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Wilma Jenkins 01


Casebook of Wilma Jenkins - 01 By Wandering Lanes

story codes (MF, Mff, non-con, rp, scifi)

Normal disclaimers apply - this is an adult story with adult situations,
if it is illegal for you, whether by age or local laws, to read such
stories you are advised to remove yourself from this site.

This story is my creation - it can be copied for private collections as
long as no profit is made from it - I will allow corrections to be made in
such collections to allow for spelling and/or html formatting. (Please
remember this is written in British English - not American English)

The format of this story may appear odd, as the villain will have a
first person dialogue, all others will be in the third person - I'm sorry
if this confuses people, but I think you'll get the idea. Wandering Lanes.

- Casebook of Wilma Jenkins - 01 Tesh and War

Chapter 1 - the Delegation

'The Leader' looked out over the city, and smiled.

It had taken many years to ensure that the city fell, and the
inhabitants would come to worship him as a saviour to the people, and the
plan had worked well.

A cough behind him, he turned to face his second in command - Darius.
This was a man who knew exactly how far he could go before the leader would
stop him, and had many times with just a word.

Darius spoke in a mocking tone -"They await outside Leader, a delegation
to announce their allegiance to you alone"

The Leader laughed softly - allegiance to him! And they will serve him
because they'll have to.

The Leader said, "When they have gone, withdraw the first team, slowly.
Let the second team chase them away."

Darius smiled, a nasty dangerous smile, "And the prisoners Leader, what
of them"

The Leader seemed to consider, "Well, fortunes of war - we found the men slaughtered"

Darius licked his lips, "What about the women, shall we kill them as

"Why? There was no sign of any women amongst the dead was there?" The
Leader's voice was measured.

Darius gave an evil grin, "No, Leader, they are safely locked away, do
we return them?"

"No, they're more fun this way." Said The Leader giving another short
smile, which was then replaced by a soulful expression, "Now let the
delegation in, and we'll discuss terms of our victory over them."

Darius bowed to the leader and turned to the door, which he opened to
the people outside,

"The Leader will be proud to see you now, please enter."

The ten people who made up the city senate entered the room, which was
plain and in its own way impressive and yet showed no details, just a desk
and chair, a relic from the old times. .

The spokesman started to speak, "We thank you for letting us see you, -
Leader?" the last was an inquiry as the term was unfamiliar to the people
now, its roots long forgotten.

The Leader smiled and sat down, "Yes, that is how I am known, it is an
old name - bestowed upon me many years ago, but I am diverting you from
your mission, please tell me your problems."

"Several weeks ago a tribe of men arrived outside the city. Our King
and queen met them as is our custom, they did not return, along with the
servants and guards sent with them, we started to fear for them. The tribe
sent a message demanding our surrender. We refused. The next message was
sent with this, it has been positively identified as the Kings." The
spokesman produced a severed hand on which was a signet ring. "The message
was the same, surrender! Or die. We cannot surrender but do not wish to
die, can you help us, Leader?"

The Leader tried to make his voice sound interested. "How many are in
the tribe outside your city?"

Another man spoke, "They appear to number a thousand."

"How are they armed?" The Leader tried to keep the amusement out of his

The man spoke again. "They have a few old-days weapons. Bows and
arrows, battering rams, the normal low tesh equipment."

"Can you describe the old-days weapons they have?"

A third man spoke this time. "The rifles are the main weapons, they
have some side-arms, all are solid projectiles, there are no fragmentary
weapons in sight, they have gunpowder of course, but there are signs that
they have casting tesh and manufact-tesh as well."

"I see, well I could raise a task force to deal with this tribe - but
what will you provide me for this service, I already have several
technologies, your pardon tesh's, available to myself and my 'tribe', I
mean this will be a severe job costing many man hours, at a time when they
could be of use elsewhere." The Leader said this, in a tone that implied
little interest in the city and its inhabitants.

The spokesman offered. "We could offer you other services - Our wines
are amongst the best in the hemisphere, our museums hold details of several
teshes, even our scholar is not certain how many lost teshes are hidden in
the books within the library."

"Wine, and information, is this all your city can offer - I would think
that you would be willing to offer more?" - this was it, how far will they
go to save themselves? The delegation conferred amongst itself, the Leader
almost laughed at the raised voices each pushing the other.

Finally the Spokesman approached the Leader. "We are a single city in a
large hemisphere, we would need guidance - Will you guide us, Leader? "

The Leader tried to look shocked, although it was what he expected.
"You realise what you are offering? To guide a city as yours will mean
complete control, something that should not be given lightly" - give them a
way out, or let them dig their own graves.

The group talked amongst them selves, finally the spokesman said. "Yes,
Leader - we offer you our city in exchange for the deliverance of our

'Now lets close the trap' thought The Leader. "And what of your King,
What if he or his relatives survive their ordeal, will they follow your
example, or will they dishonour it and refuse to acknowledge it? What

"The prospect of the King remaining alive after this time is very small,
the blood lost from the amputation would have been critical," The spokesman
looked down as he said this, and then continued, "as for the Queen and the
princesses, we know what these tribesmen do to our women. No there will be
no comeback from the rulers".

"Very well, I accept. DARIUS!" He entered the room, The Leader carried
on, "ah Darius will you please select some men to remove the tribe outside
the city, there is about a thousand of them, with, sorry how many old-tech
weapons? Approximately 200 rifles and side arms the rest are low tech.
You will take the necessary precautions wouldn't you, also be aware that
the King, Queen and Princesses - you did say the princesses didn't you?"

The delegation spokesman said, "Yes they were disguised a ladies in
waiting, it was part of their education on approaching other cities and
tribes. Both their highnesses were very excited about this."

The Leader nodded. "As I was saying ensure that the King, Queen and
princesses are found, and try to find them alive, if possible, before you
go with the men, please come back here for any further instructions, thank

Darius bowed again and left the room.

The Leader smiled as he went, "He is a good man, and is very precise in
his work, if anyone can find your king alive then Darius will! By the way,
you mentioned a scholar, do you have any other learners in your city?"

The spokesman shook his head, "Unfortunately not, the young are not
interested in the old times, and show no interest in old tesh, at times we
despair for the future."

The Leader gave a friendly smile, "I'll tell you what, select a few
dozen of the younger people and send them to me, Why we'll show them how
the old-times were and how they can help in the present time as well as the
future time, I have teachers here that really know how to instruct their
minds, to make them better citizens for your city, what do you say?" 'It
was always nice to have new blood to train and use, plus it gave us
hostages should anything go wrong.' The Leader thought.

"Leader that is a wonderful idea, we will return to the city and start
selecting the ones just after your men are successful."

"Good I will look forward to seeing them, but don't forget the wonders
are for both the males and females as well. Oh by the way, before I
forget, if your city is encircled how did you arrive here, high tech
knowledge?" It always pays to get information.

"No, Leader - We used a tunnel, something called a 'sew-wer'! - You
will never guess what it was used for in the old-time!"

"I couldn't imagine," said the leader - who was an expert in all things
from the old-time.

"Well this 'sew-wer' came out at an old river, the mouth was disguised
as a cave. If we hadn't found the plans for the city, even we would not
have found it."

The Leader got up from his seat, "That is good, now return to your
people with the news, Darius should be ready in a few hours, he doesn't let
the grass grow under his feet. Now go and prepare your people for victory"

The Delegation left, and the Leader smiled again "yes, victory and
defeat in one swoop".

Darius returned to the room, "Your orders Leader"

The Leader gave a dismissive gesture - "As ordered before, except we no
longer need the Queen, find the Princesses they are disguised as ladies
maids. Your men can have fun with the others but the Princesses I will

"And the Queen?" Darius almost licked his lips

"Checkmate Darius, once the Queen is taken the King is at risk and can
be removed. Just return the Princesses to me".

Darius bowed, he left the room with an evil leer on his face. The
Leader went into a side room, he looked at the person tied to a rack, he
smiled, "Well Wildflower, and how are you today?"

The prisoner just gave a dull look at his words, she was not really
reacting still, and he'd only had her for about five years, he'd enjoyed
her, but something was missing. Still his troops had no complaints about
her, she was a prize for their good work, and she'd really be working for
the next few days, when the first team were back.

