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Archived Sex Stories

Young Sorceress Part Two


Disclaimer: The standard... under 18 - scram.

Author's Note: Originally, I had no intention of ever writing a sequel
to this story but never before had so many readers written to voice how
upset they were that I left it the way I did... so, for the readers that
urged me to write the sequel, here you go... for the ones that loved it
the way it stood - here's even more.

young Sorceress, Part Two (The Conclusion) by JR Parz

The Sorcerer yawned while reading the final paragraph of the book...and
then slammed the cover shut in frustration... this had become a real
bore... not to mention exhausting. He leaned back in his chair and
stretched... he felt sore and noted his body was feeling old. How he
looked forward to retiring.

Like he had been doing for the past year, he was searching for some sort
of loophole in Laura's curse... and again he found 'nada'. Could his old mentor have been senile when he told him that there wasn't a curse in
existence that couldn't be broken? If not, then how come after reading
several hundred books on the 'Black Arts' he couldn't even find a

The Sorcerer decided to call it a night and close shop and as he made
his way to the front of the store, he reflected on his former apprentice,
Laura. She was both powerful and pure... perfect to replace him. He
remembered how indifferent she had acted towards him the last time she was
in the shop... it saddened him. He had no doubt the old Laura was buried
deep inside that pretty shell of hers and wondered if she'd ever surface
again. Had it really been a year since her transformation and enslavement?
"Damn rules." He muttered aloud. The rules prevented intervention and
enabled a low-grade witch to flaunt his former apprentice before him. He
did have to hand it to Serena Templar, she did know her Black Magic... it
was always the 'wannabes' that were the most dangerous... and now Laura
was paying the ultimate price. He had been a fool to think that his prize
pupil could resist the allure of Black Magic when it had taken him years of

Just as he was about to reach the door it swung open and a couple, who
looked maybe late thirties, walked in. The man was tall... slightly
taller than his own 6' frame and he looked concerned... the woman looked
like she'd been crying.

"How can I help you?" he asked, with genuine concern.

"I'm sorry to bother you Sir... but Laura's aunt recommended we talk to
you... it's very important." The man responded.

"Oh... what is it?"

"It's our daughter, Danielle. She went to a Birthday party for Laura
this past weekend and hasn't returned." The man replied.

"Interesting." The Sorcerer remarked, remembering Danielle.

"The party was held at Miss Templar's residence on the edge of town."
The woman added.

"She was only supposed to spend the weekend but it's been a week... it
really isn't like her." the father added.

The Sorcerer contemplated for a few seconds... Would this be enough to
justify intervention? Certainly black magic had to be responsible for
Danielle's new disposition. Quickly, his mind scanned a list of the
experts in this field and then he smiled when he remembered the old wizard.
"You did right to come to me... I'm sure Danielle is fine and I promise
I'll get her back."

"Is there anything we can do?" Danielle's father asked.

"Nothing but wait and try to be patient... these things can sometimes
take awhile."

"Thank you Sir. I've never been a believer in the supernatural but I'm
also not stupid... the last thing I wanted to do was barge in there and
really mess things up." The father replied, extending his arm out to shake
hands with him. The woman nodded her head and then they left.


Serena paced back in forth between the girls. Both of them stood there
at attention, eyes forward...and looking incredibly hot in their nudity.
"Look at the two of you... here you are the two most beautiful creatures
on Earth and you look like Hell." Serena stated. "...Not to mention how
messy this place looks! You have responsibilities! You fuck after your

Laura was blonde and Danielle brunette... their long hair hung all the
way down past the crack of her ass... they epitomized erotic innocence.

"Now Laura... I gave Danielle to you as a present... do you want me to
take her back?"

"No Goddess." Laura replied in subservience. Her eyes watered and
Serena could tell from the pitching of her breasts that she was trying to
hold back a sob.

"Now, I realize you two are new in this relationship but that's still no
excuse. Danielle needs discipline... and you could exert a little
yourself... I'm holding you responsible, understood?"

"Yes Goddess." Laura replied, clearly perking up at her second chance.

"Okay... leave now." Serena stated and then watched the sway of their
lovely behinds as they left the room. They were precious... and both
caught up in a lust for one another that neither one of them could resist.

