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YARD movie sprang life the


Copyright 1999 by B. Peale. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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My Lord, that was painful! The things we do for art :-}


Yard Work by Bob Peale (1/1)
Steven was going to put an end to this today. Jenn thought he was
making it up, but he knew better.

He'd jumped at the idea of a house in the suburbs after spending most
of his life in and around downtown Washington. Like everything else,
once he'd made up his mind he didn't mess around, and they'd put a
contract on a house 4 days after they started looking. It was a great
house: lots of light, plenty of rooms,
and a good-sized backyard.

In fact, it was the backyard that had led to his current problem. Soon
after they moved in, it became apparent that it was too much yard for
him, a city boy, to adequately take care of. Jenn complained about
how rundown the yard always looked, although it seemed that his
every free moment was spent weeding, mowing, fertilizing and the
like, with nothing to show for it.

One of their neighbors finally took pity on the young couple and
called Jenn one morning with a slice of salvation; her gardener, a
man named Tim Wills. He wasn't cheap, but he was good, and the
neighbor was certain that Tim could have their yard turned around
in no time. Steven didn't even put up a fight. They called Tim
immediately and made an appointment for the following Saturday.

After an exhaustive interview (he of them, not the other way around),
Tim agreed to take them on as clients. However, when he told them
his fee, the couple flipped. There was no way they could afford to pay
what he asked. He explained that their property was in horrible
condition, and that it would require a lot of work to get it in shape.

After several rounds back and forth, he finally agreed to accept a lower
flat monthly fee, with the understanding that he could come by as often
or as little as he felt was necessary, and that he could reserve the
weekends for his higher paying clients.

As a consultant, Steven worked out of his basement as much as he did
his office. Frequently, he was around the he when Tim came to work
on the yard. Often, his day consisted of a hard workout, followed by
a long shower and then several hours on the computer.

At first, he didn't think much of the fact that that Tim seemed to spend
a lot of time coming in and out of the basement (most of the tools and
supplies were kept down there), but after a few weeks it became
obvious that Tim always showed up on the days that Steven worked at
home, even if he worked at home all week. And during the hour or so
that he worked out in the morning, Tim needed a lot more tools and
supplies from the basement than at any other time. One night during
dinner, he mentioned something about it to Jenn.

"Maybe he has a crush on you," she teased through a mouthful of

Steven winced. "Well, maybe we'll just have to find out."

Jenn put her fork down and fixed Steven with a stare that could peel
paint. "Steven Jacobs, don't you dare! If you say anything to that man,
I'll break your legs! Of all the stupid..."

Instinctively, Steven backpedaled. "Jenn, come on. I would never do
anything like that." He tried to make a joke. "Besides, who would
mow the lawn?"

She picked up her fork and began eating again, but he could tell that
she was still afraid he might do something to embarrass them.
Unfortunately, she'd set his mind reeling. Maybe Tim did have a thing
for him!

Client projects kept in the office for the next few weeks, and Steven
pretty much forgot about the dinner conversation until the next time he
was working at home. As usual, Tim seemed to need an awful lot from
the basement during Steven's workout. On a whim, he decided to
shower in the basement instead of going upstairs to the master bedroom
like he normally did.

The bathroom in the basement had a gym style shower stall with a
flimsy curtain. Playing his hunch, Steven he made sure to "forget" to
close the bathroom door, and didn't pull the curtain all the way closed
while he showered.

At 6'1", 200 lbs., his daily workouts had done a good job of keeping
Steven fit and lean. His chest and stomach were chiseled from his
efforts, and his skin was deeply tanned from all of the weekends he had
spent outside wrestling with his yard. His blonde hair, closely cropped,
was slightly lighter than the yellow curly pubic hair that circled the base
of his cock.

Steven heard Tim pause at the top of the stairs, and suspected that the
sound of running water had confused him. Before he could chicken out,
he squeezed a huge glop of shampoo into his hands and lathered his hair
and face, shutting his eyes and facing out toward the door. He heard
Tim's footsteps stop pretty close to the bathroom door, and willed
himself to calmly continue massaging his hair and scalp. Steven
managed to stay in that position for several minutes before turning to
rinse off. Just as he was getting the last of the shampoo out, he heard
Tim go to the storage closet, Rummage around, then hurry up the stairs.

As soon as he heard the door close upstairs, he hopped out of the
shower, got dressed, and went to the office. That night, he tried to tell
Jenn about happened.

"Sweetheart, remember what you said about Tim a few weeks ago?"
he asked, trying to sound casual.

"Yes, what about it?" she asked warily.

"Well, today I caught him looking at me while I showered," he said,
taking a sip from his water glass.

"You what!?! What was he doing in our bedroom!?! Did you hit him?
Did you call the police?" she sputtered.

