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Title: Win You Through This Gift
Keywords: mF, fF, teen, inc, brother, sister, mom, son, daughter, dom
Author: Caesar

Win You Through This Gift

by Caesar, copyright 2001-2002

$Revision: 1.2 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:30 $

Suzanne, or Suzi as she liked to think of herself, watched out the
window of her home to the darkened familiar car and the two round
shadows that moved within. Her heart sank even as she knew her
brother was enjoying the final moments with his 'friend'. When one of
the round shadows descend below the edge of the window Suzi felt a sob
of despair raise from her gut.

Nothing was happening, nor had the other shadow raised, for some
minutes. All that did happen was that the windows were fogging up.

The teenager hated waiting like this, watching her brother with some
slut before their home. How could he return this way - after months
away at college? He did not even want to be picked up at the airport
by his family - one of his old girlfriends was going to do that chore.
And he was scheduled to arrive hours ago - Suzi was so worried she had
actually called two local hospitals.

If not for some passing car, minutes after the familiar car parked
before their house, with a quick beam of light to highlight her
brothers face - she would never had known it was him.

After ten minutes the second shadow finally reappeared within the
foggy window. Suzi was so mad but she was trying very hard to calm
her anger at the much anticipated homecoming of her only sibling.

Finally the light turned on in the car and the door opened - her
brother Frank effortlessly stepped out before leaning in and talking
to whomever was within. He reached for his bag from the back seat and
then he closed the door and watched as the car drove away.

Only when it was gone did Frank slip his duffle bag over his shoulder
and turned to walk up the walkway to his home.


"Hi Suzi!" Frank dropped is duffle and smiled at his younger sister.

She had shortened her name several years before because of as passing
remark from her brother acknowledging she looked 'cuter'.

Even after her active imagination at watching the shadows within the
car her anger quickly dissipated at seeing her elder brothers handsome
confident face. "Frank!" She could not help herself and ran forwards
to wrap her arms about his waist and hid her ecstatic face in his hard

His hands slowly came up to pat her on the back awkwardly. "How is it
going sis?" These siblings almost never showed affection, let alone

Her clasp finally released when Frank forced himself from within his
sisters arms. "Wheres mom Suzi?" He looked over her shoulder at the
darkened house beyond as if their mother was behind her.

A shadow quickly passed through Suzi but she hastily recovered, "We
were expecting you hours ago!" The plane had not been late - Suzi had
phoned to confirm.

Frank chuckled and shrugged, "Catching up with a old friend."

Suzi had to clench her hands in fists, her sharp nails bitting into
her own skin. "Well mom is busy tonight but I'm sure you will see her

He looked a little disappointed.

"Is my old room still ready for me?" It was the promise their tearful
mother gave her only son when he left home for school a thousand
kilometres away.

Suzi tried hard to smile, "Of course."

Frank picked up his duffle and slipped past his sister to enter deeper
into the house, her eyes simply following him.

She had waited years for this moment, and could hardly wait for her
plan to go into effect - to win her own brother through a very
generous gift.


Suzi slipped through the dark house to stand before her brothers door
- her heart was beating so violently that he must be able to hear it
through the closed door, she imagined. Yet, all was silent.

Her trembling hand took the door knob and squeezed painfully to calm
herself, so that her nerves would not wreck this moment. It opened
silently, since she had been oiled and tested only the day before.

Suzi slipped into her brothers dark room upon her silent bare feet.

The light from a distant street lamp lit the room in a blue fog, so
that the teenager easily found her way to the side of her brothers
bed. Her eyes slowly became aware of his shape upon the single
mattress, bare chest and with his head turned away from her.

This was not the plan she had arranged yet it was an action she had
never had the guts to try before this moment. It took all her
strength not to run out of the room and back to her own lonely bed.
Only her impatience, as the official plan for the night was shot since
Frank had gotten home late, caused her to continue.

Here lay her brother, the only man she had ever desired, prayed for.

Just as she took a deep breath, before intending to slip down and
beneath the covers with her brother, his head silently turned toward
her. It was how she often imagined this encounter would happen.

Franks eyes were open!


Suddenly she wished she could run away, this was not how it was
supposed to happen! How she had fantasized for all so many years.

She saw his eyes move up and down her body, growing wide with
astonishment. The baby doll sheer teddy suddenly seemed ridicules
upon her chubby teenage frame.

Frank starred at his younger sisters breasts, her dark nipples obvious
even in the dim light. Suzi wanted to speak up, tell her brother that
she loved him, lusted after him... wanted to be his. Only those eyes
upon her chest, and the tightening of her nipples, seemed the only way
they communicated for several lengthy seconds.

Only a year before she had tried to give him little peaks of her body,
but he never appeared interested in her budding chest and young overweight frame. Her mother had promised that her chubby, 'baby fat'
is what she called it, would disappear before she finished puberty.
Though that time was not at an end, it was fast approaching, and the
little girl rolls turned to mature teenage voluptuous.

Hours she had stood before a mirror, looking at her naked self in the
mirror, wishing for her mothers sexy body rather than the one she
ended up with. Suzi also looked upon herself and wondered what her
brother would think if she ever worked up the strength to show him how
she felt.

Frank's eyes slid lower, to the dark triangle below her navel, her
pink outfit hid nothing, and Suzi feared her knees were about to give
up. She was proud of her thick curly pubic hair, proof of her

This was the moment for the teen girl, where all her dreams and
fantasies collide with reality. Perhaps this was not how it was
supposed to be - but if it turned out the same, what does it matter?

