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YOUBITCH split open She was disturbingly filled


Disclaimer:(standard) Do not screw up. Do not do anything illegal.
This includes specifically (but not limited to) reading on if you are
under 18- 21 in some localities If you are underage you must leave
now. If you're young and curious, this is not the place to get the
straight story. You act like this and people will look at you strange
and give you a wide berth. Also, don't try this at home. Some of this
stuff is just plain wrong, most of it is unsafe in the present viral
climate and some of it doesn't work in this universe. They are stories.
They deal with ideas, fantasies and thoughts that might not even be
pleasant in real life. Thoughts are like that. Fantasies are there so we
can toy with the sensations without feeling or inflicting the pain,
despair or humiliation. End Sermon.

My name is Ja-net My name is Lucy
I'm not from this planet 'Cuz I'm so juicy
And if I were And that's the way
I'd be covered in fur I'd like to stay
Nice and bushy So come and lick me
'Cause I'm a pussy Before you dick me
Try your luck Lick me wet
A buck a fuck. Or that's all you get.

You Are That Bitch
A. Dick Luce

From where she knelt now it was impossible to see back up the
way she had descended. She knew she was surrendering. It was still a
defeat even now. But the chafing leather and the avowal that she would
serve in amy way requested was unthinkably far from the woman she
once had been.
Only as her cruelest jest would she have even thought of saying
a man was in charge of her sex life. And even then her present costume
and the things he had hinted she would do were beyond her wildest
imaginings. She wouldn't have been able to guess at their existance.
It was a long, wearing process that put her in the leather harness
pleading to be used as his possession and chattel. Now it was the fear of
the riding crop she had presented him that screamed loudest in her mind.
Though the fears of anal sex and even his ejaculating in her mouth still
existed far back in the queue of her concerns about her submission.
He would start with her oldest fear and at the smallest level of
"Okay then, take out my dick and suck me off," he said.
It was a glorious moment. She had been like a big stallion of
extraordinary fire. He knew that even now she would still be resistant if
it were not for a lucky conjunction of outside advice and her own quirky
way of processing it. Certainly he had been nudging her this way for
some time, but it was always two steps forward- a step and a half back
as she struggled to work her own agenda on him.
Her lips touched his cock and then he was inside her mouth.
Now wasn't that simple, he thought, how long ago did I tell you
you would beg in leather before I gave you the satisfaction of my cock
and the beating that would come afterwards.
It was mostly the victory- nearly the victory alone that made the
feel of her mouth on his cock so electric. She gave a very mediocre
blow job. Despite the excitement of her final broken spirit, it was hard to
reach climax given her lackluster skill.
"Lick my balls," he told her finally.
She bent further down and gave that a shot. She didn't need
lessons in the worst way- she had the worst way down pat. But she
needed help.
"Get right in there with them on your nose," he urged.
It was one more thread to snap as she pushed in like she was
told. Another few inches of descent as she wallowed at his underside.
Again it was the scene that excited him, but even she couldn't mess up
licking balls.
"Now try again," he instructed, "Suck me and do it like you
mean it."
This time his need exceeded her skill. Licking his balls had done
the priming. He was close enough to rock into her mouth and his thrusts
added the extra he needed to coat her mouth with cum.
"Gaacckkk!- auughhhh.- gckk ugg!"
Her gagging was like celestial music as she struggled with the hot
salty semen launched against the back of her throat and filling her mouth.
She had fallen many more feet down the slope as she endured this
humiliation. But he had warned her. Her punishment yet to come could
be playful fun or downright pain and screaming.
He knew it would be both. Playful fun for him and pain and
screaming for her. His challenge would be finding the least amount- and
he was sure it would be piddling- amount of force needed to draw her
screams. Then another day he would show her the difference between
her conception of pain and real pain.
"Spit or swallow?" he asked and they both knew he was asking
hard or easy.
She made a show of swallowing hard for him and he grinned
and pulled her up by the hair. He had a vision he was going to carefully
explain to her.
