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Wilma Jenkins 03


Normal disclaimers apply - this is an adult story with adult situations, if
it is illegal for you, whether by age or local laws, to read such stories you are advised to remove yourself from this site.

This story is my creation - it can be copied for private collections as
long as no profit is made from it - I will allow corrections to be made in
such collections to allow for spelling and/or html formatting. (Please
remember this is written in British English - not American English)


The Casebook of Wilma Jenkins - 03 - The Nevis Incident

The time transport Mark 23 arrived at the museum and inserted itself
back into normal time, Wilma Jenkins and her crew contacted their control
section to make sure that everything was back to normal.

"Well Boss, we're back" Wilma said into her communicator.

C.T.I Rawlings voice could be heard on the speaker, "Wilma, thank god,
what happened? We had an incursion underway and then it reversed itself."

She smiled, "Yes Boss, we know. You'll have a full report, in the
meantime can you get the boffins over here and check the system over, we've
got some interesting additions that they might like, but we can't remove
them from the transport without losing them to the timestream." She was
referring to the communications equipment, which was sent to them by
Centurion Cooper, since her time-line no longer existed then if the
technology was removed it would just vanish.

Rawlings answered, "Okay Wilma, I'll be interested in reading your
report, but did you catch the perp who stole the GV589?"

Wilma grimaced at this, "Well, yes and no."

"What do you mean Yes and no?" was the quick reply,

Wilma smiled, "Yes - we did catch the perp, who managed to escape, but
it seems there's more behind this than we thought. Look boss I think I'd
better give you the report when I arrive, we've got a lot to talk about!"

Rawlings considered this, "Okay Wilma, report back to headquarters as
soon as the technical team arrive."

Wilma acknowledged the response and turned to the others in the group.
"Okay you heard him, we wait here for the boffins and then report back to
headquarters. I'll remind you all, the information Mark gave us regarding
destroying GV589 has to remain secret - don't tell anyone at all.

The seven men nodded their heads to show they understood - Wilma smiled.

"Thank you Investigators," Said the computer, "You don't know what a
relief that will be."


Wilma arrived at the Time Corps Headquarters and reported to Rawlings'
office, she knocked on the door and entered.

Rawlings looked up, "Welcome back Investigator Jenkins, now can I have
your report!" Wilma handed a large sheaf of papers Rawlings looked at them,
"What's this, I can't read through all these, can't you tell me instead."

Wilma looked at him and said, "Okay Boss, you asked for it." And she
started to relate the story of the stolen time transport, which ended up in
the far future, how the enemy went back to Ancient Rome and introduced
technology to that time, which caused the incursion, and how they managed
to force the enemy to flee from that time before he could change the line

Rawlings was confused, "But you're saying that it was this time machine
GV589 that was behind the troubles in the first place."

Wilma nodded, "Yes boss, it seems that it couldn't face the prospect of
being decommissioned before it's time, the machine went awry and eventually
concocted a plan to change time, I hope we managed to destroy it when it
last entered the time-stream."

Rawlings was interested now, "How do you mean destroy it?"

Wilma thought quickly, she didn't want to reveal how she knew the
procedure, but she couldn't leave her commander completely in the dark.
"We threw all our firepower into the craft as it dematerialised, we thought
that if we didn't destroy it we might disable it somehow, anyway the
explosion we felt must have done something!"

Rawlings nodded, "Yes, that could do it, I mean it's only a theory and
we can't prove it, Well done Investigator Jenkins, I take it that we can
downgrade the emergency now?"

Wilma nodded, "yes boss, but before you do can you process our working
hours, here's the list!"

He looked at it, "But you've put down for all the subjective hour's you
spent in the transport as well? Didn't you sleep in them at some stage?"

Wilma nodded, "Yes boss, but the handbook states that all time spent
during the emergency is paid for out of the council's accounts NOT the time
corps, but you have to register it before the emergency is cleared, or else
you have to pay it out of the Corps's funds."

Rawlings quickly scribbled on the paper and entered the details onto a
computer screen in his office, he then looked up at Wilma, "I suppose you
think you require some time off after this?"

Wilma nodded, "Gee thanks Boss, that'll be great." She smiled, and then
added, "I've got to report to registration and the clinic." At Rawlings
raised eyebrows she said, "Michael and I are going to have a family, so I
might be requesting maternity leave." And she quickly left the office
before he could say anything else.

She shut the door and was down the corridor before the bellow reached
her "WILMA JENKINS, HOW COULD YOU!" She thought, 'Just like this boss!' and
went to meet Michael who was waiting by the main door.

They went to the registration office to formally note that they intended
to raise a family, the registrar smiled at them and made the adjustment to
their records and allocated them larger accommodations in the Time Corps

Their next stop was the clinic where Wilma's implant was removed, she
was advised that it would take eight days before the contraceptive was
completely out of her system, but after that her normal cycle would
re-establish itself, she asked the doctors there if there was anything they
could give her to clear it quicker, the doctor smiled at her and, looking
at Michael, said, "I could give you a shot that would do it, we normally
suggest letting the body adjust itself, it isn't dangerous, but has a side

Wilma looked at the doctor worried, the doctor smiled, "It doesn't
really cause any harm, it just increases your sex drive for the first three
days, that's all."

Michael rolled his eyes, "I'm not going to last! Hey Doc, can you give
me something to keep up with her?"

At this the doctor laughed, "No! You're going to have to keep her happy
without drugs!" she raised the injector to Wilma's neck and there was a
'phsst' of the pneumatic spray forcing the drug into Wilma's system.

The doctor looked at Wilma and said, "This take a few hours to really
get started, I suggest you go home and rest, you're going to need it!" as
the two left the clinic the doctor threw a bottle of pills to Michael, who
looked at it closely then up at the doctor

"Stimulants," She said with a smile, "but use them carefully!" and she
returned to her patients.

Laughing Wilma and Michael returned to the Corps building and found
their new rooms, Michael insisted on carrying Wilma through the doorway
into their new home. Thanks to the bureaucracy that prevailed only
Michael's belongings had arrived, Wilma's, it was promised, would be
arriving soon.

The bedroom was larger than Wilma thought and the double basins in the
bathroom was a nice touch, but she didn't notice that at first, a stronger
feeling was creeping over her she kissed Michael and then said, "Those
tablets you were given?"

He looked at he bottle and said, "Yes?"

She smiled, "I think you'd better take a couple!" and pulled him onto
the bed.

------------------------------------------------------------------ 1736
- Nevis, the Mountravers plantation.

My Personal chronicles

I was dizzy, the medical cabinet was doing it's best, but the loss of
the main transport had disrupted the circuitry, my body was ageing at a
quick rate, it couldn't end like this! I had to eliminate that blasted
Wildflower/Cooper/Jenkins/Somebody - I couldn't concentrate, I opened up
the cabinet and took off my jacket, I was too hot, hard to focus, I had to
survive! Had to!

I went to the computer console, although this was an emergency unit it
still had a working system, the main transport was gone, destroyed, kaput!
It was only the fact that this system was slightly out of phase with the
other that I was still alive.

The screen was displaying information that needed to be added to the
medical cabinet routines, they contained a memory, of the original
transport system, I wiped that and placed an interface helmet onto my head,
allowing the computer to take a snapshot of my memory, at least the parts
that I needed, I had to skip several unwanted memories, the capacity of the
machine was below that of a human mind - Once done all I had to do was to
entice somebody into the medical cabinet and once he was in stasis I could
download my mind scan to his, I would live forever!

I managed to control the wild flight of the cabinet, and I arrived on an
island, the weather was quiet warm, but where was I, it looked - familiar?
Strange how the mind can play tricks on a person, especially when it's

I stumbled outside of the transport, a man was approaching me, this was
my chance, I lent against a tree and he came over.

