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You Alone

Keywords: MF, rom
Part: 1 of 1
Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: You Alone

You Alone
1993 2000 Knave of Hearts

You've worked yourself hard all week. But now the children have
gone and the quiet house is ours. The thought of your soft body
beneath mine makes my cock stir and thicken. I can hardly wait to
have you squirming beneath me.

My hands steal beneath your clothes. I unfasten your pants as I
kiss you with increasing hunger. I pull you to the floor,
removing your pants and panties in one quick tug.

I love the sight of you naked body. The paleness of your skin
highlights your deep pink nipples standing hard and thick from
your pert breasts. I yearn to let my fingers roam over you,
feeling silken skin as I trail my hand from your tits to halo of
strawberry curls above your delicious twat.

The curls above your beautiful coral labia deliciously frame my
target. As usual, you've carefully shaved your pussy, making it
more sensitive to my touch. I crouch low and lightly kiss your
treasure. You stir. Delicately, without directly touching your
clit, I work my tongue around your pussy. You sigh as the cares
of the week slip away.

I can tell your pussy likes the attention I'm giving it. You
spread your legs wider, urging my tongue deeper inside you with
quick jerks of your hips. I can taste your sweet juice.

You pull at my shoulders, begging me to stop this exquisite
torture and fuck you deep and hard, but I increase my tempo.
Tongue-lashing your clit, I drive you closer and closer to
climax. Carefully, I stop before letting you come. Tantalizing
you with the feelings of impending, but unrealized, orgasm.

Seeing that you are ready, I sit back on my heels and let you
free my stiff cock from its confines. You hungrily lick your lips
at the sight of it's large purple head and its long throbbing
shaft. Starting at its tip, you roll your tongue around my cock.
I have to steady myself as the warm, wet feeling of your mouth
encloses my prick. It feels so good. You know exactly how to
excite me, sucking my cock until its hard but not so close to
coming that you won't get a good, long fuck afterward.

Moving down my shaft, you run the broad side of your tongue
around my balls. I'm so hot even the warm moistness of your mouth
seems cool as you suck first one testicle and then the other into
your mouth. Quickly, you send your tongue gliding under my balls,
flicking at the sensitive area between my cock and ass. You
pause, nibbling at the base of my prick, and look up to gauge the
effects of your ministrations.

The coquettish look you give me reveals the hidden you. Gone is
the delicate, gentle woman who reads stories to my children,
works night and day to keep our family fed and comfortable.
Instead, I see a whore looking up at me with unbridled lust in
her hungry eyes. You see that we are done with the preliminaries.

"Fuck me. Put your cock in my wet pussy."

This has gone too far to be a slow, gentle coupling. Now we're
going to fuck like animals in heat. I know how you like it when
you're like this. I turn you around on all fours, your ass in the
air. I position my cock at the entrance to your wet cunt and
slowly work the head of my dick inside you.

You push your hips back against mine, your body wanting my cock
deeper inside you. I can feel your need, I've fed it before. I
spread your knees with mine and use your hips to pull you on to
my cock. You groan as you feel me slide deep into your love
canal. My rhythm is slow but firm. I know you like the feel of my
balls slapping against your labia, so I pause at the end of each

Gradually I gain speed. You're pussy is so wet, I'm covered in
your juices, my cock sliding effortlessly in and out of your
sweet hole. We're both close to coming now. I can feel the
tremors in your twat and the tightness in my balls. I have to
hold on to your hips tightly to keep you from thrashing off my
pole. You pitch forward, taken by waves of orgasm. I'm close
behind and can't hold off my orgasm any longer. My hips jerk,
pumping my seed into your willing depths. A groan comes fromo
deep in my chest, I've given control to a deeper, more animal
part of me.

Spent, I collapse on top of you. The feeling of our bodies
pressed together, gasping for breath is satisfying. It's even
more satisfying knowing that we'll be together for years and
moments like this to come.

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