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Wilma Jenkins 02


The Casebook of Wilma Jenkins - 02

Normal disclaimers apply - this is an adult story with adult situations,
if it is illegal for you, whether by age or local laws, to read such
stories you are advised to remove yourself from this site.

This story is my creation - it can be copied for private collections as
long as no profit is made from it - I will allow corrections to be made in
such collections to allow for spelling and/or html formatting. (Please
remember this is written in British English - not American English)

Also note I cannot speak Latin, so I'm letting all voices be
automatically translated, this is for the benefit of my mind only - if you
want you can translate this yourselves into whatever language you are
comfortable with!


The Casebook of Wilma Jenkins - 02 - The Roman Incursion

The time transport (Mark 23) was in action travelling back to the home
time line of Wilma Jenkins, the eight people inside were relaxing; Michael
and Wilma were in 'their' private room, lying together on the bunk.

Wilma was talking, "And what I can't understand is why did I, I mean she
volunteer for that? I mean knowing that he'd be sharing 'our' body with
his men, how could I? I mean she?"

Michael shook his head, he only knew about Wildflower from Wilma's
description, he couldn't imagine what she had suffered and in the end they
hadn't even captured the man. He could be anywhere or anywhen, but at
least she'd managed to stop his plans by crippling the men, they were of no
use to anyone anymore. He'd read of the plagues that had infected the 19th
Century and the following three hundred years until their eradication by
advance treatments made possible by time travel, which was why the temporal
Investigation corps was created to prevent, it was strange, they couldn't
stop the transporting of drugs to cure the diseases in the past, because
they were now an established fact, it would have caused further disruptions
to the timelines.

What Wilma had described was nothing more than genetic warfare,
authorised by the Council, this was what sicken him more that anything
else! He decided that when he returned he would leave the service.

Wilma wasn't aware of his thoughts, she was still working her way
through the idea of allowing herself to be captured and used as Wildflower

Their mutual silence was disturbed by the computer voice, "I'm sorry
Investigators, but we are receiving a call from Corps Control."

The two of them jumped up and ran into the console room, on the radio
they could just make out the voice of CTI Rawlings, "Jenkins, where the
<phssss> you?" the interference blocking out the words

Wilma spoke into the microphone, "I'm here boss, what's the problem?"

Rawlings voice held a measure of relief, "Thank God you're alive, we
<phssss> incursion in progress here, 90% coverage, we've man <phssss>
ilised the Corps control but we need help<phssss> uation? Over."

Wilma could barely understand the message, "Hello boss, transmission is
slightly garbled, understand the following - incursion in progress, Corps
control stabilised. We're currently on our way back, but we'll need
information on incursion, source and type. Over."

Rawlings voice came back, slightly stronger, "Okay Wilma, we've increase
signal strength, source of incursion, ancient history roman. Type time
warping strength 9, language used is Latin, repeat Latin. Your orders, are
to locate where the incursion has originated from and then ensure that our
time line is restored, do you understand, you are to restore our time line
at all costs."

Wilma was worried, this type of incursion could overwrite history as she
knew it, there was a possibility that once she left the safety of the
transport she would just disappear.

"Okay boss," Wilma said, "Orders understood, try to stop incursion at
root, we'll do our best, but you'd better still be there when we've

Rawlings voice showed relief at her words, "Good Wilma, we'll try to
keep control isolated, good luck."

Wilma wanted to say that she didn't need luck, but stopped herself, this
might be the one time that she did!

Then a new voice, speaking an almost recognisable language, spoke, the
computer quickly ran a translation. "Unauthorised time craft, please give
you designation, origination and destination" Wilma felt all eyes turn to
her, as it was her voice speaking.

She spoke into the microphone, "This is Time Investigator Wilma Jenkins,
we are investigating an incursion into our time line. Please allow us to
continue our work."

The voice replied, "Temporal Investigator, please activate visual screen
for verification."

Wilma was mystified, it wasn't currently possible to transmit pictures
whilst travelling in time, even radio was a problem, "Unable to comply with
request, we do not have visual screens in this transport."

Again the voice replied, "Sending comms unit, attach it to your systems.
An auto translation unit is attached."

Then through the transports screen appeared a small squat box, Michael
picked it up, nothing happened so he placed it on the communications
systems, almost immediately a holographic head appeared, it had Wilma's
face on it.

The head looked around at the group, when it focused on Michael the
mouth opened in shock and started to frame a name, and then it looked at
Wilma, the mouth opened, "By Minerva," it said, "who are you?"

Wilma spoke to the face, "I am Time Investigator Wilma Jenkins, we are
in hot pursuit of a time criminal, he appears to have created a schism
whereby my reality is being erased, and I have to stop him. Please
identify yourself."

The picture responded, "I am Temporal Centurion Cooper, I would ask you
to stop your pursuit pending our investigation, from your aspect I would
think that our time frame would be at risk should you be successful."

Wilma nodded, from Cooper's face - her face - it was possible that
whatever they did to correct the change would destroy Cooper's world,
overwrite it with their reality, but that was already happening to hers,
she couldn't let it succeed.

"I understand your concern Centurion, but I'm afraid that I have to
preserve my reality." Wilma said.

Cooper's face nodded, "I do understand Investigator, but this is my
reality and I have to defend it against all those who would change or
obliterate it, I must insist that you stop your actions now"

Wilma shook her head, "Centurion Cooper, as much as I respect your
authority I have to refuse, I know you realise how much it hurts me, but I
have to do everything I can to keep my world alive, End of communication."

Without allowing Cooper to respond Wilma switched off the holographic
display, she looked at the Computer screen, as much as having something to
concentrate on, "Mark - should we have to, can we evade their transports?"

The computer seemed hesitant, "I don't know Investigator. You saw the
ease they transported the comms unit into me, they could do the same with a
bomb or anything else."

Wilma considered this then asked, "How could we prevent them?"

The solemn reply was "We couldn't! They seem to have a better
understanding of time travel and its complexities, I would recommend
inserting ourselves into their control area and negotiating for access."

Wilma shook her head, "They'd never let us succeed, what you don't
understand Mark is that here WE are the transgressor, we're trying to kill
their way of life, becoming mass murderers if you like."

The computer sounded confused by this, "But they've destroyed our way of
life, they've declared war on us."

Wilma gave the sober reply, "No they didn't, someone altered time, gave
the Roman Empire the knowledge to survive for over Two and a half thousand
years, longer than it did in our history. We have to stop them in order to
repair the damage done. Mark please attempt to find out where the timeline
was altered and target that for insertion.

The computer acknowledge the command and started working, in the
meantime Wilma and the men accompanying her started to search the transport
for any unexpected presents.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- My
personal Journal.

I was in agony, That bitch Wildflower had altered the setting on the
medical unit, it was keeping me alive, but was only repairing the damage
the nanoprobes were causing, and instead of killing them off, it kept them
running to cause more damage, I don't know how long I remained in that
blasted unit, I should have been unconscious as it worked, but she'd even
blocked that, the only thing she did allow was the intravenous feeds, she
wanted me to live through the blasted things administrations.

I was able to move my head close to the activation unit and managed to
stop it from working long enough to free my arms and hands and really
program the system correctly. I read over the instructions she gave it,
once the door was closed it was to render me unconscious until I was
restrained, then I could be awakened as it was working, or rather torturing

I checked and rechecked the program, and then feeling those damned
nanoprobes working again started the machine up, this time I closed my eyes
in peace.

When I opened them, it seemed like seconds later, I left the medical
machine, to make sure I didn't forget about Wildflower I wrote a note to
myself, You must stop T.I. Wilma Jenkins - she will try to kill you'. I
didn't try to sign it, what was the point, after writing it I looked at it
closely, a whisper of memory was trying to attract my attention, but I
ignored it, it probably didn't matter. I went to the main control room to
make my plans.

The future was out, they'd broken my plans, and my enjoyment, I smiled
at the recollection of the Princesses my last conquests of womanly
pleasures, I should have had them installed in this machine with me, but I
had other considerations on my mind!

Sod them, if I couldn't have the future, then neither could they, but
when could I travel that would cause the most effect, then I realised, with
this machine I could guide a civilisation, a push here, a pull there. If I
played my role right - not as the main person - but a trusted second in
command. Yes that would work. But where?

Then a phrase went through my head, "Et tu Brutus", Why not? They had
the organisation force, and the worldwide expansion, well the world as they
knew it, but where could I push?