Serena walked over to the window to look out. The sun was shining and
the weather was nice. She reflected on the last time she partook in an
outside fuck and an image of a man appeared... he'd been a construction
worker with a rock hard body. Serena felt the stirrings of arousal while
she reflected on his 'staying' power. She visualized his thick cock
pumping in and out of her and it made her 'wet'.


"In addition to being stuck with this form, there's a lot of side
effects and a curse to deal with... are you sure it's worth it?" The
Wizard asked while reading over the spell.

"I don't see where I have much of a choice, do you?" The Sorcerer
responded. 'As long as it works' he thought with conviction.

"You could wait until you find a better solution... or look for a new

"Those aren't options." The Sorcerer replied, a little frustrated.

"Well, I'm ready when you are."

The Sorcerer nodded his head and moved to the center of the room...
given he didn't have anything underneath his robe he didn't have to strip.
Raising his arms above his head, he began the incantation... with the
Wizard joining in. "Misa... Vesul... Remor... Talto." they chanted,
over and over again, until a blinding flash of light suddenly appeared,
quickly engulfing the Sorcerer... and when the light faded, the Wizard

"Did it work?" The Sorcerer asked and then put his hands up to his
throat at hearing his new deeper voice.

"Fair to say." The Wizard replied, grinning.


Laura moaned while Danielle's supernaturally enhanced tongue played all
along her clit.

They had been forced to finish their chores before 'playing' and the day
had been long and hard for both of them. "Oh God, Dani... that... that
tongue of yours is driving me wild." Laura groaned.

They were in the bathtub and Laura couldn't help from splashing water
all over the place while her body bounced up and down in the tub. Danielle
responded by redoubling her efforts and only when Laura cried out with an
orgasm did she come up for air.

"Did you enjoy that Mistress?" Danielle asked with a huge grin on her
face...not to mention a smear of cum on her upper lip.

Laura was too wiped out to move and smiled back at her.

"Mistress... would you like me to wash you now." Danielle asked,
sounding innocent and in love.

"Where do you get the energy?" Laura whispered dazed-like...and giggled.


'Good, it's crowded.' Serena grinned as she headed towards the bar. She
was dressed in tight jeans and a burgundy blouse... the blouse was tied in
a knot just above her pierced belly button and she looked incredibly 'hot'.
It was also obvious from the way her nipples poked against the material
that she wasn't wearing a bra.

Slowly, she scanned the crowd, taking her time to look at each and
everyone in the place. She stopped momentarily when her eyes settled on a
beautiful blonde girl... if she were looking for 'pussy' she'd be the one,
but she didn't want a girl tonight, she wanted a hard cock.

Serena continued to look and then stopped when she came to the corner
table. The man looked late twenties and was dressed expensive... at the
moment he was talking to a beautiful red head... She considered
mesmerizing the both of them but then decided against it. She wanted him
all to herself.

Serena remembered the day when she thought her beauty alone was enough
to ensnare her would be lovers... but too many rejections from married men and heterosexual women prompted her to have Laura enhance her emerald green
eyes and give them hypnotic qualities. Now, all it took to control their
minds was to make eye contact.

"May I buy you a drink." A deep voice surprised her from behind.

Serena spun around and gasped... the man was devastatingly
handsome...and ever so huge! He had to stand all of 6'5" and was built
solid! Without willing it her eyes slid down to his large bulge below.
"My, aren't you a big one." She whispered aloud and then shook her head
'yes' to the drink.

"Yes, I'm very 'big'." The man responded with a grin.

Serena's eyes sparkled at his intended pun and rather than be annoyed at
his cockiness, she instead felt turned on by it and could actually feel
herself lubricating.

"What are you drinking?" the man asked.

"Whatever you are." Serena replied, finding herself strangely responsive
to this role reversal.

The man raised his hand, which immediately drew the attention of the
barkeep. "A Manhattan Ice tea." He said in a deep voice and then turned
his attention back to her. "You sure are pretty." He commented with a
grin...and then added. "I bet you have a hot tail, don't you?"

Serena blushed, not prepared mentally to be on the receiving end of a
seduction... but physically becoming increasingly aroused. "I bet we may
find out... my name is Serena."