With two violently trembling hands she lifted the sheer teddy so that
her loins were completely exposed. There was no turning back now!
Suzi realized at that moment just how physically excited she was, it
felt as if her juices were sliding out from her sex.

Slowly, upon her bare feet, the chubby teenager turned so that her
back was toward her stunned brother. Suzi bent a little at the waist,
knowing her brother was an 'ass man' from years back, having practised
this pose in the mirror for hours.

Though she felt unattractive, as a whole, Suzi thought of her full
round ass as being her most attractive feature.

Awkwardly she backed up till until she felt the edge of her brothers
bed on the back of her calves. He had to be mere centimetres from her
bottom - his eyes looking upon her fleshy ass for the first time.

Confidence slowly started to seep into Suzi's soul even as her
excitement built. This was it, the moment that she had thought so
often about.

All he had to do was grunt and she would do anything for him, do
anything to pleasure her brother. And the girl meant anything, she
had thought of so many acts that many people thought disgusting -
knowing she would do them only if her brother wanted her like that.

Suzi let go of the hem of her teddy, stood back straight, and turned
back toward her brothers bed. Frank was sitting up on his elbows now,
starring wide eyed at his little sister.

Hoarsely, through her dry mouth, the teenager spoke up finally, "Tell
me what you want me to do for you big brother." It was a line she had
rehearsed thousands of times - often as she masturbated herself to
just such a moment as this.

In her fantasies, Frank reached for her and pulled her face to his
own, his tongue driving between her lips as his hands fondled her full
round soft ass. At that point her fantasies varied, sometimes Frank
ordered her to kneel before him and suck his big fat cock and other
times he put her on her knees and fucked her hard and fast while two
fingers sawed in and out of her ass hole. Suzi had practised all
these fantasies with any object she knew to be near the size of her
brother's prick, having seen it on her numerous voyeur excursions -
till her mouth can take it without choking, her cunt and ass could
swallow it to the root with barely a pause.


One of her frequent fantasies was when she woke up her slumbering
brother with her mouth - sucking him to the nirvana that she promised
in her soul to her older sibling.

Perhaps an alteration to that fantasy was in order.

Suzi knelt down beside her brothers bed and quickly threw back the
duvet. As expected, he was naked beneath. She leaned in and kissed
his hard hairy thigh, moving up toward the heaven on earth she knew
resided a few seconds away.

This was how it was supposed to be, her worshipping the only man she
would ever consider being with.

The cock she had viewed through slits between curtains, or through
well-arranged mirrors in the bathroom, stood proud and hard.

Even though some slut may have sucked this beautiful man meat a few
hours before, Suzi did not care - nothing else mattered at that
moment. Her lips slipped over the smooth crown and effortlessly down
to the root till the hairs tickled her nose. When it twitched, she
let out a moan of delight - this was the first real cock she had ever

"God damn it Suzi...!" He sounded surprised at the actions of his
little sister, good thought Suzi. A hand slipped to her wide soft ass
and squeezed her flesh roughly, and another groan of pleasure vibrated
that man meat moving in and out of her face. She twisted her waist a
little to bring her bottom closer to her brothers hand, giving silent
permission for his finger to seek all that was before him.

The big hard hand slipped beneath the fabric of her teddy and into the
groove of her backside. It found the flesh wet and sticky, her
excitement having coated all in a thick film of female pleasure. A
finger slipped directly to her tiny wrinkled anus and the girl silently laughed in victory - knowing all these years that it was her
ass that would win him if only given the chance.

As her face moved up and down over his lap, trying to make this the
best, even if it was her first, blow job addictive to her brother, his
middle finger slowly moved between her ass hole and cunt. His other
hand grasped her thin straight hair and forced her to increase her
movements upon his cock.

Her heart soared with joy, as she had only ever wanted to be used by
her older brother - to make him happy.

The minutes quickly passed, and Frank was groaning with pleasure and
humping his hips to meet his sisters descending mouth.

He loves me she thought, he wants me, he finds me desirable!

The middle finger was moving quickly in and out of her ass hole all
the way to the second knuckle and she humped her hips trying to keep

"God damn Suzi... you better stop...?"

She knew why he was warning her, even though this was the first cock
to go past her lips. Suzi could feel the new tension in the fat
muscle, the way it jerked more frequently onto the roof of her mouth
so that it actually hurt. Of course, a little pain was nothing
unplanned, as some of her fantasies had gone the path of her brother tying her up and hurting her body before he used her.

Nothing mattered, only his pleasure.

And if he truly wanted her to stop, he would pull her face from him by
the handful of hair he had. If anything he was pressing her face all
the way down to his pubic bone, making her deep throat him at every
thrust. She did this with pleasure - after having practised taking
all sorts of objects down her throat for years.

Suzi thought of herself as a slut, having been in training to be a
slut to only one man for years. All her holes were Frank's, every
inch of her body his to use as he will - her own pleasure only a
byproduct of his use of her person. And she felt, for the first time,
that this desire of hers was within grasp.

A part of her wanted him to come on her face, marking her with the
sign of his possession. It was an obsession with her, desiring her
brothers seed to cover every inch of her body - to dominate her soul
with his spurting organ.

Yet she also wanted the task that which she has thought so much about
- read so much about, fantasied so much about. Suzi would live on no
other food or drink but his seed if her brother so desired it. She
craved that which she had never tasted.

The organ within her mouth suddenly seemed to grow wider, stretching
her lips almost to the breaking point. This was it she knew, and held
her breath even as her brother did the same.

