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WishCraft Part Three


Disclaimer: Due to some strong sexual content, you must be eighteen years
old in order to read this story. Also, any resemblance to any real people
out there is purely coincidental. This story is totally a figment of my
imagination - although, inspiration from real people did help the direction
I took!

Note: This story involves three different themes happening at the same
time. This story is nothing like I have ever attempted before, and
although I had loads of fun writing it, I'm not sure how you readers will
react to it. Finally, I trust this satisfies a certain "Little Kitten's"
request for a story on.

"Wish Craft, Part Three" by JR Parz


"Hi Carla.....what brings you here?" asked Danny's mother at the front

"Oh....hi Mrs. Saunders.....I was wondering if Danny was here?"

"Well, I think he is......DANNY" yelled Mrs. Saunders

They both stood there quietly waiting for an answer. Nothing.

"Mrs. Saunders.......I....I really need to get a book that Chris left
over here. Would it be alright if I take a quick look in his room for it?"

Mrs. Saunders didn't think Danny would mind but first she wanted to
make sure he wasn't still sleeping. "Just a quick look would be alright."

"Thanks Mrs. Saunders, Chris really needs this book."

Mrs. Saunders looked at the girl, and then smiled; "Okay.....follow

As they opened the door to Danny's room, the phone rang and Mrs.
Saunders said; "Oh....go ahead and look, but be quick.....I'll be right

Carla slowly looked around the room. Where would Danny keep a book that
had powers? As she looked on the bureau, in a stack of books by the cage,
a movement caught her eye. She looked closer; "Oh my god! Chris!" she
exclaimed while peering inside the cage. He was the size of a Barbie doll!
Carla also felt the spell she was under enveloping her, and despite knowing
she was falling under the spell's effects, and every attempt to resist the
effects, she couldn't stop the effects. Carla gazed down at her twin with
rapture..........Chris was naked and he looked, so, so cute!


Danny kept on waiting for Brit to age, but nothing was happening. In
fact, she actually looked younger. Brit just sat Indian style on the bed
with a smile. He then made a wish; "I wish that I knew why Brit wasn't
aging back to fifteen." Quite suddenly, the answer flooded his mind. He
wasn't allowed to change a wish once it was cast. Danny was confused; "I
wish that I could remember the exact words I used when I cast the age
regression wish on Brit. Suddenly he realized his failure to set an age to
the wish. He looked back at the naked girl and made another wish; "I wish
Brittany was wearing clothes that would fit her present body and
automatically alter in size and style as she gets younger." Jeans with
Winnie the Pooh on the side and a matching pink t-shirt instantly appeared
on Brittany. The girl looked at herself and giggled. Danny told Brit to
come down stairs with him.

Danny looked at Carmen sitting on the couch with her hands covering her
tits. "Okay Carmen, you can talk but only in a whisper. I don't want you
screaming for help." stated Danny, while admiring the eighteen year old's
beauty for the first time. Danny took a seat opposite the couch. He had
Brit go into the kitchen and get him something cold to drink.

"Can I go to the bathroom?" pleaded Carmen.

Danny hadn't even thought about this problem. "Okay, but you go
straight to the bathroom, do what you have to do to relieve yourself. In
fact, after you go to the bathroom, take a shower and come back down here
on the couch."

Carmen was up and already heading upstairs to the bathroom before she
considered what he said. "What about clothes?" Carmen voiced in a whisper.
Danny heard her, but acted like he didn't. He wanted to see her sitting
here naked the next time he talked to her. With everything that happened,
he wasn't able to appreciate Carmen's sexiness. Now that he had a taste of
what sex was all about, he wanted more and he obviously wasn't going to be
getting it with Brit. He decided to go home and shower himself. When Brit
came out of the kitchen with two glasses of orange juice, he stated; "Brit
honey, you stay here and watch television.......If you need anything go ask
Carmen, she's upstairs taking a shower. I need to go home, I'll be right

Brit replied; "What about your drink?" with a pout.

