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Title: Wife, A Husband and the Paperboy
Keywords: mF, teen, nc, voy
Author: Caesar
"The seductive Dolores could lay so
Well, she earned many a peso
From men who walked miles
To climax, with smiles.
(Her ads in the papers all say so.)"
-author unknown

When the husband comes home to find his pretty wife screwing the
paperboy, he teaches her who is the master.

#include "std_disclaimer.h"

All characters are fictional and a figment <g> of my over-active
imagination. Constructive e-mail is welcome.


A Wife, A Husband and the Paperboy

by Caesar, copyright(c) 1991-2002

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Jenny groped for her robe in the darkness of her bedroom. The door
buzzer rang insistently again. Cursing, she fumbled with the arms of
her bathrobe and finally closed and tied the sash around her waist.
She practically ran down the stairs as the doorbell again rang. She
tugged the large front door open and with a gasp of breath she stood
looking down at her paper boy holding his collection pad.

Billy looked up suddenly as Mrs. Graham opened the door - the quick
movement startled him. He had just about given up on collecting from
this house and and was ready go to the next. The lad noticed that the
thirty-something-year-old woman looked dishevelled and tired, as if
she had just waken up, and she wore her white bathrobe in the middle
of the day. The robes rope was pulled tight around her waist,
revealing her round hips and hourglass figure. Billy, being a normal
fifteen- year-old boy, also stared at the soft-looking mounds and her
cleavage that her robe revealed. She had large round breasts, firmly
standing up and out.

"Yes? Hello, Billy, that time of the month again, hum?" she asked
rubbing at her tired looking eyes.

"Ugh..." He tried to take his eyes off her exposed cleavage, "yeah.
About ten seventy-five."

The strange tone of his voice made her look up and she noticed that he
was staring directly at the top of her chest. She stole a quick look
down and saw that her hurried dressing had caused her to fumble with
the robe and she had a fold back revealing much of her upper chest.
Even though the boy could not see anything, it was just his active
genes acting up, she thought. Yet it made her feel good that she
could still turn a man on, especially a young man.

"Come on in, I'll get the money." She turned and walked back into her
house, leaving the door open for him. He followed her into the foyer
closing the door behind, "Cash okay?" she asked.

"Yeah, sure." What he wanted to say was, "Take your robe off." His
eyes followed her across the living room and watched the delightful
movement of her shapely ass. He lost sight of her through the door of
the kitchen.

Jenny found her handbag and took out her cash-purse, walking back into
the living room. She was walking and searching for exact change, and
perhaps it was an accident but she tripped over the misplaced

Billy missed the accident because he was watching the sway of her
breasts when suddenly he heard her scream and then she was flying
through the air. And into his chest. They both landed in a pile
against the front door.

The first thing he realized was that her robe had tangled in his coat
and had opened slightly, allowing one breast to press against his
tee-shirt covered chest. He had thrown his arms around her when she
stumbled into him, losing the collection pad. Billy soon gathered his
hands were holding her against him, and the feel of her warm firm skin
was very stimulating, even through his shirt. Of course the teens
penis began to enlarge.

Jenny lay on top of the teenager, her legs tangled in his, one of her
arms pinned under him and the other was pressed against her own body
by his. She was dazed for perhaps ten seconds and when she again came
to she realized she was wrapped and pinned inside the strong arms of
her paper boy, his hands firmly rubbing her back and shoulders, his
nose pressed to the tangle of her hair, his lips a millimetre from her
neck. A bulge pressing into her thigh startled her, but she
instinctively knew it was his cock.

At first, the realization of her present situation scared her. She
was trapped in another man's arms, she was wearing only her robe and
she could feel the warm breath against her neck. Fear and
astonishment ran through her. What would her husband think if he came
home and saw her like this?

