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WishCraft Part Four


Disclaimer: Due to some strong sexual content, you must be eighteen years
old in order to read this story. Also, any resemblance to any real people
out there is purely coincidental. This story is totally a figment of my
imagination - although, inspiration from real people did help the direction
I took!

Note: This story involves three different themes happening at the same
time. This story is nothing like I have ever attempted before, and
although I had loads of fun writing it, I'm not sure how you readers will
react to it. Finally, I trust this satisfies a certain "Little Kitten's"
request for a story on.

"Wish Craft, Part Four - The Final Chapter" by JR Parz


Kim Peterson hoped that she wasn't too early. Ever since she was given
the message that she was to meet Chris over at Danny Saunders house, she
found it so difficult to contain her excitement. She couldn't sleep last
night and fidgeted until heading over at nine.

"Hi, can I help you?" Asked the lady that answered the door.

"Ah yes, Ma'am. Danny told me I could meet him over here. I think
Chris is supposed to be here."

The lady smiled; "Well, if he said to, I guess it'll be alright. He's
not in his room right now, but you can go wait for him, if you'd like."

Kim smiled at the lady and went inside. When the lady let her inside
the room, she wondered where they were. Then she saw the cage.

"Oh my god!....wh...what happened!?!......Chris!" She stammered, then

Chris and Carla were both looking at the giant sized Kim Peterson.
Chris thought that this shouldn't be too difficult. "Kim, take us out of
this cage and be careful with the both of us. Set us on the bed."

Kim didn't realize that the love spell she felt for Chris was flooding
her every second she stood gaping at him. When she heard his request, she
quickly did as instructed. Kim couldn't help look at Chris with love, but
at the same time, her lesbian nature took advantage of the naked Carla.

"Kim, can you take us back to your house and take care of us?"

"It would be my pleasure.....believe me!" Kim placed the miniature twins
inside her shirt, letting them sit on a tit each. Chris thought the whole
thing was a rush while Carla felt a slight jealousy.

Mrs. Saunders never saw Kimberly leave.

Kimberly was going to just love her two new lovers.....oh what plans.


When Tiffany woke Sunday morning, she felt her incredible tits stick up
from her chest like mountains. She pinched her nipples and moaned. God
she loved that feeling. Her tits were even bigger now than last night!
Tiffany went to the bathroom, no longer caring to wear any clothes, except
for the bikini panties she was wearing. He blond hair came down to her ass
and she actually had to move it out of the way in order to sit on the
toilet. Tiffany peed, wiped herself, and then went to look at herself in
the mirror.


One second Danny was ramming his dick inside Carmen's wet sex and the
next instance, he felt an strange disorientation knock him for a loop! He
slowly opened his eyes and found himself looking straight into the eyes of
the most gorgeous blond haired, emerald green eyed young teenager he's ever
seen. It took a few seconds to realize that he was looking at Tiffany
Sterling. The new bimbo, Tiffany Sterling.

His mind screamed out, 'Tiffany', but nothing happened. He then felt
his hands come up and cup two huge tits on his chest. Wait! He didn't
have tits....what was going on?!? Danny's eyes continued to stare at the
reflection in the mirror until his eyes went down to look at his hands.
Not his hands, but Tiffany's. What happened? He didn't have the book with
him so he couldn't wish to know what happened. He tried remembering, but
his mind felt scrambled and he had trouble thinking. He wasn't sure why,
but he seemed to be trapped inside Tiffany's new bimbo body. He had to get
back to his book. He tried screaming for Tiffany to listen to him.

Tiffany heard a faint voice inside her head when she pinched her
nipples, but she was way to horny to pay attention to it. She just loved
the way her body felt and was happy to know that she could go out clothes
shopping again. Her tits were huger than she thought possible, but they
still didn't hurt. They only felt sexy on her.

Danny's mind screamed out Tiffany's but nothing happened except he was
so, so horny. He felt a great need to stick his finger inside her wet
slit. The thought disturbed him. He didn't have a pussy, Tiffany did. The
thoughts were to hard to follow. Maybe if he could grasp some of Tiffany's
thoughts, he could alter them. He peered inside her mind. Emptiness
invaded him. Tiffany's lack of intellect was swallowing him up. Danny
tried to hold onto something, but he felt so horny that he went with the
sensation as he looked out through Tiffany's eyes. Tiffany was
masturbating and Danny was lost in the sensation of it. As Tiffany
screamed out an orgasm, Danny screamed out along with her.


Carmen had no idea where Danny went, and felt the disappointment at his
sudden departure. How dare he leave her unsatisfied. Carmen slowly moved
off her bed after giving herself an orgasm. Sitting on her bureau was the
book. Slowly she approached it. Was this the answer to everything?

