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With a little help from my friends

Keywords: MFF, wife, rom
Part: 1 of 1
Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: With a Little Help From my Friends

1993 2000 Knave of Hearts
As Edward worked in the backyard one summer afternoon, Renee
stepped on to the porch followed by her friend Katy. "I brought
Katy over to see your new weight machine," Renee said, "We might
try it out."

Edward wondered what ulterior motives Renee had in bringing Katy
over. He had had his home weight machine setup for over a month
and Renee never used it. The two women had been exercise
partners during lunch hour workout sessions for about a month.
Edward's eyes roamed over Katy, remembering Renee's descriptions
of Katy's body from the locker room. Katy, while a bit chunky,
had an undefineable sensual quality. Her ample figure had led
her to try a multitude of diets and weight-loss programs, with
little success.

The women were walking toward him across the small lawn area when
the spinklers went off unexpectedly. Caught in the middle of the
grassy area, they were both thoroughly soaked while the tried to
run for the cover of the house. Catching up with them on the
porch, Edward said, "Go into the bedroom and take those wet
things off. I'll throw them in the dryer for you."

After taking the wet clothes to the laundry room, Edward
reentered the master bedroom. "They'll be dry in a moment," he
said. The girls had changed into terry cloth bathrobes. Katy,
wearing Edward's robe, said, "What about your wet clothes?" as
she toweled off her short black hair.

Without hesitation, Edward said, "You're right." Watching her
friend's husband strip, Katy ogled Edward's large, and
thickening cock. Casually tossing his clothes into the hamper,
Edward held Katy's dark brown eyes while he sauntered across the
room toward the women. Kissing Renee, he turned to give Katy a
good view of his rising pole. Renee responded to his kiss by
caressing his swelling member.

The pace of Katy's breathing increased. Returning her hungry
stare with a predatory gaze of his own, Edward stepped close to
her. Kissing her deeply, Edward slowly pulled the bathrobe's
sash. As the robe fell open, his hands reached inside to fondle
her lush breasts. Feeling Katy lean against him, Edward
completely removed the robe and embraced her.

Katy looked like Botticelli's Venus, large and lush. Her white
breasts were immense, with brown nipples the size of Edward's
palm. They contrasted starkly with her tan skin. Her large
chest balanced the size of her generous ass, an expanse of flesh
that begged to be felt, kneaded, and squeezed. Keeping one hand
on her tit, Edward slid his other hand down her back to her ass.
Pressing her loins against his, he let her feel his hardness
pulsing against her stomach. Their tongues dueled as Katy closed
her eyes and let her lust sweep her into Edward's arms.

Renee stepped out of her robe and approached the entwined pair
from behind. Taking Katy's robe off, she touched Katy's breast
and led her to the bed. Renee climbed on to the matress and lay
her friend across the large four poster bed.

She lightly touched Katy's breasts. Katy's breathing became
irregular. Renee's fingers teased Katy's nipples to the size of
pencil erasers. Moaning with lust, Katy reached up to Renee's
face and pulled her down for a kiss.

At the same time, Edward knelt at the side of the bed. Lightly
blowing on Katy's clit, his fingers seperated the lips of her
pussy. Her pubic hair was thick and matted with her juices.
Edward said, "Hold that thought."

Returning from the bathroom with shaving cream and a razor, he
lathered up Katy's crotch. Edward carefully shaved her pussy.
Slowly working up her vagina, Edward cut away the curly black
hair to reveal Katy's smooth, white pussy. "That's better," he
said as he wiped the shaving cream off her crotch.

While Edward had been busy with Katy's pussy, Renee had
introduced Katy to the joys of eating pussy. Renee, still
wearing her robe, straddled Katy's face. Katy furiously licked
Renee's shaven twat. Renee's wet cunt pressed against Katy's
tongue. As Edward finished with Katy's pussy, Renee came on her

Watching his wife orgasm, Edward swung Katy's legs on to the bed.
Edward thrust his cock hilt-deep into Katy's wet pussy. Grasping
her tits, Edward pinched Katy's nipples as he fucked. Renee
turned around and fingered Katy's clit as Edward continued to
impale Katy. With Katy's orgasm grasping and milking his dick,
Edward blew his load deep inside her.

Laying beside Katy, Renee and Edward stroked her skin, cuddling
with her. All three were sweaty from the exertion of sex. Soon,
Renee and Katy began getting excited again. On their sides,
Renee positioned herself to face Katy's twat. In return, Katy
kissed Renee's labia, her face smeared with Renee's last orgasm.
Renee lightly flicked Katy's newly shaven cunt with her tongue.
Her fingers spread Katy's labia, exposing an erect, swollen clit.

Edward, laying behind Katy, moved his cock from the crack of her
ass to her pussy. Renee guided Edward's cock inside Katy's
gaping hole. Inches from her eyes, she watched Edward move his
cock in and out of Katy. Renee began to lick Katy's cunt, from
clit to hole, pausing to lick Edward's cock as it moved into
range. The taste of Katy's pussy, mixed with Edward's salty
come, was incredible. Edward felt Renee's licking as he fucked

Excited, he picked up the tempo of his thrusts. His balls
brushed Renee's face as she continued to lick both Edward and
Katy. Cupping his scrotum, she felt Edward's balls tighten as he
came. The gush of come dripped from Katy, smearing on Renee's
face and Edward's body.

Satisfied, the three snuggled again. "Maybe I won't go back to
work," Katy sighed.

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