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Archived Sex Stories

Young Sorceress


Disclaimer: Intended for adult entertainment... under 18 not allowed.

young Sorceress by JR Parz

"You're sixteen years old Laura and old enough to handle the
responsibility." The Sorcerer stated in a firm commanding voice.

"Yes sir." Laura replied, grinning. She felt elated to be given the
opportunity. "You can trust me."

"Well... we'll soon see now, won't we? Anyway, you have more than
enough work around here to keep you busy."

"Yes sir."

"Remember... I don't want you selling any new items... and no Black

"Yes sir." Laura grinned again.

The Sorcerer walked over to leave and just before he was about to exit,
he turned. "And I don't want you practicing any high grade spells... keep
them simple."

"I won't sir... I promise." Laura's grin turned to a smile.

"Then goodbye... I'll see you in a few days." The Sorcerer finally
sighed and disappeared.

Laura just stood there in silence for a few moments to make sure the
Sorcerer was gone and then began to giggle. "This is going to be soooooo
cool!" For the first time ever she was being allowed to take care of the
magic shop and the thought excited her to no end. To think... three years
ago she wouldn't have stepped foot near this place - never mind run it.

Laura wanted to call her best-friend Danielle but thought she'd better
do some work first so she grabbed a broom and started sweeping. As she
swept, she found herself reflecting back to the morning her life changed...
She had just turned thirteen and was experiencing her first 'period'.
She knew she was late and felt rather embarrassed because of it...and it
didn't help when her aunt became all excited. Quickly, she was ushered
back into her bedroom and told to strip.

Laura could smile now but she certainly wasn't smiling then. She
stopped sweeping for a moment and walked over to the full-length body
mirror. As she studied her reflection in the mirror, she remembered what
had been her biggest concern back then. Maybe... just maybe, now that she
had her 'period' that she'd start looking more like a woman and less like a
child. But as it turned out, it would still be another couple of years
before her body blossomed into the very beautiful, nicely shaped young woman that stared back at her. Even her breasts were taking on a
well-rounded full shape and they appeared to be still growing. She turned
a little in order to inspect her other asset and smirked... yes, she
filled her snug jeans just perfectly.

Laura again reflected back to that special morning and remembered how
embarrassed she felt when her aunt began examining every nook and cranny of
her young body...and just about died when she was told to spread her legs.
Then her aunt squealed. "You have the mark!"

Laura was only too happy to get dressed but was nervous when her aunt
told to accompany her down to 'Spells & Incantations' shop in the center of
town. She stood there in stunned silence while her aunt told the Sorcerer
everything, not leaving out a single detail, and then what is still ranked
the most embarrassing moment in her life, the Sorcerer looked down at her
and said. "Let's go in the back room so I can take a look." To this day
the memory still made her blush.

From that day forward she was introduced as the Sorcerer's Apprentice
and had to spend five hours a day after school and ten hours a day on
non-school days, learning sorcery. This obviously destroyed any hopes of
having a normal social life and if it weren't for her best friend,
Danielle, she wouldn't have had any.

Danielle, cute in the face but lacking the curves usually associated
with a female body, had been her best friend since elementary school.
Unfortunately, it wasn't beyond kids to be mean and vicious...and they
proved easy targets. Some called her the 'Witch Bitch from Hell' and
Danielle her 'Familiar'...and although Laura could easily ignore comments
of this nature, they bothered Danielle.

Danielle would ask her on several occasions to cast a spell to get their
tormentors to shut up... something she easily could have done, but the
Sorcerer forbid her to cast any spells of revenge. "Cast not what you
can't afford times three." He would often state and the subject would be


Laura was kneeling down straightening out a shelf when she heard a
customer open the door. She smiled when she sensed Serena Templar.

"Hi Serena." Laura greeted her without turning around.

"Hi Laura." Serena replied with a grin.

Laura stood up and walked over to Serena...they hugged. Serena was
without doubt perfection personified and Laura would have given anything to
look half as sexy. Not only did Serena possess a beautiful sexy figure,
with long auburn hair down to the crack of her ass and jade green eyes, but
she was the only witch that treated her like a grown up...and not like a
child. She estimated Serena to be in her mid twenties and hoped that they
could one day be friends outside the shop.

