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Women In Love

By Katie McN <> (c) Copyright 2002, Katie McN
"I'm sorry, Jennifer. I don't know what came over me." Bella Deveraux
felt like a fool. She had kissed a girl half her age and wanted to do
it again. "Please tell me you're not mad. Tell me you're not going to
quit working for me."

The dominoes started to tumble three weeks earlier. Bella hated wasting
time. Sitting home for the whole afternoon while the cable tv person
made his appointed rounds was not her first choice for something to do.
If the repair man had been on time she would have gone shopping and
missed the phone call. If she missed the call she wouldn't have met
Jennifer, but it was too late to change things now. She had taken the
call and now her life was very different.

"Hello, my name is Jennifer Rogers. I saw you advertisement for a part
time assistant and I want to apply for the job." Bella liked the sound
of the girl's voice and instead of telling her that she'd already made
up her mind to hire someone else, she asked Jennifer to stop by for an
interview. The girl arrived ten minutes later.

"I'm going to be honest with you, Jennifer, you're too young, you don't
have any experience and I've made up my mind that I'm not going to hire
another college student." Bella knew she shouldn't hire the girl, but
she didn't want her to leave either. "So, tell me why I'm wrong."

"I certainly wouldn't tell *the* Bella Deveraux she's wrong. You're
totally famous and my favorite author. I've got every one of your books
and read them all at least twice."

"Thanks for liking what I do, but those aren't reasons why I should
hire you. I need an assistant who can help me with my schedule and
maybe do some research for a book."

They talked for another hour and Bella found herself imagining what it
would be like to have Jennifer around to help out. She was the
prettiest girl Bella had seen in a long time, but that wasn't a
qualification. The long blonde hair and big, blue eyes shouldn't be
part of a hiring decision either. Sure it was fun looking at a curvy
young girl who didn't need underwear to keeps things in place, but she
knew these were all the wrong reasons to hire and yet she decided to
offer Jennifer the job anyhow.

* * *

"Rachel, my burger flipping days are over!" Jennifer was so excited she
could hardly talk.

"Oh my god, Jen, you got a new job! Tell me all about it."

Jennifer Rogers, Rachel DeVries and nine thousand other students lived
in a tiny Santa Barbara suburb called Isla Vista. The University of
California was an easy bicycle ride from anyplace in the community. The
cost of living for students was very dear and most needed to work to
cover their expenses. The majority of their jobs were menial of course,
but no one cared too much since they were all in the same situation.

"Rachel, it was so cool. I know she's like almost forty, but doesn't
look real old. Plus, you should see how she dresses."

"Who are you talking about and what does it have to do with your new

Rachel saw the newspaper ad for an Administrative Assistant and told
Jennifer she should call even if she didn't have the qualifications.
Once she was there, she could get the job on her brains and
personality. Jennifer wasn't so sure and hadn't called for a week. When
the new work schedule was posted, she found out she'd be working nights
at Burger King on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. She decided she had to
quit her hamburger cooking job and do something else. She wanted some
extra money to supplement her scholarship to the University of
California, but not if it meant she had to give up all her weekends.
She figured she had nothing to lose so she called the number in the
help wanted advertisement.

"I called on the ad and a woman told me to come right over for an
interview. I rode my bike to a big house on the beach and she answered
the door. She being Bella Deveraux herself." Jen was beginning to calm
down and she wanted to tell her roommate every detail of her
appointment. "I almost wet my pants."

"No shit, Bella Deveraux? I know she lives around here, but I never
thought she'd be looking for an assistant and putting her phone number
in the newspaper, wow. Tell me, what else happened?"

Jennifer tried to remember everything and Rachel kept asking questions
whenever it seemed something was left out of the conversation. Bella
worked at home. Her house was right on the beach. Jen would be doing
research on the Internet for a new book. She'd also help Bella with her
schedule and appointments. No, she wouldn't be cleaning the house,
there was a maid to do that sort of thing. She would be working full
time in the summer and 20 hours a week when school was in session. She
might have to do some traveling and maybe go to New York to visit
publishing companies.

"The house, Rachel! I can't believe it," Jennifer said. "She's got like
six bedrooms and she's the only one living there. Her bathroom is
bigger than our whole apartment and the view of the ocean is amazing."

"Oh my god, how are you going to be able to get any work done."

"I'm not! There's a great big window so I can see the beach and the
ocean. Plus, I can sneak out to the deck from my office. She told me I
could get some sun there if I wanted and guess what? There's a wall so
I could do some nudie sun bathing."

