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Archived Sex Stories

You Bet Your Brain


You Bet Your Brain! By MrGrey

This started off as an Addventure story. But, it wasn't getting much
attention. So, after a request to do so, I continued it, with a little
modifications. Hope you all enjoy it!

"Does everyone know what time it is?"

"YOU BET YOUR BRAIN!" A roar of applause rang through the television
studio as two spotlights circled around the stage. A smug looking man with
a great smile and perfectly conditioned hair came walking out.

"That's right! Welcome to You Bet Your Brain!", yelled Jeff Jeffery to
the screaming crowd. "The game show where contestants either become ten
million dollars richer or a brainless fuck toy! Now, let's meet our three

The camera swung around to a young brunette in a red dress. "My name is
Sara Green, IQ- 146," she said happily. She looked like she was in her
late-thirties. "I'm a mother of three, been married for twelve years, and
work as a college professor of psychology." The crowd applauded her and
moved on to the next woman.

"Dana Richards, IQ- 142," said a redheaded woman with a southern accent.
She looked to be about 25. "I'm currently studying biology and plan to go
to medical school to become a surgeon."

"Mia Wong, IQ- 157," a little oriental woman stated proudly, "I'm a
lawyer in the Chicago area." She looked about 30.

"Well, now that you've met out lovely contestants," Jeff said as the
camera returned to him, "let me explain our contest."

He flashed his dazzling white teeth as he walked towards the audience.
"These three ladies will be competing in a vast array of sexual challenges.
Each round will earn the lady a certain number of points. The contestant
with the highest points after each round will decide who gets sent to...."
he waved his hand and a curtain rose to expose a chair that looked like an
electric chair, "The Chair!" The crowd roared and applauded.

The solid oak chair had heavy straps for the wrists and ankles and an
ominous looking helmet hung over it. The girls shivered when they looked
at it.

"This chair is a state of the art brain fryer from the wonderful people
over at Fuckbunnies Inc! It's designed to turn any woman's mind into a
useless puddle of mush while at the same time raise their libido to that of
a horny rabbit! Any of our 'lucky' girls that gets to ride in this brain
drainer will have her intelligence lowered the amount of points the
contestant that sent them there won!"

Jeff then returned back to the audience. "Now, the first contestant who
winds up with their IQ dropping to sixty-nine or lower will be deemed a
fuckbunny and will be sold to some lucky person in our audience!" The
audience cheered at this. "Then the remaining contestants will have a face
off, leaving one a millionaire...and one a brainless fuckbunny!"

He then turned to the girls. "So, are you girls ready to play...You Bet
Your Brain!?"

"Yeah!" All three girls yelled in unison. Lights circled around the
stage as tense music began playing. The girls looked nervous.


"Alright, the first challenge will be..." Jeff paused for effect while
he smiled into the camera, "...Phone Sex Folly!"

The audience cheered again as this was a popular game. Jeff explained
the rules, "The point of this game is to gain points from our judges..."
the lights shone on three middle-aged men off stage, " using your
dirty imaginations to excite them!" More cheering. "'re up

Sara nervously stepped up to a telephone sitting on a pedestal. Her
hand shaking, he picked it up to hear a deep, anonymous voice asking, "What
are you wearing right now?"

She looked nervous and stumbled over her answer a bit, "Ummm...nothing
but a thong?" Sara looked over at the judges to see their reactions.

"Judges?" Jeff asked. "What do you give this nice lady out of seven?"

The first judge gave her a five, the second a three, the third a six.
"Wow...14 points...not bad at all. Dana your turn..."

Dana stepped up to the same phone and picked it up to hear a voice ask,
"What are you thinking about right now?"

She thought about it for a minute and answered, "Taking your penis into
my mouth and sucking on it!"

The crowd cringed a bit on this answer. Jeff looked a bit unsure as he
asked for the judges score. The first gave her two, the second one, and
third none. "Ooooo...not too good Dana..." Jeff send, still smiling,
"Gotta use a bit dirtier words than that." Dana lower her head and walked
back upstage.