The man paid for the drink and handed it to her. "My name is Cal...
I'm 25, never been married, and love to fuck beautiful bitches that look
like you."

Serena blushed again... never had a man been able to elicit feelings of
this intensity in her before... she had to grab the upper hand or he'd be
calling all the shots. "That's fine... I'm also 25 and love to fuck
beautiful females, too."

"Fucking 'A'! I love to watch two beautiful gals attacking each other's
pussies... first you prime each other up and then I fuck the hell out of
the both of you." The man grinned.

'So much for the upper hand.' Serena thought to herself and whispered.
"It's suddenly too crowded in here."

"Would you like a gal to join us?" the man asked. "Go ahead and pick
anyone you want... there isn't a bitch alive that can turn me down."

Serena was beginning to believe this. "No. Not tonight... tonight...
tonight I want you all to myself." She responded and then they headed
towards the exit.


The former Sorcerer had banked on Serena hitting this bar... but was
surprised to see her here on his first night. He was no longer a sorcerer
now and the body he wore was human... He epitomized male perfection now...
6'5" of pure muscle and a thick long cock. In order to free Laura, he'd
have to seduce Serena and between his new look and a few other added
features, he was confident he could do it. He also knew that if the witch
detected anything remiss about him... or if he made one wrong move...
then he could easily be transformed into her boy toy.

His mission was to deliver the curse, which meant he had to fuck Serena
in all three holes. Her mouth, her pussy and her asshole... It didn't
matter which order as long as he filled each of her holes with cum. Only
then would Serena be fall under the effects of the sexual obsession curse.
Once this happened, he'd then be able to get Laura and Danielle out of her
house and under the protection of the Wizard.

In order to 'enable' the spell, he had to give up his life as a
sorcerer... and live a human life under the name of Cal Thornton. He was
a stud now, build for attracting the opposite sex... with a side effect
which caused him to crave 'pussy'. Thanks to his added attributes, no
female could resist him. It didn't matter whether they were married, a
lesbian or whatever... once a girl breathed in his pheromone-laced scent,
she'd need him.

Cal escorted the very beautiful Serena out to the parking lot and the
moment they cleared the building he spun her around to really look at her.
His frank appraisal of her charms made her blush while he twisted her
around to check out her behind. When he spun her back, he smirked... he
could tell her eyes had been supernaturally enhanced... fortunately, he
wore special lenses to block their hypnotic pull. Cal then moved his mouth
down and crushed their lips together... when he finished kissing her she
was literally panting with 'need'.

Cal led her over in between two cars and then forced her down to the
ground in front of him. He could feel himself hardening as she looked up
at his huge bulge and when she tentatively caressed him, he responded.
"Feel free to take me out for a look-see."

Serena quickly complied and when she released his throbbing member she
gasped. "You're so big... and thick!"

"Well, now that you have it out, you might as well..." He started to
reply but Serena didn't give him a chance to finish as she moved her mouth
over the 'head' of him.


Never had Serena ever felt so desperate... so hungry... so incredibly
'wet' for a man before... she slid her tongue down one side of his shaft,
and then up the other side... before beginning to suck on his large
mushroom-shaped knob. The more she sucked and licked, the hungrier she
became... amazed at how obsessed she felt.

"Fucking AAAAAAAAAAA" the man groaned while he pumped large globs of cum against the back of her throat as she swallowed and swallowed and
swallowed, drinking every drop of him... Never had she'd been so hungry
for cum as she was for his... never had she'd been so 'wet' as she was
now... never had a man made her feel so... so FEMALE as she felt now.

Serena was on her last few licks of cleaning him up when she felt him
petting the top of her head. The act should have angered her, but instead
a wonderful feeling of belonging washed over her. She looked up at him and
whispered. "Let's go back to my place."

"I'd imagine that pretty snatch of yours is pretty heated up about
now... and those panties of yours must be soaked." the man chuckled while
zipping up his pants. Serena lifted herself up off her knees and stood up
on shaky legs. Despite his condescending ways, he still didn't anger her
because now more than anything, she wanted to fuck. "Please, let's leave."
She pleaded.

