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Womanizer II


Special thanks and acknowledgment: Thanks Stephanie! This story was
inspired by her original SRU short story, "The Womanizer". I'd also like
to acknowledge Bill Hart, the Spells R Us Universe creator.

"Womanizer, Another Tale" by JR Parz


Valentine's Day was closing in and Rob was running out of time. He and
Shannon had been going steady for over three months, now, and he wanted to
buy her something special. He was hoping he could find the perfect gift.
Something that would advance their relationship beyond the kissing stage.
Being so close to her body and not being allowed to make love to her was
driving him crazy! The one time he did try to go beyond a squeeze of her
breast, she got real angry and shoved him away. He tried to say something
but she snapped back that if he ever tried it again, she'd break his hand.

Robert Temple was a junior at Cedar High School. He had wavy brown hair
with bright blue eyes, but what really placed him above average in the
looks department, was his hard, strong, lean body. As the school's star
soccer player, Rob also captured his share of female attention.
Ironically, Shannon's equally star like status on the girl's regional
gymnastic team, captured Rob's attention.

Shannon possessed a natural prettiness, sporting an athletes body. Her
breasts were on the small side, just apple sized at best, but they were
firm and shaped perfectly. Her greatest attributes included a nicely
rounded ass, her sleek legs and the shoulder length blond hair that framed
a very pretty face. Despite this, it took Rob to witness Shannon's double
back (two backward flips before landing it) before he pursued her.

Rob wasn't a virgin and that was probably the reason things were so
frustrating for him. Rob lost his virginity to his older cousin, Tina,
over the Christmas Holidays. Tina was visiting while on college break.
Tina lived up north, and lived a carefree life. When Tina came into Rob's
room one night, he woke to find her naked, and straddled over his dick.
Just as Rob's mind registered that he was cheating on Shannon, he felt an
intense sensation in his groin. Tina's sex swallowed his straining
erection. Rob looked up at Tina with a smile, as she quickly brought him
to an orgasm.

Rob remembered how Tina harped on keeping their relations a secret.
"You know Robby, your mom would have a heart attack if she ever found out
we were screwing. You can never let her know." Other than the fact that
they were cousins, Rob saw nothing wrong with what they were doing, and the
sex was out of this world. Tina told him she loved the fact that she was
popping his cherry and teaching him to be a great lover. He must have
learned real well, because in their final week together, she would scream
out multiple orgasms. "Your staying power is incredible!". Rob didn't
care about staying power, he just loved to fuck. Rob almost cried the day
Tina left.

Rob got a hard every time he pictured Tina, and while his mind captured
the times they shared, he hadn't noticed that he stopped walking. When it
dawned on him, he found himself in front of an old looking shop called
"Spells R Us". 'Wasn't this the place that his friends told him about?' he
thought to himself. With Soccer year round, Rob didn't really have the
time for the mall. He tried to remember some of the rumors he had heard,
but for the life of him, couldn't recall any. Maybe he could find a nice
gift for Shannon in here? Rob opened the door, triggering a jiggling sound

"Hi Robert, I'll be with you in a moment" said an old looking man,
stocking a shelf with bottles.

Rob was surprised at hearing his name, and walked towards the old man.
How does he know me? As Rob approached, he was surprised to see the man wearing a bathrobe. How peculiar. The old man turned around and smiled;
"Now Robert, would you like to look around, or do you have something in

"'m" Rob stammered, losing his train of thought;
"Oh....I'm looking to buy my girl friend a gift for Valentine's Day."

The old man smiled at the boy; "Well, we have a small statue of cupid
which shoots real love arrows. Would you like to shoot one at her?"

Rob looked puzzled and replied; "No....I don't think so. I'm pretty
sure she loves me. Deep down maybe. Do you have something to surface her

The old man smiled again; "So, you're not getting past first, huh."

Rob turned red; "no......she won't allow me. I wish she were more into
sex, and felt more horny when I touched her. I know she likes me, but its
as if her gymnastics body has stunted her sexual chemistry. One of my
friends told me that girls in gymnastics don't sexually develop as quick.
If she could feel a little less like a gymnast and more like a girl, I'd
probably be....well....a lot further than I am!" Rob couldn't believe he
said all that! Why? What would prompt him.

The old man looked concerned for a second, as if in deep thought. Then
he did what he had done several times already. He smiled; "How much money
do you have on you?"

Rob replied; "$40.00."

The old man responded; "Let me look in back. I think what you could use
is the 'Womanizer', and if memory serves me right, I think we just got a
new shipment of these little gadgets in the other week. I think you'll
find it very effective."

Rob felt elated. This little shop may just have what the doctor
ordered. He then pondered about the effects of this gizmo. He frowned.
Was this a gift for him or her. He knew the answer. Shannon was fine with
the way she was. Tampering with her feelings just to get inside her pants
was wrong. His mind then flashed to Tina, and the way she responded to his
dick thrusting in and out of her. The pleasure of their sex was intense
and the memory was getting him hard. 'Sorry Shannon, I want you so bad
I'll do anything to have you.' he thought to himself. She'll thank me for
it after her first orgasm!

