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Zamayel Panties

This is an adult fantasy of strong sexual nature, anyone
under legal age or are sensitive to this type of stories
should delete this file without reading any further.

-> This work is copyrighted Zamayel 2002. <-
Please do not remove the author information or make
any changes to this story. You may post freely to non-
commercial "free" sites, or in the "free" area of
commercial sites. Thank you for your consideration.


Panties (Fm, mast, oral, fet, inc)
By Zamayel Paladine (2002)
I was 13 when it all started. I had just discoverd the
difference between boys and girls and the times I spent
in my room jacking off was as frequent as the times I
pulled my dick out.

As I had never seen a woman nude before i often thougt
of how i could make it happend. Even though I am quiet
goodlooking, none of the girls in scool would'nt let me
go past kissing them.
Frustrated I walked home only to find that the door was
locked. Mom's sleeping again I thought as I turned the
key in the lock.

I looked into her room to see if she was sleeping but
she wasn't there, instead I found somthing I had almost
never seen before.
There right in front of me was a pair of her panties,
white lace panties witch she usualy wore under her
nightgown when she slept.
She always kept her laundry in her bathroom. I had been
into her bathroom once or twice but had no real reason
to go in there.
As I remebered she was working late i figured that she
wouldn't be home for at least a couple of hours.
I walked into her room, picked up her panties and looked
them over.
White, soft, lace panties that looked quiet sexy.
Following a hunch I looked at the inside crotch of them.
What i saw gave me a real boner, there where a bleak
yellow stain in the center of the crotch.
It was clear that she had used them when she slept that
night but had been too stressed to put the wherever she
tucked away her laundry.
I slowly raised them to my face turning them insideout
and sniffed the crotch, it smelled wonderfull, the full
scent of a woman in the prime of her life. Allthough i
must admit it wasn't verry strong.

My mom had me when she was fifteen, gotten knocked up
by her boyfriend who then died in a carcrash just before
she found out she was pregnant.
Her parents were infuriated when she told them, her
father tried to persuade her into having an abortion,
but she refused, she was intent on having me and declared
so to them.
Her mother keept naging her about abortion and adoption
so after two months she took her stuff and moved in with
her aunt.
Her aunt was a proffesional photographer and taught mom
the trade during the years to come. So my mom was not
just a stunningly beautifull woman of 28, she was also
quiet rich and had a blossoming and lucrative career in
her aunts studio.

When i stood there with her panties pressed into my face
I just couldn't help pulling out my cock and jerk of. As I
got ready to cum I laid down on her bed and spurted with
such force it hit my chin.
The orgasm was so great that I almost passed out, after a
while though I stood up and went into her bathroom to
cleaned up.
I still had her panties in my hand not knowing what to do
with them.
I wanted to keep them but i could'nt since she would notice.
Time passed as i stood torn beween my wish and my reason.
I went out into her room again and laid on the bed and
coverd my face with her panties. I must have dozed of
since the next thing i remember is mom waking me up in her
bed and telling me to brush my teeth and go to my own bed.

As i awoke the next morning i wonderd why she had'nt
yelld at me for using her panties the way i did. During
breakfast she acted normal as if nothing out of the
ordinary had happened.
I started to wonder if it all had been a dream..
As we made ready to go. Me to school she to work, she
said that she had to work late again.
I didn't reflect on it and went to school as my mind
raced with naughty thoughts about my mom.
As the last class ended i hurried home hoping to find
a new pair of panties on her bed. My wish was granted
and there were another pair lying on her bed.
These were white lace, g-string panties and the yellowish
stain was clearly vissible.
The scent gave me an imediate hardon and i pulled it out
and jerked of.

