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Archived Sex Stories



Windy City Surprise

By Katie McN, EyeOfSerpent, Kelly Adams, Tabico,
Serene Cherry and Sara H

She woke up in her Chicago hotel room and saw a naked woman standing at
the foot of her bed. She blinked her eyes twice and then she

"I can't buy this dress, Sharon."

Robin looked at her reflection in the dressing room mirror. She loved
the dress, but knew she couldn't afford it.

"Let's find something in my price range."

"Forget it, Robin. This one is perfect and we've got a lot of shopping
to do before we go out tonight."

"The dress costs more than I make in a week. I don't feel right taking
it from you."

They'd been shopping in all the cute places on North State Street and
ended up at Marshall Fields where Robin found an Anna Sui dress that
seemed like it was made for her.

"You deserve it, girl. You're the best assistant I've ever had and now
it's my turn to do something for you."

Robin Quinn was smart, resourceful, thirty-one-years old and in love
with her boss. It was a secret she kept to herself. She wasn't in the
same league as Sharon Parker and didn't want to do anything to
jeopardize the job she loved. She knew there weren't many bosses who'd
take their assistants on a week-long business trip to Chicago and the
shopping expedition was an unexpected bonus.

"We don't have to go back to the hotel for a couple of hours, Robin. Is
there anything you'd like to get for

"Promise you won't laugh at me?" Robin said and turned her head so
Sharon couldn't see the blush. "I read something in Cosmo about buying
Bloomies at Bloomingdale's. I'd love to see what they have and maybe
get something there."

"We'll do better than that. The right undies can make a woman feel
great and that's part of 'head to toe.'"

At first Robin felt uncomfortable with Sharon in the dressing room.
Robin wasn't used to having someone else around when she tried on

"Sharon, I'm not the garter belt type. I never wear things like this."

"It's about time you started. Think how good you'll feel knowing you're
hiding a secret under your dress."

"I'm not sure."

"Well, I am. You're getting the whole set including the see-through
panties and push-up bra. All you need is a pair of seamed nylons and
you'll be good to go."
Robin decided to wear her hair up. It was long enough to manage and she
felt she needed something sophisticated for her big night out. She
spent thirty minutes on making up and hoped she hadn't overdone it.
Robin thought she looked whorish in her red undies and stockings. She
decided Sharon was right. It was fun having a secret this cute and
maybe it was too bad no one would know about it.

"The limo awaits us, Robin. Let's get moving."

"You got a limo? We're just going to dinner."

"Look, I sold three new accounts this week and no one will say a thing
about my expenses. Now stop worrying and let's have some fun."

Robin felt like a celebrity getting into the limo. The uniformed
driver held the door open for her and several people on the sidewalk
watched as the two women got into the car.
"I've never been to a restaurant like this, Sharon. Oh, my god, isn't
that ... "

"Yes, Robin, a lot of celebrities come here. Blackbird's is one of the
in-places downtown."

The maitre d' noticed the two women as they came into the restaurant.
"Ms Parker, we're honored to have you visit us. We're ready for you
now. Right this way, please."

Sharon and Robin followed the man as he led them past the people
waiting for tables. They walked through the dining room where Robin had
a chance to experience the ambience of one of Chicago's interesting
dining venues.
"I've never eaten dinner in a private room, Sharon. How did you arrange

"I've known the owner, Donnie Madia, for years. I was here on opening
night in '97 and try to stop by whenever I'm in Chicago. He does
special things for his special friends."

Their waiter seemed to appear whenever they needed anything and then
faded into the background. Robin loved being spoiled and let Sharon do
the ordering.

They started with a charcuterie plate. The pate had a subtle taste that
disguised some spices Robin couldn't
identify. The waiter told them the sausages were made at the restaurant
from a family recipe and the potatoes were grown locally.

"Why is the restaurant called the Blackbird, Sharon? Everything is
white and I don't see a bird anyplace."

Sharon laughed and said, "A ripe Merlot grape is called a blackbird in
France. Merlot is featured on their wine list and I've ordered a bottle
of Matanzas Creek to go with our meal."