"You wouldn't dare, Jen!"

"Wouldn't you if you had the chance? This is so cool."

Rachel made Jen go through every detail about the house and furniture.
Yes, everything looked real expensive. No, there wasn't any sign that
someone else lived there. There were two cars in the garage, a Jaguar
and a Land Rover. The house was two stories from the front and had a
walk out basement that put a person right on the beach.

"There's more, Rach. She is going to pay me $12.50 an hour and didn't
care that I was only making $6 at Burger King.. Girl, we are going out
to do some celebrating."

"I'm there, Jen, but I'm picking the place and the evening is on me. No

The legal drinking age in California is 21, but that doesn't stop
underage students from buying alcoholic beverages. Fake ID is easy to
come by in Isla Vista. Jen and Rach had Driver's Licenses that showed
their ages were 21. When the girls tarted it up they looked even older
and very interesting.

Jennifer didn't go out much. Between work and school her days were full
and there wasn't time for a social like. She was very popular in high
school and dated almost every weekend. These days she didn't have time
for relationships and her social life was limited to group activities
and hanging out. Rachel was the same way which surprised Jen. Rach
didn't work and was quite attractive. She was taller than Jen by at
least five inches. Her brown hair was always cut in the latest style
and she changed it frequently. Her body was slender with curves in all
the right places. She was attractive in an exotic way. A lot of boys
found her interesting, but she hardly went out and when she did, she
met the person so Jen never saw who she dated.

"We're driving to Ventura. I know a place where we can have dinner and
check out a new band I heard was really good," Rachel said.

Jennifer thought they might be over-dressed. She didn't see any other
girls wearing hip hugger mini-dresses and tiny tee-shirts, mostly the
other people wore denim, but it didn't really matter. Cute girls could
wear what they wanted and boys would always make a fuss. Anyhow, she
was out with her best friend and would have fun no matter what.

Jennifer put down her fork and said, "Dinner is great, the service is
perfect and I love the place. It is a little different from the
restaurants where I normally go."

"I'm glad you like it. I come here a lot and wanted to invite you, but
you're always working."

"Uh, the thing is there are a lot of couples, but most of them are
either two boys or two girls. Am I seeing things or is this a gay

Rachel started to laugh and said, "Very observant, girl. Does it bother

"No, it's kind of fun since I've never been to a place like this. I'll
try not to stare." Jennifer wanted to ask other questions, but she was
afraid to offend Rachel. She decided to wait and see what happened.

The girls were eating dessert and they could hear music coming from the
club. Dance music was just what Jennifer wanted and she was ready to
see what was happening in the other room. She noticed that Rachel was
picking at her dessert and didn't look ready to leave.

"There is something I should have told you months ago when we first
moved into the apartment. I've been trying to figure out how to say it,
but can't come up with the right words."

Jen wondered if she'd done something wrong and hoped Rachel wasn't go
to leave. "What's wrong, Rach. Just say it. We're best friends and you
can tell me anything."

"Okay, I will. The reason I know about this place is that I'm a
lesbian. I was afraid to tell you because I thought you wouldn't want
me for a roommate."

"That's it? I thought this was something serious. You are what you are,
sweetie. We're friends and that's enough for me." Suddenly everything
fell into place and Jennifer knew why Rachel didn't date much and never
seemed interested in boys.

"Oh my god, you don't care?" Rachel looked relieved. "I was so worried
you'd hate me. I wanted to tell you for so long, but just couldn't do
it. I felt like I was living a lie."

* * *

"I don't remember the last time I had so much fun," Jennifer was
excited about her daring escapade. "I can't believe it. girls were
asking me to dance and hitting on me. Way cool."

"Face it, girl, you're hot. Who wouldn't want you?" Rachel said.
"Thanks for being a good sport tonight. Thanks for being my friend."

"I'm in big trouble, Rach." Jennifer had transformed herself from club
cutie to a college girl ready for bed. "If I don't get some sleep, I'll
get sacked my first day on the job. Did you see my bikini anyplace?"

"Bikini? What's up with that and how come you're starting work on a

"Bella told me we're working all day and to bring my bikini. That's all
I know."

* * *

"What kind of boat is it?" Jennifer almost dropped the picnic basket
she was carrying when she saw the Lady Love. "How can just two of us
drive it?"

"It's a Queenship 56 and two of us can _crew_ it without any problem,"
Bella said. "Two of us picked it up in British Columbia where it was
constructed and brought it here without a problem. By the way, don't
let anyone hear you calling her a boat. She's a motor yacht and proud
of it."

