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X FILES videos his childhood But you


X-Files - Skinner deep POSTED: 09/2002 (written in 10/2000) CODE: M/F,
humil, slut, humor, SUMMARY: This is the real background of the strong
relationship of the two famous FBI officers. Sexy Scully first seduces
Mulder, then her boss - the big chief Skinner. Using his fetishes for
doctors, she controls him to no end ... which helps her career.

Special thanks to titan001 for his good job in proofreading this story.

X-Files - Skinner Deep

"Look at this, Mulder, Isn't it fascinating?" Dana Scully was standing
in front of the mirror, looking at her stunning body in a very sexy, very
short skirt. Although she usually wears strictly conservative clothes in
her job as a FBI-agent, she loves to see her image in such skimpy clothing
she found in this expensive store. She spends a large amount of her money
on clothing that makes men look after her (and made them bulge in their
pants). Sure, as long she was at work, she would wear such boring clothes
like high cut pullovers and long, casual trousers, but after work there was
no one to keep her away from that arousing style. "Don't you think it
should be a little bit longer" Mulder criticized. Typical Mulder, she
thought, always aware, what other people will think about you. "Think about
how much you love to grab me between my legs" Scully throws at him and
smiles seductively. "If I wear this nice skirt, you will have much more
fun doing that." It was a fact and Mulder, ever so cool, had nothing to say
against this argument. Then, as if he were remote controlled, his hands
slid over the back of his workmate down to the hem of her skirt. His hands
found their way between her legs from behind. "Wow, you're wet between your
legs" Mulder acknowledged. He's known her for long and so it was no
surprise. Scully smiled and enjoyed the smooth massage of his fingers on
her pussy. She wished he were pushing his fingers inside her panties to
stimulate her erect clit. To make him feel hornier, Scully let her hand
wander over the growing bulge in his pants. "Think of it, Sully" Mulder
hissed, "We have to be in chief Skinners office in thirty minutes. He
wants to speak with us - just because you wanted to be fucked on your desk
during our lunch hour." "Who cares about Skinner" Scully replied. Her
voice was now rougher than normal, because Mulder was keeping his hands
busy between her legs. She only has to be aware of the saleswoman - if
she's not around then she could pull Mulder into the changing room. "Don't
care about Skinner?" Mulder almost cried. "He said, he will never let us
work on X-files again." His breath quickened too. Scully had his cock in a
tight grip. Should he give her, what she wants? A good, hard fuck. "If
you weren't so jealous, I had everything cleared with Skinner while you
were out of his office. I think he was happy with my ... plan, but then
you came in and disturbed our conversation." "That's not fair" Mulder
protested. "He was staring at you and I think, two minutes later he had
raped you. That's a thing I'd never let him do." "Mulder, you have to
understand. The last few weeks, sex between us has not very satisfying.
Skinners attacks were very welcome to me. I've heard he has a nice, long
cock." He quickly changed the topic of their conversation: "Scully, if you
keep doing what your doing with my cock for two more minutes, I'll have to
change my trousers before I can go see Skinner." Scully knows how to
stimulate him and bring him very fast to his climax. And that was the only
chance to be alone later with her attractive chief. She increased the
speed of her movements and was sure, if she found the right words, Mulder
would be over the edge and cream in his pants. "Oh Mulder" she whispered
over her shoulder, "I would love to get your nice, hard cock in me. Feel
how wet my horny little pussy is and how she is under control of your
fingers." She knows that she doesn't wanna fuck with Fox Mulder anymore.
There was to much disappointment in their relationship in the last few
weeks and also very obvious were chief Skinners hints. Scully needs a good
fuck daily and Mulder wasn't able to give it to her more than two or three
times a week. Then he shoots faster than he ever shot his gun. Anyway, a
female coworker told her that Chief Skinner was a marvelous lover. Before
she could think about this, she felt Mulders whole body stiffen. With her
hands she felt the familiar contractions of a jerking cock. She kneaded
him till she felt his slippery sperm through the fabric of his trousers.
"Scully, you horny bitch. Look, what you did." Mulders voice was quivering
from his orgasm. Like always, he was fascinated by the erotic aura of his
coworker. Nevertheless, he was angry, that he didn't take the chance to
take her into the dressing room and put his cock into her hot, tight pussy.
Now he was just happy that he could use his trench coat to hide the big wet
spot in his trousers from the eyes of the other customers. He waited till
Scully had paid the skirt and then they left the store. "Come in, Scully"
Chief Skinners voice was loud and slightly vibrating. From the moment she
stepped into his office he had a hard cock in his trousers. "I have to
apologize for my colleague. He has to do something very important and then
he will join us." Scullys voice was sultry and she looked deep into his
eyes while she greeted him. She knows how horny Skinner is about her and
to increase the feeling she had changed into her new, sexy skirt. "Oh yes,
your colleague. That's the reason I ordered you to come to my office.
What was his name? Fix ... Fax ... Fox Meller?" "Fox Mulder" she helped
him with a smile on her face. "Yes, that's his name. Our Alien-Nerd. To
make it short: I can't keep him any longer in my FBI-Section just to give
him a job and money." His voice was professional, but he kept his eyes
locked on her sexy legs while she took a seat in the chair opposite his
desk. She sat down and crossed her legs in a way that she was sure he got
a short glimpse between them. "You mean, your sending Mulder and me to be
street-cops?" She knows for sure, that Skinner would never do that to her.
"No no. Look, this Meller is an idiot, who had seen to many Star-Trek
videos in his childhood. But you, you're smart and you know how to handle
the people around you - the people, who are important for you." Scully
smiled knowingly. She knows that he would start his attack for her in the
next few moments and again crossed her legs provocatively. "You have very
good analytic senses, you are very experienced in criminology, you're
looking good and ..." Skinners eyes start glowing. " ... you're a medical
person." For a moment Scully doesn't know in which direction their talk
will lead. He saw her helpless eyes. "You have to know that, when I was a
little boy and I had to stay a couple of days in a hospital, I had a very
exciting experience. And since that experience I like people in the
medical field, especially female medical professionals. And last week I
saw you during an examination in your nice white doctor-clothes ..." He
paused for a second. "I hope, you're getting what I mean?" Yes, now she
had him. She had regular sex with a lot of men, so she was familiar with
special whishes, even fetishes. Everyone has his favorite style around sex
and now she just has to find the right buttons for Skinners fable. "I know
what you want to tell me, chief" she answered with a seductive smile on her
lips. She got up from her chair and walked behind the desk towards
Skinner. He should got a good view of her shapely legs and her sexy rounded
hips, which were very well accentuated by her new skirt. One more step and
she was so close to him that he could feel her legs against his knees.
Skinner gulped as he felt her gorgeous body that close to him. "I think,
it's better we talk some more tonight about this topic. In my apartment
we'll have all the time we need so I can tell you about my medicinal
knowledge. For now, I will write down my address and phone number." She
bent her body spectacularly over his desk to grab a pen. Her skirt rises
up to give him an excellent view of her round ass, covered by skimpy
panties. Skinner moves his chair to the side to get an even better view.
He had the urge to grab her ass cheeks or her warm pussy but he fought it
down. Scully felt his eager eyes on her delicately covered ass-cheeks and
got even wetter in her panties. She writes her address very slowly to give
him enough time to enjoy his view. Adding to this she moved her hips a bit
more in his direction, hoping to initiate a movement from him. As nothing
happened, she got up and gave him her address feeling a bit sad. It could
have been so exciting if he had ripped her panties off and pushed his hard
cock into her depths. Highly aroused she made her way out of his office.
Over her shoulder she whispered to him: "O.k., till tonight, 8 pm at my


