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WishCraft Part One


Disclaimer: Due to some strong sexual content, you must be eighteen years
old in order to read this story. Also, any resemblance to any real people
out there is purely coincidental. This story is totally a figment of my
imagination - although, inspiration from real people did help the direction
I took!

Note: This story involves three different themes happening at the same
time. This story is nothing like I have ever attempted before, and
although I had loads of fun writing it, I'm not sure how you readers will
react to it. Finally, I trust this satisfies a certain "Little Kitten's"
request for a story on.

"Wish Craft, Part One" by JR Parz


Danny didn't believe it.

"It's true, read this part......see!" pointed Chris,
while holding up the book.

Danny laughed while glancing at the book. The sentence read 'Wish Craft
enables you to cast your every wish.' Danny laughed even louder and
responded; "Come on, Chris, you know that Magic only works in Hollywood."

Chris was about to prove it by casting a simple wish, but instead he
smiled and thought he'd let his wish from an hour ago prove his point;
"Okay, You'll see.......Let's walk to the mall."

"If your 'wish craft' works so great, why don't you just pop us there?"
Danny chuckled.

Chris hadn't thought about using his book for teleporting, but he was
confident that it could be done. "No. I want to walk." Chris knew that
his twin sister and her girl friends were on their way home. Unless they
managed to get a ride, they should cross paths. And as long as the wish
worked, Danny would be in for a surprise.

Danny and Chris started toward the mall. Along the way, Danny spotted
Chris's sister and a bunch of other girls approaching. They were all
sophomores at Kennedy High School. The one thing that Danny knew is that
Chris and his sister, Carla, didn't get along. Danny always thought that
twins were supposed to be close. 'Too bad', Danny thought to himself,
because he loved every opportunity to stare at Carla, who turned into a
total babe over the winter months. In the past, Carla was as skinny as a
pole, but her breasts sexily stuck out of her chest and her ass took on the
shapely curves usually reserved for girls in their late teens. Carla was
only fifteen but packed a dynamite body. Carla was obviously a fraternal
twin given her gender, but in addition, Carla was blessed with extreme beauty. Chris had a decent body going for him, but certainly didn't stop
the girls with his looks. Danny, on the other hand, did boast good looks,
and a strong body, something he just gained recently and knew it was a
matter of time before he started making an impact as far as the girls were

As the entire group of girls, including Carla, approached Chris and
Danny, one by one their eyes locked on to Chris, and their face all broke
into a smile. Chris smiled back, making sure to glance at every single one
of them, finishing up with his twin sister, Carla, who blushed in response.
Carla would think about her rapturous moment for several hours, not
understanding this sudden attraction to her brother, but unable to deny it,

When Danny witnessed this, he was stunned. Danny saw the faces of the
girls and couldn't understand it. He knew the look, it was the same look
that he gave every gorgeous girl he looked at. Danny was about to comment
but Chris spoke first; "Look who's sitting at the light."

Danny looked up to see Kimberly Peterson. Kim was a senior at their
school and also the head cheerleader. Danny could gaze at her forever.
Kim was about five-two, nice size tits, and a body every petite form should
be blessed with. As Danny and Chris crossed the street, Chris turned to
Danny and said; "Danny, let's get a ride." as he walked right to the
driver's side of the car. Kim was startled by this sudden intrusion, and
was about to chew them out when her eyes locked on to Chris. Kim's eyes
lit up with obvious pleasure, transforming her whole demeanor.

"Hi Kim." commented Chris with a confident grin.

"Hi......ah...where you going?" Asked Kimberly while her eyes focused on

"To the mall......just to hang out." replied Chris.

"Would you like a....ride?" Kim asked, expectantly.

"Sure....Thanks." stated Chris as he nudged Danny in the side. Danny
was too stunned to say anything.

Kim gazed at Chris the whole time they were getting in the car. Chris
got in the front while Danny got into the back. Danny still looked on in
quiet amazement.

"I know you're from my school, but I don't know your name. Are you a
junior?" asked Kim.

"Sophomores.........I'm Chris and that's Danny in back." Chris replied
with a smile.

"Chris" murmured Kim, loving the taste of the name on her lips. She
ignored Danny.

Danny was fully aware that the girl was treating him like he wasn't
there, but it didn't matter as he was just happy as all hell being this
close to Kim. While Kim drove, he watched the rise and fall of her lively
tits. Her nipples strained visibly against the red halter she wore as her
breathing was labored. God, she is gorgeous! Her tits moved seductively
inside her halter with every breath. At that moment, Danny thought that
Kim was the most beautiful girl he's ever been this close to. His mind
flashed to his fantasy lover, Britanny Williams, who lived next door.
Britanny was a fox herself, but it was Kimberly he was this close to at
this second. He was never this close to Brit.

