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Archived Sex Stories




by Cat's Sara


*Author's Note: This story marks my one year anniversary on the
EMCSA. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the kindness and
steadfast support of so many people who have helped guide me
along. Eye of Serpent, for her acceptance, trilby else for his
insight and gracious encouragement, Tabico for her endless
inspiration, Iago for his praise and willingness to collaborate,
and most of all to Simon Bar Sinister, for enduring my requests
with incredible kindness and attention, as well as his steadfast
and amazing efforts at keeping the EMCSA open and operating.*

*This story is just a ditty. There are other stories to finish,
and many to come, and I only hope that this one brings you
enjoyment and pleasure. To all of you whom I have failed to
mention, and many more who contribute and write as only they
can, know that I watch and listen and try to learn all the time.
You all humble me every week with what you do.*

*Thank you for including me in such wonderful company.*

*- Sara*

*If you are under eighteen, go away, don't read this. Likewise
if depictions of mind controlled obsession and sex offend you.
Do us both a favor and go.*

*Please do not print this elsewhere without the express
permission of the author.*

*(c)2001 by Cat's sara*


Gina dropped her purse and coat on the floor back the back
door, walked to the living room, and collapsed on the couch. The
day had been longer than normal, and busy, to boot. Face down,
she let her bare arm fall to the floor and before five minutes
had passed, she was sleeping deeply, exhausted from exertion and

When she opened her eyes again, it was dark outside. She looked
at the clock on her VCR and saw that it was nearly 10:00.
Sitting up and pressing her face back between her hands, she let
her foggy thoughts slowly coalesce into something more tangible.

Finally, she kicked off her shoes and went to the bathroom.
Turning on the light, she squinted through the slight flash of
pain, brushed her longish brunette hair, thinking about what she
might want to wear tonight.

It wasn't the prospect of finding some lounge lizard lover that
made her put on her ice blue spandex top and black leather
miniskirt. It was the sense of doing something slightly outside
of her innocent norm. She had always been a good girl, and she
was finally tired of it.

For the last month she had been adding to her wardrobe.
Stiletto heels, spandex, leather, and flashy intimates were
slowly filling up her closet. She knew it was becoming
compulsive, but it wasn't like she was going to do this forever.

It was just something to do. It was an adventure.

Shanda, one of her friends at work, had been trying to get her
to go to one particular nightclub for months; the Wildflower
Crossing. Odd name, but from what Shanda said, it was definitely
the place to find the unexpected. When Gina had asked what she
might wear, Shanda had smiled a little oddly and an said,
"Everything, or nothing. It doesn't really matter... once you're
there the first time, you'll know what to wear when you go again.

That was no great comfort. The last thing she wanted to do was
look foolish in front of a bunch of strangers. But slowly, her
curiosity had won out, and tonight, Gina had finally decided she
would go on her own, and test the waters of a night life her
conservative upbringing had denied her.

She placed her money and wallet in a small purse and walked out
the door, heart racing.


The club was difficult to find, which Gina found surprising.
The way Shanda talked, it sounded like it would have lit up a
city block. Eventually, she found the street where it was
supposed to be, but it was one way the wrong way, and there
seemed to be no way to get to the end that would let her drive
by the elusive club... in the end she had to park three blocks
away and walk.

Luckily, it wasn't in a bad neighborhood, so she wasn't too
worried. Still, she held a can of pepper spray in her hand, just
in case. Finally, she got to the rustic wooden door and pulled
it open, the sound of heavy, grinding music immediately
assaulting her ears.

Her immediate sense was of dark wood and dancing bodies, hip-
grinding music and... for lack of a better phrase, tangible
lust. It took a few moments for her eyes to adjust to the
darkness, even from the streetlights, and then she had a moment
of shock.

The bar was filled with women. Not one man anywhere.

"New here, huh?"

Gina spun and almost fell into the woman who had spoken to her,
and found herself trying to catch her balance. She recoiled from
the offered hand of support. Damned heels. Damned dyke.