Danny said; "Thank you honey, I'll be right back....okay." Danny left
before she even answered.


Tiffany had just returned from the mall. "Oh goody!" she exclaimed.
She didn't mind going to the mall without a bra on, and strangely found
herself turned on when all the boys kept staring at her. She thought her
new boobies would bounce to much if she didn't wear a sports bra while on
her jog and she just had to buy some new jeans and new panties that fit her
new form. She was able to avoid her parent's all day, which made her feel
like she accomplished something spectacular. If they noticed her new
looks, they'd be asking her all types of questions, and she was finding it
more and more difficult to think about anything specific. Somehow she knew
that questions would hurt her head, and it was so much easier not to think.

Tiffany quickly stripped out of her clothes and put on her new panties and bra. "Much better." she giggled. As she put on her jogging outfit,
she happily sung; "LA LA LA...LA LA LA...LA LA LA." Tiffany then headed
outside to start her jog. Despite her sports bra hugging her new huge
knockers very tight, she still saw them bounce. Strangely, they didn't
hurt. Her mind wandered over all the important things in her life
now.....clothes, sex, clothes, sex, clothes, sex, clothes, sex.......Too
funny! She thought to herself while giggling.


When Danny walked into his house, his mom was on the phone and she broke
away from the conversation for a second to say; "Oh Danny, Chris's sister Carla stopped by to get his book. She just got here, she's upstairs."

Danny's eyes lit up. This should be interesting. When he entered the
room, Carla's beautiful ass was sticking out of the closet while the
miniaturize Chris, stood on his bed with a cloth tied around his waist. A
high pitched voice kept on yelling; "Keep looking, he may not have it with

"Well, what do we have here." Danny said with a confident voice.

Chris spun around and looked at him with fear in his eyes. Carla
stopped what she was doing and got up to face him. Danny smiled, holding
the book in his hands; "I wish that Chris was back in his cage." Quite
instantly, Chris found himself back behind bars. Danny then looked at
Carla; "I wish that Chris's twin sister Carla, transform down to the same
size as her twin brother and transport directly inside the cage with her

Quite instantly, Carla's clothes fell in a heap to the floor and then a
flash came from the cage. Danny walked over to the cage, seeing Carla
laying on the floor of the cage. Danny thought she was the most erotic
sight he's ever seen. Never realizing the effect a shrunken girl could
have on him. Chris quickly moved to his sister, kneeling down to make sure
she was alright.

"She's only sleeping........she's quite the beauty, don't you think,

Carla's naked body's only movement came from her breathing. Her nudity
was a work of art, and Chris couldn't help respond to it. He felt the
erection poking against his makeshift towel around his waste.

"I don't think she'd appreciate you being clothed and her being naked
when she wakes up. So, let me take care of that.......I wish that all
clothing material on Chris and Carla's body feel like it burns their body.
It will never really burn their skin but it will feel like it is doing that
until the material is taken off."

Chris quite suddenly felt a powerful burning sensation around his waste
and thighs. Knowing exactly what was causing it, he quickly threw it off
his body and it landed across the cage. Chris immediately felt relieved
from the burning, but angered by the wish Danny made.

"Why Danny!?! We were best friends! Weren't we?"

"Still are Chris.......I've given you a lover, and a pretty one at
that.....only a best friend would do that......and don't tell me that you
aren't attracted to your sister. Your dick is obviously not gonna lie."
Chris covered his erection with his hands. He felt embarrassed about being
sexually excited in another boy's presence, plus somehow perverted,
responding to his own sister this way.

Danny gazed at Carla. She was a stunning sight. Well, too late now.
Once his wish was in place, he couldn't do a thing about changing it.
Maybe he could think about doing something different with her, because she
sure was a foxy looking Barbie-doll.


After Danny showered, he went back over to Brit and Carmen's place and
walked inside the living room. Brit was sitting watching television. No
longer as old as she had been when he left her. Brit's face lit up with
the biggest smile in the world when she saw him.

"Hi Danny!"

