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Archived Sex Stories

a family affair


by Dorsai

Copyright (c) 2002 - Dorsai

Up until I was 16, our family was close and happy. That all came to a
crashing halt - literally - when a drunk driver slammed into the family car
as mom and Dad were coming home from a quiet dinner for just the two of
them. Those dinners were a regular once-a-month thing for them, and us
kids were always happy to give them their night out - we all knew how much
they cared about US, and didn't begrudge them the time they spent with each
other. The drunk was a multiple offender, and not only didn't have
insurance, but was driving on a revoked license. The only good that came
out of it was that they finally did something about him by tossing him in
prison for the rest of his life. A little late for my family, but at least
he wouldn't hurt anyone else.

Dad died in the crash itself. mom hung in for a few days in the
hospital, the machines keeping her alive. As miserable as it was to see
her like that, it gave us -my older sister (Julie, age 19), my
all-but-identical twin younger sisters (Kathy and Karen, just having turned
12 at the time), and me (Bobby to my sisters, and Bob to everyone else) -
time to say our goodbyes.

The funeral was hard, but the time after it was even harder. None of
our other relatives - scattered around the country - were in any position
to take all of us in, and there wasn't any way in hell we were going to be
separated like that. The house was mostly paid for - but not enough for us
to get much out of its sale. mom and Dad's life insurance wasn't enough to
really take care of all of us for any extended period of time, either. The
few thousand dollars we got from our state's Victim Relief fund went
directly into college accounts for Karen and Kathy. Social Security kicked
in, but it wasn't all that much. All in all, we were pretty much stuck
between a rock, and another rock. The only real comfort any of us had was
the fact that we'd been able to keep our dog, Woof, a big, friendly male
black Lab.

By the time all was said and done, we had to move to a small (!!)
slightly run-down three-bedroom house in a different part of town. Julie
had to drop out of college to take care of all of us, and times and money
were tight. We weren't so poor that we had to do our shopping in the
Goodwill and discount stores, but sales played a big part in when we bought
clothes and food. We might have been poor, but we damned well weren't
trash. Julie and I both worked part time, but the way Social Security
worked, if Julie made too much money, the amount of our benefits dropped.
That didn't apply to me, being under age, so it was my paychecks that got
us the few 'luxuries' that we had. The little bit of work that Julie was
allowed was just about her only relief - if you could call it that - from
the head- and heart-aches of keeping the rest of the household running.
The little bit of free time she had simply didn't matter much: she didn't
get to meet many guys at her part-time job, and even if she had, we simply
didn't have the money for her to be able to go out.

Kathy and Karen both understood, of course, and both tried as best they
could to make things as easy as possible for Julie and me. Julie and I
both told them that we wanted them to be able to have fun, and they did -
by taking advantage of every free and minimal cost activity they could find
out about. But there simply weren't that many things for them to do at
their age, so they spent more time at home watching tv or reading library
books than Julie or I were comfortable with. The one thing that we were
sure to do was to get them a computer, and sign up for one of the online
computer services that were becoming popular - we were going to make damn
sure that the twins had whatever they needed to do well in school.

Working as much as I did, I didn't get many chances to meet girls and go
out on dates. And with almost all of my paychecks going toward keeping us
from doing without, there wasn't much for me to use FOR dates, so
philosophically, it worked out. Of course, that wasn't much consolation to
me, and did damn little toward helping me get the chances to relieve myself
of the biological pressures my hormones were producing. The net result was
that more often than not, it was up to me to solve my horniness by taking
myself firmly in hand…

I had gotten home a bit later than usual one payday night - when offered
the chance for some 'overtime', I'd taken it without hesitation - and
handed my paycheck over to Julie before heading for my bedroom. With the
door closed behind me, I could feel the tightness in my back and shoulders
from the extra work my boss had had for me, and knew that I'd never get to
sleep unless I could find some way to relieve the stress and tension in my
body. With Kathy and Karen were both asleep in their bedroom, and figuring
that Julie would be busy paying bills and working out our grocery list for
a little while, I decided that a nice session of jerking off was just what
I needed. I stripped down to skin and laid back on my bed, thinking about
one of the girls I'd seen in school that day as I slowly stroked my dick:
she'd been in the hall, putting up banners for school elections. Standing
up on a step ladder, she'd been reaching up to tape the top edge of the
banner to the wall as I went by, and I had a clear view of her body all
stretched out - in a flash, I'd memorized the way her blouse was pulled
tight against her breasts, her nipples creating little dents in the fabric;
the way her dress had pulled up, showing the bottom edge of where her
panties molded to the mound of her pussy - and as I went by, the way they
revealed the shape of her small, tight ass.

I was hard as a rock and stroking myself furiously when some small sound
caused me to open my eyes - only to see Julie standing in the door to my
room, frozen as she watched me pull my pud.

It was a few seconds before she realized that I'd stopped, and was
looking at her. When she did, she blushed and said "I'm sorry, Bobby. I
didn't mean to, uh, interrupt. I mean, I didn't know you were, uh… I just
wanted to thank you for the extra work you've been putting in at your job.
I'm sorry. I'll, uh, go now…"

Julie blushed again, and quickly turned around and left, closing the
door behind her.

Only when she was gone did I realize I'd been holding my breath, and let
it out in a loud sigh. Embarrassed at having been caught jerking off - by
my sister, no less - there wasn't any way I was going to be able to get
back to that fantasy about the girl on the stepladder. The tension in my
back and shoulders were long forgotten, but it was still a while before I
was able to fall asleep, wondering how I'd face Julie the next day.


Julie and I didn't see each other the next morning, and I had my job to
go to after school, so it wasn't until evening that we finally met up
again. Both of us were awkward at first, but neither of us wanted to say
anything about what had happened the previous night. Kathy and Karen
didn't seem to notice anything wrong, but for Julie and me, the evening
dragged by far too slowly.

The addition of a little more time made the next night a bit easier. By
the end of the week, it was as though it had never happened - though I'm
sure both of us were all too aware that it had.

Another few weeks went by, and my boss at my job managed to find enough
stuff for me to do that my paychecks were noticeably better than usual. He
and the people I worked with were all aware of what had happened to us, and
did whatever they could to help out - whenever they could, they'd pass up
any extra work so that I'd have a chance to bump up my paycheck. That
Julie had dropped out of school to take care of us while I worked after
school was all they needed to know that we weren't a "family of Welfare
no-accounts, suckin' on the gov'ment tit", as my boss put it.

The result of the additional work was that I was more and more tired
when I got home in the evening. Julie and the girls tried to help by
picking up some of the 'slack', and doing some of the things that I usually
did around the house. Unfortunately, we'd already gone through that kind
of thing - most of what I did was stuff that none of them COULD do.

It was one evening when I came home all but dead on my feet that Julie
decided that something else was needed. She got me seated on the floor in
front of one of the worn - but still serviceable - chairs we had in the
living room while she told Kathy and Karen to get my supper out of the
oven, where she put it when I worked late. Taking a seat in the chair
behind me, Julie started massaging the soreness out of my neck and
shoulders. When the twins came in, she asked them if they'd feed me while
she worked the tension out of me. They could see what kind of shape I was
in, and they nodded before sitting on either side of me - Kathy held the
plate in front of me while Karen carefully fed me the goulash Julie had
made. I tried to protest that I could feed myself, and Julie just told me
"Shut up, Bobby. You've been working yourself too hard these past couple
of weeks, and all of us can see it. Just let us do OUR part, okay?"

I didn't try to argue with her - I simply didn't have the energy.
Instead, I focused on the meal Karen and Kathy were feeding me. I was so
tired, I couldn't really taste it; but the simple act of taking in
nourishment was helping me get some of my energy back.

By the time I'd eaten everything on the plate, I felt better and started
to get up. Julie just pushed me back down again and said "Forget it.
There's nothing that needs you that much tonight. Just sit there and REST,
dammit." I drew a breath to protest, then let it out again without saying
anything - having had a taste of it, I knew that I needed the 'time off'
she was insisting on.

I don't know when I fell asleep - but when I woke up, the angle of the
sun coming in my window told me that it was late morning. I was lying on
my bed, dressed only in my underwear, trying to remember how I'd gotten
there when there when I realized that it was only Friday, and that I had to
get to school. I jumped out of bed and got my socks and pants on when the
door opened and Julie came in.

"Why'd you let me sleep so late? I'm late for school, now, and I gotta
get going!" I told her.

She came closer, and put her hand on my arm, stopping me before she told
me "It's okay, Bobby. I called in sick for you, so you don't have to go to
school today. I told you last night, you've been working too hard, and you
have to get some rest. The school can manage without you for one day -
goodness knows, your grades are good enough, though I haven't got the
faintest idea of how you manage THAT - and you've still got plenty of time
before you have to be at work."

I started to say something, and Julie just put her finger across my lips
to silence me. Being a couple inches shorter than I was, she had to reach
up slightly to do so as she told me "Don't bother. It's done, and that's
all there is to it. If you could have seen yourself when you came home
last night, you'd know why I did what I did. Bobby, you're not going to be
any help to us at all if you work yourself sick!"

With Julie's finger still across my lips, I took the time to actually
listen to what she was saying to me - and had to admit that she had a
point. I knew that I'd been more tired than I could remember ever being
last night - but I still couldn't figure out how I got up to my room and
undressed last night. The last thing I could remember was letting my head
fall forward as Julie had massaged my shoulders.

Seeing that I wasn't going to fuss any more, Julie let her hand drop,
and I asked her "How did I get up here last night?"

She gave me a half-smile and said "I was massaging your neck and
shoulders, and the girls and I thought you were just relaxing - until we
heard you start to snore! None of us wanted to wake you up, but we didn't
want to leave you laying on the floor or trying to sleep on the couch,
either. So they helped me get you up the stairs and in here. Then I sent
them to bed, and I got your shirt and other stuff off."

Growing up, Julie and I had seen each other in our underwear often
enough that it wasn't that big of a deal. Not a common occurrence, mind
you, just not UNusual, either. In fact, just a few days before the
accident, Julie had come out of the bathroom in her bra and panties after
taking a shower, just as I was heading for it in my underwear so I could do
my own cleanup. We passed each other in the hall, neither of us giving the
other more than a passing glance - and my comment to her that I hoped she'd
left me some hot water.

After she told me that she'd been the one to undress me, both of us
remembered the night a few weeks past when she had found me jerking off in
my room - and both of us blushed slightly. To break the awkward silence
between us, I finally managed to find my voice and tell her "Uh, thanks, I
guess. I was pretty tired last night - I guess I didn't realize HOW

She gave me a smile, and said "I know. Bobby, all of us know how hard
you work to help out around here - not just your job, but all the stuff you
do here, too. And on top of that, you manage to keep your grades up at
school. In case you've forgotten, the worst grade you brought home since
Mom and Dad died has been a 'C' - and that was in that stupid 'Music
Interpretation' class you had to take; everything else has been A's and
B's. Kathy and Karen know you're working so hard for all of us, but they
don't really understand how much you've had to give up to do it, like I do
- and even I had to be reminded."

It took me a second to realize that she was actually making a reference
to the night she'd seen me with my dick in my hand - and another couple of
seconds to realize that not only wasn't she blushing about it, but looking
at me strangely.

I didn't say anything, though, and a moment later she came over and put
her hands on my shoulders before telling me "Anyway, as much as you're
doing to help keep things going around here, you still need to take some
time for yourself - to relax, or do whatever you want or need to do for
yourself. And the girls and I are going to make sure you get it."