"Uuh yes, Skinner, push your big, hard cock into my pussy" special agent
Dana Scully whispers to herself. She sat on the toilet with her legs
spread, skirt around her waist and her panties stripped down her ankles.
Her fingers were moving fast over her slippery clit and the wet lips of her
cunt were making smacking sounds. She knows her body well and what she has
to do to get fast relief. Within five minutes she was loudly moaning as
her climax hit her.

After that she dried her pussy, pulled her panties up, her skirt down
and leaves, temporary satisfied, the restrooms. Almost seven hours of
waiting till her boss arrives.


Chief Skinner couldn't believe his eyes as his employee opened the door
of her elegant apartment. Never in his wildest erotic dreams had he
expected such an exciting view. She's wearing a super short, white nurse's
uniform, which only covers the top of her shapely legs. Under the hem of
the uniform he could see the border of her white nylon stockings, which
were attached with white straps to a, probably white, garter belt. White
high heels accentuated her pretty, slim legs. The three top buttons of the
uniform were open to allow him a great view of her small, exciting breasts.
To complete her outfit she wears a white bow in her reddish hair. Scully
smiled in victory. The few dollars for this uniform were certainly worth
their money. Skinner was hardly able to hide the big bulge in his pants
and was happy, that she goes in front of him into the apartment. So he got
a very good view of her round ass under her semi-see-trough uniform. Is
she wearing panties? Or were her panties the kind which had just one small
string which slips between delicate ass cheeks? His mind raced around this
question and he was very happy that he will know for sure in the next few
hours. "Take a seat" ordered Scully, "I've prepared something for dinner."
While he took a place in the dining room his eyes followed Scullys amazing
body into the kitchen. She bent over to get something out of the oven.
Now he knows that she was wearing one of those frilly panties. His
FBI-trained mind was, like so often, right. Scully herself has been highly
aroused since the early afternoon hours. Just putting on these sexy
clothes and thinking of the show she would be giving to Skinner had made
her pussy-juices flow. But this time she resisted the urge to bring
herself some relief with her fingers. She would stay horny till Skinner
arrived and - so she hoped - put his thick cock in her wet pussy. While she
prepared a few things in the kitchen, she always placed her body with her
back in Skinners direction to give his eyes the best possible access to her
body. But now she had the feeling that she would have to take the active
part if she wanted Skinners cock. A part which was easily to play for her.
"Oh god, Mr. Skinner, are you all right" she shouted as she came back from
the kitchen. Skinner was shocked and just for a moment he had not her body
on his mind. "How fortunate that all my medical instruments are here at
home. Come on, you have to go lay down on the sofa and take a rest." With
these words she led him into the living room and onto the sofa. Meanwhile
Skinner knows that he wasn't really looking so bad, it was, because his
smart employee was on the way to fulfilling his erotic dream. Immediately
she opened his tie-knot and the buttons of his shirt. She hovers over him
so her uniform opened and he got a perfect view of her tits. With quick
steps she walked into the den and returned with her stethoscope just
seconds later. "I have to check your heart" she declared him with her voice
sounding like a medical pro. She kneels down in front of the sofa to give
him a good view between her legs. "So, and now you have to breathe quietly
and slowly" she ordered, while she runs the stethoscope over his hairy
chest. Quiet breathing was very hard for him to do, because her other hand
was resting on the big bulge in his pants. She acted like she didn't
notice, but what she was feeling made her mouth water. And not only her
mouth. "Your heart seems o.k." she said after a while and got up after a
few firm grips on his erect cock. She turned around to push the flat table
behind her to the side to get more room. With that, her uniform rose up
and Skinner again got a good view of her ass and the wet spot in her
panties. Scully was full of hope of feeling Skinners strong hand between
her legs, but her 'patient' still seems a little bit afraid. She turned
around again. "Just to be sure, we'll have to do a quick examination. For
this you have to give me your help." Now she was willing to bring him to
the point so he will fulfill her needs. Her voice was clear and loud and
that reminds Skinner of his hospital experiences during his childhood.
Absolutely nothing reminds him of what Scully was now doing. With one leg
over his head she kneeled on the sofa and placed her pussy directly over
his face. Then she moved her upper body forward to open the zipper of his
trousers. No reaction from Skinner. She slides her lower body down and
presses her pussy on to his face. She knows that her wet panties are
directly on his mouth and she could hear a loud, excited moan from Skinner.
His cock jerked as she pushed her hand into his trousers, kneading him
through his underwear. Now Skinner moved. He pressed his mouth onto her
pussy lips and stroked with his tongue over her clit which was still
covered by the thin material of her panties. Scully was so aroused that
she almost had an orgasm, from just this single movement. Now that he was
inflamed she planned to tease him a bit more. She stood up and leaves him
with a disappointed face. Just looking at her face told him, how aroused
she was by her own game. "How do you feel now" she asked with a shaking
voice. "I'm o.k., but now I feel very warm. It's important to me that you
do a very complete medical check to find the cause of my problem." He mimed
the voice of a patient who feels momentarily good but was afraid of the
next attack of his sickness. Scully nodded her head to signal her
understanding - like a real doctor. "Do you have any suspicions" he asked
sorrowfully as she continued playing with her stethoscope. "Typical
syndromes off stress, to much work, to little sleep" she answered shortly.
"I think wewill have to do a few more tests to analyze your physical
ability." The tests were the kind that Chief Skinner loved, because Scully
took Skinners cock and stroked it with slow movements. "If it hurts, you
have to say so immediately" Scully ordered with her doctor's voice. "No no,
it doesn't hurt, but everything feels so ... dry" Skinner replied with all
the cleverness he had developed in the twenty one years as a FBI-employee.
Scully understand the hidden meaning of his comment, because she bent over
and took his cock in her warm, wet mouth. She does it just for a short
time, because she has to be careful if she wants to tease him as long as
she planned. Then she just stroked the tip of his cock with her
experienced tongue. Skinner breathes deeply to keep his control because he
is very excited by this heavy treatment. "I see this examination is too