"I say," he said, "You look like you need a hand."

I smiled gratefully and he started to raise me up, as he staggered under
my weight, I hit him and knocked him out, I carried him into the capsule
and locked him into the medical cabinet - taking the interface helmet I
added the last few seconds of my life to the information and started the


My Personal chronicles

I awoke in the medical cabinet, I seemed to have two sets of memories
which was slightly disconcerting, my name was Adam Huggins, my father was
the owner of this plantation on the Island of Nevis, we'd moved here in
1794, after a long sea voyage from England, the date is, is, J-July of
1836. A wave of pain overtook me, my name is
Controller/Leader/GV589/Sir/Huggins I/we have a plan to take over time . .
. I blacked out again . . .

I shook my head, it seems that some of the program from the computer had
survived, but now I was fully in charge of myself - or rather of this body,
his memories were fully accessible to me and so I left the medical cabinet
and went into the capsule, I stared at the emaciated body on the floor, it
was completely dead, given up to the years it had survived.

I left the capsule and made a note of it's location, I would get some
workers to move it 'home', whist I made plans to take over from 'my father'
the memories of Adam Huggins was full of his father's illness, he wouldn't
last too long, I submerged myself in Adam's memories and let him take over.

I walked back to my pony; the strange box like affair had attracted my
attention. I would direct the overseer to move it to the courtyard of the
house, I pushed the pony into a gallop - for some reason I was anxious to
back to Mountravers and home.

Present Time - Three years later

Michael was looking after the children, Intombi (2) and Pauline (1),
they were lovely and enchanting children and the delight of Wilma's eyes,
since the birth of their first child Michael had decided that he wasn't
really cut out to be an active investigator, so he worked in the research
and prevention office, Wilma couldn't stop taking an active role and became
the second in command of the Time Corps and, now that the children could be
left either with the crèche or Michael, she was taking a more active part
in the Corps.

A couple of cases of off-time kidnapping, both of which were brilliantly
solved by Wilma helped to improve her standing in the Corps - The
improvements made to the time capsules, thanks to technology introduced by
Wilma and her crew, gave the time capsules a new lease of life, visual
communications between capsules was now possible and improved upon,
moreover the transporter system that was used during the Roman Incursion
was now working, allowing the transfer of goods, and in one case livestock
from a travelling capsule to another.

Also there were now councillors who were talking to decommissioned time
capsules, trying to prevent another case of GV589's occurring. All in all,
a good time to be a time capsule. Wilma decided to use as her personal
transport the Mark 23 - a fact that annoyed the museum; they had hoped to
keep the machine as an exhibit.

Wilma had approached the Time Council with the information from
Wildflower, regarding The Leader, what had been implanted and how it was to
operate, they discussed the implant and spoke to scientists who agreed that
such a nanite could be created and controlled, but would take years to
create, the programming would have to be meticulous so that they would act
only on those who committed violent crimes would be affected, due to the
nature of the nanites their existence was top secret and could never be
revealed to anyone, a special implant was then created to hold them and
release them into the bloodstream of a person, to travel to the fallopian
tubes and wait for 'contact', as one scientist gently called it.

The nanites would then invade the 'foreign body' like a virus, multiply
until they could spread to any part of the body, then at a signal given by
the host, due to connections in the implant, they would attack their host,
only the violent ones - a distinction made by the type of adrenaline in
their blood stream. They would have specific changes to make in the human
body, however the ones that had more contact with the host would be eaten
alive as a punishment, since they would deserve more aggressive action to
detain, it was decided that they should face a death sentence, the others
would lose their manhood's, painfully, as such persons should never
reproduce again.

What nobody thought of was of those persons force to rape or abuse, but
Wilma had a suggestion for those, since the adrenaline markers would be
different they nanites would be benign, but when the markers changed then
they would activate, this satisfied all the scientific minds and so the
project went ahead.

"Wilma," The head scientist said, "We've created the nanites, and have
manage to adapt a standard contraception implant to hold them, we just need
to know when and where they going to be used?"

Wilma gave a grim smile, "Hold them in cold storage. Now I need to know
if memories can be removed without inflicting any injuries on the brain.
If I wanted to forget something could you or your people do it?"

The scientist thought for a moment, "Yes, it's possible, we'd need to
download your memories into a supercomputer and adjust the patterned in
that, then it's a case of either deep freezing you or placing you in stasis
to wipe your brain and upload the adjusted memories, Stasis is better, less
chance for the brain to lose cells during the thawing process." Wilma
shuddered at the thought of a frozen brain defrosting!

She brought the details up to the council, Rawlings also added his
suggestion that Wilma should try to arrest or eliminate the perp. To which
Wilma had to say, "I'm afraid we can't - he's trapped in a loop!" She
turned to the council and explained, "We first met the perp in the future,
where he had a older version of me as a prisoner, after we escaped he fled
to the past and started an incursion, we've yet to catch up with him, and
when we do he's going to capture me and hold me prisoner - as a prisoner
I'm going to infect his band with the nanites, escape from his clutches and
return home, leaving a younger version of myself to chase him back into the
distant past. That is his whole existence, he kidnaps me, I escape and
chase him, I defeat him and then allow him to kidnap me and so the cycle
carries on!"

A council member interrupts her, "But where did he come from?"

Wilma shrugged her shoulders, "Who can say, when he first comes to our
attention he's just stolen a time capsule model GV589, a model which we've
later found out has designs on destroying our whole time line, we hope
we've destroyed that model, but there must have been a time when it took
over the perp. We just don't know!"

A second council member then spoke up, "What if we don't send you,
wouldn't that break the time loop?"

Wilma sighed, "No councillor, I'm afraid that would create a paradox,
I've already lived through two meetings with the perp. I have to continue
with the plan, it's part of established history as far as I'm concerned,
and you are aware of the policy on established history." She shook her
head, "I'm sorry councillors, we have to proceed with the plan, I must
admit I don't like it but I'm assured that when, you notice I say when not
if, when I return I'll have my memories altered so that little of the
abuses I suffer will remain, I've also had a hypnotic conditioner done, to
move my conscious mind into a safe holding area, with certain triggers to
wake me up. Although my body will still be at his command, my mind will be
safe. Any further questions?"

There were none, but the president of the council said, "It's a terrible
thing you are doing Wilma, I do hope you'll be alright!"

Wilma tried to smile, "Don't worry Madam President, I will return" with
that she and Rawlings turned and left the council chamber.

As they left the room Rawlings said, "I hope you're right Wilma, it's a
difficult task you've set yourself."

Wilma nodded, "Yes I know, but we still need to find the bastard!"

------------------------------------------------------------------ 1738
- Nevis, the Mountravers plantation.

My Personal chronicles

With the death of my father, I decided to make some changes in the
running of the plantation, I expanded the number of male slaves to continue
working in the fields for the sugar cane, I started to buy large quantities
of Iron and I found some crystals that seemed to take my fancy.

It was agony hiding inside that mind, I could direct it as I wanted and
make it seem that Adam was really doing it himself - I had plans to
complete, First I had to train some soldiers and get them used to modern
weapons, the slave force was perfect to do this, I would bring them to the
medical cabinet and hypnotise them to follow my orders, no matter what. I
amused myself one day by ordering one of them to rape his sister and then
kill her, it was wonderful to hear her screams as her roughly entered her,
she still didn't realise why he was doing this upto the point where he cut
her throat. When he was finished with her I made him kill himself. I mean
if he'd do that to his own sister what would he do to me?

The slaves are behaving themselves, but with the establishment of their
village and food that I'm providing they realise that I'm a good master, we
did have one case of a slave going mad, he did unspeakable things to his
sister before killing her and himself, there was great moaning and wailing
in the village at the funerals.