With that, Julie moved close enough to give me a kiss. I accepted it as
a friendly brother-sister I-love-you gesture; but as it continued, I
couldn't help but start to respond. It had been so long since I'd had this
kind of contact with a girl - ANY girl - that the feel of her body against
mine triggered an almost instant erection. From the way it was pressing
against her, I knew she could feel it, too - and I was surprised when she
not only didn't move away from me, but started to press herself against it!
When that happened, my brain completely stopped working. I put my arms
around her and started running my hands up and down her back - discovering
that she wasn't wearing a bra - as her hands started caressing my body,
too. From all the work I did, I was in pretty good shape, and Julie's hands
traced the outlines of every muscle in my torso as our kiss went well
beyond a show of affection between two siblings. Our lips had parted and
our tongues were touching when Julie suddenly pulled herself away from me
and said "I'm sorry, Bobby. I shouldn't have done that."

I was panting slightly, as she was, and managed to answer "There's
nothing to be sorry about; I know you haven't been out any more than I
have. And it wasn't just you - it was both of us."

She gave me a wry smile, and said "Maybe so - but I'm the older of us,
and I think I'd better go now" before she turned and hurried from my room.
I watched her leave, and stood there for several long seconds. Then I gave
a little shudder, closed the door to my bedroom, stripped naked, and
proceeded to bring myself to an incredibly powerful climax - while thinking
about how Julie's body had felt against me, and what she would look like
naked. I cleaned the mess up with the tee shirt I'd been about to put on
before Julie came into my room, and tossed it into my dirty laundry basket.

The rest of the day, I just lazed around the house - which meant that
all I had to do was replace the washer in a leaky faucet, fix a broken
stair on the steps outside the back door, and do some minor repairs to the
old '57 Ford Fairlane I (we) had to drive. We'd had to shop long and hard
to find it: something we could afford to buy in the first place, but
something that didn't need so much repair that we couldn't afford to fix
it. Since mom and Dad had died, we (I) had steadily gone about getting it
back into good mechanical condition. The Auto Shop teacher at school had
helped by letting me volunteer it as one of the 'training aids' for his
classes: that had gotten the pistons and rings replaced, the transmission
rebuilt, and the electrical system redone. I'd dealt with rebuilding the
carburetor, replacing the plugs and distributor, and tuning it up. It was
still a long way from being in prime condition, but it was reliable - and
slowly but steadily getting better.

When the time came, I took a shower, changed clothes, and headed for my
after-school job. The boss didn't have any overtime for me that night, so
I was home in time to have supper with Julie and the twins.


The next several weeks went by pretty much as normal - I picked up a
little overtime now and then, but not so much that it wore me down as the
extended period of it had before. Julie went out with some of the girls from the place where she worked - kind of a 'girls night out' - and came
back looking happier and more refreshed than I could remember seeing her in
a long time. We also managed to put together a birthday celebration for
Kathy and Karen when they turned 13 - they had a few of their friends over,
and we made an actual party out of it.

It was Memorial Day weekend when my life changed, yet again - for the
better. Kathy and Karen had gone over to one of their friends homes for a
sleepover, leaving Julie and me alone in the house. My boss had given us
all the weekend off - with pay - and I was taking it easy by watching the
races in the living room when Julie came in and sat in the chair next to
where I was. I was stretched out, watching the races while rubbing Woof's
chest with my feet; when a commercial came on, Julie asked me "Are you
really watching that?"

"Not really", I admitted, "Just taking it easy, is all. Why?"

She hesitated a moment, then said "Uh, I just wanted to talk to you
about something, is all. It's not that important."

I shut the tv off and turned to face her, saying "If it's important
enough for you to want to talk about it to me, then it's important enough
for me to listen. What's up?"

Julie hesitated again, then finally told me "It's about the other day -
you know, a couple weeks ago, when you stayed home from school."

"What? They realized I wasn't actually sick? Other kids do that all
the time!"

She smiled, and said "No, the school didn't call - as far as I know,
they really think you were sick that day. What I'm talking about is what
happened here in the house."

It took me a few seconds to realize that she was referring to the kiss
that the two of us had shared.

"Is there a problem?" I asked, wondering how there even could be a

She smiled again, and said "No, there's no problem from it - and
actually, that kind of IS the problem."

By this time, I was thoroughly confused - something she must have seen
on my face, because she went on to tell me "I'm sorry, Bobby. Maybe I
should explain."

"I think so…"

"That day, when we kissed… well, I felt something. Something that I
don't think most sisters feel about their brothers. While I was at college I met guys, and went out on dates, just like you did before mom and Dad
died and we had to move here. And some of the guys I went out with, well,
we were more than just 'friends'. A lot more. Ever since I had to leave
school and we moved here, I've missed going out with guys; I've missed it a
lot more than I realized. That was why, when I kissed you, things got kind
of out of hand. I felt really bad about it; but at the same time, it felt
GOOD - real good! - when you were holding me and kissing me and touching
me. I felt really mixed up about it, even after I went to my room and, uh,
took care of myself" - that last part with a slight blush.

I just sat there in surprise as she went on "I know you did the same
thing, Bobby - I found the tee shirt you used to clean yourself up,
afterwards. And that just made it worse for me: knowing that you thought
of ME that way. For a week afterwards, all I could think about was the way
your body felt against mine, and I felt guilty and all mixed up about
feeling that way about you. I thought and thought about it, and I just
couldn't get it straight in my mind. Then I went out with Shelly and Wanda
and Dolly from work. While I was with them, I kind of brought up the
subject of what a girl should do if she felt like that about a guy that she
really shouldn't have anything to do with - even if she was as feeling as
lonely as I was. We all talked about it for a while, and finally decided
that as long as both people were agreeable, nobody got hurt, and there
wasn't any chance of kids, there wasn't any reason for them NOT to make
each other happy."

"And you're telling me all this because…?"

She took a deep breath, and with a slight tremor in her voice, said
"Because I want US to finish that kiss. I want for us to make love."

That was the last thing in the world that I expected her to say, and I
could just sit there looking at her - long enough that she finally got
nervous enough to tell me "I'm not a virgin, and haven't been since high
school. mom knew because she saw my birth control pills when I was home
from school one time. I don't think she told Dad; all she said to me was
to be careful. When we moved here, I stopped taking the Pill, but after I
had the talk with the girls from work, I went down to the clinic and got
started on them again. I've been taking them the past couple of weeks, so
I know that I can't get pregnant, if you're worried about that."

She sat there, looking at me looking at her, until I finally got my wits
back and told her "Julie, are you sure us… doing that would be such a good
idea? I mean, we're brother and sister!"

She gave me an odd smile, and said "That's just one of the things that
bothered me, too. But from the reaction I got when I hugged you, I don't
think that part of your body really cares who I am. Bobby, I know you
don't get to go out on dates like you used to - just like I'm not able to
go out on them, either. I think BOTH of us need more relief that way than
we can get from just doing ourselves - I know I sure as hell do! We're
brother and sister? So what? That just means that we care for each other;
you know we do. If we can find a little happiness and pleasure with each
other, what can be wrong with that? I'm on the Pill, so it's not like you
can get me pregnant. It's not like either one of us would be forcing the
other one - I know that if one of us isn't in the mood or anything, then
the other one would understand, and not 'push' it. And we're close enough
in age, and both 'grown up' enough that it's not like either one of us
would be taking advantage of the other one - both of us would know what we
were doing, and why."

I was listening to what she was saying, and had to admit to myself that
it made a certain amount of sense. But it was still a big jump from
jerking off while thinking about her, to actually having sex with her.

Julie seemed to realize what I was thinking, and said "Bobby, it's not
like we would be hurting anybody. There's no chance of pregnancy. It
would only happen if BOTH of us were willing. We already love and care for
each other. So if we started making love with each other, it would just be
another way of showing that love, and helping each other with a problem
that BOTH of us have."

I thought about it a little more before she told me "I'm not suggesting
that we start sleeping in each other's bed, or anything like that - I'm
just saying that if both of us are feeling the need, then there's no reason
we shouldn't help each other out that way. I'm not going to push you about
it, Bobby. I told you what I think, and why I think it would be good for
both of us. You think about it, too, and see what YOU decide. Whatever it
is, I'll go along with it."

With that, she got up and left me to my thoughts. And think, I did -
coming out of my 'trance' only when Julie let me know that our supper was
ready. Even during the meal, though, I was distracted by my thoughts.
Julie seemed to know what was going on in my mind - the same as what she'd
undoubtedly been through, from what she told me - and simply left me alone
to sort it all out myself.

After we did the dishes, we went into the living room to watch TV, and I
couldn't help but notice the way the glow of the set would reveal the shape
of her body underneath the light dress she was wearing - or the way her
braless breasts would sway slightly with her movements. As she sat there,
engrossed in one of the programs, I happened to see her face, lit up by the
light from the TV, and realized how lovely she was: straight black hair she
kept trimmed just past her shoulders that she tucked behind her pink,
shell-like ears; brown eyes, pert nose, and slightly-full lips that just
begged to be kissed. She wasn't one of those slender, fashion model types;
hers was a medium frame, with just enough fat to soften her curves; her
bust was full and rounded, her belly and hips trim. When she leaned over
to give Woof a brief tummy-rub, she showed me that her ass was full, and
nicely rounded. All in all, she was a lot more attractive than I'd ever
really noticed before - and that only complicated things for me.

When it got late, the two of us headed upstairs - Julie ahead of me on
the stairs, where I noticed the way her ass cheeks clenched but didn't
jiggle as she climbed, telling me how firm they must be. Beneath, her legs
were smoothly muscular, and well-toned. As I watched her move up the
stairs, I couldn't help but start to get half-hard at the sight she
presented in front of me. My thoughts were as confused as ever by the time
I got undressed and into bed. At one point, I thought that I could hear a
soft, rhythmic creaking coming from her room, and immediately got a hard-on
at the idea that she was masturbating - but the sound was so faint that I
couldn't really be sure that I was hearing it; or that it was caused by
what I though it was. It was a long time before I was able to fall asleep.


As she'd promised, Julie left me to my own thoughts - for the next
several days, we went about our lives as though we'd never had our
conversation in the living room. But the more I thought about it, the more
I came to realize that for all practical purposes, there really wasn't any
reason for us not to find comfort and pleasure in each other's arms. The
chances of me getting her pregnant were all but zero; we weren't committing
ourselves to each other for the rest of our lives; and I had to admit that
I sure would feel better if I could get laid every now and then. I knew
how much I loved Julie - not as a wife or bedmate or anything like that,
but just as a human being; and from what she'd said, I figured she felt
pretty much the same way about me. Would something like the two of us
having sex with each other be that wrong, when we cared for each other that
much? Yes, we were brother and sister; but we were also a man and a woman
- didn't THAT count for something? Both of us shared a common goal of
seeing to it that Karen and Kathy were brought up in a loving home, taken
good care of, and given as many chances to succeed in life as possible.
From that point, Julie and I had a commitment to them, and each other, as
close as any husband and wife would - was there any valid reason that we
shouldn't extend that relationship to include the physical?

All that, and more, went through my mind as I argued with myself about
both sides of the issue - until, finally, I was able to reach a decision.

It was nearly two weeks from the time Julie had sat down next to me in
the living room before I was able to give her an answer. The four of us
were sitting around the table at dinner when I caught Julie's eye, and then
told her "I've finally decided about what we were talking about the other

She looked at me with considerable interest - and a trace of fear in her
eyes - as I went on to say "I don't see that there's anything wrong with it
- as long as the appropriate care is taken" - with a shift of my eyes to
let her know that I was including Karen and Kathy.

She immediately understood that I meant we needed to keep our activities
private from the girls, too, and nodded before smiling at me and replying
"Of course. Any thoughts on when?"

I thought a moment, and just said "Whenever the time and opportunity are

Julie nodded, and the two of us went back to our meal while Karen and
Kathy started telling us about the project they were involved in at school.