much for you, at least for the moment" she stopped licking his cock. She
smiled wickedly as she saw the anger in chief Skinners face. He was so
aroused that her teasing was almost too much for him. She places her hand
on his forehead. "You have slight temperature. We have to cool down your
body." With that she turned around and pulled her panties down her legs and
stepped out of them. She adjusted her uniform, turned again and placed her
wet panties carefully on his forehead. Skinner was, again, fascinated by
her kinky ideas and his cock honored her gesture with a few quick jerks.
"I'll leave you alone for a few minutes till your temperature is normal
again" she declared and left him alone on the sofa. Through a small crack
in the door she looked at her chief, who was lying, with an erect cock and
her wet panties on his forehead on her sofa. (What a view for the
FBI-yearbook). Will he touch his cock and relieve himself? Scully herself
slides her hand between her legs and strokes her dripping pussy. No,
Skinner keeps his cool and waits for her return. If she doesn't stop now
with that stroking her pussy, she will get have an orgasm within five
seconds. Four seconds later she decides to go back to Skinner. "Before we
continue with the rest of the tests I'll make some notes about your
constitution." To do this, she took the place she had moments before, with
spread legs, her pussy one inch over his face. With a pen and a notepad in
her hand she spoke out loud what she was writing on the pad. "The patient
is male, white, 5' 8'' tall, age around 45." She paused for a moment
because she felt his tongue on her, now uncovered, pussy. "He is short of
breath and during the examination he felt very warm. Otherwise he is in
good physical condition. The heart ..." Again she stopped, because Skinner
had pushed his tongue between the lips of her cunt. "The heart sounded
normal, reflexes are ..." she continued and gripped his upright cock. A
few quick movements and his cock jerked. " ...o.k." At the same time
Skinner licked with the tip of his tongue over her clitoris which made
Scully breathe heavy. "To get a clear picture of the patient, I will have
to do continuous tests for the next hour. Tests which will say a lot more
about his physical condition than we will know more." Skinner now licked
very fast over her clit so Scully stopped her protocol and breathes in the
rhythm of his tongue-movements. Seconds later she moaned loudly as she
reached her orgasm. She swirled ecstatically with her hips and smeared her
cunt-juices all over his face. Minutes later she got slowly quieter and
got up from the sofa. "I think you can get up so we can start with the
tests" she ordered with a weak voice. She led Skinner to the dining room
and put her hands on the big, heavy table. With her legs slightly spread
she bent over and sticks her ass in his direction. Skinner knows what she
needs from him and walked towards her with his erect cock swinging. "First
you have to put your cock in my cunt from behind and then you have to move
slowly in and out" she commanded, her voice shaking from her excitement.
"If you get any problems we'll have to stop the examination immediately."
She bent over a bit more to show him her ass and pussy even better.
Skinner take the last two steps with a happily grin. Her pussy glistened
from her juices and his cock glided between her lips without resistance.
With one powerful thrust he rammed his cock in her pussy and became aware
of how hot and tight her pussy was. "Slowly" she warned him, sighing with
arousal. "I've said you should move very slowly." Skinner now followed her
orders and moved in a slow, steady rhythm in her tight channel. With every
stroke he pulled his cock almost completely out of her and then pushed it
in till his eggs dangled against her ass-cheeks. It was hard to control
himself. How good would it be to fuck this horny bitch in a wild, fast
ride. "So, now take your cock out of me" she commanded. Please make ten
slow knee bends and every time you are down, I wish to feel your tongue as
deep in my pussy as you can." The first time he pushed his tongue in her
pussy, he wished, he could stay there forever, but Scully wiggled her ass
to reminding him of her command. After he completed the ten knee bends,
Scully ordered him to put his cock again in her pussy from behind and
continue with the slow moves. Skinner did like she told him, but this time
his moves improved automatically in speed till Scully pushed him away and
told to him with an angry look on her face: "You're gambling with your own
health. We have to go slowly to the limits of your body. Otherwise I
can't bring this test to an end without risking your life." Her body was
glowing with excitement and Skinner didn't know, how long he could stand
her teasing till he goes nuts. "Lay down on the floor" she commanded with
the voice of a drill instructor. "From now on I will control speed and
intensity of the tests." Skinner followed her instruction and Scully stood,
with spread legs, face to face, over him. Slowly she sank down on him and,
a few inches before she reached his body, grabbed the shaft of his hard
cock and lead it between her hot pussy. Skinners eyes were locked on her
reddish-brown pussy hair and he was fascinated as he saw his cock gliding
in and out of her, glistening with her warm juices. But after a few moves
in her tight, wet cunt it was to much for his state of arousal. He opened
his eyes wide, his whole body jerked as he felt that he couldn't hold back
his orgasm for longer. Scully recognized that she had gone too far with
the teasing. Quickly she jumped from his cock, and bent over taking his
jerking cock in her mouth just in time to catch first shot of his cum as it
erupted from his cock. The long teasing was the cause of the large amount
of cum which shot in big white globs out of his cock. Scully wasn't able
to catch everything in her mouth, a great part of his hot spunk was landing
on her face and in her hair. As Skinners jerking came to an end she milked
him with a hard grip to get the last few drops out of him and cleaned his
cock with her tongue while it was slowly shrinking. She gulped down what
she had in her mouth and with sperm on her face and in her hair she looked
at him very seriously, just like a doctor to a patient who didn't follow
his instructions. "In your own interest: I hope, you know how dangerous it
was, to get so out of control." Though her displayed anger, she couldn't
hide how turned on she was by his powerful orgasm. Although his cock was
shrunk to almost half it's length and thickness, Scully was experienced
enough to get him completely hard within two minutes (and keep him hard for
the rest of the night). "O.K, Mr. Skinner, although your discipline has
failed, your first test result was almost normal. I think, we'll take a
short break to recover, till we start with the more serious and important
tests. By the way, I think we have to speak about my position and the
money I get from the FBI. Don't you think Mulder has advantages he
shouldn't have, compared to me. And lately I have done a lot more to
satisfy you than he has, don't you think?"