Someone started the engines before they arrived at the marina so they'd
be able to leave whenever they were ready. When they brought their
supplies to the galley, Jennifer had a chance to see the interior of
the yacht and she was impressed. The salon was furnished as well as
most people's living room including a large couch, television, and easy
chairs. There was polished oak wood everywhere. The galley had a stove,
microwave, refrigerator and enough counter top to let a chef prepare a
full meal. Jennifer found out that the Lady Love was called a pilot
house yacht because navigation was done from an enclosed cabin. Manual
controls were also located on a deck above the pilot house so they
could be outside as they powered through the harbor.

"We're not going too far today," Bella said. "We'll just go out to the
Channel Islands and have a picnic. Maybe we can stay out till sundown.
Sunset on the Pacific Ocean is something to watch. It's been awhile
since I've had a chance to go anywhere on the Lady Love. I hope you
don't mind."

"Mind! This is so exciting." Jennifer was learning how to crew. She'd
untied the dock side ropes and jumped on-board without falling in the
water. Now she was standing next to Bella on the top deck. "I can't
believe you're not on Lady Love everyday. It must have cost a bundle."

"I got her for someone who liked the sea." Bella stared off into space
and Jennifer wondered who she was thinking of. "She's gone now and
there wasn't anyone to enjoy Lady Love with me. Yah, she cost a lot,
but it was worth at the time."

When they were out of the harbor, Bella let Jennifer take the helm.
They powered up to 30 knots which seemed like a 100 miles per hour to
the young girl who could smell the ocean as the wind blew her hair away
from her face. They cruised for a few hours before dropping anchor near
one of the off-shore islands.

"If you want to sun, you can use the back of the top deck while I fix
our lunch. If you feel like taking off your top, go for it. I doubt if
we'll have any company."

Jennifer watched Bella go below before she slipped out of her shorts
and tee-shirt. She hoped Bella didn't think her suit was too tiny.
Rachel bought it for her and it seemed like a good idea at the time,
but now she wondered what Bella was going to think. She spread her
towel out on the deck and decided she might as well she what topless
sunbathing felt like.

Bella came back just as Jennifer flopped down on her tummy. "I thought
you might like a glass of wine before I start on lunch." Bella put the
wine bucket on the deck and poured each of them a glass. "You don't
look like you've been out in the sun much Jen so you better put on some
sun block. The sun on the ocean can really do you in."

"Arrgh, I forgot to bring sun block," Jennifer said.

"I've got some. Just a second."

Bella sat down on the deck and started putting lotion on Jen. She used
a gentle touch to massage it into her skin. Jennifer started to relax
as the lotion was rubbed into the muscles in her neck and shoulders.
Bella felt like a therapist to Jennifer who was beginning to doze. The
feeling started to change a little when Bella began massaging Jen's
legs. The young girl felt the older woman's hand move from her feet to
calves and then to her thighs. Jen shivered when Bella's hand brushed
across the thin swim suit material that covered her pussy. Bella didn't
linger and Jen decided it was an accident. In any event, she had
something else to think about because Bella was now moving her hands
relentlessly up the silky contours of her other leg. Bella was taking
the same path as before and Jen wondered if it would result in another
accident. It did, but it was only a second before Bella started putting
lotion on Jen's back.

Bella's hands felt so good. Jen didn't flinch when the older woman's
fingers moved across the side of her breast. Jen wondered how far
Bella's hands would go as they moved slowly toward the thong that
almost covered her butt. Jen was confused by the feelings between her
legs. She felt warm and tingly and found herself hoping that Bella
would let her hands drift lower. No woman had ever made her feel like
this and she liked the feeling.

"You've got a cute butt, Jen." Bella was rubbing lotion on all the
white space that the thong left uncovered. "I can hardly remember the
day when my butt felt so tight."

"What are you talking about, Bella. You've got a great body and your
butt doesn't look like it's sagged much since your were my age." The
first time Jennifer met Bella she was surprised by how tall she was.
The author pictures Jennifer had seen didn't do Bella justice. She was
slender, but no one would miss the fact that she was a woman. Even with
her dark brown hair in a ponytail, Jen could see that Bella's hair was
long enough to reach the middle of her back. "Face it, Bella, you're a
babe so stop the whining."