Things were spiraling out of control. "Hold on," he said, holding up
his hand. " It wasn't like that; I was in the bathroom downstairs."

"Downstairs? Why were you showering downstairs?" she asked,
wariness creeping back into her voice.

"I thought maybe I could test him, to see if maybe..." and he proceeded
to recount the story of how he conducted his little "experiment" this

Unfortunately, he missed all of the warning signs. Her blues eyes grew
cloudy, her chest started to heave, and her face got redder and redder as he
progressed through the story of the set up and its conclusion.

"I cannot believe you! You paranoid homophobe!" she exploded.

"What did I do?" he asked, confused by her reaction.

"You are a fucking idiot!" she screamed, and stormed upstairs.
That was last night. Steven had slept on the couch, tossing and turning
uncomfortably, trying to figure out a way to get her to see things his way.
In the wee hours of the morning, it came to him.

When she came downstairs he had breakfast waiting, his sign that he
wanted to make up. Grudgingly she ate while he watched her, waiting
for her to indicate that they'd reached a truce.

"I was hoping you could come home for lunch today. I'm working on
a deadline, but I'd really like to show you that I'm sorry for last night,"
he said, trying to gesture seductively. Instead, he succeeded in looking
pathetic, which made her burst out laughing.

"Sure, I can come home. How about 11:30?"

Steven smiled. "That'd be great! See you then."

He leaned over to kiss her goodbye, but she turned her cheek to him.
Fine, he thought; just wait.

After she left, he cleaned up the dishes and went upstairs get some restful
sleep. Around 9:30, the sound of the front door opening downstairs woke
him. By the time he pulled on a pair of boxers and walked downstairs,
Tim was already in the kitchen.

"Hey Tim, how's it going?" Steven asked, rubbing the sleep out of his

"Oh, hello Mr. Jacobs," Tim said.

Steven noticed that Tim's eyes kept darting to his crotch. He tried to make
believe that he wasn't aware.

"I was going to use the mower this morning. That won't disturb you, will

"Nope, that's fine. I'm just going to work out and then do a little work
around the house," Steven said, turning and walking down the stairs to the
basement, trying to hide a smile.

As soon as he was at the bottom, he dashed over to his weight bench and
stripped off his underwear. He could not believe what he was about to do.
It seemed to make so much sense lying on the couch at 3:30 this morning,
but now he was a little worried about what might happen if he was wrong.
There really would be no way to explain his actions, and he'd probably be
facing criminal charges. At the very least, he'd be the laughingstock of
the neighborhood if anyone found out.

"Too late for that now," he said to himself as he turned on a portable
CD player, lowered himself down on the bench, and began working out
totally nude. His cock lay thickly to the side across his thigh, and
the leather of the bench was cool under his ass and balls. It didn't
take long for him to work up a sweat, and part way through his second
set, he heard Tim start down the stairs. He closed his eyes and
concentrated on his exercises, as if what he was doing was the most
natural thing in the world.

The basement's layout ensured that as soon as Tim got to the bottom of the
stairs, he'd have to turn, and would have a clear view of Steven lying there
spread-eagle. He heard Tim's footsteps stop as he turned, followed by a
loud clatter as the hedge clippers hit the ground. He sat up suddenly.

"What was that?"

"Sorry Mr. Jacobs. I guess you startled me."

Steven blushed. "Oh, sorry about that. I ran out of clean exercise
clothes, and I figured that I'd probably be alone," he said pointedly.
Then he looked around, like he was searching for something to cover

"Hey, no problem. We're all guys here, right?" Tim said, laughing
weakly. "I'm just going to get a nozzle for the hose and go back

Tim's eyes rested on Steven's cock when he'd said, "hose", which
made it twitch a little. Leaning back on the bench, he spread his legs
wide and resumed his exercises.

"Okay then, Tim. Sorry again about the scare."

Tim hurried into the storage closet, got what he was looking for, and
shot back up the stairs. Steven started laughing so hard he almost
dropped the barbell. However, in no time, Tim was back, asking long
and involved questions that allowed him to stand near
the bench. After the fourth time, Steven got up and showered quickly,
again not bothering to close the door or pull the curtain all the way shut.
When he was done, he dried himself and walked upstairs to the kitchen.

The Jacobs were children of the 90's, and that meant a television,
telephone and VCR in every room including the kitchen. The kitchen
also contained a small dinette table and four chairs, positioned in front
of the sliding glass doors that led out to their backyard. Steven walked
over to the table and sat down in the chair closest to the glass doors. On
the table in front of him sat the remote controls for both appliances
and a bottle of cooking oil.