"Are you in need of more Number 9?" Laura asked with a grin.

"Yeah... just went through my last batch this morning." Serena replied.

Laura knew that Serena dabbled in Black Magic... something the Sorcerer
wasn't too pleased about.

"So, how's the young sorceress enjoying life without Darth Vador

Laura giggled at Serena's comment. She was always 'cracking on' the
Sorcerer. "It's cool."

"Well, don't get too used to it... he's only gone for a few days."
Serena smirked. "Anyway, I was hoping that I could take a peak at the
'Book of Darkness'."

Laura hesitated for a second... wondering if the Sorcerer would frown
on this... but given the fact that Serena was a regular customer and all,
she didn't see any harm in the request. "Sure... it's in back." She
replied and disappeared into the backroom. Moments later she returned with
it. "Here it is."


"What's this?" Danielle asked her, holding up an old book.

"Oh that... I need to put that away." Laura responded while reaching to
take the book from Danielle.

"Wait." Danielle stated, pulling the book away from her reach. Danielle
opened it and started to flip through the pages. Laura didn't like the
idea that her friend was looking at something that could be dangerous.

"Oh cool... does this stuff really work?" She asked with excitement.

"Of course it does." She replied... trying to play it off matter of
fact like.

"Cool." Danielle replied while continuing to flip through the pages.

"Dani... I need to put the book away." Laura stated, reaching out for
it again.

"You can really make someone love you?" Danielle asked, obviously
finding a page dealing with love spells.

"Love spells are pretty common... I know some charms and infatuation
spells, which are like a love spell."

"This spell here says it's relentless... what do they mean by that?"

"That's how you can tell its Black Magic... what it means is that once
the spell is cast you can't undo it."

"Could you cast a spell on me?"

"Who do you want to love?" Laura giggled.

"I'm serious...and it isn't a love spell I'm interested in."

"Look... Black Magic can be very dangerous."

"Oh come on... we'll find one that isn't relentless. Let me see how
powerful a witch you are. In all this time we've been friends, I've never
seen you cast one spell."

"I'm not a witch... I'm a sorceress. There's a difference... and
besides, I'm still an apprentice and I could end up making a mistake."

"Come on... please... we'll find one that's reversible. Come on...
prove that you haven't been wasting your time these past three years."

"What kind of spell do you have in mind?"

"Can you...ah...can you alter my figure? You know... make me more ...
womanly. More voluptuous?"

"I'm sorry Dani... I've never attempted a spell that covers physical
alterations before." She replied, feeling bad for her friend.

"I bet there's one in here." Danielle replied, holding up the book.

"I don't know about this... the Sorcerer may be pretty heated if he
finds out."

"Come on Laura... live a little. Here you are with all this so-called
power and you don't even use it to help your best friend... Just this
once... please." Danielle pleaded.

Laura looked at her friend and could see that she was getting all teary
eyed. She started to feel guilty and did feel she owed her something. "I
really shouldn't."

"Please Laura... you can change me right back. I'll pick something
that isn't relentless."

Laura looked at her best friend and sighed. Then nodded her head.

"Yeah! Thank you... thank you... thank you." She exclaimed and
proceeded to look inside the book. Meanwhile, Laura went back to
restocking more shelves.

About fifteen minutes later... "Found one!" Danielle screamed, rushing
over to show Laura.

Laura read the physical alteration spell and noted that the subject
would transform into the image the Spell Caster desired.

"Do you think you can do it?" Danielle asked with nervous excitement.

"I guess so... I can try." Laura responded while glancing down at the
page to make sure it wasn't relentless.

"Cool!" Danielle exclaimed.

Laura then started to giggle.

"What's so funny?" Danielle asked.

"Aren't you the least bit afraid that I might turn you into an old lady
with warts? Or better yet a cat, and then it really could be true when
Tammy and Audra call you my 'familiar'." Laura giggled in response.

"You wouldn't!" Danielle's face lit up with alarm.

"Relax... I'm just teasing. Of course I wouldn't." Laura smiled.
"Well, tell me what you want and I'll try casting the spell."