Danny knew he had a serious problem on his hand. Brit couldn't be much
older than seven years old now..........she was a cute little girl,

Carmen's voice broke him out of his train of thought; "What have you
done to Little Kitten?"


"Britanny........when is she going to stop getting younger?"

Danny thought real hard. He knew that he couldn't age progress her. He
looked back at Carmen who was wearing her towel around her body. He knew
that she was naked underneath. He had made it where he thought she'd be
totally naked sitting on the couch, but she must have held onto the towel
after her shower. Then he had a brilliant idea!

" would you like to be Britanny's new Mom?"

"Are you crazy.....I....I'm only eighteen!"

Danny, who still held onto the book, made another wish; "I wish that
Carmen age progress to twenty-one years old and that her tits grow even
bigger filling with milk for her baby."

Carmen screamed; "No!" when quite suddenly she felt her body flood with
a strange sensation. Especially in her breasts. Carmen's towel snapped
free of her body falling to the ground while Carmen's body grew wider hips
and much bigger tits. Stark naked she looked like a vision of womanly

Danny gazed, feeling his own arousal at the naked sight of her. He
looked over at Brit who was watching the scene in awe.

" can you do this to me....I...I'm not Brit's Mother, I'm her
best friend and she isn't a baby, she's eighteen!"

"Actually she's only a child, but I'm not going to stop her age
regression until she's a baby. "I wish that Brit will stop age regressing
when she is six months old. Oh, she'll be Brit inside, with all her
memories and intelligence, but unable to verbalize much other than baby
talk. She'll love being taken care of by you."

Carmen just gazed at Danny with stunned silence. Danny turned to Brit
and said; "I wish that Brit recognize her best friend Carmen as her mommy from now on."

Brit quite suddenly felt the wish and everything made sense to her.
Brit ran over to hug her Mommy; "Oh Mommy......Mommy." Brit turned to Danny
and happily stated; "Thank you Danny....thank you for making my bestest
friend Carmen into my Mommy. Your my Mommy, now."

"Brit honey.....You need to go upstairs and get ready for sleepy time."
stated Danny.

Brit hugged her mommy one more time and then ran over to Danny and
hugged him. Brit was so happy to have them both take care of her. She
climbed the stairs and went into her room. In looking at the mirror, she
guessed she was about four or five. Brit ran off to the bathroom and
brushed her teeth. She also took a brush to her very long blond hair.
Brit ran back to her bedroom and climbed her bed. It seemed so huge. Brit
climbed under the covers and went to sleep. Brit was happy, and her smile
told the picture.

Danny looked back at the naked beauty before him. "Let's go
Carmen.....I think we should get to know each other better..."

Carmen realized what he had in mind and tried to resist, but her body
only followed him upstairs to her bedroom. They stopped for a second to
check on Britanny, who was already under the covers with her eyes closed.
When they both got into Carmen's room, Danny made another wish; "I wish
that Carmen feel sexual desire for me, Danny Saunders, which will be
greater than any desire she's ever felt."

Carmen suddenly felt the desire for what Danny wanted, more powerful
than ever before. Instead of trying to avoid this as she had tried to do
seconds before, she know throbbed with desire for the boy's touch. Just
before Danny climbed onto the bed to join Carmen, he wished; "I wish that I
age progress to a twenty-one year old." Both Danny and Carmen, sporting
twenty-one year old bodies, made love like never before!


When Carla woke up, she screamed with the reality of her situation, but
upon realizing that Chris was with her, she felt herself fall under the
spell and everything was alright again. Not only was Chris with her, he
was as naked as she was and the thought of what this would lead to made her
so, so wet!

Chris let her hug him because he thought he should console her, but
Carla's hand reached down and started caressing his throbbing erection.
The touch of her hands almost made him shoot his wad right then and there.
Chris, being a virgin, asked; "Carla, are you a virgin?"

Carla turned a shade a red; "Yes."

Chris knew that it was useless to try and delay this, moving down to the
floor of the cage. Chris put his fingers inside Carla's slit and felt the

"Are you sure, Carla?"