The first blast went past her throat and directly into her stomach, as
he held her face to his lap. With a gasp of air, Frank let go of his
sisters head even as he shoved his middle finger all the way to the
third knuckle into her rectum.

Suzi quickly lifted her face, not before the second blast shot out and
coated her tongue.

Sticking out her dirty tongue, the girl held the spurting cock before
her as she rolled her face about it. The sperm, at first, spurting
out upon the virgin skin of her round face.

It lasted forever, it lasted a mere few seconds - it was the most
impressive minutes of the young girls life. It seemed to validate her
life's purpose.

Finally, it was over. Frank lay almost dead, with even his finger not
moving. His exhausted cock already shrinking, lay across one thigh.
Suzi knelt so that he did not have to take his finger from her bottom,
and faced her older brother as she used two fingers to whip her face
clean - licking the thick tasty sperm from her digit frequently.

Suzi loved the taste - knew she would.


Frank unconsciously moved one leg wide so as to give his little
sister's head better access to the space between his thighs. Suzi
angled her head and slipped her tongue behind her brothers sweaty
hairy balls till she felt what could only be his anus. She rimmed it

"Jeez Suzi...!"

He arched his back and lifted one leg even wider to give her better
access, this time consciously.

It was a hypothesis of hers, that if her brother loved a womans ass
perhaps he also liked attention upon that part of himself. It
evidently, seemed true.

He pulled his deeply submerged finger from her bottom and it caused
her to speak up for the first time in several minutes,
"Please... no...?" She knew how much he enjoyed it.

The finger returned to her rectum, roughly moving in and out of her.
"I never knew Suzi!" She slipped her tongue back between the cheeks
of her brothers sweaty ass and rimmed him passionately. One of her
hands encircled his soft soiled cock and began to squeeze in time to
her lunging tongue.

The finger again slipped from her abused anus and just as the teen
girl was about to beg for its return two fingers pressed past the hot
wet lips of her vagina.

They easily sunk to the third knuckle. "Wow Suzi!" She knew he had
been expecting her cherry but she had taken that herself, years ago,
with a small cucumber while pretending it was her brother. "I never
knew how much of a slut you were?"

A part of her was hurt, he thought her a common slut who fucked
anything that moved. No, the only man for her was her brother - she
had never touched another man. She had to counter his comment in some
way and lifted her face for a brief second, "I love you Frank."

His only response was an amused grunt as his fingers roughly frigged
her virgin cunt.

Her brother could do anything with her, say anything - and she would
beg for more!

Suzi felt the cock in her hand twitch and she returned it to her
mouth, sucking its soiled softness deep.

Frank's other hand returned to her head and grasped her hair, pulling
her face immediately off his cock. "Hold on there sis!" He laughed
victoriously. "I don't think there is anything else left for you!"

She didn't care, of course, she would suck it for hours if that was
what he wanted. Breathlessly she asked, "Tell me what you want me to

They caught each others eyes and shared a moments look. Would he now
understand how much she needed him, Suzi wondered, how much she would
do for him?

His fingers yanked from her body and she took this to climb quickly
over her brothers naked body. In seconds she was rubbing her super
wet cunt along his soft dick. All the while, they had not lost the
others gaze.

"Your a hot little slut aren't you sis?"

"I would do anything for you... Frank." She so wanted to call him
'Master' but did not have the guts.

He cleared his throat, "Suzanne... its late...?"

Her heart stilled and she quickly added, "I know about the girl in the
car", anxious to interrupt she knew to be a dismissal. Knowing she
had not convinced him just how desirable a slave she could be for his
any desire. His eyes narrow suspiciously. "And I don't care... I
would lick your cock clean if that is what you wanted me to do?" She
could not contain the fear and desperation from her voice.

Franks strong hands grasped his sisters soft hips and quickly lifted
her body from him, throwing her off his bed and onto the carpet.

Her sex spasmed, thinking her brother wanted to be rough with her -
hurt her while using her. The thought excited her, as she had
anticipated that within her wide breath of fantasies.

"Go back to your room sis." He rolled up and sat upon the edge of his
bed, staring down at his prone sister.

She sat up, ready to beg to stay with him - just cuddling if that is
what he so desired. Instead he continued, his voice full of venom,
"You haven't fucking changed Suzi - you are still a fucking obsessive
crazy bitch!"

Tears came to her eyes uncontrollably. An another attempt, words, she
knew, to be useless at this point, she leaned in between her brothers
hairy thighs. Frank saw her movement and grasped her head of hair in
two hands - yanking her toward him. "Open up slut, if that is what
you want!" She opened her mouth and his soft slimy member slipped
between her lips.

Viciously he shoved her face up and down before him, till it felt like
he was tearing chunks of hair out of her head and her nose painfully
hit her brothers hard stomach muscles.

In only a few seconds he suddenly yanked her out from between his
thighs and held up her saliva and sperm shiny face before him. "Now
get the fuck out of my room slut... and never try this again."


Frank had a troubled sleep last night - between getting home late and
the strange sexy interruption by his sister, and the subsequent angry
hours afterwards - he had to force himself down the stairs to

He did it only to see his mother, Rachel.

She saw her only son and her face brightened up majestically, she
rushed over with her body bouncing deliciously beneath the flowing
kimono to give him a fierce hug. It felt wonderful to the young man,
her large full breasts smashed into his hard upper abdomen and her
hair beneath his nose smelt clean and fresh.