"Mia, looks like you're last," he held his hand at the phone as she
approached it.

She picked it up and heard, "What are you doing right now?"

She thought about it and smiled, "I'm naked on the floor with my fingers
in my pussy, getting off on listening to your sexy voice!"

The crowd erupted with applause. "Whoa! Great answer! Judges?" The
first gave her seven, the second gave her six, and the third gave her
seven. "WOW, an almost perfect score! 20 points!"

The three girls stood next to each other next to Jeff. "So, Mia, looks
like you're our first winner! Who's it gonna be?"

Mia confidently answered, "Well, Sara has the highest IQ, under me...So
I choose her."

Sara looked devastated. Jeff took her hand and led her to the chair.
"Not a good start Sara..."

"I disagree, Jeff," she said sternly, "It's only 20 points. A 126 IQ
will still get me that five million!"

The crowd "Oooooo"-ed at her confidence, "Well, looks like we have quite
a competitor here. But that's what we like here on....You Bet Your Brain!"
More applause. "Now, have a seat Sara."

Sara sat in the chair. Two big men came from offstage and adjusted the
helmet onto her head. They then pinned her arms and legs down and strapped
her in. Jeff walked over to the wall where a giant switch was located. He
looked at the crowd, "Ok everyone, on the count of three..." Everyone
joined him in counting, even Dana and Mia, "One...Two...Three!" He threw
the switch down and a loud buzz went through the studio. The lights went
off except for a spotlight on Sara. Sara's eyes clamped shut and she began
to gently shake in the chair. An LCD display above her head showed her IQ
decrease from 146 to 126. After it finished, the lights came back on and
Sara opened her eyes. The two men came back and unfastened her.

Jeff helped her up, "How you feeling Sara?"

She was clearly dazed, "Oh...ummm...fine I guess...I feel a little
weird...and a little horny..."

"Well, you did just get dumber Sara, of course it'll feel weird," the
crowd laughed as Jeff smiled again.

She smiled weakly and walked back upstage.


"Now for our next challenge...The Oral Brawl !" the crowd erupted with
applause. "Three lucky people in our audience will be chosen to receive
some 'oral pleasure' from our three contestants here. The first one to
bring their new friend to orgasm gets thirty points!"

An attractive woman in a bathing suit came onto the stage with a barrage
of whistling and hoots. She wheeled out a clear sphere on two stilts with
dozens of ping pong balls inside it. She gave the sphere a hard spin as
the balls bounced around. She then pulled a switch on the bottom,
releasing a ball. Jeff walked up and announced the number as 35. A young man jumped up and skipped down the stairs to the stage. Next, a woman was
selected, who gracefully stood up and walked on stage. Then, an older man in his thirties was chosen.

"Now Sara, you will be servicing..." Jeff asked, holding his microphone
up to the young man.

"Uh, Mike, sir! Knicks rule baby!" he let out a loud yell and raised
his hand, pointing to his buddies in the audience.

"What a character..." Jeff laughed, "And Dana, you will be servicing..."

"Kathleen," she smiled at him and looked back at Dana and winked.

"Ooooo...I'll definitely be looking forward to this..." The crowd
laughed. "And, Mia, you will be blowing this fellow here. What's your
name sir?"

"It's, uh, William," then man smiled like he probably did a hundred
times a day at meetings and waved at the crowd.

Three men brought out chairs and placed them behind the three lucky
audience members. The two men dropped their pants and Kathleen lifted her
skirt and pulled her panties down. "Alright, contestants?" The three women
looked at their host. "On your knees!"

They did as they were told and looked behind them for instructions.
Jeff looked down at them, "Okay, ladies. At the sound of the buzzer, using
only your mouth, make these nice people cum!"


The three heads went to work. Sara and Mia quickly engulfed the
hardening cocks. Dana began licking the woman's pussy gently. When Mike
and William became completely aroused, Sara and Mia began bobbing their
heads like their life depended on it.