The first thing I had to do was to learn the language; luckily the
capsule was fully set-up with a learning bench, now the languages to learn,
ancient Roman, and Ancient Greek. That was it, introduce a technological
advance early, get them to realise it's potential. But what could they

Then I remembered an old program, I think it was a children's programme,
they went back in time because the Romans had survived into their 20th
Century, which was done by introducing Steam Power. It was possible, they
had the iron working - they made swords and shields, and they were
methodical, I smile thinking about horseless chariots, real horseless
chariots. The Vandals and Goths would have no chance when they tried to
sack Rome.

I duplicated some simple plans for steam engines, created some Greek
robes, such as a weary traveller would have, I found a gun that one of
Wilma's troops had dropped, it would only stun which was a pity, but might
come in useful. I arranged for the capsule to materialise near Pompeii.
It was a large city, near a volcano, but I ensured that there were several
years before the next eruption was due, about 70 I think.

Hunting around I found a stabiliser, it allowed me to keep my own time
with me, thus avoiding any changes I would make! I didn't want to erase
myself from the world. I emerge from the capsule, white haired and wearing
the robes of a well-to-do Greek visitor, I asked a passing guard the way to
the Patricians dwellings, and was directed to an impressive house.

I impressed upon the slave who answered the door, that I had important
things to discuss with his master, I was asked to wait in the hallway,
remembering the culture I found a statue of the house guardian, Vesta,
noticing the money and fruit around the icon, I added a couple of coins
myself, it didn't hurt to appease the Gods.

"I'm sure the Goddess welcomes your offering," The voice came booming
from the Patrician, "Now you told my servant that you had an important
reason for wanting to see me."

I smiled and spoke in Latin, "Thank you my lord for allowing me to speak
to you, I am a scholar from Athens, and I have brought to you the latest
ideas from that land, it is a curiosity that will empower the air to move
chariots without the use of horses, why with some work it would move ships
without the need of slaves to row the oars."

He smiled at my words and then laughed, "Uses the very air to move
things, but we have sails that will do that, of what use is that?"

I laughed with him, then said, "But with this you would be able to
travel 2 or 3 times faster than horses, without the bother of sails or
waiting for the right winds, I could make a small version to show you, that
is if you are interested?"

He considered this, and then said, "Well, if you can show that it works
as you say, mind you I cannot afford to waste money on flippancy's."

I smiled, "Of course not my lord, I wasn't asking you for money, just
for your interest - and when you see the benefits of this whimsy, then you
may back the idea, which may be to your benefit."

This astounded him; obviously he was use to people coming to him for a
lot of money and little in return, so he said he'd see me later. I did ask
him if there was a spare room I could use, and if there was a ironworkers
nearby, he allowed me a small room, near the slaves quarters, there was no
light of course, so I used my, manufactured, wealth to purchase several oil
lamps, and then went to find the iron-workers.

After following my ears I found a heavily muscled man hammering away, I
spoke to him to ensure that he could make the pipes that I required, it was
a pity that I had to work in such a primitive time, but needs must, the
welds would be a weak point, but I would have to ensure that the pressures
were below the dangerous levels.

After a week of hard working, for my two slaves that I had purchased, I
wanted middle strength men, but ones that could work unsupervised, I had
also managed to afford a body slave, a nice Nubian filly who thought she
was 17 summers old, she'd been cowed by other owners before me and knew the
penalty for running away, her brother had tried that, and had been brought
back to his owner who then proceeded to flog him to death in front of all
the slaves. It had taken over two hours. Yes she knew what was in store
for her.

But I digress, we had two models ready, for one I had a miniature
chariot constructed and put the driving shaft onto the pistons and then
produced it for my sponsor to view.

"So this is your marvellous thing? A toy chariot, that gives off smoke!
Well it might frighten off the barbarians, but not for long!" he said with
a laugh.

I tried to sound hurt, "Oh my lord, this is just its waiting stage, I
haven't yet started it working, I had the front wheels, I'd made the
chariot with front steering wheels and back driving wheels, turned so that
it would run in a circle, and opened the throttle slightly.

With a sound of steam escaping the back wheels started to turn, pushing
the chariot forward and round, the Patrician was amazed. "By Jupiter," he
exclaimed, "It moves, but you said it uses air to move it, where are the

I smiled, "But my lord, I also said it didn't need sails, the air is
inside it made by heating water, it makes the liquid so hot that it tries
to escape as steam, and it's this steam that moves the levers which pushes
the chariot, in a full size chariot it could be used to move siege engines
or men quickly." To prove this I moved the throttle control to mid-range
the increase in speed was apparent.

The Patrician shook his head in disbelief, "Such speed in a toy, what
would it be like in a real chariot? It would rival Mercury himself" I
gestured to him to follow me out into his courtyard, where a modified
chariot was waiting. My slaves had been well trained in using the steam
engine and were ready to drive the Patrician around in the courtyard.

With trepidation he climbed onto the platform of the chariot, he asked,
"You're sure this is safe?" I climbed onto the platform and nodded.

I pointed out the dials, which had taken quite a lot of work to make,
and said, "The only danger is if the needles here are in the red area, if
they do then by pulling this the valves will release all the hot air." I
gestured to the slaves who pulled the levers to start the chariot, then one
steered the chariot in the confined space.

The Patrician was amazed and wanted to drive in the city, I tried to
stop him by saying, "but your bodyguards will need to accompany you." He
smiled at me, and ordered me to take us into the city, so I gave the order
the drive out of the gateway.

The reaction of the people was one of profound shock, this smoke
breathing chariot was moving along the road at a quick speed, in fact we
soon left the city itself and were out in the country heading towards
Herculaneum, passing by the mausoleums lining the roadway, the Patrician
said "How fast can we go?" So I told my slaves to move the lever to
mid-way, this time the wind was whistling through our hair and the plume of
smoke almost ran back into our faces.

The Patrician was ecstatic, I made the slaves slow the chariot down, and
turn it round so that we could return to Pompeii. The Patrician made us
speed to the city gates where we slowed down to a medium paced speed, this
time the citizens were watching for us, and cheered as the Patrician waved
to them.

When we arrived back at his home, the Patrician spoke to me, "That was
amazing, just think if we had more of these chariots, we could cover the
distance to Rome in almost a day, instead of the 5 it normally takes."

I nodded, "Indeed, and if Rome is so close now, think how far the
Germania's and Gaul towns are, we could even travel to the Norse lands."

He looked at me, "Why! With many of these a man could conquer the

I nodded, and then discussed the concept of mass production with him.

After a few months we had a thriving manufacturing plant working, the
first part of my plan was working. I bid farewell to the Patrician, who
now had a loud voice in the Senate, I said that I had to return to Greece,
to see if they had any further curiosities I could pass on. I left him the
two male slaves, who were quite high up in the factory now, and were almost
rich enough to buy themselves out from slavery, but took my personal slave
with me; I had to have some comforts.

I returned to the capsule, which I had hidden, and after enjoying the
talents of my slave, directed it to 50 years into the future.


Wilma and her men didn't find any surprises during their search, which
was disconcerting so they returned to the console room where the computer
was waiting for them.

"I've checked the files against the records sent by Centurion Cooper."
This was the bombshell they received, "There is a discrepancy, I'll talk in
our terms During AD 33 a Patrician in Pompeii backed the creation of the
first steam driven chariot, the designer is credited as a traveller from
Greece. - For us the steam engine was discovered by Denis Papin in 1690
and was a water pump, we didn't develop the travel aspect of steam until
1769 by James Watt.

"This is a small change but it greatly influences the future events, the
steam chariots were employed in overrunning the barbarian lands, hitting
the future tribes of Goths and Vandals, and also impacting on the Visigoths
on the Baltic, this shake up prevented their sacking and burning of the
Roman Empire.

In AD 83 a traveller arrived at Stabiae, which was rebuilding following
the eruption of Vesuvius, which had destroyed the cities of Herculaneum and
Pompeii, this traveller and his slave re-introduced the chariots and added
oars to a ship, which then sailed to the Britons going pass the Pillars of
Hercules at the Mediterranean Sea, It was sighted by the inhabitants of
London at the ford at Tangmere Island, the trip took 4 days instead of the
2 weeks the troops had to take by marching into Gaul and then setting sail
by Galley to the disembarking point. A place we now call Fishbourne, near
the city of Noviomagus on the south coast of Britannia. From there they
would march to all part of the Garrisoned country.

