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Yes Mistress No Watersports


Summary: Devon pisses Raven off for the last time.
Keywords: MF, BD, Fdom, college Author: Chrysoberyl Rosewood
Title: Yes, Mistress Version 1

"Yes, Mistress"

Version 1

(F/M BD Fdom college)

by Chrysoberyl Rosewood

December 2000

Note From Chrys:

Sometimes, you just want to see him squirming underneath you.

If you would like a version with watersports included, see here.

As one of my best friends and worst critics observed, this was
OBVIOUSLY inspired by a story he sent me to read. Or perhaps I sent him
to read. Well, whoever sent it to whom doesn't matter. I'd just like to
say that all stories are inspired by some thought which is inspired by
something in real life, be it a story you read or the guy that walked
past you on campus looking hotter than should be legal. Either way,
it's not WHERE you get the idea but WHAT you do with it.

<3 Chrys

The Story:

He shows up on time, as always. Comes in the door, shuts it quietly,
throws his books on the futon and sits down next to her. She smiles at
him, as she always does, holding down the feelings swirling around in
her stomach, a mixture of hatred and lust.

He knows about both of them, of course. And he works it. Massages each
of them to make them grow. He wonders when she will snap. How it will
happen? Will it be pleasant? Either way, it'll be amusing to watch.
He'll get laid, or he'll get bitch slapped. And then he'll move on,
bored of her.

He's about to find out.


Raven leafed through her history book again. "Now, wait. When did the
Spanish Inquisition start?" She looked irritated. "I never get this."

Devon looked at her. "Well, I don't think we have to know that, but let
me look." He started to leaf through the book.

Raven's eyes flashed. This was it, she thought. Do or die. This will
take him a minute to find, and I need a couple seconds ...

Slowly, quietly, Raven slid her prize out of the drawer, and came
closer. "Do you think he'll test us over that sheet he gave us at the
beginning of the year?"

"I don't know. This test is going to be so shitty ..." He stopped
flipping. "Here, I found it--"

Snick, snick, went the handcuffs, quick as a flash, around Devon's
right hand, and around the metal futon.

"What the ..." he said, staring at his wrist for a second, then look
back to Raven.

She circled the futon, and came around to the front. She smiled.


"Not much." Raven kept her hands behind her back, rocking back and
forth on her toes like a mischievous schoolgirl. She smiled again.

Devon looked at her for a moment, then lunged. She darted to her right
and laughed.

"Devon, Devon, what are you going to do if you catch me?" She moved
closer to him.

His left arm reached for her again, and in a flash, she had pinned it
against the other side of the futon and the handcuffs were slapped on.

Anger smoldered in his eyes.

"Let me go," he growled. "What the hell are you doing?"

Raven giggled, a high-pitched giggle, a little more maniacal than she'd
expected. But it was good. It was really good. Let him be scared.

"What's so funny? I'm serious," his anger was melting away to fear.

"Oh, Devon," she said. "Devon, Devon.

"Do you know how many times you've humiliated me? Made me feel lower
than dirt? Made me feel like I wasn't smart enough for you? Good enough
for you? You laugh at me because I get worse grades than you. You taunt
me every time we get a test back. In front of our friends. In front of
my family, even. I've put up with it for so long ..."

Raven paced the room.

"I don't get it," he replied, blankly. He rattled the handcuffs,
banging them against the futon.

"Ohhhh, yes."

She strode across the room and locked the door, then came back to stand
in front of him. "You see, it's very simple, Devon. You need a taste of
your own medicine. Humiliation. And I ..." she laughed again, putting
the maniacal edge in purposefully this time, "... I will take great
pleasure in it."

"So, what? What are you going to do?" Devon asked.

The answer was simple: "Punish you."

They stared at each other for a moment.

Then, BANG BANG BANG, he hit the handcuffs on the futon.

"Oh, you're trying to get free!" she giggled. "Let me watch this."

She backed up to give him some room. Devon's eyes were smoldering.
"Fuck you, bitch," he said.

First he tried tipping it forward. He tried to grab the futon by its
arms, but they were just too far apart that he couldn't wrap his hand
around and get a good grip. Then he tried bracing his hands in the
handcuffs, and tipping forward.

His feet slid across the carpet.

"Damnit!" he swore.

He couldn't get enough traction.

"Where are you going to go, darling?" asked Raven.

