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YoungBlood 2


Title: young Blood Ch. 2.

Author: Charley Ace.



WARNING! This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do
not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE

(c) copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved

(MF, MF, Adultery, Mature)

In Part 1, Laurel, a gorgeous 20 year old co-worker, had asked me, a 58
year old happily married man, to help her reach the sexual heights that she
had been reading and hearing about, and not getting from her current
boyfriend. Her request resulted in an active, extra marital affair for me.
Laurel's mom, Mary Anne, was also a co-worker of mine whom I had known only
on a casual basis.

Laurel and I had been seeing each other for about six weeks when she
laid the bombshell on me.

We were snuggling after one of our intense sexual romps, when she said,
"lover, as much as I hate to say it, we're going to have to stop meeting
like this."

I was surprised, and disappointed, "why's that, babe?"

"I've met a new guy that I really like, and I just can't cheat on him, I
mean, I think he may be a keeper, you know?"

"I understand, no hard feelings here, Laurel, we both knew it couldn't
last forever. It's been great, though, I've never enjoyed a woman as much
as I have you."

"Oh, thanks, Gary, I just knew you'd understand. I do love you, you
know, In a very special way. I'll never forget our times together, they've
been fantastic."

"Yes, they have, and Laurel, I love you too." We hugged each other very
tightly, and I kissed her lovingly on her forehead. "You'll invite me to
the wedding, won't you?" I chuckled.

"You can count on it, as long as you don't tell my fiancée about us.
Heh, heh."

She paused a bit, then said, "lover, I think I can get a replacement, if
you're interested."

I chuckled again, "and just whom might that be?"

"My mom."


She smiled. "I knew that would shake you up, but I'm serious."

"That's crazy, why your mom?"

"I think my mom's very pretty, don't you?"

"Yes, I do, but I don't want to fuck her."

"Why not?"

"I mean, I don't know, I feel guilty enough as it is."

"How about if you do it as a favor to me?"

"A favor to you? I'm at a loss for words."

"Let me explain. My mom and I are very close, and I've told her about
my affair with an older, more experienced man. I've told her how wonderful
you are and what you've done for me, and I think that she's somewhat
envious. She's told me that dad is the only man that she's ever been with,
and she rarely has an orgasm. Actually, she said that it's been many years
since he's brought her to orgasm. She has to do herself with her fingers
or her toys, you know."

"You didn't mention any names when you told her about your affair?"

"No, of course not. I feel bad for her, though, she's in her mid
forties and hasn't experienced what I've been experiencing with you. I
want her to know what it's like. Would you consider it?"

My mind was swirling, I was having a great deal of difficulty
rationalizing my affair with Laurel, and she wanted me to fuck Mary Anne
too! I'll admit, it was intriguing, Mary Anne was a beautiful woman. "I
don't know, maybe. What about your father?"

"He and my mom don't communicate very well, but I guess that's typical.
I've tried talking to him about her problem, but he won't talk sex with me,
he says it's not proper. I love him very much, but I love my mom too.
Like your wife, what he doesn't know won't hurt him."

"If I agree to do this, and I haven't yet, how do you propose we go
about it?"

"That's the easy part. I've noticed mom's glassy, lust filled eyes each
time I've described how you made me feel. I even jokingly offered to share
you with her and, even though she said no, I could see that she was
interested. I'm sure that I could get her to come here with me, then I'd
leave you two alone. How does that sound?"

"OK, I guess. I'm still not sure about all of this. It wouldn't bother
you that I'd be fucking your mom?"

"No, not at all, I'd be very happy for her. It would make me feel good
inside knowing that she would be experiencing the orgasmic highs that I've
been experiencing all this time."

"OK, I'll do it."

"Great! I'll set it up."

Two weeks later, Laurel said that she would be bringing her mom to the
motel the next day. I was very excited over the prospect of fucking Mary
Anne. Variety IS the spice of life, is it not?

I had been waiting in the motel when Laurel and Mary Anne arrived. Mary
Anne didn't seem surprised to see me, but she was extremely nervous.

"Mom, you know Gary."

"Yes, I do. H-hi."

"Hello, Mary Anne."

"You both know why you're here. I'll leave you two alone now, enjoy
yourselves, and don't do anything I wouldn't do. Heh, heh." Laurel exited
still chuckling, and the two of us found ourselves alone.

"You don't seem to be very surprised to find out who Laurel's 'mature'
lover is."

"No. She talked about you a lot, and I sort of put two and two
together. Actually, I wouldn't be here if I hadn't been pretty sure of who
I was going to see when I got here."

"I'm flattered, and very glad that you came. I want you to know that
you're a very beautiful woman and I'm very proud and happy to be the one to
help you achieve your sexual fantasies."

"Thanks, but I'm not as young and beautiful as Laurel. You're a very
attractive man and I'm sure that I'll enjoy myself once I get over my

"Laurel's gorgeous, and I love her looks, but you're every bit as
beautiful in a more mature way. I love the way you look, too, Mary Anne."