She laughed her own question away at the thought of her husband. Six
hours ago her she and her husband had a loud and vicious fight.
Actually it was not a fight, as he had never lain a hand on her in
anger - it was an argument. They were married for almost ten years,
and their arguments had become more frequent. And lately the
arguments were about their sex life, or lack thereof. Her position
was of the frustrated housewife, while suspecting her still-attractive
husband of having a mistress.

As Jenny lay thinking about her predicament, Billy's hands became more
adventurous, one hand was heading towards her open robe. For the
first time the housewife knew her naked breast was pressed against his
denim jacket and tee-shirt, causing her nipple to harden and itch
delightfully. As the boy's soft hand touched her naked shoulder, a
thrill of excitement ran through the middle-aged woman.

It may have been the lack of sex, or perhaps it was the hard penis
pressing against her, or maybe her taste for something different. But
it was probably a combination of things. She moved slightly and her
face was over his. She looked into his young inexperienced eyes and
saw uncertainty and he stopped his hand that was mere inches from
grabbing her breast.

Billy froze in fright when Mrs. Graham lifted her head. She stared
into his eyes, almost as if she was searching for something. He
almost fainted when she pressed her lips against his, kissing him
firmly and without passion. She stopped and looked again into his
eyes. The taste of sour wine, bad breath and salt was unmistakable.
She kissed him again, this time with more passion, her lips moist and
softer against his.

Jenny watched as his eyes close in acceptance, and his arms dropped
from her back, but the hand still on her naked shoulder was again
rubbing. She wanted this young man, half her age, more than she
thought she could have wanted a man. It was not that it was Billy in
particular, but because it was forbidden.

Her tongue slipped into his mouth to spar with his tongue. Loud,
slopping noises could be heard from the frantic French kiss while her
free hand pushed at her robe until it was down to her waist. She was
completely exposed in the front.

At that very moment, Ralph Graham walked up to his front door and
fumbled in his pocket for his keys. As he looked he heard a noise
from the other side of the door and his blood froze. His wife had
just moaned, a moan only he knew. Or so he thought. He stepped off
the stoop and looked through the front window. He couldn't see
anything so he went around to a side window. Just around the corner
of the living room he saw his almost-naked wife on top of a smaller
male. They were kissing very passionately, and even in this dim
light, Ralph could see their tongues slipping in and out of each
other's mouths.

He could see his wife Jenny trying to rip and pull off the boy's
clothes, the desperation and hunger evident in her movements. Not for
several years had his wife attacked him like that, nor gave any
indication that she wanted to be attacked like that. Ralph wondered
who the boy was. It was not a neighbour's son, nor anyone he had ever
seen before.

The boy was now trying to get the woman's robe off her arms and past
her round buttocks. Legs and arms were flailing around in their
frantic haste to disrobe. They were rolling around on the floor like
two animals and naked skin was quickly being exposed. Clothes were
flying around the living room, jeans, shirt, and underwear.

Jenny was again above the boy, and with a cold realization Ralph
understood what she was doing. She was on her knees, straddling his
hips, one hand between her legs. The boy's cock entered his wife about the same time she opened her mouth to scream while the lad
tensed up. Obviously they were both enjoying it.

As the two naked bodies bucked and bounced against each other, Ralph
first wondered what to do. He figured this was it - he must divorce
his wife. She had turned to another man, or boy. He felt partly
responsible, of course, though he was not the one seducing an under
age teen. He had to divorce her. He would never be able to trust her
again. And the fact that she seemed to enjoy the boy better than she
ever did him was a blow to his ego. A blow that he could not live
with. Or so he thought.

The feelings of betrayal and abuse rushed through him as he watched
the pair coupling in a frantic and rushed pace. His anger also hid a
feeling of arousal that enlarged his penis. For the first time in
years his wife had aroused him. It was not that she was ugly - she
was very attractive - but he had gotten bored with her.

When his wife slipped off the boy and got on her knees, he knew things
had gone far enough. He rushed for the door.