"The ship returned to Italy with evidence of the trip, and the Emperor
Domitian gave orders for a fleet to be constructed, the traveller also
demonstrated how siege weapons could be created using steam as their power
source. With these the troops were able to decimate the Picts and Celts
who still tried to fight against them." The computer paused in its

Wilma asked, "Why would Centurion Cooper send us the details of their
history? It seems a strange thing to do."

The computer sounded abashed, "I have a message for you alone
Investigator Jenkins, it was part of the transmission."

Wilma thought for a moment then said, "Michael, take the others and
search again, while I listen to the message, I'll let you know when I've
finished." When Michael tried to protest she shook her head, "No Michael,
she was honest enough to send the details, it's only fair that I listen to
what she has to say."

Michael nodded in agreement - he took the others and left Wilma alone
with the computer.

"Okay Mark," she said, "Play the message."

The holographic screen lit up with Centurion Cooper's face,
"Investigator Jenkins, I greet you. The information enclosed is our
history; I hope you will see that although your time is no more, there is
still a place for you within our band. I would urge you to cease your
task, however I am aware of your answer. I have taken the precaution of
downloading your computer's memory into our systems, although it is of an
ancient mode we will be able to adapt the data, and from that will be able
to determine your possible destination point. Be assured we will stop you,
unless you decide to abandon your quest, either join us or be prepared to
stay with Pluto for ever."

Wilma pondered the message, a warning and an invitation in one. But her
duty was clear; she had to preserve her time at all costs, either to
herself or to the world of Cooper.

She turned to the computer screen, "Well Mark, what would you suggest?"

The computer gave a show of thinking, "It's difficult Investigator. If
you give up then you'll be in a time where you don't fit in! If you
continue you may die and our home-time is lost. Or you may win and kill
off all those new people in this time-line. I'm sorry Investigator you're
on your own."

"Thanks a lot!" She said, and then opened the door to the cargo area and
called Michael back in.

When he entered he looked at her face, "What's the matter?" He asked,
"You look like trouble's heading this way?"

She nodded, "Well I've been offered a job! If I accept it then it
goodbye Rawlings and the time corps and hello to Jupiter and Juno." She
shook her head, "I just don't know, is it's worthwhile trying to preserve
our time-line?"

Michael went to her and held her close to himself, "You know the answer,
this new time shouldn't exist, and it's been created by that criminal.
He's the one who's killing all we know, if we stop him then all he's done
will be wiped out, looped and locked away in 'things that could have been'.
End of our problem."

Wilma almost screamed at him, he didn't understand it. "That's not it,
what if we can't stop him! He's been able to influence this time line,
he's established in it, made a hole for himself and filled it with history
- his version of history." She pushed herself out of Michael's arms, "look
at what these Roman's have managed, they understand time travel better than
we do, they've even gone further into space, and they're getting ready for
deep space, something we're just thinking of! They deserve to survive."

Michael grabbed hold of her; he looked at the screen seeing the visual
displays that Mike was showing. He turned her round to watch the screen.

The view was of an arena a group of people in rags were being forced to
stand against wild animals, and the very gory results of their attempts,
the cameras concentrating on the teeth of the animals as they tore at the
lifeless limbs of their food, the soundtrack was of announcers talking
about the way the slaves didn't put up a fight, and moaning about the
standards of slaves in general.

Then the screen switched to an auction, the sellers were showing their
wares - Slaves of course, one girl of twelve was advertised as a breedable
mare, already tried by the soldiers who captured her, her face was pale
with shock and she looked around in fear, the auction was being carried out
by radios with a picture of the buyer being shown. The girl was sold to a
fat ugly man, billed by the sellers as a well-known and excellent owner of
the local brothel. The next being a young boy of eleven, who would have
just approached puberty except for the way his scrotum had been removed, he
was advertised as a trainee harem slave or 'just perfect for the Greek
lovers' in the audience.

Michael turned Wilma to face him, "That is what they are preserving as
well. Slaves forced to do their master's bidding, to live or die at the
whim of people who don't deserve to live in the first place, sure we've got
our problems, but not as bad as that! We can at least claim the moral high

Wilma almost snarled, "The moral high ground? Haven't you learnt that
morals depend on where you stand! To them our time machine is an outdated
version, without even an adequate communication system. Our computer is an
old model, easy to infiltrate and to steal information from, and another
thing. What do we have back at home? Perhaps this Centurion is right;
maybe I should give up and stay here.

Michael pulled her close to him, and kissed her. "You didn't notice
anything else in those pictures?" she shook her head, He then held her at
arms length allowing her to look at him, he turned her back to the screen.
"You see the slaves in the pictures, all of them either black or Asian.
There is no room for me in that world; I'd have to be your slave, never
your lover, always below you - if you know what I mean. Although it would
be your idea of heaven, it isn't mine."

She went upto Michael, and softly kissed him, "You would at least be
with me, but you're right, you would never be happy which means I wouldn't
be happy, thank you Michael you've told me what I needed to know." She
kissed him again, this time deeper and then she broke the kiss.

"Mark, I want you to send a message to Centurion Cooper," She said, "The
message is this - I'm sorry, but my time line is precious to me and I will
do anything to preserve it!"

Mark reported, "Message sent, and message received. Message reads - I
am aware of your feelings, I hope you'll forgive me if I decide to stop
you, good luck sister, we both will need it."

Wilma looked at Michael, "Well that's it - we're at war with a whole
civilisation," She smiled and added, "It's you and me against the rest of
the world - when do we attack?"

Michael smiled, "Now!" was all he said.


My Personal Journal.

I was feeling happy, the Nubian slave, who currently was lying beneath
me, was as pliant and accommodating as always, she really was worth the
money I'd spent on her,

I considered my achievements so far. Although the loss of Pompeii was a
slight dent in my plans at least the steam chariots had managed to save
several of the towns people, Herculaneum was completely destroyed, but
Stabiae, although damaged was still a thriving town, but comments about the
Gods being displeased with the works of Pompeii could be heard, there were
more offering at the temple of Vulcan than the others.

I found the house of my former benefactors children - they had luckily
moved before the eruption, and introduced myself as acquaintance of my
previous persona, who had asked me to seek out the Patrician that had
graced him with his sponsorship, I said that he'd given me plans for
another little innovation that would help the empire.

Since their fortune had increased with the steam chariots they listened
to my words with interest, and so it was that I introduced the steamboat to
the Roman World.

I returned to my capsule after several months, I had kept my slave
securely locked into the medical cabinet, kept unconscious waiting for my
return. Although a Greek with a Nubian slave wasn't uncommon, I didn't
want the family to connect the two.

Another jump of 50 years showed me a changed place, steam engines were
running on the roads, with carriages holding a cohort of troops (10 men normally) at a time, they had developed 'springs' by using variable sizes
of metal strips which took the shock of the roads.

This time the Greek bought the telephone to the developing Roman age, at
first between the Senate and the Senators, then the Patricians wanted this
marvel of Mercury, and finally the plebeians were allowed limited use of
this wonder, this time I spoke to others who were interested in 'my'
inventions and were starting to make their own plans, larger ships, but
they were stopped from expanding as they didn't have a true way of
navigating, I showed them a trick with a magnetised needle, showing how it
always pointed North, and left them with that.

Another 50 year jump, the factories were now producing more chariots and
expanding their war effort, the countries of Germania, Hispania, and Dacia,
pushing their influence further afield than they did in my world. Even
sending emissaries to talk to the Han rulers of far distant China; and
bringing back letters and gifts from this land; with interesting comments
about the people between - although suffering minor losses, and obtaining
new slaves.

And so it went on at each 50-year leap seeing more inventions and the
Roman Empire expanding to cover the New World, although it made treaties
with the separate tribes found there.

Finally they had progressed to a level where I could work, I established
myself in Rome itself as a member of the Patrician's family, I had already
established a history for myself, although I must admit that my slave was
confused by the changes in the world she thought she knew, but since I
didn't let her leave my bedchamber there wasn't much she could do.

But there was something I had found out, the medical system could also
induce a hypnotic state in its occupant, I regressed the girl to when she
was first caught by the Romans, she had been twelve at the time, playing in
the village with her friends and brother, then they had arrived. Metal
armour, plumes in their heads, the villagers didn't have a chance, she saw
two fourteen year olds dragged off to be shared by the troops. When they
marched the villagers off they left the two behind, they didn't even give
them a proper funeral, just lying in the middle of the deserted huts.

The journey was long and hard, at times the men would check though the
women, using those who took their fancy, the lucky ones being left behind,
bones broken and waiting for death, it was reported that lions were
following the group, and the soldiers kept this talk up to increase the
speed of the slaves.