She smiled in appreciation and seemed to relax a little. I took her
hand, led her to the bed and sat her down next to me. I looked deeply into
her eyes, leaned over and placed a gentle, tender kiss on her lips. I knew
that I had to proceed very slowly. I moved back, looked her in the eyes
again and repeated my previous move, only this time I lingered longer on
her lips. She responded and returned my kiss. I repeated this several
times, lingering a little longer each time. Finally, she parted her lips
slightly, and I took full advantage and inserted my tongue. That broke the
ice, she put her arms around my neck, we clutched each other and fell into
a passionate kiss that lasted for several minutes.

I broke away from her lips, moved over and blew gently into her ear,
tongued it, then kissed her neck. As I did so, she began sighing. I moved
back to her lips for another passionate kiss. We both had become very
aroused and were breathing more heavily.

When we broke from the kiss, I backed off and began to slowly unbutton
her blouse. We kept eye contact while I continued to remove her blouse and
then her bra. When her gorgeous tits were exposed, I could see that her
nipples were hard and erect.

"Mary Ann, your breasts are breathtakingly beautiful," I told her as my
cock rose to full attention.

She smiled again, leaned over and gave me another passionate kiss.
After a minute or so, I broke away from her lips, and began my oral assault
on first the right, then the left tit. She began moaning audibly and
reached for my crotch. I was as hard as a rock by then. She grabbed my
cock and began to squeeze, and not very gently at that. She was extremely
aroused, I was sure that her pussy was dripping wet, and I couldn't wait to
find out.

I stood her up and undid her pants and lowered them. I smiled as I
noticed the wet spot on her panties as I slid them down her legs. There
before me was the second shaved pussy that I had ever seen, it was
beautiful! I loved it.

"Mary Ann, your shaved pussy is beautiful. Do you always keep it that

"No, I just did it last night, just for you. Laurel had told me how
much you liked hers, so I did it too. It's the first time I've ever shaved

She stepped out of her pants and panties, and got on her knees in front
of me and started to undo my pants. She clumsily undid my belt, button and
zipper as I removed my shirt.

When she pulled my briefs down she immediately attacked my hard cock
with her mouth. She kissed, licked and sucked on it with vigor. I made
sure that I told her just how good it felt. As soon as I started to feel
like I was going to cum, I took over the action. I grabbed her head and
began to gently fuck her face. She moaned with pleasure as I thrust my
cock in and out of her mouth. She loved it!

I shot my load into her mouth with no warning. She seemed to have had
an orgasm as she took all of my cum and swallowed. She continued to suck
and lick until she had milked every drop from me. She looked up and
smiled, I returned the smile.

"That's the first time that I've ever done that," she said. "I liked

"You were fantastic, Mary Anne. I think you could tell that I really
enjoyed it. Now it's your turn. I'm going to eat your pussy like no one
has ever eaten it before."

"That'll be easy, no one has ever eaten me out," she chuckled.

"Then buckle down and prepare yourself for the ride of your life."

I led her up off her knees and onto the bed. She spread her legs as far
as she could, which gave me access to her luscious pussy. I teased her for
several minutes by licking and kissing her thighs and tummy all around her
pussy. I proceeded so slowly and deliberately, that she began to tremble
in anticipation.

I finally ran my tongue the full length of her slit. She actually
squealed with pleasure. I then began to tongue fuck her. She had another
orgasm, this one more vocal than before. I finally got to her clit and
began to lightly lick it. Her orgasm continued. I didn't know if she had
been having multiple orgasms or just one long continuous one, It didn't
matter. I continued to flick her clit, first up and down, then back and
forth. She continued her orgasmic convulsions for several minutes, as she
enjoyed the hell out of my tongue and I enjoyed the hell out of her pussy.
She tasted slightly different than Laurel, but still very good.

I waited a few minutes, then turned her over on all fours. I got behind
her and lubricated my right index finger in her pussy juices. I slowly
rimmed her ass hole, then began to insert the finger into it. I proceeded
very slowly so as not to cause her any pain.

"Wh-what are you doing? I've never had anyone do that before."

"I'm getting ready to finger fuck your ass, relax and enjoy."

She relaxed some as I moved it in deeper. When my finger was in as far
as it could go, I moved up and inserted my hard cock into her pussy.

"Ohhhh, Gary, fuck me, please fuck me!" I had never heard a woman beg
for my cock, and presumably my finger, to fuck her.

I proceeded to fuck her with both cock and finger, very slowly at first.
She began screaming for me to fuck her harder, and I increased the tempo.
She came three times before I finally came. I told her that I was ready to
cum, and she held off her last orgasm until I began shooting my man juice
into her pussy. It was amazing, for a woman who had rarely cum with her
husband, she came fast and furious with me. She apparently had been
building up to this for quite some time.