Jenny swallowed the small rock-hard cock. Taking it all the way to
the base, tasting her own juices, she sucked up and down. Billy had
told her of the impending explosion and she wanted him to come in her
mouth. The feeling of doing the lowest, most degrading thing with
this young man filled her with an erotic energy. She had not had an
orgasm of her own, but she knew that this encounter would fill her
fantasies for months to come.

The same time she felt the first shot hit the back of her mouth she
heard the front door fly open. Jenny could taste the salty bitter
sperm of this virgin boy and she could hear the heavy breathing of her
husband coming towards her just as the second shot splattered against
her tongue.

Billy froze when he heard the door open - his orgasm also had
something to do with it. This fantasy was turning into a nightmare as
he saw a man charging for them out of the corner of his eye. As his
energy drained out of the head of his cock, he saw the man grab the
back of Mrs. Graham's hair as he pulled her face off the boy's lap.

The large burly man growled and threw the housewife over against the
far wall. She screamed and started to cry. He lunged for the
still-shooting boy, the come hitting his own stomach. A rough hand
grabbed an arm and dragged the boy over to the open door.

Jenny stared in horror as her husband threw her young lover out onto
the porch and then grabbed at his scattered clothes, throwing them out
after him. He slammed the door hard and turned to her again. It was
the first time she had ever seen him so fierce and so mad. The fact
that he had physically hurt her by grabbing the back of her head was
evidence that he was beyond the person Jenny knew.

His strong hand grabbed her upper arm and pulled, or dragged, her
across the hard-wood floor to a large couch. He threw her on it. She
hid her face in her hands and cried loudly, hoping tears would difuse
his anger. And for a moment the thought that it had worked flashed
through her mind until he pulled her arms roughly behind and together
behind her back. She felt him tie her wrists together with something.

"W..what are you doing, Ralph? God, I'm sorry..." Of course she
didn't feel sorry, but she hoped her husband would believe her.

He didn't.

Ralph was so angry, he couldn't talk. He had burst in only to kick
out the little snout and to tell his wife about divorcing her. But
when he had first turned back to her, upon closing the front door, he
had realized that he had a throbbing hard-on. He wanted to punish
her, hurt her, make her feel the pain he had felt watching her fuck
another person, then he would kick her out of the house and divorce
her. He would teach her a lesson!

Jenny felt the sting of her husband's leather belt strike her across
her wide shapely ass cheeks. She screamed and begged for him to stop.
But he hit again, and again. Never before had she been treated this
way, nor had her husband ever acted this way. He was a different

He saw the welts and the blood rush to her abused ass cheeks, but he
also knew that it would not permanently hurt her. The gratification
that he felt when he spanked her was making him feel better. She was
cursing and crying from the pain of the blows, but he ignored her and
continued to strike the wonderfully-shaped white smooth skin. She had
squirmed on the couch until her top half was over the top edge of the
couch, and her ass had inadvertently raised itself up. It was the
most desirable moment that he could remember, the sight of her ass
raised up above the rest of her body.

Several minutes went by when he threw the belt to the ground. He had
not stopped because of any moral or emotional reason, but because he
had drained most of the raw anger out of him, leaving lust. His
clothes flew off his body, his penis pointed right at her exposed

Jenny caught her breath when he stopped beating her backside but
didn't hear him disrobe. Then when a large hard penis entered still
wet vaginal hole, she knew she was about to be raped by her own

At first his jack hammer strokes caused Jenny pain from her ass cheeks
and from her cunt being unused to such attention, but the pace didn't
let up - instead, it got even faster. Her fear had turned to anger
during the beating, and now it was not any different as her cunt was
being abused instead of her ass cheeks.

Ralph spoke hoarsely while driving in and out of his wife's hole.
"Bitch...fucking some kid, eh?...did his come taste good, slut?...I'll
teach you to fuck around...slut!" And other statements that left
little doubt in Jenny's mind why she was being punished.