Kim found herself blushing while she tried desperately to control her
breathing. Never in her life has a boy been able to make her feel this
way, and he hadn't even touched her yet! Kim was finding it hard to
rationalize her body's reaction. She never before responded to a male
before, and only felt the sexual desire flooding her body with other
beautiful girls. Chris was so cute, but she was a lesbian! Or so she
thought. All she knew now was that she desperately wanted to be with him.
She wished that she and Chris were going to the mall, and not the jerk in
the back seat. She wouldn't question how strange this was that she was
infatuated with a 10th grader until a few hours later. As she pulled up to
the entrance of the mall, she was hoping that maybe he'd invite her to join

"Thanks a lot Kim.........why don't you give me your number and I'll
call you sometime.....We'll get together and hangout."

Kim was feeling sadness at being separated from him so soon, but then
perked up when he asked her for her number; "That would be great!" Kim
enthusiastically replied, while searching in her purse for a pen and paper.
Kim found what she was looking for and jotted down her phone number.

Chris took the piece of paper from Kim as he was getting out of the car,
and read it; It said; 'I'll be your very own love slave, call me!
555-9876.' Chris looked back at Kim with a grin that reached ear to ear,
and Kim blushed, whispering; "Please Call me....You won't regret it."

Chris smiled at the sexy blond girl who was doing everything in her
power to seduce his interest in her. Chris stared her right in the eyes
and smiled; "Trust me......I'll call you."

Kim bit her lip, almost as if she was hiding a shiver of desire, and
smiled back at Chris before driving off.

Danny now stood next to Chris with his mouth wide open. When he finally
collected himself and found his voice; "If I didn't see it with my own
eyes, I would never have believed it." Chris handed him the paper that Kim
gave him. Danny read it and shook his head in amazement. "She's never
talked to neither one of us before, and now all of a sudden she's acting
like a lust crazed slut in hopes that you will show her some
attention.....she couldn't get enough of you.....why?"

Chris laughed; "It's because of wish craft (indicating the book he
held). I simply wished that every girl that is pretty will find me
irresistibly attractive upon seeing me. When they are in my presence, they
feel absolute love, when they aren't in my presence they can rationalize
and function quite normally, but still have a great desire to be with me."

Danny remembered the look on the faces of the other pretty girls,
including Chris's own sister. Based on what he saw then, and Kim's
reaction, he had no doubt now that the book worked. This fact sent his
mind on overdrive. "Even your sister?!?"

"I'm not saying I would do anything with her, but the book must
recognize her for the fox she is, because I have no say who does and who
doesn't fall under the effects."

Danny shook his head, still amazed. He could picture Kim with her legs
spread wide and Chris pumping in and out of her, and thought, 'I want to be
there! Hell, if I had that power, I would have told Chris to get lost and
I'd be screwing Kim this very second.' Danny turned to Chris and asked;
"How does it work? Where did you get the book?"

Chris started laughing. "Wait a minute.......didn't you tell me earlier
that you didn't believe in magic? Chris was now the one smirking, and then
added; "I could have sworn you said this type of stuff only worked in the
movies...........what's up with that?"

"Okay......I was tell me." grinned Danny.

"Well, you know that old lady at the end of my street?"

Danny nodded 'yes'.

"Well, I picked up the book from her tag sale last Sunday. The funny
thing about it was that I wasn't really even intending to buy anything. I
just happened to be walking by and looking from the street when the lady
called me over. She asked me to help move a coffee table out of her garage
for her. It only took me all of five minutes and she wouldn't let me leave
until she gave me something. Well, the lady went back into her house. I
started looking at her tag sale items when she emerged a couple minutes
later with this book. She told me she found it buried in her attic under a
bunch of clothes. I must have given her a 'no thank you' look, because she
assured me that I would love this gift. She said the book worked. Well,
when I got home I just threw it in my drawer and forgot about it until last
night. At first I thought it was a joke, but the old lady was so insistent
that it worked, I tried it. I found by simply holding this book with both
hands and reciting my wish, my wish came true. My first wish was to get an
'A' on my English Test........... ...remember what I got, today?"

Danny remembered Chris showing him the 'A'. He also remembered being
surprised because Chris never received an 'A' on an English Test in his

"How many wishes have you made?"

"The two I mentioned.........but I'm about to make a third wish."

"What are you going to wish for?"