She collapsed onto the bed, with me on top of her. When my cock
softened, it slid out of her pussy and I moved off her. We lay in each
other's arms for a long time, just savoring the experience, before either
of us said anything.

"I can't believe what I've just experienced," she said, finally.
"Laurel told me how good you were, but she didn't do you justice. I can't
ever thank you enough."

"No need to thank me, I've had just as much fun as you did. It was
indeed fantastic. You're a very sensuous, hot, sexy woman."

She smiled and hugged me.

"As much as I enjoyed this, you know that we can't continue," she told

"I know, but I hope we can continue until I can help you to educate your

"How can you do that?"

"Since I don't know him at all, I'm not really sure. I'd like to give
it a try, though. I'm sure that you love him very much."

"I do, and I feel tremendously guilty about today."

"I know you do. That's why we need to get him to where he can make you
feel as good as you felt today."

"That would be great, I'm all for that. When do we start?"

"Right now."

"We're going to take this a little at a time. First, I want you to tell
him that you've been reading some things about sex, in various women's
magazines, or wherever. Tell him that you'd like to try a few of the
things that they talk about. If he agrees, the first thing that you want
to do is give him a blow-job. You said that you had never done it before,
but that you liked it when you did me, is that right?"

"Yes. I'm surprised, but I did like it."

"I'm going to show you exactly what to do to him. OK?"

"Yes, of course."

I proceeded to show her how to give head. I showed her how to lick the
shaft, flick the head, lick and gum the balls, etc. I had her practice on
my cock, and boy, did it feel good!

"Some time when the two of you are alone, snuggle up to him, blow in his
ear and get his attention. Start kissing him, when he responds begin
playing with his cock. When his breathing increases and his cock gets
hard, stand him up, kneel in front of him, drop his pants off and go to it
girl. If he doesn't love every second, he's either dead or gay."

"OK, I'll do it!"

"Let me know how it turns out."

It was about two weeks later when Mary Ann phoned and wanted to meet at
the motel. We did and had another great session.

As we lay there in each other's arms, basking in our orgasmic"It took me
a long time to work up the nerve, and to get the right situation, but I
finally did it. I gave him the best blow-job that I knew how, and he loved
it. He came in less than five minutes. After that, he made love to me
with more vigor than he had in years. He even made an attempt to eat my
pussy, but he wasn't very good at it. I guess I'm ready for the next

She had his attention.

"He liked my shaved pussy, too," she chuckled. "I lied and told him
that I did it just for him."

"Eating pussy. That's today's lesson," I chuckled.

Mary Anne chuckled again, too. "I think I'll like this lesson even
better than the first one."

"It's up to you to teach your husband how to eat your pussy. He needs
to know what makes you feel good, talk to him, guide him. You know by now
just what feels good."

"It's difficult to tell him those kinds of things."

"I know, but just think of the potential rewards."

"Oh, yes, teach me, teach me now. I can't stop thinking about how good
you are. Eat me again, please, I just love your tongue."

She had become aroused just talking about it. I did as she asked and
she had her most violent orgasm yet. She just loved having her pussy eaten, probably because she had gone all those years without.

"You've already made major progress. The fact that he tried it is
major. He didn't have any complaints, did he?"

"No. He even said he liked the taste."

"Hmmm, I know what he means. You're on your way now, Mary Anne, the
rest is up to you."

She called about a week later, and told me that her sex life has
improved 100%. Her husband was improving by leaps and bounds. "He's still
nowhere near as good as you, but he's improving, and I'm loving every lick.
Heh, heh."

"That's all you can ask. As long as he's willing to please you, he'll
get better and better."

"I'd still like one more time with you, if that's OK?"

"Yes, it's more than Ok."

We did get together that one last time. I showed her a few other things
to try with her husband, and she left happy and content. She was effusive
in her thanks to me for all my help.

"It's been my pleasure, Mary Anne. I received as much, if not more,
pleasure out of our meetings as you did."

"Thanks, but I owe you a everything. I'm just wondering if I should
ever tell my husband about you."

"I wouldn't, as long as things are going good, don't rock the boat."

"OK, I'll take your advice. I guess this is the last time for us. I'm
really going to miss you, and the sex. It was so wonderful." She hugged me
tightly and shed a few crocodile tears.

"I'll miss you too, Mary Anne, but we have our spouses to think about. I
still have a major case of the guilts. I hope I can get over them."

In some ways I felt very sad, I had enjoyed both Laurel and Mary Anne
immensely. But, realistically, I was relieved. I felt the need to
concentrate on my wife and deal with my guilt feelings. That task had
become much easier, once my affairs had ended.

I had continued to be attentive to my wife throughout the affairs with
Laurel and Mary Anne. The result was that we had a much better sexual
relationship after, than before, my trysts.

Is it fair to rationalize and say that my affairs were justified because
my love life at home had greatly improved as a direct result?

Any and all comments are appreciated.

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