The main course arrived with the bottle of wine. Sharon had ordered
lamb chops for Robin and loin of venison for herself. The food was
perfectly presented and the waiter took time to explain how each dish
was prepared. Robin knew she'd never be able to cook a meal like the
one in front of her, but loved hearing how it was done.

"I've never had venison, Sharon. What's it taste like?"

"Here try some and find out." Sharon speared a piece of meat with her
fork and offered it to Robin. They took turns feeding each other tastes
and were soon giggling like two schoolgirls.

Robin didn't think she could eat any more until her chocolate tart
arrived. It was accompanied by white
chocolate ice cream and a glass of the bubbly. Robin was getting a
little tipsy, but still enjoying herself to the maximum.

"I can't remember having so much fun at a meal, Sharon. Thanks for a
wonderful day."

"Let's see if you liked everything." Sharon put her hand on Robin's
knee and pushed her dress up until she exposed the red garter holding
up a stocking. "I was wondering if you were going to wear your new
underwear. Glad to see you got brave and did."

Robin froze. Her dress was pushed up well above her stocking top and
Sharon's hand was resting on the exposed thigh. Robin felt tingly and
couldn't speak.

"Oh, my god, Robin, it must be the wine." Sharon took the hand from her
assistant's leg and put it back in her own lap. "I'm sorry. I can't
believe I did that."


"No, it's okay, I mean... I don't mind," Robin stuttered, her hand
shaking as she held her ice cream bowl.

The two were silent for a few moments, each staring at a different item
on the table. Sharon subtly downed another half glass of wine before
she looked back up at Robin.

"Do you like them, or did you wear them just for my sake?"

Robin managed a smile, feeling herself calm a little.

"Well, like you said, it feels nice hiding a little secret beneath my
dress. I... probably would have ended up showing you anyway, though
probably not here."

"Oh," Sharon grinned. "I suppose I'd do the same if I actually were
wearing stockings like those."

"You mean you aren't?" Robin asked, narrowing her eyes.

Sharon shook her head slowly.


Robin leaned back in her seat, peeking beneath the table.

"Show me," she stated softly.

Sharon turned red for a brief moment, widening her smile.


"It's only fair," Robin replied, calming sipping her drink.

Slowly, Sharon moved her hands from her lap to the end of her dress,
pulling it up to a similar place on her own thigh. As to her words,
her thighs were bare and seemingly glistening in the faint light of
their private room.


Robin slid her chair back, leaning forward as if she couldn't see
clearly. When her head came back up, Sharon's eyes were inches away as
she smiled. The soft scent of the Merlot filled her nostrils as it
escaped from Sharon's lips.

"I see..."

As if in a trance, the two just stared at each other, faces nearly a
finger's length apart. If it wasn't the
wine, there definitely was some kind of strange hold on the two, a hold
that seemed to drive their desires forward.

"Robin, I..."

Before Sharon could finish her sentence, her lips met with Robin's in a
soft embrace. Both went silent for a single moment, each holding their
breath as the kiss finally came to an end.

Robin's eyes were left closed, as she tasted the wine from Sharon's
lips. Her arms trembled, suddenly feeling the rather cool temperature
of the room against her skin, mixed with the ice cream sitting in her

"Was... that really the wine, or did we both really want..."

"I did," Sharon whispered, watching Robin slowly open her eyes. "Did

Calmly, Robin leaned forward a second time, placing a smaller kiss on
Sharon's lips before resting back in her chair.

"Does that answer your question?"

"I think so," Sharon smiled.

The two began to giggle, feeling the tension fade away from their
actions. Sharon let her hand slowly rise from her lap, resting her
palm on her assistant's wrist.

"Sharon..." Robin pronounced softly.

"Shall we then?"

Robin made a confused look.

"Shall we...?"

"Head out," Sharon continued. "The night is young, my dear, and our
ride awaits."

"Where... are we going?"

Sharon flashed a sly grin, reaching for her purse with her other hand.

"I thought we'd take a little ride first; maybe see some of the sights
in the Windy City."

Robin smiled back as she felt the slight caress of Sharon's palm
against her skin. The two leaned back
slightly, affectionately staring into each other's eyes as the waiter
returned with the check.

"So, is this what you call a business trip, Ms. Parker?" Robin mused.