With the decision made, the next problem facing us was getting past the
hurdle of learning to be physical with each other. It was something that
both of us had grown up with, of course, and I think Julie found it as hard
to 'let go' of all those old taboos about brother and sister as I did. But
as the days and weeks went by, our kisses and touches gradually became more
relaxed, more familiar, and ultimately more intimate. Both of us were
nearly paranoid about not doing anything when the twins were in the house,
or might show up; but that still left us plenty of opportunities to get
comfortable with each other's touch.

It was a week or so after school let out that the twins came home from
the 'day camp' the local Parks and Recreation department had, telling us
about a week-long summer camp that was being offered for late July. Both
Julie and I realized that it would be the opportunity that we'd been
waiting for; but when the twins told us what the cost of the camp would be,
we both also realized that it was a little more expensive than we could
really afford. We still sat down and went over the budget, trying to find
some way that would let it happen, but simply couldn't find one.

At work the next day, I was telling the guys I worked with about it when
the oss came in to where we were working. He listened to me for a little
bit, then asked "Your sisters have never been to camp like that?"

I said that no, they hadn't.

"They should go - hell, EVERY kid should get a chance to do that. Ride
horses, camp out, burn marshmallows, the whole deal. Why can't they go?"

I admitted that the price for the camp was a little more than Julie and
I figured we could afford - and that we'd tried everything we could think
of to try and make it possible.

He just looked at me, and said "Hell, Bob, that's no reason. Summer
camp like that, it's a helluva thing for a kid. If you're willing to let
them go, I'll pay for it - and that goes for the rest of you guys, too!",
turning to address the last part to the rest of the guys.

I could just stand there, stunned, as the rest of the guys looked at me,

I finally got my voice back, and started to thank him; he just waved it
off, saying "Bob, you work hard for me, and I appreciate it. When I need
you, you're here; now, you need me, and I'm damn well gonna be here for
YOU. Stop by my office when you're ready to go home, and I'll have a check
for you."

I don't think my feet touched the ground the rest of my shift - though I
have to admit that I was a little bit nervous when I went to his office
after I clocked out. He was busy with something on his desk, and I gently
rapped my knuckles on the doorframe to get his attention. He looked up,
saw me, and smiled, saying "Come on in, Bob. I've got the check right here
- added a little extra, so they'd have some money for the junk food they
sell at those camps. Can't be at summer camp without trying to rot your
teeth out of your head!" with a laugh.

I tried to thank him again, and he just cut me off, saying "I told you,
don't worry about it. You've never called in sick, and you're never late
or leave early. This is just my way of showing my appreciation. You and
your sister, you're trying to do right by those girls, and I'm not gonna
see them miss out on a chance like this just because of something stupid
like money. If you want to thank me, just invite me to your graduation
next year, and that'll be all the payment I need."

I assured him that I'd be doing that very thing, and he smiled and
handed me the check, saying "That's all I need to hear, Bob. You better
get home and get the paperwork filled out so those two are able to get
their places."

I didn't even look at the amount of the check; I just folded it,
carefully tucked it into my pocket, and thanked him. He just smiled and
waved for me to be on my way.

By the time I got home, I had recovered from the shock of what he'd
done, and couldn't help figuring out a way to surprise not just the twins,
but Julie, with the good news.

I waited until we were all seated for supper and were about halfway
through the meal and casually said "Oh, I got a little something extra from
Gus today."

None of them was really paying much attention to me as Julie asked "Oh?
What was that?"

"The money to send the girls to camp like they want."

All three of them turned to stare at me for a moment before Julie said
"That's not funny, Bobby."

I just grinned, pulled out the check that my boss Gus had given me, and
handed it to her.

She took it and unfolded it, then gasped before saying "He did! Not
just the camp fee, but the transportation charge, and some extra!"

I grinned wider as Kathy and Karen both shrieked, and tried to see the
check Julie was holding. When the noise level dropped a little, I told
them "Yeah, he said he added a little for some snacks for them while they
were there. I didn't know he added the bus charge, though."

Julie looked up at me, and said "From the look of this, he added enough
to get them some camp clothes, too!", then turned the check around so I
could see the amount it was for - surprising me with the generosity he'd
shown: as Julie had said, it was for not just the camp costs and a little
'pocket money' for the girls, but enough more that they would be able to
get some new clothes to wear while they were there.

Both Karen and Kathy were all but bouncing up and down in their chairs
in their joy at being able to go to camp as they'd wanted. Julie and I
were both smiling as she told them "Okay, you two. Finish your supper, and
after you take care of the dishes, you can go upstairs and make your plans
for camp. I'll have the papers filled out and get them to the Parks office
tomorrow so you'll be sure and have a place at the camp. We'll go shopping
this weekend for clothes."

Both of them immediately settled down and finished their supper - though
how the managed to eat with the grins plastered on their faces, I'll never


As promised, Julie went shopping with them that weekend, and managed to
get a surprising amount of stuff with the extra money Gus had provided:
both girls not only had a fair amount of new clothes for camp, but small
suitcases to pack their stuff in, a small quantity of cosmetics, and a few
other things - including new swimsuits. When they showed me their new
suits by modeling them, I was surprised to realize that both of them were
already starting to blossom: both had small but noticeable busts, and a
distinct curve to their waists and hips. When both of them were back up in
their room, I asked Julie "Am I seeing things, or are they already starting
to, uh, sprout parts?"

Julie grinned at me, and answered "No, you're not seeing things. Not
only are they starting to 'sprout parts' as you put it, but they're
starting to get pubic hair, too. The only thing missing is that neither
one has started having periods yet - but I expect that to happen any time

"You've already talked to them about… that stuff?"

Julie grinned, and said "Damn right I have. mom waited until I had my
first period to tell me - when I started bleeding, I thought I was going to
die! I'm not going to wait for that to happen to them; they know what it's
all about, and even though it was kind of hard getting started talking to
them about it, they're pretty open with me about it now. I think they've
been doing a little experimenting; you know, finding out about their
bodies, too. I've seen them touching each other's breasts once or twice,
but I didn't say anything about it to them."

That was something that simply hadn't occurred to me: that my younger
sisters were actually starting to grow up - and out. The idea that they
were on the verge of becoming young women - and potentially sexual beings -
was something I wasn't sure I was ready for. Julie could see all that
going through my mind, and smiled before saying "Its okay, Bobby. I think
it's going to be a while yet before they're ready to start going out on
dates or getting interested in boys - or at least, interested enough to
want to do anything more than just talk about them."

I just shook my head, accompanied by Julie's soft laughter. I could
only wonder how mom and Dad had dealt with it when Julie and I had hit that
point, and beyond.


When the time came, Julie and I kept the twins company as they waited
their turn to board one of the buses that would be taking them to the camp
- Camp Wannamaka ( or Run amok, as we'd learned the counselors called it) -
for the week they'd be gone. Both of them were nervous, and excited, at
the idea of spending an entire week 'out in the wilds', away from home.
Finally, their names were called, and we listened carefully to find out
which bus they were assigned to, and then went with them as they carried
their bags to the designated vehicle. There were a number of other girls about the same age assigned to that bus, and things were a little
'interesting' as we got their bags stored, and gave each of them a kiss and
hug before they boarded. We waited where they could see us, and waved when
the bus finally pulled out.

Julie and I went back to the car, and Julie took up position right next
to me, pulling my hand down to rest on her thigh as I drove us home.

Back at the house, both of us paused a moment after we got inside,
contemplating the fact that it would be just the two of us for the next
week. It was Sunday morning; the bus would have the girls at camp by
mid-afternoon, and would get them back to us late the following Saturday

When both of us had gotten over the novelty of being in a house where
the twins would be absent for several days, Julie turned to face me and
said "This is it, Bobby. We've got the whole house to ourselves until the
girls get back."

I turned to face her in return, and said "Yeah, we do. But we've got
plenty of time, and I don't think either one of us wants to rush things.
Let's just take it easy and see where it goes, okay?"

Julie smiled and nodded before saying "That sounds pretty good to me.
My heart tells me its okay, but my head is a little slower."

With that, I stepped a little closer and took her into my arms, simply
holding her close as I caressed her back in reassurance. She rested her
head on my shoulder for a few moments, then lifted it again so she could
give me a kiss - one that made it clear that she though of me not just as
her brother, but as a man. I returned it the same way, letting her know
that I loved her, too - and that I welcomed having her body next to mine.

By the time the kiss ended, both of us knew that whatever happened
between us would be the result of mutual love, respect, and desire.

It was Julie that pulled away from me, asking if I was hungry yet. I
admitted that I was, a little; she said that she was, too, but that she
really didn't feel like having a full meal. We talked it over, and finally
settled on something fast and simple: sandwiches and chips. While Julie
made the sandwiches, I took a bag of chips and some sodas into the living
room, and set them where both of us could reach them. A couple minutes
later, Julie came in with the sandwiches. She set them on the small table
between the two overstuffed chairs we had, and surprised me by opting to
sit on my lap while the two of us watched tv and ate our supper.

When we were done eating, Julie got up and took everything but our
drinks back into the kitchen, then stuck her head back in the living room
to tell me "I'm going to change clothes. Why don't you see what choices
we've got for a movie?"

I knew what her tastes were in movies, and it didn't take me long to
find something that would be agreeable to both of us. It was just starting
when she came back into the living room - and surprising me by wearing only
the old football jersey she liked to wear to bed. It only came down to
mid-thigh on her, and from the way it molded to her, I knew that she didn't
have either a bra or panties on underneath. I felt my dick stiffen
slightly, but didn't make any comments, leaving it up to Julie to set
whatever pace she was comfortable with.

Her pace, as it turned out, included parking herself on my lap again,
and pulling my arms around her so that her warm, round breasts were resting
against my forearms. She wasn't a small girl by any stretch of the
imagination; but somehow, she didn't seem heavy or uncomfortable on my lap.
In fact, it felt pretty good having her there, my arms wrapped around her.

As we watched the movie, we'd casually touch each other in small,
sensual, non-sexual ways. I think both of us were acutely aware of what we
were doing - I know that I certainly was! - but neither of us wanted to
'push' things, either. So, by unspoken mutual consent, we just let
ourselves drift along - at least, until the movie ended, and Julie surfed
the channels until she found another one. With the decision to watch it,
she scooted 'down' a little on my lap, and pulled my hands up to cup her
breasts on the outside of the jersey she was wearing before letting her
hands drop to her lap. I was both delighted and surprised at the feel of
her breasts in my hands - as I'd thought, they were full and rounded, not
so much sticking out from her chest as covering it; underneath my palms, I
had the small, hard nubbins of her nipples, feeling them erect slightly as
her breathing caused them to rub against the inside of her shirt where my
hands were.

I was perfectly content to just sit there and hold her soft/firm breasts all night, if that was what she wanted - but it wasn't. When I didn't do
anything for a while, she put her hands over mine again, and gently
squeezed, letting me know what she wanted me to do. That was all the
encouragement I needed, and I did just as she showed me - slowly and softly
squeezing and caressing her breasts; hefting them and feeling their spongy
mass in my hands; letting my palms brush against her nipples, making them
even longer and harder.

As I did that, I could hear Julie's breathing become shallower and more
rapid; beneath her, I knew she could feel my penis growing, and getting
harder. She turned her head toward me, and I knew that she wanted what I
wanted: for us to kiss.

My lips met hers, and the first few seconds were as though our souls
were joined, just as our lips were - and then I felt her mouth open
slightly, and her tongue graze across my lips. I opened my mouth in
invitation, and it was only a second more before our tongues were dancing
in each other's mouths. As our kiss lengthened, and our passion grew, I
felt Julie's hands come up to mine again - then move them away from her
breasts. But it was only for a few moments - long enough for her to pull
her jersey out and up in invitation for me to slide my hands underneath,
and touch her breasts directly.