The strange thing was that Adam wasn't aware of my presence in his mind,
of course if he did I would know and be able to re-direct his thoughts away
from me, I was growing stronger though and eventually would overcome his
mind completely.

My plan was simple, I'd increase the number of slaves and through
hypnotism train them in the use of weapons, then transport them into the
future where they would wreak havoc, while doing that, I'd be able to
infiltrate the time corps or at least get one of them and adjust him, with
this young healthy body I should be able to accomplish that.

It's strange but there are times when I can't remember, whole hours seem
to vanish, but as the slaves don't seem to take any notice I don't suppose
I've done anything wrong, I find that I've taken to having a bed warmer
each night, it's strange I hadn't really thought about having slaves as
sexual partners before, but somehow it seems right, after all why would God
have placed me in such a position over these lesser being, I should be able
to treat them as I wish.

I've also been slightly guiding Adam's mind into the path I want to
follow, and I sometimes 'listen' in to his coupling with the slaves, I find
it rather amusing, and he still thinks it's his ideas. I will miss him
when the time comes!

Present Time - Panic in the streets

It started as a small item in the news:

'There are reports of armed men roaming the streets at night, attacking
anybody they meet, the police have tried to arrest these men, but cannot
find out who they are or where they come from'.

Then the attacks escalated - city blocks were targeted, but the people
running the attacks seemed to disappear into thin air, finally the police
got a break, one of the men, managed to say that he was from Nevis. At
first this confused people as they thought he meant Ben Nevis, a mountain
in England, then they realised he meant the Caribbean island of Nevis, they
sent his photograph to the island police, who said he was not recognised

When questioned further he said he was from Mountravers

The city police insisted that that was were he was from, the reply they
received, "Mountravers? That place is history." didn't really satisfy
them, a team of detectives was sent out to investigate, they found the
local police helpful - which surprised them, and what was even more
surprising was when they arrived at Mountravers, to find the trees had
completely covered the site, which hadn't been inhabited for decades.

The question everyone was asking was: - "So where did he come from?" he
was so insistent under questioning that nobody could say he wasn't telling
the truth! Then they got the idea to ask the Time Corps to help them.

A team was sent to gather whatever information they could; they started
with the obvious question. 'What is the year?' To which they got the reply
'1838' the man seemed confused and dazed, the police had put it down to
drugs, but the team decided to take him to a hospital where his condition
could be diagnosed properly.

The results were amazing, the toxicology tests found no trace of modern
pollutants, psychological tests showed that he'd been deeply hypnotised,
but was shaking off the effects of the hypnotism. The general tests showed
that he'd worked hard all his life, mainly outdoors, there was scar tissue
on his hands which showed that he had not be using machinery, their summary
was - This man does not come from this time.

Wilma managed to get hold of the report she showed it to Rawlings, who
was nursing a knock on his head, which he'd received during a break-in at
the headquarters, "So what am I looking at?" He asked.

Wilma pointed to the information, "He's off-time, from this Mountraver's
place in the year 1838, and our perp must be there! It's time boss, we
have to plan our attack!"

Rawlings seemed a bit disorientated, "Attack him? - I don't think this
is the best time to do that. We don't have any established facts just yet.
I suggest you send a recon. team to investigate. Let them find the
problem, set up a base camp and then report back."

Wilma nodded and went to arrange the team, it wasn't until later she
realise that Rawlings had seemed wrong when he spoke to her.

The team was given definite instructions, "Get to Nevis in 1838, try to
find out everything you can about the set-up, our target should be the man in charge, try to get a plan of the place, and we'll need a location where
we can insert into, and keep your heads down, we don't want to lose any of
you out there!"

The men saluted and entered their time capsule, which after a few
minutes shimmered out of sight. Wilma watched them leave.

It isn't really understood that although it is possible to appear at any
place, at any time, travelling to a time destination takes time, so the
Time Corps talk of objective time and subjective time, always ensuring they
are paid according to subjective time. Wilma knew that to get to 1838 from
her time would take a half hour, so didn't wait for the team to report
their arrival, she returned to her apartment with a request to the computer
to alert her when a report was available.

Michael was playing with Pauline, the girl was looking around the room
with her large, too serious eyes, she saw Wilma and smiled at her, holding
up her arms, Wilma bent down and picked her up, the child's hand pulling at
her face.

Wilma looked at Michael and back at Pauline, she realised that soon
she'd be going away for a long time, for her that was - for the children
she'd only be away for a day. Tears started to fall down her cheeks,
Michael went to her and held them both, he kissed Wilma and said, "It's
soon isn't it?" She couldn't say anything, but nodded her head, Michael
kissed her again, "I'm coming with you, and I'm going to make sure you're
safe when you get onto that bastards craft!"

Wilma shook her head, "No Michael, I can't let you endanger yourself,
you're needed here to look after the children, what if something goes

Michael still held her and kissed her again, "It's alright, I've spoken
to Rawlings, I'm going to get my field agent's badge back for this one
mission only, we're going to place the kids in stasis, they won't even know
we've been gone, and when we get back we'll be a family again"

Wilma gave a small smile, "Won't they notice when I've suddenly aged?"

Michael shook his head, "Nope! Rawlings' allowed for a rejuvenation
adjustment as part of the re-implantation, he's sparing no expense."

Wilma shook his head, "No way! That's not like Rawlings at all, he's
changed I think that bump on his head's done something to him, made him
more human."

Michael started to smile, and then frowned, "You're right, it isn't like
him." He walked to the computer screen and spoke into it for a moment, the
screen cleared and showed Rawlings' office. Michael spoke to Wilma, "this
is a few minutes before the break in, I've told the computer to concentrate
on Rawlings."

They watched the screen as somebody knocked on Rawlings' door, he looked
up as the door opened, then there was an electrical discharge of a stun
gun, Rawlings fell back in his chair, a man brought in a rubbish trolley
and placed Rawlings body inside, The trolley was then pushed out of the
room, the camera's followed the route taken by the trolley as it entered
the main travel craft room, it was rolled inside a small emergency unit
which vanished into the time stream, the screen went blank.

Michael looked at Wilma, "The break in was a rouse - the main target was

Wilma went to a communications unit and patched herself in to the guards
circuitry, "This is Deputy Chief Investigator Wilma Jenkins, emergency code
555 target Chief Investigator Rawlings, detain, I repeat code 555 on
Investigator Rawlings. Detain." - code 555 meant that an operator may be
an impostor, there were two possible commands with the code, detain or
oblit. (Where the impostor was summarily executed) - the code had never
been used before.

The expected response came immediately, "This is Security officer
Morris, please give command code and password." Wilma was please, someone
who knew the procedure!

"The command code is Delta Gamma 555 Epsilon, the password is Gibbon,
repeat Gibbon." Wilma smiled as she spoke - she'd never arrested her boss

Morris's voice spoke again, "Thank you Deputy Chief Investigator - code
and password match, we are underway!" and the line went dead

Wilma looked at Michael, "Sorry, but I've got to go back to work." She
kissed him and his daughter and left the apartment.

Present day (12 hours previous)

My Personal chronicles

The diversions were going to plan, I had to direct the craft to the Time
Corps headquarters, with any luck I might be able to get my target, that
Blasted Wilma Jenkins she had defeated me in the future and, from my
fragmented memories in Rome - I had been so close. I looked at a chart on
the wall, running my fingers down the J's - Jenkins, Wilma - off time.

Drat I couldn't get her, I then looked at the top name, Rawlings - Chief
Investigator - IN, well I couldn't get the Gander, I'll have to settle for
the Goose, I picked up a large rubbish trolley and started to move it down
the corridor, I found the room and knocked on the door.

The voice from inside said, "Come in" and, as I opened the door, I drew
my pistol, he didn't even move as I hit him with the stun ray, he just had
a puzzled expression on his face as he slumped back in his chair.