He threw his arms about her torso and gave her a long hug back - this
woman was the reason he had returned home. Truth be told, his new
girlfriend at college had presented an attractive offer but he had
been away from home for so long and his mother practically begged him
on the phone last week.

"I missed you darling."

"I missed you too mom." He kissed the top of her head gently,

"Isn't this nice...?" Suzi came down the stairs with a sneer at
seeing the embrace, heading for the refrigerator. "... almost like

Frank flushed red and a new wave of anger rushed through him, yet his
mother laughed as she pulled herself from their embrace and all seemed
well. He looked down toward his mothers smiling face as she stood on
her toes for a kiss, eyes closed and puckered with determination.

He didn't want to kiss his mother before his leering sister, but he
could not deny his own mother... or himself. He bent his head
forwards and pressed his lips to his moms.

Rachel's lips were full, soft, warm and wet. And the kiss lasted
nearly a full minute before Frank disengaged, embarrassed. It had not
been passionate, but it was most certainly the longest kiss that he
could ever remember with his parent - and his face flushed yet again.

Suzi all the while seated at the breakfast table, drinking her milk,
watching everything.

His mom smiled up at him, "You go sit down and I'll make your
favourite - porridge." She spun and rushed to complete her morning
masterpiece for her returned child - all the while humming an old forgotten tune.

Frank sat across from his sister and glared at her, some of the anger
from the night before returning. First she enters into his room and
seduces him while was barely awake - and then he learns that she was
still the secretive obsessive girl he had left when he went to

Gone was the sheer baby-doll nightie that she had worn last night -
and Suzi now wore white cotton pyjamas, well worn and stained from
months of use.

"Do you have any plans today Frank?" His mom interrupted his

"Yea, I thought I would go to a friends house."

Suzi made a circle with a thumb and her index finger, and with her
other hand pushed her first two fingers back and forth between it.
Her comment obvious, and correct. The 'friend' was an old girlfriend
- the same who picked him up from the airport last night, the same
that sucked his cock outside this very house.

His sister stopped her bawdy movements when their mother came toward
the table to place molasses and syrup before her ravenous children.

Anxious to ignore his sister, Frank turned in his chair to watch his
mother, and was immediately glad for the change of view. The kimono
came half ways to her calves and appeared loose fitting but whenever
she moved, it seemed to highlight every curve she had. And his mother had curves in all the right places - looking nothing like her chubby

Again she came to the table with plates and utensils, setting them
carefully in the three place settings. As she bent across the table
for two of the three settings, he saw between the two folds of his
mothers kimono and the fleshy globes beneath.

The delicious sight astonished him and he felt his jaw drop
unconsciously. When Rachel turned back to the kitchen, seemingly
oblivious to his son's gaze at the top of her large breasts, he was
able to return control to his surprised and delighted face.

He saw his sister smiling at him strangely.

Again his mom came over, setting three glasses of orange juice before
each setting. As she placed her sons, it tipped and split upon the
glass table top creating a immediate flash flood as it slipped over
the edge and onto Frank's lap.

"Oh god!" Rachel rushed back to the sink and returned to her son's
side of the table, kneeling down next to his chair. "I'm so sorry
Frank." She then began to press the towel down into her lap and

Frank sat frozen through this, his eyes feasting on the exposed flesh
of the tops of his mothers breasts as she worked at drying him.

He couldn't help himself, between those white globes moving
deliciously below him and the hard pressing into his crotch, he felt
his cock enlarge. It pressed against his jeans and he felt his face
turn a bright crimson.

Rachel suddenly stopped and starred at her son's lap for several
lengthy seconds, at the obvious bulge right beneath the wet orange
juice spot.

Slowly her eyes raised to catch her son trying hard not to look
between the gap in her kimono. Rachel followed his gaze to her
exposed chest and turned red herself before looking again at his lap.

Frank saw her lick her full red lips slowly and he swallowed

Suzi ruined the moment, "I think the porridge is burning mom."

"Oh!" Her eyes lifted quickly to look into her son's, "I'm so sorry
Frank." For a forty something year-old woman she seemed very spry as
she jumped to her feet and rushed to save breakfast.

Her son sat and wondered what she had been sorry for.


Frank's home, after he hit puberty, was one of sexual tension and
hidden desires. He had known his mother was attractive, if for a
mother, and he allowed his masturbation fantasies to include his only
parent. He often locked the bathroom door to smell the heady scent of
a soiled pair of his mothers panties.

He was also aware of his younger sibling, her innocent, or so he
thought, desires for him. He used her interest to heighten his own
self value and allowed her to spy upon him - frequently. Yet he felt
little toward the short chubby little girl, including love.

His mother dated, rarely, and never lasting more than a couple of
dates. He felt guilt that men seemed to run away as soon as they
discovered Rachel had two teenage children - and a possessive part of
him wanted to take care of his mother as a man, in all ways.

While he ignored, but never denied her attentions toward him with
regards to his sister, he strived to give his mother the man that was
missing in her life. Rachel thankfully accepted all help, but when he
gave her a hug one day, his young teenage cock hard between them,
pressing into her loins - she pulled back and away from him. In more
ways than one - he was the man of the house, but in all ways but the
one that mattered to the boy.

Years later, he was forced to accept this fact and chose a school
where he could leave home to attend.

Though there were several different women in his life now, a part of
him never lost the passion that he held for his mother.