When I did, I took the opportunity to let my fingertips do a proper
examination of her breasts, and particularly her nipples. By touch, I
discovered that she had quarter-sized areolas, puckered and crinkled in her
arousal; her nipples the diameter of small crayons, and sticking out
perhaps half an inch. I took as much of her breasts as I could in my
hands, the slowly stroked them from base to nipple, finishing up by softly
pulling on her nipples with my thumb and forefinger.

As I continued to caress her breasts, Julie responded by softly moaning
into my mouth as she arched her back, pushing her chest out to increase the
contact with my hands.

With the feel of her breasts memorized, I let my hands begin wandering
across the rest of her body - her sides, her hips, and across her smooth,
firm belly. As my touch moved lower and lower, I felt her shift her weight
a little before spreading her legs apart slightly. An invitation to
include that part of her body? I didn't know - but determined to find out.
I gradually increased the range of my touch to include the tops, then
insides, of her thighs; her only response was to try and spread her legs
even farther - difficult to do, the way she was situated on my lap. But it
was all the confirmation I needed that she wanted me to include that part
of her, as well.

I finally let my hands separate to perform two different tasks: one, to
caress and squeeze her breasts and nipples; the other to investigate the
core of her womanhood. As one hand moved back and forth from one breast to
the other, I let the fingers of the other finally drift to the dark thatch
of pubic hair that I could just barely see at the vee of her crotch - and
found it to be thick and soft. For several seconds, I let my fingertips
luxuriate in the dense thicket of her pubic hair before letting them slide
even lower to discover the thick, soft petals of her labia, and the hot,
oily opening they bracketed. As my fingers mapped this new discovery, they
happened on the nub of her clitoris, and found it to be the size of a large
pea, erect and extremely sensitive. With the first contact of my fingertip
on it, Julie groaned with a sudden increase in desire, her tongue snaking
deep into my mouth.

I quickly slid my finger between the slick lips of her vagina, wetting
it with the oily liquids she was producing in quantity, and transferred the
precious nectar to her clitoris, keeping it lubricated as I proceeded to
softly stroke it in time with the gyrations of her hips and pelvis.

I been intimate with girls before, of course, and gotten laid by several
of them - but nothing in my experience really prepared me for what I was
going through with Julie. Having someone SO responsive, SO eager and
willing, was a novel experience for me; and I took full advantage of it.
Even as I kept one hand busy with her breasts, I had the other between her
thighs, doing a Braille examination of her womanhood.

With my finger between her labia, and slickened with her oils, I curled
my finger slightly so the end of it was against the opening to her vagina.
Julie arched her hips slightly, pressing her opening against my finger in
obvious invitation for me to slide it into her. As I did, I discovered
that even as wet as she was, she was also incredibly tight. It was only by
slipping my finger out, and back in again, to keep it thoroughly coated
with her oils that I was able to get the entire digit inside her - where I
felt her insides clasping at it.

I know the inside of her couldn't really have been that hot, but it
certainly seemed like the temperature of her vagina was scalding, in
addition to being as small and tight as she was. I slowly eased my finger
out of her - accompanied by a soft moan of disappointment from Julie - then
back in again. Penetrating her the second time was a bit easier, so I slid
my finger partway out, then back. Over the next minute or so, I sat there
on the chair with my sister on my lap as I played with her breasts and
slowly finger-fucked her as she tried to clean my tonsils with her tongue
and lifted her hips slightly in welcome to each penetration of my rigid

After a bit, I was able to slide my finger in and out of her easily; I
decided to see how she would respond if I used TWO fingers. I changed over
to using the finger next to the one I'd first entered her with, and soon
had it coated with her oils; then I dipped the first finger into her again
to get it re-coated. With both fingers well-lubricated, I pressed them
against her opening; after a little initial resistance, both of them
slipped into her as far as the first digit - as Julie nearly went wild on
my lap: pulling her face away from mine, her head fell back as she released
a deep groan of obvious pleasure and arousal. She'd gotten considerably
wetter inside while I'd been finger-fucking her, and that helped; but
getting two of my fingers inside her proved to be nearly as difficult as
getting just the one in the first time - but Julie didn't seem to mind,
judging from the gasps and groans and moaning that came out of her as I
worked them into her.

Only when I was able to slide them in and out of her with relative ease
did she lift her head again, press her lips against mine, and commence to
power-cleaning the inside of my mouth with her tongue.

As I was sliding my fingers through the entrance to her vagina, my
fingers and palm were softly stroking her clitoris: my fingers would
transfer some of the liquids to her clitoris, keeping it lubricated for
when my palm would softly rub across it. The dual sensation of my fingers
filling her, and my hand rubbing across her sensitive clitoris soon had
Julie gasping and moaning on my lap as her pelvis arched up in welcome each
time my fingers were buried in her.

The scent of her arousal was thick in the air, and the feeling of her
hot and tight vagina around my fingers and her full breasts in my other
hand had me sporting one of the hardest erections I'd had in a long, long
time; the cheeks of her ass were on either side of it, and I couldn't help
rubbing it along the crease of her ass as my hands brought her closer and
closer to orgasm.

It took only a couple of minutes of my double-digit plundering of her
female treasure before Julie suddenly froze on my lap, her eyes wide open
as I felt her vagina clamp down on my fingers so hard that I thought she'd
pinch them off. A couple seconds later, I felt her relax, and quickly slid
my fingers in and out of her again before she tightened around them yet
again - this time as she released a low, deep groan of pleasure and release
as the second wave of her orgasm overtook her.

Several more times, we went through the cycle before she finally relaxed
completely, nearly collapsing on my lap as she panted softly, trying to get
her breath back. I slid my fingers out of her, accompanied by a small
shudder from her, and couldn't resist the temptation to bring them up to my
face to sniff the heady aroma - and for the first time in my life, taste
the essence of an aroused female. The taste of her was strange, yet
familiar because of it's unique scent - and definitely pleasing: musky, yet
sweet, with a slight 'tang'. It was then and there that I quietly resolved
that I would never let another chance go by to taste it again.

Julie quietly watched as I first smelled and then tasted the oils she'd
produced - not offended, only mildly surprised; then pleased at my reaction
to them.

I was holding her in my arms when she finally got her breathing back
under control. She let me continue to hold her for another couple of
minutes when she suddenly sat up and twisted around to hug me fiercely,
crying as she pressed her face into my shoulder, thanking me over and over
again for making her feel so good. I just sat there, holding her and
softly patting her on the back as I murmured soft words of reassurance and

She finally pulled back from me a little bit to look in my face to see
what my reaction was - not about her brief crying 'jag', but to the fact
that we'd just had our first real sexual encounter.

She got her answer without my having to say a word: when she sat back,
her ass was again on top of my erection, and she could feel it pressing
against her. She gave me a surprisingly shy smile, and said "I was worried
that you might have had second thoughts, or something; but I guess I didn't
have to." She wriggled around a little bit, getting the cheeks of her ass
half-wrapped around my erection, and told me "I think I can take this as a
sign that you're okay with us."

I smiled, and said "I think you could safely make that assumption."

She smiled back for a second, and then suddenly got a slightly
consternated expression before telling me "You brought me to such a
wonderful orgasm, and I haven't done anything for you! Well, I'm going to
take care of THAT right now!"

With those words, she slid off my lap and turned around to face me
before saying "Okay, Bobby, it's your turn. Stand up and get those clothes

As I started to do as she said, she reached down to take the hem of the
jersey she was wearing, then pulled it up and off over her head - leaving
her standing there stark naked in front of me. It was the first time I'd
ever seen her naked like that, and I paused for a few seconds to really
look at her as she just stood there, inviting my inspection.

What I saw was her full breasts, capped with dark areolas and erect
nipples; a smooth, flat belly; a trim waist over nicely curved hips; and
the small, dark wedge of her pubic hair. She watched me looking at her,
did a small pirouette to let me see ALL of her, and smiled as she asked
"Like what you see?"

I had to clear my throat, much to her amusement, before I was able to
answer "I like very much!"

As I went back to trying to get my clothes off - my fingers weren't
working too well, for some reason - Julie smiled at me again, and said
"Here, let me help…" and proceeded to take over for me. Faster than I
could have done it myself, she hand my shirt off and my pants undone and
around my ankles. I steadied myself as I stepped out of them, and Julie
stepped forward to put her hands on my shoulders before telling me "You
made ME feel good, Bobby. Now it's my turn. Just sit back and let me take
care of YOU, for a change!"

She guided me back to sit on the chair again, but with a slight change:
I was sitting a little farther forward on it, so that I was leaning back
more than I would normally. I quickly discovered the reason for it when
she kneeled down and took my penis in her hand, stroked it softly a few
times, then tilted her head forward to take it into her mouth.

It was the first time any girl had ever done that to me, and the
sensation was incredible - and made more so by the knowledge that it was my
own sister doing it. In just a few seconds, she'd regained the little bit
of hardness I'd lost while getting undressed - and after that, well on my
way toward Nirvana.

But she seemed to know what I needed more than I did, myself; when she
had me thoroughly coated with her saliva, she let me fall from her lips. I
opened my eyes, and watched as she moved to climb up on the chair with me -
I could see that the insides of her thighs near her vagina were wet with
her juices - then kneel down so that she was directly over where my erect
penis was waving in the air.

Reaching down, she took my penis in her hand and held it steady as she
lowered herself toward it, stopping when the head was pressing against her
opening. As tight as she'd been around my fingers, I wasn't entirely sure
that she'd be able or willing to get my erect penis in her: I wasn't one of
the super-hung guys at school, but I was better off than most - nearly 7
inches long, and thick.

I saw Julie concentrating as she pressed herself down against me, and I
was starting to think that it simply wasn't going to happen when the head
of my dick suddenly popped through. I think both of us had a surprised and
pleased look on our faces after it happened; a few seconds went by, and I
felt Julie pressing herself down onto me again.

I could feel the incredible tightness of her slowly sliding down my
saliva-slick erection, and when I looked at her face, I could see an
expression of concentration and pleasure on her face as she slowly impaled
herself on me.

The time finally came when I felt her ass resting against the fronts of
my thighs, and I could feel almost my entire length surrounded and bound by
the hot, tight, wetness of her - and the sensation was infinitely better
than anything I'd ever felt before. We sat like that for nearly a minute,
both of us savoring the sensation of my hard member buried in her.

Julie finally put her hands on the arms of the chair and lifted herself
slightly, letting perhaps an inch of me slip free of her intimate hold
before lowering herself again. A few moment later, she did it again,
raising herself a little higher before settling down again. The next was
farther still, as was the one after that. Before long, she was raising
herself far enough that almost my entire length was outside of her before
letting her body drop down again. From there, she started moving slowly,
but almost continuously, over me - letting me slide free of her in varying
measures before taking me back inside again.

The sensation of Julie sliding herself up and down my erection was
incredible. All the times I'd had sex before, it had been when I was on
top of the girl and fucking HER. Having a girl - my sister, no less! - on
top and making love to ME was something new, and it felt wonderful. Rather
than just pumping away until I got off, I was being made love TO - slowly,
gently, and lovingly. Julie was moving me along slowly, bringing me not
just relief, but pleasure.

I watched as her breasts slowly swayed in time with her movements over
me, and couldn't resist reaching up to take hold of them - again marveling
at how full, yet firm, they were. It was when I changed from softly
squeezing and caressing them, and began playing with her nipples, that
Julie leaned forward, bringing her breasts within reach of my eager mouth.
I happily latched on to the end of one of her breasts, and started sucking softly on her areola and nipple, drawing a moan of pleasure from her as she
continued to slide herself up and down my hardness.

When I had one nipple erect, I switched over to the other breast and
repeated my efforts on it; then went back to the first to 'freshen' it.
Back and forth I went from breast to breast, mouthing their firm
sponginess, licking and sucking on her nipples, and holding them in my
hands. As I did, I could feel Julie getting even hotter and wetter around
me, and heard it as her increased movements up and down my penis made a
softly squishing sound.