"Well pretty lady... as much as I'd like to, we can't tonight... How
about we meet again tomorrow night?"

Serena was stunned. Was this man actually turning down a chance to fuck
her? This couldn't be! "But...but I need you NOW!" Serena replied...
feeling a strange fear all of a sudden.

"Tomorrow... we'll meet right inside the bar... around the same time."

Serena stood in shock as the man turned around and headed towards his
car. 'He's actually leaving?' She thought...feeling stranger by the
minute. 'This can't be happening.' The man then pulled out of the parking
lot and drove away. 'This isn't fair!' she screamed inside her mind. 'Why
didn't my eyes work?' She wanted to cry. Serena headed towards her own
car, knowing that there wasn't anyone inside the bar that could help her.


Serena woke the next morning with a start... then licked her lips...
the taste of him still teased her taste buds. She still couldn't get over
how powerfully attracted she felt towards this man...and how incredibly
helpless she felt around him. Quickly, she summoned Laura and instructed
her to bring Danielle with her... both girls arrived naked and smiling...
Serena merely opened her legs and pointed.

Laura and Danielle licked and lapped, eliciting one orgasm after
another... but the orgasms were small when comparison to the way she felt
last night. Frustration set in, so she kicked the girls out of her room
and instead masturbated, while fantasizing of him... but still it wasn't
enough. Why didn't she think to get his phone number? Naked, and looking
worn, she got up off the bed and walked to her special room... and
summoned Laura.

"Can you locate a man named Cal for me?" She asked.D

"If we have something personal of his, yes." Laura replied with a smile.

"Hell, I could do that myself... I'm talking about locating him with
only his first name." Serena replied, desperate for this to work.

Laura frowned for a second and the closed her eyes... moments later.
"I'm sorry Goddess... I cannot locate him."

"Leave me."

"I'm sorry Goddess." Laura replied all teary-eyed... then left the

Serena remembered Cal telling her that he'd be at the bar again
tonight...and now it didn't look like she'd have any choice but to meet him
there. She hated feeling so sexually dependent on a man... it went
against her grain... but there was no denying her 'need'... nor resisting
it. 'Why didn't her eyes work' she continued to wonder... was he immune?


Cal fondled one girl's lovely 'tush' while talking to another... both
incredibly attractive and at the moment incredibly horny for him. They
were college roommates and although neither one of them had ever
entertained the thought of sharing a sexual experience together, they
blushed at how eager they were to share one with him. Cal leaned down to
capture the blonde's mouth and proceeded to French kiss her... the other
girl wrapped her arms around him just to be close to him. Just as he was
breaking off the kiss, he spotted Serena walk into the bar... she was
dressed in a short, very tight, black leather skirt with a slit running
down both sides... and a tight blue shirt that accentuated her ample
boobs. She looked 'hot' but he could also see where she was clearly fidgety
and nervous. He chuckled. He wondered if the college girls were making
her jealous.

" Where's my kiss?" the neglected girl asked, interrupting his
thoughts... Cal could see where she looked like she was about to cry.

"I'm sorry... momentarily distracted." He grinned, and then proceeded
to kiss the brunette. She tasted as equally nice and he could feel his
member straining against his pants. The blonde must have been looking
because she suddenly moved in to cup his groin.

"Can I talk to you?" a soft sexy voice interrupted from behind.

Cal broke the kiss off and turned to see Serena, standing there with her
hands on her hips, glaring. "Sure pretty lady." He replied and then turned
to the girls. "Why don't you two go sit down... I'll be right with you."

Both girls pouted and then sent 'dagger' looks towards Serena... but
they did what they were told.

Cal led Serena over to the bar where they took a seat. "Now, what has
you so rattled, pretty lady."

"I... I thought we had a... had a date... I... didn't we... didn't
you... last night... don't you remember?" Serena stammered, sounding
downright pathetic.

"Sure do... you're too incredible a piece of ass to forget." Cal
smirked, enjoying the desperation in her voice.

"Then how come... then what are you doing with those two?"

"Oh... I have a weakness for college coeds."

"Dump them." Serena stated.

"I promised these gals a little action tonight... I'm not sure I can
just dump them." Cal responded, enjoying the hell out of this.


