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a day at the beach


A Day at the Beach

Licking his lips at how amazing she looked in a bathing suit John smiled as Elizabeth made her way down towards the shore. Her long black hair hung loosely over her shoulders and her perfectly toned body gleamed in the sunlight. For a moment he thought he might stop breathing if she didn’t stop running. Dipping her toes in the water she deemed it warm enough and than made her way out to him a smile spread across her glossy lips.

"How’d you like the water?" She asked as she reached him.

"Its getting kinds hot." He said smiling at her as she bobbed up and down in front of him.

"We can probably fix that." She said wadding dangerously close to him.

"You know if we weren’t in public I’d probably do you right now."

"Why don’t you?" She asked licking her lips seductively. "The suns going ones on the sand. Its just me you and a really great idea." Taking her into his arms he smiled.

"I might have to take you up on that offer."

"I’d love it if you did." She said before kissing him hungrily. Taking her in he smiled if this was where she wanted it to happen he wasn’t going to fight her on it. Slipping his tongue into her mouth he began to tug at her bottom. Slowly she pulled away and took them off herself, she kept them on her arm and smiled wickedly as she took his hand and slipped it between her legs. "Better?" She asked before kissing him again. Nodding and slipping his tongue back into her mouth he allowed his fingers to slip inside her and began to stroke her, first it started off gentle, but as he got more and more into pleasing her it became rough movements and before he knew it he had stopped kissing her and was holding her at arms length so that he could watch her reactions as she came.

It was probably one of the sweetest things he’d seen, she let loose soft moans and message her breast. When she had climaxed completely she pulled close to him and whispered that she needed to be thoroughly fucked right then and there or she would die of desire. Smiling he led her out to the shore and layed her down on the beach where she carefully spread her legs and waited for him to slide in. Sighing he slowly got to his knees and decided that a little more torture wouldn’t kill her. Leaning down he slowly placed his head between her legs and smiled.

"Don’t move." He said before eating her, And this was even better, she tasted sweet and her moans weren’t soft they were loud and demanding. Her body jerked up and down against his tongue and the more she moaned the more he climaxed until finally he couldnt take it and in the middle of her climax he climbed on top of her and slipped in. She let out a small shocked moan of pleasure but quickly fell into rythem as he rode her strong and hard. His intention of staying on the sheet where foiled when she rolled over and began to ride him good and hard. He was surprised at how good it felt to have her on top. She moved her body up down and around, and it felt good it felt better than good, he was in heaven and for that one perfect moment when they came together.

After that he lay inside her with her nibbling on his neck and ear. For a minute he was worried that she’d want to go for round two and that he wouldn’t be ready, but when she climbed off of him and lowered her mouth to his still swollen member he was surprised at how short a time it took before he was erect again. He groaned as she sucked ans slured the cum that poured into her mouth as she massaged his balls. After he’d come in her mouth she continued to give him head and when she realized that he was on the verge of yet another orgasm she slipped him inside her and began to ride him yet again. She rode him till she came twice, and at that point John was pretty sure that every ounce of seamen had been drained from his body.

What a day at he beach.


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