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This is a work of fantasy. It is not about real people, and if it is, its
not what they would do. (not that you are likely to know them anyway). If
you are under 18, go away, since I don’t like to get in trouble. If you
are turned off by perversion, what are you doing at asstr? In other words,
go away. If none of this applies to you, great! Read on! Have fun! Let
me know what you like! Oh, and I work hard on my writing…so guess what?
Its mine. That’s right boys and girls…its copyrighted…so if you want it?
Just ask- we’ll talk.

*** Winter Nights (MF, Cons, Fantasy)

I liked to camp. I loved the primitiveness of it, the back to what you
were before cell phones, faxes and computers. The time of year rarely made
a difference, I enjoyed the crispness of late fall, even into early winter.
I’d been known by friends and family to suddenly ditch for a weekend and go
off during a false spring in February. I liked the quiet, so every once in
a while, I’d hike to a secluded spot, rather than settle down in a
campground, not that many campgrounds were open in February.

It had been a very difficult week at work. The main server crashed, not
once, but twice, and it seemed like everyone felt it was their business to
let me know. I was stressed to the max, but had reconfigured everything,
and had it stable again. I needed a break, and as there was no snow in the
forecast, I headed out for my usual stress reliever. I grabbed my pack,
always at the ready, and headed up the mountain outside of town, leaving a
message on my machine to not expect me back until late Sunday afternoon.

I drove to the base of the mountain, where there was a parking lot for
such a purpose. I threw on my backpack, grabbed a few other necessities,
and headed up the trail, frantic to aleve my mental congestion. About
fifteen minutes into the hike, I started to take notice of the clear, crisp
air. I smiled as a bird flew by, and heard the chatter of the squirrels in
the area. The ground crunched under my boots, and I felt the tension in
body begin to go.

I set up the sparse camp, gathered some firewood, and brought some water
from a nearby stream. I sat there, stirring the fire, watching the sun set
and just letting go. As dusk settled, I took out a mug, and filled it with
the water I had boiling over the fire. Put in a packet of Miso soup and
settled back against a log as I let the steam tease my lips.

I sighed deeply, relaxing further, finally feeling peaceful after such a
horrid week. I drank my soup, letting the bland, salty flavor fill me. I
put the mug down by my side, and leaned back, watching the stars emerge. I
looked for my friend, Orion, my favorite constellation since childhood, and
must’ve dozed to sleep.

I awoke to a sudden sound, and noticed the fire had turned to glowing
jewels. I turned slowly, a bit stiff from sleeping on the cold ground, to
a rustle in the brush to my side. I reached for something, anything, to
protect myself, when a giant of a man broke through the brush. Don’t
panic. I told myself. He looked at me strangely as he placed a load of
wood next to the fire, then added a log or two. I waited for him to say
something, anything, but instead he just watched me, smiling mysteriously.

“Do I know you?” I asked hesitantly.

A smile broke over his face -- and God, what a smile it was. "We've
never been formally introduced," he replied with a shrug, "but you could
say we have a mutual friend in common -- the mountain. You've been coming
here for years, and so have I." The sound of his voice was low, melodic and
sensual, and did funny things to my logic.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you before.” I said searchingly. I’d remember
a man like the one in front of me.

“Oh, I think you have, Rory. You’ve watched me for years, as I have
you.” He smiled warmly, as one would to an old friend.

I tried to think back to the news if any mental patients had escaped to
the mountains that week. Since I couldn’t think of any, I thought to take
him at his word, and searched my memory. When I couldn’t come up with
anything, I looked closer at him. He was so near my physical ideal. He
was 6 foot 4 or 5, but not heavy, hair that was pitch black, and what
looked to be blue eyes, though they were so dark, they looked like
glittering sapphires in the firelight.

If he were dangerous, he could have done anything to me by now, but
instead, he just sat on the other side of the fire, watching me patiently
as I make up my mind. And I suddenly realized it didn’t matter.

“What should I call you?” Odd, I’d meant to ask his name.