Dana ran her tongue up and down Kathleen's cunt and flicked it up and
down on her clit. Kathleen smiled at the camera as she was eaten out in
front of millions.

After about five minutes, Mike moaned and began clutching the sides of
his chair. Sara kept her mouth on him until he was finished, then turned
to the camera and opened her mouth, showing nothing left.

"That was some good blowing you did there," Jeff smiled again, "So
Sara...who's it gonna be?"

Sara quickly answered, "Well, Mia of course! She's the smartest one
here, but now she's gonna be right where I am!"

Jeff turned to the camera, "Oooooo...sounds like some sour emotions
going through this game..." The audience laughed at his wittiness.

Mia was led up to The Chair and strapped in. They run through the same
ritual as before and she's dropped from 157 to 127, a dramatic change.
After she finished, she was freed from the chair and stumbled over to the
other girls. She rubbed her head, nipples clearly hard. "I didn't like
that very much."

"Well, no one really does Mia!" Jeff announced, "That's why we call
it...You Bet Your Brain!"


"Ok, ladies, time for our next challenge...Flashing For Fun!" Everyone
clapped and eagerly waited for the game to start. "In this challenge, you
will each flash a man on the street outside our studio, and you will be
judged by his reaction!"

Jeff led the women backstage as they proceeded to disrobe. After
getting naked, they each put on a large trench coat. The girls exchanged
hateful glances as they were led back onstage.

"Ok Sara? You're up first. Just follow our security guard over there
and he'll led you outside!" Sara reluctantly followed the man out an exit
door off stage. A huge tv monitor descended from the ceiling as a view
from outside the studio appeared on it. After a few seconds, Sara appeared
on camera on the busy city street. Crowds of people walked past her in her
trench coat. Jeff turned to the audience, "Now remember folks, Sara is
being judged on the reaction of her chosen "victim". So she's going to
have to use that brain of hers to find a rightful receiver of some good ole
fashioned public nudity!"

Sara seemed anxious to get this over with. Then, an old man with
graying hair walked by. She suddenly jumped in front of him and opened her
coat up, revealing a nice set of tits and a perfect body to go with them.
The man appeared surprised at first, but noticed the camera and walked off
laughing to himself, "Damn kids...".

Sara was led back in the studio to receive her score. "Judges?" Jeff
asked. The first gave her a three, the second a five, and the third a
four. "Not too bad, 12 points." Jeff turned back to the ladies, "Dana, your
turn." She was led outside like Sara and appeared on the monitor for the
audience to watch. She seemed confident with herself as she approached a
group of college kids walking together. She opened her coat in front of
them as they started giving high fives and laughing to themselves, "Yeah
baby! Show it off!" they yelled. She smiled at the boys and strutted back
in the studio.

The crowd applauded when she emerged from outside. "Very good Dana!
Looks like you're turning into a real You Bet Your Brain competitor!
Judges?" The first gave her seven, as did the second and the third. "Oh
my! A perfect score!" Music played and the crowd cheered. Dana smiled
triumphantly. "Good job Dana. Now you get 21 points and the perfect score
bonus, bringing your total points up to 25!" Dana raised her arms and
joined the other girls upstage. "Now, Mia, let's see what you've got..."

Mia went outside and carefully selected her target. She settled on a
dark haired man with a black shirt. He stopped to see why she was standing
in his way, but cried out when she opened her coat to flash him. Mia's
face quickly turned from a smile to a frown when she got a good look at
what the man was actually wearing. A white collar peeked out from the
black shirt he was wearing...

"Oh my! Mia..."Jeff laughed, as the audience joined him, "You've just
flashed a priest! That's gonna cost you..." Mia looked horribly
embarrassed as she was brought back on stage. "Judges, any sympathy for
Mia?" All three judges gave her zero points. "Apparently not..." Jeff
smiled. "Dana! Looks like you get to choose the victim this time...who's
it gonna be?"