Scully went to work in a very bad mood. The night with Chief Skinner
was far away from what she wanted. After his first orgasm she had a hard
time getting his cock stiff again and she only enjoyed the time, when she
had teased him till he almost cried. But more than a little licking at her
pussy wasn't possible, so she had to stroke her pussy by herself after he
left her apartment. That's not the kind that special agent Scully liked
her men to be. And her first thought was of a plan to humiliate Mulder,
her former coworker. Former, because Skinner was willing to send this wimp
to the FBI-archive. The only positive result of Scullys great effort the
night before. But as she entered their office, Mulder wasn't there.
"Mysterious" Scully said to herself. "Otherwise he's in his office by this
time, surfin' the net to get hot pictures of naked women (and sometimes
muscular gays)." Quickly she decided to use this time to go to Bernie
Stillman, section leader of the FBI-archive. There were a few things, she
has to tell him, before Mulder arrives.

Bernie Stillman was young and handsome. The last few weeks Scully often
dreamed about having an affair with him and always got a wet spot in her
panties. As she entered his office, she again felt, that her panties were
getting damp. "Hi Bernie, how are you" she greeted him, trying to give him
a sexy look. Before he greeted her back, he scrutinized her well-rounded
body and smiled broadly. "Hi Scully, nice to see you. Hey, that's a nice
skirt. I'm wondering what you're wearing under it." Scully acted shocked
and patted his arm. Inwardly she loved his macho-behavior and shivered
with excitement. "Bernie, I have to talk to you about my Former coworker,
Fox Mulder." "Mulder? Did he receive an ass fuck from captain Kirk? I
wonder how long your dream companion will go on?" "That's the reason I want
to talk to you. Skinner fired him out of the X-files-department and he
will sending him to your archive." "Do you want me to be nice to him? That
will cost you something." He stared with horny eyes at her breasts. Scully
smiled, flattering. "No, I want you to do exactly the opposite to that
jerk face. And ... I hope that costs me as much as the other way." With
that she let, almost by accident, the back of her hand stroke over the
growing bulge in his pants. "But I think we'll have to talk about this
later, say at 1 pm at Dannys Bar?" "I'll be there" he smiled brightly while
he escorted her out of his office, with his hand on her round ass which was
only covered by a light green cotton panty and the thin fabric of a sexy

"No, you won't walk to the ladies room" she talked to herself, although
she felt the strong need to put her fingers between her dripping pussy lips. Back in her office she dialed chief Skinners number, just to check if
Mulder was at his office. Anna, Skinners secretary, a young, attractive
woman with a `come on and fuck me' - face told her, that Mulder wasn't in
Skinners office but she saw him earlier that morning and he had told her he
was going to her, Scullys, apartment. "That jealous son of a bitch" Scully
cursed aloud. She was sure Mulder got information that Skinner was at her
apartment the night before. Immediately she drove home to her apartment.

Scully opened the door of her apartment very carefully. She knows that
Mulder had opened her door with a key she gave him when their relationship
was better. Now she regretted not taking back that key earlier. She
couldn't find him in the den, the living room or the kitchen but it was
obvious that he was there because he had done the dishes and opened the
windows to let some fresh air in. Suddenly she knew where she would find
him. With quick steps she went to her bedroom and opened, almost
soundlessly, the door. The sight was incredible: Mulder, only wearing
Scullys white garter-belt and white stockings, was standing in front of the
big mirror. He pressed one of her soiled panties to his nose and stroked,
with his other hand, his short, erect cock. "Hi Mulder. Is that your sense
of ...`paranormal activities'?" Mulder was startled and tried to hide her
panties behind his back. His cock shrank immediately to the size of a
newborn child's cock. "Don't feel bad" Scully continued cool, "I see you
found what you're looking for." "Scully, I can explain this" he murmured.
"It's not the way it looks like." "Things are always not the way they look.
That's one of your boring and often repeated statements, but that's not
your problem in this case. I have two pieces of news for you. A good one
and a bad one. Which one do you want to hear first?" "The good news"
Mulder answered, trying to catch his breath. "O.K., Chief Skinner isn't any
longer your boss" she told him with a smile. "Oh, that's great. He never
understood the real significance of our work." He almost forgot about the
situation he was in when he heard this news. "I've known since the first
day in this department that one day, I would be the boss of the
X-file-section. Now the bad news, please." "The bad news is ..." she
paused for a long moment, "Your new boss is Bernie Stillman of the
FBI-archive and I'm the person you have to bring daily reports of your ...
normal ... activities." "You're joking?" Now he got a hit that was much
harder than his `coming out' in front of his coworker. Scully wasn't in the
mood to discuss it with her former coworker. "Mulder, from now on, I am
the person who gives the commands and my first command is: Go to Chief
Skinner, listen to what he has to say about your new job and after that,
you go home and wash my soiled panties - without sticking your nose in
them. If you do a good job with that - maybe you'll get one of my dirty
panties as a reward." With that she sent him out of her apartment. There
were a few things to do till her meeting with Bernie.