"Okay... I want to be as tall as you." Danielle stated.


"I want to be know, I want boobs that look like

"Oh really." Smirked Laura. "And how big would you like them?"

"I don't know... bigger than yours."


"I want to have a killer ass... Something the guys would drool over."
Danielle stated... then blushed.

"Okay." Laura replied, still smirking.


"All set? Do you want me to cast the spell?"

"Not yet! I... ah... I want to naturally walk, talk and be sexy...
all of the time."

"Okay... here goes." Laura replied... then began visualizing Dani as a
sexy bimbo... then added her own touch up to give her a more beautiful
face... much longer hair... and as an afterthought, erased every blemish
on her body. "Misa... Vesul... Remor... Talto."

Suddenly there was a ball of light that materialized in front of
Danielle... then it enveloped her, eliciting a long groan from her friend.
Laura looked to make sure she was all right, and was relieved when Danielle
smiled in response... then her form began to shimmer and morph... "Ouch!"
Danielle cried out.

"What's wrong!?!" Laura replied, alarmed.

"My bra is killing me!" Danielle giggled.

"Get out of your clothes, quick!"

While Danielle stripped out of her clothes, Laura ran to lock the
door... and by the time she returned, Danielle was completely naked and
kneeling. Laura could see by the length of her hair and the size of her
boobs that her transformation was underway. "Are you alright?" she
nervously asked.

"Yesssssssss." Danielle replied, doing a lousy job of hiding her boobs.
Laura felt embarrassed for her friend, but yet fascinated. This was her
first spell of this magnitude and she was amazed at the results.

Danielle continued to transform, quickly becoming rounder and fuller in
some areas and tapering off in other areas... then it stopped.

"Is it over?" Danielle asked... noting the almost husky sexy quality of
her new voice. "My voice... I sound different." She commented while she
slowly rose to her feet.

"God Danielle... you look incredible sexy." Laura announced while
completely awestruck.

Danielle looked down at herself and smiled... then slowly brought her
hands up and palmed her new breasts. The touch elicited both a groan and a

"How do you feel?" Laura asked.

"I feel all sexy-like... strange... different." Danielle whispered...
then giggled. Her hands continued to fondle her boobs.

"What's so funny?"

"I don't know... I feel all tingly and gushy... I must be happy."
Danielle blushed with a smile.

Laura found that she, too, was feeling aroused... and she wondered why.
"I... I want to have sex." Danielle stated with another giggle.

"You what!?!" Laura responded, alarmed.

"Sex." Danielle replied, while her hands dropped from her breasts to
caress the curves and slopes of her voluptuous new body. She didn't stop
caressing herself until her fingertips rested on her soft, moist petals

'The horniness must be contagious' Laura thought to herself, because she
was feeling as every bit as horny as Danielle was feeling and the aroma
coming from her best friend's sex elicited incredible new urges. Laura had
actually taken a step in Danielle's direction before she realized what she
was doing. "No Danielle! Stop this!" she cried.

Danielle stopped and then pouted...but when she saw a full-length mirror
on the back wall, she headed over to look at herself.

"I'm going to reverse the spell." Laura mumbled while unable to tear her
eyes away from Danielle's swaying ass.

"No! Let me stay like this a little longer... please." Danielle cried
while her hands began kneading her body all over again.

"Aren't you embarrassed! Look at you... you're playing with yourself
right in front of me." Laura replied. Danielle was too caught up in her
arousal to respond...and before Laura fell under the same erotic spell, she
figured she'd better find her something to wear. Laura ran to the backroom
to grab the Sorcerer's robe and by the time she got back with it, Danielle
was on her knees fingering herself. "Danielle!"

"I... I can't help it... need to... oh God! I need to cum!" Danielle
whimpered and then screamed out as she climaxed.

Laura was shocked... and embarrassingly aroused. Quickly, she went
back over to reread the book. 'How?' she wondered. She needed to reverse
the spell... why couldn't she find it? Then she flipped to the next page
and gasped. '...The physical alteration spell can only be reversed by
higher grade sorcery.'

"Oh my Lord!" she cried out and turned back to look at her friend, who
at this point had recovered from her first orgasm and was fingering herself
to another.