"Yes... I... I think there's been a mistake," she sputtered,
looking over to the door so that she could start moving towards

The woman smiled and said something, but Gina frowned as she
tried to hear it over the music. The woman seemed to sense the
trouble, and leaned close... close enough that Gina could feel
her breath on her ear. "No one comes here by mistake. We take
all kinds here, from lesbians to people who just want a night
out with the girls. I'm Jaqui... what's your name?" Gina almost
felt the words more than heard them.

"Gina Harmon!" shouted Gina shouted and then turned beet red.
In a moment of horrible coincidence, the music had come to a
screeching halt just as she shouted out her name. It was
followed by loud applause, causing her face to turn even a few
shades deeper.

"Let's go into the back bar," offered the woman. "It's more
private, and certainly quieter than here."

Gina felt like she had no choice. An exit now would be awkward,
and Jaqui was offering at least a little relief from the newly
uncomfortable crowd, many of whom were still staring at her in
amusement, and even worse, interest.

And she was right. The bar in the rear was not only spacious,
but quiet and relaxing. The blaring music of the front room
faded into background noise, barely audible here. Tables glowed
with perfumed candles, and booths, dark, mysterious and
intimate, lined the walls.

In another situation, Gina would have felt uncomfortable with
the implied intimacy. After the front room, however, this felt
almost normal.

Jaqui led her to one of the booths far from the entrance. "It
can be pretty intimidating your first time in," she said,
smiling. "Wildflower Crossing can be a pretty "out" kind of
place. But it also has its distinct... pleasures."

Gina blushed slightly. "Jaqui, I'm not sure why you think I'm
here, but I'm not..."

"No, I know you aren't... a womanizer," cut in Jaqui, laughing
infectiously. Gina found herself chuckling softly despite
herself. "I was talking about the liqueurs and aperitifs
available here, in the back room. May I get you one?" continued

"Will you still respect me in the morning?" giggled Gina,
finally letting the tension she had been holding release. She
was beginning to feel slightly giddy from the mix of perfumes in
the room.

"Are you sure you're not my kind of girl?" teased Jaqui. She
watched as the beautiful young girl stared past her into space
and then jerked aware. She smiled and waved over a barmaid.
"Bring me two Black Dominas, one with," she said, nodding toward
her companion, "and one without."

Gina slowly looked over at Jaqui, completely at ease with this
woman. It was so nice to be with her. She'd made herself clear
enough, so obviously Jaqui didn't care, but only wanted someone
to sit with, too. "One with what?" she asked, purely out of

"Something that will make you mine," answered Jaqui, watching
Gina closely.

Gina smiled and lost her train of thought for a moment. "Did I
just ask you something?" she giggled.

"No," said Jaqui, taking her hand, pleased with how this was
going. "You can feel absolutely safe with me. There's no reason
not to," she added, smiling sweetly.

"I can?" asked Gina, happy to find someone that understood her
so well.

"You *do*," replied Jaqui.

Gina found herself warming up to this kind woman who had taken
her under her wing so graciously. "I do, actually," she admitted.

"Good girl," said Jaqui, looking up as the drinks arrived.

Taking the drinks, Jaqui held hers up as if to make a toast.
Gina, not wanting to offend, did the same. "Now, the rule is,
you have to kill it," bubbles Jaqui, her enthusiasm invading
Gina's perceptions.

"To women who know what they want!" said Jaqui, loudly, killing
the glass of dark liqueur.

"To women... who... know what... what... what the hell," said
Gina, losing her place. In a clumsy imitation of Jaqui, she shot
back the glass and thumped it on the table.

Gina looked down at the glass, bubbles slowly falling down the
inside of the glass, falling and collecting, and so... so...

Jaqui took the glass from Gina's immobile hand. She didn't
move. Her eyes stayed glued to the spot where the glass had
been. Jaqui smiled and called out, "Thank you, ladies! You can
return to the bar now... and feel free to have a round on me!"