Without answering, he began to push. He raised his body up off the seat
and pushed against the futon. It began to tip backwards, then a flash
of recognition flew across his face. If he tipped it backwards, he
would go down with it, and probably hit his head.

He threw himself back onto the futon.

"Fuck you, bitch."

"You know, you said that already. Maybe I should get you a thesaurus
for Christmas," Raven chuckled at her little joke.

He glowered. "Now what?"

"Now ... The fun begins ..."

She stood across the room, staring at him for a moment. Suddenly, she
strode across the room and sat down hard on his lap, her knees on each
side of his body, and her center pressed tight against his crotch. She
could feel Devon's flaccid member underneath her.

They stared at each other for a second.

Raven lifted back her hand and slapped it across his self-righteous
face. Devon's head jerked to the side and his eyes closed.

She had almost missed it.

But it was unmistakable.

His dick had jumped under her body.

She grabbed him roughly by the face, and turned him back around. "I
will let you go whenever I feel fit. What do you think about that?"

His eyes burned. "I think you can just go to fucking hell."

This time, she hit him with the other hand, harder.

His cock was half-erect, pressing hard against her.

"Oh, this is marvelous," she taunted. "That's so SICK."

Devon spit in her face.

Raven stood up quickly, wiped the spit off with one hand and into his
hair, which she then grabbed by the roots as she jerked him hard into a
half standing position.

Swiftly, her other hand yanked down his zipper and wrangled his cock
free of his pants. It bobbed out in the air. She decided to hit below
the belt ... REALLY make him hurt. She laughed at it. "You call *that*
a penis?" she taunted. "It's more of a ... little toy trinket."

She let go of his hair and he thumped down onto the futon. As he fell,
his feet slipped and he hit his head on the back of the metal futon.

The sound rang throughout the room, and Devon's cock was at full

"Look at you. You're PATHETIC. You can't even fight back against a
WOMAN. You're such a little boy." That had to sting ... She began to
pace, her hands behind her back.

Devon strained against the handcuffs again. His shoulders were aching,
and his dick was beginning to, also. "Let me go, bitch," he said. "Let
me go right now."

Raven paused for a moment. "I don't think I like that name. I think
we're going to need a new one. From now on, you shall address me as
'Mistress.' How does that sound?"

"I think it sounds like fucking shit, bitch," he said.

"'Fucking shit, bitch,'" Raven repeated, almost introspectively.
"That's a lot of naughty words for a little boy with a little boy cock
like yours to be saying. Say anything like that again and I might make
you wash your mouth out with your own come. Now ... Are you going to
call me Mistress?"




She slapped him across the face again. "What?"


She slapped him with the other hand. "What?"

"N--" he stopped. "Yes."

This was the second victory Raven had won. And she was beginning to
love it.

"Yes, what?"

"What do you mean, yes, what?"

Raven grabbed onto his left nipple and twisted. His body spasmed for a
moment, and she let go. "Yes, WHAT?"

"Yes, MISTRESS." He spat the word out like a foul taste.

"Hmmm," Raven mused. "You've decided to cooperate for the moment, but I
don't know how long that will last ... I need something more ...
interesting to discipline a naughty little ... boy ... like you." He
would hate her even more, if she had anything to say about it.

She scanned the room and her eyes lit on a hand towel. It's good to be
resourceful, she told herself, and picked it up. She crossed quickly to
the sink and wet it down, then turned quickly back to Devon. She
noticed that he was staring at her breasts.

"You little shit!" she shouted. "You're a dirty little boy, and these
are MINE. It's not right to look at these things."

Raven crossed the room and yanked Devon's shirt up. She lifted it up
and over his head, the front of it bunched up behind his head. She
wound up and snapped the towel at his now bare chest.

"Fuck ..." Devon muttered under his breath. "That STINGS," he screamed,

"Excuse me? Did you say you want more?"

She snapped the towel at his midsection.

"Fuck," he mumbled again.

"Did you like that? Or do you want another? Did it feel good?" Raven

With gritted teeth, Devon managed, "Yes."

"YES ... ?"

"YES, MISTRESS!" he shouted, the first compliant thing he'd done.

"Ahhh, good," Raven said, walking away from him for a moment. She
turned back. He was staring at her breasts again. "DID I SAY THAT YOU

She pulled the towel back to snap him again, then as he cringed, she
lowered it. "Ohhhh, my little boy ..." she said. "Don't be afraid of
me! Don't be afraid, I'd never do anything to hurt you ... You know
that, don't you?"