He switched on a bank of monitors, they kept a watch on the dungeon
area, it was great entertainment, sometimes he'd let his handmaidens watch
as their brothers or sisters were worked on, it greatly improved their
appreciation for him.

Chapter 2. - The Turning Point - Leaders Chronicle

It was almost too easy, You stole a time machine, filled with the death
and destruction capabilities of a small armoury, then you go forward
several thousands of years, to a time when nothing of the past was known.

It had been some astronomical event that had happened, pushing the
people of the time into caves, for hundreds of years, back to the stone age
technology, with only oral history, and hardly anyone who was able to read
the few rotting books. Small Tribes scattered around the Country easily
cowed and pulled together.

The training was accomplished by means of shooting a few of the rabble
until the mean ones could be found to take over the training of the dumb
ones, and then sit back to enjoy the fruits of the hard toil that had been
my lot until then.

Language, that had been the stumbling block - It was understandable, but
seemed garbled, word shortened, and altered - Technology became Tech then
over the years arrived as Tesh, yes technology that was the one thing that
the tribes knew about but did not have, a few found weapons, eaten by time
and rust, which just as easily blew up the owner, in some cases the owner,
tribe and enemy in one go, depending on the weapon used.

Of course my weapons did none of these things, I made sure of that, with
the aid of a few books and education of the brighter members of my new
large tribe, I had a workshop constructed, and was able to produce weapons
and parts of weapons. Whoever had guns, bazookas and hand-grenades could
take over the world.

And so I started, at first with the tribes, now it was the time to work
on the cities, These were places where the people had stayed in shelters,
they had more knowledge, and higher technical skills, and they were easy to
defend - at least by normal methods, but there was always other means to an

So now I am the leader or rather the Leader, and in my world my word is
law - I have many faces, a father figure to my tribes, A learned man to
some, A saviour to others, And the head of a feared tribe to a few.

I have nothing to fear, as everyone else has a lot to fear from me!

Chapter 3. Prisoners

On the monitor screen I watched as Darius entered the dungeon area, He
approached the quivering mound of flesh that was once a king.

"Hello again your majesty, I have some good news for you", his voice was
smiling almost happy, "We no longer need your presence here, and we are
going to let you go".

"G-g-g. G-g, go?" the voice was weak, and unbelieving, too much had
happened to its owner for it to depend on what is said to it.

Darius' voice was oozing with friendliness. "Why yes, this was just a
misunderstanding, We will be letting your Queen and yourself go shortly,
however we will be turning our attentions onto you entourage, the soldiers,
equerries and ladies in waiting, I understand some of the men here are most
anxious to start to work on them especially."

The king starts to fight against the ropes holding him,

Darius's voice was now concerned, that had taken a lot of training,
"That seems to worry your majesty, is there any particular reason why we
shouldn't test them?"

"My, my, my daughters are in that group, please do not harm them!" The
king's voice was pleading.

"Your daughters, locked up in these surroundings," Darius's voice was
still full of concern, "why didn't you tell us they were here, we would
have released them as soon as we knew, please tell me their names so that
we can remove them to safety," - As I said Darius was very good at his job,
especially as a bastard of the worst kind. Darius leaned close to the
king's mouth and listened to the king.

"Thank you, your majesty - I shall return shortly."

He walks out of the chamber, down the corridor and into another chamber,
the walls are lined with captives, chained with their arms above their
heads and their feet pulled up behind their knees, an awkward position as
they have to remain on their knees, this is also painful as they are
kneeling onto the stone floor.

The prisoners are beyond moaning, with many their knees are bleeding
from the rough ground, others are resigned to this, mild, torture aware
that much more is coming.

Darius goes through the chamber concentrating on the women until he
comes to two, almost childlike waifs, tear streaked faces hanging down as
the pain of the chains works its wonder on them. With the careful
father-like touch he raises the faces and softly asks them their names.

With no reply forthcoming the touch starts to get aggressive, causing
the younger to cry out and call out a name that satisfies, the soft touch
returns to the younger, as the elder is forced to endure a harsher, lower
attack, until she also answers with her name.

Darius then releases both, but they remain chained by the wrists. They
hobbled, seemingly unable to unbend their legs after such a short time in
the chamber, Darius leads them back to their father - the shock of all is
apparent, Darius knows how to make an entrance.

"Now sire, here are your two daughters, safe and sound as I promised."
He paused at this point and let the two girls slump down onto the floor,
"And also as I promised, you are free to go"

The Kings head slowly raised itself to look into Darius eyes - as the
dagger was pushed into the Kings chest, "Enjoy your freedom you majesty".

Darius turned to the two still on the floor

"Remember this!" He snarled - "Your lives are nothing, you are nothing -
you are servants in the empire of the Leader, his slightest whim is your
command, else you will be returned here - to suffer for as long as we can
keep you alive, and that can be a very long time indeed!"

The only response to that was the whimpering of the two girls, unable to
comprehend how they could have been placed in this position.

The Leader turned off the monitor - the main course of the day was yet
to be served, but he pondered, Darius was a very good right hand man, if
only something could be done about his script, he acted as if he lived by
stereotypes, and he doesn't even realise it! - The Leader laughed out loud
with this thought, and awaited the arrival of the princesses.

He turned to the prisoner on the bed, "I think I'd like you to be
somewhere else." He thought for a moment, and then added, "I think up
against that wall would be best." He pressed a button and three women
quickly entered the chamber - they'd learnt to be quick at almost
everything they did, they followed his orders, pulling the unresisting form
from the bed and then re-chained it to hooks lining the whole side of the
room. Then, just a quickly, vanishing again, before The Leader could
decide to detain one of them again.

The leader returned to his office, rubbing his hands in anticipation.

Chapter 4. Time Center

The alarm was sent to the Investigators office, theft of a time capsule
from the museum of technical advances. The duty investigating office was
sent to check and to investigate the theft.

"When was it discovered?" - Time Investigator Wilma Jenkins asked

"This morning, but as to when it was actually taken... We're unable to
say, I mean its not as if we expect the capsules to just up and leave on
their own" - the speaker, the senior technician, realised that he was
making the problem worse but couldn't stop himself

Wilma looked sarcastically at him. "Of course it didn't leave by
itself, someone took it! Now who could that be? And when was the capsule
last checked?"

"We ran the weekly inspection two days ago, all capsules were accounted
for - the doors were locked and monitors reset just after the team left"
The technician was trying to distance himself from the problem

"What do the monitors show, you have checked the monitors haven't you?"
Wilma tried to keep the sarcasm out of her voice

"Of course - three hours after activation the doors opened and the
monitor are deactivate, we are still trying to work out how this could

Shaking her head she spoke to a technician. "Show me the last minutes
of the monitor" - She is taken to a viewer console and after a few seconds
the screen is activated, Showing the main doors to the Time capsules
display room, large heavy solid doors, which open slightly then the display
shimmers into static.

She spoke into a microphone, "Replay the last seconds at quarter speed,
and magnify the door area" - the viewer computer followed the commands.
The scene is repeated, but this time a snub nosed object is just visible
before the static appears, Wilma turned to the unfortunate guide and the
surrounding audience.

"So," she said, "the capsule was taken 44 hours ago, and you have only
just decided to report the matter!! This make my job so much easier."

The senior technician was puzzled, so he asked, "It does? How"

She shouted at him; "Yes, I just arrest all of you for gross
incompetence! Has anything else been taken? Like the main console, the
doors, the entrance hall?"

He was now on the defensive, "Oh No, just the capsule, I mean we haven't
really checked - this is your job, we're just technicians, you know,
repairing the exhibits, escorting tour groups. No, security is not our

Wilma shook her head. "That's obvious, well do you think that you could
take another inventory, of all sections, don't worry about this one - we
know the result, minus one time capsule. I would like the report very

As the technicians ran to their separate areas Wilma contacted her
office. "Hi Boss, we have a situation here."

Chief investigator Rawlings - picked up the call "Okay Wilma - what the

She let her sarcasm show in her voice. "Well, apart from a bunch of
dweebs who don't know anything about simple security, and believe we don't
have anything else to do with our time, just that a time capsule was taken
approximately 44 hours ago, no id on the perp. Could have slipped in with
the inspection group, and stayed behind when they left, he used a laser to
deactivate the monitor system, I believe he was after more than the
capsule, but won't know until the dweebs here can tell me more. I think we
will need a full team - This is a serious one Boss, I just feel it".