As perhaps twenty women stood and walked by the table, dipping
their heads in a respectful nod and smiling, Gina sat oblivious
to it all, watching a glass that wasn't there. She didn't see
the envious looks that came from every single one.

Gina didn't see anything but bubbles sliding down the glass.

"Gina, can you hear me?" asked Jaqui, softly.

She watched as the young girl's lips moved silently, sweat
forming on her upper lip from the strain. "Yyyes," came the
quiet response.

"The drink you had contained the ground shell of a rare
tropical insect. It brings you to a certain state of
mindlessness. It makes an empty place for me to fill. Do you

"Yes." It was much more certain now.

"You are an empty vessel. A void. A vacuum, waiting to be
filled with whatever I, and only I say. Feeling anything I wish
you to feel. Makes sense, yes?"


"What are you, Gina?"

"I am a vacuum waiting for you to fill me with anything you say
or want me to feel."

"That's right! You take on everything so quickly... you are a
delight to me..." Jaqui held still for a moment, gathering
herself for the glory to come. "Shanda says you are special. I
can see that she is right. Shanda is special, too. I own her. By
the time we are done, I will own you, too. In fact, I would bet
you can't wait for that to happen.

"Shanda is a lesbian. She didn't know she was when she was
brought to me. She was shown the truth. Now, she has brought you
to me, and I am showing you the truth. So what can you deduce
from that?"

Gina's brow furrowed slightly. From experience, Jaqui knew that
inside, pieces of the puzzle weighing thousands of tons were
being moved around. She waited a few more moments to give the

"I'll give you a clue. Only women come to this bar. And all the
women who come to this bar are owned by me. They are my slaves,
and live to please me in any way I wish. Is it getting clearer?"

"Yes," answered Gina, still watching the beautiful bubbles, as
if she was completely unaware of the battle raging deeply in her

"Then speak, Gina, and tell me what you are."

"I am a lesbian."

Jaqui exhaled in release. She should know better... the potion
had never failed. "And?" she prompted.

"I am your slave. You own me. I live to please you in any way
you wish."

"So nice, slave. Now, tell me all about your former life, and
I'll tell you the truth about it. Don't worry, I have all the
time in your world, and you have nothing but time in mine..."


Gina looked up into Shanda's eyes again. "Four," she said.

She lowered her head and began circling Shanda's clit again,
feeling her lover's legs jerk with each flick of her mischievous
tongue. The jerks were mirrored in her own limbs as the pleasure
of pleasing her Keeper invaded her mind and drove out any
thought but the task at hand.

"You love this, don't you, slutcakes..." sighed Shanda.

Gina's tongue did not respond, but flames licked her mind with
the truth of her existence. *love this slutcakes love this
slutcakes love this slutcakes love this slutcakes love this
slutcakes love this slutcakes love this slutcakes love this
slutcakes love this slutcakes...*

The dark desires in her mind swelled and she felt them engulf
her... a hot wind fanning her into wanton service to Shanda,
igniting her own clit and nipples. A hand wandered back and
began to pump a finger in and out of her spasming asshole,
driving her ever deeper, more completely into her purpose, her
love, her... *reason*.

She didn't even recognize the finger as her own. She saw the
grim facade of who she had been and felt revulsion overtake for
an instant before returning to the loving countenance of her
love and life, second only to Jaqui. She began to quake as she
thought of the time when she would serve Jaqui as Keeper of
another... and a name came to her... *Charlene...* she thought...

Sparks grew into a fireball moving down her body, and as Shanda
came, so did she, melting her brain and thoughts into a formless
vacuum, waiting to be filled again, wishing only for the coming
relish of pleasing Mistress Jaqui... her head bobbed and weaved,
arms and legs convulsing in pure delight and pleasure, until she
*was* pleasure... the pleasure of women, the pleasure of Shanda,
the pleasure of *Jaqui*...

"Five," she murmured, happily.




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- Sara


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