'Serena!' Laura thought with realization. She had to get a hold of
her... but how? She didn't have her number... then it hit her! She
would activate a telepathic link... that was one thing she was good at.
Laura concentrated. "Serena... please Serena... answer me!"

With a rush unlike anything she'd ever felt before, Laura could feel
Serena flood her mind in response. "Wow Laura, that was pretty cool."

"I need you Serena... you have to help me."

"Are you at the shop, sweetie?"

"Yes. Please hurry."

"I'm on my way... what happened honey?"

"I used the book on my friend... she's under a spell and I can't
reverse it!"

"The Book of Darkness?"

"Yes... I'm sorry... I know I wasn't supposed to."

"Oh sweetie... I'll be right over."

Laura closed the mind link and looked back at Danielle. She must have
had another orgasm because now her friend just lay there exhausted...with a
goofy smile on her face. Laura could see that Danielle's fingers were
still buried inside of herself and Laura did not want Serena seeing her
friend like this, so, she went over to put the robe on Danielle... but
when her fingers made contact with Danielle's bare skin she felt a jolt of
intense need. 'Oh God.' She thought...and moved as far as she could away
from her.


"Thank you Serena... I don't know what I would have done. She's over
here... I can't touch her... I tried throwing the robe over her but she
wouldn't take it." Laura nervously explained.

Serena looked down at Danielle in amazement. "You turned your friend
into a sex creature... why? Are you gay?"

"No! I... I turned her into what she wanted me to turn her into... I
thought... I thought I could turn her back." Laura responded, embarrassed
at the insinuation.

"Bring me the book." Serena stated as she kneeled down next to Danielle.
The girl appeared oblivious. Laura handed Serena the book.

"You won't be able to reverse the spell but you can add to it to make it
easier on her."

"It can't be reversed!?!" Laura cried. "Why? Why can't you reverse

"I'm not powerful enough."

"But... but I thought you were."

"No dear... in fact, you're more powerful than I am... I just have a
fetish for this stuff, but in actuality, I'm only a low grade Witch."

Laura started to cry.

"Laura, get a hold of yourself... here... cast this spell here."
Serena stated while pointing to a specific page.

Laura didn't stop to ask what the spell would do... she just did it...
and then suddenly, Danielle stopped masturbating.

"It worked!" Laura exclaimed with a smile. "What did I do?"

"You cast a spell to take control of her libido... this way she won't
desire sex unless you will it or desire her yourself." Serena replied.

Laura looked back at Danielle, who still looked incredibly sexy despite
a 'spent' look about her. Slowly, she was putting on the robe and then
stopped... then slipped her hand down to her groin again.

"Hey... something went wrong!"

Serena could see that Danielle was groaning with need all over again and
looked genuinely surprised... then turned back to Laura. "Are you sure
you're not into girls?"

"No... I... well... I would never have believed I was until Danielle
turned into this... I guess I have been feeling somehow drawn to her."
Laura blushed, wishing she didn't have to admit this.

"Then that explains her new arousal." Serena replied.

"Oh God... this can't be happening." Laura whispered in response.

Serena grabbed the book once again and flipped through the pages
again... "Here... cast this spell." She stated while pointing to the new

Laura again, without looking at what the spell would do, recited the
incantation and turned back to Danielle, who was still masturbating. "It
didn't work." Laura stated when she saw nothing had changed.

"Tell her to stop playing with herself, close her robe and stand-up."
Serena stated.

"Danielle, stop touching yourself, close your robe and stand-up." Laura
told her friend.

Danielle suddenly took her hand away from her groin, closed her robe and
slowly stood up. Laura could see that she was looking at her all strange
like. The look was of pure need. "Why is she looking at me like that?"

"She probably wants to go back to fingering herself... but because it
is now more important for her to please you in every way, and obey your
every wish, she won't dare touch herself unless you allow it."

"This is crazy... She's going to be like this for two more days!?!"
Laura cried.

"Yes, it appears so."

"But you know so much about this stuff... more than I'll never know.
Isn't there anything else you can do?"