Dana looked carefully at her opponents, "I choose Mia!" Mia exhaled a
breathe of grief.

"Uh oh, Mia...things aren't looking good for you..." She was led to the
chair and strapped in, then Jeff threw the switch. Her IQ points decreased
to 102. After she was done, she opened her eyes and looked around. "So
Mia, how're you holding up?"

She stood up and looked around some more, ", I dunno...I
feel funny..."

The crowd snickered a bit at the dwindling intelligence of Mia. "I
don't think you can take much more Mia. What do you think?"

"Ummmm...maybe..." There was more laughing from the crowd, as well as
Sara and Dana. It seemed almost silly that this woman used to be smarter
than the both of them.

"Go join your opponents Mia," he said pointing to Sara and Dana. Mia
just looked at him strangely. "Go stand up there," he said, slowly.
Finally, she got the idea.


"Alright everyone. Now the challenges are going to get a lot
more...challenging," he said with an evil smile. "Your next challenge will
be...The Hooker Scuffle! In this challenge, our contestants will gain
points by the amount of money they can make selling themselves on the

The three girls were led backstage where they change clothes into that a
street hooker would wear. They each wear skimpy tops, revealing skirts and
knee-high boots. Then, they are led onstage and show off their outfits.
Whistles and other obscenities come from the crowd.

"Alright ladies, you have ten minutes to collect as much money as
possible. Use whatever methods you want, just be quick! When you hear the
buzzer, get screwin'!" The three girls were led outside again, as three
cameramen on foot followed behind the girls. The tv screen split to show a
separate feed for each girl. They lined up on the curb, waiting for the
buzzer. When they heard it, they each scattered away from each other and
went walking towards men that looked like they needed some company.

Sara choose to get one big lump sum by going up to a guy's car and
asking if he'd like to fuck her for fifty dollars. He accepted and let her
into the car. The audience watched as they drove into an alley and parked.

Dana decided to give out as many blowjobs as she could, at ten dollars
apiece. She jumped from parked car to parked car, spending about two and a
half minutes in each.

Mia was standing on the corner, twirling her hair. Apparently, she
thought she was winning because people kept honking their horns at her and
shouting sexual advances toward her. The problem was...she forgot to take
them up on any of them. Finally, one man parked his car in front of her.
"You workin'?"

She thought about this for a second and answered, "No, I'm playing a

The man seemed a little peeved by her answer, "You are a whore right?"

Finally, Mia remembered the point of the game and quickly answered, "Oh!
Right! Yes, I'm a BIG whore. Wanna fuck me for money?" She climbed in the
car and they sped off to an alley.

When the timer ended, Sara had finished fucking the guy, but before she
could collect her money, he spend off! She was almost in tears as she
stomped on the ground, shouting as the faraway car. Dana had managed to
make forty dollars. And Mia had gotten three dollars from the guy she
fucked, although, this seemed great to her.

They all came into the studio. Sara was clearly angry. Dana was
feeling good, but still a little unsure how the other girls did. Mia was
feeling great, clutching her three dollars bills and smiling with her hair
a mess and her skirt still hiked up exposing her ass.

"Alright ladies, let's see how you did," Jeff said happily. A clip of
Sara's face pressed up against the car window while the stranger fucked her
doggie style showed up on the screen. "Sara, you had a promising start
about to gain fifty dollars!" The Dana and Mia gasped in horror. "But..."
Then, the video of the car screeching off, leaving Sara showed up, "...then
you lost it. Remember ladies, you only get points for money you actually
get. Sorry Sara, you get zero points. Let's see how Dana did." Clips of
Dana's head bobbing up and down in four different cars played for the
audience. "Wow! Forty dollars! Not bad at all Dana!" The crowd cheered
as Dana once again comes out strong.

Jeff smiled to himself, "And now...Mia..." The crowd laughed. "Mia, you
made three dollars."