Carmen opened it up and read the page; 'Wish Craft enables you to cast
your every wish.' Carmen got nervous, what if Danny came back and saw her
tampering with this? Carmen heard Britanny start to cry. 'Time for her
feeding' Carmen thought to herself, amazed how she just seemed to know
these things now. As Carmen walked downstairs, she wondered if she'd ever
get used to a baby crying. Then a thought came to her, sparked by
Britanny's crying, how about she make her Motherly duties a little bit
easier to deal with. Carmen wasn't sure how this could be accomplished,
but knew which words to use. If it worked, then she could spend more time
with Danny. Carmen remembered how Danny held the book in both hands,
closed his eyes and then wished. Carmen did the same thing; "I wish that
'Little Kitten' be more independent."

Carmen then put the book down and was just about to reach down and pick
up Brit when quite suddenly Britanny began to glow. Carmen was too stunned
to do anything other than watch as Britanny started to shrink down even
smaller than her six month old body, and stranger yet, she didn't appear to
be getting any younger, it was only her size that shrunk. As Danny's
previous wish dictated, Britanny's clothes, being pampers, conformed to her
new size, hugging her little bottom snug and comfy! Britanny had stopped
crying for a few seconds while she shrunk, not sure what was going on.
When Britanny realized that Carmen's huge breasts, filled with her
delicious milk, was in her sights, she held her arms straight out and
started wailing.

Carmen, not sure what was going on, was about to reach down again for
Britanny, but the glowing started all over again! Carmen, with her mouth
agape and her eyes wide open, watched as Britanny underwent further
transformations. Britanny started growing hair all over her body, but the
more Carmen watched, the more she realized it wasn't hair, but white fur!
Then a tail sprouted out the back end, right through the pampers she was
wearing! Britanny rapidly lost her baby face and her head took on a cute
feline appearance. Her little chubby hands turned into paws with claws,
and her little baby body followed everything else by finally transforming
Britanny into a 'little kitten'...............and still wearing the cutest
looking diapers, snuggly covering her lower backside. Now, instead of
Britanny crying, she was meowing in a high pitched kitten meow.

Carmen reached down and carefully picked up her 'little kitten' and
brought her up close to her chest. Brit knew what she wanted and snuck her
cute little head around to Carmen's right nipple, and within seconds
started suckling, careful not to use her fangs. At first Carmen was about
to move the kitten away from her nipple, but then she realized it wasn't
actually a kitten, kitten. The little kitten was Britanny! Carmen let
Brit continue to feed, hearing her 'little kitten' purr happily while
nestled comfortably between Carmen's big boobs. As Brit continued to feed,
Carmen saw a tag peaking out the back of Brit's new diapers, right around
the tail area. Carmen read the tag's inscription; 'Kitten's brand
diapers....for your special 'little kitten'. Carmen giggled at the
unintentional pun. Carmen then noted the silver name tag hanging from
Brit's cute little flea collar that read, simply, 'Brit'.

Britanny was transformed into a kitten. Yes, Kittens were more
independent than babies, but here she was, probably the only human being on
the planet, who was breast feeding her milk to a kitten. Carmen giggled
again, feeling the occasional tickle of Britanny's little kitten tongue.
Carmen thought Britanny must be having a great time.

"Little Kitten, switch to my other nipple.....okay sweetie." Whispered

Britanny looked up at Carmen, while licking her chops. She then scooted
over to Carmen's other nipple and went back to her feeding. Brit was well
aware of her transformation, and truly "luved it!"


Later, Sunday afternoon, an old lady slowly made her way up the steps of
Carmen and Britanny's place. A supernatural sense turned her around, just
in time to see a pretty young teen girl jog by the house. The old lady
smiled. 'Good' she thought to herself. She felt bad when her book turned
innocent humans miserable, and this very beautiful, long blond haired, very
top heavy, girl was everything but miserable. The old lady couldn't help
notice how the girl's rather huge breasts bounced hypnotically with every
step. The old lady peered inside the girl's mind, searching for something.
The girl's mind appeared empty, except for a small box sitting on the
floor. The old lady knew that the inside that box was the rest of the
girl's IQ. The old lady continued scanning the vast emptiness until she
spotted a young man kneeling down on the floor. Danny. The old lady knew
that the kneeling down Danny wasn't inside his shell, but instead, peering
out the eyes of the beautiful blond's eyes. The old lady could have easily
rectified everything, but the boy deserved his new fate. The lady's mind
pulled out of the girl's head and took one last look at the beautiful blond girl jogging. 'She's happy.....that's all that counts.' The old lady heard
the girl singing; "LA LA LA...LA LA LA...LA LA LA...LA LA LA." as she
disappeared out of sight.

