able to heighten her mom's sex drive (after proving
it worked upon Jill of course). Her mom tried not to even look upon
her daughters, as her imagination would drive wild sexy thoughts into
her mind. She was also able to invade the sleeping mind and steer it
towards images that she wanted her mom to have. Betty could not help
herself or her incestuous thoughts, or even her bodies responses. To
her, she thought she had deep sexual cravings for her own daughters.
Especially her youngest, Wanda.

Betty came home and retreated up to her room as fast as she could,
with but a wave hello to Wanda seated in the kitchen, reading. Just
as she was passing Cheryl's room, she heard a sound that stopped her.
It was her daughters moan, a moan she had often imagined in her
dreams. The door was left open a few inches and Betty put her face
close to it, looking in.

Inside, Cheryl knelt upon her knees, ass high, with her best friend
Debbie seated behind her forcing a thick dildo in and out of her cunt.
The juices of her daughters pleasure were obvious, so much so that
they were dripping down to the bedspread. "Hurry Deb, make me come!"

Debbie laughed wickedly and spanked her friend with her free hand, non
too gently. "Wiggle that ass for me Cheryl... fuck this cock and I'll
let you come." Debbie looked over her shoulder and Betty followed her
gaze to see a tripod with a video camera set up on it. Debbie pried
apart her friends firm round ass cheeks and leaned over and kissed
Cheryl's anus, she turned and smiled for the camera.

Betty was beside herself with amazement. She should barge in there
and break this little lesbian duo up, but instead she found her hand
pressing up into her crotch. She couldn't control herself, the sight
was just too exciting.

"Mom?" Betty jumped, dropping her hand back to her side and swinging
about. Her other hand silently closing the door behind her. Only a
few feet from her, her youngest daughter stood with a small smile an a

"Oh, Wanda." Her hands moved a few stray hairs out of her face.

"What's up mom?"

She shrugged her shoulders and tried to calm her fast beating heart.
But when she saw the tiny points of her daughters hard nipples pushing
against the plain white tee shirt, she felt her knees nearly give out.
She was surrounded by beautiful sexy young flesh.

"Just heading to my room." She turned to retreat to her door when she
thought to add, "Better leave your sister alone, she has company."

Wanda was following, "Yea I know, Debbie is with her."

Betty wondered if her daughter knew what was going on, no, she
thought, her daughter was still, thankfully, innocent to those types
of things. She was about to close her door behind her, after getting
into her room, when she found her daughter coming in and sitting
herself down upon the bed.

She closed it, the two of them alone in her room. Betty wondered if
those barely noticeable noises were her daughter, if she was enjoying
herself. What was she doing? Could she have that beautiful vibrator
up her cunt and Deb's tongue in her ass? Perhaps... stop it, she
scolded herself!

"Mom, I need to talk with you."

"Of course darling."

She had to turn away from her daughter and hold herself steady against
her chest of drawers, while still seeing her daughter in a large

"Its Cheryl mom."

Even the name took her breath away, "Yes, what about her darling."

"I think she is a lesbian mom."

Her knees finally gave out and Betty swung about so she landed, none
too gently, upon the chest. "Why do you say that dear?"

"She dumped Tony and now her and Debbie are inseparable?"

Betty had to clear her throat and tried to act motherly, "That doesn't
make her a lesbian dear." An afterthought, "If she was, she is still
your sister."

Wanda only shrugged at that, "But am I mom?"

This time Betty felt a warm wash drench her panties, her sex enlarged
with excitement was drooling its juices in great abundance. Her mouth
was dry and her voice was getting hoarse, "Why do you say that Wanda?"

"Isn't being lesbian genetic or something?"

"Oh," Betty felt a wave of relief, "being a lesbian isn't genetic
dear." But then she remembered her own incestuous lesbian dreams.

"Then your not a lesbian mom?"

Betty's nipples actually hurt they were so tight. She was about to
answer negatively but she remembered last nights dream, of Wanda and
her sharing a bathtub filled with warm oil and sex toys. She thought
it better to ignore the question, at least until she herself could
answer it.