"Yeah!!!! I win! I win!" Mia began celebrating.

More laughing followed. "Sorry Mia, but I'm afraid Dana's forty is a
bit more than your three. So Dana, looks like you win again! Who's it
gonna be this time?"

Dana raised her head and looked at Mia, "I think it's time to get rid of
Mia, Jeff!"

Mia didn't seem to understand. "Huh?"

Jeff took Mia's hand, "Too bad Mia, you were a great contestant here on
You Bet Your Brain, but it looks like you've lost." He began to lead her to
The Chair.

"Wha--? N-No! I, like, can't lose! I don't want to be a dumb

"Oh don't worry Mia, you won't feel so bad in a moment." He let go of
her hand as the two security guards wrestled her into The Chair. She
kicked and screamed as the helmet was attached to her head.

Her 102 IQ appeared over her head as Jeff activated the machine. The
crowd cheered as her IQ decreased. She began to get a spacey look on her
head as her screams faded away. Finally, as her IQ reached 62, Jeff turned
the machine off. The men released Mia from The Chair as she began to
giggle stupidly to herself and look around the room.

"Come over here Mia!" Jeff called. She stumbled over to him. "How are
you feeling?"

Mia smiled at the camera, "Mia feel much better now! Me horny!" "Good
to hear it Mia! You're IQ has dropped from an impressive 157 to a
laughable 62! You are now officially a fuckbunny!" The crowd roared as Mia
raised her hands happily. "So, whoever's sitting in seat number 62 gets
Mia as their own personal fuckbunny!"

A young woman suddenly stood up and screamed, "It's me!! It's me!!" She
rushed down the stairs and Jeff smiled and pushed Mia toward her new owner.
The woman put her arm around Mia and kissed her cheek. "We're gonna have
so much fun!"

"That, like, fine with Mia!" Mia smiled and giggled as she was led away,
completely oblivious to the fact that her whole life has been taken from


Now, Sara and Dana turned toward each other. Jeff walked up to them,
"Alright ladies, time for the You Bet Your Brain Face Off!" The audience
became quiet as the lights dimmed and more intense music began playing.
"So, let's see where our contestants stand," Jeff smiled and turned to
Sara, "Sara, you were our first contestant to visit The Chair, and you've
gone from a 146 IQ to a 126 IQ. How are you feeling?"

Sara smiled confidently, "Jeff, I feel great! I'm ready to win this
thing!" The crowd applauded her.

"Well, sounds promising. But you're up against..." He turned to Dana,
"...Dana, who has not visited The Chair at all this game, is in the lead
with an IQ of 142. Dana, how are you feeling?"

"Much smarter than this dumb woman I'm standing next too!" The crowd
"Oooooo"-ed as Sara stood looking insulted. "I'm definitely going to win!"

"Well, looks like we have to confident contestants on our hands. But
only in the Face Off, will we find out the true winner of...You Bet Your
Brain!" Jeff smiled at his audience, "Now, let me explain how the Face Off
works. Ladies, each of you will remove your clothing and then proceed to
eat each other out. The Face Off will continue until one of you brings the
other to orgasm!" The crowd applauded. "Then, we will know which one of
you deserves the 10 million dollars and which one of you deserves to become
a fuckbunny!"

Sara and Dana eyed each other, dreading having to do this. But they
were determined to win. They were going to lick as hard and as fast as
they could. "So, if you lovely ladies are ready, let's...Face Off!" Music
began playing as two spotlights focused on each girl. They began
disrobing, never taking their eyes off each other. Finally, they stood
naked in the middle of ring. "Alright ladies, you have to stay inside the
ring. And remember...only tongue..." Another smile from Jeff, "Anything
else goes! Now, when you hear the buzzer, you may began!"


Sara lunged at Dana, tackling her to the ground. Dana took advantage of
Sara's open legs while Sara struggled to pin her down. She licked and
sucked on her clit. Sara realized she was getting turned on, so she
quickly twisted her hips away from Dana's mouth.

