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Wife Whipping Fun


Title: wife Whipping Fun Author: Phoenix Arrow Part: Chapter 1 of 1
Keywords: M/F, F/F, Whip, Oral, Sex, Humil Redistribution: only for
personal, nonprofit use Short Summary: married woman enjoys being whipped
as husband fucks other women

Please, if you are under the age of 18, don't read this material. Just
wait a few years and you'll be all good and legal for this kind of stuff.
Now for the rest of you, Enjoy!

Phoenix Arrow -

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In the world of Fantasy, we make our Reality!

wife Whipping Fun

I was at the nightclub basically looking for a good lay. I had just
broken up with my boyfriend and all I was interested in that night was
getting a thick piece of cock between my legs. At 22, I had little trouble
getting various men to hit on me as the night went on, but none were doing
it for me.

Then we met. Dancing by myself on the dance floor he approached and
introduced himself, Tom. Oh how incredibly cute and handsome he looked,
tall with nice dark features. As he started dancing with me I could tell
he had some really good moves.

After a few songs he offered to buy me a drink. By the end of the
night, I was completely floored with this guy and knew I wanted him. I
flirted with him like crazy, even rubbing my breasts against him to keep
his attention.

And it worked!

When he offered to go back to his place, I accepted. He took me out to
his BMW and we were off. As he drove, we continued with the small talk, I
can't even remember what nonsense we said. I did remember that he kept
taking occasional glances at my legs, which was making me feel really sexy.
I kept wondering to myself how was it that this great guy wasn't already
taken, but I wasn't going to complain.

We finally arrived at his rather impressive looking home and I followed
him to the door. I was really getting in the mood and couldn't wait to get
inside and tear his cloths off. I can't help it, this guy was doing all
the right moves.

Right at that moment however, things started getting weird. When we
walked into the house, he announced "Honey, I'm home!"

I gave a slight giggle, thinking he wasn't serious. Then I saw her.
His wife came into view, walked up to us and introducing herself. I was
floored. This was definitely NOT what I was expecting. I mean this guy
was fucking married!!!

"Honey, we'll have our drinks in the living room."

She went off to the kitchen as Tom started towards one of the sofas. I
hesitated at the door. I wasn't sure I was into this. I mean a three
some? I had never even been with another girl, and wasn't sure if I wanted
start. I love men.

But sensing my conflict, he came back and whispered into my ear "Don't
worry, she wont be joining us later."

As odd as that sounded, it still felt strangely reassuring to me
somehow. I followed him to the couch were we waited for his wife. Soon she
came back with the wine...only two glasses and sat down across from us by

As Tom and I drank, all three of us made a little small talk. When Tom
began feeling up my leg, I got nervous and looked at his wife. She noticed
it as well, but wasn't saying anything.

Soon his hand had disappeared beneath my skirt and was caressing my
inner thigh. I was feeling very naughty doing all this in front of his
wife. When he sensed my wetness with his wondering fingers, he leaned over
and kissed me full on the mouth. I returned it.

After three minutes of kissing and fondling, I was really worked up.
Tom then looked over to his wife and whispered "I am ready". She nodded,
stood up, and removed her dress. My mouth dropped as the now completely
naked woman turned and walked straight into their bedroom.

I looked over to Tom and immediately got worried.

"Tom, I really don't want to do this. I'm not really into this type of

He looked into my eyes, kissed me again, and reassured me: "As I said,
she wont be joining us."

"Than why is she nude and in your bedroom?"

"Because she'll be getting a different type of pleasure. You see she
likes to ..humiliated in front of other strange women....then
enjoys watching as I fuck them."

This was now really getting weird. I didn't expect this at all. It
sounded very much like a female version of cuckolding....I guess you could
call it cuntolding or what ever. In any case, that's what it appeared to
be with this girl.

He then leaned over and kissed me again before whispering: "Don't worry,
you'll be the only one getting this tonight." He took my hand and rested it
between his legs. My eyes grew wide as I felt his large manhood beneath
the fabric. I was sold.

We rose and made our way towards the master bedroom where his wife was
patiently waiting, still naked. I could now appreciate how attractive she
was. She had nice medium sized breasts and long slender legs, which
complemented her athletic figure very well. But I also noticed something
else. If I looked closely, I could see tiny marks crisscrossing her body.

I was a bit curious as Tom walked up to one of his drawers and removed a
pair of handcuffs and.....a whip. He walked over to his wife who looked a
little nervous and cuffed her hands together in front of her. Then he
lifted her arms to a type of rotating hook attached to a chain going to the
ceiling. As she practically hung from the ceiling now, she was painfully
stretched as the tips of her toes barely touched the floor. She indeed
looked very vulnerable.

Tom then came back to me and led me to a chair, smiling as he told me he
hopes I enjoy the show. Then he picked up the whip and began encircling
his wife. I could see she was slightly shaking as Tom caressed her body
with the butt of the whip, brushing against her breasts and moving to her
thighs and ass.