Pressing the buttons on the remotes, a porno movie sprang to life on the
screen. He'd picked a really raunchy one, and soon the sounds of
sucking and fucking filled the kitchen. It didn't take long for his cock to
get hard. He began to stroke it from tip to base in a slow, deliberate

Off in the distance, he heard the lawn mower, and knew that it would
only be a matter of time before Tim could see him through the glass
doors. Sure enough, maybe 15 minutes later, he moved into Steven's
field of vision, but he never looked toward the kitchen. Undeterred,
Steven stopped stroking as Tim passed from view, but continued
watching the movie, getting harder as he did, waiting for Tim's
return trip. In about 10 minutes, Tim passed back in front of him. This
time, he must have caught a reflection or something, because he turned.
Already 30 minutes into the movie, Steven's cock sat thick and rigid,
solidly filling his hand, and standing 7 or so inches tall.

Tim's eyes fixed first on Steven's cock, then journeyed over his body
and locked on his eyes. Steven returned the stare, and carefully reached
over and uncapped the cooking oil, taking care not to break eye contact.
Slowly, he covered is pulsing cock with the oil, letting it drip over his
shaft and pool in the chair under him. Firmly he grabbed his cock in his
fist, holding it out as if offering it to Tim. Swinging the chair around and
spreading his legs further to give Tim a better view of his swollen balls,
he pumped his cock strongly. Slowly he reached up and massaged his
nipples with one hand while he played with his cock, and Tim's chest
began to rise and fall with each stroke.

Steven was going out of his mind, he was so horny. He no longer
cared that it was another man watching him; just the fact that someone
was this wrapped up in him made him harder and more sensitive.
Several times he had to stop, or risk cumming.

Tim moved closer to the doors, but did not make a move to come in.
The bulge in his pants was enormous; Steven could not believe that Tim
hadn't ripped through the crotch. As he continued to taunt Tim, the
front door opened.

Quickly, he gathered his wits. "Jenn, whatever you do, do not come
into the kitchen!" he whispered hoarsely. "Just stay in the hallway and

"Steven...what the hell..."

"Quiet!" he hissed.

He'd figured out that the only way to prove to her that this was more
than his imagination was to show her. Even without looking at her, he
could tell that she was stunned. She'd come home expecting lunch,
only to find her husband jerking off for the gardener!

"I told you he was staring at me," Steven said, his breathing labored.

"This is too weird! I'm..."

"Oh, shut up," Steven moaned. "Look at him; he's in heaven. And I
can't believe how hard I am! He's watching my every move. Look
how he's staring at my cock!"

As Jenn watched the scene unfold, she started to enjoy Steven's little
show In spite of herself. She was getting a little turned on watching
Tim lust so openly after her husband's cock. He didn't even see her,
his attention was so focused on Steven's movements. Her panties
were getting damper by the minute as she watched her husband play
with his thick cock, bobbing it up and down, stopping when he was
close to cumming and playing with his balls.

"Do you think he likes to look at girls, too?"

Steven fought the urge to snap his head around. "What do you

"I mean, do you think he might get off watching me?" she asked,
dropping her skirt drop to the floor. "I'll admit, this is the stupidest
thing you've ever done, but I'd be lying if I told you that it wasn't
turning me on. I wonder how'd he like a real show."

Now totally nude, Jenn walked into the kitchen and stepped in
front of her husband, bent at the waist, and licked his cock like
a lollipop. After several vigorous licks, she swallowed him
whole, relaxing her throat muscles and working him into the
back of her throat. She reached back and parted her pussy lips
for Tim's benefit, and began sliding a finger along her crack.

Steven grabbed her head. "Shit, Jenn, I'm going to cum!"

Nodding, she let his cock slide out of her mouth, got down on
all fours, and began to lick and nibble at his balls. He leaned
his head back and enjoyed the sensations. He couldn't believe
she was doing this, especially in front of someone, but he was
going to enjoy it as long as it lasted. He looked up and noticed
that Tim had pulled his cock out of his pants so that he could
better enjoy the show.

Jenn was cramming two fingers into her pussy as fast as she
could, matching the pace of her tongue to the pace of her

"He's watching us, and he's got his cock in his hand," Steve whispered.

Jenn let out a groan and shoved another finger in. She began to grunt
softly, a sure sign that she was about to cum. He reached over and
grabbed her arms, pulling her hand free of her pussy.

"Arrgh!" she screamed, her chest heaving violently. "I was about to
cum," she panted.

"Not that way. Let's give the man what he came to see," Steven
said, grinning lewdly.

Shakily, Jenn got to her feet and turned around, so Tim would get a
full view of her body. She was naturally slim, giving the
impression that she worked out like a demon, when in reality she
hardly ever touched a weight. Her best assets were clearly her tits,
which stood out round and firm, the size of large oranges, with dark
red nipples that could poke your eyes out when she was excited.
And right now, she was very excited.