"Well, you know that new girl in our class from Cedar High, Tiffany

Danny nodded that he did. The girl was real cute and arrived at Kennedy
a month ago. Danny would often see her jogging by his house. Tiffany's
hair was jet black and she wore it in a modern page boy style. Tiffany
leg's were killer long and she looked so graceful when she jogged. She was
always jogging in those tight spandex workout suits and her athletic slim
body complimented the suit nicely. He remembered Chris and him commenting
on her looks one day while she was jogging by his house. They both started
fantasizing what they would do to her if given the task of improving her
sex appeal. Both of them agreed that a Tiffany should be blond, so, they
would give her long blond hair. They also felt that a Tiffany should have
much bigger tits. Then it hit him! Danny realized what Chris was
planning; "You're kidding!'re not going to...."

"Yep....I'm going to wish her the complete make-over we both agreed on."
Chris replied with a smile. "And I'm going to add a couple of things,

"Are you going to talk to her first, or are you just going to do it?"
asked Danny, feeling his dick get hard from the idea of what they were
going to do.

"Just do it....and I thought I'd make her complete transformation to
span between now and when she wakes up Sunday morning."

Danny smiled. He thought that was a good idea. "How big are you going
to make her tits?"

"I'm not sure.......let me wish that I knew her size now." Chris
responded, then concentrating on what he wanted to say; "I wish that I knew
Tiffany's bra size."

Chris smiled at Danny; "She's a 32A......I think her tits could use a
lot of growing, don't you?"

"Remember......she loves to run, so, don't make them too big."

"Oh.....that's not a problem. I'll give her extra strong back muscles
to hold them upright."

"Okay.....we talked about her tits and hair. What else?"

"I love emerald green eyes on a girl."

"What color are they now?"

"Brown, I think."

"What about sparkling sea blue?"



"I'm also going to make it where she only has ten percent usage of her

Danny couldn't believe Chris was doing this to her.

Chris took the book and closed his eyes. Danny thought maybe Chris
wanted to concentrate harder for this wish. Maybe he just wanted to make
sure he didn't screw it up. Chris started reciting; "I wish that Tiffany
Sterling will go from her current 32"A" tits to a size 38"DD". Her new
tits will be perfectly formed, never sag, and will never hurt her back. I
also wish her nipples to be five times more erotically sensitive than they
normally would be. I wish she maintains her strong desire to jog as much
with this new body as she does now. I wish her hair would be long and
full, down to her ass, and be naturally blond. I also wish for her eyes to
change from her present color to emerald green, and be hypnotically
beautiful to every male and female that lays eyes on her. I wish her waist
maintain the same slimness, but her hips spread out to form a perfect
rounded ass that redefines sexy. My final wish is for her to enjoy her
body for what it is and be light hearted, giggle more, appear ditsy in a
sexy sort of way, and let her body overrule her mind in all cases unless
there is a real danger to her life. If her life is ever threatened in any
way, she will regain, for the duration of the real threat, full capacity of
her IQ. I wish for all these transformations to be complete by the time
she wakes up Sunday morning."

Danny looked on in astonishment. This was so incredible; "So, you're
turning a quiet, smart, girl into a blond, big breasted, bimbo with nothing
but sex on her you think she'll appreciate this?"

Chris responded; "She will when I pay her a visit Sunday
Morning......I'm going to use my new charms on her and become her new boy friend, so, I'll make sure that she knows that what she has turned into
pleases me. Her desire to be with me will make her happily accept her new

During Chris's wish, Danny was picturing Tiffany in his mind and his
erection was painfully straining against the insides of his jeans. "Can I
have a wish?"

"First you tell me what your going to wish for." stated Chris.

"I want to have a little fun with my next door neighbor, Britanny

"Don't you think she's a little to old for you?" referring to the fact
that Brit was eighteen and attending the University of Feline Heaven.
(Sorry......couldn't resist)

"I can easily remedy the age difference." stated Danny with a smile.

Chris smiled back; "I'm not sure. How would she be able to explain that
to her roommate?"

"Not a problem.......let me have the book.........I have everything
figured out." Danny said while sticking out his hands to Chris.

"" Chris reluctantly handed Danny the book.

Danny held the book real hard as his face took on an evil grin. "I wish
my best friend Chris to transport directly into his bedroom."

