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Winter Storm

By Katie McN <> (c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
Libby watched the struggle from her living room window. Fifteen minutes
earlier a truck had pulled off the highway and started up the private
road that ended on top of her hill. Snow and ice changed a trip of two
minutes into a winter adventure. The driver got out twice to clear snow
from under the vehicle and when the truck finally reached her front
door, Libby was relieved to see the McNallen Plumbing Company logo on
the side panel of the van.

"Damn it's cold." Footprints crushed a trail from the truck to the
heavy work boots standing on the front porch of the house. The plumber
was dressed for the cold weather in a thermal suit that added two
inches all around. A fur lined hood, heavy gloves and black ski mask
gave some protection from the 30 mile per hour winds. "I'm here to fix
your problem. Sorry it took so long, but we've been mending broken
pipes for two days. Do you think I can come in?"

"I didn't expect to see you in this weather." When Libby closed the
door to the mud room, she turned the tide in the battle of cold and
heat. "I thought I'd be without running water for the whole weekend.
How about a cup of coffee before you start work? You can hang your coat
up here and leave you tools until we go down into the basement."

The plumber hung the heavy winter coat on a hook in the mud room. Snow
pants came off next and finally the ski mask was removed. The plumber
wiped snow from the top of the tool box and stomped the mud room floor
to remove the accumulated slush and mud from the work boots. Libby got
a surprise when the plumber turned back to face her.

"Is there something wrong?" The plumber was dressed in a flannel shirt
with thermal underwear peeking out from the top. Heavy gauge denims
were tucked into work boots with soles that added another inch to the
plumber's height.

Libby realized she was staring. "I wasn't expecting a woman. My name is
Libby Kinsale. Thanks again for coming."

"I'm Rachel Putney, but most people call me Rae. Do you have a problem
with a woman plumber?"

Libby realized she'd gotten herself into something that could be
trouble. "No, Rae, why should I. You're the first woman plumber I've
seen so it's a surprise, that's all."

The expression on her face said Rae had heard it before. "Yah, I
surprise a lot of people. Why don't you show me the broken pipe."

Libby lived eighteen miles north of Newton, Massachusetts. Her closest
neighbor was two miles away and she could count all the cars that
passed her house in the last week on the fingers of one hand. She and
her lover of five years bought the place to get away from their hectic
lives in Boston. It was going to be a weekend retreat, but six months
later fate stepped in and changed their best-laid plans. Her doctor was
never clear about why or what or how. She knew life support wasn't
helping and told Libby it was time to pull the plug. The only time
people saw her cry was when she signed the hospital release. The rest
of her tears were saved for private moments in the home they'd bought
together. Away from the city and people she was alone to explore the
depths of her grief, looking for answers and finding none. Three years
later she still didn't have a reason to leave the solitude of her
country hide-a-way.

* * *

Rae moved with silent efficiency. The first step was to brace the pipes
and then seal the break with something that looked like goo and smelled
like the cesspool was backing up. Next, Rae put some sort of wrap
around the pipe, clamped it in place using several metal bands and
covered up the whole thing with a plastic wrap. "This is it for now,
Libby. I figure you're okay until next week when I can get out here
with some new pipe and finish the job." Libby noticed that Rae carried
the large tool box up the basement steps as if it was made of
cardboard. They were back in the kitchen in less than thirty minutes
and both women cheered when water poured from the sink faucet.

"It's lunch time, Rae. Why don't I fix us something to eat before you
go back out in the weather?" It had been awhile since Libby cooked for
another person and it didn't hurt that the person was the hunk standing
two feet away from her.

"I should get back now, but your offer sounds too good to pass up. Can
I help you with anything?"

"No, this is what I know how to do. Just kick back and relax."

Libby felt Rae's fierce blue eyes watching her every move. It was
exciting to be the center of attention, but she also knew what prey
felt when a hunter was selecting an animal for the next kill. "Who else
lives here, Libby?"

"I'm by myself. It's kind of nice until there's something like a broken
pipe to fix."

"Don't you worry about being here alone? A lot of things can happen to
a women by herself."

"This isn't the kind of place where 'things' happen to women, Rae."
Libby shivered and wondered why they were talking like this. "I've
never heard of anyone around here having problems."

"Well, you never know. Out her in the country. No one around." Rae
shrugged her shoulders and moved closer to see what Libby was doing.
"No, Libby, you never know."

Libby cleared the lunch dishes and told Rae she'd wash them later. The
wind had picked up again and was blowing frozen snow against the house
hard enough to hear through the insulated walls. Libby could see the
panel van in the driveway shifting and shivering in the blow of the
fierce eastern wind. "You can't drive in this weather, Rae. Why don't
we have some coffee in the living room and wait until things calm

Rae decided to get comfortable. Libby watched the tall woman take off
her flannel shirt and work boots. Libby was very satisfied with her own
small C breasts, but sucked wind when Rae pulled the thermal top over
her head and revealed two perfect D cups barely hidden under a tiny T-
shirt. Rae wasn't wearing a bra and her tits bounced a little with
every move she made.