This became sort of a tradition the next week or so, as I
was careful not to fall asleep in moms bed again.
Things took a more plesurable twist one nigt when i had
gotten into bed and had just turned of the light.
Mom came in wearing her short white nightgown with rabbits.
I coud see a hint of her panties underneath. The light
shone in so her nightgown was almost translucent.
As she stood hesitant in the door i could do nothing but
admire her perfect body.
She had an hourglass shaped body with 34c cup breasts, her
ass was to die for, and her beautifull green eyes was
framed by her neatly groomed red hair that reached her
lower back when freed from all that stuff she put in her
hair when she went to work.
She stood still a second and then seemed to come to a
She walked in and sat down beside me in my bed. I reached
up and lit the bedlamp again.
- I know what you have been doing after school honey, and
i think we have to talk about it.
I could'nt get a word over my lips and my face must have
been as red as a tomato.
- The feelings you are having are quiet normal, in fact i
would be dissapointed if you didn't experience them in
some way. I know that you like to smell my panties while
you satisfy yourself..
She paused, I had my heart beating in my throat..
- And.. , she continiued, i just wanted to tell you that
it's okay..
and that if you want.. i can give you my panties when i
come home from work every day..
My heart jumped at the thougt of having her freshly used
- Gee mom.. ehh.. I couldn't get a word out, but my lust
must have shown in my face because she rose and pulled her
panties down.
- You can have these if you return them in the morning, she
said, you promise?
I noded, and she put the panties on my chest. She didn't
move for a minute and then asked me with a hint on
- Will you satisfy yourself, and sniff and lick on my
- Yes.. i said not knowing why she asked.
She hesitated for a second then said.
- Would you mind if i watched?
- ehh.. mom, i... I was getting red again.
- I promise i will sit by your desk. i just want to
watch. she said quickly with a plead in her eyes.
I thougt about it for a while and then decided to let
her, the thought of her watching made me strangly aroused.
- Okay.. if you want you don't have to sit that far away.
She smiled happily and raised herself of the bed so
that i could fold down the sheets.
Bercause of the warmth i always slept in the nude and by
now i had a serious hardon. mom gasped as her eyes fell
on my shaft.
- Your'e a lot bigger than i thought you were, almost as
big as your father. she said admireingly.
She went to the desk and took the chair to my bed and
seated herself next to me looking at my member almost as
if she was mesmerised by it.
I lifted her panties to my face and started touching my
- Oh.. she said, putting a hand infront of her mouth.
I continiued to stroak my shaft as she watched. The thought
of her watching and that she was not wearing anything
under her gown made me incredibly aroused and i felt that
it wasn't long until i came.
I glanced down at her and saw that she was gently drawing
her finger up and down between her legs outside her
nightgown, her breathing was heavy and hereyes was fixed
upon my rockhard cock.
The sight of my mom fingering herself drove me over the
edge and i started spurting seemen all over my chest and
Mom raised herself without a sound and left my room, i
could hear her walking into her room.
After a while i could hear her moaning and panting for a
while, then came a muffled shriek, after that it went silent.
I got out of bed and went into the bathroom where i
cleand up.
As i went to bed again i had her panties firmly in my
grasp, holding them into my face i went to sleep with the
scent of moms sex comforting me.

The next morning i silently handed her her panties and
she gave me a shy smile as grabed them.
It was saturday morning and none of us had anywhere we
had to go so we slowly ate breakfast, me in my bathrobe
and she in her nightgown.
I finally got my nerve up and asked if i could have the
panties she was wearing now.
She looked up at me and smiled.
- That would be impossible, she said amused, I'm not
wearing any.
- Oh.. i said almost stunned.
She looked at me for a second.
- Take these again, she said handing me the ones she had
given me last night.
I grabed the panties and imediatly smelled them, the scent
was intoxicating, so full and sweet. My hardon making a
bulge in my robe.
- Looks like someone has awoken she said with a smile, her
eyes fixed on my crotch.
I slowly undid the knot to my robe and opend the front
with deliberate moves.
When my cock was freed of all restraints mom breathed in
As i reached down and grasped my stiff rod her eyes
followed every move i made and her breathing got heavier
evey second.
I could see that se was reatching down between her legs
but yanked her hand up when she realized what she was doing.
- Don't stop mom, i don't mind, i assured her.
She relaxed and started fingering herself trough her gown
as she watched me jerking off.
As the heat rose i could see that her gown was moving
upwards and soon i could see the entrance to her womanhood.
She shifted slightly in the chair anbd spread her legs
wider to be able to reach lower and at the same time her
gown for the firs time in my life see a real pussy.
I could see small beads of clear fluid between her legs
and the more she fingerd herself the more moist she became.
I was so trancefixed with what i saw that i mad an effort
to control over myself, I enjoyed the show and i wanted it
to last longer.
Mom started moving her hips in small circles as she got
more frantic in her fingering, then sudenly she gasped,
stabed a finger into herself and started fingerfucking
Suddenly she shriked in a high pitch tone.
Her body cramped and she groaned as i realizrd she had just
had an orgasm.
Her eyelids were halfopen as she sat on the chair, still
with her fingers running up and down her slit.
Completly amazed by what i had seen i just had to go
closer. I arose, letting my robe fall of me completly. As
i aproached her i knelt down beween her legs.
The arousing scent of female cum reached my nostrills and
i slowly started stroaking myself again.
- Can i taste? I finally dared to ask.
First she looked a little shocked but imideatly calmed
down and smiled.
She took her fingers from her swollen pussy and moved
them to my lips, i eagerly tasted the juices covering the.
The taste was amazing, sweet, warm, feminine and full.
I couldn't stop myself from doing what i did next.
When she pulled her fingers out of my mouth she drove
them trough my hair and i leaned foward twoards her
swollen sex.
Firtst her eyes widend when she realized wat i was about
to do but they softend the instance my toungue made contact
with her sex.
I licked all over her pussy, exploring every fold trying to
find the source of her juices, the entrance to her womb.
I pushed my tounge in, gyrating it inside her as i was
trying to get as much of her delicious ambrosia onto my
toungue as i possibly could.
This roused another gasp from her and she took my head in
both her hands lifting my tougue to her clitoris.
- There! she said with a gasp when my toungue made contact.
I sucked her clit and started making circles around it
with my tougue.
I pushed the hood back and exposed more of her button,
flicking her clit quickliy but lightly with my tougue.
Suddenly she started trashing about violently and grabbed
my hair and wraped her legs around me.
She shriked as i licked her clit with a fury matching hers.
Suddenly her whole body stiffend and she gasped for air
as i felt more juice comming out of her. I quickly lowerd
my head and sucked every drop out of her dripping cunt.
The taste made me delirious with lust. I quickly
disengaged from my mother and pumped two times on my cock.
when i started cumming mom pulled me closer so that
my cum ended up on the front of her nightgown.
She looked at my cock and the little dribble of semen
still left on the end.
Slowly as if in trance she bent forward and reached out
her tougue and caught the last dribble of cum. When her
tougue came in contact with my cock it was like an electric
shock went through my body and i could feel myself getting
She took the sperm into her mouth and swirled it as if it
was a fine wine, then she swallowed it and licked her lips
with a smile.

