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You Ought to be in Pictures

Keywords: MF, rom
Part: 1 of 1
Author: Knave of Hearts
Title: You 'Ought to be in Pictures

1993 2000 Knave of Hearts

Edward and Rene, home one rainy weekend, were bored and horny.
Edward came into the living room with a Polaroid camera. "Why
don't we make a photo album?" he said.

He and Rene adjourned to the family room. After adjusting the
lights to brighten the room, Edward directed Rene's poses. She
began fully dressed, lounging on the couch and progressed with a
slow, sensual strip-tease. Opening her shirt, button by button,
Rene languidly removed her shirt and bra. Pinching her erect
nipples, her hands lingered over her pant's buttons.

Finally pulling her pants and panties off, Rene laid back on the
couch. At Edward's insistence, she spread her legs. Her hands
caressed her smooth pussy. They played with the tuft of curly
red pubic hair. Looking directly into the camera, Renee
masturbated for her husband. Edward made sure that the camera
recorded every move as his wife's back arched in ecstasy.

As her orgasm subsided, Rene crossed the room toward Edward.
"It's your turn," she said. Edward moved over to the couch.
Pulling of his shirt, Edward's hands roamed over his chest and
stomach. Touching his sensitive nipples, Edward provocatively
looked into the camera. Standing slowly, he posed for the
camera, showing off the lump in his pants.

Removing his pants and boxer shorts, Edward returned to the
couch. Stroking his long, thick cock, Edward masturbated for the
camera. Already aroused by Rene's performance, Edward came

"Let's make a movie," Edward said as he wiped his dick with a
tissue. Rising from the couch, Edward set up the camcorder and
VCR. Using the tv as a monitor, he set up a tripod and aimed the
camera at the couch.

Sitting on the couch with Rene, Edward guided her head to his
crotch. Edward watched Rene's TV-image suck his cock on the TV.
Not wanting to come too soon, he stopped Rene from licking his

Edward unfolded the couch. He laid Rene on the couch, orienting
the camera so that the monitor proudly displayed her nude body.
He took the camera from the tripod and slowly panned over her
body. Touching her, caressing her, Edward made close-ups of
various parts of Rene's increasing aroused body.

Replacing the camera on the tripod, Edward zoomed in on Rene's
pussy. He propped her head up with a pillow so that she could
watch the TV. Making sure that the camera had unobstructed view
of Rene's wet cunt, Edward slowly licked and teased her. Rene's
clit was swollen and erect. Placing his mouth at the top of her
slit, Edward sucked Rene's clit. Rene's hips ground against his
mouth as Edward inserted his finger into her hole. The
combination of finger-fucking and pussy-licking sent her over the
edge. Her muscles clamped down on his fingers as she came.

His cock sticking straight out, Edward refocused the camera on
Rene's face. Moving beside her, he stuck his cock into her face.
Rene gladly took the cock's purple head into her mouth and sucked
on it like a large cherry. Turning her head slightly, Rene
flicked her tongue along the length of his cock. Raising his
head to watch the TV, Edward saw Rene suck his balls. Edward

He got up from the couch and moved the tripod to Rene's head. He
focused the camera so that it covered her entire body. Returning
to Rene's crotch, he spread her legs and placed his cock inside
her. Moving so that the camera filmed his slow penetration,
Edward fucked his wife. He exaggerated his every movement,
sliding his cock deep inside Rene. Edward fucked her deep and
hard, the way she liked it.

Involuntarily picking up the pace, Edward slammed his cock into
Rene. Rene, ready to come again, cried, "Fuck me deep. Baby
likes it deep." Her legs clenched around Edward's torso. His
hands squeezed her ass. He used his grasp to drive Rene on to
his cock. Finally, both Rene and Edward climaxed in a searing

Originally written 13 June 1993
Modified 20 October 1998
(c) William J. Adams, 1998
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