"Now I want you on your hands and knees," he told her, "Stick
your butt up in the air and I will start your punishment. Feel free to
scamper away from the crop. But stay on your hands and knees or... I
think you understand you must obey."
This was the coupe de grace. Her tits were captured by triangles
of leather and her buttocks were lifted by straps that bound her thighs.
She was the exact contrary of her own vision of herself. And now she
was positioned like a bad puppy about to get a whipping. He barely
tapped her the first time.
She howled, but he could tell it was from being startled rather
than the blow itself. She didn't even move. He put a little sting into the
next one and she jumped. He followed it with another and the trip
began. Skuttling along the floor, she crawled in circles as he followed
and rained the crop on her generous backside.
She blubbered and begged, protested and whined as he swatted
her around the floor of the room. It was kinky. It was hot. And for it
to be Miss Priss in leather begging and crawling under his whip brought
his ardor to a peak. It also brought his cock to one.
Thoughts of drawn-out training were obscured by the beat of
blood in his hard-on. He grabbed her butt to stop her and dropped to
his knees behind her. She screamed louder when he shoved his cock
into her. And he hadn't even assaulted her asshole. It must have been
his breaking through the cobwebs that had grown as he refused her sex
until she complied with his twisted requirements.
This at least was good. Disuse had made her tight and the pain
made her move. After a bit he supplemented his cock with a thumb
pressing asainst her ass and she exploded into a fury of motion. The
thumb went in and the pussy felt right. He was almost lost when some
alarm went off.
"Turn around here on your knees," he rasped as he pulled his
cock out of her and stood.
He could at least humiliate her for her trouble. It wasn't many
strokes on his cock before he launched the first arcing rope of cum at
her face. Nice landing, streaking a cheek and dripping aside of her nose.
Then next took her square between the eyes and dripped down and he
move up to jab his cock at her lips as the next jets of cum bathed her
mouth and ran down to drip off her chin.
He took a picture. She was a masterwork of cum-dripping
She had slid down into the valley. Her old values were shattered-
in pieces. She had given in to a new way- a way of concession. If she
was to have any satisfaction; if she was to remain under the social
umbrella of a partner; if she was not to be cast adrift, then she would
have to play these horrid parts.
He had dragged out their subtle tug-of-war past the point of her
viability. She was fourty now. That was the age when men left you for
20-year-olds. She was still attractive- certainly beyond most
40-year-olds- but she looked into the mirror with an unforgiving honesty
and knew that her smallish tits sagged as did her dimpled butt and she
had grown those huge flabby thighs.
She might be able to attract someone else, but in her fear she
wasn't willing to try. He had piled on the compliments when she
complained of her deterioration. That made her sure she would never
again have her choice. She feared she would run off and then be stuck
with a loser- or worse- be left alone.
That fear forced her tongue into his asshole. He stood facing
away, slightly bent as she held his buttocks apart and pushed her tongue
into his shit tunnel. She had sunk to the lowest of the low.
"In farther," he demanded. "I want to feel your face pressed in
the crack of my ass and your tongue up my ass as far as it can go."
It was worse to hear him say it. Quietly humiliating herself was
almost a private thing, but when he announced her actions it seemed like
it had become so public. She felt her cheeks flush as she complied.
"Now wiggle your tongue," he instructed, "You want to get my
cock nice and hard so I can jam it up your tight little ass."
He had no mercy now. He knew he needed to show no mercy
after she had come this far. They both understood she would do every
nasty thing she was bid and he was rubbing her nose in it. Her ass
already was in distress just from the mention. She had to be at the
bottom now.
She had no idea how long he had been planning. She had
thought he was engaged in the give and take with her over the years. She
had no concept there was room for him to plot at the same time. She
certainly was fully engaged in their struggle for power in the relationship.
But he knew what he was going to do now and beyond. After
all, she was kneeling at his backside and tonguing his asshole, wasn't
she? He had promised her submission and that had come to pass.
His cock was spikey hard when he turned and let it loom over
her kneeling body. He pulled her up and positioned her over the back of
the couch. There was no question of whose feet went in who's lap now.