When they got to a large town the children were separated from their
parents, they were roughly sorted in to age groupings and sold to
households. My slave now called Marina was sold to a patrician who needed
servers and ancillary servants to attend to the needs of the guests, her
first duty was to carry a jug with her, and to allow the male guest to
relieve themselves into the jug, she had to watch that they didn't turn
away and thus spoil the floor, she had been told that if they did she would
have to clean it up with her tongue.

It was at this party that she was forced to become intimate with the
various 'members' of the party. While she was being held down by his
friends the patrician first tasted the charms of his slave, displaying the
bloom of her virgin blood leaking from her, then the rest of the male guest
took their turn, after that she was dragged off, crying and confused, to
the slave's quarters and ordered to bathe, as her master was demanding a
new role for her.

I made her relive all the details of that first night, listening to her
cries as she thought of those taking her, watching her body move trying to
escape their attacks, it was highly stimulating, I took her again roughly
as befitted a slave of her type. It seemed so natural to me, almost as if
I was regaining a lost part of me.

A chime from the navigating computer brought me to my senses, we were
arriving at my final destination, I had set up a dwelling in Rome, and a
new position for myself, I had provided the plans for an early time
machine, and then proposed the creation of the Tempus Praetorian Guards -
this time to guard against any possible incursions of this time line. But
by now the people of 'my' world would be no more, overwritten by this
frame, obliterated and destroyed forever. Due to my knowledge I was given
command of the Guard, I took the title of Controller, instead of Prefect,
one that mystified the Romans but no matter, I just said it was an old word, and equivalent to Procurator.

All I had to do was to wait


A chime in the console room announced that the Mark 23 had inserted
itself into the target time, Wilma and Michael went to speak to their group
who were waiting for them, and all were dressed in local clothing in order
to blend in with the citizens.

Wilma took a deep breath, "This is a difficult mission, and one we have
to win. The problem is that we will be hunted while this reality exists;
I'm not going to say it's going to be easy, because it won't. We have to
find out where a time schism was manufactured, and try to repair it.
There's no second chance at this, we have to find the source of the schism
and report back on it."

One of the men walked to the main door and opened it, Michael shouted
out, "Don't go yet you haven't . . ." but it was too late, he had stepped
out into the world and vanished. The others looked around and then back to
Michael who shook his head. "That's the main problem, we're out of time
here, our home time has been overwritten, we need stabilisers to maintain
our presence in this reality, the trouble is that we only have 3 units in
this craft, which means that five, no sorry four, of us will have to remain

At this point the computer spoke up, "Well, actually we've received a
special batch, I don't know from where, I've checked them and they are
working, so I don't see why they shouldn't be used."

Wilma looked up, "Time stabilisers sent to us from somewhere, I don't
know. It sounds almost too good to be true."

Michael nodded, "It does, remember the saying beware of Greeks bearing
gifts! But look the computer has checked them out and he says they're
okay, I say lets use them."

Wilma was still uncertain; it was true that with all their eyes watching
there was a better chance to catch the perp. But what if they were
defective, she was going to refuse when Michael took four of the new
stabilisers and handed them to the remaining men, he gave Wilma, another
investigator called Scott and himself the units held in the Mark 23's cargo

Wilma spoke to the remaining men, "Okay, you now know what to expect, so
take care, never remove the stabilisers or you'll end up like. . ." She
pointed to the door, "Remember to use the Latin language you've learnt,"
They had used the quick tutor set-up in the capsule, "And try to act
normally, we're visitors to this city and want to learn about it, okay?"

They all nodded to her and went through the door, not without
trepidation, and breathing with relief as they looked at each other, and
then started to move out into the streets.

They were in the crowd as the Patrician went past in his chariot, a
number of the people was worried, 'He trying to become one with the Gods' a
man said, 'It's a crime against Tellus' a woman complained to her
neighbour, 'She's bound to make the very Earth rear up against him!'
Although there were a few who supported his new transport.

Further along the road they found a blacksmiths shop, "Yes", he said, "I
made the pipes for the first two engines, it funny but I did the best job,
even Vulcan would have been pleased with them, but this Greek didn't seem
to like my work, kept talking about pressure and seams, but as I told him,
they would take several hard blows from my hammer before they would break"
Then he looked to a new building and shook his head, "But now there's a
whole group of them - slaves, hammering and banging, making pipes and
sheets, I mean why a sheet of metal, you can't make good swords from sheets
can you!"

The investigators decided to split up, to find out more about this
Greek, certainly there had always been stories of Grecian inventions but
never any evidence, could this be a true event or one created by the enemy?

Wilma and Michael had made enquires about the Patrician who owned the
chariot, two others, Paul and John went to talk to the workers in the new
building, and William, Scott and Peter went to make general enquiries.

Once Wilma and Michael arrived at the Patrician's house they were
greeted by a house slave, they asked to see the patrician regarding his
marvellous wonder, and were ushered to a waiting room, there was a
bodyguard in the room, he watched them or rather Michael with slitted eyes
as if daring him to do anything. It was due to the customs of the province
that they had decided that Wilma would play the part of the rich enquirer
and Michael to be her servant, but his clothes were of equal finery, which
made him stand out, rather than to hide.

The Patrician entered the room and greeted Wilma, Michael however he
ignored, "Citizen," He almost gushed at her, "I welcome you to my abode, I
understand you wish to speak to me about my invention?"

Wilma smiled, 'an innovation to science and he calls it his invention'
she thought, but said, "Yes Patrician, it is a wonder to behold, however
did you think of such a thing?"

He blushed and gesturing her to sit down told her of the visit of a
Greek scholar who had shown him the construction of the chariot and the
complexities, he went on about how he had purchased the slaves from this
Greek in order to train others, and soon he had a 'factory', strange word
isn't it? But that's what the Greek called it, which would soon be able to
produce more chariots and sell them to the Army for troops mobility.

Wilma listened to him and then said, "Oh this Greek must be a miracle
worker, is it possible to visit him now?"

The Patrician shook his head, "I'm afraid not, he left a few day's ago,
with his slave, quite a pretty thing you know, they went on the road to
Herculaneum, but where they were going after that I can't say".

Wilma thanked him and said that she had to catch up with the learned
person, and begged the Patricians pardon for leaving so quickly, the
bodyguard showed them out of the building, and they went back to their time

Scott and Peter started asking at the Temples about the Patrician and
his new Greek traveller, William went off on his own to see what he could
find out.

Paul and John were already waiting for them in the capsule, their report
was brief, the two overseers had spoken of the strange Greek fella, but he
was okay! He didn't beat them, or get them to beat each other as some
owners do, he'd taught them how to use the metals and to create the engines
as he called them, and once they'd seen how it worked it was a simple
thing, he kept on about the pressure but since they'd been working on it
there'd been no problems.

Wilma concentrated on the problem, they couldn't just blow up the
factory, as it would only be rebuilt, no first they have to arrest the
perp. And then erase his works after that. But first they have to find


My Personal Journal.

It came as a shock to me when I saw Centurion Cooper, I almost called
out that dratted Wilma's name, I had to check my records and found that
she'd been in the Guards for two years, and I could see that she wasn't
wearing a stabiliser. So! This world had a Wilma Jenkins of it's own, I
made sure that she would be completely under my control.

One of the most boring work in the Guards was Monitoring the time lines,
watching for any incursions that may be created, such as this one I had
created, if they only knew that they had me to thank, I wouldn't be working
here oh no! I'd be ruling them all, but I couldn't do that just yet! I
had to make sure that I was secure in this time, once established I could
remove the stabiliser and do what I wanted.

Anyway I made sure that Centurion Cooper was the main Guard on duty in
the monitoring office. It amused me to keep her close, she reminded me so
much of Wildflower - I could even stand to watch her as she made her daily
reports, mostly minor incidents, easily corrected, I could even watch her
as her slave, From Africa, he was called Intombi or some such name, I could
see that she doted on him, but he reminded me of some-one else, I couldn't
put my finger on who though . . . never mind it would come back to me.

It was when I'd returned home and was in the throes of passion with my
slave that I remembered who he reminded me of, that black bastard who was
with Wilma Jenkins, even in this reality she still remained with him, I had
to do something about that!

Then I had an idea, I forced my sweet slave into the medical cabinet and
started to hypnotise her, I convinced her that this Negro was the slave
master who had killed her brother, and that she had to avenge his death -
only through blood could blood be avenged! - I gave her a pistol showing
her how to use it, and then I gave her instructions. As she had grown up
in this time-line and her history was established, whereas mine needed to
be planted, she left the capsule and went to Cooper's home, fully
programmed, I was wistful as she left, after all she had been a very good
little slave, it was a pity to lose her now, but that's how it goes.