I managed to get him into the trolley and started to push it down the
corridor back to the time machine, I noticed that the lights seemed to be
getting dar. . . .

Where was I? The last thing I remember was getting into the bed with my
newest slave, and was about to bless her with my body, and now I'm here
walking along this strange passageway pushing an object on wheels, what is
happening to me, am I going mad?. . . .

My head was pounding, I must be draining myself out with this, Adam's
mind seems to be fighting back, I shook my head to clear it and pushed the
trolley faster, I got to the transport and started it up to prevent anyone
from attacking me.

While we were travelling I placed the man into the medical cabinet and
switched it on, he went into stasis immediately, his mind was open to me, I
smiled and gave 'my' instructions, he was to make Wilma Jenkins chase after
me in 6 months time, my time, I was not to be killed by any operative, he
wasn't to do anything that would jeopardise my self, but he had to get
Jenkins to come after me. Me. me. .

I awoke to find myself on the floor, how did I get here? Never mind. I
checked that my prisoner was still in stasis, went into the second room and
sat down on the bed, I'm trying too much at once, that must be it, I was so
tired, had to sleep . . .

Now I was in a small room, almost a cell, there was no window and I'm
not sure how I got here, perhaps I am going mad and this is a cell in the
prison at Charlestown, but the bed is comfy, I could sleep on this, if
fact, I will!

Present Time - Arrest of Rawlings

Wilma arrived at the office just in time to find CTI Rawlings being
surrounded by a team of men - he looked confused, he stared up at Wilma.

"Investigator Jenkins, what's the meaning of this?" he asked but in a
calm voice, almost resigned to the handcuffs placed on his wrists.

Wilma tried to sound apologetic, "I'm sorry Boss, but what happened on
the day you were kidnapped?"

This really did puzzle him, "Kidnapped, no you've got that wrong, I was
attacked not kidnapped. Why did you say that?"

Wilma looked at the team who still had their stun guns drawn, "Boss?
After you were shocked what happened?" She asked.

Rawlings confused look increased as he tried to remember, "I wasn't
shocked, I heard a noise and went to the door, as I opened it I got hit on
the head," He bent down to show the plaster covering the wound. "I would
have remembered being shocked."

Wilma nodded as if in agreement, "Oh yes, sorry. It must have been
quite a shock when the door opened and the person pointed his gun at you."

Rawlings also nodded, "Yes, I didn't know if it was bullets or . . . "
His voice trailed off, then he started again, "But." he paused again, and
then restarted, "If I was behind my desk, how did I open the door?" He
looked at Wilma; his mind was made up. "Investigator Jenkins, please take
over while this is being investigated."

Wilma saluted and said "Yes Sir." She turned to the team, "Commander I
think CTI Rawlings requires a full medical examination, make sure that his
mental state is checked for hypnosis. I'll need a report in one hour, I'll
be here waiting for it."

The commander of the team shook his head, "Madam, I don't think they'll
be able to do that, not within that time."

Wilma wasn't moved, she said, "Commander I'm afraid that we need to know
what happened and how much damage has been done since the 'break-in', we
may have damage limitations to do!"

The commander saluted and his men helped Rawlings to the medical
section, Wilma sat down in Rawlings seat and started to look through his
papers, trying to find some clue as to what had happened. She came across
a requisition form for a travel cabinet. Destination not logged, reason
not logged. Time Corps authorisation for CTI Rawlings use only.

She pressed an intercom button, when it was answered she said, "This is
Deputy Chief Jenkins, I need information on travel cabinet requisitioned by
CTI Rawlings, I need to know the insertion point and length of subjective
time spent?"

The report was back in seconds, "Deputy Jenkins, I'm sorry to report
that the memory of the transport was wiped in accordance with CTI Rawlings
instructions, we've only got a subjective time available, which was a
quarter of an hour."

Wilma acknowledged the report and signed off, then she considered, "Only
a quarter hour at the insert point, what could be done it that time, bomb
planted? Programs wiped? What had he done?

She shook her head. They would find out in the fullness of time, that
was the trouble with it - it revealed everything. A search of Rawlings
files produced no further details, apart from an authorisation for Wilma to
travel to Nevis, destination year 1840, but how did Rawlings know the date
already? They were still waiting for the report from the team - Wilma made

She flipped a switch, "Comms?" she said, when they acknowledged she
continued, "Get in touch with the Nevis team in 1838, get details of
surrounds, could we insert a team to this Mountravers area? If not could
they suggest the best way to arrive on site? Also is there any trace of
temporal disturbances in the area, I know that would be their first task
but we have to get as much details as possible. Got that?"

The communications section read back her inquiries and passed them onto
their team, she waited for the answer, sitting back in the seat. A buzzer
sounded, Wilma flicked a switch, "Yes," she said.

"Medical Section here," Was the reply, "Primary report on CTI Rawlings.
Post hypnotic commands found, they're extensive, we're going to have to
work slowly on this, but the primary one is to allow you to chase your
target to Nevis in 1840, we don't know why there's no further details,
we've found a secondary command, but can't decipher it, but it doesn't
refer to any person so we're not really bothered about it!"

Wilma thought for a moment, "How soon can you clear him, we do need him
back here." she thought about that for a moment, Rawlings was a pain in the
ass, but one of the best directors the Corps had, at least for the past few

The reply from the medical section was cautious, "About 2 to 3 months,"
at Wilma's exclamation they continued. "We have to ensure that there is no
lasting effects or any other post-hypnotic commands that we've missed."

Wilma had to consider this, either run off the handle now or wait, it
didn't really matter as her destination would be in the past, so she'd
still get there on time, she nodded her head and said, "Okay, but as soon
as he's ready we need him back, please do your best."

The doctor at the other end sounded annoyed, "Deputy. We always do our
best!" and they cut the connection.

Wilma smiled at their response, then she considered. Their target knew
she'd be coming, that she'd arrive in 1840 - he'll expect her to appear
near him, she shouldn't do that then! She should establish herself in the
time frame before she confronted him, and then she realised this was a job
that she had to lose. Do what he wanted, just turn up and allow him to
capture her. She shook her head; no she didn't want to lose without a

------------------------------------------------------------------ 1738
- Nevis, the Mountravers plantation.

My Personal chronicles

Disaster! The bloody fools, they've abolished slavery! HOW COULD THEY?

This has caused my plans to go awry, I can't force the blasted blacks to
work! I have to pay them! As if allowing them food wasn't enough, luckily
the ones here realise how well the Huggins have treated them, so I've only
lost a few to other plantations.

My trained troops are still loyal to me, I've given them positions just
below the overseers, and they're able to use whatever women they fancy.

My people in Charlestown tell me that some new whites have arrived, but
no-body knows from where, that's the blessings of living on such a small
island. I suppose they're from the blasted Times Corps; trying to find me.
How they managed to guess this time and place I don't know, but I've
already set my plans.

I was lucky to capture that idiot; he succumbed to the programming
without too much fuss, which was good as I wasn't really in control of
myself, I never did find out what happened but his responses were exactly
what I expected.

Thinking back over the last few months I must admit that the news has
been good, although I welcomed the freedom of the slaves I did worry about
the state of their souls, and have asked the local vicar to visit more

I've found it difficult to ensure that the maids realise that they still
should be attending to my needs at night, so of them appear to be worried
and frighten of me, but I'm not sure why, I try to bless them when I enjoy

The mind of Adam Huggins has started to get fainter as I exert more
pressure on it, I'm becoming more in command of the body. I've taken to
doing more exercise and to develop muscles, I'm going to need them in the
years to come.