Slowly, Sharon reached for her glass, holding it high as Robin blushed.
She grasped her own and raised it slightly, nervous and excited at the
same time.

"Well, what's business without a little pleasure to accompany it?"

"Touch ," Robin grinned.

The two giggled together as they made the toast.

The limo was already waiting outside as Robin and Sharon stepped out of
the restaurant. Calmly, an attendant opened the back door for the two,
nodding to them both as they got

"Thank you," Robin stated politely.

"Tell Mr. Madia we had a wonderful dinner, when you get a chance,"
Sharon said.

"I will, thank you," the attendant replied. "Good night,

Closing the door behind her, Sharon leaned towards the driver and
whispered something in his ear. Robin squinted, trying to make out the
words from her lips; she was unsuccessful. Sharon quickly leaned back
and took a seat beside her, smiling calmly.

"So, where are we going?" Robin asked, "a taping of the Oprah Winfrey

Sharon widened her grin.

"If you'd like, Robin," came the proud reply. "But it would have to be
during the day; I don't think they tape at night."

Robin stared down at her feet, blushing at the thought that almost
anything she wanted was within Sharon's reach. She began to feel more
spoiled than royalty.

"Sharon, you don't have to do all of this for me, I..."

Before Robin could finish her sentence, Sharon gently took hold of her
hand and guided it to her thigh. Robin held her breath as her boss

"You know, I never did get to tell you exactly why I decided not to
wear stockings tonight," she said, softly.

Sliding her dress up as she had done with Robin's, Sharon let her
assistant's hand rest on the skin of her exposed thigh. Robin's heart
began to pound within her chest.


"Do you feel it?" she sounded, letting out a deep sigh.

Robin's arm trembled as Sharon took hold of her wrist, slowly inching
her hand farther up her leg. The two took in a deep breath as Robin
felt her fingers brush past the bare flesh of her vagina.


"And you thought you were pushing the envelope," Sharon whispered.

Looking up, Robin closed her eyes as she brought her lips to Sharon's
with another kiss-- a kiss of passion, of release. The two remained
locked together as the limo jerked over a pothole. Sharon looked up to
see the driver staring at their kiss from the rear view mirror. With a
slight gesture of her finger, she calmly winked at the driver before
reaching for the interior window button and shutting him out.

"Now I really feel like royalty," Robin giggled.

"I'll bet royalty isn't treated this well," Sharon mused, slowly
lowering her head to Robin's neck.

With a soft caress, Robin felt Sharon's lips pass over her skin,
kissing her neck, her collar, even her shoulders. The two began to
giggle, trembling with excitement as the limo passed by the grand Sears

"Look," Robin stated, hardly above a whisper as she pointed towards the

Sharon smiled, withdrawing her lips and sitting up straight.

"I'll have to take you to the Skydeck sometime."

"It must be a beautiful sight," Robin sighed.

"Not as beautiful as some others," Sharon stated, gazing into her eyes.

Robin rested her head against the inside wall, where a cordless phone
hung. The wine was catching up to them both.

"So where are we really going?" she asked, still subtly caressing
Sharon's thigh.

Slowly, Sharon ran a finger through her hair, as if in deep thought.
The bright lights danced on both her and Robin as the two sat locked in
a silent communication. The night was just beginning.




The sound engulfed the pair as soon as the door of the club closed
behind them. It was almost palpable -- in her mind, Robin saw the sound
waves wash around her, splashing into audio foam around her bare
shoulders. Her hand tightened on Sharon's as their eyes adjusted to the
dim light of the foyer.

Sharon squeezed back. "Welcome to Club Petra," she said, not quite

"How did you get us past that line," Robin club-spoke back. "It
stretched around the block!"

"I know the owner," Sharon replied, "and those big mugs at the door!
Besides, we are just their type of clientele!"

"What type is that?" Robin asked.

Sharon opened her mouth, paused, then smiled. "The glamorous type," she
finally replied, then kissed Robin lightly on the mouth. "Let's dance!"

The foyer opened into the club's main room -- Robin blinked as she took
in the flashing lights and the pulsing, throbbing crowd. A tossing sea
of heads stretched away to where a DJ with her hair in thousands of
small braids spun on a raised platform. Robin couldn't tell if her hair
was different colors, or if it was just the lighting.