His smile was dazzling. “You can call me Ryan.”

He smiled as he saw the look of consternation cross my face, and stepped
closer to me, stepped so close as to breath my breath, and whispered softly
to me, “You feel it too, don’t you?” His fingers, warm and soft, stroked my
cheek, “You know exactly who I am, don’t you?” I nodded mutely, maybe I
didn’t know his name, but I did have this strange feeling of knowing him
forever. And then he leaned in to kiss me.

My god, what a kiss! His lips burned into my soul, softly entreating,
beckoning me until his tongue entered my mouth. I felt my spirit rise, his
fingers still on my cheek, his tongue softly, sensuously exploring my
mouth. At that point, I no longer cared if he was a figment of my
imagination, or an escaped serial killer. The responses he evoked with a
simple kiss made me forget all else but what he was making me feel. I
leaned into the kiss, moaning softly and felt his arms slide around me and
tighten in response. So strong, but so tender, he leaned over me, slipping
me onto my back. My fingers began to explore his chest and back, the
feeling of soft flannel against hard muscle. I breathed deeply, and all I
could smell was the crisp sent of a clear midwinter night.

I felt him whisper softly against my cheek, “You know I can only stay
for the night. When the last star sets over the horizon I must leave you.”
I nodded my understanding, though I have to admit to not really listening.
I know the night was cold, but I did not feel it. His embrace was like a
fire and kept me warm.

I felt him begin to unbutton my shirt, when I realized I had already
done the same to him. The cool air touched my skin, raising my awareness
and I found myself arching into his arms, my nipples teasing against the
hairs on his abdomen. I smiled warmly at the catch in his breath. My arms
reached up to encircle his neck, and I felt him lift me up like a doll. My
legs quickly wrapped around his waist, and our kisses became wild, our
bodies tensing, as though we were trying to climb into each other through
our mouths. His hands stroked my back, soft and warm and I wanted him
closer. I could feel him through his pants, felt him grow even now.

I let go of his lips to whisper in his ear, “I want more.”

He took me inside the tent, where instead of the insistent lover of a
moment ago, he dawdled. He kissed my cheek, my eyelids, my collarbone.
His fingers traced swirls on my stomach, and my body lurched. I grasped
for his pants, but he was out of my reach. I moaned deep in frustration,
and he smiled quietly. My body was shifting beneath him torturously
desperation pushing me.

“Ryaaaannnn” I moaned. He must have understood the pitch, because only
then did he begin to undo my pants, sliding them off my body, and undid his
own as well. I gulped in shock at his size. Not so much the length, which
was quite respectable, but the simple girth of it. I shuddered in desire,
and pulled him on top of me, pressing my breasts into his chest, kissing
him desperately.

And then I felt him at my entrance. His teasing had done its duty, as I
was nearly at climax already, wet and frantic for his cock. He teased my
clit with his tip, moistening himself in my juices. My body jerked as I
felt the beginning of my climax, and looked into his eyes. Even in the
relative darkness of the tent they glowed warmly.

He slid into me slowly. Each and every cell being touched, and it was
all I needed. By the time he was fully engulfed inside me, I was cumming
hard around him, my muscles squeezing him tightly in a rhythm older than
any other. I shuddered and moaned beneath him as he stilled to enjoy the
sensation and let me as well. When the after shocks had subsided, he began
to move slowly over me. As he did so, he whispered to me—ancient stories of stars, of myths, of lovers whose trysts lasted eons. Between words, he
would kiss my lips, my neck, or stroke my hair. He whispered how he’d
watched me, bided his time to meet me, who had heard me whisper to the wind
and hug the birches when I’d thought I’d been alone. Some small part of my
brain not totally enamored with him was perplexed at this, the other
recognizing someone who understood me at the most elemental levels.

And then, when all other men would have quit, I felt the power
rebuilding in me. Me, who had never had more than an orgasm at a time.
The sound of his voice receded to that of a burbling brook, as my breath
grew uneven, hoarse, my body shuddering with need. His pace quickened, as
though to tempt me higher.