"Run along Wanda, your too young to think of these things." And Betty
wanted, no needed, to orgasm and come very quickly.

But Wanda just sat for several long awkward seconds before she asked,
"Do you masturbate mom?"

That caused her heart to nearly stop beating. How could she answer,
that she felt the need to masturbate at least twice a day. That her
sex drive was so much stronger than ever before that she had to have a
supply of sex toys at a hand nearly all the time. Then she remembered
the standard parent line, "Its natural for everyone to masturbate dear."

"When was the last time mom?"

This morning during her bath, but after being left alone it would be
within minutes. "That is none of your business dear." She tried to
sound stern, but she certainly didn't feel mad right now. Only
excited. "Where do you get these things, your too young for all this
masturbating business anyways."

"Do you ever think of women when you do mom?"

God, when did she get so insistent though Betty. She tried to just
shrug it off, "Dear its only natural to sometimes... think of having
sex with a person of the same sex." Her cunt was throbbing so
insistently that Betty had to grasp the edge of the trunk until her
knuckles turned white.

"If you play with herself when thinking of women, does that make you a

Again, forcing herself to act stern. "Of course not dear." She
realized that her daughter had just got her to admit that she was
playing with herself while thinking of other women. She felt her face

"Then its okay?"

Her throat was incredibly dry and she simply nodded slowly. Betty
even discovered her embarrassment went so far that she could not even
look into her youngest daughters bright eyes.

A thick silence now blanketed the two ladies until Wanda stood and
Betty breathed a sigh of relief when she thought her daughter was
about to leave the room, and her alone. Just before reaching the
door, Wanda stopped and suddenly returned to her mom. Reaching around
Betty's neck with both arms, Wanda stepped up onto her toes and
pressed her lips against her moms mouth.

It was meant to be a quick kiss, Betty was sure, but she felt her
trembling hands reach around and pull her own daughter in against her
own body with a possessive desire. Her own dry lips pressed against
Wanda's and even opened enough to taste her daughters hot breath into
her mouth. Tilting her face to the side, her mouth locked against
Wanda's and she slide her tongue into the young girls mouth.

She felt the wet heat of the teenagers tongue before Wanda forced
herself from her mom's hungry grasp. Wanda stood looking up into her
moms eyes, as if trying to read into her very soul, before turning and
quickly retreating from the room. Nearly in a run.

Betty closed the door behind her daughter and then fell upon her bed,
crying out her shame at forcing such a unmotherly kiss upon her young daughter. How long she lay, crying into a pillow, mattered little.

At some point, Betty's mind remembered the feel of her young daughters
tall hard body against her own soft limbs, as well as the quick touch
of the girls tongue upon her own. The moments relieved in her mind
and she found herself on the extreme edge of passion.

Betty practically ripped her clothes off to get to her rock-hard
nipples and dripping hot cunt.
The two ladies seemed to share something new. Whenever Betty was in
the room with her youngest, she would practically fawn all over her
youngest with attention. It was embarrassing thought Cheryl. Yet,
she had been instructed in her reactions and simply ignored everything
untoward that she witnessed.

Somehow, her younger sister had not only controlled her, she also
seemed to have affected their normally stern mother. A part of her
understood it, as her own physical and mental reactions seemed to
follow a different path than before Wanda's stark intrusion. As much
as she tried to comprehend what was happening to her, she could not.
She only knew, she had to follow exactly what her younger sister said,
or she may again find herself in the horror-filled position that she
first felt her sisters domination upon her.

As commanded, Cheryl wore more enticing outfits about the house. Both
her sister and mother noticed, but neither said a thing. She also
became a different person in her own home, laughing at the smallest
joke, touching a hand, arm or thigh at any opportunity. That was
nothing, she openly showed her affection for her girlfriend Debbie
while within the house, and Debbie loved it so much that she was over
as much as possible.

The most provoking way that Cheryl was changed, was that she enjoyed
all these things.