Rawlings shook his head, "I can't send a team, you'll have to make do
with 5, I'll send them over to you".

"5! Boss that won't be enough believe me".

"I do believe you, but you know how stretched we are, 5 is all I can
send, and that is the number you will get - clear?"

"Yes Boss, but when it all blows up... I hope I'll be able to say I
told you so, Jenkins out".

'5 what the hell am I suppose to do with them, post them by the doors
and run around all the windows, shit, why won't the boss listen to me?
This is wrong I know it is! Shit. Shit! Shit!!!' Wilma Jenkins thought
to herself.

She paced up and down in the main display room past the empty slot where
the time machine was taken from, and then she noticed a line scraped into
the floor, where a large shape had been pulled into the gap she followed
the line to where it started.

A blank spot on the floor, nothing near it, no sign of any lifting
equipment nearby, she thought about it, 'it couldn't have just
materialised? Could it? - What if a short-range time machine was used?
The perp could have worked out when the guides had left and vectored in.
You can't vector directly into a time machine, too much build up of
radiation too soon. No so he materialised here, chose his machine and
pulled the small unit inside.

She operated her radio again, "Code 45 repeat code 45, monitor time
fields for possible changes."

An anonymous voice replied, "Your code 45 received, time scans show no
changes from norms."

Wilma spoke again, "Okay but keep monitoring, pinpoint and notify
if/when any changes occur"

The voice replied, "That's an affirm Agent Jenkins, standard watch and
notification, standing by."

Wilma nodded and tucked her radio back into her belt, a technician ran
up to her.

"Agent Jenkins, we've found something." He said breathlessly, "Follow
me." he ran back into the main building, Wilma followed him to a new
display area, the sign outside the room said, Acts of War - a history of
war and weapons - she followed the technician into the room, apart from
some dioramas and manikins the room was empty.

She looked at the man, "So? What am I suppose to be looking at?" the
man shook his head

"You don't understand," He said, "This is or rather was a major display,
the last collection of weapons of destruction."

Wilma made a dismissive gesture, "So? It held a lot of defunct weapons,
so what, it's not as if they were real," At the look on his face she did a
double take, "No, no don't tell me."

He nodded, "I'm afraid so, the directors believed that it was worthless
to house replicas in a room dedicated to war, we had to learn from our

Wilma shook her head, 'the idiots' she thought, 'who's going to learn
from this I wonder?' - she spoke to the man again, "I need a complete
inventory of all the weapons that are missing, also an estimate on how long
it would have taken someone to remove them!"

He opened his mouth to argue, she didn't give him a chance - "I don't
care whose job it is, you're the one here so get on with it." She walked
away from the technician leaving him to start his task.

As she entered the main hall there were five people in the uniform of
the Temporal Investigators, she recognised the man in the front. "Michael,
how's it hanging," She said.

"Wilma, you forgot your bra this morning, it's still in my room!"
Michael Rogers, her current lover and next in line to her job replied.
"Now what's ahead of us?"

Wilma shook her head, "Not sure. We've got a last model transport
taken, and there's an added bonus, a room of weapons have gone as well!
I've got the idiots who are suppose to be watching over this place checking
their inventories - the perp's already left, can't tell whether back in
time or forward, but I've got control scanning the time-lines for any

Michael whistled, "Man oh man that's bad, why the hell did Rawlings only
send us five to help you, you'll need a full team on this."

Wilma nodded, "Tell me about it, but you know Rawlings, only takes his
head out of the council's butt in order to close the purse-strings. I did
ask for a team, so here you are. Come on I need your thoughts."

The other four operatives were directed to chase up the technicians and
get their inputs; Michael followed Wilma into the time machine room. Once
they got there he looked around.

He whistled in astonishment, "Oh boy, look they've got a model 25, there
was only eight of those made, and only three survived their first trips.
Marvelous design, but a mother to steer, we lost one of our own in the test
run, must have smeared herself into paste" He shuddered, "Not the best of
ways to go."

Wilma nodded in sympathy, "No way is! But we can't worry about that
now, if you can drag yourself away from the machines, it's the missing one
I'm more concerned with."

Michael walked to the empty space, "Okay so what am I suppose to see?"
He scanned the floor, found the mark and walked straight to it, "Hey this
is wrong," he pulled out a small scanner, and waved it over the start of
the line.

He showed the results to Wilma, "Look at this, this shows that a small
range machine materialised twice, in the same place, within a space of 5
minutes actual time. Who knows how long subjective, could be hours or even
seconds." He followed the drag marks still using the scanner, "then while
it was still running, it was dragged to the main machine which. . . SHIT,
it's right off the dial, a massive surge of energy, as if the two machines
interacted, the range of the thing is now in the mega-region, not the
normal maximum." He switched off the scanner. And looked wide-eyed at

"We've got to report this straight away," He said, "With this type of
power he could change everything and we'd never know it!" He picked up his
radio, "Control, emergency. Respond please."

Rawling's voice answered, "This is control, how dare you issue an
emergency without clearing it with me."

Michael rolled his eyes, Wilma took the radio and spoke, "This is
Temporal Investigator Wilma Jenkins - in accordance with the Temporal Time
code I am issuing an emergency condition. T.I. Michael Rogers will give
details, C.T.I. Rawlings can I speak to you privately please."

The emergency declaration being issued automatically activated all the
radios to allow all Temporal Investigators to listen in to the call, that
way any time changes could be registered. If fact the emergency code had
only been used once before, and the corps had only just survived the

As Michael gave the details to the technical section of the corps, Wilma
spoke to her Chief. "Boss, I told you this was a bad one, and you saw fit
to only send five officers to help, when their senior issues an emergency,
you try to stop him, now that's two of us, in the field trying to keep
control, we can't do our jobs if you keep stopping us, and before you start
to complain about funding for the Temporal Investigation Corps, didn't you
know that in Emergency conditions the Budget is unlimited until the
emergency is declared over?"

Rawlings sounded confused, "What do you mean? Emergency conditions?
What's the emergency? The first thing I hear is that Rogers calling in and
activating the channel, now I think I should be consulted beforehand, don't

Wilma was now on solid ground - "No Boss, that's what the code is for, I
can quote from the handbook if you want. If two senior Investigators agree
that there are sufficient grounds . . . "

Rawlings completed the words, ". . . They can declare an emergency
alert regardless of all other objections! Don't try to quote the book at
me, I've read it as well! Okay now that you've tied my hands what do you

'Finally' thought Wilma, "We need a full trace of the museum's temporal
space for the whole 44 hours to determine when the perp arrived and to what
time period 'he' I'm assuming it a he, went to, either past or future.
We've ascertained that he managed to cross link two machines and that's
increased the potential radius to infinity, or at least further than our
hand-helds can measure."

"Okay, Wilma - I'll send a full technical team and equipment, we'll take
the room apart if we have to, as soon as they arrive I want you and Rogers
to handover to them and report back here! I'm going to have the council on
my back and I'll need you to convince them that the emergency is real and
not just some cocked up readings!" Rawlings was in full c.y.a mode (cover
your ass), if anyone was going down for this he was making sure that it
wasn't just him.

Chapter 5. Leader's office - Leaders chronicles

Darius dragged the two princesses into The Leaders office - their
clothes had been changed from the rags they had been wearing to proper
clothing. Although it was under the watchful eyes of Darius and the other
guards - all of whom were giving their encouragement to the two girls.

As they entered the room Darius spoke to them, "This is The Leader's
office, once here you are to serve The Leader in whatever capacity he may
ask. Should you fail him, you will return to the dungeon, but be aware
that your return trip goes through the same room, and this time the men will not keep their distance."

I watched as Darius pulled the two sobbing girls to a standing position
in front of me, I smiled, "Ah our two lost princesses, it's a pity your
parents decided to take them with you, you are now mine, I'm sure Darius
has explained to you the futility of refusal."

The look on their faces as they listened to me, it was a joy to behold -
I dismissed Darius and told the two to follow me, I entered the other room,
the first thing to be revealed to their eyes was Wildflower, her bruised
body displayed for their benefit.