At the entrance end of the hall was a long bar, behind which a dozen or
so bartenders were smoothly trading booze for cash. Between the bar and
the dance floor was a small open space, kept from being annexed by the
crowd on the dance floor by a rope barrier. It looked rather like part
of a wrestling arena, but as Sharon led Robin along the cleared floor
space, Robin ran her hand along the thick ropes and found they were

Reaching the opening in the fence, Sharon turned, gave Robin a
brilliant smile, took her hands, and then they were dancing.


Two songs in, and Robin was getting the hang of club dancing. (It was
nothing like line dancing, which was the only sort of dance hall she'd
been to!) It wasn't as bouncy as she had thought -- it was more
sinuous, more in the hips and the torso than in the legs. Less kicking,
more undulating.

Sharon didn't kick at all -- she almost slid around the dance floor.
Crowded as it was, that meant sliding around Robin, brushing against
her, pushing into her and slowly gyrating, until Robin wasn't at all
sure how much of the heat she was feeling was from the dancing and how
much was excitement at Sharon's touch.

The song spun down, leaving only a pulsing back beat as the DJ changed
records. Sharon mimed getting a drink. Lots of the girls -- the patrons
seemed to be mostly women, which Robin guessed was due to the bouncers
at the door -- had been using little drink bulbs, plastic squeeze
bottle-like things, which let them be taken on the dance floor. Robin
started to follow, but Sharon indicated that she should stay.

Then Robin was alone, and the music started again. Not knowing what
else to do, Robin began to sway. She'd danced alone before, although
never in a place like this.

Moving in time, she looked around at the other dancers. Some of them
were in really exotic outfits -- her nice black evening dress seemed to
fit in just on the 'normal' side of acceptable. There was a slim
redhead in a dress made of small mirrors linked with wire, a blonde in
blue plastic pants and bikini top, and one of the few men she saw was
wearing leather pants and some sort of leather strap harness instead of
a shirt, a big metal ring at the center of his chest. There were lots
of people in black leather, she realized.

That had to be hot. As Robin slowly rotated in place, she spotted a
dark-haired woman with pale, almost white skin in an incredibly tight
burgundy corset. "Speaking of uncomfortable," Robin thought. Then she
realized that the woman was looking back at her, and blushed.

Robin managed a small smile.

The woman in the corset did not smile back, but danced her way over to
Robin. Robin licked her lips, and started to say something, but the
woman put a gloved finger over Robin's mouth, and slid behind her,
swaying to the music.

Robin didn't know what to do, so she just kept dancing. Was this okay?
She was with Sharon, after all, but Sharon had told her to wait here.
She felt hands on her hips, and the woman in the corset was slowly
pushing against her back.

The woman circled her, powder blue eyes briefly looking into Robin's,
then was behind her again. Robin felt hands at her wrists, then her
arms were slowly drawn behind her. There was silk under her fingertips.
She was holding that waist, that incredibly thin waist, and her hands
were held there, locked in dance with this strange woman.

She looked up to find another woman approaching, a blonde in a white
dress so tight Robin could see her navel. The woman in the corset had
not released her, but pulled Robin's arms further, behind her own
corseted back, until the two of them were pressed together, moving like
one body, Robin's hands behind, red corset's in front, placed
possessively on her hip bones.

The woman in white danced up to Robin, not stopping until she too was
pressed against her. Her hands joined the corseted woman's at Robin's
hips, and the three women moved as one to the pulsing, demanding beat.
Robin's eyes flicked to the woman-in-white's and were caught in their
golden brown depths, glittering with sensual abandon. Where corset was
serious and cool, white dress had a smile flickering just below the
surface, occasionally flashing onto her face, then retreating to her

Red corset returned Robin's arms to her. Robin's fingertips were almost
reluctant to leave the silk of the
corset. Fingers interlocked with those of the woman in white, the dark-
haired beauty peeled the blonde off of Robin and clung to her, the two
strange women now embracing each other in front of a hot and sweaty

Still moving, Robin watched them grind against each other. Was that
what she had looked like, pressed between them? It was...

"That was hot," Sharon said from beside her. Robin jumped.