"Yes, mistress," he mumbled, still not sure of it.

"Well," she said. "I'm just trying to make you into a good little boy.
A good little boy that all the little girls will want to play with.
Their little boy toy. Then you can look at all of these that you want.
Here, you can look."

Devon had averted his eyes, but he turned hungrily back to Raven's
chest when she offered up her breasts to him.

"There you go, little boy. Would you like to taste them?"

Devon looked at her, and she saw a flash in his eyes. "No. I wouldn't.
Let me go."

Raven grasped his hair again, harder. "You know, your mistress is
getting tired of being nice to you. She's been nice, for quite some
time now. She's been patient. She's been loving. But if you keep up
with this attitude ..."

She let go again.

"Now, let's try it again. Would you like to taste them?"

Devon was sulking for a moment, then he managed, "Yes, Mistress."

"Good ... Here you are ..."

Raven quickly pulled her shirt off, then freed her breasts from the bra
that held them down. Devon watched hungrily as she approached,
straddled his legs, and brought her chest in for his lips. He looked
for a moment, then began to kiss her left breast. He swirled his tongue
around the areola, then pulled her entire nipple into his mouth. He let
go, as Raven massaged her fingers through his hair. "Yes, just like
that. Good little boy toy. Good job." He traced his lips along the left
side of her breast, then suddenly, he bit her.

Raven jumped back, stunned for a moment. "Shame on you!" she shouted,
hand against her breast. His eyes glared at her defiantly.

She brought the towel against his skin three times. THWACK, THWACK,
THWACK. His face twisted in pain.

"WHAT do you have to say for that?" Raven asked.

No answer.

"Three seconds until an apology, or you'll get the towel."

Immediately, "I'm sorry, Mistress."

"Sorry for what?"

"For biting your breast."

"For doing WHAT?"

"For biting ... your breast, Mistress?"

Raven figured she'd let it go at that.

"Well, you should be. Poor little boy toy. When will you learn how to
treat a real nice girl?"

She stepped back for a moment, and his downcast eyes shifted to hers.
She knew what she wanted to do.

Raven moved forward and said, "Let me see that little twig you call a
penis." She pressed his shoulders back against the futon and looked at
it. It was engorged and obviously causing Devon considerable
discomfort. It was turning a shade of crimson, and Raven smiled at it.
"Oh, like any girl would want THAT from you. Don't you know that a real
man's penis is three times that size? Don't you know that no one would
ever want that stupid little thing inside of them?"

She forced his pants down around his ankles and then off. He was naked,
mostly, except for the ridiculous shirt around his neck, but she
couldn't get that off because of the handcuffs. She wasn't about to
take those off anytime soon, either.

She looked up at him and Devon was staring at her eyes.

"What do you want, little boy toy?" she asked. "What is it that you

He pursed his lips together, then closed his eyes, then opened them.
"Touch me, Mistress," he asked.

Ahhh! She had finally gotten the better of him. That little wanker of
his WAS causing him trouble.

"Touch you where?" she asked.

"My ..." he paused as though to decide what word she would like best,
then decided on, "... cock, Mistress."

Raven jumped back. "You little shit! Is that all that little boys think
about? Their little ... COCKS?" She grabbed his ear and dug her
fingernail into the cartilage near the top.

"No, Mistress, no!" Devon shouted, and she let go. She was breaking

"Good. Now." Raven paused. "Where would you like me to touch you?" she
tried again.

"My ... face, Mistress?" Devon replied.

"Oh, that's good. I'll touch your face." She placed the palm of her
hand on his right cheek, where she had slapped him earlier, and brushed
it down and across his chin. Then with the back of her hand, she
brushed his left cheek in the same manner. "Did you like that?" she

"Yes, Mistress," his eyes looked brighter.

Ahhh, this is it, she thought to herself. He's almost all MINE.

"Where would you like me to touch you now?" Raven asked.

"My ... neck, Mistress?"

Raven rubbed her hands along the sides of his neck, caressing, and then
dipped down to his shoulders, giving him a slight shoulder rub. Raven
decided she was giving in a little too much. She needed to remind him
who was boss.

"Did you like that, little boy toy?" Raven asked, pulling her hands

"Yes, Mistress," his little eyes were shining again, sort of like a

"Are you sure?" she asked.