"God Yes!!! Please hurry."

Within seconds, they both lost their virginity.


In the middle of the night, Danny woke up at the sound of a baby crying.
He must have passed out with all the sex he and Carmen had. He picked
himself up, looking down at his new lover's nudity and felt himself getting
hard all over again.

"Carmen.....wake up, Britanny's crying. She must be hungry."

Carmen, still feeling arousal for Danny, replied; "So, what do you want
me to do?" while reaching for his growing erection.

Danny got up and grabbed the book. He knew the problem. Carmen may
physically possess the body of a young Mother, but still lacked the
knowledge. "I wish that Carmen know what to do and realize that she is now
responsible for Britanny."

Carmen's eyes glazed over for a second, and then she sprung out of bed.
"Wait for me....don't fall asleep. I'm going to go feed Brit and be back
in a flash. I want a repeat performance of earlier." Carmen said with a
sexy smile.

Danny decided to go check on Brit himself, to see what she looked like
as a six month old baby. When he entered Britanny's room, he saw her
laying in the middle of her bed completely naked. Carmen held up the
soaked diapers in her hand and stated; "We have a slight problem...Brit
needs a change and these are the only diapers we have."

Danny went back to Carmen's bedroom to retrieve the book. "I wish that
Britanny's bedroom be transformed into a complete nursery. I wish that her
closet be filled with Pampers along with a whole wardrobe of baby clothes."
When Danny got back into Brit's bedroom, he noted the crib and baby
things. Carmen was using the new changing table to put new diapers on
Britanny. Danny was amazed as Carmen knew how to do everything, including
using the baby powder before throwing on some new pampers on her. Carmen
then brought Brit over to the rocking chair and sat in it. Carmen
positioned Brit up to her nipple and as if it were the most natural thing
in the world, Brit's mouth went over it and began suckling.

On the way back to the bedroom, Danny went to take a leak. The
reflection in the mirror stopped him cold. For the first time since his
age progression he got a good look at himself. Six years did him justice.
His body was slim and athletically trim. His acne was gone and he actually
thought that he was good looking. When he went back to Carmen's bedroom,
he didn't have to wait too long before Carmen came back in.

"She's sound asleep. She's so cute. I almost think she's trying to
communicate with me."

"Carmen....Dhow do you feel about all this?"

"Well, I'm not impressed with losing my independence. Nor three years
of my life, but you wished me to feel desire for you and I can't do
anything other than what you want me to do, so, I guess my feelings don't
really they?"

Danny didn't like the answer, so, he ignored it. He then told her to
get back in bed. She did with a smile. Danny climbed back in the bed,
moving his body between her legs. She didn't have a choice, but he knew
she was loving every second of it. Carmen screamed out with multiple


When Danny woke up the next morning, he went downstairs to find Carmen
moving around the house in just her skimpy panties. She was cleaning. He
thought about his wish that she know what to do, and he guessed that she
was doing what any young mother would do with her baby taken care of and
her lover sleeping.

Danny walked over to Brit, while Carmen joined him and looked down at
her. "Do you think she's happy to be a baby again?" asked Danny.

"Oh, I seriously think so....I'm not sure how I know, but I do."

Danny looked at Carmen's huge tits and remarked; "Do you always have know."

Carmen smiled at Danny; "Oh yes. And good thing you made me so huge,
because Brit is quite the pig when it comes to her feedings." Carmen said
while laughing, looking down at Brit with love in her eyes.

Danny reached down and tickled Brit underneath the chin. The baby cooed
back with a smile; "She seems to like me."

"Of course she does.....she's Brit, and the previous spells you placed
on her are in full force. She just loves you to death. Incidentally, the
spells you placed on me are still in effect, also. "Brit has been changed
and fed, and will be fine in this basinet, how about we go upstairs and
take a shower together?"

Danny felt himself getting hard at the thought, something that was
certainly happening a lot in the last few days, and they both ran upstairs
in a hurry


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