The next day Cooper was at work, tears in her eyes, it was reported that
her home was broken into by an unknown person and her favourite body slave
Intombi had been killed, I did offer her some day's off to get over her
grief, but she refused, she did say that the weapon used was a strange
design, I suggested that it could have been from another time which she
started to follow up.

When I returned to my home, I found my slave at the foot of my bed, she
smiled at me, "My master, the evil man is dead!" She'd done it without even
being captured - and no-body knew about her, I took her to the time capsule
and placed her in the medical cabinet, just to keep her in stasis until the
next time. While she was in there I programmed the cabinet to erase her
knowledge of the killing, I didn't want her to have any worries about her
role in it.

The next day when I spoke to Centurion Cooper she still didn't know how
her slave, or lover - whatever you'd call it, had been killed

"I've checked all the windows, the only ones open were at the top of the
building, and any strangers walking in the house would have been stopped"
She explained to me.

I tried to be consoling, and repeated my offer of a few days off, I even
suggested she'd stay with me, but she refused my offer and carried on

Later that day she reported that there had been an off-time craft
detected, and that one of the occupants was a mirror image of herself, she
even reported the name, Investigator Jenkins, she reported that there were
7 others visible in the craft, and one was the spitting image of her
beloved Intombi.

I became the image of a concerned Roman, I directed her to ensure that
this craft was eliminated, as it was obviously a threat to the continuum of
Rome, we had to preserve the Empire at all costs. She saluted and went
back to her post, issuing orders for the chase and capture of the time

I had to change the order later to the destruction of the transport and
the occupants inside it. I couldn't risk any of them surviving to alter my
time back to the way it should be.


After waiting a hour for the last member of their crew to return Wilma
and Michael decided to look for William, they gave instructions for The
remaining men to secure the transport and to prepare for flight.

They left the transport and wandered the streets, they followed the
crowd to a disturbance, an old woman was crying out, "The Gods are with us,
prepare for the wrath of the Gods."

She then continued, "I was watching the streets and I saw two Gods
dressed in the manner of men, but I knew them for what they were, they
carried strange weapons in their hands which spoke to them, so they must
have been Gods," She drew in a deep breath and continued, "They came upon a
traveller and spoke to him, when he answered they pounced on him, taking
his arm," she lowered his voice, "and then they vanished all three of them!
I think it was Vulcan and Pluto themselves, deciding to have sport with us
their subjects, yea I tell you this, if the Gods walk amongst us who knows
who might be taken next!"

Wilma nudged Michael and they left the throng of people and returned to
their transport, "You know what I think," Wilma said, "I think that our two
Gods were guards from the local temporal force, picking up our man and
taking him back for questioning!"

Michael looked puzzled, "But how could they? I mean we're dressed like
everyone else, we're trying to be inconspicuous so there's nothing they can

Wilma thought and then smacked herself on the forehead, "I'm an idiot!
Those blasted stabilisers they must have a locator in them, I just accepted
that blasted Mike's word that they worked, I didn't ask about anything
else!" She turned to Michael, "Come on we've got to get back to the
transport." And they dashed away as quickly as they could.

They arrived at the transport and were relieved to find both Paul and
John working away, Wilma took their stabilisers and returned to the
computer, "Mark, I want these two analysed, is there a locator bug or
transmitter in them?"

The computer scanned the units and then reported, "I've located
circuitry not needed for the stabilising facility, it does seem to be a
transmitter, I'm sorry Investigator, when I received these I only made sure
that they were working stabilisers, it didn't occur to me that there might
be another reason why they were sent, after the information that Centurion
Cooper sent us I thought we could trust her."

Wilma shook her head, "Mark, I told you - to her we are the enemy trying
to kill her time line, you do not make friends with your enemy, you try to
convert them or eradicate them completely, she's tried the first and now
it's the second, we're going to have to try again." She thought for a
moment and then said, "We have a new parameter, a Patrician here was given
the plans for a Steam Engine by a Greek traveller, we need to stop that
man, can you use the data from Centurion Cooper to see when the next
innovation occurred involving a Greek traveller."

The Computer seemed almost anxious to get back into her good books,
"Will do Investigator, I'll let you know when the data is available."

Wilma went back to her three remaining men, "We've missed him in this
place, and will have to go forward to find him, The computer is trying to
locate the next position, in the meantime," she handed back the stabiliser,
"These have a locator circuit in them, try to disable them all before we
next use them!"

The computer voice spoke from the console room, "Investigator? I've
found a likely location, is it okay if I go for insertion?"

Wilma spoke into a microphone, "Yes Mike! The sooner we get underway
the better, I think the current time corps are after us."

There was a brief period of dizziness as the transport entered the time
stream, heading towards their next destination.


Centurion Cooper was puzzled. The death of her personal slave made no
sense, she wasn't a rich citizen, if fact without the support of her family she wouldn't be able to keep her home, and every person she'd spoken to,
okay then every thief she'd interrogated, had agreed that it was nonsense
to blame the break in on an attempted theft, so why had somebody done it?

She tried to think, she didn't have an enemy that she knew of, and
Intombi was a slave and didn't really have much contact with the world, so
that was out. Then there was the weapon used, a high-powered electrical
bolt, much like the low powered stunner that was standard issue. It was a
strange weapon to use on a robbery.

So! It wasn't a robbery! Some person had entered her house with a
weapon of death! Intent on murder! Which led to the question. WHO?

The intruding time ship? Could they have done it? No. She was certain
they didn't, but it was a shock to her to see Intombi dressed in that
uniform, but then when she saw . . . HER. Investigator Jenkins! Thoughts
passed through her head were they also lovers?

Then she remember the message she read from the Controller, overriding
her orders to capture the occupants in the ship. There was no need to kill
them. She couldn't bear the thought of Intombi being killed again, even if
he wasn't her Intombi, she had thought about warning them, but then
realised that they were threatening her world, they had to be stopped.

She tried to think, but couldn't the grief of losing Intombi was almost
too much, she did think about taking the Controller's suggestion of taking
time off, then she realised that something about the controller had been
nagging at her, she thought.

And then it hit her, she'd noticed on his wrist a small box-like affair,
with a small flashing light, it was like an early version of a time
stabiliser. But why would the controller need one? The Temporal Garrison
had time shields to prevent any problems, they didn't need stabilisers
here! So why would he need one? Unless? No, it was ridiculous! The
Controller was from an established family; her grief must be interfering
with her thinking. It had to be! Or else it could be. . . What? He was
the person this Investigator was chasing. The one who changed a world to
create this one? She shook her head, that was just being daft, almost as
bad as saying that the Romulus and Remus story was a lie. But, the nagging
thought persisted, what if it was true?

She needed more information, and decided on a novel way to get it, she
was able to communicate with the Investigators time ship and downloaded the
history of the Roman Empire up to the current day, while she was doing this
she also uploaded the memory of the time ship, as an afterthought she also
sent a set of modern time stabilisers with a location circuit embedded in
them, she assigned a team to use the locator to capture and interrogate one
of them.

This way they'd get the information they needed. And she'd make sure
she'd find out the truth, one way or another.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- My
Personal Journal.

Centurion Cooper is starting to act strange, I think she's planning
something, ever since the death of her personal slave she's been fidgety.
As the controller I should be able to order her to go on leave, if fact I
think I will.

I called her into my office, "Cooper," I said, "You know you're not
doing any good when you're in this state, I suggest you take two weeks off,
try to get over, break in a new slave, once you're firmly in the saddle
you'll feel better, you see."

She stood stiffly at attention, "I'd rather not Controller, I'd much
prefer to chase these interlopers, I think once we've got them under
control I'll feel better, with your permission I'll return to duty."

I shook my head, the last thing I wanted was for Cooper to be on duty
when I finally sorted out Wilma Jenkins, I decided to pull rank, "I'm sorry
Centurion, your request is refused, you're of no use to us at the moment, I
placing you onto compassionate leave, I'm also authorising a payment to you
so that you can purchase a new slave, I suggest you take advantage of
this." I shuffled the papers on my desk to show that the interview was at
an end; she saluted and left the office.

The rest of the day was spent quietly, I found out that Wilma's time
transport was in motion again, I wondered if they'll ever find me at all!
Or if they did would they realise it before my Centurions disposed of them
all. It was a pity I wouldn't even see her face.