"No." Serena replied and then stepped over to hug her. Laura's emotions
were full tilt and she started to cry on Serena's shoulders. Serena
responded by squeezing her tighter and then in an act that took Laura by
surprise, Serena used her right index knuckle to nudge Laura's chin up and
then kiss her full on the lips.

At first Laura responded, not really realizing what she was doing but
then stopped and stepped back, confused. "What was that for?" she asked.

"Because I love you sweetie... now remember, you hold the reins on
Danielle... including her libido."

Laura nodded, hating the way that Danielle...and now Serena had made her
feel. She watched in silence as Serena left the shop.


(Upon the Sorcerer's Return)

Danielle stood at attention in a trance... the robe that she had been
wearing was in a pool down at her feet. Laura sobbed while she stood
beside her. She had told the Sorcerer everything and expected to be
scolded any minute... but instead the Sorcerer sighed and rubbed his face
with his hands.

"I... I'm sorry I disappointed you." Laura added... feeling shame like
never before.

"I know you are... I'm sorry too." The Sorcerer replied...and with that
said, he waved his hand re-morphing Danielle from the sexy bombshell she
had been a second ago to her original, very plain form. Then the Sorcerer
instructed Danielle to go straight home and into bed. The girl would wake
up tomorrow morning without the slightest memory of what had happened.

"I promise I'll make it up to you." Laura added.

"Let's hope you have the opportunity."

"Huh?" Laura asked, thinking that maybe he was going to suspend her

"Laura... did Serena happen to kiss you any time during this wonderful
help she was giving you?"

"Wha... what does that have to do with this?"

"Did Serena kiss you?"

"No... I mean... well, we hugged goodbye."

"Are you saying you didn't kiss?"

"No...I mean yes... I mean we kissed goodbye."

"Where did she kiss you?"

"Over there." Laura pointed near the door.

"No... Not 'where were you standing'... where did she kiss you... on
the cheek?"

"No... on the lips."

The Sorcerer walked over to a chair and sat down. The look on his face
read defeat.

"What is it? What does Serena have to do with this?"

"What it means is that I've been taken out of the loop... what it means
is that a low grade Witch that doesn't have a fraction of your power has
outwitted us."

"I don't understand." Laura nervously responded.

"Thanks to that kiss, Serena holds absolute power of your body and soul
now...and there isn't a damn thing I can do about it."

"Please explain yourself." Laura started to tear up.

"Remember the motto regarding Black Magic?"

"Cast not what you can't afford times three." Laura whispered.

"Exactly... and by reversing the spell Danielle was under, you
automatically fall under the curse."

"But I didn't change... maybe the curse didn't work."

"No... it doesn't work that way."

"Then how does it work?"

"If you hadn't allowed Serena to kiss you on the lips, I would be
entitled to owning you body and soul...and could activate the curse at my
leisure... If this was the case, I would have bottled the curse and placed
it away in a safe place, but Serena used her vast knowledge of Black Magic
and prevented me from this entitlement when she kissed you."

"But Serena's my friend!" Laura declared, not wanting to believe that
Serena would do this to her.

"Listen Laura... when someone who's obsessed about Black Magic as much
as Serena is she'd trade about anything to possess this power... your
honest friendship became expendable when she saw she could own you."

"Please tell me what's going to happen."

"Whenever she decides to activate the curse you'll be rendered a
pleasure slave and do anything she wants... this of course includes all
these spells."

Just then the door opened and in walked a smiling Serena. "Ah yes...
just the two I want to talk to." Serena stated.

"How could you do this?" The Sorcerer asked angrily.

"What did you do to me Serena?" Laura asked, interrupting them.

"Nothing... yet." Serena replied with a grin.

"Serena... please leave here... I'll contact you later." The Sorcerer

"Okay." Serena smiled...and then winked at Laura. "I'll see you

The Sorcerer and Laura watched as Serena left.

Laura turned to the Sorcerer and whispered. "I want to know


Laura glanced at the clock... 11:53 P.M. The Sorcerer told her that
Serena would be activating the curse at midnight... this meant seven
minutes left. She felt drained... when the Sorcerer told her what to
expect, she cried for an hour...and then like a banshee she ran around the
shop reading every Black Magic book the Sorcerer had...but found nothing.

