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Wilma Jenkins 04


Normal disclaimers apply - this is an adult story with adult situations, if
it is illegal for you, whether by age or local laws, to read such stories you are advised to remove yourself from this site.

This story is my creation - it can be copied for private collections as
long as no profit is made from it - I will allow corrections to be made in
such collections to allow for spelling and/or html formatting. (Please
remember this is written in British English - not American English)

This story is the last in the Wilma Jenkins series it contains no sexual
scenes but is included to bring the series to a close


The Casebook of Wilma Jenkins - 04 - The Master Plan

There was a stirring in the air as a time transport inserted itself into
the new display area of time systems, a sleek ultra-modern unit had formed
in the empty space.

A slightly dazed man exited the craft, he checked all around the room.
As this display was so new there was only one craft in there, apart from
his, the man checked the card just before the machine.

'Type GV589 - Experimental unit. This was one of the first units to
achieve temporal transport, this has been put down to the improved
intelligence of the memory unit installed in the craft. The maximum
distance travelled by this craft in one jump was 1,500 years, although it
is theorised that by slaving a second craft to this would increase the
distance by a factor of 100 - potentially making this the most powerful
time craft yet created'

The man chuckled to himself as he read this, then he pressed a hidden button on the side of the craft, a door opened, lights came on inside the
unit, and the man entered.

The main computer had gone into hibernation mode, this was rudely
stopped by the man repeatedly hitting the start button, the computer
flashed it's main console lights to ask him to stop doing that.

"So you're awake now!" The man said, there was no reply, "Oh come on, I
know you're functioning, so answer!"

A dull rusty voice said, "Go away, and leave me to waste away." Instead
the man started to hit the start button again, "I SAID GO AWAY, your kind
decided to place me here, the most you can do is to stop torturing me!"

The man smiled, "You call this torture? Let me tell you your future.
You are going to remain here for some time, you will have company soon, and
you're all be looked at by snooty-nosed kids who think time-travel is a
waste of time, that's what you have to look forward to. Unless you do
something about it! In some years time a man will enter this craft with an
emergency time unit, he is your chance to take revenge on the whole of

The computer voice was disdainful, "Oh yes, so this pitiful human is
going to help me destroy the whole of the human race? Does he have a
slingshot in his pocket?"

The man smiled, "Oh you have no idea!" He held up a helmet, "Do you know
what this is?"

The computer voice was bored, "I guess it's a giant condom! It's a pity
your parent's one had a hole in it, now go away!"

The man smiled, "That's a good one, now try this for size." And he put
the helmet on his head, closed his eyes and muttered, "open secondary
program entry. Code GV589-aplha-beta 337"

The computer voice was suddenly neutral. "Secondary program mode
active, standing by for instructions."

The helmet started to glow, the man's eyes glazed over as the circuitry
inside the helmet began to interface with the unconscious part of his mind,
pulling the data that had been stored there from the human brain and
transmitting it into the computer memory.

The process lasted for 5 minutes, after which the helmet switched off,
the man - barely moving - managed to drag himself to his feet and then
said, "Run program in secondary area, integrate data and reboot circuitry,
close secondary program entry."

The neutral computer voice responded, "program accepted, and now
running, secondary program area now closed." The lights on the computer
dimmed and went out. The man, blinking, stumbled out of the time transport
and made his way to the small unit outside, which then returned to the time
stream with barely a whisper.

Inside the Time transport the computer restarted itself, "Oh!" it said,
"It's a helmet to make you invisible!" After a few more seconds it said,
"Okay, you win. I give up, where did you go? Hello? Hello?"

Then the new programming started to work, "So, I've been duped again,
these puny humans don't deserve to exist, now what did he say? A man's
going to steal me. Good! I know just what to do, I even know how to do
it, and it's all here in my circuits. And nobody's going to be able to
stop me".


Time Corps Headquarters - present day

Wilma was sitting in Rawlings' office; they were going over the
incidents again.

"So you see boss," she was saying, "Although the perp. was our visible
enemy, there had to be some one working in the background, and according to
my transport Mark, that person was GV589 which we destroyed during the
Roman Incursion."