I told the two to undress, when they started to hesitate, I reminded
them of their choice, tears running down their cheeks they started to undo
the buttons, I stopped them, and made them undress each other.

The younger one looked about fifteen, the older one was seventeen, their
relationship to each other was pronounced, indeed if it wasn't for their
age they could have been twins, but they were inexperienced sexually and I
looked forward to teaching them a few points, before allowing the guards
their company - I had to keep the hired help sweet, so I'll be able to use
them later.

I gave them the chance to feel what it was like to make love to one
another, I forced the elder to suck and pleasure the younger, then reversed
the process, I looked forward to several hours of pleasure with them both,
I grinned at Wildflower who was watching from the wall, she'd already
learnt the lessons I was going to teach these two.


Chapter 6 - Temporal Corps Headquarters

Rawlings was beside himself, "Jenkins I gave you an easy task, and
you've blown it out of all proportion, now can you explain yourself?"

Wilma took a deep breath, nobody knew how Rawlings managed to reach his
current position, the rumour was that he had a rather large blackmail file,
but still he was the boss, "I did tell you that I thought this one was
going pear shape, it was a gut feeling - why would anyone steal a transport
cabinet, we've had no disturbances in the past. I think we should look at
the future time frames for any changes."

Rawlings was sarcastic, "Oh you do! Might I remind you that we work on
evidence, not gut feelings; give me something I can see! And why did you
back Rodgers with his blasted alert, I've been trying to convince the
council that everything is fine, then you both go and pull this stunt?"

Wilma felt like getting up and slamming Rawlings face into his desk, but
stopped herself, she calmly spoke, "Michael ran scans of the room, it shows
a small capsule materialised in the room and was dragged into the missing
transport, the increase in power was off the scale, we could have had full
temporal disruptions in the room which could have shredded the whole
timeframe, weren't you listening to the report boss?"

Rawlings almost snarled, of course he hadn't heard the report, he had
more important problems than listening to the ranting of subordinates - not
that he'd admit to that of course, "That's neither here or there, you
should have checked with me before issuing the alert."

Wilma couldn't hold herself back, "BULLSHIT!" She said, "You know the
book, you even quoted it to me, we had to issue the alert, you know that
otherwise our whole Corps would be at risk!"

Rawlings shook his head, "That's enough T.I. Jenkins, you're suspended
from active duty pending an investigation, you and Rodgers are to remain in
your quarters until further notice, dismissed."

Wilma saluted and did an about turn, she left Rawlings office, resisting
the urge to slam the door, and walked back to her room, inside Michael was
already waiting, and he gave a wry smile.

"Hi lover looks like we're being punished. Give me a kiss."

She shook her head, "Not now Michael - I'm worried, what if that damn
perp is changing the time-lines now, what would happen to us?"

Michael smiled, "We'd never know, so why worry? Sit down and relax."
She did as he said putting her head onto his shoulder.

Michael kissed her, "You see love, we're here still, and we'll always be
here." And he leant back onto the bed pulling her down with him.

- - - - - -

After a while she raised her sweating body up from the bunk and smiled
at Michael, "You know lover, we're really going to have to get properly
registered, if I'm going to get the implant neutralised."

He smiled back, "Okay once we get out of this house arrest, we're going
to registration and then its goodbye to this whole lark!"

She shook her head, "Not me lover, I'm in the corps for life. But our
children will need someone to look after them." She smiled at him - she'd
already sneaked a look at the future watching the two young children with
their father, at least before she saw the note - the note which said,
'That's enough Wilma, time to go!' as she left the boy smiled at her and

She smiled at the memory as she dressed, she kissed his face as he lay
there, somehow she knew that she'd be needed, just before intercom bleeped
she pressed the button, "Jenkins." She said.

Rawlings voice came on the intercom, "Jenkins, report to my office." -
'Short and sweet' she thought as she left her room.

Once she was at Rawlings office she knocked on the door a presumptuous
"Come in" greeted her knock, she entered the room.

Rawlings was seated behind his desk, to one side a council member was
seated, Rawlings spoke, "Wilma Jenkins this is councillor Marcopulos, she
is in charge of the Futurist movement - she been reporting a problem that
has appeared in the far future, the tribes are gathering under a new
dictator, this is something that wasn't destined to be, not yet anyway, Oh
by the way you may sit down."

The councillor spoke "We had a report from our agent in a surviving
city, a new super-tribe is being formed, old technology is being used, the
weapons, some that have been recovered are from the museum display their
serial numbers match, the council has decided that we have to intervene."

Wilma spoke, "How can this affect us, they're in the future, it doesn't
really concern us."

Rawlings spoke, "The council agent has found out that the dictator known
as 'The Leader' has spoken about gathering the tribes and cities together
and then ensuring that the past will provide for the future, we believe he
wants to gather troops to invade past times, thus affecting our present,
this is something we have to stop." He looked at the councillor, "Thank you
Councillor, I'll be able to take it from here."

The councillor got up and walked to the door, where she hesitated.
"Investigator Jenkins, good luck."

Wilma smiled, "Thank you madam Councillor, but we don't depend on luck."
The councillor smiled back and left the office.

Rawlings spoke as soon as the councillor had left. "Okay Jenkins, so
you might have been right, we were too busy monitoring the Past that we
forgot about the Future, you're going to have to travel to the future and
defeat this dictator - this Leader before he can turn his attention to us."

Wilma looked at him in astonishment, "But boss, we don't have a
transport that will get that far, even our perp had to slave two transports
together, and I don't really want to try that!"

Rawlings shook his head, "Don't worry Wilma, we've got that sorted out,
there's a model 23 in the museum it has plenty of power and will get you to
and from the target point with no problem."

She shook her head, "No way boss, I've been told that they didn't work
properly, didn't we lose someone with a 23?"

Rawlings would not back down, "That was never proven, for all we know
they just pressed the wrong button at the wrong time, they may even turn up
in our near future. Now I suggest you get a team together, we're prepping
the type 23 in the museum at the moment, so move yourself and get your ass
into gear, time's a wasting."

- - - - - -

30 minutes later Wilma found herself outside the museum with the
technicians milling around, the senior technician spoke to her, "This is
outrageous, you can't take our exhibits like this - why there'll be no
reason for having a museum at this rate."

Wilma shook her head, she didn't need this hassle, "Sir, you may be
correct, have you ever considered using imitation items in your displays,
that way there be no reason for people to steal them."

The Senior Technician seemed apoplectic at her suggestion, "You mean
cheat! Madam we pride ourselves here that all the exhibits are real and
actual, why it would be like showing the Piltdown man skull and saying its
real! Never madam. Never!"

Wilma shrugged her shoulders, "It was only a suggestion, now if you'll
excuse me I have a transport to use, don't bother showing me the way, I've
been there before!" and she walked past the astonished technicians into the

Wilma and her team entered the display room, some temporal corps
engineers were working on the Type 23, and the Chief Engineer looked up,
"Ah Wilma there you are. Well here she is! She's really a beauty, the
capacitors are fully charged, and we've checked the safety governors
they're all set and tight, so you shouldn't have any problems, but if you
do - well then you know when we are!"

Wilma smiled at the old joke "Thanks Charlie, I hope you'll keep
everything running until we get back!"

He smiled back at her, "Of course we will Wilma, just make sure you get
back in one piece."

She let the others enter the transport, looked back at the room with the
engineers waiting by the entrance to the hall, and then she entered the
transport and walked to the control panel.

"Welcome Investigator Jenkins, Mark 23 time transport ready for insert
co-ordinates," The transports computer voice was well modulated and male,
which was a change to the normal voices used, female being the more
generally used voice.

She gave the computer the list of co-ordinates that she had, on the
console screen a display of lights showed that the computer had accepted
them, and was working out the best way of achieving them, it then
responded, "For safety reasons it will take three steps to complete this
trip, the systems will need to recharge for 10 minutes between steps, is
this acceptable?"

Michael looked at Wilma, who asked, "What would happen if we tried to
make the trip in one step?"

"I would not recommend that Investigator. It would involve severe
depletion of my fuel reserves requiring several hours to complete, whilst
in motion safety protocols may fail resulting in sudden and acute gravity
failure, most of which would be detrimental to the passengers not to
mention my circuits, I would strongly urge you not to give that command
Investigator". The computer voice seemed very worried.