She could only imagine how ridiculous she was going to look...
especially given the three-fold law.

Just then her aunt stepped inside her bedroom. "The Sorcerer explained
everything... I'm so sorry Laura. This isn't fair."

Laura jumped off her bed and went over to hug her. "I'm sorry auntie...
I'm so sorry." She sobbed.

"I am too honey... I am too. I suggest you get strip and put on your

"I'm not going to allow it!" She cried in denial. "I refuse the curse!
The Sorcerer said I am very powerful and I'm not going to change!" Laura
angrily shouted. Quickly, she focused all her energy around her and formed
a shield... and as every second ticked by, the shield solidified. Serena
heard the clock strike midnight and braced herself... nothing. Nothing

"It worked!" Laura cried out... maintaining the shield around her.

"You did it!" her aunt cried out with joy.

Laura knew that this shield was only a temporary fix. She knew damn
well she couldn't maintain this shield indefinitely...but it was her goal
to use the time to find something that would counter the curse. Her aunt
stayed up with her throughout the night and into the morning.


Laura was coming out of the shower with only her bathrobe on when she
heard voices inside her bedroom. When she entered, she saw Serena standing
there looking as lovely as ever.

"I tried telling her that it didn't work." Her aunt stated. "She just

Laura glared at Serena with anger. "As you can see my aunt was telling
the truth. Now that you have proof, witch, leave before I turn you into a
dog." Laura stated in cold hatred.

"What gives you the impression it didn't work?" Serena asked with a
grin. Then she turned to address Laura's aunt. "Would you mind going
downstairs while I have a private talk with your niece."

Laura gave her aunt a nod indicating that it was all right and then
watched as she left the room.

"The Sorcerer told me that you were going to activate the curse at
midnight... well, midnight came and gone and I'm obviously still me. It
didn't work."

"Oh sweetie... the Sorcerer really should have schooled you in the
Black Arts. He should have taught you to respect Black Magic, not fear it.
Now, it is true I activated the spell at midnight but I had no intentions
of allowing you to transform until I could watch it in person."

"You mean..."

"That's right sweetie... you didn't stop the curse. That would be
impossible. You couldn't stop the curse anymore than the Sorcerer... it's
the rules. We have no say in the rules."

Laura stood still... more afraid now than at any time before in her
life. "No... I won't allow this to happen!" she cried and tried again to
place a shield around her...but then she saw a glowing ball suddenly
materialize in front of her...then envelop her...and then work it's magic
on her. Laura failed.

Laura felt strange sensations flood her body and she groaned while
moving her hands up to palm her breasts... 'They're growing!' she thought
with panic as they continued to grow... not stopping until they were the
size of large grapefruits! Now her palms barely covered her aureoles.

"You're stunning." Serena grinned. "Now take off the bathrobe."

Laura didn't think... she just responded and let the robe fall down at
her feet. She could tell from looking down at herself that she was more
beautiful and sexier than Danielle had been.

"Now, what was it that you were going to turn me into?" Serena asked.

"A dog." Laura replied automatically, noticing the change in her voice.

"Well... I prefer you as is... but let me see if we can come close.
How about you conjure up a collar and a leash for me... something that
would look pretty on you." Serena stated.

Laura used a spell to materialize a diamond-studded collar and matching
leash, watching them materialize on the dresser next to Serena.

"Oh... Look at that." Serena smiled. "In a few moments you're going to
be my new pet bitch... but first, go look at yourself in the mirror."

Laura walked over to the mirror and gasped. Breathtakingly beautiful
would be an understatement. Laura couldn't get over how incredibly
delicious she looked, taking on a much rounder and shapelier form. Her
shape epitomized the hourglass and her hair, which had been naturally
blonde to start with, remained blonde but now fell loose down to her ass.

"How do you feel?" Serena asked her... still smiling.

Laura remembered asking Danielle the very same question. "Incredible."
She whispered in her new sexy voice. "I'm more beautiful than even you."
She added.

"Are you feeling horny?"

"Not really... maybe a little." Laura responded... noting that she did
feel sexy but not overly horny.