As my arousal grew, I let my hands - but not my lips and tongue - move
away from Julie's breasts; I began caressing her body, tracing a path from
her hips to her sides, around and down her back, then on to the smooth,
firm globes of her ass, down the outsides of her thighs, then back up along
the tops until I was at her hips again - then starting the whole trip all
over again. I was amazed and delighted at how smooth and soft her skin
was, and how firm her body; that it was my own sister's body that I was
becoming so familiar with only made the experience that much more intense.

I was definitely getting close to unloading in her when I felt Julie
slow, then stop, her movement over me. I looked up at her, and saw that
her efforts at pleasing me had tired her out. I put my hands on her hips
and held her still as I lifted my hips, pushing myself up into her. She
smiled down at me, and I did it again, a little faster, then again faster
still. As Julie held herself over me, I began thrusting up into her more
and more quickly. Her eyes closed as she let herself concentrate on the
feelings and pleasure I was bringing her. It wasn't long before I was
again getting close to emptying myself into her; when I was almost there, I
finally spoke up, telling her "I'm going to cum!"

I was surprised when her eyes opened, and she looked down at me and said
"Yes, Bobby! Do it! cum in me! Fill me with your juice!"

I don't really know why, but that I was all I needed to push me over the
edge; a couple more hard thrusts, and I held myself deep inside her as shot
after shot of my hot cum shot out the end of my dick - and when it did, I
felt Julie give a shudder as she tightened around me in what must have been
a small orgasm of her own.

When I felt that I'd emptied as much as I had into her, I started to let
myself back down onto the chair; Julie followed me, keeping my penis inside
her. When both of us again had solid support (the chair under me, me under
Julie), she leaned forward even more, resting against my body. I felt the
warm pillows of her breasts against my chest, and happily put my arms
around her and held her close as I slowly got my breath back.

I happened to glance over at the clock on the TV, and realized that it
hadn't been ten minutes since the time I stood up to take my clothes off -
and barely half an hour from the time the second movie had started! As
horny as I'd been, I wasn't surprised that I'd gotten off so quickly; but
that BOTH of us had found so much pleasure in such a short period of time
absolutely amazed me.

We sat the like that for a surprisingly long time. Every time Julie
moved, it would cause her internal muscles to tighten around me, which kept
me a lot harder for a lot longer - something that surprised the hell out of
me. But I finally did shrink down enough that I slipped out of her,
followed by my cum. Julie quickly sat up, and asked "Can you reach your
tee shirt without having to move too much?"

"I think so."

"See if you can - we can use it to keep from staining the chair."

I immediately knew what she meant, and with some contortions by both of
us, I managed to reach down far enough to snag it. Julie took it from me,
and stuffed it between us so that it would not only soak up what had
already escaped her, but any additional leakage, as well.

When she was done, she looked at me shyly and said "I guess I should
have remembered about that - but it has been a long time." Then, with a
slight blush, she added "I know the shirt's a little uncomfortable, but I'd
kind of like to stay on your lap like this."

I smiled and told her "I'd kind of like to have you stay on my lap like
this, too."

She smiled back, leaned against me again, and I put my arms back around
her. We stayed like that until the end of the movie - when Julie heard the
closing theme song, she sat up again and said "As nice as this is, I think
maybe we need to clean up a little and go to bed. You've got work
tomorrow, remember?"

I couldn't resist, and tilted my head forward enough to kiss each of her
nipples before answering "Yeah, I suppose we do. Uh, do you think we need
to sleep apart tonight?"

She smiled at me, and answered "No, I don't think so - it's just the two
of us, and I WANT to feel you next to me, tonight."

I smiled back, and Julie slid herself back until she was able to get a
foot on the floor, then stood up. She leaned over to grab the shirt we'd
used, and then stuck the other hand out in invitation. I took it, and
stood up, too, so the two of us could hold hands as we made our way
upstairs for a quick shared shower. Afterwards, the choice of where to
sleep was easy: my twin bed was the largest in the house; Julie and the
twins each had a single. In it, Julie and I spooned with me behind her, my
arm around her and cupping her breast with her hand on my arm. I think
both of us fell asleep quickly and easily.


I woke up much earlier than usual the next morning - and felt
considerably refreshed in spite of it. Waking up on my back and finding
Julie tucked into my side probably helped. I put my arm around her, and
began slowly and softly stroking her side as I lay there listening to her

I had maybe ten or fifteen minutes of that solitary pleasure when I felt
her give a small start next to me when she woke up. She didn't move away
from me, though, and a moment later asked "It wasn't a dream, was it?"

I turned my head so that I could give her a soft kiss on the top of her
head, and answered "No, it wasn't. And if it was, I want to have it again
- or not wake up from it!"

She put her arm across my chest and gave me a hug before saying "No

"Only that I had to fight with myself about it so much, and that it took
so long", I replied.

She tilted her head back to look up at me and smiled; I gave her a soft
kiss on the forehead in reply before she nestled her head into the crook of
my shoulder again with a sigh of contentment.

A little later she asked "What do you want for breakfast?"

I thought about it for a moment, then answered "Oh, a dozen eggs, a
foot-high stack of pancakes, a couple pounds of bacon, half a loaf of
toast, and gallon of coffee should do it. But I'll settle for whatever you
want to make."

She playfully pinched my side and asked "Whatever I want to make, huh?
What happened to you getting your own breakfast?"

"Well, you asked me what I wanted, and I told you. I figured if you
weren't going to make breakfast, you wouldn't have asked. Besides, YOU'RE
the reason I'm so hungry."

She laughed, and said "Okay, I guess you've got a point there - but you
made ME hungry, too!"

"Sure - but you asked me first!"







She tried calling me a few other names, and I just agreed with her every
time. She finally laughed, and asked "Aren't you going to disagree with me
about anything?"

"Only if you don't make breakfast", I replied.

She laughed even harder, and said "Okay, fine. I'll go make breakfast.
For BOTH of us."

With that, she eased herself out from under my arm and stood up next to
the bed - still naked. She looked down at me, and said "Thank you, Bobby.
That meant a lot to me, last night."

I reached out and took her hand, then kissed it before telling her "It
meant a lot to me, too, Julie."

She smiled, and headed for her bedroom. A few moments later, I saw her
wearing a robe when she went by my door on her way to the kitchen. A
couple minutes later, I got up and put on my own robe - nothing underneath
it - and followed her downstairs.

In the kitchen, I found her just starting to get breakfast ready: the
eggs and bacon were out, along with some shredded potatoes. She was
standing at the counter next to the toaster when I walked up behind her and
put my arms around her, cupping her breasts through her robe.

She put her hands on the counter and turned her head to tell me "Now, if
you're going to start that kind of stuff, you're never going to get your

"I can wait" I told her before kissing her shoulder and slipping my
hands inside her robe to start playing with her nipples.

I felt her nipples hardening under my fingers as she tilted her head
back; I pressed myself against her ass, and she pressed back when she felt
my stiffening penis.

She tried to protest again by telling me "Bobby, the food is going to be
cold if you don't stop!"

I lifted my lips from her shoulder long enough to look at what she'd
been doing, then told her "A little cold toast won't kill me - and you
haven't started any of the rest of it" before starting to nibble on her

She shuddered in my arms, and moaned "Oh, Bobby…" before reaching behind
herself to wrap her fingers around my semi-erect penis through my robe.

I started massaging her breasts, and switched over to begin nibbling her
other ear. She responded by stroking my penis through my robe until I was
fully erect.

I started rubbing myself against her, and she released her hold on my
penis to put her hand on the kitchen counter. I released one of her
breasts long enough to pull my robe open, then lift hers above her hips. I
moved closer to her, and she moved her legs apart to make room for me as
she leaned over the counter. I squatted down a little and pushed my hips
forward, feeling the head of my penis sliding through the soft curls of her

Julie groaned, and reached behind herself again, taking hold of my erect
penis and lifting it up so that the head of it slid between the
already-slick folds of her labia. I pressed myself forward again, and she
positioned me at the entrance of her vagina. I arched my hips, and after a
little initial resistance, felt myself sliding into her. She let go of me
to put her hand on the countertop again, and I reached back around to take
her breast back in my hand. I pushed forward, and nearly half my erection
slid into her as she moaned her pleasure. I backed out a little, and then
pressed in again until almost my entire length was inside her. I pinched
her nipples a little, and pressed into her some more, burying myself in her

Julie's head was thrown back, and I softly bit her exposed throat
several times before easing myself out of her until only the head of my
penis was inside. Then, as I gently pulled on her nipples, I pushed myself
back into her until the soft flesh of her ass cheeks was firmly pressing
against my belly. Julie was starting to pant, and I started making love to
her again - slowly at first, then gradually increasing the speed and force
of my thrusts. As I did, she began moaning and crying out with the arousal
and pleasure I was bringing her. My hands were busy on her breasts,
squeezing and caressing them, and gently pinching and pulling on her
nipples; the liquid sound of our joining filled the kitchen, as did the
heady aroma of Julie's arousal.

I knew she was getting close to an orgasm when I felt her vaginal
muscles begin a soft clenching around my pistoning penis; the sensation of
it was enough to get me started toward my own release.

As I continued thrusting into her, and playing with her breasts, I could
feel her getting hotter and wetter around me - it wasn't much longer before
I could feel myself getting close. As I sped up even more, I told her "I'm
close! It's gonna happen!"

She nearly screamed "Yes! Give it to me! Do it! Do it!"

I nearly pounded myself into her a few more times, then pushed myself
into her as far as I could as the first wad of my hot jism fired out the
end of my penis. That seemed to be all she needed, and I felt her tighten
around me as she froze in place, a deep, guttural groan escaping her lips.
Even as I shot spurt after spurt of semen into her, I could feel Julie's
hot pussy clamping down on me in spasms as she went through her own climax.

When I'd emptied the last of my cum in her, I held myself inside her and
my hands on her breasts as I started softly kissing her shoulders and the
nape of her neck. Julie went through a couple more mild spasms, then
shuddered slightly before letting her head fall forward. Both of us stood
there gasping as we tried to catch our breath. I could feel my penis
slowly softening, and was starting to wonder what Julie wanted to do about
it when she spoke up, telling me "Damn, that felt good! But if you don't
want to be served by a woman with cum running down her leg, you'd better
hand me one of those hand towels - I can't reach them, but you should be
able to."

I could reach them, and handed her one. She arranged it the way she
wanted, and told me "Okay, just let me get ready, then you can pull out."
She reached down between her thighs with the towel, and when she nodded, I
stepped back a little to let my penis pull free of her. She quickly moved
her hand to cup her mound, using the towel to collect the semen that wanted
to flow out of her. To my surprise, I found the sight of her with her hand
at her crotch surprisingly sexy. She turned her head, saw me watching, and
blushed slightly before asking "Don't you have anything better to do that
watch me?"

I grinned, and answered "Not really. Besides, I think it's actually
kinda sexy…"

She made a face, then exclaimed "Men!"

With her hand still holding the towel in place, she turned around and
told me "Now, you get on upstairs and take a shower - we can't have you
going to work smelling like you just got laid; people will wonder about us.
But don't take too long, or your breakfast really WILL be cold!" From the
tone of her voice, I knew that she wasn't really mad at me - just
pretending to be. That, and I could see the pleasure on her face, and the
laughter in her eyes.

I stood at attention - her eyes flickered down to where my semi-erect
penis waved in the air - saluted, and said "Sir, yes, Sir!"

That put an end to her even pretending to be mad; she laughed, and said
"Go on, get!"