* * *

"I've got some fresh coffee here, Rae. The ice storm looks like it's
going to keep up for awhile so we might as well sit here, get
comfortable and wait it out."

Libby put the fresh pot down on the coffee table and walked over to
where Rae was standing.

"Yah, my truck is half buried in snow. It'll be awhile before the
county gets the plows back out."

Libby tried not to be too obvious when she gave Rae the once over. She
liked what she saw and tried to imagine having those strong arms
wrapped around her. She guessed: dangerous and exciting. It had been a
long time since another woman got her attention. She couldn't
understand what Rae had, but whatever it was Libby could feel it all
over her body in places that hadn't been stirred in a long time.

"Did anyone tell you that you have a sexy mouth, Libby?"

Without warning Rae put the index finger of her right hand on Libby's
lips and let it remain there for a few seconds. Then she trailed it
down the blonde woman's face where it slipped under her chin and moved
to a soft spot on her neck. Libby shivered when the finger drifted
lower and finally stalled at the first button of her blouse. Before
Libby could say anything, she felt the finger slide into the cup of her
bra and then it relentlessly pulled her toward the tall woman until she
found herself pressed up against a person who she met two hours earlier
and who was still a stranger.

"What . . . what are you doing, Rae?" Libby could feel the heat move up
from her neck to her face. She knew she was blushing, but couldn't
stop. "Get your hand out of my blouse, now."

"Sorry if I got the wrong idea, Libby, but when a woman looks at me
like you were doing, it starts me to thinking."

Libby wondered how it had become her fault. She didn't like where this
was going and tried to walk away.

"Maybe it's just me, Libby, but seeing you wearing a red bra during the
day got me thinking maybe you were looking for some action. We've got
plenty of time."

"I can't believe you'd say something like that to me." Libby made a
quick change from blushing innocent to outraged female. "I can wear any
kind of underwear I want. A red bra is no reason for you to stick your
hand down my blouse."

"Sorry, Libby, but curvy blonde women are a big turn-on for me and I
sort of lost control. It won't happen again."

* * *

Libby was still indignant when the two women walked into the living
room to wait out the storm? She decided to try and forget what happened
and make the best of their forced confinement. The women had moved to
the couch to drink another cup of coffee. Libby was still thinking
about what had happened, but decided they'd have a truce since they
were trapped in the house until the storm ended. She couldn't believe
Rae would do something that rude and felt it would be better if they
talked about safer things. "That's an unusual tattoo, Rae. What's it
supposed to be?"

"Are you sure you want to know, Libby? You might not like the answer."

Rae said that she was born in a poor section of Boston. Most of the
girls in her neighborhood joined a local gang or ended up as victims.
The red symbol on her forearm was a badge of honor in the gang. A girl
had to do something special before she could have a tattoo. The
something special was often a crime and always had to do with violence.

"How did you get your tattoo, Rae?"

"Ha, ha, ha, you're going to be sorry you asked."

Rae told Libby that the girls in the gang liked to smoke grass, but
were short of money on the day it happened. Their gang leader decided
Rae would have to raise the money they needed to buy a stash. There was
a corner over on main street where the working girls put themselves on
display for guys driving by in their cars. A young girl could raise
$200 in an afternoon if she was willing to sell herself to anyone who'd
pay for her services. This was something Rae said she'd never do and
she could tell from the look on the gang leader's face the whole thing
was just a ploy to degrade her.

She didn't say a word and walked off toward the main drag. Instead of
joining the girls on the corner, she got on a bus and rode it to an
upscale part of town. She waited by a bank until a woman drove up to
use the ATM machine and thirty minutes later she was back with the

The other girls were so impressed with her exploit they decided to
award her the gang symbol. One of the girls used a blade to cut her
skin and insert the red color that would be a permanent symbol of her
loyalty. The other girls were surprised that Rae could sit there and
not make a sound while the knife cut into her forearm.

"This is not a typical tattoo, Libby. Run your finger over it and feel
the scars." Libby hesitated before she touched the red mark on Rae's
forearm. "Even if I tried to have it removed, the scars would always be
there so I'm marked for life." Libby felt something more than a scar
and wondered if she'd made a mistake letting this woman into her home.

"How did you go from a girl gang-banger in Boston to being a plumber in
Newton, Rae?"

"My father was a plumber and when he saw what was happening to me, he
moved the family to Newton and made me his apprentice. I ran away a
couple of times before I realized being a plumber was better than jail
or whatever would happen to me out on the streets. I worked with him
until he died of a heart attack six years ago."