Coming out of her room, Cheryl wore only her loose white robe, she
dropped herself down into the living room couch. A moment later,
Debbie came out, wearing one of Cheryl's tee shirts and nothing else,
and sat down next to her lesbian girl-friend, her hand quickly finding
Cheryl's sexy exposed thigh.

"Hi girls."

"Hi mom." Debbie only smiled, she wore that dreamlike look of the
sexually content.

Betty dropped her purse and jacket by the door, Jill the girl next
door would clean it up later, and dropped herself into the armchair
across from the couch. "Did you girls have a good afternoon?"

Cheryl smiled dreamily and Debbie giggled, "Oh yea." She leaned over
and gave her girlfriend a wet kiss on her jaw. She then lay her
tangled mane of hair upon Cheryl's shoulder.

Betty seemed to only half-see this and smiled and spoke, "Thats nice."
She clenched a bag in both her hands with a determination that
bordered upon obscene. She seemed embarrassed but asked, "Cheryl, is
your sister home?"

Indeed she was. Cheryl and pleasured Debbie for the last ninety
minutes while her younger sister sat quietly in a chair and watched.
Not the first time either. Debbie didn't seem to care about the young girls interest, in fact, she did everything the young girl "suggested".

"I think she's in her room." Cheryl could see that her mom wanted to
jump up and race out of the room, but didn't. As if part of her tried
to keep some dignity.

She couldn't resist asking, "What's in the bag mom?"

Betty's cheeks turned a bright crimson and she mumbled something about
a nighty. But Cheryl could see the store bag and could see that it
was a lingerie store that this "nighty" came from.

Reaching over, Cheryl slipped her right hand between the sexy strong
teen thighs of her girlfriend. Debbie, used to any physical attention
at all, reacted as she always does, she spread her thighs wide.

Betty lifted her eyes at the movement and watched as her oldest
daughter moved her hand to the well-trimmed pouting pussy and slipped
two fingers within the slick folds. Debbie simply smiled hugely and
squealed into the shoulder of her lover.

The older woman watched as her daughter slowly slide the fingers in
and out of the tight sexy vagina, all the while watching for a
reaction. Cheryl had been ordered, weeks ago, to attempt to embarrass
her mother with her sexuality. To use blunt, stark, sexual images
whenever her mom was in the room with her (and when Wanda was not
present). In blunt words, Wanda ordered, "... mom loves it Cheryl, I
want her practically dripping whenever she leaves a room with you...".

Cheryl thought it mostly humiliated her mom, acting this way before
her. Yet, her mom never told her to stop or to try and show even an
ounce of modesty. In fact, she believed she was dripping with desire
each time she left a room that Cheryl and Debbie were in. Wanda
always seemed to get her own way, again thought Cheryl.

"Oh god! I don't think I can handle another orgasm...!" Squealed
Debbie into Cheryl's covered shoulder.

Betty's eyebrow went up at that statement, Cheryl didn't miss the
look. "My bed is wet with Debbie's juices, can you change it before
bedtime mom?" No answer, so intent on the plunging fingers was Betty.
"Its my turn tonight, I'll try not to scream too loudly."

The mother of two finally looked up into her eldest daughters eyes.

"I'll leave the door open if you want to watch again."

That brought a violent shiver to run through Betty's body. She often
stood outside her daughters room as the two lesbians used their
teenage energy towards wild sexual abandon. Only to leave when she
could no longer control herself, to rush into her own room to
frantically masturbate herself to numerous orgasms.

Debbie was starting to hump her hips off the couch, to meet the
plunging fingers with a loud smack. The liquid cunt echoed throughout
the room. As did Debbie's and Betty's heavy breathing.

The teenager began to move with a new passion, her orgasm soon
approaching as all in the room knew. Betty leaned forwards, within
arms length of her daughters plunging fingers, and watched intently
even as Debbie had another orgasm that day.

Looking feverish, Betty quickly stood and strode out of the living
room to her own. Cheryl felt her own sex melting with pent-up
pleasure, but leaned over and kissed the forehead of her girlfriend.
What she had told her mom was true, she was indeed going to enjoy this
evening with Debbie. Debbie on the other hand, was always ready for

She pulled her fingers from her girlfriends hot wet cunt and put them
into Debbie's mouth. The girl sucked and licked her own juices from
Cheryl's hand until only saliva was left. The girl turned about and
began to open her girlfriends robe, on the intent to return the
pleasure that had been given to her.