Sharon laughed, and held out a little plastic bottle. "Have some joy
juice," she said. Robin took it as Sharon
gestured to a tall woman next to her. "This is Patricia, who runs this

Patricia was wearing a white men's shirt, which was wet enough that
seeing the black PVC bikini under it was almost mandatory. The bikini
matched a pair of thigh-high black boots.

"Having a good time?" Patricia asked.

"Oh, um, yeah," Robin managed. She sucked on the bottle, which was cool
and fruit-tasting.

"Fabulous," Patricia said. She leaned over to kiss Sharon on the cheek.
"Have fun love." She turned back to Robin. "Nice to meet you," she told
Robin, and moved towards the two women who had been dancing with her.
Red corset swung their embrace open like a door, and Patricia stepped

A familiar hand was on Robin's back. "So," Sharon said, "Shall we


The pulse from yet another song tugged at Robin's glistening back as an
equally glowing Sharon pulled her
towards the foyer. Robin turned to look back at the glittering,
throbbing crowd, already bouncing in time to
the new music. White dress, red corset, PVC bikini -- they were all in
there, still dancing, still losing themselves in the music and the
swirl of the crowd. Robin wondered if she'd see them again, and, even
if she did, if she'd recognize them in the world outside the club

Then, to her surprise, red corset winked at her from where she danced
with a girl in what appeared to be all fishnet, and Robin found herself
blushing. She managed a small smile, then hurried off after Sharon.

"Enjoy yourself?" Sharon asked in the foyer, pulling her cell phone
from her glittery little purse. She flipped it open; hit a speed dial

"That was crazy," Robin answered, "but it was so much fun!" She flipped
a long strand of hair from her eyes, only to have it swing right back.
"Oh," she said, "my hair is ruined. I must look like a complete mess."

"Of course it's loud," Sharon said into the phone, "it's a dance club.
Yes, come get us. Ten minutes? Great. We'll be out front in ten." She
closed the phone, looked at Robin. "A mess?" She smiled, a wicked
impulse flickering at the corners of her mouth.

"Yes," she said, voice lower, "a mess. Just like a hot fudge sundae,
when the fudge has melted the ice cream and it's run all over the
plate." Her hand brushed Robin's cheek, circled under her arm to pull
her close. "A delicious, irresistible mess."

In contrast to the driving beat from the dance floor, the kiss was
long, and slow, and soft. When it finally ended, Robin found herself
looking deep into Sharon's eyes, and a thrill ran through her just from
staring into them that was ten times as powerful as the kiss.

"Oh," Robin thought, "I am so in love."

They stared into each other for a long moment. The music changed tempo.
Then they both spoke at the same time:



A pause, then they laughed, holding each other. Sharon guided Robin to
her center for another long kiss, hungrier this time.


Time seemed suspended as they kissed, their bodies close together.
Robin could feel her heart pounding in her chest in time with the bass
of the beat coming from the dance floor.

Robin was only vaguely aware of the numerous clubbers who passed
through the foyer. Twelve hours ago she would have been mortified at
the thought of carrying on so in public, but now her only concern was
the caress of Sharon's hand and the taste of Sharon's lips.

"Our ride is probably here by now," Sharon mentioned when their lips
had parted.

"Okay. Where to next?" Robin asked.

"I was thinking that we should head back to the hotel."

"I'm not tired," Robin protested.

"Neither am I..." Sharon smiled.

"Wha...? Oh..." It dawned on Robin what Sharon meant: her boss wanted
to have sex. With her. Robin. A slight panic gripped her.

Sharon must have felt Robin's apprehension. "I want us to spend the
rest of the night together, Robin, but only if you're comfortable."

"I... I don't know if I am, or will be,' Robin confessed. "But I'm
willing to find out!"

"Good," Sharon said. "Let's get going then!" She took Robin's arm in
hers, and together the two women walked out of the club to the limo
waiting at the curb.

The ride back to the hotel seemed too short to Robin, but perhaps that
was because she and Sharon spent the whole ride making out in the back
seat. The bright lights of the nightlife of Chicago sped past their
window, but Robin cared for nothing but the taste of Sharon's lips, the
scent of Sharon's perfume, and the touch of Sharon's thigh against her

A polite knock on the divider from their driver let them know that they
had reached their final destination for the evening. Both women spent a
few moments fixing their make-up and straightening their hair before
opening the door and exiting the car.