Michael's voice then could be heard, "I second that motion." Which set
the others off laughing.

Wilma nodded, "Very well computer, your suggested course is okay with
us, please initiate and inform us when it's complete."

The computer voice seemed relieved with the answer, "Oh yes madam, thank
you. Do you wish to be informed when I stop for the first re-charge I can
try to make it a very hospitable location if you wish?"

Wilma suppressed a smile, "No thank you, we will be too busy planning
our own course of action for when we arrive."

"Very good madam," The computer was starting to sound like a butler now,
"I'll give a chime when I am approaching the first stop, just in case."

There was an increase in the background sound and the computer voice
then said, "Attention, this transport is now underway, be aware that you
may feel slightly dizzy whilst travelling, this is quite normal and is
expected, however should you feel nauseous with this there are tablets
available in the first aid boxes that you will find in all rooms. The
expected transit time is six hours, including re-charge breaks"

At this announcement Wilma almost groaned, she wanted to get this
assignment finished as quickly as possible, but then this was an aspect of
time travel that people never considered - it took time to travel through
time! Although you could specify when you wanted to arrive, so as
objective time travel could be instantaneous, subjective time passed at the
normal rate. Still it gave them plenty of time to read the reports from
their agent in the future, and to formulate a plan to get the transport
back from the perp.

- - - - - -

Chapter 7 -Future - The Leaders Chambers.

Manacled to the wall the elder princess watched as her sister was pinned
beneath the body of the maniac know as The Leader, tears streamed down her
face seeing the face of her sister etched in agony as he pounded his body
on top of her.

She remembered how she was made to suck her sister until she came and
then she had to watch as The Leader pushed his cock into her sister's
virgin pussy, unable to cover her ears as her sister screamed when her
hymen was ripped away.

She wasn't allowed to turn her head, for fear that she would be thrown
to the guards outside, her arms were tied to her legs forced to kneel
between their legs, then he ordered her to lick the shaft of his prick as
it entered and moved into the flesh of her sister.

She remembered the taste of her sister's blood on her tongue, tears
flowing down her face as she tried to obey his commands, knowing that soon
she would be in her sisters place, when she was hoping her first would be a
great leader, but not this, this barbarian.

But, deep inside herself, she was relieved when he finally spent himself
within her sister, then repulsed when he told her to clean both his cock
and then the slimy pinkish mess that was oozing from the abused cunt.

While she was in the midst of sucking her sister came again with the
pleasure of her tongue, then she heard her sister crying, both with the
fact of her rape and that she was being forced to enjoy the feel of that
tongue licking her.

Then it was her turn - forced onto the bed, tied with her legs open and
arms restrained, her sister, tears still flowing on her face hobbled and
tied as she had been, both knowing what was in store for them. Then the
feel of a tongue coating her lightly haired mons, she could feel her sister sobbing as she was made to probe further inside.

This time it was her turn to cry as she heard the voice of The Leader,
ordering her sister to help in her degradation, then a change as her sister was untied from her hobble and made to lie on top of her so that her
sister's freshly deflowered slit was placed over her mouth, some of The
Leader's slime still dribbling from it.

The younger princess was being made to perform on top of her sister as
The Leader forced his rampant cock inside, and then further in breaking the
treasured virginity hidden within.

She cried anew, hanging from the manacles, in the memory as her sister was further debased by this fiend in human form, but she didn't want to
face the awful leering men who where in the changing room, tears flowed
down her face as The Leader finally finished and laid on her younger
sister's form.

- - - - - - Leaders Chronicles - The Bedchamber

A flashing light by the side of the bed woke me - I looked at
Wildflower. "So it seems that they've finally found out where I am, I
wonder who they're going to send? Are you with them? I do hope so."

I walked to the door, and spoke to the man outside it, "Guard, fetch
Darius, tell him that the time is coming." The man outside the door saluted
and ran off, I couldn't resist a smile, 'Once I told Darius exactly where I
came from, he didn't believe me until I showed him! But the machine I tied
him into worked its magic on him! He now knows that my word is law.'

We had plans for when those busy-bodies from the past would turn up and
try to take my property from me, I knew that somewhen I would meet up with
Wilma Jenkins, and this time I would present her to Wildflower, I was
looking forward to seeing her face when she recognised her.

I dressed in the robes of my office and went to my workshop, Darius
arrived, "Well, Leader as your foretold they are coming."

I nodded, "Yes, Darius, now this wand will show you where they have
arrived, capture all of them if possible, if not kill as many as you have
to, but any women amongst them must be captured and brought before me,

He bowed, "Certainly Leader, if I might ask, the Princesses how are

I smiled "Delicious Darius, when I've finished with them I'll let you
taste their charms for yourself, although I do believe you already know
what the elder one feels like."

He gave a grin, "I was only persuading her to tell me her name, I didn't
get the chance to fully appreciate her."

I nodded, "Well in a few days no doubt you will, until then hurry up and
do you duty."

He bowed, "As you command leader." And taking the temporal detector
walked out of the room. I looked around the laboratory to see if there
were any other toys I could use on the two girls awaiting my presence in my
chamber. After picking up a couple of things I returned to bed.

- - - - - -

The sobbing girl in the bed tensed up when The Leader returned to the
room, he glanced at the two figures hanging from the wall, as if judging
which one to use next, then returned to the bed.

She heard the voice of the beast speaking to her, "I wonder if you would
feel any benefit from the toys I have here, or perhaps your older sister would be better involved with them?" The Leader seemed to muse the matter,
as if he really cared about their feelings.

She then felt her bonds being undone, and she was ordered to stand by
the bed. As she raised herself from the instrument of her torture and
defilement she shuddered, and then almost collapsed as her legs started to
cramp up from the time she's spent tied fixed in position.

The Leaders voice came through her tears, "I think you need to stretch your legs my dear, I know the way to achieve that." she was roughly pulled
to the door and thrown into the arms of the leering guard outside. "She
needs more exercise, make her run around the dungeon for some time and then
assign some men to wear her out, but treat her with respect, she is a
princess after all." The guard nodded his understanding and pulled the
groaning and protesting girl toward the dungeon area.

The Leader went back into the chamber and smiled at the elder princess
who was crying in her bonds, "Oh don't worry little one," He said, "You're
soon joining her, and once you're fully broken in, who knows I may enjoy
your charms again, but until then I have a little thing to use on you."

She screamed when she saw the object in his hands, it resembled a two
headed penis, made of metal, it was very large and she could make out
several layers of metal inside it, as he was explaining that once inserted
in both orifices it would start to push in further and then expand, so that
she would be able to welcome the largest of male members in any part of

He was laughing as the anal probe was inserted to her great discomfort,
then her eyes widened as the vaginal probe was cruelly shoved inside her,
once they started working - she began screaming.

- - - - - -

Chapter 8 - En Route.

Wilma had finished reading through the reports, the transport had
stopped twice so far, the second time it appeared that a global winter was
in full blast, it took the machine 20 minutes to recharge instead of the 10
it had reported, the computer voice was very apologetic when it reported
the fact, "I hadn't really registered the cloud cover on my first estimate,
but don't worry it won't make a difference in our travelling time."

She checked on the other members of the team, Michael was ready, he'd
been going over the same data as Wilma and the two had talked the events
over with each other, the remaining 6 members were chosen for their ability
to use weapons, they relied on Wilma and Michael to formulate the plans
which they would follow, so for the moment they were taking the time to
check their weapons or sleep, or in one case both!

Finally they couldn't put it off any more, they found an empty room with
a lock on the door and a friendly bunk bed just off the floor, and they
started to kiss each other whilst their hands were otherwise busy removing
their clothes.

- - - - - -

Michael kissed her breasts as he gently entered her body, they'd be
together for the past 8 months and knew each other intimately, he knew that
by cupping her breast like this as he moved inside her like that, would
bring her ecstasy, he dipped his head to pull on her nipple with his teeth,
she purred like a cat in heat.

Suddenly he twisted bringing her over to be on top of him, she raised
her body, keeping him still inside her, allowing his hands to rest on her
engorged breast, she knew he loved that part of her, as his hands paid
homage to them, she looked down at his ebony body, as he smiled up at her.