The day continiued normally as we got showerd and clothed.
- Wanna go shoping? she asked me after lunch.
- Sure. I answerd.
And so we got into our Dodge.

As we drove in to the parkingspace outside Victoria's
Secret she looked at me and said:
- I have to get some new underwear, with a smile smiled.
We went in and she tried on severeal pairs and and
discarded some and handed me those she wanted.
As if the panties wasn't enough but when she handed me
them she opend the door slightly letting me see her
beautiful body as well as the neatly trimmed patch of hair
in her crotch.
The sight gave me a raging hardon and mom aparently noticed.
She smiled as she put a finger in her crotch, pushing it
She pulled out her finger and presented it to me.
I eagerly sucked evry trace of juice of her finger.

When we got into the car she pulled up her skirt slightly
so that i could see her damp white panties.
She started the car and drove up to the lookout over the
city, my eyes fixed on her crotch. She sat looking out
over the city.
I unlocked the belt and bent over her lap, snuggling my
nose in between her legs.
she absently ran her fingers trough my hair for a while
then told me to rise up.
She unbuckeld, raised her hips, then pulled of her panties
and gave them to me.
The smell of her lovejuice again filled my nostrills and
made my boner hard as a rock.
- What you did for me this morning was wonderful, she said
smiling to herself, I want to return the favor.
She reachd over with her right hand and opend my fly.
She reached into my pants and gently fondled my raging
She motoined me to raise my hips and she pulled my pants
down as well as my jocks. My cock sprang to freedom and
she gently grabed it.
She slowly started stroaking up and down my length as
I smelled the crotch of her panties.
Slowly her grip tightend slightly, every time she
reached the head she stroaked it with her thumb.
But the fun was just getting started. After a while she
bent over my lap so that my cock was only half an inch
from her lips.
I had never heard of anything even remotly similar to what
she did next.
She stuck out her tounge and licked the top slit on my
The contact sent an electric shock trough my body and i
could feel myself getting closer to cumming.
Mom noticed that and made a circle with her toungue around
the head only to swallow the whole thing down her throat.
She keept it there for a second or two then pulled up to
take a breath before sucking it into her mought again. She
started bobing her head up and down my cock as her tougue
flutterd against my bursting meber.
Finally i came, the jets of cum spurting out of my cock
with a force i had never experienced before.
The sperm hit the back of her troat and to my suprise she
eagerly swallowed, applying more sucktion so that she
wouldn't miss a drop.
I felt like she had drained my backbone into her willing
mouth and all I could do was to pant.
She continiued a gentle sucktion long after i had come.
When she finally pulled her head up she let my limp friend
out of her mouth with a pop.
She grined at me and licked her lips as i opened my eyes
and gave her a weak smile in appreciation.