She wasn't far behind me as I made my way back upstairs and into the
bathroom. I had just started cleaning up when I heard her come in; she
stayed a few moments, then left again. I finished my shower, got dressed,
and was back downstairs in time to see her taking the last egg out of the
frying pan. She brought the plate over to the table, and I saw that she'd
almost taken my request literally: she'd cooked me FOUR eggs, what looked
like a half pound of bacon, hash browns, several slices of toast (the top
two obviously cold, but that was understandable), and a LARGE cup of

With the plate safely on the table, she turned around and sat crosswise
on my lap. I saw the upper slope of her breast through the opening of her
robe, and couldn't resist reaching in to hold it in my hand.

Julie pretended to give me a dirty look, and said "Now you stop that!
You get us going again, and you really will have a cold breakfast - and
probably be late for work, too!"

I grinned, and softly caressed her breast, then offered "If you'll feed
me, I won't do any more than this. If you don't…."

She gave a mock-exasperated sigh, then smiled and reached over to pick
up a piece of toast. She held it in front of me, and I took a bite - cold,
as I'd figured. The rest of the meal went that way - me playing with one
or the other of Julie's breasts (I pulled open her robe for easier access
to both; she didn't protest) while she fed me, the two of us exchanging
pleasant banter and teasing each other.

By the time I'd eaten, it really was nearly time for me to head to work.
I helped Julie clear the table and went upstairs to brush my teeth. When I
came back down, she'd pulled her robe closed again, but was waiting for me
with my lunch and a thermos. I gave her a deep, loving and passionate
kiss, she swatted me on the butt, and I was out the door on my way to work.

Each morning after that, for the rest of the time the twins were at
camp, Julie and I would take the time to make love before I had to leave
for work. Sometimes it was before breakfast, sometimes it was after - but
we didn't miss a single morning. As for evenings, we found plenty of times
and ways to make love then, too. I found out that Julie had never really
used her mouth on a guy, except to get him hard; with me, she went all the
way, bringing me to a mind-blowing (pardon the pun) climax. In return, I
learned how to perform cunnilingus on her - and brought her to her own
thundering orgasms. We also learned how to make love with each other -
what felt good and what felt GREAT; how to prolong the pleasure for
ourselves and each other; what positions each of us liked, and which ones
BOTH of us liked; we learned each other's erogenous zones; we happily
discovered how to stimulate each other far beyond what we'd thought
possible. We slept together each night, and both woke up happy in the
morning. By the end of the week, we were far, far closer to each other -
and not just physically, but emotionally and mentally - than we'd ever

The Saturday that the twins were to return from camp, Julie and I spent
nearly the entire morning in bed, making love - sometimes slowly and
gently, other times with passion and intensity. By the time we had to
leave to make sure we arrived before the bus did, both of us were
thoroughly exhausted, sexually - but also thoroughly happy and in love with
each other.

We were waiting for Kathy and Karen when they got off the bus - and
almost didn't recognize them: they'd come back far more tanned than they'd
been when they left. But they recognized us, and came charging over and
started telling us about all the things they'd gotten to do. As was normal
with them, they'd finish each other's sentences, so it was something like
listening to a stereo that randomly switched between the left and right
channels - something the family had gotten used to, but tended to confuse
the hell out of anyone that didn't know them well enough. I could only
pity the poor camp counselors that had had to deal with them - they were
known to deliberately use their close resemblance (only the
presence/absence of a single faint freckle prevented them from being
EXACTLY identical) to get each other out of trouble. Their typical modus
was to confuse someone as to which one was which, and depend on that
person's unwillingness to punish the 'innocent' one of them by simply
punishing both.

By the time they started to run down, the luggage had been unloaded from
their bus; Julie and I kept them company as they went over to claim their
suitcases. Julie and I offered to carry them, but Karen and Kathy said
they'd do it; even going so far as to load them into the trunk of the car.
All during the ride back to the house, they regaled us with stories of
their various adventures.

Back at the house, Julie and I kept them company as they hauled their
suitcases up to their rooms - and realized too late that the house hadn't
aired out enough after our last session of lovemaking: there was still a
faint scent of sex outside my bedroom. The twins didn't seem to notice,
and just kept chattering as Julie followed them into their room to help
them unpack - that is, collect the load of dirty clothes they'd undoubtedly
brought back. I discretely went into my room and opened up my window to
help air it out; it was only a few minutes before the smell of sex had

While I was waiting in my room, I heard the twins whispering with Julie,
and figured something 'female' had happened while they were at camp, and
that it was probably best if I didn't inquire.

When they'd gotten unpacked, the lot of us trooped back downstairs; both
of them verified that they were absolutely starved when Julie asked, and we
decided to celebrate their return with a delivered pizza.

The rest of the evening, they told us stories about everything that had
happened at camp, and all the people they'd met and things they'd done.
Both of them were clearly overjoyed with the experience - prompting me to
make a note to myself to thank my boss again for making it possible.

Monday morning, Julie surprised me by asking if she could use the car,
even though it wasn't one of her work days. But if she needed or wanted
it, I was more than willing to let her use it - it wasn't like I needed it
for anything except to get to and from work. Julie drove me in to work,
and said that she'd be there to pick me up when it was time to go home; I
went inside, clocked in, and got started.

I was surprised when, after the morning break, I heard a P.A.
announcement asking me to report to the boss's office. Wondering what was
going on, I made my way there, only to find Julie and the twins waiting for
me. Gus saw the confusion on my face, and told me "I don't know what's
going on, either, Bob. They just told me that there was something they had
to say to me, and asked if you could be here, too."

Both of us turned to look at them, and it was Karen that spoke up first,
saying "Mr. Lovell, we wanted to thank you for letting us go to camp like
we wanted."

Gus smiled, and said "I was glad to do it, girls. There wasn't any need
for you to come in here just to thank me."

Kathy answered him by saying "We didn't come here just for that. While
we were at camp, we decided that we really wanted to do something special
for you, so you would know how much we appreciate you paying for us to go.
So we made you this."

And with that, she handed over a smallish box that I'd seen in her hand.
Gus took it, and when he opened it up, we saw that it contained a leather
belt. He took the belt out and stretched it out, revealing that they'd
punched a nice design into the leather, along with his first name. It was
well beyond the quality and workmanship you'd expect from a summer camp
crafts project - it was clear that they'd spent a fair amount of time and
care doing it.

Gus spent a couple of minutes looking at it - running his fingers along
the design they'd punched, turning it over and examining the quality of the
leather, and so on. Both girls were visibly nervous when he finally looked
up - and immediately relaxed when they saw the pleased smile on his face.
He looked at each of them in turn, then at Julie and finally me, before
telling them "Thank you, both of you. You didn't have to do this; I really
was glad to be able to help send you off to camp like that. But it means a
lot to me that you would take the time to do something like this. You did
a really nice job, and I like it a lot. How did you know how big to make

Karen spoke up, saying "We, uh, kind of asked Bobby what you looked

Gus nodded, and told them "Well, I can see that it's the right size, and
you can be sure I'll be proud to wear it. Thank you very much for your

Julie spoke up then, saying "We just wanted to stop by so they could
give that to you. If you don't mind, we'll be on our way so you all can
get back to work."

Gus looked at the twins and said "If you two don't mind waiting outside
for a minute, I want to talk to Bob and your sister."

They looked at each other, and Gus smiled at them, saying "Its okay,
nobody's in trouble - nowhere near. I just want to talk, is all."

Reassured, both of them made their way to his outer office, closing the
door behind them. Gus looked at Julie, and asked "Did you know they did

She just shook her head, and said "The night they got back, they asked
if they could bring you something they'd made at camp; I just figured
they'd made you a wallet, or something out of popsicle sticks. I had no
idea they'd done anything like that!"

Gus nodded, and looked at me - and knew immediately that I'd had no idea
they'd even wanted to come to the plant; I was as surprised by all of it as
he was.

He looked at Julie again, and said "Well, it means a lot to me that
they'd even think to bring me back something from camp. But to have spent
the time and energy on something like this… well, it counts for more than I
can say. You make sure and let them know that I really DO appreciate their

Julie nodded, and excused herself to take the twins home. That left me
standing in Gus's office. He sat there looking at me for a few moments,
then spoke up to tell me "Those are some kind of kids you're helping raise,
Bob. They're polite - said they could come back later if I was busy; like
I'd be too busy to talk to one of my employee's family! - and a lot more
respectful than most. They kept calling me 'Mister Lovell', even though I
said it was okay to call me Gus."

He looked down at the belt, then back up at me again, and said "It says
a lot about you and your sister that those youngsters would even think to
do something like this. And then to take the time and care enough to do
such a fine job on it! From the look on your face when you came in here, I
don't doubt for a minute that you had no idea they were going to do
anything, never mind something as nice as this." He smiled, and continued
"I'm not going to ask how you described me well enough for them to know
what size to make this - after meeting them, I'm just going to figure it
was a lot nicer than some would do it. How long you been working for me,

"Almost a year, sir."

"Have you gotten anything except the raises everyone else has?"

"No, sir."

He looked at me appraisingly, and said "You have now. If you're
conscientious enough to raise up a couple like those two, I don't doubt for
a minute that you've been paying just as much attention to the work you do
here - and that I just haven't been paying enough attention to YOU.
Starting the beginning of this pay period, you've gotten a five percent pay

I could only stand there, stunned, while Gus stood up, took off his
belt, and changed the buckle over to the belt the twins had made for him at
camp, and put it on. When he sat back down, he looked up at me and laughed
before saying "Best close your mouth, there, Bob, before a bug flies in."

I did, and managed to tell him "Thank you, sir."

He grinned, and said "It's not my way to be taking clothes off in front
of women I'm not related to - but you make sure to tell those girls that
I'm wearing the belt they made for me - and I'm right proud of it."


"I think that'll do it, Bob."

Realizing that our talk was over, I nodded to him, and floated back out
into the plant. The guys I worked with saw the expression on my face, and
asked what had happened. I told them, and every one of the congratulated
me on the raise - more than a few of them adding the comment "It's about
time. You've damn sure earned it, Bob."

When Julie came to pick me up after work, I told her what Gus had said
to me about the girls, and about the raise he'd given me. She was pleased
about what he'd said about the twins, and happy about the raise I'd gotten.

At supper that night, I did as I'd promised, and let the girls know that
Gus was wearing the new belt they'd given him - pleasing both of them
immensely. On the drive home, Julie and I had talked about it, and decided
not to tell them about the raise I'd gotten - they'd done what they had for
the right reasons, and we didn't want to 'cloud' things by adding a
potential complication.


That five percent raise Gus gave me made a lot of difference in our
lives. It might not sound like much, but when you're 17 and making not
much more than minimum wage, it counts for a lot more than you'd think.
That five percent meant we had that much more to work with in our budget.
Sure, we still did most of our shopping during sales, but the stuff we
bought was a little better than what we'd been able to afford before. And
when you added in the overtime I got, that five percent magically turned
into seven and a half percent - and put us that much farther ahead.

Several times, Julie made sure she had the twins with her when she took
me to work, or picked me up afterwards; and just as she'd expected, they
got the chance to see for themselves that Gus was wearing 'their' belt -
and when he saw them, he smiled and gave them a wave.

With the twins home again, Julie and I obviously weren't as free to
spend time with each other as we'd been while they were at camp - but that
didn't mean that we weren't able to find SOME time to spend together. And
when we did, we found that the forced abstinence only made our lovemaking
that much nicer, and more pleasant for both of us.

Surprisingly, it was after school started again that we found we had
more and better opportunities to pleasure each other. The twins got
started on a couple of after-school activities, which left me and Julie
with more time and chances to spend together.