"Bullshit, but I like the sound of it." Bella finished putting on the
lotion and said, "Hey, you better drink you're wine before it gets

Jennifer decided it didn't matter if she had to sit up to drink her
wine. She knew Bella was taking a peek at her bare breasts, but that
was normal. She would have done the same if their roles were reversed.

"Bella, can I have the sun block, please?"

Jennifer realized she liked having Bella watch as she put sun block on
her front. She hadn't touched her breasts, but could already feel her
nipples sticking out. The warm and tingly between her legs was quickly
becoming hot and wet.

When she finally touched her breasts, she tried to pretend that she
didn't feel an electric jolt move from her hand through her breasts to
a secret place in her mind. She didn't want to stop, but she didn't
want Bella to think she was a pervert either. She wanted to slide her
hand into her swim suit bottom and touch the wet that threatened to
soak the swim suit bottom, but she stopped before she made a fool out
of herself. Instead, she drained her glass of wine and asked Bella for

They talked about a lot of things until they noticed the bottle of wine
was empty. Lunch seemed like a good idea then so they went below to
enjoy the gourmet food Bella prepared.

"I can't eat anymore, Bella. Do you cook like this all the time?"

"No, just when I feel like showing off. Are you sure you don't have
room for cheesecake? How about a small piece?"

"Well. . . . "

Lady Love carried two jet skies. Jennifer fell off a couple of times
before she learned how to ride at high speed chasing Bella around the
Lady Love. She also learned she was right about Bella. She looked hot
in her bikini and Jen figured she had to work out several times a week
to keep herself in such good shape.

* * *

"Hey, Rachel, I'm going out to dinner with Bella." Jennifer was dressed
in a new outfit that Bella thought would be perfect for the occasion.
Jen wasn't sure a silk mini-dress and four inch heels was the right
ensemble to wear to a book signing, but she and Bella were going to a
concert afterwards so it probably was okay.

"Finally, you're going to be doing some work. Seems like all you do is
play. Where is she going to be doing the book signing?"

"Someplace called Choices here in town. She says she owes them and does
a signing there every time she puts out a new book."

"I thought so."

"What do you mean?"

Jennifer knew she should spend more time with Rachel. Jen was doing
book research for Bella and she was also going to the gym three times a
week, taking boat trips, going all over California for book signings
that seemed more like parties than work and had a pretty full schedule
that kept her away from the apartment. She wondered what Rachel thought
about all the new clothes Bella bought for her so she'd 'feel right'
when they went out. Jen had a bigger social life in the last three
weeks than she'd had in all the time Rachel had known her.

"Choices Bookstore is for people who are making choices other than Male
and Female, Jennifer. I suspected Bella was a lesbian and now I'm
pretty sure I'm right."

"She hasn't done one thing to even hint that she's gay, Rachel. What
are you talking about?"

"You're so naive, sweetie. I just know what I know and figure you
better watch your step, little het girl. Where's the concert?"

Jennifer mulled over what her friend said. She tried to sound outraged,
but thought there was something to what Rachel was saying. From time to
time Bella said something about a woman who used to be important to
her. There were the clothes. A lot of women had one or two extra sets
of clothes to remind them of prior weight changes, but she didn't know
of any slender, 5' 9" woman who had a second wardrobe that was a
perfect fit for someone who was a curvy, 5' 4".

"We're going to Hades. It's a club in town and DBT is playing there."

"Ha, ha, ha. I've been to Hades and I think you'll find it interesting.
Did she tell you anything about DBT?"

"No, what should she tell me?"

"I won't spoil it for you. Just remember what I said."

They had dinner reservations for 6 PM. Jen showed her fake ID when
Bella ordered a bottle of wine with dinner. They had two hours before
they had to be at the bookstore which gave them a chance to chat. Jen
couldn't believe how easy it was to talk with the older women who was
only a few years younger than her mother. She'd only been working for
Bella a short time, but it seemed like they'd been together for years.
Everything was so natural.

The book signing went well. The store was full of people who wanted to
get an autograph from Santa Barbara's number one author. Jen noticed
that most of them were women although there were some men there who
seemed interested in Bella Deveraux. Bella told Jen to stay close and
occasionally introduced her as 'my friend' and not assistant, worker or
grunt. Kind of nice.

"Two Long Island Ice Teas and keep 'em coming dear." Bella was in her
glory. She seemed to thrive on fans and the people at Choices loved
her. Jennifer didn't think they'd get to the club in time to see DBT,
but somehow they managed to arrived at 10:30 just as the group took the

"Bella, there's something odd about DBT. What does 'DBT' stand for

"They're the Disposable boy Toys. Everyone around here loves them and
what's so odd about a group doing covers of NSync and the Back Street

"Well, even with the little moustaches and goatees I can still see
they're all girls."