The conversation between Scully and Bernie Stillman was very lively and
both of them were flirting heavily, but neither of them was making a
serious step. Suddenly Bernie grinned wide: "I bet you have got a big wet
spot in your panties just from talking about Mulder, sorting the complete
FBI-archive by numbers." "You're wrong" Scully answers, still acting cool.
"I have a big wet spot in my panties by thinking of your fat cock, entering
my pussy with deep, hard thrusts." Bernie wasn't familiar with such
aggressive, self-confident women but he loved it. "I think you have to
prove that" he said to her with a lusty grin on his face. "Pull down your
panties and hand them to me." He wanted to test if Scully really was the
hot bitch like she was acting or not. "I'll do it" Scully answered, now
more aroused, "but on one condition." "Whatever you want" he promised.
"Later" she whispered and started to strip down her soaking panties under
the table. Thanks to the short skirt she was wearing, she was able to pull
them down within five seconds. She handed him her panties and Bernie
pressed them to his face, deeply inhaling her musky aroma. Then he held
them in front of his face and inspected the thin material. "I have to think
a long time back to remember a woman, who got so wet and smelled so
exciting" he remarked, deeply impressed. He put her panties in the pocket
of his trousers. "Thank you" she smiled at him, "but now I think it's time,
that you do me a favor." "I promised that." "O.K. I have to go to the
ladies room and sometimes, I feel pretty lonely in this place. I will be
very appreciative, if you will follow me in a few minutes." Ignoring any
comments from him she got up and made her way to the ladies room. Two
minutes later, Bernie followed her, hoping that no other woman would come
into the ladies room in the next ten minutes. In the small cabin he lost
his last piece of good behavior and with one quick move he pushed her skirt
up to her waist and put his hands between her slightly spread legs. "Come
on, you bitch" he hissed, rubbing her swollen pussy lips, "take my cock out
so I can put it in your wet snatch." Scully loved his rude commands and got
down on her knees to pull down his zipper. With her experienced fingers
she fished his cock out of his underwear and licked with her tongue over
the tip. "Uh, I love such fat cocks" she whispered and put it, as far as
possible, into her warm mouth. But oral sex was a good thing if there's
enough time to spend. Now she has to get this cock in her dripping pussy if she doesn't want to go crazy. "Come on, stud" she snarled at him, "put
that nice cock in my pussy." With that she got up, turned around and bent
over. With her hands, she spread her ass-cheeks to give him a better view
of her dripping pussy. Bernie shoved his hips into her direction and with
one, quick move he inserted his cock in her tight, hot channel. Scully was
moaning loudly as Stillman started with his hard thrusts. With his strong
hands he spanked her ass-cheeks till they got red marks from his fingers
all over them. "Fuck me, fuck me harder" Scully pleaded as the first wave
of her orgasm reached her hot body. Her juices were running down her legs.
Bernie was surprised how tight her pussy was and two minutes after he
entered her the first time, he felt his orgasm arriving. "I'm coming,
bitch" he panted. "Yes, uh yes, shoot all your cum in my pussy" she
ordered, "fill me up with your spunk."

Seconds later his cock erupted in her pussy and seven, eight blasts of
his white semen flooded her pussy. "Wow, not bad for an FBI-employee"
commented Scully, as their spasms subsided. "But I think you'll have to
give me my panties back. Otherwise your sperm will flow down my legs and I
can't go back to the office looking like such a slut, can I?" With a little
reluctance he gave her back the little panties he received just ten minutes
before. Scully promised to give him another at their next date. Both knew
that the next date wasn't far away.

"Former special agent Mulder, please sit down" Scully commanded as her
ex-coworker entered her office. "I want to know, how you feel on the first
day in your new FBI-section" she asked him with a wicked grin. Mulder
doesn't answer. He just looked at her with hateful eyes. "O.K., you don't
have to answer, but you have to do what I told you. Have you been in my
apartment and collected my underwear? Remember, I have told you to take it
home with you and wash it?" "Sorry, agent Scully, but Mr Stillman keeps me
very busy. I had no time for your personal services." "I will phone
Bernie. I'm sure he will give you the time for such important things.
Please wait" she asked him, as she dialed Stillman's number. "Hi Bernie,
how are you. Still tired from lunch?" she asked the man with whom she
fucked short time ago. She listened to him for a while with a lusty smile.
"Bernie, I would like you to give Mulder two hours to do some ... personal
things for me. Do you think you can do without his support for two hours?"
She listened again. "What does he have to do for me? Oh, it's quiet
simple. He has to drive to my apartment and collect my dirty underwear and
do the washing for me. Otherwise, I'll have nothing to put on under my
dress when I see you tonight." She laughed. "Oh Bernie, I know what you
mean but isn't it more arousing, if you can strip a freshly washed, but
again soaked pair of panties from my nice ass." The phone-call goes on for
a few minutes. They were chattering and laughing and at the end, Scully
hung up the phone and looked into Mulders eyes. "It's okay with your new
boss. You can drive to my apartment, but be back in two hours." Mulder got
up to leave the office, but Scully stopped him. "Wait, I've got one more
piece you can take to the laundry." With that she stood up and went in his
direction. "Would you be so nice and pull my panties down" she cooed.
Mulder hesitated for a moment. Then he pulled her skirt up to her waist
and knelt down before her. His eyes were at the same level of her soaked
panties. He saw the wet spot between her legs, the mix of her juices
combined with the semen of his new boss. Though the humiliation, he got
aroused by that nasty look and fought the urge to press his mouth between
her legs, directly on those soiled panties. "What's up, Mulder, do you see
something interesting?" "Sorry Scully, but is it possible, that you had sex
in the last few hours?" His voice was shuddering. "I don't know if that's
important for you to know instead of staring at me, you should pull them
down and make your way to the laundry. By the way, yes I had sex, great
sex. Much more enjoyable than the sex with you." Mulder didn't really hear
her words. He bent forward, his nose very close to the wet fabric of her
panties. He could smell the strange odor of sex. Scully enjoyed this kind
of admiration and parted her legs slowly. "Mmh, I've changed my mind" she
whispered with excitement. "Maybe you should first lick the crotch of my
panties to see if they need a wash." Mulder was eager to follow her kinky
order and glided with his broad tongue over the wet crotch of her panties.
The strange taste drives him wild and he continued his licking till Scully
moaned loudly, nearing her orgasm. "I think, that's enough" she disturbed
him. "They are very dirty. Please, pull them down." Mulder took the
waistband of the panties and pulled them slowly down. His eyes were fixed
on her reddish-brown pubic hair. The thin material clung at her wet,
swollen pussy lips and as he pulled the panties down her ankles, a small
stream of sperm was running down her inner legs. "Good Mulder, before you
go, would you be so nice to clean my inner thighs? There are some
handkerchiefs on my desk." Mulder, completely fascinated from her smell of
sex, walked to the desk and took the handkerchiefs. "Oh, Scully, don't you
think it's better I clean your thighs with my tongue instead of this
awfully dry paper?" Scully smiled. Mulder will be a perfect slave. "You
are right, but you have to do it very thoroughly." She walked back to her
chair, sat down, spread her legs and waited for Mulder to lick her pussy clean. She needed just a few licks of his tongue to reach her orgasm and
enjoyed it so much she decided to take more advantage or her ex-workmate in
the future.