He wore loose shorts and a tee-shirt, while his mom washed his jeans
and underwear. Frank checked the clock yet again, wondering if his
'friend' would be angry if he still showed up hours late. He was
thinking, after the embarrassing breakfast, that he could use his
'friends' special attention. Namely her talented mouth and her tight

Rachel barely looked at her son a she rushed to wash the accident from
his jeans - still wearing the revealing kimono. He followed her with
his eyes when she went past, though, her sexy curves well advertised.
And his mother still had not closed the top of the kimono, and it was
looser now than ever.

Warm thin lips suddenly kissed his ear causing him to jump. Frank
jerked away and spun his head to see his sister kneeling behind the
couch. "Need any help with that?" She nodded with her chin at his
semi hard prick obvious beneath his shorts.

His anger started to rise. "God damn it Suzi!"

She stood up suddenly and came around the couch. Standing before him,
she suddenly hooked both her thumbs into the elastic band of her
pyjamas bottoms, effortlessly pushing them past her round hips and to
the floor. The top of her cotton pyjama stopped about her navel, so
that her abundant hairy bush was exposed to his view.

Frank was starting to get panicky, his mother could come into the room
at any moment! The crazy fucking bitch!

Suzi stood with hands on her wide soft hips glaring at her big
brother, "I may not be as beautiful as our mother but I am available."

"Jeez Suzi... get dressed will yea?" He would have stood and rushed
from the room but she blocked his way. And she was a girl, a naked
girl, and after having a taste of her last evening, not so undesirable
- in a purely physical way.

Slowly she turned, and he thought she was going to leave, but she
stopped with her back to him and bent over at the waist. Tiny soft
hands came around and pulled the generous cheeks of her ass apart.
Frank could not help but gaze with lust at the voluptuous womanhood
exposed. Hours before he had touched her and she had been so wet -
her mouth had sucked him, and it had felt so good!

The tiny wrinkled brown anus tensed and then relaxed and seemed to
push out - calling him.

Suzi dropped her hands and turned around, her pyjama top slipping to
the floor forgotten. His eyes gaze at her small but nicely rounded
breasts with the tiny hard nipple upon each.

She suddenly came over and sat next to him on the sofa, facing him.
"You can fuck mom if you want."

It was the last thing he expected out of his younger sisters mouth.
His own mouth, was open comically, even while his gaze looked upon her
hard nipples and between her spread soft thighs to the bush between.

Perhaps he had been wrong to ignore her all these years. It was the
second time he had thought such a thing, in less than twelve hours.

The defence of a cornered sibling came easily, "Your fucking crazy

She lifted her hands up to both soft breasts, kneading them roughly.
"Am I? Did you not wonder why she didn't get dressed after she caught
you looking at her tits?"

He did - it was what he expected his mom to do. Probably show up
after breakfast wearing a turtleneck sweater. Instead she seemed to
be around him an awfully lot, still wearing that sexy kimono.

Suzi slide one hand down her round stomach into the dark jungle between her thighs - two fingers began to move in and out of her sex

"I think she would wear nothing around the house, if the curtains were
not open." Suzi sighed, seemingly at the pleasure of her own hands.

He watched stunned.

"Mom has such a sexy body Frank - those big tits and that sexy round

It seemed to the young man that his sister was masturbating to her
image of their mother - it excited him for some reason. The scent
that had been in his room hours before, the smell of his sister pleasure, drifted to his nose and he could not stop from inhaling

"Did you know that she has not a hair below her head? She shaves, at
least once a week."

How did she know that, he wondered? His sisters cunt was before him
and it was beginning to make very lewd noises as the two fingers moved
in and out of it. The words from her lips and the sight of her
masturbating stole any thought of flight from him.

"Mom thinks she likes romance - but she really likes it rough... to be
told what to do!"

Suzi was really getting into her self pleasure now, humping up with
her loins as she shoved the fingers into herself - her breathing
becoming rapid and deep, the glow of her sweaty skin.

She chuckled suddenly, "She is horrified that you lust after her - but
it turns her on... makes her hot. Incredibly so!"

Her climax seemed to be fast approaching, "Mom wants to be loved,
desired... but she also wants to be owned and used...dominated!"

Suzi suddenly pressed her heels into the couch and pressed her hips
into the air as she squealed loudly in orgasm. Frank watched amazed,
before looking quickly around as if expecting to see his horrified
mothers face watching her children. Rachel was not to be seen.

The young girl suddenly opened her eyes and fought to catch her breath
as she wiped a trembling hand over her sweaty forehead, her gaze
looking deeply into her older brothers.

"I'll do anything to make you happy... Frank."

He watched, amazed, as Suzi brought two dripping fingers from between
her legs to her mouth, where she immediately licked and sucked clean.
It had been the first time he had ever seen a woman, a girl he
corrected himself, masturbate.

"Mom could have come in Suzi?"


He suddenly remembered the sight of his sisters round face as it
glistened in the pale light as it wore streaks of his sperm upon its
pale surface.

So? Frank was beyond words. He wished his anger would rise up within
him, as it so often did with his frustrating obsessive sister, but it
was drowned out by the throbbing between his legs and the pounding of
his heart.

It was crazy, her words, her actions and how the pending offer to make
him happy. And an offer it was, Frank was no fool. He remembered
that submissive wide-eyed look the night before as his sister pleasured him. What was real what was the fantasy of a crazy
obsessive teenage girl?

He reached out and pulled the hand and fingers from her panting lips -
she simply watched, a small smile appearing, as Frank slipped the two
digits into his own mouth.