Licking her fingers, she began playing with her nipples until she was
moaning loudly. Looking over at Tim, there was no doubt that he
also liked women. His cock was in his hand and he was pumping
like a jackhammer. Her eyes widened as she got a good look at him;
his cock was huge!

Not that she'd ever had any reason to complain about her husband,
but Tim's cock was the most incredible thing she'd ever seen. It was
so thick, he could barely close his hand around it, and from where she
stood, his cock head looked to be as big as her fist. When his hand
was at the base, there was almost twice as much left exposed as was
covered. She pinched her nipples and shivered, imagining what it
would feel like to try to work it into her pussy. As if he could read
her thoughts, he looked up at her and smiled.

By this time, Steven no longer had to play with his cock to keep it
hard. It throbbed in time to the moans and groans coming from his
wife. She was so wet that juice was actually running down her leg,
and she wasn't even touching her pussy! She tugged harder on her
nipples and moved back, until she straddled Steven's lap. She
reached under herself and grabbed Steven's cock, and instantly
pulled her hand back. His cock felt red hot to the touch, and felt so
thick she thought she had grabbed his wrist by mistake. She
doubted that it was any match for the cock outside, but it was a far
cry from what she was used to.

She squatted down and rubbed her dripping pussy on her husband's
cock head. Steven moaned, and tried to force it past her outer lips,
but she stood and he came up short. She looked at Tim, who began
nodding vigorously. She smiled, reached under herself again,
grabbed Steven's cock, and began rubbing it along her slit.

"Ugghhh," Steven groaned. "Stick it in Jenn," he begged.

Staring at Tim's huge member, she slid her husband's cock into
her hole, dropping onto it once the cock head was past her pussy
lips, and letting it bury deep in her.

"Aaagghhhhh," she screamed as her orgasm started. Steven's cock
flared thickly inside her, and her pussy gripped it tightly. He held
on to her hips to keep her from falling as she leaned forward, her tits
swaying and her head drooping, while wave after wave of pleasure
washed over her. Other than the steady pulsing of pussy, the two
remained still until the orgasm subsided.

As Jenn tried to sit up, Steven began pistoning his hips. Oh shit, she
thought, he hasn't cum! He usually came in the middle of her orgasm,
but this time he'd managed to hold back. She could feel him in her,
stretching her, teasing her, as he literally lifted her all the way off him,
then pulled her back down to the base of his cock.

She looked over at Tim, who seemed mesmerized through the glass,
stroking his cock with one hand, and playing with his balls with the
other. Watching his wonderful cock helped her strength return, and
she started using her legs to piston up and down on her husband.
Steven reached around began rubbing her tits and teasing her nipples
with his thumbs in time to the thrusts.

"That's right, fuck me, Steven," she grunted. "Give the man a show.
Make me scream again!"

Steven picked up the pace, using her tits to pull her down hard every
time she raised off his cock. She could feel the start of her second
orgasm, when suddenly he let go of her tits and pulled her off of him.

Without a word he stood her up, grabbed her arms, and pressed her
against the glass door like she was being frisked. Tim jumped back
and let his cock swing free, unsure of what was happening. In this
position she could look down at him, and realized his cock had to
be at least 12 inches long!

Steven spread her legs and plunged his cock violently back into
her pussy without warning. The look on her face must have said
it all, because Tim quickly moved so that he was sitting on the
ground below her, and started pounding on his rod. She closed
her eyes and tried to meet Steven's thrusts, fucking her husband
like it had been weeks since she'd been laid. It was a wonder that
the door didn't break!

The sweat from her body made her tits squeak as they rubbed
against the glass. She bit down on her lower lip, readying herself
for the orgasm that was only minutes away, when, without warning,
Steven jammed his thumb into her asshole up to the knuckle.

"OH SHIT!" she groaned, as her pussy started to contract, pushed
over by the unexpected invasion.

At that same moment, Steven rammed her hard once and began
spraying cum deep inside her. He continued pound her as her legs
buckled, and he removed the finger from her ass and grabbed her
hips with both hands to hold her up, fucking her roughly. cum
dribbled down the inside of her thighs and she began to whimper,
every inch of her body sensitive.

Finally he slowed, allowing her to catch her balance and stand up.
She opened her eyes, and noticed immediately that Tim was gone.

But there was a huge load of cum dripping down the window at
the spot where her face had been.

The End.

I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I enjoyed writing it. I
am currently at work on others that will be posted as soon as they
are finished. Thank you for all of the constructive comments and
words of encouragement. If you have story ideas, feel free to email
them to me; I can't promise anything, but I'm always looking for
things to write about.

As always, please drop me a line with your comments.


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