The wizard stood quietly in the back room, scanning Robert's thoughts.
He was amused at the boy's internal struggle. The boy thought what he was
doing may not be right. The wizard thought for a second that he would
change his mind, but the boy's memory of his illicit sex with his cousin,
changed everything. His libido prevailed and the wizard shook his head
with a chuckle. The wizard noted a half dozen red boxes and one black box.
He forgot that he had one old version 'womanizer' left. He reflected back
to Josh and Sandra's experience. The last he heard, both of them took up
exotic dancing at this lesbian bar uptown. The wizard grabbed one of the
red boxes from the new batch. He understood the concept was the same, but
the fine print read differently. He opened the box, taking the gizmo out.
The style even changed. He turned the thing over and read the fine print.
Yes, this gadget would turn Shannon into Rob's desires, but if he didn't
follow the instructions closely, he would be in store for a lot more than
that. The wizard placed the gadget back into the box and headed out front.
Rob took the box from the old man and opened it up. The gadget was
small and fit perfectly in his palm.

"How does it work?" asked Rob.

"Well. There are instructions on the back." replied the old man.

Rob held the gadget up pointing it out in front of him. "I bet I just
hold the thing like this, point at my target and press this button, right?"

The old man smiled, nodding his head; "Just make sure your aim is
perfect, because it only allows for one shot. From what my previous
customer told me, it works real fast. Oh yeah, also make sure you're alone
with her. The 'womanizer' transforms the person very female, and this will
mean she will be.........very........well........very horny. That will be

When Rob got home, he quickly hid the gadget behind boxes in his closet.
The last thing he needed was his mom finding the thing. He called Shannon
up and asked to see her tomorrow night. He had an indoor soccer game
tomorrow morning and she had gymnastics practice in the afternoon. He knew
she was usually tired after her Saturday sessions in the gym, and didn't
like going out. With this in mind, he assured her it would be a quiet
evening together at his house. He told her he picked up a bootleg copy of
the Titanic, and they could just sit back and enjoy the video. They both
were practicing on Tuesday evening. If they didn't spend tomorrow night
together, they wouldn't be able to celebrate Valentine's Day until after
the 14th. Shannon was silent for a second, then agreed.


Shannon was a level nine gymnast, which entailed very tiring training.
With States, Sectional, Regional and National meets all coming up in these
next two months, Shannon's spare time was limited. Right from the start of
their and Rob's relationship, she made it clear to him that her gymnastics
came first. She remembered him saying; "that's cool, ditto with my
soccer." Shannon didn't have a lot of boy friends over the course of the
last few years. Gymnastics always interfered. She liked Rob's easy going
nature and friendly smile. It wasn't by accident that she performed a
double back out on the soccer field that day. She did it with the sole
intention of capturing Rob Temple's attention. Shannon felt that Rob was
someone who could relate to commitment. Rob was as every bit as talented
in soccer as she was in gymnastics. As much as she trained, she knew that
his commitment required close to the same sacrifice. More than anyone, Rob
would understand when she couldn't be with him.

Shannon would be the first one to admit that she didn't really feel all
that sensual. She knew she had a pretty face and a tight slim body. When
Shannon did look at herself in the mirror, she didn't see herself as this
sexy teenager, she saw herself as a gymnast. Sometimes, when her and Rob
kissed, she would feel a stirring deep inside her. Feelings she had yet to
explore. Everything she knew about sex was out of a magazine or what her
friends said. One time during a heavy petting session, Rob tried to sneak
a hand inside her panties. This was while he had one hand on her breast.
She did feel a little pleasure when he palmed her nipple, but when his
other hand snuck inside her sweats and panties, she got angry and let him
have it. She came real close to breaking up with him, but was glad she
didn't. Rob really seemed to like her for who she was, and having a
boyfriend for a change was kinda neat.

When Shannon borrowed her Mom's car and drove over to Rob's, the first
thing that popped into her mind was; 'Oh no'. Rob's mom wasn't home. This
meant that they'd be all alone. The thought of this elicited a glimmer

When Shannon entered Rob's house, she immediately asked where his mother was.

"Oh. She just had to make a few errands. She'll be home in about an

Shannon smiled at Rob and replied; "Oh.....okay"

Rob smirked; "Well, I was hoping that we could spend most of the time
alone kissing."

Shannon, without trying to, tilted her head in a sexy way and responded;
"Well, it is our Valentine's night.......Oh. I made you a card." Shannon
handed it to Rob.

Rob took the card, happily. Read it and grinned ear to ear. Shannon
smiled back. Although the card was computer generated, she still added a
personal touch with a message inside that simply said; "I've flipped for
more than a gymnastics score. Love Shannon". Rob thought it was sweet.
Corny, but sweet. He went over and hugged Shannon real tight. Shannon
responded with genuine feelings.