After that short interlude with Mulder, Scully decided to go to the
FBI-overall-chief to do the really important steps for her career. She was
nervous; because she didn't know how her chief reacts on the news she was
on the way to deliver. But also she knows that every men inside and
outside of the FBI has his breaking point. And often this point was sex.
"Agent Scully" her mighty boss greeted her. He had never met this delicate
person face to face, but on a few opportunities he had recognized the
sexual aura of this employee. Scully looked deep into his eyes and her
inner voice told her that, if she would use her weapons in the right way,
she would get what she wanted. "The reason of my visit is Mr. Skinner, he
..." Scully talked for a while about chief Skinner and things around him
that made her 'anxious' about his mental health. The FBI-chief didn't
follow her words. Instead, he scrutinized her body, her gestures and the
small flirtatious signs she gave him. Scully recognized that the "how" she
told was much more important than "what" she told. With crossing her legs
provocatively she got his eyes where she wanted them. At the end of her
story about Skinner she sat in front of him, her legs slightly apart to
allow him a very small glimpse between her legs. "O.K. Ms. Scully, I have
to prove this, but your news about Chief Skinner is very surprising for me.
Do you think his medical problems are so serious?" Scully opened her legs
for a short moment to give her boss a view of her naked pussy. Then she
crossed her legs again. "Yes, I think, Mr. Skinner's problems are big
enough for a very good proofing" she whispered to him, "and I wish, you to
prove it." Her voice was like an invitation and the chief swallowed hard.
He understood her signal and was near to going head-first between her legs
but at the last moment, he was anxious not to be trapped. Scully noticed
his hesitation and recognized that she needed a bit more to catch the big
FBI fish. "I think it'll be better if I send you some more facts about it
and I will be back in your office tomorrow morning." With that she got up,
turned around and left his office. The eyes of her chief followed her till
the door was shut. With a big bulge in his pants he ordered his secretary
to get him the complete file on agent Scully. One hour later he received a
package over the in-house mail system. His heart beat faster as he read
"Dana" as the senders name. On top of the package was a note: "Here are a
few things that will support your investigation. I'm looking forward to
discussing it with you tomorrow. Dana Scully." As he opened the package he
saw a few medical reports about Skinner, some EEG's he wasn't able to
interpret and at the bottom of the package he found a pair of women's
panties. They were soiled and smelled sexy as he held them under his nose.
Another note was tagged to the panties. "Sorry to confront you with the
details, but these panties are mine. Chief Skinner forced me a few days
ago to give them to him. I think it's a detail you shouldn't miss.
Scully" The chief smiled. Scully was a very smart bitch who knew how to
tease a man. Sending him her dirty panties as "proof" in the
Silly-Skinner-Case, just to make him horny. But as conspicuous as it was,
the effect was there. He couldn't resist putting the panties under his
nose and deeply inhaling her womanly scent. "What a horny woman", he moaned
as he rubbed his prick through his pants and shooting his load shortly
afterwards in his trousers.