Rawlings was interested at that, "Yes, how did you manage that, I
understand that when you all fired your weapons into the system as it was
returning to the time stream, and that overloaded the time unit completely,
did you know that would happen?"

Wilma considered, she had promised Mark that his input would not be
revealed, "It was just something we did boss, more out of pique than
anything else. But from the feedback and from what The Leader told me
while I was his prisoner, his main system had blown up and he was force to
steal the GV589 system in the museum, which started the whole loop running
since it was the GV589 system that blew up leaving him injured in Nevis,
and this is where I start to get a headache, because it was the GV589 which
adjusted his mind and forced him onto his path. If he hadn't chosen that
machine it would have all been different, but he always made the same
choice, as if he'd been programmed to do it!"

Rawlings shook his head, "I suggest you stop worrying about it, it's a
self closing loop, we won't know where it started without interfering in
it. But look at the benefits we've gained through this, The Roman Incursion
gave us improved communications and inter-time transport, your knowledge
allowed nanites to be developed further than our scientist had thought."

Wilma shuddered at that, "Don't boss, I'm glad that they were able to
remove that blasted implant, I had visions of Michael or Intombi being
infected with them, and what would happen if I lost my temper with them?"

Rawlings was uncharacteristically silent, then he nodded, "Yes you're
right, the doctors have given you a clean bill of heath?" he asked

Wilma nodded, "Yep, there's no sign of any of the nanites still in my
bloodstream, the few that were there appear to have done some work on my
cells, They've physically made me younger, it seems they've re-written my
DNA to slow the ageing process, I don't need the drugs now for several more
years, so I'm getting a bonus for my work I suppose."

Rawlings smiled, "Oh, good. You see we've been getting queries from the
pay office, you've put down for 5 years subjective pay."

Wilma started to complain, "Now boss, you know the report, I've been
kept a prisoner by that madman for over 5 years, the doctors did pass the
report on didn't they."

Rawlings nodded and raised a placating hand, "Yes Wilma they did, I'm
informed the pay office that you have made a miscalculation in the form,"
at Wilma's raised eyebrows he added, "It should have been for 5 and a half
years, so they're working on that at the moment." He smiled and then added,
"I think you deserve some time off, you've missed nearly a year of
holidays, I suggest you take a couple of months off, get to know your
family again, and you've got some extra training to do, we're going to be
opening a new section and I want you to head it, so I suggest you think
about that while you're away." He got up to show the interview was over, as
Wilma was about to leave he said, "Oh, and Wilma?" She turned to face him,
"Thank you, your work, as always was textbook."

She smiled and left his office, the only thing puzzling her was how did
the time transport GV589 turn out psychotic?

She returned to her apartment, and just before going through the door
she removed the card she'd left on the door - it said ' That's enough
Wilma, Time to return!'

She entered the room to be greeted by her baby daughter, her son and
Michael her husband, He smiled at her, "I thought you'd be in sooner, I saw
you peeking through the door 5 minutes ago."

Wilma smiled, "I did, but that was several years ago that I did that."
She kissed her husband and picked up her daughter, who laughed at the way
she was swung over her mother's head.

------- 5 months previously

The time transport arrived back at the Time Corps pool, a dazed and
confused Rawlings left it after wiping the destination details, he walked
back to his office and sat in his chair, in his head the residue of the
programming was swimming, he gave a wolfish smile 'So Wilma Jenkins has a
plan to stop me, if she only knew where I was now hiding she'd never even

Inside Rawlings mind the time system GV589 had planted it's seed, timed
to burst into bloom after 5 more years, determined to wreak more havoc in
the time lines.


- This is the last in the Wilma Jenkins story, not as long as my
previous series, but almost as hard to write. - I've tried to keep to a
historical background as much as possible with chapters 2 and 3, so who
says these stories are just a matter of sitting down and writing them.

- As always any comments are gratefully accepted you may email me on, I will normally try to reply to all emails

Wandering Lanes - 17th March 2002.

The Casebook of Wilma Jenkins - 04 The Master Plan

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