Libby looked at Rae in a new light. She'd never met anyone who
committed a violent crime and wondered what she would do if she found
herself in the same circumstance. "You were lucky to have a trade where
you could get a job after your father died, Rae."

"Libby, every time I applied for a job, the man doing the hiring took
one look at me and either told me he'd just found someone or else he'd
hit on me." Rae didn't sound angry when she said this, resigned would
be a better way of describing the way she talked. "No one would hire me
for any job except office girl so I started working for myself. I guess
I did okay because now I have 11 men and 3 women driving McNallen
Plumbing trucks. I've got an office boy working for me, too." Libby
liked the smile that covered Rae's face when she talked about her
success and almost didn't hear her when she said, "Do you really think
an employee would come out here on a day like this? Be serious."

Libby was surprised and pleased. More so when Rae wanted to look at the
seven books she'd written. The women moved from the couch to the
bookcase on the other side of the room. Libby started to tell Rae about
her life and her work as a writer, but the conversation quickly moved
on to family, school, writing, inspiration, time and circumstances. Not
real feelings, but enough substance for Libby to see Rae as something
more than a distraction on a cold winter afternoon.

* * *

"A friend of mine once told me that 'Cooks don't clean', so how about
giving me a hand with the dinner dishes, Rae?" Winter was showing off
with a storm that blew ice sideways and prevented the women from even
seeing the street. Rae agreed the guest bedroom was a better idea than
trying to drive back to her office in the storm. "Glad you liked the
steak. It's been awhile since I was able to get to the store so choices
were limited."

"You're a damn good cook, Libby. Do you figure I got to be this size by
eating veggie-burgers?"

It wasn't really a special meal, just steak and potatoes, but Libby
decided she'd serve after-dinner drinks anyhow. Rae said it was her
first brandy and coffee, but it seemed to go down right and she didn't
say no to a second cup. Libby had been alone for a long time and wasn't
used to having someone in the house.

"Libby, I hope you're not mad at me for being so forward earlier."

Libby thought Rae had more to say and gave her a chance to consider her

Rae went on, "I'm used to a different sort of woman and acted without

"Rae, what kind of women do you know who'd let you fondle her breast an
hour after you met her?"

"No, that's not what I meant. You're a classy babe and I'm more used to
girls who drink beer and cuss."

"If you figure I don't know how to say 'fuck' or pound down a six pack
during a football game, you're wrong. But, I do like a little advance
notice before a woman makes her first move so I can post it in my

"Does that mean you can't remember my hand in your bra?"

Libby stood up and took a step closer to Rae. "It's in my memory,
etched in stone, baby. You're not getting off that easy."

Libby had her hands on her hips and tried to act like she was still mad
about what happened. Her impish grin said something else. Rae seemed
surprised when Libby sat on her lap and put an arm around her neck.
Libby decided she was a perfect fit and was pleased she could be so
brave. "You owe me one, Rae, so now it's my turn."

Libby slipped her hand under Rae's T-shirt and touched one of the firm
globes hidden by the flimsy material. When Rae tried to talk, her mouth
was covered by Libby's lips. Libby liked the taste of the tongue Rae
forced into her mouth. The kiss lasted a long time, but not long enough
for Libby. She needed more and Rae gave her what she desired. Kisses,
touches, feelings, heat, more, more, more.

When Rae stood up, Libby found herself floating above the floor. She
felt the strength in Rae's arms as she was carried off to the bedroom.

"Stay on the bed, Libby, and don't make a move." Rae had carried Libby
to the bedroom and was starting to take off her own clothes. "I'd like
to show you I can be more than a blue-collar roughneck."

"Take as long as you want, sweetie, it's not a hardship watching your

When Rae pulled her pants down, Libby got another surprise. She didn't
expect to see the paisley thong that covered an intimate hiding place.
The T-shirt was discarded next. It came off with a tug that bounced
Rae's large breasts in an interesting way. The thong slipped easily to
the floor leaving Rae dressed in nothing but her wool socks. The tall
woman sat on the bed and took off one sock. She managed to excite
Libby's leg with a caress before she pulled off the other one.

If the sun was shining in the bedroom, Libby would have been covered by
the shadow of the woman who was smiling down at her. It was too late to
stop, but she was still afraid of what could happen.

Libby felt hands opening the buttons on her blouse. When she tried to
help, she was pushed away. Her mouth was surprised by a kiss and then
she felt her shirt tails slide from her pants. It was easy for Rae to
explore the upper part of Libby's body and her strong hands discovered
the interesting places hidden under the blonde woman's shirt. Tiny
kisses tattooed Libby's face and she wondered who told Rae to nibble in
the special place at the junction of her shoulder and neck.