After savouring the lingering flavour of his sibling he starred hard
at her - "Anything?"

Words seemed to fail her, but she nodded and to her older brother looked much like a willing innocent little girl.

The hand moved from his mouth down to his hard pulsating crotch, as he
pressed her palm into himself.

"Why don't you get your fat ass upstairs Suzi." She suddenly looked
scared, as if he was teasing her, denying her yet again. "Because I'm
going to see if you really mean 'anything'." The smile, wider and
brighter, returned.

It was like a door to heaven was finally open to the girl. Perhaps
she did not have to win her brother through the gift she had planned
for him?

Suzi giggled like a little girl and when her brother let go of her
hand, jumped from the couch, snatched her discarded pyjamas and ran up
to her brothers room.


Rachel sat half ways up the stairs to the top level of her home and
listened to the sounds coming from her son's bedroom.

Her wicked controlling daughter was getting it good, from the sounds
of it. Her daughter had been planning her brothers home coming for
months - forcing her own parent to be party to her indecent plans.

The forty two year old woman squeezed her thighs together yet again,
hating her weakness, her uncontrollable excitement.

Why did it have to end up like this? She had not been blind to her
son's looks all these years, but never in her life did she think it
would come to this.

Beyond the door, "Bite into the pillow and shut the fuck up bitch!"
The cries of pleasure from her daughter suddenly diminished - but she
could still hear the echos of sweaty skin slapping sweaty skin along
with the accompanying squeak of her son's mattress.

Rachel's nipples were so hard they hurt and it reminded her of the
first time her daughter had ordered her to take off her clothing. The
memory shoved an electric shock between her legs and she groaned
unconsciously. As it always did.

The things that girl had forced her mother to do was beyond evil, the
reasoning of her actions horrific if not extremely exciting - all
because her daughter had realized her mothers true weakness. Had
realized that she could use her own parent to achieve her teenage

No one else alive, till that moment only several months past, except
her dead husband had known. And he had used it for their mutual
pleasure - never pushing it to places that she would ever regret.

Her own daughter had no such barriers and used her mother, trained
her, for this moment. Or perhaps, to have her mother train her for
this moment, is more accurate.

Again her thighs pressed together but it was not enough, she wanted to
slip her hand between her legs and ease the tension. Yet her daughter had forbid any such touch - at least without permission.

Rachel stood and silently returned to the kitchen, worried that her
pleasure had caused a wet spot on the back of her kimono.


Frank stared at her strangely all through lunch - while Suzi simply
looked dreamy at her older sibling. Rachel tried to ignore both.

After the sandwiches were done, Frank suddenly broke the awkward
silence, "Why are you not dressed mom?"

Suzi suddenly lost that dreamy gaze and looked toward her mother,
"Tell him mommy."

Rachel looked from son to daughter and back. Whenever her daughter called her 'mommy', it meant she was in no mood for anything but
immediate obedience. Taking a deep breath she rushed out, "I am not
allowed too."

Frank's eyebrows rose and he looked at his younger sister before again
looking at his mother. "Pardon?"

The humiliation of the moment caused a wave of pleasure to spread out
from that place between her legs. Unconsciously she crossed one knee
over the other, the kimono spreading wide enough to show her legs up
to mid-thigh. brother and sister both stole a generous look at the
smooth shapely gams.

Matter a factly, while staring at her plate, "Your sister ordered me
not to wear anything else."

Frank looked like he was ready to faint, he was so pale and his eyes
uncomprehending and lost. Then he looked down and he saw the thrust
of hard nipples beneath the thin silk and he seemed to compose himself
a little.

Rachel knew she was being looked at and tried to ignore it,

"Clean up the lunch mess mom." Rachel jumped at her daughters
command, thankful to be released from the intense last minute and a
little disappointed.

"What the fuck has been going on while I was at school mom?"

She ignored her son as she carried the soiled dishes to the counter,
while it was her daughter who answered, "Mom has been learning to be a
good little toy Frank."

"Mom?" He was watching his mother in astonishment, ignoring his

"I learnt something just after you went to college Frank - mom was
willing to submit to anyone willing enough to accept her."

Finally he turned toward his sister, seeming to realize that he was
going to get no answer from his parent. "What the fuck are you saying

Rachel felt her face blush hotly as her children talked as if she was
not present. It excited and humiliated her at the same time.

"Mom is my slave Frank."

The middle aged woman stole a glance toward the table and saw her
son's jaw drop in surprise. Suzi saw her look and nodded for her to
come over.

Rachel came to stand next to her daughter silently looking from one
sibling to the other.

Frank watched as his sister slipped a hand up beneath the hem of the
kimono and lift it up. Suzi smiled up at her mother and asked, "Horny

She would barely get the single word out, "Yes".

Rachel felt her daughter slip a single finger along the cleft of her
slippery channel before submerging into her hot tunnel. She could not
help but grunt at the invasion - it felt so wonderful - while the ease
of its passage humiliating.

The hand, and finger, left all too quickly, from Rachel's point of

The finger was held up before Frank's amazed face and he simply
starred at its slimy wet surface.

"Believe me now brother?"

It was obvious there was no room for argument.


Rachel finished loading the dishes and finally stood up to take a long
deep breath, to calm her nerves.

Her daughter had gone upstairs to take a bath while Frank just sat and
starred open mouthed at his mother. Watching her every movement, as
if he had never truly seen his own parent before.

"How mom?"

She lifted her eyes to her eldest child, almost surprised at his
question. "Do you remember when you were fifteen... and hugged me
while you had an erection?"