Jennifer didn't know about Drag Kings and certainly never saw anything
like DBT. The place was packed with women who knew what to expect and
loved every minute of the cabaret act. Singing, dancing, and comedy got
the audience going. Jen laughed at some of the jokes about guys, women
together and the lifestyle parodies the group was so good at
portraying. The second and third Long Island helped loosen her up. The
drinks went down real easy and kind of slipped up on her.

"Bella, I loved the concert, but I have to go home now before I get
sick." Jen felt dizzy and thought she might be throw up. She didn't
want to ruin their evening by making a scene there in the club. "Can we
leave now?"

"Sure, baby. I guess I over did it with the Ice Teas." Bella managed to
navigate Jen to the Jaguar and helped her get into the low slung
vehicle. "Red panties! How cute, Jennifer. If I knew you'd flash me
when you got into the car, I'd be your full time chauffeur."

"Stop teasing. I'm so embarrassed. I shouldn't have had so many

"I can't open my garage door, Jen. Looks like power is out in the whole
neighborhood. Let me help you into the house.

Somehow Jennifer was able to walk from the driveway to the living room
without falling down. Power failures happened often in the
neighborhood so Bella kept enough candles around to light up the living
room. The feel was mysterious and a little bit romantic. The candles
gave off a scent that suggested some place far away and days gone by.

"I'm going to sit her next to you on the couch and feed you coffee
until you're sober. You're not going home until you can at least talk."
Bella was acting like a mother hen and Jen wondered if getting drunk
was a mistake. "We can't have Rachel think we're delinquents, can we,

"I want to ask you a question, Bella, and pretend that I'm drunk and
don't know what I'm doing in case I say something that offends you. Is
that okay?"

"What? You can ask me anything you want and you don't have to worry
about me getting mad. We're friends and friends can say anything to
each other."

"Well, I was talking with Rachel tonight and she said she thought you
were a lesbian. To be honest so do I and after tonight. . . . "
Jennifer stopped talking and was worried that maybe she said too much.
"I'm sorry if I'm stupid."

"You're not stupid baby and, yes, I'm a lesbian and have been all my
life. Does it bother you?"

"Yes, in a way it does." Jen struggled to get the words just right. Her
mind was starting to clear and she realized she might be in over her
head. "Remember the first day we went out on your boat? It turned me on
when you rubbed the sun block on me. I wondered what it would feel like
if you did more. Why did you stop?"

"You're too young and I don't like getting involved with straight
girls. It would never work out."

Jennifer knew Bella was right and could tell Bella learned her lesson a
long time ago and wasn't ready to make that mistake again. So, she was
surprised when Bella took her into her arms and kissed her. It wasn't
just a kiss. Jen felt Bella's tongue force it's way into her mouth. The
older woman was strong and held her so tight she thought she might
explode. She could feel Bella's firm breasts press into her body and
then she lost track of time. The kiss might have lasted a minute or
maybe it went on forever. Jen remembered an orange flash and
electricity that seemed to flow from Bella into her own body. She could
smell the fresh of Bella's hair and feel the soft of the older woman's

"I'm sorry, Jennifer. I don't know what came over me." Bella Deveraux
felt like a fool. She had kissed a girl half her age and wanted to do
it again. "Please tell me you're not mad. Tell me you're not going to
quit working for me."

The kiss cleared her mind and Jennifer was able to get up from the
couch. Once again Bella had started something and was starting to back
out. Not this time.

Jen reached behind her back and found the zipper that went from her
shoulders down to the middle of her butt. She loved watching the look
on Bella's face as she slowly pulled the zipper down her back. She
pushed the sleeves of the dress down her arms until the front of the
dress fell from her arms revealing her cute red pushup bra. Jen wiggled
her shoulders to make sure that Bella had nice look at her boobs.

Next, Jen pulled the dress down her hips as she moved her butt back and
forth. When the dress was past the point of no return, she let it fall
in a circle around her feet. She stepped out of the dress and moved
closer to Bella who started to get up.

"Stay on the couch and just watch. I'm not finished yet." Jennifer
loved showing off for her older friend. "If you can't control yourself,
I'll just have to stop." Jennifer watched Bella smile and settle back
on the couch. Jen felt brave and naughty.