I've given instructions for Wilma to be sent to me in one and a half
year's time, I've got plans for her, a special room would be ready then,
I'm setting it up now. All I have to do is move the whips and manacles
from the storage to the room, I'm showing the slaves that these are being
destroyed - that we were now being kind to our slaves in accordance with
the new laws, but there are always those who still deserve controlling,
some of the maids around here are getting too big for their boots, and have
to be taught lessons!

I seem to have shaken off the effects of the machine code that had
remained; it proves that the human mind is stronger than people think.

All I have to do now is to maintain control, be kind to the slaves - no
the workers, and wait for Wilma Jenkins to appear in this world - Then

Present Time - Four months later.

"Here you are Boss," Wilma spoke to Rawlings, "I've kept everything
almost as you left it."

Rawlings looked around at the office; paperwork was neatly filed away;
report cards prominently displayed, diary filled out, he looked first at
the expense book, Wilma smiled, 'Yes, he's back to normal' She thought.

He looked up, "Er. Wilma - I mean Deputy Jenkins. I have to thank you,
I understand that some of the programming I was given would have brought
down the Time Corps, if you hadn't realised something was wrong everything
would be in ruins due to my mismanagement." He was awkward about this,
never good at apologising for anything.

Wilma smiled at his embarrassment, "That's okay boss, it was fun
arresting you. I liked the look on your face."

He gave a pained look, "Wilma, I know I'm always shouting at you, but
you are the best person we have, If anything happened to me it's been my
recommendation that you'd be promoted to this position, think about the
past few months as a training period."

Wilma had to smile at that, "A training period? Dropped in at the deep
end I'd call it. Does it always take so long to get the comms section to
get a response from field teams?"

Rawlings nodded, "Yes, its something to do with the Doppler shift of the
time lines, you do get used to it. You found it's not easy sitting in this
chair didn't you?"

She nodded; there had been times she'd returned to her apartment, hours
late, exhausted and just dropped into her bed, she didn't even have time to
undress before she was asleep. Michael had been very considerate, although
there were times when she would just snap at him for the smallest problem,
but he still supported her.

The staff, although hard working, had to be motivated sometimes - for
motivation read 'a boot in the ass', but seemed to take it in good humour,
all in all she was sorry that she was leaving the chair, but happy that
she'd be going back to field work.

Rawlings looked at her, "What's happening in your case?"

She knew what he was referring to, she drew in a deep breath, Rawlings
recognised the signs of a long-winded story and gestured for her to sit
down, which she did; and then she started.

"Our target is located in the Island of Nevis, a small island of the
Caribbean chain, his time frame is 1836 to 1840, we're not sure of his
exact location, our operatives can't find him from the descriptions we
have, so somehow he's changed his appearance." She drew another breath, now
for the part he wasn't going to like.

"From information you supplied, our target is going to be waiting for me
to arrive in 1840, our teams have advised that their sudden appearance
caused problems, but we've be successful in inserting teams into the time
frame on St. Kitts and then sailing to Caddis Bay at Nevis at the damaged
port of Jamestown, they've been able to travel to the capital of
Charlestown and accepted without question, so this is how I'm going to

Rawlings interrupted her, "What do you mean? How are you going to get
there? Why can't you just insert yourself into the timeframe directly?
That way you'll be able to interact with the perp. directly."

Wilma shook her head and then explained. "We have a charter with a
local captain who sails the route; our contacts in Nevis and St. Kitts are
established now as importers they're a second team to the ones sent
originally, we found that there's a problem with people just turning up on
a small island - everybody is known and strangers attract too much
attention, by having the trading post at Charlestown we can get equipment
directly inserted into the area, but people? No way! But a passenger
arriving on a ship from St. Kitts easy to explain."

"Back to the plot, once my team and myself arrive we'll arm ourselves
with the stun guns and proceed to the Mountravers Plantation, try to locate
the perp. This is where we'll have to be careful. I have to be captured
without showing that this is our plan."

Rawlings looked at her, "I thought we'd agree that you'd try to capture
the perp.?"

Wilma shook her head, "That was never the plan boss," she said, "You
were all for the capture or removal of the perp. We have to maintain the
time line, otherwise our history would be changed, we did do it and so we
have to do it, and I mean we have to ensure that our history won't be
altered by tipping our hand."

Rawlings threw up his hands, "Okay, so you get captured! History is
assured and we are safe, what's going to happen to you?"

Wilma just looked at him. "You really don't want to know boss, I've
been assured that my main cognitive functions will be held behind a mental
screen, I've got prepared key words or phrases that will pull me out at
times, I'm assured that once I'm fully active my bodily status won't be a
burden to me, I'd just ignore it. They've tested it and have video'd the
whole thing just to prove it to me. It wasn't nice, I was just like a
zombie following orders, but when I came out from it I was aware of what
I'd done, and could describe it to them, but it didn't disturb me at all.
The did a memory wipe to prove that it also works, so apart from removing
the implant after my job, I'll have to make the report and then will have
my memory wiped, remind me that I have to do it in that order, it would be
pointless to wipe my memory first and then expect a report!" She gave a wry
smile at that, a smile that was not returned by Rawlings.

"Wilma. I wouldn't mind if that happened, just as long as you get back
okay!" He said,

Wilma couldn't resist it; she patted him on the arm, "Don't worry boss,
I'll return to haunt you if I don't!"

He smiled at her, "I do believe you would at that!" He said, then added;
"Okay then, when are you leaving?"

Wilma consulted her watch, "Well, we've got to get the kids into stasis,
so that they don't notice we've gone, I've got to get the long term implant
installed and the nanites tested, and the Doc's are going to check the
hypnotic suggestions and shields, my team and I won't be able to leave
before tomorrow morning."

Rawlings nodded, now that he understood the plan and unknowingly
following some suggestions from the doctors, he said. "Okay then Wilma, I
think you'd better get some time off now and prepare yourself, I'll see you
before you leave." And then he turned to his paperwork, Wilma left the
office, she was used to her boss not saying goodbye, he never knew if it
would be the last time.


Wilma returned to her apartment, Michael was already preparing the
children for the stasis cabinets, Intombi was crying as Michael said they
would be away for just a moment, Pauline was too young to understand what
was happening and smiled at Wilma as she entered.

"Mummy I don't want to go!" Intombi said.

Wilma kissed his head, "It's alright darling," She said, "You'll just
lie down in a well lit box and you'll get up immediately again, It's just
like the medical examination, we'll be there all the time!" Which was true,
he would never know that time had passed, and he was used to the medical
cabinets, and so he was placated.

"Okay mummy" was all he said, Wilma carried Pauline in her arms as they
went to the medical section, Intombi held onto Michael's hand and walked
behind her.

The medical staff smiled at the children as they entered the room, the
chief doctor came up to them and looked at the two children, "Ah, there you
are, we're all ready for you," He said, in a friendly manner, "now you know
the routine, just lie down in here and you'll be out in a moment."

Giggling Pauline squirmed out of Wilma's arms and ran to the cabinet, it
had a cartoon character on the front of it and a small television screen
was showing a cartoon on its display, she pulled open the cabinet and
closed the door, immediately the stasis field started up, the music and
cartoon stopped and the girl was as still as a statue.

Intombi looked at Wilma and Michael, "You're going away for some time
aren't you?" He asked, Wilma nodded - she had decided never to lie to the
children about their work - Intombi ran to Wilma and kissed her, then in a
strange voice said; "You will return, you will be changed but don't worry
everything will be fine!" Wilma looked at her son, his eyes were unfocused
looking at something else, then they moved to Wilma and in a normal voice
said, "I'll see you soon mummy." He then kissed Michael and solemnly walked
to the other cabinet and closed the door.

Michael looked at Wilma, "What did he say?"

She shook her head; "He knows! At his age he knows! But he said that I
will return and everything will be fine? But how could he know?"