Cheryl stopped her gently, "Later tonight Deb." She saw Debbie's
disappointment so added, "I want to use joey tonight." A wicked grin
came to her girlfriends face, "joey" was the name of the vibrator that
Cheryl mostly enjoyed up her own tight ass.

It was only minutes of cuddling before Debbie was fast asleep,
exhausted actually, upon the couch. Cheryl slowly removed herself
from her girlfriends entwined limbs and returned to her own room.

Stepping out of the shower and into the hallway, she nearly bumped
into her mother's scantily clad body. Stepping back a foot, she saw
her mom's curvaceous body clad in a pale-pink see-through nightie,
matching lace panties with a pale-pink stockings and slippers. She
looked incredibly embarrassed, as she should as her breasts were
exposed as was the dark patch between her legs through the shear
material, and tried to retreat back to her room.

Cheryl spoke with amusement and with the purpose to embrace her mom,
"Nice "nightie" you bought mom."

Betty stopped retreating and lifted her hands to cover her eyes and
whispered, "I was looking for Wanda."

That surprised her, she knew of her sisters desire for her mom, but
was it returned? Was there another lesbian couple in the house. And
why was her mom whispering?

Talking softer, "You look very sexy mom, I think Wanda will be
pleased." She meant it actually, her mom looked very sexy. Good
enough to eat, she thought with amusement.

Her words seems to sooth the older woman a bit, she slowly lowered her
hands from her face and moved one to cover her breasts and the other
to cover the dark triangle between her legs. "I... I just wanted to
know if she thought I looked good but..." Betty couldn't meet her
daughters eyes, humiliated at her present condition.

Now Cheryl was curious at what was happening in her house, could see
the humiliation on her moms face and wanted to know why she was
walking around dressed as if it was her wedding night to show her
youngest daughter. If Wanda and her mom were not yet having sex,
there must be some vicious flirting going on.

To comfort her, "Mom, its okay." She put a robe-covered arm about her
mom's wide shoulders and turned her towards her younger sisters room.
"Lets go see Wanda mom, I know she'll like your outfit."

Betty simply winced and then allowed herself to be lead by her eldest
daughter. Her face was bright red when they finally stood outside her
daughters room.

Cheryl pushed her sisters door open and felt a cloud of smoke billow
out of the small bedroom. Next thing she noticed, was the smell of
that smoke; a mixture of various spices and herbs with a few
indecipherable scents thrown in. Finally, after she could see through
the white smoke, she realized just how much her sister had changed
these last few weeks.

The eldest teenager gasped when she saw the totally alien room.
Completely different from the last time she looked in her sisters
room. The walls, floors and ceiling was now black. There was several
dozen candles, of all sizes and shapes, lit about the small room,
illuminating it with a eerie glow. There were several drawings and
pictures of symbols that Cheryl hadn't ever seen before.

The room, along with the knowledge of what Wanda was capable of,
scared her.

Her mom gasped out also, but following her moms gaze, she saw her
sister laying partially in a old black-painted metal tub (that used to
be in the garage). Wanda was facing the opposite direction, with her
head and shoulders hanging over the opposite edge of the tub, and from
her waist down within the tub. At first it looked like water within
the tub, but upon closer look it appear to be shinier, slicker and
Cheryl concluded it to be some type of oil.

A strange ethereal chant came from the other side of the tub, from her

The scene caused her hair to practically stand up, and she felt the
need to turn about and run away. It was her quick glance at her mom that stopped her.

Betty was struck numb by the sight. The sight of her daughter, naked
and slick. The tight, nearly boyish bottom raising and slowly falling
in and out of the tub, again and again. The sight shot through her
body to drill into her sex, and her cunt practically exploded with
juices as an orgasm hit her. She didn't even notice the rest of the

Cheryl had to take her mothers weight or she would have dropped to the
floor. She held her mom up and realized she was panting and moaning
with desire. The teenager could smell a new smell, one that she was
familiar with but was startled to be smelling it with her own mom -
wet, excited cunt.