"Yes, Mistress!"

"I don't think you're sure. You're pausing. Why are you pausing?"

"I'm not pausing, Mistress!"

"Yes, you're pausing," Raven reached for the towel.

"Well, maybe I am!" Devon shouted at her.

"REALLY?" Raven asked. "Are you sure about that?"



Devon seemed to revel in it, his body twisting. Raven watched his cock
bob in the air, his face spasmed in pain and pleasure, and his arms
strain against the handcuffs. Devon was back again. She could see it
behind his eyes. She liked it that way.

"Fuck you, bitch," he said, then she turned around. She riffled through
a drawer then came up with what she was looking for--two clothespins.

"These will work as nipple clips," she said, "until you learn to behave

She was upon him, squeezing his left nipple erect, then attaching the
first one.

"Fucking asshole bitch ..." he yelled at her.

The other one was on just as quickly.

She stood back to enjoy her handiwork.

"Since my little boy toy seems to like being punished so much, I guess
we'll just have to leave him like that for awhile."

She looked at him and she could see the pain behind his eyes.

"Do you like that, little boy toy?"

There was a pause. "Yes, Mistress."

Ahhh, hers again.

"Good. We'll leave it that way. Now ... what did my little boy toy ask
for earlier?"

Fearful of how he should answer, Devon looked to the ground. "I wanted
my Mistress to touch me," he finally said.


"On my ... face," he replied.

"No, now my little boy toy is lying to me. My little boy toy said
something different, something about his ... What was it?"

"My cock," Devon replied.

Raven snapped the towel in the air. "Your WHAT?"

"My ... dick."


"My ... penis?"


"My willy ... wanker ... rod ..." He was running out.

"Good little boy toy ... You're good friends with your dick, aren't
you? Yes, I thought so. Because no GOOD girl would want to touch
something like that ... But I suppose ... Sometimes GOOD girls have to
stoop down to a level not fit for them."

Raven bent over, her hair cascading to one side of her face. She
grasped onto Devon's cock, which was straining in the air. Devon

"Oh, little boy toy, do you like that?" she asked. "Is that good for

She squeezed up and down Devon's shaft, watching him writhe in pleasure
on the futon. She pushed her hand to where his cock met his body, then
placed a long, wet kiss on his head and walked across the room.

"Fucking shit, get back over here, bitch, finish me, oh, God, I need
... Shit."

She could hear the futon being banging around and the handcuffs knocked
on the metal as Devon continued his obscenities. She reached into her
drawer and pulled out her vibrator and a bottle of lube.

As soon as Devon saw it, he fell silent. Then, "Please, Mistress, no.
Please, no, don't ..."

Raven set the vibrator on the floor and the bottle of lube next to it.
She then grabbed the clothespins and snapped them off. "Ugh," Devon

Raven opened the bottle of lube and picked up the vibrator. Carefully,
she slathered lube onto the shaft of the vibrator, then worked it up
and down. All the while, Devon begged her.

"No, Mistress, NO! I won't let you do this, you can't do this. I WILL

At that word, Raven looked up.

"I'm sorry, Mistress!" was the immediate reply. "Please, don't ...
Don't hurt your boy toy ... You don't want your boy toy to be unhappy

Raven smiled. "My boy toy will enjoy this. He will spurt thick creamy
come all over himself, because he will enjoy this so much. He will be
begging for more next time, because he will love the feel of a hard rod
inside his body."

She finished lubing up the vibrator.

"Oh, God, no, please, Raven, no ..."

Raven looked up sharply at the mention of her name. "I'm sorry. It's
too late."

She stood up.

"Give me your ass."


Raven picked up the towel again. "Now."


THWACK. "You get three more of these." THWACK THWACK THWACK. "Do it."

He was whimpering. "Please, no, don't make me ..."

She grabbed the clothespins from the floor and clamped the first one

"Oh, God, PLEASE ..." he was begging now.

Raven shook her head. "Your ASS, sir."

"Please, no, Mistress, don't make me ..."

He was going to cave. He was calling her "Mistress" again. Raven
grabbed the clothespin and twisted it.

"Augh, no ... OW OW!" Devon shouted. "FINE! I'll do it! I'll do
whatever you want!"

"Good." Raven licked her lips. "Now, spread your legs, put your feet up
on the futon and let me see that beautiful asshole."