Jen turned around and arched her back. She looked over her shoulder at
Bella to she the reaction when she wiggled her butt. She pretended to
have trouble unhooking her bra and had to chase Bella back to the couch
when she tried to help with the hooks.

Finally, the bra straps slipped off Jen's arms and the red bra fell to
the floor. Before Bella got too much of a view, Jen covered her breasts
by holding them with her hands. She gave them a little jiggle and could
feel the nipples press into the palms of her hands.

When Jen moved her hands down her body to reveal both of her perky
breasts, she heard Bella make a cute moaning sound. How nice, she
thought as she slipped her fingers into the elastic band that held up
her thong. She turned to the side and pushed her panties down so Bella
could get a nice view. She turned to the other side and did the same.

It's always a problem to take off panties with someone watching. Most
people aren't very graceful when they do it, but Jennifer practiced in
front of a mirror and felt ready for the occasion.

She eased her panties below her butt cheeks as far as she could without
bending over. When she got them down as far as they'd go, she bent over
at the waist and pushed them down the rest of the way. She kept her
butt pointed at Bella and never once bent her knee. She was able to
step out of her panties one foot at a time. When she turned to face
Bella, she was wearing nothing but a smile and four inch heels.

Bella just sat on the couch and watched. When she couldn't think of
what to do next, Jen plopped down in Bella's lap and put her arms
around the older woman's neck. She was naked and Bella was fully
dressed. It felt interesting to Jennifer.

The next kiss was Jennifer's idea. Bella returned the favor and it was
hard to tell who was responsible for the next many kisses. No one
seemed to be keeping score.

Jennifer felt Bella's hand moving toward her breast and she dropped her
arm to her side to make it easier for Bella to touch her. The touch
became a squeeze and then a push. Jennifer found herself on her back
with Bella's face pressed against her breasts. Lips kissing, fingers
touching, teeth nipping. Touching, holding, loving.

They ended up in the master bedroom where Jennifer took off Bella's
clothes one piece at a time with a lot of touching and fondling. The
room was full of mirrors including a big one hidden by the canopy that
covered the bed. Being able to see how she was doing, made Jennifer
want to do more. She had a good idea about love between women and now
she had a chance to get some real experience.

Jennifer tried to follow Bella's lead. Breasts, pussy, ass, legs, neck,
lips, back. Touching, feeling, kissing. Orgasm. Again, again, again.

When the first light of dawn peeked through Bella's bedroom window,
they fell asleep in each other's arms. They slept all day long.
Jennifer thought she felt a kiss and found that the hand that started
holding her back was now on her ass. What a good idea and she explored,

After their first night together, Jennifer thought she invented lesbian
sex and wanted more, more, more. Talk about Bella's next book project
lead to a kiss. A kiss made bed seem like a good idea. The bed was a
trap that kept them together all day and all night.

They'd just finished making love for the third time when Bella said,
"I'm going to have to go to New York. My agent has arranged for a three
book auction and I'll be set for life once the deal is signed."

"How long will you be gone?" Jennifer was getting used to being around
Bella all the time and tried to imagine being alone.

"There's more. I have to do on a national book signing tour and that's
six weeks. My agent is going to go with me so I won't be alone."

"I'm going to miss you, but maybe it's for the best." Jennifer had been
letting her school work slip and she needed to do some catching up.
"I'll be just about over final exams when you get back and maybe we can
do something fun.

"I'm glad you're not upset, Jen. Tell you what. You can use my boat,
car and house while I'm gone. Maybe your roommate would like to cruise
to Catalina one weekend."

* * *

"Are you sure she's not going to mind us staying at her house, Jen?"
Jennifer and Rachel had spent the day on the boat and now the girls
were touring Bella's house. They decided they'd stay the night and use
the kitchen to cook something special. The wine cellar already provided
a tasty vintage and now they could prepare the kind of meal they'd only
been able to think about in their small apartment.

"Rachel, I'll show you something if you promise you won't tell."
Jennifer was standing next to what Bella called the Toy Box. "Take a
look in here."

"Oh my god, I've never seen anything like this. What are these things?"

"Those are bondage uniforms, Rach. Here we have butt plugs, vibrators,
and leather restraints with soft fur so a person doesn't get bruised
when she's tied up. In other words, girl toys."

"I can't imagine the two of you beating on each other in bed. Seems

"Don't be silly, Rach. We just put these outfits on sometimes and maybe
tie each other to the bed. Have you ever wondered what it would be like
if you were helpless and someone could do anything she wanted to you?"