Both ladies looked into the room and watched as Wanda's two hands came
around and started to stroke her buttocks and down into the dark
crevice beneath.

Betty, started to move her own hands - one to her own buttock, the
other to her eldest daughters. Gently, outside the respective
clothing, she ran her hand up and down both bottoms, slowly working
into the crack.

Wanda's chanting was becoming ragged and her heavy breathing
noticeable in the small room. One of her hands was now focusing upon
the lips pouting out between the young thighs.

A hand found itself beneath Cheryl's robe and she felt her moms
fingers reach down between the round strong ass to slip the tip of her
fingers deep into the crack. Now Cheryl felt her excitement rise, to
the point that she bent forwards to allow her mom easier access to her

Just as Cheryl had done to Debbie before her mom, her mom now slipped
two fingers directly into the moist depths of her cunt. In time to
the humping of Wanda's hips, Cheryl felt the fingers plunge
mercilessly in and out in sync. She also felt her mothers body
responding in the same way, and was sure her other hand was also
frigging her own sex.

In time with Wanda, all three ladies felt their sexual desires rise.
Almost without any real preliminaries, no foreplay, Cheryl felt an
orgasm fast approaching. Her own gasps and moans in contention with
her moms and Wanda's.

To her teenage mind, it was like this encounter was a part of a movie that she had no control over. It was as if she was simply a player in
a prewritten play, her impending orgasm would happen regardless of
what she herself wanted, or could do.

Thinking these thoughts, Cheryl first heard her mom's squeal of
pleasure, then heard her own scream between clenched teeth. Yet, as
great as an orgasm as it was, (and it was) it did not compare to what
Wanda's felt like. Yes, Cheryl felt her own younger sisters explosion
of desire within her own body. It heightened and expanded her own
enjoyment to a near-torturous level.

It was unearthly, it was also the most incredible feeling of her life.

Cheryl's body sunk to the floor, allowing her moms body to do the
same, her hand long since disengaged. Exhausted she could see the
young barely developed body of her sister step lightly out of the tub,
dripping with oil, and walk slowly towards the bedroom door. Looking
up into the indecipherable face of her sister, she felt a new love and
desire for her. To be given this pleasure, and she knew it was a gift
from her sister, how she had no idea, was something unfathomable.

From now on, fear did not need to be used to control her, nor any
other form of control. Cheryl realized, with joy and a lightened
heart, she now belonged to her sister. Cheryl was her Wanda's willing
Wanda stood naked and dripping from the "special" bath looking down at
the exhausted heaps of her mother and sister. She had known they were
in the doorway, of course, and allowed them the added pleasure of her
own enjoyment to be compounded with their own.

Her mom had dressed in a sheer sexy nightgown that revealed nothing,
and her sister wore a warm bathrobe. Cheryl's robe was now only upon
one shoulder and it now covered nothing. Betty lay with her sheer
panties about her knees and her top torn in an earlier haste. The two
ladies generous juices coated an amazing amount of their bodies,
Betty's lingerie was dark with the wetness.

The young witch, is how she now labelled herself, saw the submissive
desire within her mothers eyes. She was also surprised to see it
within Cheryl's eyes.

Things had happened faster than she had planned, her spells stronger
than anticipated. Wanda wondered what next she could do, what she
wanted to do.

How long she stood there, above the two prone ladies, is undetermined.
When she finally spoke, it was with the firm tone of the dominant.
"Mom, go to your bedroom and draw a big bath... for two."

Betty slowly got up and stumbled down the hallway to her room and
private bathroom, all the while wearing a smile.

"Cheryl, you and Debbie keep it down tonight." The elder sister nodded in agreement. She also got up and walked upon wobbly legs
towards the living room.

Now, revealing her own smile, Wanda closed the door to her room and
sat back down in the middle of her hand-drawn pentagon, naked and
still slick from the bath, and opened her spell book.


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