It did not happen suddenly, but during his rape of her cunt, she
started to feel the stirring of passion rising in her body. She could
not hold it back. Instead her breathing became ragged and her vagina wetter, and her ass started to rotate in time to his thrusts as she
broke out in a sweat - all the symptoms of rising to climax.

Never before had her husband fucked her with such passion and
unrelenting control. This had been what their arguments had been
about, and ironically she was getting it because she had been caught
screwing another cock. Love didn't suddenly overwhelm her, but lust
did. The larger cock was like a piston shoving into her engine,
making it purr.

Ralph felt his wife rotate and grind her hips against his cock. Her
breathing was ragged and quick, evidence that she was getting turned
on. But he didn't want her to feel good. This was supposed to be a
punishment. He pulled his dripping wet cock out of her wet cunt hole.

"Please, darling! Anything..." she begged while wiggling her ass

He grabbed her hips to stop her movements and held her firmly as he
aimed his cock.

The pain was a like a knife inside her. Jenny felt her husband's cock
enter slowly but firmly into her virgin asshole. The only lubrication
was the juice coating his cock and her sweat. A scream escaped her
lips as her husband again abused her body. He drove deeper and
deeper, the pressure of his cock filled up her small tight asshole.
Obviously he enjoyed it from the sounds he was making. When it
wouldn't go any further he pulled it almost all the way out then he
drove it back in mercilessly. She felt herself tear, and the warm
drops of blood escaping from her body.

Ralph started to get angry again - she was again beginning to enjoy
her punishment. She didn't rotate her ass, but she moved back and
forth on the couch. And little screams of pain were intermingled with
screams of passion. Even though he hated the sounds, it stirred his
come-laden balls so much that he knew he was about to shoot.

"You like to swallow come, eh?" His anger still evident in his voice.

Jenny felt his cock pull out of her backside with a small pop, then
she was roughly pulled off the couch and thrown on the floor on her
back. Her husbands straddled her neck and head. She knew what he was
about to do and disgust ran through her.

Ralph pushed his rock-hard cock against her lips, forcing his penis
into her mouth. The knowledge of where his cock had been didn't
bother him since he knew where his wife's mouth had been. He fucked
his wife's face frantically, coming closer to orgasm.

She would never had admitted to anyone but when the cock had first
forced itself into her stretched mouth she had a orgasm. Her body
felt like it had been zapped by high-voltage electricity and every
muscle in her body was beyond her control. She only barely sensed the
enlarged penis drive in and out of her mouth and she sucked hard,
trying to please her husband. For the first time an overwhelming
sensation of guilt swept through her.

Ralph felt the sperm moving from his balls to the head of his penis
where he tried to hold back but couldn't. He shot his first spurt of
come into his wife's mouth. He almost collapsed with relief and
release but pulled out the still- shooting penis and shot the rest of
his come onto his pretty wife's smiling face and still-open mouth.

The taste of her husband's sperm was sweeter than the best wine she
had ever tasted, and the feel of the warm spunk on her face sent
shivers of delight through her body causing several aftershocks to her
previous climax.

After several moments, Jenny recovered and realized her husband had
collapsed on the couch. She awkwardly sat up and walked on her knees
to the couches edge, placing her head on his lap. His hand descended
onto her head and slowly stroked her.

Guilt ran through her, and she realized she deserved every punishment
that he had given her. She started to weep; the tears ran down her
cheeks to her husband's thighs. She promised herself that from now
on, she would be the perfect wife and lover. She would withhold
nothing from her husband.

After Ralph had orgasmed, his anger had been totally drained away and
only regret was left. Regret that he had neglected his wife all these
years, of the things he had done to her in anger and the pleasure he
had deemed from it. When he felt his wife sob and felt the wet tears
on his thighs, he knew she had been punished for her crimes. He also
knew nothing would be the same between them, it would be better!




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