"You are now." Serena stated.

Then like a lightning bolt, pure pleasure struck every pleasure center
in her body forcing Laura down to her knees. "Oh God." She groaned while
her fingers entered her wetness below.

"That's Goddess to you... but I'll let you slide this time." Serena

Laura didn't care that Serena was inside the room while she
masturbated... harder and harder her fingers thrust in and out but
regardless how close she seemed to get to having an orgasm, something
preventing her! Something wouldn't allow her to reach a climax and then
she realized what it was. Laura looked up at Serena with need. "Please
Goddess... please... I need relief." She squirmed around in need.

Serena smiled and walked over to her... then kneeled down next to her.
Serena moved her head down and kissed one of her breasts... which
triggered an explosion that flooded her hand! Laura cried out as the
powerful orgasm washed over her and by the time she recovered her wits
enough to realize what had happened, she felt the collar snug firmly around
her neck...with the leash attached and Serena holding it.

"Come along Laura." Serena stated... and just as Laura was about to get
to her feet, Serena added. "No... until further notice you are to travel
on all fours... and you can only communicate like a bitch in heat...

Laura shook her head up and down to indicate she did... while feeling a
searing heat take nest inside her pussy. She whimpered, much like a bitch
might, as she crawled down the stairs following Serena... it wasn't easy
climbing down the stairs. When she reached the bottom, she could hear her
aunt crying from the living room.

"Would you like to say goodbye to your aunt?"

Laura yelped and shook her head...she could feel her tongue outside her
open mouth while she wiggled her ass back and forth.

"Go ahead then... make it quick."

Laura did her best to go as quickly as she could... and the look on her
aunt's face was utter shock. Laura used her nose and head to nudge her
aunt's hand and then licked it. Her aunt just looked at her and cried
harder. Laura then turned around and as quickly as her hands and legs
would allow, crawled back over to rejoin Serena.

Naked and on all fours, Laura followed Serena out the front door. Deep
down she was embarrassed about going out in public like this, but she knew
she couldn't do a thing to stop it. To think... she was the one that gave
Serena the idea.


Serena kept her in a naked 'bitch' state for two full days before
allowing her to talk and walk normal again... and despite the humiliation
of it all she found the experience obscenely pleasurable. When Serena
noticed that she was leaking due to the highly aroused state Serena kept
her in, she was ordered to wear panties.

Laura knew that her feelings for Serena were artificially induced...but
could do nothing to dissuade them... she constantly felt an unbearable
need to please her in every way. When she did comply with one of her
wishes, she would feel incredibly happy and the feelings proved addictive.
Her once 'strong will' turned docile and subservient and as time went on
the mere sight of Serena would be enough to invoke happiness and her mere
smile could elicit an orgasm. As a result, she was constantly horny and
this forced her to masturbate. One afternoon when Serena caught her
masturbating, she casually mentioned that from that point on she would need
permission to masturbate. This proved incredibly humiliating for
Laura...but only in the beginning.

Serena also opened up a new chapter in Laura's life by exposing her to
heterosexual sex. The man was one of the local studs that she had
remembered seeing around town before and he was only too happy to break her
in. When Laura first caught a glimpse at his erect member, she gasped in
shock, fearing that there was no way that he would fit inside of her, but
thanks to Serena, fear quickly turned to hunger and the only thing that
mattered was he filling her. Laura cried out with one pleasurable orgasm
after another...

It didn't take long before Laura was totally broken and transformed
completely into a true slave. Just to rub it in, Serena sent Laura to the
Sorcerer's Shop for some supplies and it was then that Laura realized she
no longer cared about the Sorcerer. When he told her that he was still
looking for something to break the curse, she simply responded. "Don't


On Laura's 17th Birthday, Serena surprised her by having a surprise
birthday party. Even more surprising was the fact that Danielle was in
attendance... someone she hadn't seen for nearly a year.

"Hi Danielle." Laura beamed with excitement. She felt so happy to see
her friend...but also embarrassed because she was still dressed in thong

"God Laura... look at you. You're a work of art." Danielle blushed in
response... finding it difficult not to stare at her.

"Thank you." Laura replied, blushing.