He looked embarrassed and it amused the older woman after all that had
been said and done in the last couple of hours, "Why did you leave
when I pushed you away?"

Frank looked inwards for several lengthy seconds before saying, "If I
had stayed...?"

" would have complete control of me as your sister now does."

Sorrow wrinkled his brow as if it all started to make sense.

The memory of that time, and the lost opportunity that would have
changed all their past and present if only Frank dominated his mother caused another wave of pleasure to roll through her body.

Finally he opened his sad eyes and looked upon his mother with hope,
"Is it too late?"

Rachel shrugged, she had no answer. Her future was no longer in her

"Suzi said I could fuck you if I wanted." The bawdy direct words from
son to mother sounded so alien between them.

He was looking desperately at her and it hurt her to deny him. She
nodded up and down, "I will do that if she tells me too." It felt as
if her sex was actually boiling with hot juices . Rachel wished the
thought of her man-child's hard cock disgusted her but it didn't - it
was the focus of her thoughts since Suzi had told her mother her part
in this play.

He asked after a long while, "Have you and Suzi had sex."

The question amused the elder woman, "Yes", of course. The girl had
used her mother frequently, often ordering her to play the part of her
brother - fucking her own daughter with strap on dildos in any hole,
spanking, pissing, licking and kissing. Always planning for the
future, when Suzi could prepare for the time she and her own brother could be together. Though still, technically, a virgin, her teenage
daughter had been fucked more times in the last year than most
newlyweds would have in the same time.

The teenage girl had lain with her mother often, after they coupled
numerous and exhausting times, and listened to the girl explain how
Frank lusted after his own parent and how Rachel would be the
instrument to Suzi finally getting what she wanted.

It had horrified and excited the mature woman.


Frank stood before her and gazed intently into his parents eyes - he
looked feverish, crazed.

"I love you mother."

She just looked at him, his gaze scaring her a little. Rachel backed
up to the edge of the counter and grasped it in her tiny hands. This
was not the boy she had known all his life.

Big strong hands came up and tore the kimono wide, the silk belt
tearing, shoving it over her shoulders so it draped over her back like
a cape.

Rachel gasped at the kiss of cool air upon her hot skin, feeling the
touch of her son's hungry gaze upon her nude person.

Without any real heart, she gasped, "Stop this Frank."

Two hands shot out and hefted both her milky white heavy breasts,
weighing them in his large strong hands. "So fucking beautiful", he

Fearfully, but sounding like an excited tramp to her own ears, "I am
not for you Frank...?"

He yanked one large breast up and leaned over to bring his mouth
widely over the dark pink nipple. Frank sucked it viciously causing
his mother to hiss and raise herself onto her toes.

Her son let it drop from his mouth, its wrinkled hard surface covered
in his saliva, and he looked up into his mothers face, into her
fearful submissive eyes. "Your just as fucking crazy as Suzi is!"

A hand slammed between her thighs and her son's two middle fingers
slipped up into her slippery channel without pause. "So fucking
tight!" And hot and wet, Rachel knew. His face descended and he
sucked the other dry nipple roughly, possessively.

"Stop this... please stop...!" Her voice held little conviction but
her body was out of control - super heated and rolling down a very
large mountain. Her daughter, Suzi, had brought her to this moment,
leaving her so excited, so vulnerable. Though she wondered if she
could ever deny her beautiful son, no matter how excited she felt
herself. It have been Suzi whom had reopened Rachel's flood gates of
submission, so that it felt, to the older woman, that she had little
control over anything in her life - and she loved it!

She was a traitor to her daughters control, and it added to her
humiliation, to her excitement. No other person alive could cause her
to cheat on the person who she submitted too - only the single man in
her life. Frank had lusted after her body for so many years, and deep
in her heart she wished he would just reach out and take her - order
her to kneel, to pleasure him. It was his sister that had discovered
her weakness and used it for her own selfish desires.

"Its too late Frank...!" Neither son or mother believed it.

The two fingers pumping into her were quickly accelerating her
pleasure to a point that she had never realized existed. Just when
she saw the point of no return approach her son yanked his hands and
mouth from her.

Feverishly he looked into his mothers soul and saw her love and her
submission, he also saw the humiliation of submitting to not one but
two of her own children. The humiliation of not only physically
submitting but in her heart and soul as well.

Two big hands reached behind her and grasped her round full ass,
squeezing painfully. Seconds later, he suddenly lifted her off her
feet and set her down upon the counter - as effortless as lifting a

Rachel watched him fumble with his newly washed jeans, panting but
otherwise not moving from her perch. She saw his large hard penis
reach the light of day and she gasped at the beauty of it. All
thoughts of her daughter was gone, her son's cock was the only thing
in her life worth submitting too. It was the first real cock that she
had seen in years... and it was perfect.

Roughly, possessively, Frank grasped his mothers sexy smooth legs and
lifted them high and wide. She fell back, banging her head painfully
on the tea kettle, her neck at a strange angle with the wall - it did
not matter. Frank pulled her to the very edge of the counter with her
legs over his forearms and half of her buttocks were not touching the
hard cold marble.

She thought how much her son must love her... desire her... as his
cock had just been given a work out a couple of hours before, yet it
was proudly pointing toward that place he had come from many years

Rachel watched her son wiggle his hips to position himself at the
entrance to his mothers body. She felt he circumcised head slip
between the outer sensitive labia. She was so hot, so wet, that
surely a puddle must be dripping from her to pool about her son's

Frank stopped at that moment and looked up from where his cock kissed
her cunt to her eyes, "Ask me mom?"