Chris yelled 'wait!' but a split second later, he disappeared. Danny
still held the book in his hands. He looked down at it and smiled. Now
that he had possession of this book, he'd be a lot more careful than Chris.
What a fool. How could he be so stupid. He knew that Chris would be
around later, but considering he was now the one that controlled the book,
he wasn't really concerned about it. Danny thought about Tiffany Sterling
and smiled. A bimbo.....and a sexy one at that. If anything, he'd thank
Chris for Tiffany's transformation. Of course, Tiffany wouldn't be Chris's
girlfriend, she was going to be his very own bimbo slave. Danny laughed
out loud as he mumbled; 'I wish I could see the look on her face the second
she looked in the mirror Sunday Morning.'

As Danny walked home, his mind left Tiffany and settled on his fantasy
lover. Britanny Williams. Brit and her girl friend, Carmen Biaz, rented
the house next door. He loved the fact that they were always out in the
back yard sunbathing. It was Danny's recurring fantasy that Brit would be
his first. Danny also thought about Carmen, who sported a pair of boobs that bounced beautiful inside her skimpy bikini top. Both girls were very,
very attractive, but he preferred the smaller one. Now that he had the
book, how about a two on one! He could picture all three of them in a
large king sized bed together. Yeah! All these thoughts coursed through
his mind bringing a smile to his face. This was going to be awesome!

When Danny got home, he went straight to his room and locked the door.
His mom was very carefree about walking in on him. One time it was real
embarrassing. Danny walked over to the window. There she was! Brit was
out back. She wasn't sunbathing. She was sitting on the patio having a
wine cooler and reading a book. She was wearing very short cutoffs and a
flimsy looking bright yellow t-shirt. He looked down at her with the
widest of grins. He could simply wish for her to do anything he wanted.
The stirring he felt inside his pants called for action. Danny wondered
what Brittany would look like as a fifteen year old? He would definitely
close the gap in their age, so as not to draw attention to themselves when
they were out on a date. How would Brit feel to be fifteen again? Brit
was petite, standing approximately 5'2". He figured she wouldn't shrink
much in height. Danny thought about Brit's hair. Ever since moving in to
the house nearly six months ago, Danny saw Brit as a brunette, then a blond for a long time, and now she was a redhead. He preferred her hair blond,
like Carmen's, although not with the streak of dark red down the center of
her head. Danny decided if Brit's hair wasn't blond by the time he was
done with her age regression transformation, he'd wish it blond then. He
would also make it grow long down to her ass. Danny closed his eyes to
keep his train of thought focused; "I wish Brit Williams, my next door
neighbor, to start feeling more sexier and feel less inhibited sexually for
me. I wish for Brit to start finding herself growing sexually attracted
and in love with me. I wish for Brit to start age regressing....." Danny
was interrupted.

"Danny, phone call!" yelled his mother from downstairs.

"Okay Mom.....I'll be right down." Danny yelled back, losing his train
of thought for a second.

Where did he leave off......oh yeah. "I wish Brit will not panic about
all these changes and new desires and find herself totally in love with the
idea of being anything she becomes. I wish for her transformation to be
complete by Sunday morning." Danny ran downstairs and grabbed the phone;

"Hello." Danny said into the phone, having a pretty good idea who it

"You bastard! How dare you!"

"Chris.....why are you so angry?" Danny asked with a chuckle while
glancing at the movie his mom was watching on television.

"Give me back my book!"

"Chris.......don't you think you should be a little nicer to me, given I
have the book?" Danny again chuckled.

"I'm on my way over! Don't go anywhere!" screamed Chris into the mouth

"Listen Chris, if you get into a one mile radius of this house, you'll
be in trouble. Your choice."

"You wouldn't dare!"

"You've been warned."

"Ow!" responded Danny, as Chris slammed the phone down hurting his ear
drums. Danny looked at the phone is stunned silence. Then he glanced back
at the television. A commercial. The one with the Barbie-sized male doll
called 'Ken' flying through the house in a red sports car. Danny continued
to watch as the "Ken" doll stopped in front of Barbie's house. Barbie
comes out a second later and hopped into the car. Danny watched the entire
commercial with a grin.

"Haven't you ever seen that commercial before?" asked his Mother,
noticing his rapture of the commercial.

"Yes......but I'm certainly glad I've seen it again." Danny mumbled
while running back up stairs into his room. Danny grabbed the book and
thought about how he'd word it. Then smiled; "I wish for the cage I'm
visualizing in my mind." Danny opened his eyes and saw the cage materialize
on his bureau. He closed his eyes and continued; "I wish upon my best
friend, Chris, coming within a one mile radius of my house, he instantly be
transported to my room and then shrink down to the size of a Barbie doll.
Then be instantly transported directly inside my cage." Danny opened his
eyes with a smile. This could be interesting.

The End of Chapter One

Stay tuned next week for "Chapter Two of WishCraft"! By JR Parz


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