“This is for you Rory, only you do this for me!” Ryan panted, his body
quaking as his own pleasure exploded within me.

Suddenly, I cried out “Ryan!” I felt the searing heat, and a blinding
light as I came. I felt as though I were floating, higher and higher, and
I lost all sense of time and space, and only the rightness remained. I
felt his arms encircle me, gently supporting me, as I drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke, I was in my camp. The fire had died, as I shook the
grogginess off. “Ryan?” I called, wondering first where he was, and second
if it had been a dream from an overworked mind. When he didn’t answer, I
concluded the second—until I saw the flannel shirt on the ground, with a
note attached.

Dearest Rory, You are more than I imagined, and more than I have seen in
many, many years. There is so much I want to say, but just don’t have the
words. Perhaps my actions speak for me. I have left someone to keep you
company through the day. Meet me here tonight when the sun goes down?

Yours, Ryan

How could you argue with a note like that? I had planned to spend the
weekend anyway, so who was I to leave? And it was then I remembered he had
told me he’d have to leave come sunup. I picked up the shirt, and took a
deep breath. It smelled like him, of clear, cold winter night, and I held
it close to me.

I looked around to see if I could see someone. There weren’t any people
around, just … Hey…no noise. And then I saw. A large dog, black, and
quite obviously friendly as it bounded toward me. Huge, he must have been
a Newfoundland. No wonder the woodland creatures fell silent. He bounded
up to me, and I braced myself for the onslaught. It didn’t do any good.
He jumped up on my knocking my slight frame to the ground, slobbering over
my face. His tag jangled in my view and I grasped it to get a better look.
“Sirius”. My god, a man who knows his stars. I am truly in love.

“Well, come on boy, lets see if we can’t find you some food.” At the
mention of food, he quickly bounced off me. I stood up and dusted myself
off. Did the morning basics, had a cup of coffee. Found some biscuits
that served as dog food for Sirius

I spent the day lounging, throwing sticks for the dog. We took a short
hike, following the nearby stream. The sky was bright and clear, and the
air around me was as warm as an Indian summer day. We got back to camp,
and after a snack, I decided to sleep some. Sirius, who at this point
would refuse to leave my side, slept right next to my sleeping bag. As
dusk approached, Sirius seemed to get antsy. I heard a rustle, as did
Sirius, who began bounding between me and the noise. Ryan stepped out, and
Sirius bounded to him, but unable to knock his solid frame over.

“Thanks boy, you can run off now.” And Sirius with one lick on my hand,
bounded off into the forest.

“Hi.” I whispered shyly, quietly, and totally unlike me.

He came closer, standing in front of me, “Hi yourself.” His voice low,
and full of emotion. I’ll admit it; I was unnerved. Me, who had looked
down board members about computer issues, who had the nickname Ice Queen
(though only behind my back) was a ball of mush. And what’s more? I
simply didn’t care. He came behind me, rubbing my shoulders slightly
before wrapping them around me. He held me in his arms cupping my breasts tracing his nails lightly over them as I felt his erection against the top
of my ass and the small of my back. I squirmed and whispered, “You aren’t
being very nice.”

I could hear the smile in his voice, “I’m sorry.”

“No, you aren’t!” I leaned into him, “ you like to tease me.”

“I like teasing you but I like making you cum also.” He kissed my hair,
and rocked me gently. He leaned down to run his tongue lightly along the
side of my throat then nibbled on my earlobe, making me squirm more against
his hardness. His fingers pinched the nipple pulling on it and then
rolling it between his fingers. He leaned low, his head down and flicked
his tongue against a nipple then sucked it into his mouth and worried it
with his teeth raking the silky skin around it with his teeth as well
occasionally. I shivered in his arms, turning to give him better access,
more or less sitting in his lap. Ryan slid his hands slowly down my belly
then out over my hips to cup the join of my bottom and thighs.