At the same time agent Scully entered her office. A young man was
waiting for her, sitting on a chair, handcuffs around his wrists and his
ankles. "Oh, what do we have here" she asked with her nurses-voice. "Sorry
Madam" a street cop, who was also waiting for her, apologized. "This man is in our opinion, a very important witness in Mr. Mulders last
Alien-case." He smiled by the word "Alien". "Remember, Mr. Mulder has
ordered all street cops to get this man." "Mr. Mulder isn't longer able to
give orders" she replied with a harsh voice. "I'm the leader of the
X-File-section and I didn't think this man is an important witness. Let
him leave." The cop looked at her with a puzzled look but made his way to
the witness to open his handcuffs. "Mmh, wait" Scully interrupted him, "I
think I have a few questions for him. Please leave me alone with this
witness." She had a very special expression on her face while she talked to
the officer and as he left the office, he was thinking about the things
Scully would ask him. "How do you feel, unable to move?" she asked the
witness, who looked very frightened. "It's a terrible feeling" he replied.
"Isn't it possible to open the handcuffs?" "Sure, but I like it if a man can't touch me anywhere." The man didn't understand. "Sorry, but I didn't
want to touch you." Scully looked at him with angry eyes. "So, is there
anything wrong with my body?" "No, no, nothing." Scully steps back and
leaned with her ass on her desk. Her eyes were fixed on his while she
slightly spread her legs. Her skirt rose up a bit and he could see a good
piece of her thighs. With her right hand she stroked her inner thighs and
pulled the skirt up slowly. "You like, what you see?" she spoke to him as
she saw the growing bulge in his trousers. The witness didn't answer his
eyes were focused on the smooth skin of her legs. "What would you prefer:
an interview with me about silly aliens or to stick your tongue between my
legs or my ass-cheeks?" He smiled and his cock grew more in his jeans.
Scully put her fingers deep between her legs to her wet pussy. Then she
walked the few steps to him and held her sticky fingers under his nose. He
inhaled deeply. But Scully was not in the mood to make long game of this.
The teasing with the FBI-Head had aroused her too much. She turned around,
lifted her skirt and pushed her ass back in his direction. Suddenly the
man had her delicate ass directly in front of his face. He needed no
further invitation to lean forward and put his tongue between her swollen
cunt lips. Scully moaned and rotated her hips to get more of his tongue.
The man licked with his tongue over her clit, up to her asshole and down
again. Scully, immediately feeling ecstasy, breathed hard. "Uuh, yes,
keep your tongue busy, lick my holes" she commanded as she reached her
first orgasm. Shortly after that she turned around, her skirt still around
her hips, and knelt down before him. The man, sure to get fast relief,
smiled in anticipation. Scully opened his trousers and freed his erect
cock. "Mmh, very nice" she purred, "and such thick veins on it." With her
tongue she caressed his thick cock and enjoyed the taste of his precum.
"Wouldn't it be better if you opened my handcuffs," he groaned, "I think my
hands are eager to explore your fantastic body." Instead of an answer she
let his cock pop out of her mouth, straddled him with spread legs and let
her hot pussy hover over his erect stick. "Would you do me a favor?" she
asked him, with her pussy-lips slightly stroking his cock. "Anything you
want, lady" he answered breathless. "It's not easy, but I promise you it
will be worth." As she whispered into his ear, he suddenly wasn't sure he
wanted to do her this favor, but with his cock at the entrance of her hot,
tight pussy, he lost his mind and promised her to do this favor. With one
quick motion Scully sank down on his cock. Both were moaning by this
intense feeling but the man was to aroused to hold out very long. Three
slow up- and down-motions and the grip of her cunt muscles brought him near
his orgasm. Scully stood up quickly and knelt again down before him to
catch the first shot of his jism with her mouth. It was a big load and she
had her mouth full of his cum as he continued to shoot 3-4 smaller globs
out of his cock. It dribbled into his dark pubic hair. With her mouth
still full of his cum she straddled him again. His softened cock resting
at the entrance of her hot pussy. She bent forward to kiss him and with
their mouths locked together she let the complete load of his jism flow
into his mouth. He was surprised by this kinky action and his cock reacts
with a short jerk. But Scully didn't need more sex from her witness and
left the office, after she reminded him of his promise. With this quick
job she had the witness in her private case against Chief Skinner. Five
minutes later the officer opened the handcuffs of the witness, who was
still sitting in a chair, with open trousers and his semen still in his
pubic hair.