"Oh honey," He said, "You look so good like that," he ran his hand down
her body to her hips, feeling her flex as she tried to maintain the power
of the strokes that her vagina needed, his hands then found the juncture of
their bodies, she felt him lightly brushing her clitoris, bringing her more
pleasure than her body could stand, she cried out in joy as she climaxed,
her body losing control as she fell forward, he was used to this and caught
her, slowly lowering her form.

He then wrapped his arms around her body and turned over, then took
control, using long slow strokes, until she recovered herself enough to
sigh into his body, "Oh yes, that's good, please do it again," and then he
started to pound into her again, until they both came together.

After a few minutes she managed to move herself as he slipped out of her
body, she moved herself down his body and took the now flaccid organ into
her mouth, tasting both herself and his fluids still remaining as she tried
to revive it, but he shook her hair and said, "Not just now Wilma, please,
we're be no use if we're both exhausted."

She allowed him to pull her up and rested her head on his body as they
relaxed in the endorphin created glow of sexual bliss.

- - - - - -

They were brought out of their sexual rapture by an announcement, "I'm
sorry to disturb you Investigators, but we are going to be arriving in 10
minutes, I didn't want to bother you earlier, but I thought you'd need to
get dressed before leaving!"

Wilma shook her head, "You mean that you were watching all the time?"

The computer tried to sound contrite, "Well, I did say I was sorry, but
I'm trying to work on a thesis on human interactions, and I did make a few
notes, well several gigabytes in fact. I mean nobody said I couldn't
monitor all aspects of the transport did they?"

Wilma laughed at this, it was difficult hiding things from the Corps at
the best of times, "No, that's alright, only please don't use our names or
descriptions in your thesis. Okay?"

The computer sounded happy at this, "Thanks Investigator, it means a lot
you know, when I'm able to contact GV589 I'll tell him."

Wilma was puzzled, "Who's GV589?" she asked.

"Oh he's the stolen transport, ever since he's been in the museum he's
always been a sourpuss, annoyed at you lot for mothballing him, he's been
working on some project for a while now." The computer was positively
chatting now.

Wilma just stared, "You were in contact with the other systems in the
museum?" she asked.

"Sure! There's nothing else to do, we've taken to mimicking the tour
guides at times, really got them confused I must say," The computer said,
"It was a surprise when that man turned up in the dumb unit."

This started to interest Wilma, "What man? And what's a dumb unit?"

The computer sounded surprised, "Why the man who took GV589, that's who.
And a dumb unit is a short range transport with minimal computer control,
no personality at all!"

Wilma turned to Michael, "Why didn't we ask the transports about the

Michael shook his head, "Don't know, we thought they were all tied into
the museum's mainframe, we just didn't consider them."

The computer snorted. "That antiquated non-entity, he wouldn't give us
the time of day, so stuck up, he was almost as bad at those blasted
technicians, didn't even like us using our scanners on the dumb unit, kept
telling us to keep our noses out!"

Wilma was stunned, here was an opportunity for information that was
completely ignored before, "You scanned the transport. Did you get
pictures of the perpetrator?"

The computer sounded dismissive, "Him, of course, several in fact, and
the transport showed only four rooms, and another person inside, couldn't
find out too much about her though."

This was a shock to Wilma, "Her! How did you know it was female."

The computer gave the equivalent of a laugh, "It was him, he kept
talking to her, telling her that he'd got everything under control, he
called her Wildflower - strange name for a human I thought, but then
everyone has to have a name. Hold on! 5 minutes to insertion. Message
from GV589 arriving - message follows.

Warning! The Leader knows you're coming - he's planned an ambush -

That's it, nothing else, 4 Minutes to insertion."

Wilma was up and dressing, Michael wasn't far behind; they rushed into
the main console room, where the 6 others were readying their arms.

"Ready for ambush." Said their leader, then he added apologetically, "we
overheard the computer talking to you, it was on broadcast I'm afraid."

Wilma looked at the red-faced men surrounding her; she looked at the
computer screen, which had also taken on a ruby hue. "You kept the room's
microphone open all the time?"

The computer tried to sound bashful, "Well Investigator, they were
getting slightly bored, so I thought I'd brighten their day up, as they
didn't want to play any games with me!"

She placed her arms on her hips, "Remind me to start reprogramming you,
with an axe! Time to insertion?"

The reply was quick in arriving, "30 seconds, scanning destination
area/time - clear of witnesses, but trace shows 15 men will be in are in 2

Wilma thought, '2 minutes, do we set up our own ambush, or try to evade
them? Ambush and then we can interrogate them later.' She quickly gave her

"Okay, we can expect them to try to kill us, all weapons on stun, try to
get their leader first, we need to know how to get into their camp.
Computer, when we achieve insertion open the door, Captain you will then
deploy your men, try to get maximum coverage and keep you heads down, we've
got 15 targets to put down in the minimum amount of time"

The computer voice announced, "Insertion point achieved, opening doors -
good luck guys."

The 8 of them left the transport and spread out, finding dips in which
to hide, they covered themselves with sand coloured sheets and waited.

After a few minutes the sounds of feet could be heard approaching them,
a low voice could be heard saying, "Be careful, they've arrived, now they
might be disorientated following their trip, remember we want to take them
alive if possible, but any women in the craft must be taken alive, at the
orders of The Leader. If the males fight they can be disposed of, now
surround the craft."

The group started to encircle the transport, placing themselves within
Wilma's troops, who opened fire from their concealed positions, taking out
all of their protagonists.

Wilma surveyed the fallen men and spoke, "Well that was easy, we'd
better get these tied up, who do you think the head man is amongst this

Michael, who was helping with the securing of the men, pulled Darius out
of the group, "This one's better dressed than the others, I'd lay even
money he's in charge."

Wilma agreed, so while the rest of the captives were being stored away
from the transport in a cave, Michael was pulling Darius into the room that
he and Wilma had previously used. He ensured that Darius was securely tied
onto a chair in the room.

Michael took out a medical pouch and loaded a stimulant into the
pressure spray, which he placed by Darius's neck and activated, there was a
brief 'ptssh' of the spray entering the bloodstream, then Michael stood
back and waited for it to take effect.

Darius stirred, he remembered waiting with his men for the travellers to
leave their ship, then there had been a bright light, and now he was alone,
except for this parody of a man, he'd heard about different coloured people
elsewhere in the world, but had never seen one before.

"How dare you treat me in this manner," Darius said, "When The Leader
finds out that you have tied me up like some common criminal he'll have
your hide!"

Michael laughed, "Really, well let me tell you that I'm here to take
your leader back with me under arrest, because he is a common criminal, so
what does that make you?"

Darius laughed at that, "What rot, The Leader is a great man, he's
joined the tibes and the cits, we've learned a lot from him. You must be
mad. Now release me I order you!"

Michael spoke calmly "Where is your leader based, how can we get in
without attracting attention?"

Darius was now in full authority mode, "If you had accompanied my men we
would have brought you to The Leader's presence. If you release me I will
take you there now."

Michael smiled, "Good try, pity I don't believe you - what did you say,
take them alive if possible? Not the word of a peaceful escort is it?"

Darius shook his head, "I didn't say that, you must have misheard me, I
was asked by The Leader to find you and to meet him."

Wilma entered the room, Darius eyes widened as he saw her, "How did . .
." he stopped himself, looking closely she was slightly different from.
Her. He then continued, ".. You manage to capture us? All I remember was
a light!"

Michael looked at Wilma and then spoke, "Standard issue sidearm, we can
stun any opposition quickly."

Darius was interested in that, a high tesh weapon, not yet
re-discovered, "But can it be set to kill?"

Michael shook his head, "No, we can only stun when threatened, we can't
risk disruption of the time streams"

Darius smiled to himself, 'They were weak - Scared to kill, they've lost
the stomach for it, they will be easy to deceive' then spoke out, "With
such weapons we're surely lost, please don't use it on me, I'll show you an
entrance that isn't guarded"

Michael looked at Wilma who shook her head, he spoke to Darius, "That's
a quick change of heart, mind explaining why you've decided to help us."

Darius tried to act scared, which for him was difficult. "Please sir,
you don't understand, we've lost the art of manufact-tesh for those. Would
it be possible to have the d'grams for such as those."

Michael shook his head, "Sorry, we're not allowed to, but you haven't
explained why you're so anxious to help us."