Dana laid on her back, trying to pull Sara down on top of her. Both
girls locked their arms around each other's legs. Their tits bounced
around as they wrestled to get at each other's pussy in their '69'

"Hold still you bitch!" Sara cried.

"Not a chance you whore!" Dana retorted. Dana's head dove for Sara's
crotch, but was blocked when Sara's legs clamped shut "Dammit! Stop doing

Suddenly, Sara threw Dana off of her. Dana fell over and Sara got up
and crawled over to her open legs. Her head buried itself in Dana's cunt.
Dana was powerless...

"Noooo...ugh...stop..." she reached for Sara's head to push it away, but
then began pulling it towards her. ""

Sara felt she had it won. Dana was right where she wanted her. But,
suddenly, Dana gained control of herself and knocked Sara back. She
flipped back and fell on her stomach. Her arm touched just outside the
ring, but she quickly retracted it. Sara then got up on all fours, but was
surprised to feel Dana's tongue running up her thigh and curling up to her
pussy. She just stayed there on her hands and knees while she was eaten
out from behind.

Then, she fell back over. Dana took advantage of Sara's weakening
strength and flipped her over on her back. She then began putting
everything she had into licking Sara's pussy. The one trip Sara had taken
to The Chair had weakened her self-control. She found herself laying
there, letting herself be licked.

Dana got on all fours, putting all her strength into her tongue. She
stuck her tongue in Sara's pussy are far as she could, pulled it out and
sucked her clit. Sara just laid there and moaned, "Ohhhh...feeeels toooo
goood...don't stop..."

Her breathing sped up and she began to realize she was about to lose,
"Ugh...(pant)...(pant)...No! Stoooooooo--!" It was too late. Sara bucked
against Dana's smiling face as she came hard. She convulsed and her toes
curled, then collapsed.

Dana stood up and raised her hands triumphantly. Jeff came up behind
her and held her hand up high, "Looks like we have a winner! Dana! You
will be our next...FUCKBUNNY!!!!" The crowd exploded with cheering.

Dana's face dropped, "Wha--?"

"That's right. You've proven that you have what it takes. Please step
up to The Chair." He began to pull her toward The Chair.

"But I won..." She planted her feet on the ground as she was dragged
toward the horrible machine. "I won! I won the game!" she yelled, getting

Jeff just smiled at her, "Now, Dana. I never said that you'd win if you
brought Sara to orgasm. I just said the game would be over, then we'd know
who should win the money, and who should be the fuckbunny."

Dana looked terrified, "No! You can't do this!" The two big men came
back onstage and helped drag Dana to The Chair.

"What do you mean?" Jeff answered proudly, "We can do anything on...You
Bet Your Brain!" His teeth sparkled for the camera as Dana was placed in
The Chair and strapped in. "Anyone that would eat a woman out for money is
definitely a good candidate for a fuckbunny! Don't you agree audience?"
The crowd yelled with glee in approval.

Fear coursed through Dana's veins as the helmet was attached to her
head. Jeff then stepped over to the giant switch and asked the crowd to
countdown with him. Dana looked around horrified as the huge audience
happily counted down to her demise. She looked at Sara, laying on the
ground. Then, the switch was thrown...

"Noooooooo!!!" she yelled. She could feel her intelligence dropped as
her head became lighter and lighter. "I don't want to be a

She screamed and screamed, but the crowd just fed off this and chanted
"Lo-wer! Lo-wer!"

She began to feel the effects of The Chair as her IQ passed 100. "Dana
feels weird! Make it stop!" She rounded 90 points and continued pleading
for what intelligence she had left. "No dumber...Dana no dumber!!!"

Lower and lower...

"Dana smart! Know lots!!!"

Dumber and dumber...

"Dana win game....<giggle>" A smile began to form on her face as she
began to feel...much happier. "Hee hee...Dana dummy now..."