Dana Scully felt very sexy this morning because she was wearing a
complete set of lingerie for the event this morning and she had chosen it
very carefully. White string-panties (cotton, because she loved the
feeling, when they are wet) and a white push-up bra, which decently
accentuated her perfect breasts without covering her erect nipples. Over
the panties she was wearing black nylon pantyhose. She loved them to
because it gave her a "dirty" feeling, when her panties were damp. And
that morning her panties were already damp just from thinking about the
mightiest man of the FBI. The conservative suit she was wearing covered
her excitement from the other FBI-employees. "Good morning, Ms. Scully"
the chief greeted her, disappointed that she didn't wear a skirt which had
given him easier access to her intimate body-parts at their first meeting.
Scully noticed his glance but was sure he would change his mind if he got a
view of what was under her suit. "We can't waste any time" he started.
"The things you sent to me yesterday were shocking. In fact, they were so
shocking, I can't believe it and it's necessary for me to hear every little
detail to get a clear view for my investigation." Scully understood his
meaning. "Sure chief, ask me and I will try to describe every detail to
you." "Good" he continued. "First, let's skip the medical reports. You
are the doctor and know better about this but the last part of your
package, a ...very private piece of clothing from you - what is the story about that?" Scully smiled. "Like I wrote on the notice-pad, Sir, Mr.
Skinner forced me to strip down that ... piece of evidence and give it to
him." "How can a situation between Chief Skinner and you go so far?" he
asked in disbelief. "I don't know, Sir. I was as shocked as you. Mr.
Skinner ordered me into his office. He had a strange expression on his
face. After a few question about my actual case he said, that he needed my
panties." Scully acted as if telling about this was very painful for her.
"Maybe it's better if I replayed the complete scene. With you acting as
Mr. Skinner, I think that's the best way to explain the situation
completely." Her chief licked his lips by her suggestion. "You're right,
Mrs. Scully, its better you go through the situation again to describe
Skinners failure." With that, Scully stood up and walked behind her chief's
desk. "With your permission, I will drop my trousers." He nodded and
Scully opened the trousers, trying to act embarrassed. The chief's mouth
fell open, as Scully, with her back to him, bent over to push her trousers
down her legs. He had a perfect sight of her ass, covered by the skimpy
panties and the dark pantyhose. "Sorry, but it's too embarrassing" she
almost cried. "You are my chief and you shouldn't see me this way." Her
eyes were looking at him, helplessly but also with a lusty look in her
eyes. "It's okay, Ms. Scully. Think of it as a necessary part of my
investigation to keep bad things away from you in the future. Please
continue with the report." "I was wearing pantyhose that day, too, and Mr.
Skinner first ordered me to let him sniff between my legs through the
pantyhose." Her eyes were waiting for his reaction. She was sure, he was
inflamed, but would he stick his nose between her legs that early? "Oh, do
you mean, I have to do exactly what Mr. Skinner did?" His eyes were
sparkling. "I'm sorry Sir, but I think, that's the best way to explain
everything correctly." With that he rolled with his chair in her direction.
"Mr. Skinner wanted my right foot on his desk so my legs were spread" she
commented, as she put her foot on his desk. "Then Mr. Skinner comes very
close to me, still sitting on his chair like you and then he pressed his
nose between my legs." Her chief did it the same way and almost had an
orgasm at his first smell of her womanly scent. He rubbed his nose over
her pussy, trying to stimulate her clit through two thin layers of fabric.
"Yes, he rubbed his nose exactly like you're doing now" Scully said, her
voice shuddering. She enjoyed the feeling of this mighty man's nose
rubbing her pussy, but then she interrupted him. "Then Mr. Skinner told me
to bend over his desk, because he wanted to explore my ... ass." Without
waiting for his okay, she turned to the side, bent over and rested with her
elbows on his desk. Then she placed her ass in his direction, slightly
gyrating her hips. "Mr. Skinner again put his nose against my pussy, then
between my ass-cheeks while he was massaging my pussy through my panties."
Her chief did it again exactly like Scully told him. She was near her
orgasm and knew that her chief was feeling her dripping panties. "Although
I was against Mr. Skinner's behavior, my body reacts and I was getting
very wet between my legs" Scully commented, barely able to control her
speech. "He said he wanted my panties soaked and continued to rub me
through the fabric." She had to grit her teeth, because her orgasm hit her
hard and she tried to act cool to continue her story about Skinner. Her
chief recognized her orgasm but he also wanted this story going on. "Then
Mr. Skinner himself pulled my pantyhose down and rubbed my pussy through
the last layer of clothing. He said he wanted to be sure they are wet
enough." Her chief breathed heavily as he pulled her pantyhose down and got
a better view on her wet panties and the small cotton-stripe between her
ass-cheeks. He made a divergence to the original story and stuck his
tongue between her elastic ass cheeks. Scully hissed, lifted her upper
body up from the desk and turned towards her chief. "Mr. Skinner then
wanted me to open his trousers" she reported while she bent and opened his
zipper. Her skilful fingers pulled his erect cock out of his pants and
squeezed it. "What did he want next" the chief asked with breathless voice.
"Uh, it was so humiliating, I can hardly describe it" she declared, "but he
forced me to take his cock in my mouth and suck on it." Without hesitation
she bent her head over his cock und took it deep into her hot mouth. She
sucked hard and made slurping sounds. With her hand she rubbed the base of
his shaft to increase his excitement. But shortly before he felt his
orgasm, she stopped sucking. "After that he wanted to pull my wet panties down. He said he needed something, where he could dump his load as he
didn't want to shoot it in my pussy." She stood up and stood before him,
waiting for his hands to pull her sexy panties down. They clung to her wet
pussy, as he pulled them slowly down to her knees. Next his hands were
touching her swollen pussy lips the first time without any clothing between
his fingers and her cunt. Scully had, almost immediately, a shuddering
orgasm, which she wasn't able to hide this time. Her chief rubbed her clit
smoothly while he was waiting her return to earth. "I'm sorry" she
apologized, "but I lost my mind. The feelings, coupled with the terrible
memories of Mr. Skinner were overwhelming." "It doesn't matter" he
replied, "Please continue." Scully still stood before him, with her panties at knee level, and thought about the rest of the story. How far could she
go with her kinkiness? "Then Mr. Skinner bent forward, pushed his head
between my legs and licked the wet crotch of my panties." Their eyes met
and Scully saw the lustful expression in his eyes. It seems that he
enjoyed the fulfilling of her fantasies. His head moved between her spread
legs and with his tongue he licked over the crotch of the panties, which
was still stretched between her knees. While he did this, Scullys finger
caressed her erect clit. She wasn't really satisfied by her first orgasm
and was now warming up for the next round. Without further `reports' of
Skinner, she made him sit upright in his chair. Then she stepped out of
her panties and straddled him in his chair. Her pussy was only inches away
from his big cock. His precum glistened at the tip and he was waiting to
enter her tight, wet channel. Before she sank down, she signaled him to
open his mouth. As he did, she stuffed her soaked panties in his mouth.
At the same moment she bent her knees slightly and his cock slipped between
her pussy lips. Overwhelmed by the sensation of feeling her pussy around
his cock and her dirty panties in his mouth, he groaned loudly and needed
all his power to avoid an orgasm. Scully locked her eyes on his, her whole
body was dominating him at that moment and both were enjoying the feeling.
"Do you like the taste of my panties?" she asked with a sweet tone. He
nodded and closed his eyes. "Do you want to cum now, and flood my pussy?"
He nodded again. "But before I let you, I need your promise to help me
fulfill a few wishes." She paused for a moment. "One of them handles mine
and chief Skinners position in the FBI and the other one will give me a lot
more time with your cock." Her voice was deep and seductive. The boss was
not in a position to negotiate with her about her conditions. He felt the
urge to cum and also felt the strange sexual power this woman had all
around him. He nodded. "Then I want you to shoot all your hot cum into my
pussy - now." She increased the massage of her inner muscles on his cock.
Her voice was quivering with her own excitement. He seemed as if he was
just waiting for her to give him the okay, because within seconds, his cock
erupted and with seven or eight spasms, and he shot a very big load into
her cunt. He moaned as loud as he could with her panties in his mouth, but
he didn't hear Scullys moaning, who had her second orgasm at the same
moment. Minutes later, both slightly recovered, Scully stood up from his
lap and pulled her panties out of his mouth. He wanted to say, how great
this sex was but she asked him to keep quiet. With a provocative slowness
she put the panties between her legs and rubbed over her cum-dripping
pussy. He stared fascinated at this obscene gesture, almost immediately
getting hard again. As she finished her special cleaning, she walked
towards him, pulled at his chin to open his mouth and stuffed the soiled
clothing again in his mouth. "Please stay this way till I have left the
office" she cooed at him, while she put her clothes on. "I think the
details about our little contract should be discussed in a more comfortable
atmosphere than this office. Let's say, tonight at my apartment?" Without
waiting for approval, which anyway, was impossible with her panties in his
mouth, she left his office. The most important step on guaranteeing her
career path was done.


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