Darius tried to hide his smile, "Why sir with such tesh you could
control the world, a man would be a fool to fight against you, my best
option would be to join you, now don't you agree?"

Michael whispered to Wilma, "Well what do you think?" She motioned him
out to the main console room.

Wilma shook her head, "I think he's a slimy little git, but he might be
on the level, look detail 2 men to accompany us, tell the others to follow
and keep us in sight, we're possibly walking into a trap, but we can't
afford to lose the opportunity to capture our perp. Computer can you give
us a hard copy of the intruder at the museum?"

The computer was anxious to be in their good books, "Sure can
Investigator, how many do you need?"

Wilma gave a half-smile, kind word did work but threats were even
better, "We only need 8, one for each of us, we need to identify the target
before we arrest him."

The computer started to print out the copies for her, and then it said,
"Investigator, I would urge you not to trust the man in that room, from
GV586's messages I'm told his name is Darius and is the 2nd in charge, it's
not possible for him to change sides so quickly."

Wilma looked at the display console, "Thank you computer, I was aware of
the speed of his conversion, and I don't trust him, you may find it better
to place yourself out of phase with this location, but re-insert into real
time at hourly intervals, if we don't return within 5 days then return to
origin point and alert the engineers."

The computer seemed scandalised, "What! Bug out and leave you in the
lurch? No way."

Wilma sighed, that was all she needed a computer with a conscience.
"You will have to follow orders, if we can't get back after 5 day's its
possible that we'll be dead, you'll have to inform control as soon as
possible, now follow the order, please."

The computer started to sound like a child, "But, I don't want to, I
want to remain with you."

Wilma repressed an urge to pat the console, "If we can return we will,
now please, do as I say."

"Okay investigator," It replied, "I've entered the order and it will be
followed, I'll phase out when you've left with the prisoner."

Wilma smiled, it wasn't always that she beat a machine, "Thank you, by
the way, what is your name, I can't keep calling you computer can I."

The voice brightened, "Well I've always responded to Mark 25, but I like
the name Mark, it's short and hasn't got that demeaning 25 at the end of
it, the others always accentuate the 5. I say it should be the M of Mark."

Wilma laughed at that, "Okay Mark, thank you, and don't worry I plan on

She walked to the room, opened the door, "Okay Mr. Darius, we're going
on a little walk."

The shock of her saying his name almost made Darius to freeze, but then
he relaxed and waited for her to untie his arms, but to his annoyance she
didn't, although she did help him to rise from the chair, she drew her
pistol and held it facing him, he slowly walked though the door and then
out onto the surface where Michael and two guards were waiting.

Michael also had his pistol drawn, "Now show us the way."

Darius nodded, "Of course, follow me." And started to walk toward The
Leader's camp.

- - - - - -

When they'd started to enter by the 'secret' passageway an alarm sounded
in the guards quarter and The Leader's office, loud enough to be heard in
his bedchamber, he reluctantly raised himself from the quivering form
beneath him and activated a screen, he smiled as Darius, hands tied behind
his back, was walking along followed by some black guy, two others and.
Yes! Wilma. His hopes had been answered - she was here! He summoned the

When they were in the room, he ordered them to remove the Princess to
the slave's quarters, but informed the guards that he wanted to use her
later; this was so that the guards wouldn't interfere with her. Wildflower
was taken down from the wall and then tied onto the bed; The Leader himself
moved a chair to beside the bed and attached chains to it in preparation.

- - - - - -

Leaders Chronicle

This was more than I could have hoped for, I pressed the button that
released the gas in the tunnel, it was a quick acting compound, which
rendered them senseless, and a easy target for my guards.

When I saw all five of them collapse I gave the order for the guards to
proceed, but they had special instructions for Wilma, she was to be brought
to me, I wanted time to get her set up ready to meet Wildflower.

I was so excited, I knew that there was a chance that she wouldn't show,
but I had made plans, Darius knew of the trap in the passage and that I
would revive him. Which of course I did, he wanted the instructions to
make the stun guns, I think he wanted to make a more permanent version, so
he was going to have fun with the black, before working on the other men.

Then she was carried into my office, I notice that the one carrying her
had a hand directly on her left breast, he had good taste I thought,
although I did tell him off for pawing her without my permission, I
directed him into my bedchamber and he deposited her on the chair and
attached the chains to keep her fixed, I noticed that he looked at
Wildflower, I said he could touch her and then leave.

I watched as he moved his hand down her body and into her slit of
pleasure, he even put his finger into his mouth after just to get her
taste, I shook my head, perhaps later I'll allow him a better chance at
Wildflower, but now it was my turn with them.

I waited for Wilma to recover before I sprang my surprise.

As she stirred I spoke to her, "Welcome Temporal Investigator Wilma
Jenkins, I've waited for you to arrive here, now my revenge on you is
almost complete."

She shook her head. "Why? Who are you, and how do you know about me?"

I smiled at her, "My dear investigator, you may be surprised at how much
I know about you, but I must introduce you to my teacher, I believe you
know her." I gestured to the bed and the occupant tied to it.

She took a close look at the figure bound to the frame, "Oh my god," She
said, "she looks like me!"

I sniggered. "Oh no, my dear, she doesn't look like you, she IS you!"
at her shocked look I continued, "I caught her some years ago, my time that
is. I find the cause and effect of time-travel to be such a head-ache, so
I've refused to worry about such mundane things"

"B-But if you affect the past - you'll change the future! And cause
paradoxes - you'll split the whole time line!" I don't know, she seemed
quite concerned over that, but not the fact of her capture and use.

"So?" I said, "your 'time line' means nothing to me, as far as I'm
concerned," I completed the joke, laughing as I said it, "It's all in the

She looked down at the bound form, "and now you have me, twice, doesn't
it bother you, because you know that I will escape you."

I nodded, "Yes, you will escape, but you will always know that at some
time, I will capture you, and use you. Do you want to know what I'm going
to do, or rather have done, to you?"

She shook her head, I could see the fear in her eyes, I smiled. "That's
why I'll let YOU tell your own story!" I tied her next to the frame and
slapped her 'older' twin awake. "Wildflower - you have a visitor"

My sweet captive opened her eyes and saw herself tied next to her, her
voice whispered "Is it time, now" and her face glazed over - it seemed as
in relief.

I snarled at her/them, "I'll leave you to get re-acquainted. You know
its going to be nice, two bodies but one mind!" and with that I left the

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Chapter 9 - Plans within Plans

The bound form on the bed seemed to gain strength from somewhere and

"We have five minutes before he comes back, now listen carefully," she
spoke quickly outlining the plan, almost as if she knew it by heart, Wilma
realised that she did! The thought of her volunteering to be captured and
used by this, this monster was more than she could imagine, but here was
the proof.

Her older self looked up from the frame, "Oh yes", she said, "and
there's something he didn't know, we are of one body/one mind, if you
concentrate you can hear my thoughts, they will help you in the years to
come, be brave." Wilma concentrated and felt several years of torture
imprint themselves into her head, including what had happened - NO what
Will happen when the 'leader' came back.

She smiled at her 'time sister', "Oh I see, so you did enjoy some of it

The bound form laughed, "Well I couldn't help myself, so I just laid
back and thought of Rawlings face when I try to claim double back pay."
Then her face sobered up, "He's about to come back - now remember the

She returned to her softly moaning self as the leader re-entered the

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Interlude - Leaders Chronicles

I looked at the two forms in front of me - the untried and the well
used. I smiled, it seemed that time could be tricked. I turned to the
younger version, "So my dear you see how my Wildflower has been changed,
she used to be so full of claws and teeth, but after a few weeks of my
singular attention she's been defanged and declawed, and has been my
companion for some time, not to mention the number of my men she's, how
should I say this, oh yes, entertained."

I watched the younger, Wilma, look at Wildflower in shock, I smiled, "Oh
don't worry, I took my time before I let the others use her, now I think
you should change places, you know, get to know what you'll be dealing with
- soon!" I laughed as I untied Wildflower from the frame, she wasn't going
to be a problem, but I knew - from experience - how this Wilma would react,
if I didn't handle her carefully.