Slowly, Ryan slid me down his shaft letting me feel it slide up into my
body filling me with its hardness. I sighed deeply, luxuriating in the
feel of his rolling his hips slowly rubbing his mound against mine and
settling his cock deep in my pussy. I squirmed in his lap, whimpering
slightly. Then, he began to rock his hips driving his cock in and out of
me in slow deep strokes. My breathing became ragged, my body squirming
above his, rocking back against him, whimpering. He put his hands on my
hips keeping me from moving too fast as he leaned his head forward to chew
on a nipple. I moaned deeply, squirming for release, leaning forward into
him. Ryan held me against his hips rolling them in circles rubbing his
pelvis against my clit as his cock rubs in spirals inside me and his tongue
swirls around my nipple and breast. “Ooooohhhhhhhhh, Ryan...” I whimpered.
He slides his mouth off my breast as he leaned forward and licked along my
chest and throat until he reached my mouth. I moaned loudly into his
mouth, arching into the kiss, chest arching against his, my fingers
wrapping into his hair, pulling him closer. He slid one hand off my hip
letting it skim back over my ass to tease at the rear crease. I moaned
deeply at that touch, my body shiveringly close to orgasm--tremors move
through my body. Ryan must have sensed it, because he started to rock his
hips again thrusting against my body driving his cock deep into me with
each slow stroke. “Oh, god, don't stop!” I cried, shivering
uncontrollably, being held at the edge of explosion. Ryan smiled whispered
to me, but kept his slow driving thrusts going as his finger slides deeper
between my ass cheeks to tease at my rear entrance. At the same time, he
stokes my clit between us at the end of each deep stroke. My body went
taunt for a moment, and I uttered a guttural moan from somewhere deep in my
soul. My muscles began to flutter around him and my moans increased as the
pleasure continued and continued. “Oh, my god....oh oh oh oh oh....oh,
ryannnnnnnnnnnnn!” My body was nearly unable to keep up with the pleasure
it was receiving, convulsing like someone in the middle of a grande mal
seizure. Even through it, Ryan kept thrusting in deep full strokes as I
cam driving the pleasure even higher if he can. Suddenly, he rolled us
over so he is on top as he starts to drive his cock in and out of me again
in deep hard faster strokes. “Oh god! Oh fuck!” I scream, my body in a
continuous orgasm, unrelenting, until I could no longer speak, the feeling
of rising that came to me whenever he made me come moving me slowly, the
light brighter, and more recognizeable. And still, he drove his cock in
and out of me letting the weight of his hips drive deeply into me. I felt
his balls slapping at the bottom of my ass with each stroke as his chest
rubbed back and forth over my breasts and nipples with each full body
stroke into me. Finally, I found my voice, “Oh, god...Ryan, oh, Ryan, I
need you to cuuuuuummmmm.” I whimpered. I felt his seed rush up, engorging
him further, the light now blinding, his arms around me as he cried out, “I
love you, Rory!” Just before I fell asleep in his arms, I realized who he
was, the rising and light, and I knew.

I came to work Monday morning, invigorated, energized and stopped at my
mailbox to see if any problems had occurred over the weekend. A few
friends were sitting there, as the mailboxes were close to the coffee pot.

“Rory, where the hell have you been?” One friend asked, looking shocked.

“What do you mean? I went up to the mountain for the weekend.” I
shrugged, “its not like I’m late or anything.”

She snorted, looking disbelieving. “how can you say you weren’t late
Rory? It’s Tuesday! You missed the department meeting, and they were
saying they were going to place a missing persons report if you didn’t show
up today.” She paused, looking concerned. “I’d go see Mr. Greenfeld if I
were you.”

Wednesday? Not Monday? Oh, my god, what happened up there? Wasn’t it
just a night?

Katie watched my face, as I tried to hide the fact I thought I was going
insane. “Thanks. Dunno how I got so confused- I must’ve slept through a
few days!” I smiled. Even as I said it, I knew it wasn’t a possibility, as
I really had no sleep over the weekend, having spent every night with Ryan.