Michael hugged her, "I don't know. But I have notice that the children
of the time corps teams seem to know about things that will happen."

A female doctor overheard them and spoke up, "Pardon me but did you say
your son spoke about your mission?"

Wilma nodded, the doctor smiled, "Don't worry, we've been receiving
reports from all over, it seems that there is a, well it seems to be a
alteration in the genes of time travellers, their children have the ability
to see into the future, it's a fascinating development."

Wilma nodded but Michael spluttered, "A fascinating development! That's
my son you're talking about!"

The doctor had the grace to look embarrassed, "I'm sorry Investigator,
it's just that we've been so overwhelmed with enquiries from concerned
parents, but there is nothing wrong with the children, that's why I said
there was no need to worry," She smiled at both Wilma and Michael to
reassure them.

Wilma was still troubled, but made a note to investigate this trend,
maybe the next generation of Time Enforcers should be able to sense the
future, but careful training would be necessary, she sent the note onto
Rawlings, and received a reply that he was aware the children and plans
were in hand. The reply also said that she should stop wasting time and
carry on with the plan.

Wilma smiled as she read the last part; it was like Rawlings to push
when he didn't need to! But she was used to this, she turned to the
doctors who were waiting for her, "Well, I'm ready for the implant." She
said as she walked to the waiting medical unit.

-------------------------------------------------------------------o The
Caribbean - between St. Kitts and Nevis - 1840

On the Ship 'Pride of St. Kitts' the captain was talking to Wilma,
"It's all very well giving the slave their freedom, but what are they
supposed to do with it? I mean it's not as if they're able to buy their
passage back to their homelands, even if the heathens know where they're
from, I mean take that one of yours, would he be able to pay his passage
back home?"

Wilma smiled, "Probably not, but Michael is happy to remain with me,
he's been with my family for years." She confided in the captain. They
were in his cabin having dinner, the trip from St. Kitts to Nevis would
take a couple of days and since Wilma was the only female on board the
captain had taken to inviting her to his cabin for meals instead of leaving
her to eat with the crew, however Michael and the other members of her team
had to 'rough it'.

Wilma cut into the fish, freshly caught that morning, and started to eat
it, she didn't really like the way that the captain was talking about the
ex-slaves, but he was a native to this time, not one of the time corps
people, as far as he knew Wilma was visiting her father on Nevis, a man inserted into the time line five years previously to establish himself on
the island.

The captain cleared his throat, "Is this your first visit to the
Islands?" he asked.

Wilma nodded, "Yes," She said and then continued, "Father wanted to
ensure that he was able to make some money before inviting me to see him.
My husband had sponsored his venture, that was before he died of course."

The captain seemed puzzled, "Your Father?" he asked,

Wilma laughed, "No, my husband, he died a couple of years ago, but he
had left instructions that I should check personally on the investments
he'd managed." This was the fabrication that had been arranged and could be
checked on should anyone want to do so.

The captain concentrated on his words, "It must be very arduous for a
woman such as yourself to travel all this way, couldn't you have let
someone else do it?"

Wilma shook her head, "No, Donald was quite clear on the subject, anyway
my servants look after me when I'm travelling, so I've no worries, as for
the travelling I quite enjoy it, Papa's family allowed me to go on the
grand tour when I was younger, and I think of this as the next stage."

The captain smiled, "How very enlighten of you," He wasn't being
sarcastic - woman's suffrage wasn't even thought of yet, "Well at least
these waters are relatively safe, although about 40 years ago they weren't
that safe, what with corsairs and other pirates abound, they'd board the
ships and kill the crews, what they would do with a pretty woman like
yourself. . . Well it doesn't bear thinking about." He looked embarrassed
at talking like that, it was obviously a story he liked to recount, but not
with mixed company, or at least the woman who was with him.

"Really captain, you do worry me with your words," She knew that there
were no pirates in the area, and it didn't hurt to flatter the man, the
rest of the meal was spent with happy words and she left the captain as he
checked his charts, she returned to her cabin where Michael was waiting.

"And how was the captains' dinner?" He asked her,

Wilma smiled, "I wouldn't know I had my own plate, the fish was
delightful. How was your dinner?" She said.

"Well the biscuits were okay if you didn't mind the weevils!" He said,
"In fact the crew was trying to get me to give up my life as a slave!" He
had a grin on his face; "They couldn't understand how I could remain with
my oppressive mistress now that slavery was no more."

Wilma laughed, "Well I hope you told them why you were staying with me."

He nodded, "Yes, I've told them that there were more things than money
keeping me with you, I think they got the wrong end of the stick, quite a
few of them nudged me and told me I was well in there"

Wilma smiled, "If they only knew! Oh well, back to work, I've got the
latest intelligence report about Mountravers, it seems that the plantation
owner has been there since before his father died, so we're looking at an
overseer, but they're all accounted for and have been known for over ten
years, we're missing something I feel it, all the evidence points to
someone high up at Mountravers, but everyone's accounted for."

-------------------------------------------------------- Mountravers
Plantation 1840

My Personal chronicles

I keep having these blackouts, and I'm suffering from headaches - I've
tried speaking to doctors but all they say is that there is nothing wrong
with me, I can't stand this pain, and have to take potions to alleviate it.

This blasted body was starting to become too much, I've almost
overpowered the personality of Adam Huggins and I've found that by using
the medical cabinet in the time capsule I can erase him permanently. - I
have got rid of 'my' body, which by now was a desiccated husk, I removed
the coat it was wearing, which seems to be in good order.

Now all I have to do is to await the arrival of Wilma Jenkins, the plan
I've given her superior dictates that she will arrive by time capsule to
the old town of Jamestown, there is a warehouse there which escaped the
flood, my men are waiting there for her. Although there have been a few
grumbles about the waste of time, I have impressed on them the importance
of following orders, but I have allowed them to have access to some of the
younger female slaves just to appease them.

I'm worried about the headaches that I'm inflicting on Adam, if he take
too much of the laudanum potion he may take an overdose and kill us both,
I'm going to have to get to the cabinet and work on removing him, I will
have to retain his memories in order to keep control here though.

I have a notion to go to the strange box I found, for some reason I
believe that there is a cure for my ailment within. . .

I have accessed a door within the box, I'm surprised that I hadn't
notice the expanse of this box before, but I must find this miracle cure
that should be within, somehow I'm being guided to a small coffin like box,
I open the door and it is empty, for some reason I thought that a corpse
may have been within, but the aspect of the box isn't frightening, I enter
it and close the door.


I open the door to the medical cabinet, on checking the readings the
secondary personality of Adam Huggins has been completely submerged and
blocked from ever disturbing me again. So I'm finally free of the shackles
of his personality, I can concentrate on taking my revenge on Wilma

help me, someone please help me!

---------------------------------------------------------------- On
board the 'Pride of St. Kitts' - 1840

Michael and Wilma were checking on the equipment once again, ensuring
that nothing had been missed, although they'd already checked through it
beforehand, due to the nanites now inhabiting Wilma's body they could only
kiss each other, Michael could have had preventative treatment but both he
and Wilma had decided that it would be safer not to.

Wilma looked at Michael, her eyes showing the hurt inside her, "I know
this is hard Michael, but we've been over this, he has to capture me. You
have to keep your head down, but make it seem good he mustn't know anything
is wrong. Now I've arrange with our agent to get us invited to a ball at
Mountravers, the owner Huggins seems to have one every few weeks and always
has the new arrivals invited, luckily daddy has managed to drop hint that
I'm arriving so we should be okay with that. While I'm charming the
landowner I suggest you make inquiries with the slaves, see if there's been
any changes, if any of the overseers have altered anything."

Michael nodded his head, it was true they had been over the plan, and
until they found where their target was located nothing could be done, or
at least seen to be done.