"I have a present for you. Please don't take this the wrong way, but
I'd like to give it to you upstairs in my room." stated Rob with a serious
look on his face.

"Okay........sure, lead the way." Shannon replied with a smile. She was
sure that he wouldn't ruin this moment they shared by stepping out of line
with her.

When they entered his room, Shannon casually glanced around at all his
soccer trophies. She chuckled to herself, because if he were to glance
around her room, he would be seeing nothing but gymnastics trophies, medals
and ribbons. When she turned to comment on his huge M.V.P. trophy, he was
pointing a clicker at her.

"This is really a present for both of us, Shannon. I hope you enjoy it
as much as I do."

Quite suddenly, Shannon's face took on an alarmed look. A beam of light
sprayed her entire being. Shannon wasn't sure what to make of it, but as
sudden, she started to feel very strange. Her body tingled all over and
she staggered a few steps. Shannon tried talking, but the sensations
flooding her body distracted her. She felt horny. The thought was too
hard to follow, but a desperate need to get out of her clothes and tend to
her sex overrode all other thoughts. Shannon moaned while stripping out of
her jeans. Quickly, slid down her panties, leaving her completely naked
from the waist down. Her fingers attacked her vagina. God! She was so
wet! As her fingers rubbed her swollen clit, she moaned. Shannon then
felt a burning sensation in her breasts. Her bra began to hurt. Shannon
didn't want to, but her breasts needed to be free from the bra she wore, so
she pulled her hands away from her wet hole and stripped her blouse and bra
off. Just then, her breasts started to grow! Growing larger and larger.
Shannon's hands went up to them, pinching her nipples. The sensations shot
straight to her groin. Shannon looked up, staring at Rob, while she busily
masturbated herself into a frenzy. Her first words were;
"Rob.......please....please....fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"


Rob stood stunned during the entire transformation. He gaped in shock
as Shannon turned from cute slim small breasted teenager into a sexy
bombshell, with a set a tits that would make Anna Nicole Smith stand up and
take notice. Shannon's sexiness took on a whole new meaning, and when she
pleaded with him to fuck her, he quickly stripped out of his clothes and
moved her to the bed. Rob didn't have to waste time getting her wet, she
was soaked! Rob shoved his dick straight into her! She was wet, but she
was also tight, and a virgin! Rob tore right into her, feeling an intense
pleasure, and eliciting a passionate scream from Shannon. God! What a
feeling! Rob continued to pump into her like a piston. Faster and faster!
Shannon wrapped her legs around his back with every forward thrust,
attempting to pull him in deeper! Rob couldn't help it......he was going
to come! Just as he was ready to come, Rob felt something strange

Rob felt his dick sliding out of Shannon. What? The intense pleasure
he felt from having his dick buried deep in her pussy, was quickly
disappearing. He also felt a strangeness all throughout his body! His
chest then started to expand against Shannon's new tits. His eyes lit up
with shock! He was growing tits! And they were becoming as big as
Shannon's! Rob reached his hands down to his crotch. Now he knew why he
was sliding out of her! He didn't have a dick anymore. Further inspection
told him he had a pussy, just like Shannon! He brushed his hair out of his
face, huh? He always wore short it was long, and it was
blond! Rob wanted to run to the bathroom and look in the mirror, but he was
feeling a very passive feeling overtake him. He looked down at Shannon,
who was begging for him to lick her, and she felt compelled to please her.
Rob shifted his sexy female body around, positing himself into a '69', and
stuck his nose and mouth right inside of Shannon's pussy. Her sex smelled


Shannon was to horny to really appreciate Rob's transformation! One
second she was feeling the passion of his dick deep inside her, bringing
her wonderfully intense orgasms, and then the next moment, he was a
beautiful she, with tits as large as her new ones! Shannon immediately
felt an overwhelming lust for this new girl and asked Robbie to lick her.
Robbie shifted around in a '69' and the second his female lips kissed her
pussy, Shannon cried out another orgasm!


The Warlock was waiting on a customer when he momentarily stood with a
far off look on his face. He could picture the transformation of both
Shannon and Rob....or should he say, Robbie. He smiled. Obviously, Robbie
didn't read the fine print. What did it say again? Oh yeah. "New and
improved, Womanizer. Wait 24 hours before having sex with transformed
subject. Early sex could spread transformation."

Shannon may not be able to compete as a gymnast anymore, given her
voluptuous body capped off with 40DD breasts. She would, however, make the
ideal Cheerleader! Robbie, on the other hand, would remember who he was,
but wouldn't be able to verbalize it. His sole existence now was to please
and pleasure his/her lover. Robbie loved Shannon, and why wouldn't he/she.
They were now identical in every way.


Author's Note: Please understand that this story is fiction and I
wouldn't wish this transformation on anyone.................well, it does
have it's aphrodisiac qualities to it, though, doesn't it?


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