I walked down the hall to Mr. Greenfeld’s office. Fortunately for me,
he is usually rather understanding. I knocked on his door.

“Come in” a rather tired voice called out.

“Mr. Greenfeld? I was told you would want to see me?” Still in my mind
working on a way around the mess.

“Rory! My god, you’re okay!” He came out from behind his desk and
wrapped a paternal arm around my shoulders. “What happened? This is very
unlike you!”

“Sir, I really don’t know” Well, at least I was being honest. “I went
up to the mountain…”

“yes, it was a rather tense week last week, wasn’t it?” He smiled

“yes, sir, it was” I smiled backed. “ The only thing logical I can
think of is that I slept straight through a day each time…When I came in, I
honestly thought it was Monday. I didn’t know otherwise until Katie saw

“Sleeping through days? Rory, that isn’t healthy. When was the last
time you took time off?”

“Ummm. When my mother died, Mr. Greenfeld. I took 2 weeks off to get
her affairs in order.”

“Rory, that was what, 5-6 years ago? No wonder you’re frazzled. No.
Consider yesterday the beginning of your vacation. You don’t worry about
us here. If I had realized it’d been that long, I would have forced you to
take a vacation a long long time ago. You’re no good to me if you’re that
strained. Take 2 weeks. I insist.”

“Mr. Greenfeld, that is more than generous…but really, one week should
be enough.”

“Come back before 2 weeks, and I’ll have security boot you out of the
building…and stop arguing, or I’ll make it 3!” He grinned at me. “by all
rights, you should be in trouble I guess. But, damn it, you’re good, and
you’ve been a loyal employee. So…Go…get on out of here.”

I walked out of his office in a daze, unable to believe my good luck.
Instead of losing my job, I just gained a two week vacation. And I knew
exactly how I was going to spend it—in Ryan’s arms.

I knew it was crazy. But I didn’t care, I had to try. I wanted to be
with Ryan always. And I knew he wanted me. I learned a long time ago
though, that sometimes the craziest things are the ones that are the most
right. So, I cleared out my apartment, let the few friends I had know I
was going off with a man—so what if they didn’t believe me. I had no
family. I set a postdated email to Mr. Greenfeld, thanking him and
sending in my resignation. I could always cancel it if things didn’t work
out. But I certainly expected they would.

It took me a few days, days I relinquished grudgingly, but finally I was
done. I packed up the few things I couldn’t bear to leave behind, and put
them in my car. I looked back at the apartment I’d lived in for nearly 10
years, and felt no remorse, only a yearning to get to the mountain.

I got to the mountain, and climbed up to the camping area. I made two
trips, bringing those things I couldn’t leave behind. It wasn’t yet dusk,
and I sat back and enjoyed the quiet. My eyes picked up the blueness of
the sky, the cool damp seeping into me, the smell of newly unfrozen earth,
and crushed pine. I closed my eyes, and listened to the trees through the
pine, the hushed sound of it. A woodpecker in the distance was calling,
and chickadees were chirping on a branch nearby. My senses absorbed it

I must have fallen asleep, because I was awoken by a touch on my
shoulder. “Rory, you’re here.” The hunger in his voice was evident. “oh,
gods, you came.” And before I was truly awake, I felt myself being embraced
tightly, surrounded by the scent of clean winter cold. I breathed deep,
settling into him.

“Mmmmm, I love you too.” I sighed. His clasp tightened. He leaned into
me, kissing me warmly, and I felt that familiar melt start.

“Rory, I want you to be with me always. You know what that means, don’t

I sighed blissfully and smiled, since I’d been preparing for this. I
kissed him fully on the mouth, arching into his body. I felt that floating
sensation, the one that always arrived when I came. The stars flew past
me, and I felt Ryan’s searing touch.

When you look up at the sky, you will see me. My hand is over Orion’s
heart, stroking his chest as I stand behind him.

Orion was known as the "dweller of the mountain", and was famous for his
prowess both as a hunter and as a lover.

copyright Dryad 2002 (


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