When we got home i was spent. i laid down on the sofa,
watching some mtv and almost imideatley dozing of.
I half woke up when my mom laid down beside me pressing
her soft body into mine.
I fell back into dreamland as her face snuggled in to
my chest.
When i awoke i could smell the dense fruity scent of her
hair and the musky remnants of her perfume. She always
smelled great.
I rose carfully not to wake her up and gave her a kiss
on the cheek before i went into the shower.
The warm water refreshed me and i could feel my strength
returning though my mind still was tired.
I went into my room only to find that my pillows and my
sheet was missing.
I returned to the livingroom but it was empty, i slowly
walked down the hall and in to my moms room.
There on the right side of her queensized bed was my
stuff, neatly tucked in as if someone was going to sleep

I heard the water running in her bathroom and i saw that
the door was slightly open. I couldn't resist peeking in,
what i saw there made my tired soldier stiffer than a
My mom was just getting out of the shower, completly nude,
her beautifull breasts coverd with drops of warm water,
the patch of hair covering her labia neatly trimmed and
her legs, soft and slender. As if she was a statue of a
greek goddess, her perfection and beauty shimmerd in the
She walked over to the mirror, picked up her towel and
started drying herself.
She suddenly saw me trough the mirror and smiled her
heartwarming smile.
She motioned to me to get in, even if i had wanted to i
couldn't have resisted.
- I thought you should sleep in here. She said as if it
was nothing. she smiled and winked with her eye.
I smiled back and noded.
- Come here now, help your mother drying of. She said
handing me the towel.
I started on her shoulders, slowly and gently massaging
her trough the towel.
I lifted her arms and gave each one the soft attention
the arms of a goddess deserves.
All the wile she blowdried her hair.
She turned around as i gently dried her breasts and
stomach, her eyes fixed on my face.
I went down on my knees and dried her beautiful legs,
starting at her feet and moving up. ans i reached her
sex i could smell the lovley scent of her arousal and i
slowly dried her vulva making sure to apply pressure to
her little knob.
She smiled and sat down at the mirrortable.
- Will you brush my hair? she asked.
- Ofcourse, i answerd.
I took the brush she reached me, I lifted the farthest
ends of her hair up and brushed it carfully.
The feeling of her hair in my hands was a real turnon
for me as i worked the brush higher and higher. Her red
hair was full and soft in my hands, so alive and vital.

As I finiched she rose and took me in her warm embrace.
Lifting her hand to my face and lifting my chin up she
planted her lushious lips on mine carfully parting my
lips with her wet tougue.
It took me a second before i realized what she were doing,
i had never really made out before My rigid cock strained
in my jockeys as my mother pressed herself into me.
She reached down and pulled down my jocks.
My penis sprang free pointing forward and upwards twoards
her pussy.
She stepped closer to me and i could feel the head of my
cock brushing against the patch of hair left on her mound.
I felt her hand going down my back and pressing me softly
into her.
Suddenly she shifted her hips and lifted her right leg
slightly, i imediatley discovered why when my aching
member jutted in between her legs and i could feel the heat
of her sex on the head of my cock, her juices runnig down
in a single drop on the lower side of my throbbing member.
As if the drop had been her cue she slowly lowerd herself
into me and i could feel the head of my shaft being
engulfed in her warm, slippery passage.
The feeling was incredible, i almost came when i realised
that my penis was actually going inside my mother. My cock
was slowly getting burrowed in her willing stomach.
She grabed my neck and leaned a litle backwards by doing
this she could part her legs a little more. I could feel
my whole manhood sink into her and the muscles of her cunt milking my scepter, she was supprisingly tight. When i
felt the base of my cock being surrounded by her inner labia,
she lifted her weight onto me and locked her legs around
my hips.
With determined steps i carried my mother out of the batroom
and into bed where i laid her down. Forced by her grip
around my neck to follow and lie on top of her.
Her legs relaxed slightly as my instincts took over and i
slowly started thrusting into her, gradually picking up the
pace and force.
The warmth of her tunnel and the slipperyness of her juices
made me delirious with pleasure, her muscles massaging my
whole member as i trust into her felt like nothing i had ever
felt before.
The vacum of her sex sucked my cock into her warm ebrace and
the warm, tight walls of her pussy made the experience even
more pleasurable.
Because i was young and inexperienced i couldn't hold out for
long and my mother noticed.
She gripped me tighter with her legs forcing my cock deep
inside her, her cunt milking me as i came in heavy spurts,
filling her tunnel with my sperm.
I relaxed lying on top of her, feeling her hand playing with
my hair.
At last i managed to gather enough energy to lift my head
kiss my mother.
- Sleep my son, she murmured holding me tightly.
I could do nothing but what she told me and i felt the sheet
of the bed laid over us as i snuggled into her shoulder,
rapidly falling asleep.
Before i fell asleepi realized that my cock was was still
buried deep inside her warm motherly womb. Her soothing voice
hummed a tuneless song into my ear that soon made me fall

To be continiued?

This story is written as an adult fantasy.
The author does not condone the described behavior in real
life in anyway shape or form. Anyone tempted to act out any
of the scenarios in this story; should seek professional

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