Her feet were pulled apart and secured and she was trapped. There was
no way to struggle out of this open position. Her hands were free, but
she was still helpless to do anything but wait his pleasure.
And she knew it would be anything but pleasure for her. She had
no other way to deal with her complete surrender than to cry. She
sobbed as she lay exposed over the back of the couch and he grinned as
he looked at the open access to either of her holes. Her tears of shame
made his cock throb. He hesitated, wanting to draw out this moment of
drama as she awaited the next indignity.
But he had been patient too long. It was time to cash in those
years of wearing her down. It was time to make his dominance a fact. It
was time to hear her squeal as he showed her her real place on this
planet. It was time for her to learn her true worth.
"Oh baby, I love you. I love you so much," he mocked as he
knelt between her wide-spread thighs. "You're so good to me. So
understanding of my needs."
He didn't give her the chance to fight back the tears and answer.
He rubbed his cock over the tight mouth of her asshole and then pushed.
She yowled most gratifyingly as she felt the attempted intrusion. And he
hadn't breached her in the slightest. Her asshole had dimpled in, but it
had held him out.
"That's right, keep it tight," he praised sarcastically, "It's so much
better to knock down the door rather than be let in."
He lunged and this time her asshole lost. She shrieked as she felt
the bolt of fire. She felt torn and defeated. He had entered her virgin
sanctum with a blaze of pain and trumpets of infamy as she was defiled in
this most personal way.
For him it was only a small victory. Only the head of his cock
had made it past the gate. He wanted to feel it deep in her bowels. He
wanted to feel her squirm as he pressed hard on her ass and reamed her
with his cock deep up her butt. He wanted to dominate her, but more
important he wanted his cock deep in the tight heat to force his pleasure
from her unwilling ass.
He wanted to like it at her expense. He rammed forward again.
She begged for respite. She begged for lubrication. She begged for just
a moment to adjust. And as she begged, he pushed again and again,
gaining inch after inch of entry into the tight resisting hole.
"I never knew you were so kinky," he mocked as she wailed and
flailed with his impalement of her anus. "It feels like you've done this
In fact, the reverse was true. But the shame of being used in this
unnatural way was still submerged in the pain and panic of his first entry
into her unused orifice. Strange sensations flooded her and fought for the
attention that she could give none of them. It hurt. She couldn't breathe.
She was split open. She was disturbingly filled. She was helpless. She
was an object. She was forever stained.
Then he finally finished his penetration and she was lost. In truth,
she had been lost when she stripped off her decency with her clothes and
donned the obscene leather harness. That had been like releasing the ball
at the top of the tower. The fall was inevitable- ordained like a force of
nature. And now the ball had landed. Or so she thought.
When he pulled back to fuck her ass it was only that ball
bouncing after the impact. But he knew it was only part way down her
descent. As he plugged her pumpkin with deliberate strokes, he knew he
was only starting the 'normal' part of her subjugation. Some 12 percent-
one in eight- of the couples across the globe might remember the same
activity in the privacy of their own bedrooms. That it was so far outside
her pale was her own fault. He was going for that one in a thousand
defilement before he set her adrift.
But think on happier things. The sharp-tounged bitch was bound
and being boned up the ass. His cock was balls-deep in her asshole and
he was giving her the butt-fuck she had deserved for so long. And it was
hot and tight to boot. She was deep in the well of self-pity and he was
deep in the brown. It felt good all the way around.
It was so good to feel his cock ravage her virgin hole that
thoughts of climax were far back on the horizon. He would fill her
protesting ass with powerful thrusts while soaking up the sensation of
reducing her to his whining slave for a while. It was so very good to
ream her ass and it was lasting for a beautiful time as his own wash of
realizations and sensations allowed him to hammer his cock into her ass
for an unnatural length of time.
They were in total agreement on the unnaturalness. She was
suffering the invasion like a martyr. She was, of course, the poor put
upon blameless lamb and he was the ogre that had forced her into this
corner. She had not and might never deal with the way he had tricked
into this position. It wouldn't be good for her ego to understand how she
was bested in any case and in this particular one it would be worse since
he had used her own manipulations against her.