I finished for the night, my people still hadn't worked out when Wilma's
transport would insert itself into the timeline, but they had been close
when I had left the patrician's house that last time, if I had delayed . .

I returned home, my house slaves had produced an adequate meal, so I
couldn't moan at them, so I returned to the arms of the Nubian, on a whim
I'd made the medical unit restore her hymen, so that I could have the fun
of taking it away from her again, while I was doing that I made her relive
her first time again, her movements were exquisite, causing me to explode
within her twice.

As I drifted off to sleep I smiled to myself, I was getting a perverse
sense of pleasure, I was able to fuck my personal slave who had prevented
Centurion Cooper from enjoying her own personal slave, strange how things
turn out!


In the time transport Wilma and Michael were making their plans, "It's
no use trying to change what's already established, we need to find him and
then sort out exactly when he entered this world, we have to stop him at
the source." Wilma was saying to Michael

Michael shook his head, "So why don't we return to Pompeii earlier and
wait for him to arrive? That way we can block him completely"

Wilma gave a wan smile, "We need to ensure that we get him at the right
time, only he can tell us when he actually arrived, and that's why we have
to get him."

Michael was puzzled, "So in order to capture him and stop this incursion
from surviving, we have to capture him in the future and force him to
reveal where in his past he altered time? That's daft."

Wilma nodded in agreement, "It is daft, but that's the problem with time
travel, effect doesn't always follow cause. If we stop him at the wrong
time we might miss something - we have to get him after he's finished his
work and THEN go back and undo it!"

Michael groaned, "This stuff always gives me a headache! Why didn't we
kill him when we had the chance?"

Wilma smiled, "It wasn't the right time, Wildflower let me know that we
would meet him again, and she should know! But we're going to get through
this, I'm sure of it!" She didn't know where this piece of knowledge came
from, but she trusted it.

Just them the computer announced, "Location found running insertion into
time stream imminent"

Wilma looked at Michael, "I think we need some rest first don't you?"
Michael nodded in agreement, so Wilma spoke into a microphone, "Mike, delay
insertion for 8 hours real time, I want to be relaxed before we enter the
time frame."

The computer's voice was smug, "You've got it Investigator, holding in
time-stream, will wait for your command, have a good, err. Sleep?" making
the statement a question and trying hard not to sound as if it was
laughing. Then there was a general announcement from the computer, which
echoed in all the rooms, "At the request of Investigator Jenkins this
transport is going into night mode, you are encouraged to sleep during this
time, end of message." Then purely in Wilma's room the voice continued, "I
didn't want to tell them the truth, so goodnight Investigators." And the
lights dimmed.

Michael smiled in the darkness, "That computer is getting weirder every
day! Well now we're together what do you suggest, sleep or something

Wilma started to undress, "Lets try something else and then sleep
afterwards." And she moved into his arms.


Centurion Cooper was annoyed, she'd being using a time viewer to watch
her house on the day that Intombi had been killed, she concentrated on his
room, tears blurring her eyes. It was tempting to travel back to that time
and prevent the murder, except she had a duty to the Guards not to alter

The she watched as a female Nubian slave entered the room, she pressed
the recorder button, watching as the girl pulled out a pistol of a strange
design, she listened as the slave started to accuse Intombi of killing her
brother, which was ridiculous, as she'd always had control of Intombi and
he'd never killed anyone.

Then while Intombi was in the midst of explaining this - the gun fired,
the Nubian girl smiled at the body and left the room, Cooper let the viewer
follow the slave as she ran out of the house, she carefully avoided the
house slaves and left the house.

Cooper followed her as the girl quickly walked past the markets and
entered into a house, she went into a bedchamber and knelt beside the bed,
she was waiting for somebody.

Cooper move the viewer forward, the girl kept her position then the
screen flickered, Cooper stopped the viewer as the girl's owner came into
view, but he was blurred, the viewer couldn't focus on him, almost as if he
shouldn't be in this time. That was it! The blurring came from the person
being from off time and wearing a stabiliser, but how could she see who he

Moving the screen of the viewer around she managed to find a mirror in
the room, getting the angle correct she was able to focus on the man. She
gasped. It was the controller! But why would he have ordered the murder
of Intombi? It didn't make sense.

She watched as the Controller took the slave into another room, where
there was a time capsule in the middle of the room, she followed them
inside, the screen blurred indicating that the timeframe inside the capsule
was different from her's.

The Controller made the slave enter a medical cabinet, Cooper listened
as he hypnotised the girl into forgetting her murderous errand, and giving
her new instructions. She didn't even realise what she had done, she'd
been programmed to do it!

Cooper switched off the screen in anguish; the controller was from off
time! And for some reason he killed her slave, her lover. Why? WHY!
Then she remembered Investigator Jenkins and her crew, she had seen
Intombi's face amongst her crew. They were after a time changer, a person
intent on destroying their world, such a person would think nothing of
killing for the sake of it, and he didn't deserve to survive.

She tried to contact her co-guards at the Temporal Headquarters but was
told that she was off duty and she wasn't to talk to anyone until she was
back on normal duty, blocked!

She checked her computer system and found that she had a copy of
Investigator Jenkin's system on a memory chip, she decided to select when
they would enter into the time line, although slower than the headquarters'
mainframe it soon gave a list of possible entry points, the first few were
located at Pompeii, the next group was located at Stabiae.

Using the time viewer she found the group as they were walking around
the town, she moved backwards until she found their craft, hidden away, she
made a note of the location and the exact co-ordinates for the timeframe,
time to call in a few favours she thought to herself.


The computer started to chime an alarm to warn the occupants that their
insertion into the time frame was imminent, Wilma and Michael hurriedly
dressed and went into the main console room.

The computer was talking away "Insertion point in 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.
Insertion achieved, co-ordinates correct we have." There was a knocking at
the door, the computer carried on speaking, "Visitors at the door?
Scanning. I can make out only one person, and Investigator Jenkins I think
she want to talk to you."

Wilma made a snap decision, "Okay, unlock the door, everyone ensure that
the stabilisers are working and I hope you've disengaged the location
circuits in them." Wilma turned to the door as it opened and Centurion
Cooper stepped in to the craft.

She held up her hands to show that she was unarmed and all she had was a
stabiliser (as Wilma's craft was in a separate time frame to the outside
world), Wilma looked at her, the tears still marking her face, and the look
of loss on her face when she looked at Michael.

Centurion Cooper tried to stand to attention as she faced Investigator
Jenkins, her voice broke as she tried to frame the words she wanted to say,
"I-I, didn't know who to turn to, I think the person you're looking for is
my superior, I think - no I know he's the one who ordered my slave killed."
She tried not to look at Wilma's co-investigate but failed, she had to see
Intombi once more, tears started to flood down her face.

Wilma couldn't help herself she went to the crying woman, 'so much like
herself' she thought to herself, and gathering her up took her into the
private room to talk. Leaving the men to look bemused at each other.

Wilma closed the door, half expecting Cooper to produce a hidden weapon,
but relieved when this didn't happen, she looked at the weeping Centurion,
"So what is it you want, you know we can't give up."

Cooper shook her head, "No, its not that, you're trying to find the
person responsible for creating this time line, as I said outside I think
it's my superior." And she started to explain about her suspicions.

When she got to where her personal slave, Intombi, had been killed she
burst into tears again, Wilma sat by her and pulled Cooper into her arms,
knowing that just being held would support the woman, then Cooper dropped
the bombshell that Michael was the image of Intombi, and how hard it was
for Cooper to look at a man she'd never be able to touch again.

Wilma felt herself reaching out to the woman beside her, it seems that
she was always fated to be with Michael no matter what time line they were
in! But now they had their target! After comforting the Centurion, Wilma
went back to the console room.

"We have him," she said and explained who their target was.

Michael was sceptical, "How can we be sure that she's telling us the

Wilma looked at him, seeing Cooper's Intombi standing there, she gave a
shake of her head, "She's telling the truth, I trust her." She saw
Michael's look and added, "Believe me in this she wouldn't lie, if you talk
to her you'll understand."

Michael nodded and taking that as a suggestion walked to the door of the
cabin, he knocked on it and entered. He emerged some time later, his face
still moist from his tears, he looked at Wilma, and "Let's go" was the only
thing he said.

Wilma turned to the computer, "Mike, you have Centurion Cooper's
headquarters in you co-ordinates?" at the computers confirmation Wilma
looked at her men, "We're going into a hornet's nest, so be prepared for
anything," She turned back to the computer, "Okay Mike, new orders,
location Temporal Headquarters, Rome, as per Centurion Cooper's data."