Devon's eyes were mournful, but he followed her instructions. He slid
down in his seat and splayed his legs apart, cock bobbing as he moved.
He lifted his legs up, and his ass was facing Raven.

Raven knelt down in front of him. She kissed his cock, and then leaned back.

First she slathered lube on her finger and pressed it against Devon's
entrance. As she began to enter, he said, "Fuck, no, please ... Really,
I fucking get your point ..."

With the other hand, she pinched his ass, and his whole body shook. "My
boy toy will be quiet now," Raven said.

"Yes, Mistress."

And Raven continued her work.

She got her finger in, and soon she had two in. She was working in and
out, and Devon was moaning. From what, she couldn't tell, pain or
pleasure. She took her fingers out, and there was a gasp. Then she
placed the vibrator against his sphincter.

"Are you ready, my little boy toy?"

"No, Mistress."

Raven revved the tiny motor for a moment.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm ready, Mistress," he moaned.

Raven pressed it into him. She watched the shaft slide in, slowly, ever
so slowly, and the moans grew louder. She kept sliding until the little
purple vibrator was most of the way in.

Once again, Raven kissed the top of his cock. "Oh, little boy toy. You
are so ready for this, aren't you? You're ready for all the fun this
little thing can bring, aren't you?"

She looked at him for a response.

"Yes. Mistress."

That was it. She had him. She pressed the vibrator into his ass, one
more inch, one more inch, then she was satisfied.

Her left hand gripped the vibrator heavily and her right hand grabbed
Devon's cock.

"Do you want to come, little boy toy?"

Devon was writhing from the contact. His cock, purple and straining
underneath her hand, stood between her face and his. He didn't move
very much, though, presumably from the vibrator that was stuck in his


"Yes, I want to come," he moaned. "Your little boy toy wants to come
... Please let him come."

Raven began to fuck Devon's ass with the dildo, slowly and steadily,
not moving her right hand. In and out and in and out, she watched it
disappear. Devon's eyes squeezed shut and he moaned. Raven began to
squeeze his cock, then moved faster. She let go for a moment, then
grabbed a dollop of the lube that was stuck to the top of the bottle.
She grasped his cock again and he gasped, as she continued her
ministrations, this time slick and wet.

In time she fucked him, the dildo in and out of his ass as she squeezed
his head and then released to travel down the shaft. In and out, the
dildo went, faster and faster. Raven's hand squeezed and released on
his dick. She watched him through lowered lids, his face contorting,
his head twisting back and forth, his arms straining against the

"Does my little boy toy like that?" Raven asked, as unpassionately as
she could muster her voice.

"Yes ... Mistress, oh, God ... Fuck ... Oh, shit ... Your little ...
Goddamn it ... boy toy LOVES THIS FUCK!"

Time for the clincher.

"Good, well, does my little boy toy want the vibrator on?"

"Fucking SHIT! Fuck ... no ... God ... oh, God ..."

Raven flipped the dial all the way up and his body spasmed. She watched
his penis jump in her hand as she squeezed his head once more, then
pressed the vibrator into his body. She placed the vibrator against her
stomach so it couldn't move, and his whole body shook and then he came.

With her left hand, Raven caught Devon's come as it spurted out into
the air. It stuck to her hand and some got on his chest, but her little
boy toy was completely oblivious. His body shook as he emptied himself.

She let go of his cock, switched the vibrator off, threw it on the
floor and grasped his dick again. He shook still, even as he stopped
ejaculating. His whole body was shuddering, and Raven just kept his
dick in her hands.

As his spasms died away to shudders, Raven sat on the futon to his
right, her right hand still grasping his now flaccid dick and her left
hand cupped to keep the come from leaking out. She let go of his penis
and put her arm around his shoulders and pulled him in as his body
still shook from tiny tremors.

"Shhh, shhh, it's ok," she murmured, hugging him close, feeling his
warm body against hers. "It's ok, my little boy toy is ok ..."

They laid there like that, Devon relaxing finally into her arms.

He opened his eyes.

She looked at him, then held up her left hand.

"Lick this come out of my hands."

Devon stared at her in horror.

"Do it right now, little boy toy," she grinned lasciviously, still
holding him close to her.

Devon stared at her. He had two responses. He thought about it. Did he
want this? Did he really want this?

He stared at her again.


"Yes, Mistress."

Raven gloated to herself.

She had finally broken him.

He began to lick.


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