He seemed to be talking in a foreign tongue and she had to think
carefully to put the words into a meaningful phrase. "What...?"

The haze of lust clouded her mind but his strong commanding voice drew
her back. "Ask me to fuck you?"

Rachel swallowed, feeling the humiliation of the command - the
degradation of knowing she would beg for her son's cock on her knees,
in a puddle of her own lust during the half time of a crowded football

"Fuck me Frank."

He just stared at her sternly.

Shyly, demurely, and this time, properly, "Fuck your mommy darling."


Drying her content body, Suzi heard the scream from downstairs... and
it froze her soul.

Quickly she wrapped the towel about her soft body and rushed out of
the bathroom and down the stairs.

There laying back upon the marble cupboard was her mother - getting
properly fucked by her only son. The sight stole something precious
from her heart at seeing her only true love copulating with his long

Yet, this was as per her plan - why she had left the two of those
highly charged sexual beasts together. To have them discover each
other - for son to learn of his mothers submission to her daughter -
her humiliating desire from her son.

Frank was pounding himself in and out of his mothers body, her head
and one shoulder slamming into the wall behind her. His hands were
holding back his mother bare smooth legs, so that her knees were
adjacent to each large sexy breast. His mothers whole body violently
shook each time he slammed back into her.

Rachel had a look of pure lust as she tried to hold the edge of the
counter. The passion of that look, one that her daughter had never
been privy too in all their erotic moments. The mother's pale smooth
skin was shiny with perspiration and it made her glow and look even
more sexy. Her sex was a molten river and made loud obscene noises as
her son moved in and out of her.

Suzi could see that her brothers whole upper thighs and groin region
was covered in the thick sticky juice. Her mothers ass and thighs
slick with it as well. Upon the tiled floors, was a small puddle and
as she watched, a long thread of liquid slipped from her mothers
abused cunt to add to the growing lake on the floor.

The best day of her life seemed not to be over, and Suzi made a
decision, one of the several options she had imagined when she planned
for this encounter between mother and son, as she let the towel about
her body drop to the floor. Slowly the teenage girl slipped to her
knees, her eyes now level to the erotic coupling before her, and then
crawled toward her brother.

When she saw what was going on, Suzi knew immediately that she had
lost the control over her mother. Yet she also realized, upon seeing
the passionate determination on her brothers face - the same look as
he had worn earlier in the day as he followed her up to his room and
took her virginity.

That memory caused a shiver of delight to run through the girl,
remembering the delicious mind-numbing feeling of her older brothers
fat cock moving in and out of her.

Her mother looked to be enjoying it as much as she had, perhaps more.
Yet the girl no longer cared - as long as she would be able to service
her brother herself.

Suzi crawled between her brothers legs and the counter, seeing his
surprised look as she stared down past his plunging dick at his
younger sibling. She smiled sweetly for her true love.

Suzi was Frank's forever, bound three ways by the immorality of lust
and for their love.


Frank almost blurted out for his sister to 'fuck off', leaving him
alone with this one impressive moment in his life. Yet, he paused as
he realized Suzi's intentions and it caused a shiver of delight to run
through him.

After his initial plunge of his cock, his mother had exploded in a
loud violent orgasm. It rocked his world and he felt more power and
control than at any other time - is that what Suzi felt when she
controlled their mother?

His sister arched her head back and stuck out her tongue, her fat
pointy pink tongue slide into the slimy wet grove between the two
fleshy globes of their mothers ass. Beneath his plunging dick, his
balls hitting his sisters forehead repeatedly, she began to rim her
own parent.

He wondered if it was possible to transfer to a college closer to


Rachel gasped at the new feeling, the intrusion into her rear passage!
She had to arch her neck to see the top of her daughters head - and
sighed with resigned pleasure. It had drawn her out of her erotic
cloud unwillingly - yet the end result was worth it!

Her eyes came to look into her sons and her hands moved down to hold
her own ass cheeks apart. She felt Suzi's fat insistent tongue press
deep into her back passage - and she loved it.

So often in the past her daughter had practised by rimming her mother,
but more often than not, it was the mother wearing a long hard strap
on cock, that anal banged the teenagers butt. The girl had been
convinced of her brothers fixation with asses - particularly with his

With that disclosure, Rachel spent more of her imagination toward her
son noticing her ass - and now with the tongue ramming into her body,
she rapidly accelerated toward that summit yet again.

Now, here, she could be honest with her true self - that she had
desired her son as no mother should ever want her child. Since he had
first hit puberty, and especially since she felt his hard dick press
into her years before - incestuous thoughts of her son had overwhelmed
her private fantasies.

Quickly that erotic cloud was returning and Rachel allowed it to
envelope her mind as she, now, simply existed as a very excited and
erotically pleased flesh.


Suzi wanted to be her brothers slave, to give him pleasure.

Both Frank and Rachel were now grunting toward another climax, and
Suzi was anxious for it to begin! She could almost savour the taste
of her brothers sperm directly from her mothers cunt! And she knew
the sight of her doing so would rejuvenate her brother perhaps yet

Her mom was wiggling about on the marble cupboard and her brother was
grunting like an animal. It was all so raw, like three animals and
Suzi had to slip one of her own hands between her soft thighs and her
quivering hot wet sex.

So close...!

Suzi had seduced her brother Frank, but it was through this gift of
their mother that she would keep him.



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