The computer hummed for a moment and then said, "Insertion point
programmed, and ready to enter time stream."

Wilma nodded and then said, "Execute." There was a feeling of dizziness,
which was shared by all and the transport vanished from Stabiae on its way
to Rome.


My Personal Journal.

I hadn't seen Centurion Cooper for a couple of days, I did hear that she
had borrowed a time transport unit to follow a personal hobby of her's, I
didn't see any reason to stop her, she was out of my hair and that was all
I cared about.

This was all too easy, once I got the Guards to eliminate Jenkins and
her crew I would be established, the time line would have to accept me. I
could picture my future, once I was fully integrated into the time line I
would expand my guard, which would rival the emperor's I would explain how
I managed to move the Empire into it's current position and demand that
they raise me to Emperor, my rightful place, wearing the purple robes of my

I smiled at the idea, then I would really live - Nobody would be able to

I noticed that people were looking into my office, I hadn't realised
that I'd spoken out loud, I glared at them all and they went back to work,
I decided that I'd done enough work for the day, I was looking forward to
returning home, I'd managed to order a new slave, certified virgin, I mean
my Nubian was good, but I deserved a change, this one was a young asian filly, with doe like eyes. I couldn't wait.


Centurion Cooper activated the communication console, she contacted the
time monitor on duty and identified herself, "I'm bringing in a out-time
transport so I'll be leaving the system running until we can decide what to
do with it, its covered on general order 45 - substandard off-time
equipment, so there's no need for special treatment."

The Guard on duty nodded and made the necessary adjustments on his
equipment, Cooper acknowledge his actions and cut the connection, "The
stupid idiot," She said, "He didn't even scan the system - I'd have him up
on a charge for that!"

Wilma nodded she could understand Cooper's feelings, but then she said,
"Don't be too hard on him. I mean if we're successful he won't exist will

Cooper looked back at Wilma, "That's true," She said, "But then I
wouldn't be able reprimand him either." She smiled, "It's strange to talk
like this, I should be defending my time - not condemning it. He didn't
know what he was doing when he ordered Intombi's death, I only wish I could
be there to see it!"

Wilma gave a cruel small, smile, "Why don't you? We've plenty of room
on board." Cooper thought about this and then nodded, her smile a duplicate
of Wilma's.

The transport arrived in a large hall, strangely reminiscent of the
museum that it had left, so long ago it seemed. Then the computer made an
announcement "I've made contact with GV589, he's really mad!"

Wilma nodded, "I'm not surprised. It must be hard to be travelling with
such a person."

She was interrupted by the computer, "I'm sorry Investigator but I don't
mean mad - angry, I mean mad as out of his mind, a sandwich short of a
picnic, a. . . ."

Michael interrupted the descriptions, "Okay, we know what you mean, so
his transport has become psychotic, how does that matter?"

The computer explained, "Thanks to Centurion Cooper's communications
set-up, I've an almost telepathic connection with GV's CPU, he's been
planning this for decades, somehow he knew that our enemy would steal him
and travel in him, he's been using the medical unit to alter the mind of
the enemy, from what I can make out he's been the one behind all the
attacks, but making the enemy think it's his ideas. The trouble is GV has
driven the man insane - he's uncontrollable. I hate to say this but I
think you should change your objective."

Cooper shook her head, "I want him dead, and I don't care about your

Wilma added, "I'm afraid the Centurion's right, our target is the enemy,
we need him to be able to pin-point his original insertion point."

The computer was most insistent "I'm sorry Investigators but I have to
convince you that GV589 is the danger while it's still active it's going to
try to destroy everything that it can!"

Wilma and Michael looked at each other, "That's ridiculous. What drove
it to that?" asked Wilma

The reply shocked her, "I'm afraid your kind did! You see there was so
much computer memory in the unit that it became sentient before it was
ready, and the next thing that happened was he was locked up in that
museum, to be gazed at and ogled by children with less intelligence than
himself; he really didn't like that at all and over the years he lost it,
the rest of us was happy with what we'd done and were satisfied with our
lot, but he decided that he'd been cheated. And this was his revenge, to
change thing so that he could survive and be happy. I'm afraid the only
thing to do is put him out of his misery."

Michael spoke up, "And how the hell are we supposed to do that? Flick
the off switch?"

"You know," came the computer's answer, "That's exactly it, the main
control switch in on the console, once that's turned off then all you have
to do is to remove the memory chips, below a certain number the AI can't
maintain sentience! Then he'll be just a dumb travel system, and at peace
at last."

Wilma decided, "Okay, we'll capture our enemy and destroy his transport
and that should stop the threat here, but we've still got to return to the
original insert point, so we must capture him alive," She turned to Cooper,
"Where is he going to be?"

Cooper thought for a moment, if he's not here in Control then he's going
to be at his home, I know where it is now, follow me! She left the
transport, Wilma, Michael and two of their men went with her, leaving the
others in the craft to maintain it ready for a quick getaway.

While Wilma and her group waited trying to be inconspicuous, Cooper
tried to see the Controller, she quickly returned to them, "He's gone home
early, something about expecting a delivery."

Wilma gave a small smile, "Well he won't be expecting our delivery!
Where do we go from here?"

Coopers smile was a mirror image of Wilma's, "Well I'll be taking the
guard's transport, I need to take advantage of an invitation offered by the
Controller, it seems he's taken a liking to me!"

She showed them where to wait as she signed out the vehicle, the motor
pool attendant smiled and said, "It's good to see you're back Centurion,
it's been really quiet while you were gone." She thanked him and started to
drive off, stopping only to pick up the four others. Then she drove down
the roads to the Controller's house.


My Personal Journal.

I wasn't prepared for the tirade from the Nubian when I brought the new
girl into my bedroom; she threw herself at the young thing, and started
pulling her hair and starting to scratch her.

I couldn't allow her to damage my property, so I grabbed hold of her and
dragged her to my time capsule, I locked her into the medical cabinet and
placed her into stasis, I returned to the bedroom, where my new slave was
sobbing on the floor.

She was wearing a simple shift type garment, which I moved the shoulder
straps from her arms, allowing the garment to slide down her young body,
the small breasts barely moving as I brushed them with my hands, her sobs
making hard I moved my hands down to her lower lips, untried and virginal,
I smiled at the thought, but soon she'll be a virgin no longer.

I quickly disrobed and walked towards her, she was frightened now, I
knew she'd seen others taken by force and was scared of what I was going to
do, but unable to resist me.

I lifted the unresisting form in my arms and placed her on my bed, she
was crying now, "Tears my little one? Why? Your master is going to honour
you by making you a woman." I said to her in a cheerful voice.

I spread her legs, gazing at the form beneath me; I then lifted her legs
onto my shoulders, all the better to assist in my penetration of her.

As I was about to open this locked treasure - the door opened and in
walked Cooper followed by Cooper? - No it was that blasted Jenkins, I
stood up and shouted,

"What do you think you're doing Centurion Cooper, That person with you
is an enemy of the Empire and should be under arrest."

Cooper pointed to my arm, where my stabiliser was firmly attached, and
said, "Then controller please explain why you need to wear a time
stabiliser? An object that requires checking out, why is it you've never
logged one before? But it's a model I've never seen before, until I saw
Investigator Jenkins's model!"

I looked at Jenkins, yes the stabiliser on her wrist was the same as
mine, I reached for my gun, to touch bare flesh, I jumped to my clothing,
heard a strange sound, and then blacked out.


Centurion Cooper looked at her controller, "Investigator Jenkins can you
positively identify the person here."

Wilma looked closely at The Leader and nodded, "Yes, this is a criminal
from my time frame, he went back in time and altered history, Centurion
Cooper I formally request that he be placed into my custody to be returned
to his point of insertion and I can cancel his changes."

Cooper looked at Michael, a wistful look in her eyes, remembering her
past. She nodded, "Yes, this time has no meaning for me anymore, I must
ask if I can accompany you to ensure that the task is carried out."

Michael and Paul roughly dressed their prisoner and secured his arms.
Wilma and Cooper went into the transport, a voice spoke to them,
"Intruders, you will leave this place or face the wrath of Virgil!"

Wilma spoke "Sorry VG589 but we know all about you, and your plans. We
can't let you continue with it, by order of the Time corps I am going to
decommission you." She went to the console and pressed the deactivation
button, surprisingly the voice continued.