They held hands in the elevator up to the eleventh floor. They went
right to Sharon's room, pausing briefly at the door for Sharon to fish
her card-key out of her purse.

Kissing resumed as they entered Sharon's room. Sharon lightly kicked
the door closed, then led Robin over next to the queen-sized bed.

"Take your dress off," Sharon said to Robin, her voice just slightly
above a whisper. "I want to see how you look in your new lingerie."

Sharon took two steps back from Robin and watched intently as Robin
reached behind herself and pulled down the zipper. Robin peeled her
dress of her shoulders and wriggled out of it as it dropped to the
floor in a silky pool at her feet.

"You are so beautiful," Sharon told Robin, who felt her whole body
blush at the compliment. "More than I had imagined."

"You've been imagining me like this?" Robin asked.

"Yes, my dear assistant." Sharon began to take slow, tiny steps back
towards Robin. "I've wanted to see you. Touch you. Feel you. Taste
you." Sharon was now right up next to Robin. She cupped Robin's breasts
in her hands, squeezing them softly, her palms brushing against Robin's
through the silky bra.

"Sharon..." Robin started.

"Shh. Not yet," Sharon interrupted. She pushed down the cups of Robin's
bra, exposing Robin's bare breasts. Robin felt a jolt of pleasure as
Sharon's lips closed around her left nipple. She enjoyed the sensation
for a few seconds, then Sharon moved her mouth over to Robin's other
breast, and the wonderful feeling began anew. Then Sharon moved her
head up and kissed Robin one more time with fire and passion.

When at last they parted their embrace, Sharon once again stood back
from Robin. "I'm going into the bathroom for a couple of minutes,"
Sharon announced. "You have a decision to make: You can, if you wish,
return to your own room. In the morning, it will be as if none of this
has happened; you will go back to being my capable assistant, and I
your boss. This evening will be nothing more than a pleasant

"Or, you may stay, and we'll have a night of pleasure together the
likes of which you've never before
experienced. We'll make love through the night, hold each other's naked
bodies as we watch the sun rise, then make love again in the dawn of a
new day.

"I'll know your decision when I return."

Robin watched intently as Sharon went into the bathroom and closed the
door. Her heart was pounding; her hands were sweaty. To leave now would
be the safest thing to do; to stay would change her life forever.

She had just about made up her mind, when suddenly there was a knock on
the door from outside...


She was lost for a moment as she worried over what to do. If it was
another surprise friend of Sharon's, it might create an embarrassing
scene. Her hair was completely disheveled, she was in lingerie... it
would look bad. And if it was a surprise lover, it might be even worse.

For everyone.

Insecurity clutched at her out of nowhere. Would staying be the swan
song of her career? Sure, she wanted sex and so did Sharon... but was
it only a childish fantasy to believe that Sharon might actually love
her in return? She wanted to believe that this would be the start of
something much better, but she also knew that business and love didn't
mix, in the end. It was a common story, and she was in danger of acting
out a part so many had played before.

She grabbed her clothes and purse. She had to leave. Tears began to
form. So close!

The knock came again, louder this time. Seven raps. Someone was quite
serious about seeing Sharon. She stood at the foot of the bed, frozen
in place. She'd never felt so vulnerable and exposed in her life.

A pair of hands circled her waist from behind. Her head went dizzy as
the touch electrified her skin, making the roof of her mouth tickle.
"I'm glad you decided to stay," came a whisper in her ear. The hands
moved upward to cup her breasts as her nipples became tight She felt
her knees collapse as she was pulled backwards to sit on the bed
between Sharon's thighs. She could feel the soft, thick terrycloth of
Sharon's robe against her back, bringing her hope to life again, along
with more than a little desire.

Robin stammered a little as she spoke. "Some - someone's at - at the

"I do love Chicago," said Sharon, as she kissed behind Robin's ear and
slipped out from underneath her. She padded to the door as she
continued, "You can always get what you want, whenever you want it.
Provided you know the right people, of course."