Jennifer liked finding out she knew more about kinky sex than Rachel.
She decided to embellish on some of her war stories and answer all of
Rachel's many questions.

"You'd look cute in one of these bondage suits, Rachel. Want to try one

"I couldn't do that. Someone might find out."

"Bullshit, I'm the only one here. Who could find out?" Jennifer started
pulling Rachel's tee-shirt off and it wasn't long before the two girls
were dressed for BDSM.

"There's just one problem with these outfits, Jen, they don't cover
anything even though there's leather every where and who can walk in
heels this high?"

"There not supposed to cover anything and what kind of sex requires a
lot of walking?"

Jennifer could tell Rachel found the toys interesting. She decided to
see how far she could get her friend to go and it wasn't long before
she had the fur cuffs secured around her friends wrists and ankles.

"How does it feel to be under my power, Rachel. I could do anything I

"Well, it's not like I think you'd do anything, but I get the idea."

"Wouldn't do anything, huh?"

Jen took a mini cat-of-nine-tails from the Toy Box and dragged the
leather tails across Rachel's tummy toward her pussy and just before
she touched it, she dragged it up to her boobs. She let the leather
trail over Rachel's breasts without touching the nipples that were now
standing erect. When Rachel didn't complain, Jen took a dildo from the
box and tickled Rachel's lips with the cock replica. She also started
to tease Rachel's nipples with the heel of the little whip.

"My, for a lesbian, you sure know how to suck cock. Where did you pick
up you skills, Rachel. Oh, sorry, I know a girl shouldn't talk with her
mouth full."

Jennifer could tell that Rach was getting into it and decided to do
more. She used the heel of the whip to tease Rachel's clit and watched
her friend's arousal in the restraints. Eventually she slid the hard
leather up and down the slit between Rachel's legs.

Jen threw the dildo to the side and just as she kissed Rachel, she
thrust the hard leather into the wet cavern between her friends legs.
She moved the whip slowly in and out of Rachel's pussy while her tall
friend bucked and moved against the constant teasing.

The sound of Rachel's first orgasm was muffled by Jennifer's kiss. The
next one was much easier to hear because Jennifer was using her tongue
to lick the juices from between Rachel's legs. The moaning sound was
loud and clear.

Rachel found out what it was like to be unable to resist dildos, butt
plugs, vibrators, nipple clamps and all sorts of personal invasions of
her body.

"Seems you like this sort of thing, Rachel." Jennifer felt proud of
herself. She was able to do her friend Rachel just like Bella did her a
few weeks earlier. "How about some more, baby?"

"No, I can't take it. It's time to stop, Jen."

"Oh, too bad, because I was just going to show you how this strap-on
works, but we can wait until later."

The two girls played more than they studied, but somehow were able to
keep up with their classes. Bella called around the same time every day
and let Jennifer know how the book signing tour was going. Her agent
was able to auction the three books for even more money than Bella
hoped so the tour was part sales and part victory parade.

"I have to tell you something, Jennifer." The girls hadn't talked about
what they were going to do when Bella came home. Rachel decided they
had to do something because she'd be back tomorrow and things would be
different. "I love you and probably loved you since the first time I
saw you. It's more than just the best sex I ever had. I don't know what
I'm going to do when you go back to Bella."

Jennifer had been too busy exploring all the possibilities to give a
lot of thought to any kind of future. She was having fun and didn't
want anything to change. Bella was a woman of the world and knew so
much. Rachel was sexy and her best friend. She didn't want to make a
choice, but realized she had to do it or else she'd lose both of them

* * *

The plane was on time and since Bella was flying first class, she was
one of the first passengers to leave the plane. As soon as she cleared
the gate, Jennifer ran up, threw her arms around her and gave her a big
kiss. "I missed you so much, Bella.."

"I missed you, too, sweetie. Let's get my luggage. I can't wait to get
home." Bella looked like the trip agreed with her.

They talked about the new book contract, the tour and then planned what
they'd do for dinner while they drove to the beach house. Jennifer said
she'd cook and let Bella kick back after her long trip.

Dinner went well and now the two women sat in the living room sipping
chilled white wine. "There's something I have to tell you, Bella."
Jennifer wanted to wait until after dinner for her serious talk with
Bella. Now it was time.

"I have some things to tell you, too, sweetie. Who'll go first." Bella
sounded very serious and Jen thought she must know what happened with
Rachel. Well, there was nothing she could do about it now except tell
the truth.