Serena couldn't help it as her eyes were constantly drawn down to Cal's
groin area... she was so damn in 'need' for him that she was losing it.
'Why isn't he reacting to my eyes?' she continued to ask herself. 'How
come she acted like some lovesick schoolgirl in heat?' She blushed. Then
it 'hit' her... a warlock! But how could he be? Wouldn't she have
detected it? "I... I don't mind sharing you tonight... can we make it a

"Well, I'm certainly up for it but these gals may have something else in
mind." Cal replied.

"What if I talk to them and convince them how beautiful it would be?"
Serena asked.

"Well... okay... but if the girls say 'no', we'll have to work out
another arrangement."

"The girls won't say 'no'." Serena replied and then headed towards their

At first the girls were reluctant to talk to her, but Serena poured on
her charm coupled with her hypnotic powers and soon the girls were nodding
their heads like puppets. Serena ordered them to cause a scene and storm
out the bar and like good little girls they did as commanded.

"What happened?" Cal asked after seeing the girls storm out the door.

"They didn't like my idea... I guess they were pissed off at you for
allowing me to ask them... they said if you couldn't do it with just them,
then you wouldn't be allowed to touch them at all." Serena lied...and then
reached up and planted a kiss on Cal's lips... the contact of their lips
sent a greater 'need' in her.

Cal broke off the kiss and smirked. "Interesting... first time I've
ever been rejected. Well, it looks like it's you and me kid, unless of
course you want to replace those gals with another couple of young fillies." Cal replied, while looking around.

"No. Ah... I have a couple of girls at home that could join us... if
we're in the mood that is." Serena quickly replied, feeling a rush of
anticipated pleasure. She was pleased with her work... she might not be
able to control Cal with her eyes, but she certainly controlled the college girls.

"Then lets get out of here pretty lady, and go back to your place."


As soon as Serena led Cal into her house, he quickly 'swooped' her up in
his arms and carried her towards the bedrooms. She didn't even realize
that he was opening up Laura's room until she saw Danielle and Laura
lapping at one another on the bed. They were much too busy to notice them.

"Are these the gals?" Cal asked with a grin. His voice drew the
attention of the girls, who momentarily stopped to look at him. They did
so with a mixture of shock and arousal.

"Maybe later." Serena replied, not wanting to share at the moment. "My
room is down the hall."

Cal backed out of the room and went down the hallway to hers... once
inside, he tossed her on the bed. "Get those clothes off." He commanded.

Serena quickly stripped out of her clothes and beamed when she saw Cal
doing the same. She'd never seen a more attractive man in her life and as
he climbed on the bed and looked down at her, she cried out with 'need.'

"Get on all fours... I like taking my horny bitches 'doggy style' the
first time." He proclaimed.

Serena was too caught up in the moment to argue and quickly raised to
her knees, and moved around to present her ass in compliance. She then
arched her back and thrust up her mound in offering while she continued to
whimper with 'need'. There was something about the man that made her feel
so passive that she would have done anything he commanded in order to feel
him inside of her. "Fuck me!" she cried out... Wishing he'd hurry.

A mere second later she felt the shifting of the weight on the bed and
then his hands reposition her just right... then he penetrated her with
all ten inches of him eliciting a squeal. He thrust in and out of her...
harder and harder... "Oh God, oh God, oh God." She cried over and over
again. Harder and faster he rammed into her until he shot a thick stream
of cum deep down inside of her... then rode her own orgasm before
collapsing on the bed.


"Goddess must have herself a great lover." Laura whispered. The girls were curled spoon-like, drifting towards sleep.

Danielle cupped Laura's hefty tit and gave it a squeeze. "Has the
Goddess made my Mistress horny again?"

Laura giggled in response. "I'm always horny... just like you... it's
that man... there's something very different about him... did you

"Yes Mistress." Danielle replied. The lingering scent of the man still
permeated the air. "Something about the way he smelled."

"Yeah... so animal like... so strong... I... I want him." Laura

"Yes Mistress... I find myself attracted to his smell, too." Danielle
responded... blushing. It was the first time a man made her feel this

"Maybe my Goddess will have me join her." Laura stated with hope.