Robin had no choice but to wait as Sharon opened the door to greet the
surprise guest. She heard the soft
conversation of someone understanding that they had interrupted
something intimate.

"Sharon Parker?" Robin cringed as she heard the female voice.

"Yes, that's right. Just put them inside the door."

"Yes, ma'am."

There was the sound of rustling, of boxes being set down gently.

"Thank you. Here you are."

"No trouble at all ma'am. Glad to be of service!"

Sharon sauntered back from the small hallway, untying her robe as she
walked. She smiled at Robin, and pressed her assistant's knees apart as
she placed her breasts inches from the young woman's face.

Robin could smell the light perfume Sharon had put on while in the
bathroom. Her nostrils flared - a sign of both her desire and fear.
"What was that all about?" she said, her voice cracking as she tried to
appear casual.

"Just a delivery. Something in case you stayed."

"You thought I'd be gone?"

"I was hoping not."

"So what is it?"

"Something for later. Something for fun. Something for you. Something
you'll never forget," said Sharon. She put a wicked smile on her face
and cocked her head, as if considering something.

"Robin, how long have you been in love with me?"

Robin was overcome shattering vulnerability and shock. She looked down
and away, not wanting to meet Sharon's eyes, afraid of what she would
see there.

Her voice was a whisper. "How did you know?"

"Robin. Darling," answered Sharon, caressing her assistant's cheek with
one hand, "I make my living reading people, seeing through their
intricate facades. It's likely I know some things about you that you
don't even know yourself. But you haven't answered my question."

"Do you remember my interview?"

It was Sharon's turn to be surprised. "Since then?"

"No, but almost. Sharon, I might as well be honest with you... I've
loved you this whole time. But I didn't think you would... like the
idea much. And it's been strange for me, too. I thought love between
women was, well, was something for perverts and tomboys."

Robin felt the hand on her cheek gently pull. She relented, her eyes
coming to rest in Sharon's. "And now?"

"Well, now I guess I'm either a pervert or a tomboy," said Robin,
gazing into what felt like eternity. "Not that I'm complaining."

The kiss was on her, taking her somewhere she had only dreamed just
hours before, beyond the lust in which she'd been bathing. She felt the
bed pressing into the back of her head and realized she'd fallen
backwards, and that Sharon was on top of her, passion flashing between
them like tiny electric shocks.

She let herself fall into the joy of the moment, into the realization
of her dream. Her legs curled behind Sharon's pulling her closer and
tighter, as her hands played over the loose robe, basking in the
feeling of having the love of her life in her arms.

Sharon pulled back from the kiss briefly, and then pecked her on the
cheek. "Whoa, darling. We need to get out of these..."

Robin lay still in the quiet as Sharon pulled down the stockings and
dropped them to the floor. As she removed her robe, she knelt at the
foot of the bed and began to kiss and lick the insides of her charge's

Robin could feel the breath, the heat, the rhythm growing inside of
her. There was no turning back, now. Sharon had been right. Tonight was
for them, and for pleasure.

"God, take them off, Sharon, please!" she blurted out as the teasing
tongue became unbearable. She felt Sharon's tongue lick up the length
of her pussy through the thin material, almost as if it wasn't there.
Her legs jerked and she moaned loudly as the pleasure erupted through

"Take off your what?" said Sharon, giggling.

"My panties, my panties!" cried Robin. "Take off my panties!"

"I was just waiting for you to ask, precious," said Sharon. Giggling,
she added, "It's time for you to learn
about mergers and acquisitions, dear..."


"Teach me..."

Sharon's strong fingers hooked the edges of the sheer panties and
teased them over Robin's hips. "You have such beautiful thighs," she
whispered to Robin, and planted a kiss on her bare hip.

Those thighs tickled with flames from deep in her bones. Blood pressed
through her nipples and raced through her clitoris. The heated nubs
called to be touched. Robin lifted her hips, trying to push against

"Oh, you're so eager. That's so exciting. You weren't sure to begin
with, but you're so hot for it now. I have to slow myself down."

And the soaked red panties were teased over her hot nipples.

"No...please...I want..." Robin gasped.

Sharon pinched the nipple firmly. Robin felt the wet silky fabric catch
hold of her nipple between Sharon's
fingertips. A hot storm lashed in that captured soft nugget. "Tell me
what you want."