It was a Saturday just a couple of weeks before Christmas, and Julie and
I were alone in the house - Karen and Kathy had gone off to a friend's
house for a meeting of their school's Christmas Dance decorating committee.
Julie and I had waited to make sure they weren't coming back for something,
and then started necking with each other in the living room. Things
progressed from there, and we eventually found our way up to my room, where
we both undressed and got into my bed. We'd gotten each other off once
during a session of '69', recovered, and were making love again with Julie
sliding herself up and down my dick. Just as we were both having our
climaxes, I saw Karen and Kathy standing in my doorway, watching us. That
immediately put a damper (!!) on MY climax, but with Julie facing me, she
didn't see them, and continued to cry out and spasm around my rapidly
deflating penis. When the twins saw that I was looking at them, both of
them blushed furiously, and quickly left toward their room. When Julie's
orgasm ended, and she'd gotten her breath back, she looked down at me and
asked what had happened to me. I told her that I'd seen Karen and Kathy
watching us, and she immediately got off of me, the little bit of cum that
I'd shot into her dripping down the inside of her thigh. Both of us got up
and put on our robes, then sat on the edge of my bed, trying to figure out
what to do - and not having much success.

Julie finally said "I guess there's nothing to do but for me to go in
there and talk to them."

"You want me to go with you?" I asked.

She gave me a wry grin, and said "No, I don't think so. This is going
to be embarrassing enough with just me and them; having you there would
just make it worse - if not impossible."

I have to admit to no small amount of relief at hearing that - but I
still knew that I was going to have to face them, sooner or later.

"Well, while you're in there, I'm going down to the kitchen and making
myself a drink." We'd salvaged the rum and vodka from our parent's liquor
cabinet, and given everything else to relatives - Julie sometimes like to
have a drink when she got home from her part-time job, and I'd sometimes
join her. Neither of us really drank that much, though - even nearly two
years after our folks died, we were still on the same bottles that had only
been half full when we'd 'rescued' them.

"Save some for me!" Julie joked, knowing that I might not even finish
one drink.

The two of us got up, and Julie made a face before going over to my
dirty laundry basket and pulling out a shirt. As she wiped my cum from the
inside of her leg, she told me "There's no reason I need to go in there
with your cum running down my leg. Besides, it's cold and uncomfortable."

I managed a small laugh, then followed her out my bedroom door after she
tossed the shirt back in the basket. She turned one way toward the girls'
room, and I turned the other, going downstairs to the kitchen where I made
myself a Rum and Coke - mostly Coke.

I was about halfway through it when Julie came in to the kitchen and
took a seat next to me. I looked at her questioningly, and she said
"You're not going to believe this."

"What's that?"

She sighed, and said "They already thought we were doing something;
seeing us like that only confirmed it."


Julie looked at me with a half-smile and said "That day we brought them
home from camp? They smelled the sex in the air, but didn't let on. At
first, they thought it might have just been you and a girlfriend they
didn't know about - but they smelled it again a few other times when they
knew it had just been you and me in the house."

"How the hell did they know what it was?"

"It seems that they knew a little more about sex and all that than I
thought they did - and they learned even more at camp. I was right that
they were already investigating themselves before they left; apparently,
they'd been investigating each other, too. Then when they went to camp,
they and a few of the other girls their age got together and did a little
more investigating - and a little experimenting, too. They've been
masturbating themselves and each other for months, and have already tried
using their mouths on each other. So when they kept smelling it after we
made love, it didn't take them long to decide that part of the smell was a
woman - and that the other part must be a guy. And with it being just you
and me in the house, well, they're smart enough to figure the rest of it

"Oh, shit." That wasn't my normal way of talking, but it was the only
thing I could think of that fit the situation.

Julie got up from the table and went over to make her own drink - and
surprising me by how strong she made it. She started back toward the
table, looked at me, and reached over to the bottle and added a generous
amount of rum to the glass of Coke I had in front of me. She put the
bottle back, and sat down again before saying "And that's not the worst of

After watching the drink she'd made for herself, and the liquor she'd
added to my glass, I knew I had to ask: "How bad is it, then?"

She took a big swallow of her drink, set it down, and said "They want to
be with you, too."

It took a couple seconds for what she'd said to sink in - and when it
did, my response was an enthusiastic "Like hell!"

Julie looked at me, and said "Before you get too worked up, you better
hear what they had to say to me."


"That if you don't, they're going to tell their counselor at school what
they think we've been doing - and that they've got enough days and times
and such to make people believe them."

"But if they report us, they'll be sent off to foster homes, or an
orphanage or something, no matter what happens to us!"

"I pointed that out to them. They seem willing to take the chance."

"Bullshit. They're bluffing."

"Can we really take the chance, Bobby?"


Julie took another big swallow of her drink - and I did the same. The
conversation we were having was getting to me. The drink helped - a

"Bobby, if they do tell, there's a pretty good chance that one or both
of us will go to jail. Even if we don't, we'll be smeared all over the
newspapers and TV. And even if we separate and move to different parts of
the country, the story will still follow us, and get out. You know, and I
know, that what we've been doing isn't wrong - but can you live with what
OTHER people will say? With the way they'll talk about you - and me! -
for the rest of your life? How you'll lose jobs and friends when they find
out about it? Not to mention losing Kathy and Karen - probably forever?"

I thought about what she'd just said - and didn't like it.

"But they're only thirteen!" I declared. "How the hell can they want…
what they're asking for?"

Julie just shook her head, and said "Damned if I know - I know I really
didn't want to mess around with guys until I started high school. But
those two have always been ahead of anyone else their age."

"But thirteen?!"

Julie sighed, and said "They're coming up on their fourteenth birthday -
and that's only three years younger than you."

"But they're my little sisters!"

Julie gave me a wry grin, and said "Yeah - and I'm your BIG sister.
We've already been through that, remember? And they're not so little any
more - YOU pointed that out to ME, as I recall."

That comment stopped me in my tracks - she was right, on that one: I
already was having sex with one of my sisters. My older sister, yes, but
still my sister. The closeness of the relationship wasn't anything I could
argue; the only thing I had on my side was their ages - and I was starting
to doubt that that would count for much.

"Can we call their bluff?" I asked. Julie had been the one to talk to
them, and she knew them better than I did, really.

"I don't think we dare", Julie answered.


"Because what they're asking is relatively small and simple, and what we
risk losing is so much."

"Maybe YOU think what they're asking is small and simple!"

Julie suddenly turned toward me, and fiercely asked "Dammit, Bobby! Do
you really think I want them going to bed with you? What you and I have is
so special - do you believe for a MINUTE that I want to give up any part of
it, for ANY reason? I love them to death; but right now, I hate them - not
just for what they're doing to me, but what they're doing to YOU! After
all that we already had to go through, do you think I want either one of us
to have to go through it again just so THEY can get THEIR jollies?"

With that, she started to quietly cry. I tried to reach out for her,
but she just pushed my arms away, telling me "I don't know what you're so
fussy about, anyway - this is just a chance for you to get your jollies
with a couple more girls!"

When she said that, it hurt - a lot. And made me realize how what I'd
said had hurt her, in much the same way.

It took me several tries, but I finally managed to convince her to let
me take her hand in mine. When I did, I kissed it and told her "I'm sorry,
Julie. I really am. I know this is as hard on you as it is on me - maybe
even harder. I was wrong to say what I did, and I know that now. No, I
don't think any of those things - not for a moment. I know better. It's
just that I'm a guy - making love with my grown up, adult big sister is one
thing; doing it with my younger sisters, the ones I always thought of as
'little' is something completely different to me. As hard a time as you're
having with the idea of sharing me with them, I'm having a hard time with
the idea of BEING shared - PARTICULARLY with them. Can you understand, and
forgive me?"

Julie started snuffling and sniffing a bit at that, and finally managed
to tell me "I think so - I know what this is doing to ME, and I guess I
just didn't think about how it would be hitting you in such a different
way. I guess, in a way, it's even harder for you than it is for me."

"I think it's hard for both of us - just in different ways. But that's
no reason that we can't still be there for each other."

She turned her head to look at me, and managed to give me half a grin
before saying "No, I guess it isn't, is it?"

"Not even a little bit." I replied - and that time, she let me reach out
to her, and take her in my arms. I scooted my chair over next to hers, and
held her to my chest as she cried out the last of her tears.

She was reaching for one of the paper napkins we kept on the table when
we heard someone clear their throat. Both of us looked toward the doorway,
and saw Karen and Kathy both standing there, dressed in their robes.

Julie and I just sat there, looking at them, until they shared a look
with each other before Kathy spoke.

"We wanted to come down here and tell you that we really weren't going
to tell anybody about what you were doing."

"Yeah. We just said that because we really wanted to find out what it's
like to be with a guy - and we didn't think you would want to teach us…"
Karen started.

"… because we're so young, and we hardly have any hair or tits yet…"
Kathy continued.

"… even though what you were doing looked like it felt SO good…" from

"… and we already know what it's like to have someone touch us…"

"… even if it has just been each other, and some of the girls from

"… but we've learned a lot already, really, and we've even had orgasms…"

"… or we think we have, but we're not really SURE, but we want to find

"… with someone that we know, and can trust, and won't hurt us…"

"… like we're afraid the guys we know would do. So that's why we said…"

"… we'd tell on you, but we wouldn't really, because we both love you…"

"… WAY more than we ever really told you. We both know how hard you

"… to make sure we have all the stuff we need, and how much you love us,

"… we know it really hurt you when we said we'd tell on you, but…"

"… we didn't know how MUCH it hurt you until we got down here…"

"… and heard you talking, and realized that what we did was so bad…"

"… that it made Julie cry, and maybe would have made you cry, Bobby…"

"… and made us realize that we couldn't MAKE you teach us about sex and

"… if you didn't WANT to, 'cause it's not like other stuff where you can

"… DO something, even if you don't want to. When it's stuff that
involves your heart…"

"… like making love to someone, you have to do it cause you want to,

"… because you think you HAVE to. And even though we really DO want to

"… about sex and guys and stuff, we don't want to learn it THAT way; you

"… by forcing someone to do something they don't want to do. And what
you two…"

"… have is so special; I mean, after we figured out that you were, you

"… making love and all that, we could see how you were like with each

"… and we realized that you really loved and cared about each other,

"… after we talked to Julie, we realized that by saying that we'd tell
on you…"

"… if you didn't teach us, we were hurting both of you and what you

"… together, and that we were getting, you know…"

"… BETWEEN you, and messing things up for you, when all you've ever

"… has been to try and take care of us and help us after mom and Dad

"… and we miss them both so much, and we don't want to lose you, so we…"

"… came down here to say we're sorry, and that we didn't mean it…"

"… and that we would never, EVER tell on you, even if they like,

"… or locked us in a room and fed us nothing but like, gruel, and we
don't even…"

"… know what gruel is, but we know that it doesn't sound good, so we

"… we don't want any, even it was all they'd give us unless we told on

"… which we'd NEVER do 'cause both of us love you so much, even if…"

"… you hate us for saying we WOULD tell on you, which we said…"

"… we weren't going to do, really, but we still want to learn about

"… and guys and stuff, and we really do love you and trust you to teach

"… even if we don't deserve it because we were such stinkers about

"… to get you to teach us about it, because we really DO want to learn
about it…"

"… if you'll teach us, please?" Kathy finished, with both of them
obviously heartbroken and crying.

After a pregnant pause, Karen spoke up again, telling us "We know we're
still young, and maybe aren't so much to look at, but we really do want to
know. We're both REALLY sure, aren't we, Kathy?"

They looked at each other, back to where Julie and I were sitting, then
slid their robes off to fall on the floor - revealing that neither of them
had a damn thing on underneath. Both of them stood there in front of us,
their faces revealing they were far more worried about being rejected by us
than their nudity in front of us.

The last time I'd seen either of them naked, I'd been helping mom give
them a bath shortly before they'd been potty-trained. Since that time,
they'd gone through a number of changes, as I'd noticed before they went
off to camp. Now, in front of me, I could see exactly what those changes
had been.