"You told me I could use the boat and stuff while you were gone and
maybe have Rachel play, too."

"Sure, I was hoping you'd have fun while I was gone."

"Well, it was more than fun. I told you Rachel was a lesbian and
somehow we ended up having an affair."

"My god, I've only been gone for six weeks and you're already into the
streets. Big change for a girl who thought she was straight four months

Jennifer felt bad and didn't want to hurt Bella. "I don't know what to
say it just happened."

"Sweetie, you're getting all worked up for nothing. I know you're at
the start of your life and have a lot of things to try. I doubt if
Rachel and I are going to be the last women in you bed."

"You mean you don't care?"

"Of course I care about everything you do and I always will, but I
never told you to be true or that I'd be true to you either. Let me
tell you about my trip."

Bella met Susan Kavanagh when the two women lived in Los Angeles. Sue
was just starting out as an attorney and Bella was trying to get
something published. Sue brought three of Bella's books to New York and
tried to represent them as the works of three different authors. An
editor at Jove said she liked all the books and wanted the three
authors flown to New York immediately to sign contracts. After a little
hemming and hawing Sue confessed and the editor bought all three of
Bella's books after telling Sue what would happen to her she ever told
her another lie.

The advance for the three books gave Bella enough money to live on for
the next year while she waited for publication. The first book had okay
sales, but not enough to change Bella's life. Sue was doing a lot
better representing computer programmers who were writing non-fiction
books about personal computing. She spent all her time working as an
agent and forgot about her prior aspirations to be a famous attorney.

Life changed after the publication of Bella's book. Oprah liked the
feminist themes and made it a book club selection. In no time Bella was
on top of the New Times Fiction list and stayed there for weeks.
Bella's third book was also a smash hit. There was an encouraging six
figure advance for book four and from then things just got better.

Bella and Sue drifted into a relationship. It seemed natural to be
partners. When they were struggling and didn't have any money they
could be together and not think about missing anything. Later on their
careers were so entwined that they felt 24/7 was perfect and they spent
day and night planning for the future. Eventually there was so much
money neither woman would have to worry about anything for the rest of
their lives. The house on the beach in Santa Barbara started out as a
get-a-way, but soon Bella found it the only place she could write. Sue
was spending more and more time in New York. The major fiction
publishing houses like to deal with agents from the city and look at
people from other places as provincials.

Neither woman knew how it started. but the split came fast and furious.
Sue was going to live in New York and Bella could write anywhere so she
expected Bella to join her. Bella loved the beach and didn't understand
why Sue's career was now the most important. At the end of the day Sue
went to New York and Bella went to Santa Barbara. They managed to
maintain their business relationship, but their personal life was lost.

"Susan went on the book signing tour with me, Jen, and we had a chance
to talk."

"You were together for the whole trip?" Jennifer wanted to ask another
question, but decided it would be better if she kept quiet.

During the course of the trip, Bella and Sue realized that they could
spend time in New York and Santa Barbara. Sue could hire a couple of
people to work for her in New York and Bella would plan her writing to
fit the time they'd spend in Santa Barbara.

"There is one problem, Jen. I'm going to need someone full time, year
round. This is going to be too complicated for a part time person."

"Oh, so you'll be needing someone else. When is this going to take
place." Jen could hardly believe what she was hearing. Bella didn't
seem to care that she and Rachel had an affair. Now she was firing her
and Bella didn't seem to care about that either.

Bella continued to look serious and Jennifer wished she would just sack
her so she could go home and cry. "I imagine the apartment you and
Rachel share is pretty expensive, Jennifer."

"Yes, every place around school costs a lot."

"What if I hired both of you and let you share the work. If you lived
in the big guest room you'd be around when I was traveling and could
act like my home base."

"Are you serious? I can't believe you'd hire us and let us live here.
What is Sue going to think about it?"

"She'll think I've changed my spots and become a very organized person
who was able to hire two assistants just like I promised when I left
her today. Oh, and yes, it was when I left her bed so don't think
you're the only one who was getting some."

"Can I invite Rachel over for dinner? I want her to hear it all from

"Of course you can, sweetie. She's going to be living here so no time
like the present to get used to having her around." Jennifer realized
that she had worried for nothing. Bella planned on having her move in
and help out with the new program. Rachel was a plus and simplified
things for everyone. "There is one thing, Jennifer, you know those
clothes I gave you from the yacht and the guest room closets? Do you
think you could kind of not wear them, at least until you're friends
with Susan?"

The End
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