"I'm still having a hard time with someone wearing a red bra during the
day," Rae said.

"Instead of complaining, why don't you just take it off?"

That was enough encouragement for Rae to finish her work and Libby soon
found herself nude from the waist up. Well, her clothes were off, but
she was still covered by the person who was doing so much to excite her

Libby loved it when Rae started to explore. The tall woman was able to
lift and turn Libby so no part of her bare skin had to suffer the loss
of kisses, nibbles, nips and touches. The blonde woman tried to return
the attention, but she was no match for the determination of Rae who,
was in total control.

Rae unbuttoned Libby's pant's next and pulled the zipper down enough to
allow them to slip over the blonde woman's hips. Rae quickly took them
off and then stopped to admire the unexplored territory.

"Matching red bikini panties, what a nice surprise." Libby liked being
on display and the mail-order purchases from Victoria's Secret didn't
seem so silly now. "It's a shame you won't be wearing them much

The two women held each other in a tight embrace and shared the heat
from their bodies. Libby could wait no longer and started her own
explorations. There were so many treats she hardly knew what to touch
first. Her hands moved everywhere, face, shoulders, back, breasts,
tummy, legs and ass. Her tongue tasted skin and her nose smelled the
scent of a woman's lust. Luxury. New. Wonderful. It was hard for her to
concentrate with Rae returning all the favors.

Libby couldn't recall the last time another woman touched her pussy.
She knew she'd remember this experience. It wasn't just that Rae
understood so much about making love to a woman, there was more to it.
If this was a sport, Libby could say she was "in the zone". She had no
words to explain what was going on. She just knew her body had taken
control and she was a passenger on the road to lust.

Libby's first orgasm snuck up on her and she might have missed the
start of it except for the scream. It took her a few seconds to realize
she was hearing the sound of her own passion. At first she couldn't
move and didn't know where she was. Then she felt the firm body of the
woman who was making love to her and knew if was time for seconds,
thirds and more.

Rae swung her body around until her face was over Libby's pussy. Libby
felt two strong hands pull her ass toward the tall woman's face. Teeth
trapped her clit. A tongue explored her pussy. A finger rimmed her
asshole. Everything merged together and everything felt right.

Rae's body covered Libby's arm so the smaller woman wasn't able to
touch the delicacies now on display. This changed when Rae swung her
leg over Libby's head to give her a look at the swollen labia in the
place where Rae's legs came together. Libby had a second orgasm when
her tongue sampled the juices in Rae's pussy. Her body spasmed and
revealed the secret of her lust. Libby felt Rae's body shiver and knew
that the woman on top was also enjoying their pleasure.

The two women didn't stop surprising each other for another three
hours. That's when Libby got her toys out and they started all over
again. Libby had no idea how many times she came. 'Many' seemed like
the right answer, but she really wasn't counting.

* * *

"Oh my god, Rae. What was that all about?" Libby snuggled in Rae's arms
and the two women cuddled in the queen size bed. Rae touched the scar
on the tall woman's forearm and was reminded about Rae's past. It
didn't seem to matter anymore.

It would be awhile longer before they had the energy to make love
again, but Libby didn't care. The tiny kisses they were sharing and the
warmth of her lover's arms were perfect and something Libby didn't want
to change. "I think three years of nothing was satisfied in one night,

"I always figured you upper-class babes would break in two if you made
love with a real woman." Rae punctuated the remark by sticking her
tongue into Libby's ear. "Looks like you're holding up okay, little

"Harumph, you better shut your mouth or I'll make you do it all over
again, you big bully."

"Well, if you really want me to . . . "

"Let's rest for a few more minutes. When do you have to go back to

"That's funny, I forgot all about work. Damn, I better get some sleep
so I can leave first thing in the morning."

"Let me get this straight. You've got 14 plumbers and an office boy
working for you and you can't take a day off?" Libby accented her
remarks by moving her hand from Rae's tummy down toward the tuft of
hair decorating the mound between her legs. Libby quickly rubbed her
finger back and forth teasing the swollen clit that guarded the
entrance to Rae's pussy. "Seems to me the boss could call in sick and
no one would be able to say one damn thing about it."

The call wasn't made until much later. There was some love making and
some getting acquainted that needed to be done first. It had been a
long time since breakfast in bed was a feature in Libby's home and she
couldn't remember ever being able to give herself so easily to another

"Before I go, Libby, I want to ask a question." Libby desperately hoped
Rae wasn't going to tell her that they were ending a one night stand.
That would be more than she could take. "Do you know what a lesbian
does on the second date?"

Libby thought it was nice to hear they were going to have a second
date. "No, what does she do?"

"That's easy, she helps her girlfriend move in."
The End
Tell me what you think about my story!

Katie McN <>

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