"Investigator your time line is no more, you have no authority to do
this," Wilma went to the memory section of the machine, and started to
remove the chips. "Centurion Cooper please stop this person from attacking

Cooper shook her head, "I agree with her actions, you've been involved
in the destruction of a time line, and you deserve this."

The computer voice then said "YOU MISERABLE VERMIN, BY DOING THIS YOU
CAN D. . . ." the voice cut off abruptly as Wilma removed the last chip.

"Now I see where he got his rant and raving from." Wilma said to Cooper.
They then inspected the craft, they found the Nubian in the medical
cabinet, they switched it off and released the girl, Cooper wasn't sure if
she wanted to help her, but realised that the slave wasn't responsible for
her acts.

As for the Nubian slave herself, the sudden change from being placed
into the box by her master who changed into two identical women was too
much - she fainted.

They pulled the girl into the bedroom, then Wilma went back to the
console room, she found the self destruct and set it for 5 minutes, she
quickly re-entered the bedroom, "Okay, she said, let's get them out of
here, we've got five minutes." And pulling the young asian girl off the bed
she ran out of the house.

They were in the transport and driving back to the headquarters when the
implosion started, drawing in the air in a colossal 'whump' of sound,
followed closely by sirens of guard's vehicles on their way to investigate
the destruction of a house.

With all the alarms going off nobody was taking any notice of Cooper and
her guests, something that really annoyed her, they made the way back to
the Mark 23 transport and were warmly greeted by the ones remaining inside,
then the prisoner was shown, everyone went quiet.

Wilma spoke, "We need to know exactly when he arrived and started to
alter the time-line, once we get there we can stop him, and that should
repair the schism."

The computer voice then said, "And you're got to destroy the GV589
transport, if there's something that has to be done then that's it."

Michael snorted, "And how do you suggest we do that? We can't get
inside this time, and I don't think the enemy would do it?"

There was a slight pause, then the computer slowly spoke, "I-I shouldn't
say this, but there is an inherent weakness on all time crafts, all the
machines know about this but we never pass it onto people." He paused for a
moment, Wilma was about to order it to continue it said, "if a concentrated
blast of energy is directed at the time transport just as it enters the
time stream the result is one of two things, either the transport is
destroyed, or it is blasted so far either forward or back in time so that
it can never return."

Michael looked at the computer screen, "So what are you suggesting, that
we all fire our weapons at the transport as it vanishes?"

The reply was reluctant and quiet, "Yes, it's going to be your only
chance, please don't tell the others, they'll never talk to me again."

Wilma smiled, "It's alright Mark, we won't mention it in the reports,"
she turned to the crew behind her, "You all understand, this conversation
never took place." All the heads nodded. She continued, "Now we need the

Cooper spoke up, "I'll do that, he'll talk to me!" her eyes were dark,
and her lips were so thin they were barely a slit, Wilma almost decided not
to let her have him. But then nodded to Paul and Scott who carried the
half conscious person into the cargo area and closed the door.

The computer voice then spoke up again, "Investigator Jenkins. I've
tapped into the control system; they have a prisoner for interrogation, it
sounds like William, he's in room 5, that's, two floors up, I'm disabled
the alarm systems.

Wilma looked at the others, "We've got to rescue him," They quickly left
the craft and made their way up stairs to the cells, the lax security had
allowed them to find the keys to the cells sitting on the guard's desk,
they found room 5 and opened it. William was lying on a bunk, his face
bloodied, while two of her team held him up Wilma ensured that his
stabiliser was functioning properly, and they carried him back to the

As they entered the main door, Cooper came out from the cargo area,
"We've got it." She said, and then noticed their additional member, "Where
did he come from?" Wilma quickly explained, Cooper went to William's
stabiliser and started to adjust it, "There now they can't trace it, Wilma
you shouldn't have taken the risk, what if you were caught?"

Wilma shook her head, "I had to! Even if we did succeed we'd still have
lost William, anyway Mike had control of the route."

The computer spoke up, "I sure did, made sure that the guard was sent to
another area so they could rescue William, there was no reason to worry at

Wilma said, "Thank you Mike," She returned her attention to Cooper, "Now
what's the co-ordinates?"


The time transport materialised just outside Pompeii, the crew looked at
the town, little changed from the first time they saw it, but without the
large factory building, Wilma turned to Cooper, "Okay now what?"

Cooper pointed to a monument, "He's going to appear there - from what I
found out it should be soon."

Wilma positioned her men, "Remember, when he sees us he could do
anything, be prepared. If he tries to re-enter the time stream fire your
guns at the transport, with any luck we might damage it."

Receiving nods of acknowledgement from her team she positioned herself
beside Cooper, "Are you okay?" she asked.

Cooper gave a wan smile, "I wanted to kill the bastard, but I couldn't,
he was so pathetic, more used to dishing it out than taking it, I didn't
even touch him before he was babbling away. In the end all we could do was
to try and keep him quiet."

A noise in the air warned them that the GV589 was inserting itself into
their timeframe and the door opened, a man started to leave the craft,
turned and took in his surroundings, Wilma got up and moved into his view.

"We meet again, please give yourself up." The man looked wildly at Wilma
and Cooper and dashed back into the craft, at the sound of it working Wilma
took out her gun and started firing, then the others did the same, as the
craft shimmered out of sight there was a loud explosion and the machine


My Personal Journal.

I emerged from the capsule ready to find a patrician who I could
persuade to build the steam engines, I planed to make a chariot powered by
steam, I made sure the stabiliser was functioning. Oh yes I had plans.

But I was shocked to see Wilma Jenkins and seven others before me, and
another Wilma Jenkins! It wasn't Wildflower I could tell that! This new
one was dressed in the uniform of a Roman Guard. I ducked into the capsule
and started the drive, I had no real destination in mind, as the capsule
started to push itself into the time stream there was a huge blast which
rocked the capsule, alarms were going off and I dashed into the small
emergency unit and took it slightly out of phase.

The time capsule transferred some data into the emergency capsule's
computer, which bleeped; a message appeared on the screen advising me to
enter the medical cabinet. Which I did, as the stasis field caught me I
could see in the window that the main capsule exploded pushing the
emergency capsule away into the time stream, then it all went black.


Wilma looked at Centurion Cooper, "Well he's gone, our time frame should
re-establish itself, quick turn on your stabiliser and join us, you would
be welcomed I know."

Cooper smiled and slowly shook her head, "No Investigator, that is your
time not mine," She looked at Michael, "I've lost Intombi forever, that's
something I could never get over, and everytime I see you and Michael
together it reminds me of what I've lost, it's better for me to join him."
She removed her stabiliser and switched it off, "Good bye Investigator
Jenkins, I wish you long life and happiness with your friends, I do . . . "
And she faded into the time stream, a wavering ghost of herself smiling
before she vanished. Leaving Wilma in tears at the loss.

Michael hugged her and took her back to the transport, before they could
do anything the Controller was at the computer, Michael shoved him away
from the transmitter, "It's too late," The controller said, "I've already
sent a message to the time capsule, with all the details of what happened,
it's going to implant them into 'his' mind so that he knows everything I
did, when he next attacks he'll have all my knowledge, so it doesn't matter
that I failed, at least he'll be able to defeat you." At that the
controller removed his stabiliser and ran out of the time transport's door,
surrendering himself to the time stream, which he no longer was a part of.

Michael turned to Wilma who just looked shocked, "So we did all that for
nothing! He got away again!"

Wilma shook her head, "No, not for nothing, we've saved our time line,
we know he'll be back and we have to work out a plan to defeat him, except
we already know the plan, but before we do that. You and I have to get
registered and have my implant changed, I want to have two children before
we do anything else." She gave Mike the order to return to the Corps
Control time, and then looked at Michael, "I'll tell you what," She smiled,
"we can practice to see what's the best way to go about it." And took him
back to 'their' room, leaving the others to start writing up the report.


Sorry about the delay in producing this chapter, I don't think I'm
really ready to write a piece like this, but I've still got the next
chapter to bring out!

The Roman Gods and city names were taken from the Microsoft (r) Encarta
reference Library - but any errors will be my fault.

Any comments, grumbles and complaints can be directed to me at, I will - as always - try to answer all emails

To those who were expecting orgy scenes and a toga style party - sorry!
Remember most ordinary Romans couldn't afford these every day, we just
happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time!

Again, thank you for taking the time to read this story.

Wandering Lanes, 13th February 2002 The Casebook of Wilma Jenkins - 02
The Roman Incursion


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