Wilma took the role of the pampered rich tourist with her slave to
heart, making a nuisance with the sailors, moaning about how they make the
deck untidy, their language and their appearance, in short they type of
person who would never appear to be concealing themselves. Wilma wanted
her character to be well known on the island by the time she arrived. And
as Michael pointed out she was succeeding.

"You know what they're calling you down below?" He asked her, as they
were packing to disembark.

Wilma smiled at him, "No, do tell." She said.

"The perfect example of an Englishman - expecting your own way and
shouting when you don't get it!" he smiled back at her, I think they're
planning to get stinking drunk when they get to port and leave us to unload
for ourselves."

Wilma giggled, "Good! The plan is working. Don't forget to leave one
trunk behind, so I can moan at you for forgetting it!"

Michael pointed to a medium sized crate by the bed, "Already done," He
said, "only please mistress don't beat your poor slave too harshly."

Wilma nodded her head, "At least here you know how a husband should
behave to his wife!"

Michael almost laughed out loud, "At this time the husband is entitled
to treat his wife as his chattel, if you refuse your wifely duties I'm
entitled to beat you soundly as is my right - it's in the bible so it must
be true."

Wilma shrank back, but was laughing, "Just you wait 'till I get you home
again, then I'll show you who's the boss!"

Michael saluted and replied, "Yes boss, certainly boss, you're the boss,

Wilma saluted back and said, "And don't you forget it!" The ship rocked
slightly as it was tied up against the dock, "That was a smooth docking,
you must admit they really know what they're doing in this time." She said
admiringly, "Oh well, back to bitch mode, Come on slave lets get the trunks
on deck."

Michael nodded, "Yes mistress, allow me to open the door for you." Which
he did and Wilma walked out of her cabin and up the narrow stairway to the
deck above, leaving Michael to bring the trunks, the few they had in the
cabin - there were some more held in the hold, by himself.

Once she was on the deck she found the captain and thanked him for his
hospitality as any polite person would, then she went to the gangplank and
started to berate the poor unfortunate seaman who was trying to tie it

"Well," She said, "Hurry up, my father is waiting for me you know."

The sailor went red in the face but managed not to reply to her, however
as Michael struggled with the trunks he was told, "What you need to do is
give her a real good seeing to." At which he nodded, but kept quiet (later
he and Wilma laughed over the words)

While they were on the dock and Wilma was just getting into a pony and
trap she shouted, "Where are my dresses, the trunk's missing I suppose
you've left it behind? Well then you can just go back and get it, you've
got father's address, I'll expect to see you in a couple of hours!" And she
was driven off leaving Michael on the dock to return to the ship.

As he walked up the gangplank the sailors watched him, he went down to
the cabin and picked up the trunk, which was a medium size, but manageable.
As he returned to the deck what he and Wilma hoped would happen did.

"Hey, since she doesn't need you for a while, why not have some grog
with us? We're off to the tavern and she'll never know." A sailor said,
Michael made a show of considering and then nodded, a group of the crew
took the trunk and they all disembarked from the ship and made for the
nearest well lit and open door.

It was some time later, that a happy and apparently highly drunk slave
carried his mistresses trunk to a doorway, where loud voices could be heard
a few minutes later, an eavesdropper would have decided that a wayward
slave was being severally told off for his misdemeanor.

What was happening was that while she was injecting him with a
detoxicating solution, Michael and Wilma were shouting out a script
designed to mislead anyone who might have been following Michael.

When he was completely sober he made his report; "The Mountravers
plantation has had no new overseers for several years, in fact there's been
no changes at all since before the old master died and the young master
took over, they traveled together and arrived here so there's no chance
that our target is one of them. There was a report of a mysterious box
that appeared, but there's been no word on what was inside, so whether our
target is still there is stasis I can't say." He paused and winced as the
alcohol was purged from his system, "There's been an increase in the number
of male slaves, sorry indentured workers, and they don't seem to be working
on the fields, but have special training sessions. I couldn't find out who
is running the sessions, I'm sorry."

Wilma hugged him, "That's okay, it was a long shot, well at least we're
here, and I don't think our target is aware of our presence just yet, what
we'll do is a bit of sightseeing here in Charlestown and then hire a pony
and trap and look around the island."

Michael nodded, and then said, "What about Jamestown, will we be going

Wilma considered, "No. Since that was where he wanted us to go we'll
leave it until later, let him sweat for a change, anyway my invitation to
the ball is for tomorrow evening, I want to look my best." And with that
both she and Michael went to, separate, beds.

-------------------------------------------------------- Mountravers
Plantation 1840

My Personal chronicles

I don't understand it - my men should have caught Jenkins by now!

I think they're slacking, so I've increased the training routine and
decreased their food allowance, perhaps that will encourage them to get
their act together.

I've decreased their privileges, just to show them who's the boss, I
know Jenkins should be arriving soon and they've got to overpower her.

In the meantime as part of 'Adams' normal life arrangements are in hand
for the ball to be held here, it was difficult to keep up the pretence, but
I don't want to ruin my life here. I have got plans to live out my life,
or whatever it is, here.

However the next day brought a surprise, I couldn't believe it when the
carriages arrived, among the guests was Mary Watkins, her father was the
owner of a warehouse in Charlestown, although it may be true - she was the
splitting image of Wilma Jenkins!


Wilma arrived at Mountravers, where the owner Adam Huggins, welcomed
her. In some ways he was strangely familiar, but then while time travelling
you sometimes meet up with the ancestors of people you know.

Michael was sent to the kitchen area, where he would wait for his
mistress to leave, while he was there he tried to listen for any clues as
to his target.

One of the slave girls was crying, "It's not fair, why does Massa want
me again tonight? It should be Dorcas's turn!"

The elder slave in charge of the household slapped her face. "Now
listen, you's is working for Massa, you's should be please Massa likes you
so much that he's keeps asking for you's."

"But mamma, he's changed haven't you's noticed, he's used to be so
carefree 'afore old Massa sent him away to school, and since he's found
that box thing. . . I mean its like he's a different fella at times, but
then he's back to his-self, but lately he's been creepy." The young slave
looked around, "Likea some spirit's done ataken his soul."

Michael jumped up knocking the chair down onto the floor, the elder
slave looked at him, "Whatsya doing that fo?" She asked, "Dems jus stupid
girl talk, ain't no concerns of ya's is it?"

Michael looked at the chair, "Sorry," he said, "But I's just 'membered
something, needs to tell me mistress." And he left the kitchen - if the
girl wasn't just being tetchy about her duties as a bed warmer and there
was something wrong with Adam Huggins then Wilma was in trouble and didn't
realise it.

Wilma was, however, aware of the problem, Adam had invited her to see a
strange object that one of his workers had found in the woods.

"It's a strange device," He told her, "I've only just discovered the way
of opening it, with your knowledge of the world Wilma you may understand it
better than I."

It was the use of her name, all the people on Nevis knew her as Wendy,
she tried not to show any sign of noticing his slip, 'how on earth would he
know my name?'she wondered and then examined him closely, and then realised
who she was looking at!


Mountravers 1840

My Personal chronicles

She's here! She's arrived and none of my men saw her! I'd have to
teach them to keep better watch!

But what to do with her, I recognised that dammed servant of her's! No
telling who else they've got here. Well my prize has arrived and all I
have to do is to claim it!

Luckily for me she hasn't recognised me, this body I'm inhabiting is
younger than she remembers so I've got the advantage.

I've decided that the best place to hide her is in the time cabinet; all
I have to do is to convince her to go to it. "Oh, Wendy," I said, "I
understand that you've travelled the world, now my men have found a box
that I think might interest you." And the fool followed me out to where the
cabinet was standing.