"Your boobs... they're huge. Do they hurt?" Danielle asked,
unconsciously licking her lips.

"No... Serena allowed me to make them feel pretty much weightless...
in addition to supernaturally firm."

Just then Serena walked in carrying a cake with 17 candles on it and the
two of them sang 'Happy Birthday' to Laura. Danielle commented on how
delicious the cake was and Serena confessed that Laura was responsible for
the recipe. Laura was confused at this comment and when she asked Serena
what she meant by it, Serena simply smiled.


Danielle couldn't believe it... one minute she's having a great time
with Laura and then the next moment she's having images of herself going
down on her. 'Is this from seeing her topless?' she asked herself.

"What's wrong Danielle." Laura asked, noticing how quiet her friend

"Something strange... I feel different." Danielle whispered and
couldn't stop her hand from reaching down and rubbing her crotch area.

Laura quickly turned to Serena. "You did something to her!"

"Yes sweetie... this is my birthday present."

"No! How could you!?! Laura exclaimed. "You promised you wouldn't do
anything to her?"

"I didn't... you did. I had your subconscious whip up some frosting
that would only affect humans... not only did the frosting make the cake
more delicious, but it'll also do a few other things... three things to be
exact. Now, go upstairs and rest on your bed... Your present will join
you shortly."

"Yes Goddess." Laura replied. Unable to show any sign of disrespect
when commanded to do something, Laura turned and headed out of the room.

"Wh...what is going to happen to me?" Danielle asked after watching
Laura leave.

"The first stage is already happening... it alters your sexual
chemistry. Just like Laura you'll be perpetually aroused at a high state
of readiness... constantly wet would be another way of saying it... and
here's the kicker... the only way you'll be able to cum is through Laura's
kiss or touch."

Danielle's eyes lit up with shock.

"The second stage forces you to love her, lust her, and be a slave to

Danielle felt her arousal increase with every passing second. "You're
turning me into Laura's slave... but why?"

"Because I've fallen in love with Laura... and I wanted to get her
something very special for her birthday... something that would bring her
loads of pleasure when I'm not around."

"How can you do this to me?" Danielle asked as tears started to form.

"I know you're a lesbian... don't try telling me that you secretly
don't want this." Serena replied.

"Maybe in my darkest fantasies... but not in real life. I don't want
this... really... please don't..."

"Too late... but trust me, you will soon enough... so don't worry that
pretty little head of yours."

"But I'm not all that pre... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh" Danielle swooned as the
she felt a tingling sensation spread throughout her body and along her
temples. "Wh...what is happening to me!"

"Ah yes... physical transformation... stage three has begun."


Laura cried out with her third orgasm in five minutes. "God Dani...
You have such a way with that new tongue of yours... I can't get
over...ungghhhhh... how deep you can get. It has to be twelve inches

Danielle raised her head up... cum dripping off of her mouth and
smiled... "Thank you Mistress."

"I told you to knock it off... I don't like you calling me Mistress...
I'm not into stuff like that. We're best-friends and lovers... not
Mistress and slave."

"I'm sorry Mistress... I can't help it." Danielle replied with a pout,
blushing. Laura knew that Danielle didn't have any say in the matter and
just like with her calling Serena, Goddess... Danielle was forced to call
her Mistress for the rest of their lives. She wondered if she'd ever get
used to it.

After Laura experienced her forth orgasm she had Danielle shift around
in the bed so they could snuggle up close with one another. Another one of
Danielle's new attributes were her milk filled tits. She wondered if she
were becoming addicted to it.

"Would Mistress like a drink?" Danielle asked with hope.

Laura smiled down at her best friend and patted her head...then reached
down to take a nipple in her mouth. Then began suckling... Danielle
tasted delicious and Laura practically swooned.

"Can I finger myself Mistress?" Danielle asked.

Laura continued to suckle and without taking her mouth away, she nodded
her approval.

Later on, after several orgasms, they snuggled closely together. They
loved their new lives as submissive horny pleasure slaves...and despite
knowing deep down inside of themselves that they wouldn't be feeling this
way naturally, it simply didn't matter anymore. They drifted off to sleep,

The End

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