"Want your tongue..."

"Where?" she teased with widened eyes.

" clit."

"Since you insist." Sharon moved down between her legs, but those
fingers plucked repeatedly at her nipples.

She stretched and spread her legs. The sheets beneath the curve of her
ass were damp with the heat running between her thighs. The tongue tip
explored, danced, and gentled. The first moan was hers, but Sharon
echoed it a moment later.

The excitement in her boss' voice almost made her come.

Robin strained. Her heels found Sharon's ass cheeks and tried to tug
her closer. The tiny wiggle of Sharon's ass told a little story. Her
boss was a loving playful scamp.

The last shadows of Robin's doubt fled before the fire.

This was welcome heat. Robin fell deeply into the fires of her passion
for Sharon. The burning and trembling was beyond what she might have
imagined. She reached for Sharon, finding sinfully smooth shoulders.

Sharon's head came up, her lips searching, and kissed her fingers.

"No, don't stop!" Robin said.

"I don't plan to, my sopping pussycat. Move towards me a bit."

Robin complied.

"Roll over on your belly."

"Wha-?" She giggled. "I won't be able to see." But she was already
turning over. Robin reflected there wasn't anything that could stop
this. It was too good.

"After I'm through with you, your eyes will be crossed so hard, you
won't be able to see for days." Sharon's voice was intense with

A tickle of lust nibbled at Robin's breasts and she squirmed her chest
into the sheets. "I think that's exactly
what I want."

Sharon breathed across her cunt lips. "Spread your arms wide. Wrap your
hands in the loose sheet. Hold on because I'm going to lick you until
your eyes cross."

Robin moaned when the nose and tongue touched her wetness. Perhaps it
was the intensity to everything Sharon did, or maybe it was the words
themselves, plucked from the air in the lusty moment, but Robin grabbed
the sheets tighter and felt her cunt flame as the tongue traced her

Moaning louder and tingling with near orgasm, Robin stretched her hands
further apart, holding the sheet with a white-knuckle grip. The wicked
tongue traced another circuit around her sweet molten core.

Her breath couldn't come fast enough. Robin ground her breasts into the

The first come seemed to slice her in half with a wash of fire. But her
body didn't stop there and neither did Sharon.

Robin lost track of the bliss.
She woke up in her Chicago hotel room and saw a naked woman standing at
the foot of her bed. She blinked her eyes twice and then she

"Ohh, I must be in heaven..." Robin closed her eyes and opened them
slowly, wondering if the angel would still be there.

Sharon grinned back at her. "Well, I'm hungry. Are you getting up, or
do I leave you here? I want some breakfast before we start again."

"Again?" Robin groggily pushed herself up a bit. A tingle of
anticipation started in her pussy.

"But first, I want you to help me with this." She waved a palmed object
in her hand.

Robin stared at it until her mind puzzled out the shape. She sat up
suddenly wide-awake. "Where did that come from?"

A laugh. "Don't you remember the toy delivery last night?" Sharon
crawled onto the bed. She began to tease the luminous pink shape
through her snatch. "I told you I love having a secret underneath my
dress. I want to go to breakfast with this in my ass. You can too, if
you like. There's another just like it."

A quick swallow, Robin leaned in and kissed Sharon. "Well, the surprise
is that neither of us are tomboys. What do I do?"

"The whole thing is mostly gel. The narrow end goes in and the round
end is held between my cheeks. When I sit on it, the part inside me
gets larger as the round knob is compressed. It's lovely and very
wicked." Sharon expertly rolled the shape through her luscious
slickness. Then she kissed Robin, handing her the buttplug.

"And there's another one for me?" Robin's heart pounded. She was so

"If you like..." Sharon winked.

"Oh, I like." Robin kissed the pink shape, so soft, so naughty, and ran
her free hand down Sharon's back. The tip of the plug eased into
Sharon's ass. The heat of her cheeks on Robin's hand encouraged a slow
but determined entry.

Then it snugged in place.

"So hot." Sharon wiggled her ass. "Imagine us sitting down to
breakfast. This is just the beginning lover."

"No," Robin laughed, "it's the cheeky end."
The End
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