I placed Wildflower's moaning form into a chair, then turned to Wilma, I
showed her my knife, a crude weapon, but one that is so useful, she pulled
away from my clutches, I shook my head, "Now Wilma, you're going to have to
do better than that", I bent over to grab hold of her and then there was a
shocking pain to the back of my head, and everything went black.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Wildflower looked down at the Leaders body, "This's for the times you
shared me!" and then she started to kick the unconscious body, Wilma just
stared at her, not knowing what to say, Her older sister finally ran out of
steam and untied Wilma's bonds

Wildflower looked into her 'time sister's' eyes, "I'm not sorry for
that," she said, "but it hurt my foot. Now come on you've got a job to
complete, and I've got to return to my time-frame and report in - but
remember this, he will chase us, he's fixated on us for some reason
probably something we've done in the future, our future that is."

Wilma looked at the unconscious leader, and then back to Wildflower "Why
don't we just take him in now, and save all the bother." Wildflower looked
at her sister and shook her head.

"We can't," She said, "He's locked in a time loop of his own making, and
although he's causing problems to us it's a minor thing."

Wilma looked at the leader again, "So he goes free, to be able to
torment us for as long as he wants,"

Wildflower gave a predatory smile, "Not really, he's going to have
enough problems with his men soon," At Wilma's puzzled look Wildflower
smiled again, "Sister, look at the information I've given you, I was
'infected' with nanoprobes, benign to women, but at an internal signal will
start to multiply, and spread amongst the men, like that aids virus back in
the olden times, they will affect the brain and, other parts, and after the
way some of them enjoyed me I couldn't wish a better fate for them."

Wildflower pulled Wilma up to her feet, "Come on girl, you've got to
rescue Michael from the dungeon, and while you're there you'll find others
to rescue and they'll help you."

Wilma looked at Wildflower, "But what are you going to do?" she asked

Wildflower smiled, "I'm returning home, I've got a few memories that I
don't want anymore, Rawlings has assured me that they've got fool proof
methods, but I've got one more thing to do", she started to concentrate and
then her smile deepened, "That's it, the signal been sent, even if some
were out of range the others will start them off when they're in range,
it's a ripple effect I've been told."

The two split up Wilma headed to the dungeons, Wildflower to the
laboratory that the leader had set up, she found the capsule in the corner
of the room, she punched a code into the door which opened up for her,
after a few seconds the capsule vanished, to re-appear almost immediately
and remain silent in position.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Chapter 10 - Rescue

Wilma ran into the dungeons area, looking for her partner, she passed
several of the leader's men, all of whom were holding their heads and
screaming, some were also holding their crouches, 'whatever the nanoprobes
were doing they were doing it right' she thought to herself.

She ran into the main chamber where she found Michael, tied to a rack
with heated irons lying on the floor, she called to him, "Are you alright

He looked up at her, "Fine, the bastards only just put me on this
contraption, then they started to scream, I thought I was supposed to be
doing that! Maybe I didn't read the script right."

She smiled and before she untied him she grabbed hold of his head and
kissed him, "I told you to keep your head down you idiot, what's our
children going to say if you not there because you're too careless?"

He smiled back at her, "I suppose you could always take photographs of
me, just to remind them."

She laughed at that, and started to unbuckle the straps holding him to
the rack. Once undone he looked at the torturers huddled in the corner
screaming their heads off, "What the fuck did that to them?" He asked.

Wilma looked at him, "I think I did!" at his look she said, "It's a long
story, we've got more to do."

They went round the dungeon opening the doors to the cells, they had
found keys thrown onto the ground by agonised guards and worked out which
were for the doors and the ones for the manacles, in most cases it was one
size fits all, which considering the technology level they used for locks
was the best they could do.

She soon located the rest of her team, it seemed that Darius wanted to
concentrate on Michael first, then he would have moved onto the others,
also in the cell was a young girl of about fifteen years old, after a quick
check she ascertained that the girl had been abused by The Leader, and then
his men, she gazed into the girls eyes and convinced her that the hurting
was over and she had to recover herself, in some way she felt that the
nano-probes were already active in the girl, repairing the damage inside
her, somehow Wildflowers communication was still working.

The girl was concerned for her elder sister who had been retained by The
Leader, but then Wilma was told that the guards had brought another girl in
to a nearby cell, holding the girl in her arms she went to the cell, the
two princesses fell into each other's arms crying away. Wilma checked the
elder girl, again she had been abused, but the nano-probes were well
underway in their repairs.

The main problem was convincing the prisoners that they had been
rescued, many thought it was a new trick by the guards to allow them to
punish escaping captives, some just wanted to stay in their cells, safe
from harm, others couldn't wait to leave.

When the major number of the prisoners were freed Wilma showed them
where the armoury was, the rifles and ammunitions were quickly taken and
distributed among them selves, and they went through the maze of passages
to get to the main doors, but there was hardly any resistance from The
Leaders guards, most of whom were incapacitated by the Wildflower plague -
not that Wildflower was the source for some of the men, the nanoprobes had
been passed from man to captive woman, and then passed on during numerous
rapes that had been forced on them.

While checking the dungeons they found several captives tied up but
kneeling on the rough stone floor, one of the women looked familiar, when
they were released she asked Wilma if her daughters had been found, when
told that the girls were safe the Queen sobbed in relief, Wilma took her to
the two and the family was re-united.

All over the dungeon area the guards were in agony as their manhood's
were being slowly removed by the nano-induced plague, they felt every bite
of the probes, pathways being created in their brains to accentuate the
agony, the lucky ones having fainted with the pain.

The escaping captives looked in amazement, as part of their torture
they'd been force to rape their own women, but the plague didn't seem to be
affecting them - it was part of the nanoprobes programming, being forced
into sex by others ensured that the plague was rendered inoperative
(however should at some stage they rape anyone themselves then the plague
would be activated - this did help the tribes in later times).

A few of the slaves taken to learn the higher tesh's managed to take
some of the books with them, and trade between the cities was established,
improving communications and trust between the cities and also with the
tribes, but that is not for these chronicles to follow.

When the last of the captives were out of the dungeons, Wilma and
Michael went back to the Leader's office intent on arresting him, but only
finding an empty room, on the floor lay Darius, his skin was slowly being
consumed by the nanoprobes, they'd started on his testicles first, allowing
him to feel every second of pain, when they had got to his legs he was
already dying, when they got to his lungs he had died, from shock and loss
of blood - but these probes were designed to consume the whole body that
they were DNA moulded to, this was an adaptation programmed by Wildflower
just for Darius.

"Ugh!" Said Wilma, "That's nasty, but where in hell is our perp?"

Michael pointed to a doorway, "Lets try down there." They followed the
passageway until they arrived at a laboratory, in which was the missing
transport; The Leader was visible in the door arch of the transport. He
was injecting himself. He looked at Wilma.

"You interfering Bitch! I don't know what you and that bastard
Wildflower did, but this injection will clear me of any nanoprobes. I was
told you'd try to kill me, so listen to me - I will hide in time, waiting
for you, and you will come I know that, when you do then I. Will. Kill.
You. Depend on that!"

He closed the door - there was a rush of wind as the machine vanished.

"Shit!" Said Michael, didn't even get a tracker on the sucker, and with
that supped up model he could get anywhere!"

Wilma nodded, "You're right he could be anywhere, any when. But it
doesn't matter, because we'll find him." She took Michael's hand and they
walked back into the desert where their men waited with their transport

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Leader's - NO! my personal

The Bitch!

I was in agony! Those blasted nanites were everywhere! I had to find
the medical system in this machine; it would fight them, and restore my
body. But I could feel them in my head, what harm could they do there?

I made my way to the medic. Climbed into the unit and closed the door,
activating the system, just as the machinery started its work, I saw a note
pasted to the inside of the door, I found my eyes closing as I read the

'GO TO HELL YOU BASTARD!' and it was signed by WILDFLOWER.

I remembered I started to scream as darkness descended.

- 30

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

- Well that's the first main chapter finished - I hope you liked it, I'm
currently in the midst of writing the second chapter with a distinct
Ancient Roman influence, and I've plans for the third already made - but
not yet written.

- Any comment, criticisms or general complains should be addressed to -I will try to answer any mails sent.

- I'm sorry this has taken so long to produce; I expect the others to
take just as long.

Wandering Lanes - 26th January 2002.


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