She was taking short quick breaths as he now stood directly behind her,
uncoiling the whip. She sucked in her breath as Tom reared his arm

I jumped back in my seat as the suddenness surprised me. He had landed
the whip square against her ass, and she hardly made a sound. I could tell
she was used to this. He raised the whip again....Crack....crack.....two
more lashes, this time on her thighs. She gave a slight moan this time.

Then he walked to her front and took aim of her breasts ...crack...crack...crack...crack... She let out a small cry as her tits reddened. After every whip, her body would turn on the rotating chain,
cruelly giving him a new target. Soon he was constantly whipping every
part of her body, even between her legs. Her moans turned to grunts, which
turned into sobs, which turned into open cries as her body slowly turned
completely red from the strict abuse.

At first I was a little bit worried for her sake. It looked like she
was really getting worked over. But the sight of her slick inner thighs
assured me of her enjoyment.

And to my surprise, this was really turning me on. Maybe it was the
mentality that I was better than she was, or maybe it was the pure sadism
in me, but soon I was stroking my sex openly as Tom whipped his wife.

This did not go unnoticed by Tom. After what seemed like a half an hour
of hard whipping, and with his pretty wife sobbing hysterically, he put the
whip down and approached me. Taking my fingers out of wet pussy he raised
them to his lips and tasted them. I was completely his.

He took me to the bed and soon we had practically ripped each other's
cloths off. I laid beneath him, took his large cock, and guided it towards
my desperate pussy. He entered me and was soon banging away as I was
enwrapped in complete ecstasy.

After about 25 minutes of intense fucking I had my first orgasm. Tom
was like a rock, still going in me at full steam. As I came down from my
high, and felt the beginnings of another, I looked over and noticed his
wife still hanging from the ceiling. She was looking directly at us. Her
mouth was partly open and her eyes had a glazed look in them as she watched
her husband fuck me.

I couldn't believe that there were women that actually enjoyed this kind
of stuff. I mean if I was married to this gorgeous hunk with a fantastic
penis, I'd be fucking him all the time and sharing him with NO ONE. Yet
she seems to get off on letting other women fuck him as she watches hanging
from the ceiling with her body freshly whipped. To each her own. Oh well,
I had other things to worry about, I was fast approaching my 2nd orgasm.

After two hours of hard, no ending fucking, Tom had cum in my pussy three times and I was completely worn out. Tom deeply kissed me, then rose
from the bed and untied his wife.

When she had regained the full use of her arms and legs, I noticed her
staring hungrily at my cunt. It was still spread wide from the fucking and
was oozing fresh cum. Tom gave her a quick slap on the butt and she seemed
to snapped out of her daze. She looked up to my face and kindly asked:

"Excuse me Miss, would you kindly allow me to lick my husband's cum from
your pretty pussy."

As I said, I had never been with another woman, but the way she said it
was so erotic, so submissive, so hot, that I couldn't stop my head from
shaking yes. She crawled onto the bed, moved between my open legs and
lowered her lips to my sloppy pussy.

She was almost an animal as she greedily licked and sucked her husband's
cum from another woman's vagina. It wasn't long before I had another
orgasm brewing.

When she was finished, she rose and thanked me for letting her clean me.
As Tom and I cuddled, she left to get us more drinks. When she returned,
and handed us our wine, I took the opportunity to reach out and feel her
welts. She flinched as I ran my fingers along her sensitive flesh.

As I explored her wounds, I could practically see her tiny bud growing.
I reached out and flicked it with my finger and she shuddered. Smiling
wickedly, I started to scratch her clit with my fingernail. Soon she was
rocking her hips and moaning like crazy as I abused her sensitive organ.

The whole time Tom watched with a smile as he gently licked one of my
nipples. Within no time, his wife collapsed on the floor in total orgasm.
There she fell asleep.

It was at that time that Tom explained in more detail his unusual sex
life with his wife. He told me that she had always enjoyed being abused by
him, and that she discovered it really turned her on to be abused in front
of other women.

He told me that on their wedding day, no one ever seemed to notice that
she never sat down. Her ass was too badly beaten an hour earlier. And
after their wedding, while she was still in her wedding dress, she watched
as he fucked two of her bridesmaids.

Now they actively engaged in this type of lifestyle. She seems to
really get off on her friends coming to visit and laughing at her
humiliation. But occasionally, they look for new women to include in their
sessions, like me.

Tom and I ended up falling asleep into each other's arms not much longer
after than, with his wife's naked and whipped body lying on the floor next
to me. The next morning she served us breakfast in bed, which was very
delicious. She looked like she had healed a little bit but was still very
sore, and her clit still looked a bit raw, to my delight.

Before I left, we fucked one more time as she watched from the chair,
openly fingering herself. Then, after she cleaned me, I got dressed to
leave. They both showed me to the door where were exchanged hugs and phone
numbers. We were definitely going to have to do this again. And who
knows, maybe next time I'll be doing some of the whipping.

wife Whipping Fun The End!

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This work is copyright (c) 2002 by Phoenix Arrow. You may download and
keep copies for your personal use as long as the author's byline and e-mail
address and this paragraph remain on the copies. Please do not post this
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