The old lady thought back to an hour later when she paid Kim Peterson a
visit. She discovered that Kim was treating her two pets, Chris and Carla,
very nice. Kim made sure all three of them lived a life of pleasure. Now,
back to the task on hand. She had to retrieve the book called 'WishCraft'.
Soon after her knock, a very pretty young lady answered. Ah yes, Carmen.
She, also, was very top heavy. But Carmen was top heavy for a different
reason. When the old lady looked down at the pretty lady's feet, she saw a
cute little white kitten rubbing affectionately up against her legs.

"What an affectionate little kitty" stated the old lady.

Carmen smiled at the old lady's pun, not knowing that it was
intentional. Then she looked at the old lady, smiling, and asked; "Can I
help you?"

"Yes Carmen......I've come for the book."

Carmen's eyes lit up with shock.

"Who....ah.....Danny's not here.........and it's his book, I think."

The old lady responded; "Danny won't be needing it anymore. He really
isn't himself anymore and I don't expect he ever will
be.................May I come in?"

Carmen's eyes looked confused and she replied; "Yes, Ma'am.....the book
is on the coffee table."

The old lady walked into the house and took a seat on the couch. Carmen
sat in the chair opposite, while Britanny made her presence known by
Carmen's legs.

"Come here, Little Kitten." Said the old lady.

Brittany felt a strange compulsion to go to the old lady and trotted
over. The old lady reached down, picking her up and putting Britanny on
her lap.

"Carmen, I'm going to offer you something I usually don't offer other
humans that come across my book. A chance to wish everything back for you
and Britanny."

Just then, Brittany hissed at Carmen, making her thoughts known that she
was happy just the way she was. Carmen understood her friend, and replied;
"No, I know Brit would rather stay just as she is."

"But what about you, Carmen? Are you happy?"

Carmen was still under the full effects of Danny's previous wish that
she be responsible for Britanny, so she replied; "I need to take care of
Brit. She's my best friend and my responsibility." Then as an after
thought, Carmen wished that she and Brit could be together, forever, but
both be happy.

"That can be arranged."

" read my mind." Stammered Carmen, realizing
what the old lady had done.

"Well Carmen, is this what you wish?"

Carmen looked at Britanny with a smile; "Yes."


JR didn't usually take this route when he jogged his three miles, but
one must improvise when they have a streak going. JR was on his 95th
straight day of jogging three miles every day, and just because he was
visiting a friend, didn't give him the excuse to skip a day.

As JR jogged along, he noticed a very beautiful young girl approaching.
She, too, was jogging. In addition to the girl looking very beautiful, she
was also well endowed on top. In fact, JR thought that it must be hard for
the girl, thinking that breasts as big as hers must take a beating with all
that bouncing. While JR passed the girl, he couldn't help smiling. The
girl was singing; LA...LA...LA......LA...LA...LA......LA...LA...LA" while
he passed her. JR was instantaneously reminded of this girl he worked with
at the office, Suzi Chapstick. Although Suzi didn't have long blond hair
like this girl, she did boast some of the other attributes.....a silly
carefree personality, the giggle, both jogged, and,
let's just say other similar traits.

When JR was done his three miles, he went into his cool down walk and
noticed a lady walking up the sidewalk towards him. The lady seemed to be
talking to something nestled in the crook of her left arm. When he was
close enough to see, he noticed that the lady was carrying two little white
kittens, who were cuddled very close together.

"Oh....they're so cute......and they're wearing little diapers."

The lady and JR exchanged small talk and JR reached over to scratch both
of the kittens on the side of the neck. Both of them purred and leaned
against his fingers in an affectionate way. JR noticed that one of the
white kitten's had a red stripe down it's back.

"What are their names?" JR asked, smiling at their cuteness.

"Oh, their both girls.....the pure white 'little kitten' is Brit, and
the one with the red stripe down the back is Carm."

"They're precious." JR commented as both kittens began licking his hand.
"Thank you.......I'm taking them home. I promised them that I'd take
care of them." remarked the lady. In the process, she dropped a book that
she was carrying in her right arm.

JR reached down and picked it up. The title said; "WishCraft". The
lady noted his curiosity, and asked; "The book grants
interested in taking a look."

JR chucked while shaking his head; "No thank you.......I'll keep my wish
granting to my imagination.....I really don't need to be practicing this
stuff in the real world." JR handed the book back to the lady and was just
about to say goodbye, when he heard a cute meeeoooowww, accompanied by a
chorus of meowing from both kittens'. The lady smiled at the kittens and
back to JR and said; "Brit and Carm want are pleading for a sequel???" JR
smiled back at the lady and then turned to the 'little kittens' and
replied; "If I do, it won't be for awhile." The End???


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