Finally, Jeff threw the switch back, stopping at 69 points. The
giggling Dana was unhooked from the machine and led over to Jeff. "Well,
Dana, how do you feel now?"

She giggled and smiled for the camera, "Like, totally gooder! Dana want
cock now! Hee hee!"

Jeff laughed along with the audience, Dana even joined them in laughing
at herself. Sara joined them, looking at Dana, "Thanks for the nice cum,

"Like, no problem! Dana loves pussy!"

Jeff put his arms around the two women and looked to the women, "Well,
Dana, looks like you lost our game, but don't still win our
fabulous prize. Steve...tell her what she's won!"

A deep voice came over the intercom and as a picture of a beach resort
flashed up on the tv monitor, "Dana, you'll be spending the rest of your
days at Fuckbunny Beach Resort. There you will service the customers daily
and get gawked at while you walk around in you revealing uniform..." A
woman in a skimpy black bathing suit was shown walked across the beach with
a tray of drinks in her hand.

Dana giggled and cooed as she watched what the rest of her life would
be. She was then led away as Jeff and Sara were left alone on stage.

Jeff put his arm around Sara's waist and began to congratulate her on
her victory. "So, Sara, you started off a little shaky, but she seemed to
have pulled yourself together and come out victorious! How does it feel!?"

"Well, Jeff, I knew all along that my intelligence would surpass
everyone else's and get me that money--." Sara's speech was cut off by a
stagehand walking up to Jeff and whispering something in his ear. She
curiously watched Jeff's expression shift from one of concern to a slowly
growing smile, then he looked at her with a strange look in his eye.
"What? What is it?"

Jeff turned to the crowd, "Ladies and gentlemen, I have just been
informed that our judges have detected a bit of a problem for our winner
here. Let's look at the replay..." Jeff and Sara looked up along with the
rest of the audience and watched as a replay of the Face Off showed up on
the monitor. It showed a video of Dana on her back, with Sara's face in
her cunt. Then the crowd watched as Dana pushed Sara backward. In slow
motion, a close up of Sara's arm showed it touch the ground outside the
ring and then pulled back in.

A simultaneous 'gasp' went through the audience as Jeff turned back
around. "So, it looks like we have two losers here on You Bet Your Brain
tonight." He turned back toward Sara and sympathetically said, "I'm very
sorry Sara."

Sara was confused as she watched two men approaching her from behind
Jeff. "W-what? What do you mean? What's happening?"


Sara giggled happily as she handed the man his martini in his lounge
chair. The umbrella shaded them from the hot sun as the sound of waves
crashing rang out behind them. "Like, here you go Mister!" She giggled
again and skipped back to the bar, her bathing suit barely staying on.

Dana was sitting on a stool at the bar, flirting with two other
customers, "Oh, like, stop it! Hee hee! My tits aren't that big..."

She and Sara had been required to undergo a total image transformation
to go along with their tiny intelligence. They each had dyed jobs done to
their hair to where they were now platinum blondes. Their tits had been
increased several cup sizes so they attracted attention from everyone on
the beach. Their bathing suit were always hanging on for dear life while
they walked and bounced their tits.

Most of their days involved prancing around the beach, flirting with all
the guests their. They giggled when someone used a big words and always
seemed to be drifting off when you tried to talk with them about anything
other than sex. At night, they made their rounds to the rooms and always
showed their guests a good time.

Mia came walking down the stairs in her see-thru black lingerie, "Mia
done dusting now. You want pussy lick?"

Her new owner nodded and smiled while Mia pranced over to her, got on
her knees and ate her out while she watched TV. Mia had been living here
in New York with her new owner, Kira, for a while now. She no longer
remembered her past life, or how she ended up here. All she knew was that
she loved her new owner and she loved doing what she told her to do!

So, all in all, everyone became a winner on You Bet Your Brain! After
playing the game, the girls never cared too much for money anymore. They
became much happier and lived their lives as fuckbunnys forever!


Hope everyone liked the story! E-mail me any comments or criticism!


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