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DISCLAIMER: By reading this story you hereby release the author (ShadowKing)
from all liabilities related to this story. This story contains
adult content and should not be read by anyone under the legal
limit for pornography in your country. This story is fictional
and in no way based on any real person(s), any resemblance is
purely coincidental. This is a fantasy creation of the author
and is not meant to exploit or make profits from the characters
and/or name of the following story.
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Wonderful Night [Part 1] - (Friends > ff )
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Phoebe climbed the stairs to her apartment trying to
balance the grocery bags and retrieve her keys at the same
time. She reached her door and had to put down two of her
bags to unlock and open the door. Phoebe entered the
apartment and locked the door behind herself. Dropping the
bags onto the table she saw her temporary room-mate Rachel
asleep on the couch.

At first Phoebe paid no mind to her friend asleep on
the couch, yet she kept slipping Rachel little glances.
Rachel lay in a small lace night-gown that didn’t leave much
to the imagination. Phoebe’s gaze kept returning to Rachel’s
right shoulder, where the shoulder strap had slipped off and
left Rachel’s right breast almost fully exposed. Just a few
more centimeters and Phoebe would be able to see her nipple.

Phoebe couldn’t remember ever being so attracted to
her friend before. She found herself beginning to get wet,
and her nipples began to harden. As if that wasn’t enough,
Rachel, still fast asleep, didn’t have a blanket or anything
for warmth so her nipples also were starting to harden.

Phoebe felt a longing for her attractive friend, a
desire deeper than she had ever felt for any man. Phoebe
took her coat off and put it down on a chair. She stood
there a moment in her small spring dress, admiring Rachel’s
beauty. Next, Phoebe unzipped her dress and let if fall to
the floor. Stepping out of her shoes, Phoebe stood there,
topless and in white cotton panties which had a wet mark in
the crotch.

What she did next amazed even her; Phoebe walked over
to the couch and lay down next to Rachel, cuddling her warm
body up to her friend’s. Rachel slowly awoke from her nap,
her eyes locking with Phoebe’s. No words were needed, both
already knew each other’s questions and answers.

Both women engaged in a deep, passionate kiss. Phoebe
slid her hands around Rachel’s back, dropping the straps of
her night-gown off of her shoulders. Rachel’s hands gently
caressed Phoebe as they glided up her bare back, one hand
resting on her firm ass while the other went up to slip into
Phoebe’s thick, blond hair.

The kiss seemed to last forever before they had to
finally stop to take a breath. Rachel leaned in again and
started to plant kisses on Phoebe’s body. She began on her
cheek up near her ear and slowly worked her way down
Phoebe’s silky smooth neck. Continuing on, Rachel kissed
down Phoebe’s shoulder and upper chest, finally reaching her
gorgeous breasts.

Gently, and ever so softly, Rachel allowed her rosy
red lips to lock around Phoebe’s left nipple; her tongue
traced circles around the base as she received promising
moans from Phoebe. Releasing the nipple from her mouth,
Rachel moved over to the right breast and began her erotic
routine all over again.

Phoebe arched her back, pushing her tits forward and
closer to Rachel. She moaned again, a sign of the pleasure
she felt through her sensitive breasts. Never before had any
one given her so much pleasure from just her breasts alone.

A few minutes later the pleasure subsided and Phoebe
opened her eyes. Rachel slid back along the couch so that
once again she was face to face with Phoebe; only now her
gown was down around her hips and Rachel’s beautiful breasts were exposed. The two women engaged in another passionate
kiss, their lips locking and arms embracing each other.

Now it was Phoebe’s turn. Phoebe started off by gently
nibbling Rachel’s ear lobe before lightly kissing her neck
and ending up at her cleavage. Phoebe began her own erotic
routine of her lips of Rachel’s bare breasts, and was
rewarded with sighs and moans.

Phoebe spent a few minutes with Rachel’s wonderful
tits, then moved on. She continued planting kisses down
Rachel’s smooth stomach and came to the night-gown. Phoebe
lightly tugged it off and found a pair of matching panties underneath. Wasting no time, Phoebe removed then and started
to kiss Rachel’s inner thighs.

Rachel could feel her friend moving closer to her
pussy with every kiss and moved slightly in anticipation.
Then it happened, Phoebe’s probing tongue found Rachel’s
sweet cunt and began exploring the new domain. Meanwhile,
Rachel erupted in a song of moans while Phoebe’s tongue
lashed across her clitoris.

Phoebe started with the outer lips, her tongue running
around and setting off the many nerves along her path.
Rachel tasted so good, and her nearly completely shaved
pussy proved fascinating to Phoebe. There was only a small
triangle of hair above Rachel’s cunt, totally different from
Phoebe’s pussy which had a larger v-shape and hair all the
way down between her legs.

After a few rotations, Phoebe spread Rachel’s pussy lips slightly so her tongue could dive further inward to
explore the vastness of Rachel’s womanhood. Rachel, still
moaning in delight, looked down and watched Phoebe, one of
her best friends, lick her pussy with an expertise only a
woman could have.

Licking her fingers, Rachel began to rub her nipples,
adding to her stimulation. The sensations started to add up
and Rachel felt herself coming closer to one of the best
orgasms of her life; each tongue movement brought her
nearer. Then Rachel exploded, she arched her back, grabbed
hold of the couch, and gushed out a wave of female cum as
she enjoyed a magnificent orgasm.

Rachel fell back onto the couch panting, her body
recovering from the massive pleasure that was just surging
through her. She felt Phoebe crawl up on top of her, their
hot, sweaty, naked bodies rubbing against each other.
Opening her eyes, Rachel found Phoebe starring down at her.
They both kissed again for several minutes, Rachel could
taste her pussy on Phoebe’s tongue.

It brought up old memories of when Rachel was in high
school and had first started masturbating. Back then she
used to always stare at her shinny fingers covered in her
own juices after she came; daring herself to have a lick.
Finally, one night she did and had always liked the taste

When the kiss ended, Phoebe continued to crawl up past
Rachel so that her lovely pussy was right in her face.
Rachel starred a moment at her friends hairy cunt before
letting her tongue loose to explore the thick underbrush.
Rachel let her tongue glide around the outside of Phoebe’s
pussy, occasionally teasing her with a quick lick across her
clitoris; and every time she connected, Phoebe would moan
and squeeze her thighs gently together.

Phoebe squeezed the armrest of the couch while letting
out moan after moan. She felt Rachel’s experienced tongue
slide in and out of her cunt and it was driving her wild.
Releasing her grip with one hand, she took hold of her
dangling breast and brought the nipple up to her mouth. She
licked and sucked on it, adding to her stimulation. Phoebe
quickly dropped her breast and returned her grip on the
armrest as Rachel led a barrage of attacks on Phoebe’s
clitoris with her tongue.

Rachel heard Phoebe’s cries even from within the
depths of her hairy cunt. Suddenly, Phoebe moaned louder
than ever and squeezed her legs extra hard. Her cum began
squirting out and Rachel eagerly licked it all up. She felt
Phoebe lower herself and begin to slide back down the couch.
Phoebe finally ended up face to face with Rachel again and
they embraced and kissed once more.

Both women exhausted, Rachel and Phoebe drifted off to
sleep in each other’s arms.


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