Danielle didn't comment, but silently hoped that she'd be asked to join


"One more hole to fill." Cal stated...while taking a glob from Serena's
well lubricated pussy to smear it on her asshole.

"Wait... I... I never let a man do that to me." Serena whispered,
unable to muster much of a struggle.

Cal grinned. "No time like the first... but don't fret pretty lady...
I'm going to make sure you're heated up real hot before I have you
squealing like a pig."

"No. Please don't... I'm not into that." Serena replied, getting

"You won't be... I'll be... and you don't have a choice pretty lady."

"But..." Serena tried to say before getting cut off. Cal grabbed
Serena's ankles and then positioned pillows underneath her very wet pussy until her rump was positioned perfectly... then he entered her virgin ass
with two of his fingers.

"No!" Serena cried out, as her ass twitched away from him.

"You have a pretty little hole... and before I'm done I'm going to have
it stretched nice and big." He replied in a firm voice.

Serena groaned while continuing to twist away, but his new body was big
and powerful and he easily restrained her. Slowly, he moved his cock to
her puckered opening eliciting more resistance. "Oh God... No!" Serena

Cal responded by thrusting all of himself into her and didn't stop until
his 'head' hit her back-wall.

"Unnnggghhhhhh. You're too big!" she screamed.

"Then I'll take it out." He replied and started to withdraw... but no
sooner had he started to do this, Serena moved her backside with him in
order to keep him inside of her. "Please don't! I mean... I want you! I
want you to fuck my asshole! Please fuck me... fuck me hard!" she cried
with her new 'need'.

Her apprehension and fear was no match for his pheromones... and what
little pain and discomfort she might have felt from the earlier penetration
were quickly forgotten in her new feelings of 'need'. Cal rammed his cock
back into Serena's asshole and began thrusting in and out of her. She
cried out at the top of her lungs while waves on top of waves of pure
ecstasy washed over her and then he flooding her asshole with more of his

"You're mine now." He stated... but Serena had already passed out and
didn't hear him.


Serena didn't know it at the time... but she was dreaming when Cal
ripped off her black leather mini-skirt and thong panties before pinning
her hard up against the wall. She could clearly hear his zipper slide down
while he cupped her very wet mound. Then she cried out with pleasure as he
rammed into her. "Harder! Harder!" she cried at the top of her lungs.
She WOKE to find her fingers buried deep inside her pussy and 'needing' Cal
more than ever before.


"Don't get too careless." The Wizard commented to his former colleague.

"She's putty in my hands... even before the curse was inside her." Cal

"She still has control of Laura and I'd be surprised if she wasn't
trying to come up with a spell for you." The Wizard added.

"Other than my seed... which is already cursed... she doesn't have
anything that she can use to make a spell personal. I'm still calling the

"Well... just remember that Laura and Danielle need to be here with me
before they'll be safe from Serena."

"I won't forget... trust me." Cal whispered with determination.


"Why can't you locate him!?!" Serena cried out, obviously the
frustration was getting the better of her.

"I'm sorry Goddess... I'm sorry." Laura cried... wishing there were
something she could do. She had never seen her Goddess so upset and she
didn't know what to do.

"I need him... I need you to cast a spell on him... can you set
something up where it triggers once he enters the house?"

Laura thought for a few seconds. "I can set up something where the
first person that enters the house falls madly in love with you... but
that kind of spell is relentless and can't be reversed."

"Why would I care about reversing it?"

"What if he isn't the person that enters?"

"Their problem."

"Yes Goddess."

"Set it up the second I leave tonight."

"Yes Goddess."


Serena took another long look at herself in the mirror... she was
wearing her sexiest dress... which looked molded to her body. Never in
her life had she felt like this... was this what it felt like to be truly
in love? Her pussy throbbed and her tits hurt. Her nipples were rock hard
and had yet to soften since she woke this morning. She was 'wetter' than
she'd ever been before in her life and she had to change her thong panties four times already. Never had she been hungrier for someone in her life
and she didn't understand why. Nor did she understand her obsession with
his cock and only his cock... the thought of sex with Laura and Danielle
didn't seem to interest her anymore.