She had forged sex into a weapon and he had taken it from her
and was using it on her now. And she had made a long, hard weapon,
much to the distress of her bottom as he stabbed it into her bowels
through her shocked and shamed asshole. And now the demands were
going the other direction.
"Tell me how much you love this," he demanded, "Tell me how
good it feels. Tell me how you want it."
He not only wanted the publicity of his own announcing her
shame, he wanted her to stoop to begging for the horrible humiliation. A
lump swelled up in her throat and she had trouble breathing as the panic
his wish caused washed over her.
"Tell me!" he punctuated his demand with the hardest jab yet,
deep inside her ravaged tenderness, "Tell me!"
She thought he had gotten to the torture awfully fast.
"I love it! Do it to me. Fuck me good," she got out to relieve the
hammering of his rod inside her colon.
But generic half-assed was not what he wanted. He didn't need
the urging. He wanted her mortification to tremble in her voice as she
named the demon bedeviling her.
"Fuck what?" he demanded with another brutal slam into her ass,
"You love what? You want it how?"
Her voice not only trembled, it gurgled as she descended into the
hell of his dark fantasy in body-shaking sobs.
"Fuck me in the ASS! Fuck me hard and dirty," she sputtered
through her sobs, "I love your dick in my dirty asshole."
"Glad you like it this way," he cooed as he rammed the trembling,
sobbing mess bent over in front of him.
It was an asshole. A decent deal in itself, but it was her asshole.
It was her distending, stuffed, protesting sphincter that stretched wide to
take in his lust-swollen cock. It was her colon that sheathed his rod as
he slammed it deep and spanked into her wide, jiggling butt. It was her
cries of distress that each venture into the unaccustomed places in her
rear poured from her and her protests and pleas that she uttered as he
made her the centerpiece of a scene that she found unbearably perverse.
And she begged for it. She was a slut, if not the slut he was
making her. She was slut enough to give into his demands to get sex.
She was slut enough to decide that she would do anything he wanted to
get him to fuck her.
And even now, without feeling one bit more comfortable or at
peace with the foul penetration she was forced to endure, she knew she
was slut enough that she would have still agreed if he had described
exactly what he was going to do to her. That demoralizing truth hurt more than the stab of his hardness in her guts.
But she would have never eaten anything that came out of her
ass. In her heart she believed in the literal truth of the phrase: 'eat shit
and die'. Certainly it would be the death of any decency she had.
He was counting on her propensity to never question childish
truths. He was counting on all her laughable old maid moral stances. He
was counting on breaking her spirit, her will and shattering her illusions.
He was counting on cumming in her mouth again.
It was difficult to pull his cock out of the squirming grip of her
asshole while the blood pumped loud in his ears and her deep, hot vault
closed tight against his deep thrust, but the promise of her ultimate shame
made him persevere. Her happy relief as he vacatated the still gaping
hole was the first part of his reward.
"God, that was horrible!" she whined as he left her asshole to
whistle in the wind. "It's so sick and wrong!"
Flashes of vexing words he could badger her with came to his
mind, but his cock throbbed with need and made him hurry to find it a
home for the impending explosion. He could beat her with his words
after his shit-coated cock slid into her mouth.
He trotted around the couch with his cock pulling him to its final
destination. He grabbed her arms below the shoulders and pushed his
cock to her lips.
"Say ahhh!" he demanded.
Her eyes were all whites. Her shock was truely total. She
wouldn't have been as disturbed if he had held a razor to her throat.
"NOOOO!" she protested, but he cut off her refusal by plugging
the round 'O" of her lips with his cock.
She made intelligible protesting sounds as his cock filled her
mouth, but the deed was done. She was sucking the shit off his crank.
She didn't have to endure it long. He had fucked her ass to very near the
pinnacle of his pleasure and little stimulation was needed. Most of that
was provided by the sight of his brown-stained cock disappearing into
her tear-stained face.
For the second time he annointed her face, but this time no
pictures were necessary. He had the whole scandalous proceedings on
video tape from two angles.


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