"It's a strange device, I've only just discovered the way of opening
it," I thought I'd better try to put her at her ease, "With your knowledge
of the world Wilma you may understand it better than I." And smiled to her
as I showed her into the door.

I watched her eyes, somehow she was now on her guard, I followed her in
but drew my stun gun, slightly higher setting than hers, I was quicker on
the trigger and she went down.

I picked up the unconscious body, she was heavier than I had expected, I
managed to drag her into a room where there was a bed and, after stripping
her of her outer garments - I found out she was wearing panties and a bra,
not the underwear of this society at all - I tied her to the bed.


I closed the door on her, and smiled - everything now was going my way,
I picked up the coat lying on the floor, a slight crackling noise from the
pocket made me reach in and pick up a note, I read it - 'You must stop T.I.
Wilma Jenkins - she will try to kill you' - I smiled, yes I had written the
note so long ago, then I paused, I couldn't remember exactly why I had
written it, I supposed that it was a memory I had decided not to keep,
never mind it wasn't important.

I went to the door and opened it - a fist hit me. It was him! Her
servant! How did he find me? Never mind, I used my youth and agility to
gain some distance between him and myself, where were my men? Finally I
managed to get into the slave's village, and rally my troops, to find that
most of them were drunk, and the rest missing, where was the discipline
that I'd instilled in them, then I realised where the others were. They
were still watching the dammed Warehouse in Jamestown. I managed to get
the few in the village to start defending my person while I tried to, er.

Sod it - get to cover!

Mountravers Plantation - Stairs from kitchen. 1840

Michael ran up the stairs, he had to find Wilma, warn her, Adam wasn't
who he appeared to be, the young slave was right, he was bewitched or at
least the scientific equivalent of possession.

As he ran he turned on the disguised radio, "Brer Fox to Brer Rabbit,
the brambles are ready", This alerted the backup team to start to
neutralise the trained troops in the slave's village, they'd decided that
without the target's influence their knowledge would soon fade, so the
solution was gaseous alcohol, get the people drunk and that would seriously
impair their fighting ability.

When he was near the ballroom he was stopped by a richly dressed slave,
"I must pass an urgent message to my mistress," He told the slave, who then
pointed to the garden area.

"She went down there with Massa Huggins, he's showing her his strange
box." Michael thanked him and went down to the garden, as he exited the
house he heard the unmistakable sound of a stun gun, he doubled his effort
- the plan was now gone from his head, Wilma was in trouble, he couldn't
just stand back and let her be taken!

He finally found the travel capsule and waited by the door, as it opened
he pulled his fist back and then slammed it into the face of Adam Huggins,
getting satisfaction in the sound of a nose breaking.

Then Adam managed to break away and started to run away from Michael,
who hesitated, should he chase after the target or release Wilma, then the
plan returned to him. That dratted plan, he would lose Wilma to this
bastard, she would be lost to him! But she was right the time loop had to
be closed. Michael turned from the cabinet and followed the sound of Adam
running to the slave village.

Michael considered, by now the fumes should have incapacitated the
slaves so he'll have no help there, Michael took out his stun gun, near
misses wouldn't hurt him, but may make his change direction, he fired at a
branch watching the flash of fire as the heat of the beam struck.

Adam Huggins swerved away from the path, and started to run through the
undergrowth, being herded by Michael, at one point Adam turned and was hit
by a branch on the head, it was a heavy blow and Adam shook his head to
clear it.

Michael watched as Adam staggered towards the travel cabinet, the branch
had obviously hurt him, but finally as Adam entered the cabinet he turned
and fired his own weapon, the beam narrowly missed Michael, but did hit a
brick wall behind him, there was a quiet rumble as the mortar crumbled and
the wall started to fall onto Michael trapping him.

As Michael watched the cabinet started to shudder and then faded as it
entered the time stream. "WILMA!" called Michael as he watched his beloved
wife vanish forever.


Michael was closed to tears as he thumbed the radio, "Brer Fox to Brer
Rabbit. Mission, mission accomplished the bait has been taken, I require
aid, locate by beacon." Michael listened out for the acknowledgement from
his team and then switched the radio off.

He started to think of how he would cope without Wilma, it was almost
too much.

The sound of a time capsule inserting itself into the clearing was
becoming audible, Michael looked around and saw the travel cabinet
appearing again, he readied his stun gun, if Adam Huggins wanted a return
fight he would get one, he watched the door open, took aim.

And gasped as the figure of Wilma stepped out, she ran to Michael and
held him in her arms.

"Oh Michael, you've no idea how long its been since I left you." She
said, Michael was confused, she'd only just been taken away, and then he
saw the state of her body, the marks left on it, he held onto her.

"I thought I'd lost you forever," He sobbed into her shoulder.

She was crying as well, "No, I never planned to be away from you, we're
destined to be together don't forget." She kissed him again and then
started to remove what bricks she could.

Soon the rest of the team arrived and at first seemed confused to find
Wilma back with them, but they carried on clearing the rubble, then Wilma
looked at the cabinet, she turned to Michael.

"Don't worry, I've just got one surprise to arrange." She said as she
entered the cabinet.

She returned some time later, carefully closing the door behind her. As
she walked away from the cabinet it vanished into the time lines again,
Michael was standing now, blood seeping from his legs, but it was nothing

He looked at her, she smiled - "Just a little something to keep him
occupied on the long journey to Rome." She said,

Michael looked at her, "Should I ask what?" he said, she shook her head.
Michael nodded he turned to the troops, "The subterranean bombs will be
primed and ready to blow in 5 hours time, try to ensure minimal loss of
life, it will be written off as an earthquake, but should destroy the
training facility hidden below us, just make sure and she joined her
husband as they made their way back to Charlestown and the time machine
hidden there.

Michael turned to Wilma, "So is that it? Have we seen the last of him?"

Wilma looked grim, "Yes. We've seen the last of him, but he's still
there fighting us and losing at each turn, I pity him in a way, but not by
much. Let's go I've got some memories to lose, and it's years since I've
seen our children!"

The doors of the time transport closed behind them and the machine
vanished into the time stream to return to the future, the safety of the
world was assured.

- - - o o o O O O o o o - -

In the year 1840 an earthquake shattered the calm of the Caribbean
island of Nevis, damage was widespread, the Plantation of Mountravers was
worst hit, although the loss of life was minimal.

Wilma Jenkins returned the normal life after returning to the future,
the nanites were removed from her body and purged from her system, she made
a full report to the council before the medical team treated her for her
wounds and removed the memories of the trauma she suffered at the hands of
The Leader.

Her children didn't know that her mother had been away from them for
over five years, to them it was just a few seconds, but her son Intombi
hugged her for longer than normal.

The only thing that puzzled her, and the Mark 23 transport, was how did
GV589 become so motivated to try to change time? This was something that
would forever be a mystery.

------------------------------------------------------------------ -
Normal disclaimer apply

- I have to apologise to the inhabitants of Nevis for the way I have
portrayed the island, I claim artistic licence and hope they forgive me. -
Why did I choose that island? It featured on a television program called
'Time Team' and was repeated recently, I took notes about a plantation they
were checking on and used that.

- I've tried to keep to the historic facts - Slavery abolished in 1838 -
Earthquake in 1840 - there was a family called Huggins who lived at
Mountravers on the island, Adam Huggins didn't exist and its just the story part that isn't true.

- Just one more chapter to post, in fact you should be able to read it
now, I wrote it some weeks ago! (Time travel does that to people you

- Should you want to email me I can be reached at, I will try to reply to all mails sent, yes even
the moans!

- Some people have commented that I've change the time machine from Mark
25 to Mark 23! Yes I did! I think it transmuted whilst in flight!

Thank you for staying with me.

Wandering Lanes - 17th March 2002. The Casebook of Wilma Jenkins - 03
The Nevis Incident

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