Cal was sitting down at the table... waiting for Serena to walk in. A
raven-haired beauty was trying to strike up a conversation with him from
the next table... but despite her gorgeous looks, he wanted to focus on
Serena and that meant he couldn't be distracted. When Serena finally
arrived, he was impressed. Obviously, she dressed for him. Cal waved his
hand to have her join him.

"Hi." She greeted him... then leaned over to try kissing him.

"Ah... wait." He stated. Moving his head away. Cal didn't trust that
the kiss wouldn't activate some sort of spell.

"What... what is it... I thought we... don't we have something?" she

"I want you Serena... but I want you exclusively." He stated in a firm

"What? You do... I'm yours." She beamed.

"This means saying goodbye to the gals you have staying with you." He

"But... but why?"

"Because I said so."

"I... I thought you liked multiple partners."

"If I'm in the mood for more than you... I'll pick up my own gals."

"But Laura and Danielle are so beautiful... and they're my maids."

"Loose them or loose me." Cal demanded...and watched as Serena's face
took on a confused look.

"But that's not fair... I... I need Laura... she's been with me for a
year now. I... I'll send Danielle away, just let me keep Laura." Serena
started to cry.

"Then we have nothing to say to each other... get lost."

Serena's face lit up in fear.

"You heard me... scram." Cal stated again.

Serena slowly stood up trying and failing to hold back her tears.
"I...I love Laura... I promise I won't have sex with her... we'll be like
sisters... I promise... just let me keep her."

"Loose them both or leave."

"Damn you!" she screamed, drawing the attention of some of the other
patrons. "Okay! Okay... I'll... I'll send them packing tomorrow."


"You can't be serious."

"I said NOW."

"It's almost 10:00 o'clock at night!"

"I don't give a shit how late it is... you want my cock, get rid of
them, NOW."

Cal reached into his pocket and pulled out a cell-phone. He punched in
a number. "Yeah... send someone over to 666 Eye of Serpent Avenue...
there's two teenaged gals ready to be taken home."

Cal then handed the phone to Serena. "Now call your ex-gals... tell
them to be ready to be picked up by a cab."

"Why are you doing this to me?" Serena asked, sniffling, as she began to
punch her number.

"They're teens for Christ-sakes! Too fucking young! I can see how you
treat them... you turned them into slaves." He exclaimed.

Serena was visibly shaken as she commanded Laura to gather her
belongings and have Danielle do the same. "A Cab will be picking you up
real soon." She finalized and then turned the phone off.

"Now what?" Serena asked as she handed him back the phone.

"Now we drink and have a good time... then we go back to 'our' place
and fuck."

Serena beamed despite it all.


The Wizard sat outside in the cab, waiting for the girls to come out.
It took only a minute to convince the Cab Company to lend him a cab...
mortals were so easy to influence. There they were... knockouts, both of
them. They looked scared and confused as they climbed into the backseat
and he could see in the rearview mirror that Laura had been crying.

Talto... Remor... Vesul... Misia." The Wizard began to chant, boring
into both of the girls. Over and over he chanted... focusing and
concentrating the whole time... and when he looked back in the mirror
again, both girls were in a deep sleep.


Serena came every time Cal rubbed his hand against her crotch... if it
weren't for the noise of the music the entire place would have known she
was getting off.

"Let's take a rest." Cal stated and led her off the floor back to the
table. When they took their seats he pulled out his phone. "Do you have
them?" he asked the person on the other end of the phone.

"Great. Are they all right?"

Serena was confused... what was he talking about? Who was he talking
to? Who was this man?

"She's with me now."

"Back to her place and fuck... you know my condition."

"Laura's with you now... nothing to worry about."


Cal turned the phone off and smiled. Serena shook her head in shock.
"Who... who are you?"

"Your Lord and Master... that doesn't change."

"Did the Sorcerer put you up to this?"

"Serena dear... I'm surprised at you."

Serena thought for a second and then her eyes lit up. "You... but
how... I should have known." Thinking that she should have detected his
powers. "You can't... the rules!" she cried.

"Your downfall is when you enslaved Danielle... that little move cost

"But she wasn't enslaved for me... she was enslaved for Laura."

"I guess you don't know all the ins and outs of these rules, do you?"

"But how come I didn't know you were the sorcerer?" Serena asked still

"Because I'm not... I'm very mortal now."

"You gave up all your power?" Serena asked in shock.


"Where are Laura and Danielle?"

"They're with a Wizard friend of mine, who will be releasing them from
your spell."

"It won't work... that spell can't be reversed."

"The mental portions can be..."

"But what about me?"

"I'm horny, let's go back to your place."


"That bitch!" Laura screamed at the top of her lungs. "She stole a
whole year from my life!"

"Calm down Laura... just be happy it's over." The Wizard replied.

"Not completely, look at me... and look at Danielle." Laura gestured
with a wave of her hand.

"You both keep your very beautiful curvaceous bodies... is that the
worst thing that could have happened to you?"

"I suppose not..." Laura replied... then turned to Danielle. "Are you
alright with this?"

"Are you kidding." Danielle replied with a grin... still looking at her
self in the mirror.

"What about condition?" Laura asked with a blush.

"You mean your supernaturally enhanced libidos?" The Wizard chuckled.

"Yeah... I can't believe how horny I feel." Danielle interrupted.

"Nothing can be done about it... you'll have to quench that on your
own." The Wizard replied.

"When is the Sorcerer getting back?" Laura asked.

"Soon, I would think... but remember, he's Cal now. Just a mortal

"I may have not been able to control my actions and feelings while I was
under Serena's enchantment... but I remember quite vividly what the
Sorcerer looks like now and I know exactly how I'm going to thank him."
Laura replied.


"Oh God Serena... you're so fucking incredibly HOT!" Cal screamed as he
plummeted in and out of his love.

"Oh fuck... Oh fuck... ahhahhhhhhhhh...mmmmmmmmm." Serena screamed out
while exploding to yet another orgasm.

They both lay there on the floor... recovering. They were in the
living room with their clothes scattered all around them. Cal wrapped his
strong arms around Serena and hugged her tight... then they kissed again.
He knew it was a spell but the power of the spell couldn't be denied. God,
how he loved her. "You triggered the entrance to your house, didn't you?"
he asked, grinning.

"Are you angry?" Serena replied timidly.

"Nah... how can I when I love you so much." He replied, reaching down
to enter her with his fingers.

"I... I want to be with you... always." Serena stated while quickly
becoming aroused again.

"You will... it doesn't appear we have much of a choice now."

Just then the cell phone rang. Cal let it ring until he made his new
love cum again and then answered it.


"Cal. Why are you still there?!?" The Wizard exclaimed into the phone.

"Oh. I see."

"Yeah, they're right here... yes, they're doing fine."

"Hmmm. I think they're going to be disappointed."

"Oh really?"

"Yeah... sure, I'll propose it."

The Wizard turned the phone off and looked at the girls.

"Well?" Laura asked, wondering what was going on.

"Do you remember casting a spell on the entrance to Serena's house." The
Wizard asked.

"Oh God... now I do."

"Hook, line and sinker."

"We have to do something!"

"Nope... Cal is human now and there's nothing that can be done.
Anyway, he's perfectly fine with it... now that he's tamed her."

"But... that means... Damn." Laura muttered.

"You wanted to show him your thanks... I'm sure he's still up for that.
Visit him anytime... he made it a point to say so."

"Back to that prison...never!" Danielle responded with anger.

"It won't be a prison now... you'll be able to come and go whenever you
choose... and given how horny you constantly will be, having a willing
cock and pussy to suck on isn't such a bad idea, is it?" The Wizard stated.

"What about my training?" Laura asked.

"You graduated... the shop is your responsibility now."

"Then this is really it?" Laura asked. "Are you trying to tell me that
this story is actually going to end happily?"

"Yep... it appears so."

"I didn't think that was going to happen." Danielle added.

"Maybe the readers had something to do with it... given how incredibly
precious you two are." The Wizard interjected.


"Really." The Wizard replied.

"Then this is the end." Danielle stated.

"As far as the readers are concerned, yes." The Wizard added... 'The

Author's Note: Okay... that's it and NO sequels. Hope it met your
expectations... a little tongue in cheek humor in the end. Hope it didn't
take away and if it did, oh well. I rarely make references like that, but
this sequel would never have happened if it weren't for you readers. Now,
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