Both of them were brunette, as Julie was; Dad and I had been the only
blondes in the family. They kept their hair cut short, above their
shoulders, and in identical styles. Both had a slight dusting of very
light freckles across their small, pert noses. At about five feet tall and
maybe eighty pounds, they were both on the slim side - which only served to
make their developing busts that much more evident. Neither had much more
than half a tennis ball, their breasts capped with small, dark areolas that
weren't appreciably larger than their pencil eraser sized nipples. Their
waists were already starting to narrow, just as their hips were developing
a distinctly female curve. Flat, trim bellies flowed down to the small,
sparse growths of dark pubic hair each had. On each, their pudendum was
still readily visible, but between their thighs, it was clear that each was
turning into a woman: the very edges of their vaginal lips were just barely
visible; at the top of their clefts, the hood of their clitorises were
discernible. Both sets of legs were still on the thin side, but smooth and
firm - and clearly going to develop into a set of gams that any leg man would delight in seeing. Another couple of years, and I knew that I'd have
to be keeping an eye on the guys they went out with - both promised to be
absolute knockouts.

They stood there in front of us, making no effort to cover themselves or
show off anything - they simply waited, letting their willingness for us to
see them naked make their point for them.

A couple of minutes went by before Julie finally told them "Okay, girls.
Put your robes back on, and go on back to your bedroom. Bobby and I still
have to talk - without you listening in!"

After they got their robes on, and we heard them climbing the stairs, I
took a big gulp of my drink, put my head between my hands, and muttered
"Lord, Lord, Lord."

Julie took a sizeable hit off her own drink, and said "That pretty much
sums it up, I think", in agreement.

I took another swallow of my drink, rubbed my face with my hands, and
asked "Okay, so now what?"

"What makes you think I know?" Julie retorted.

"They aren't going to tell about us, and didn't actually have any plan
to do so - if they're to be believed", I said.

"After that little show, I think we can believe them", Julie replied.

"So that gets one situation cleared up, only to be replaced with another
one. They're not going to get us in trouble, but I don't think for a New
York minute that they're anywhere NEAR giving up on wanting to learn about

"Not even", Julie agreed.

"And if I understood them - not always an easy task, but there you go -
they are quite sure that they want me -and you! - to do the teaching."

"Mostly you, I think; but yeah, me, too."

"And if previous history is any guide, they're not going to give up
trying - on either of us. If nothing else, they'll just wear us down, kind
of like a chinese water torture: one drop at a time until we cave in."

"That sounds about right."

"So we can be fairly sure that, short of a miracle, they're eventually
going to get their way - they want to learn from us, almost certainly more
than we want not to teach them."

"I'd say so", Julie agreed.

I sighed, took another swallow of my drink, and said "Then the only
thing left for us is to try and get the best deal we can."

"That's pretty much what I figure, too."

"Then we'd better figure out what we have to work with, and which one of
us does the negotiating."

"I don't think we'd better leave it to just one of us - you know how
they team up to try and whipsaw people" Julie offered.

"You're right. Better it's both of us, just like it'll be both of

"So what do we have on our side?"

I offered a couple of suggestions, then Julie had a couple of ideas. We
went back and forth, brainstorming how to deal with the twins. Neither one
of us had even the faintest illusion we were going to come out ahead -
'winning', for us, meant losing as little as possible. We spent the next
hour discussing tactics and strategies, planning on how to deal with the
twins as carefully as if we were planning the invasion of Normandy, or some
other major military operation. It was only after we'd worked out as much
as we could, and had each finished off our drinks, that Julie pointed out
one of the few good things to come out of the evening: that with the twins
knowing what we were doing, there wasn't any reason for us to pretend it
wasn't happening - that we were finally free to share the same bed every

With that happy prospect in front of us, we put away the bottle of rum
and deposited our empty glasses in the sink before holding hands and
heading upstairs to go to bed - together.


The next day, Karen and Kathy were both uncommonly subdued - they knew
they'd done something far worse than they'd ever done before, and hurt and
frightened Julie and me terribly. Other than meals, they were staying in
their room while Julie and I sat in the living room talking about what we
were going to do about them.

It was mid-afternoon when we saw Karen head into the kitchen to get
something to drink. When she started back toward the stairs, I called out

She came over to where I was, and I told her "If you and Kathy will come
down here, we can talk about what you were telling us you wanted last

She nodded solemnly, and quickly went back upstairs, reappearing a
minute later with Kathy. Both of them came into the living room, and took
seats next to each other on the couch. Both were visibly nervous, and sat
there quietly and attentively. Julie and I were in chairs facing them, and
when we had their attention, Julie spoke up first.

"You know that what you did last night was wrong. When you said you
would tell somebody about Bobby and me if we didn't let you have your way,
you were threatening us - not something that people that really loved us
would do."

Kathy looked like she wanted to speak, but Julie just told them "No,
don't say anything yet. You said enough last night. Now it's OUR turn to
talk to YOU. Just sit there and listen to what you did to us."

Julie went on to tell them "When you told me that you would tell
somebody about Bobby and me, you hurt and frightened BOTH of us - a LOT.
Did you hear what I told him might happen if you did that?" They shook
their heads, and she continued "If you ever did something like that, me, or
Bobby, or maybe even both of us, could go to jail. Yes, jail. And even if
that didn't happen, other people would know what we've been doing - it
would be in the newspapers, on tv and the radio, and who knows what else.
People would talk bad about us - real bad. They wouldn't understand how
much we love each other, or how special what we have is. They'd only know
that Bobby and me - a brother and sister - had been making love. Except
that they wouldn't think about it that way: that we had been making LOVE.
They'd only think that we were having sex, and that's nowhere near as nice.
They would only know that we'd had sex, and a brother and sister having sex
is something that almost nobody could understand, not matter WHAT the
reasons for it, or how much we really care for each other. People would
make things so hard for us that we'd almost certainly have to separate,
moving to completely different places to try and fool people that we
weren't the ones they'd heard about - except that it probably wouldn't
work; stuff like that is something that almost always comes out. And when
people found out about us - even separated like that - we'd lose our jobs
and any friends that we might have had. Can you see that if that happened,
we'd lose everything we'd worked to try and make with our lives? And that
if it happened, we wouldn't even be able to help and comfort each other -
that we'd be completely alone?"

Both twins were starting to cry as Julie went on to tell them "And
that's not the worst part of it. If people found out about Bobby and me,
the FIRST thing they'd do would be to take you away from us. I told you
that last night, and you didn't seem to care. But Bobby and I do care -
both of us love you very, very much. The whole reason we're all in this
house is because Bobby and I wanted to be the ones to watch out for you,
and take care of you. Do you think we'd work and try so hard to keep all
of us together if we didn't love you more than anything else in the world?
Can you understand how much it hurt us when you said that you didn't care
about that by saying you would tell people about us, even if it meant you'd
be taken away from us?"

Karen and Kathy were both crying openly, and looked absolutely miserable
after hearing Julie tell them just how much they'd frightened and hurt us
with their threats. Julie sat back a little, and it was my turn to talk to

"You told us last night that you knew how special it was between Julie
and me - but you went ahead and demanded that we give up some of it, and
give it to YOU. You said that you knew how hard Julie and I work to try
and make things happy and nice for us - and then demanded that we give up
some of the happiness and pleasure we had with each other for YOU. You
demanded that we give up a lot of things for you - without thinking about
how much both of us already gave up: remember that Julie was going to
college when mom and Dad died? Do you see her going to college NOW?
Before mom and Dad died, you saw me going out on dates after school. When
was the last time you saw me go out on a date, and not to WORK? Remember
when mom or Dad used to call a repairman when something broke on the house?
Who does the repairs NOW?"

Both of them were starting to blubber, but Karen managed to say "We said
we were sorry, and we didn't mean it!"

"Yeah, you did - AFTER you threatened us, hurt us, scared the HELL out
of us, started to mess up the special thing Julie and I have, and demanded
things from us", I replied, then continued "AFTER you did all that, saying
you're sorry and you didn't mean it doesn't count for much. After you say
all that stuff, what are we supposed to believe? That you didn't mean it?
Or that you don't mean that you didn't mean it? Why should we believe
either one? Can you give me even one good reason we shouldn't think you'll
do something like that again? Or even do something worse? If you're going
to behave like that, why shouldn't Julie and I just give up trying to keep
us all together? If WE went somewhere else without you, we could probably
have a pretty good chance of having a nice life together if we wanted. And
we wouldn't have to worry about a couple of selfish little kids that don't
care about anything but themselves spoiling it for us."

Julie and I were both laying it on thick - and doing so deliberately.
We knew we had to drive our point home with a vengeance if there was any
chance of the twins really learning from what they'd done. We wanted to
make sure that they never, ever tried anything like that again, with

Julie and I sat there watching them as it slowly sank in for them just
exactly what they'd done - and the full repercussions of it. Not only had
they done bad things to US, but their actions had come back to bite them on
the backside, too: their honesty and truthfulness and a lot of other things
were being questioned because of their thoughtless behavior.

Normally, they'd be sharing looks, using the silent communication that
twins are notorious for; but now they couldn't bear to look at each other.
They both knew that they'd egged each other into saying what they had to
Julie; and that neither one of them had even the slightest claim to
innocence, or ignorance about what they'd done, or the consequences of it.

Julie and I just waited as they stewed in the juices of their own
ill-considered, irresponsible, and hurtful actions. Both of them were
crying profusely, and absolutely devastated by what they'd said and done.

Finally, Kathy spoke up, telling us "I'm sorry", promptly followed by
Karen's "Me, too!"

Kathy told us "I really, truly am sorry for what I - we - said, and
what… we did to you." I knew that the change from speaking for herself to
including both of them was her way of admitting that she had been part of
their mutual decision. Rather than an effort to shift some of the blame to
Karen, Kathy's statement was an acceptance of her part of their shared
guilt and responsibility.

Karen followed up by saying "So am I. I… WE didn't mean to hurt you or
scare you or anything like that. We just wanted to learn about guys and
sex and all that, and… we got carried away. We forgot about everything
you've already done for us, and how much you love us and help us and all

Kathy said "Yeah, we did. We were selfish and thoughtless and cruel,
and we hurt and scared both of you. Both of you have worked so hard to
take care of us and watch out for us since mom and Dad died, and we just
threw it all away just trying to get what WE wanted, without thinking about
what it would do - not just to us, but you, too."

Both of them looked at us, tears running down their faces and obviously
in anguish as Karen told us "I'm SO sorry! I didn't want to hurt or scare
either one of you! I LOVE you!"

Kathy was next, telling us "Me, too - I love you, more than I know how
to say. I'd die if we got broken up! Please, can you forgive me… us?
We'll never do it again, EVER!"

Karen finished it for them by saying "Really, Bobby, Julie. We ARE
sorry, honest. We'd NEVER tell about you, to anyone, ever. We love you
too much!"

Listening to them, I knew that we'd gotten to them: it was only under
EXTREME stress that they 'broke apart', each speaking for herself, instead
of finishing each other's sentences. Julie apparently had the same
thought; we looked at each other, then back to where the two of them were
shaking with sobs, their faces wet with their tears.

Julie spoke for both of us when she asked them "You understand what you
did to Bobby and me? And how it would have come back and hurt you, too?"

Both of them nodded, and she went on "Do you realize just how BAD it
was, and why?"

Again, they nodded.

"Do you understand that after you pull a stunt like that, it's going to
be a long time before either one of us really feels like we can trust or
believe you about anything? That you're going to have to EARN our trust

Their heads down in shame, they managed to mutter that they did.

"Do you understand that it's BECAUSE we love you the way we do that what
you said and did hurt and scared us so much?"

They said they did, through their sniffles.

"And do you understand that that is not the way to get someone to do
something for you - particularly when it's someone that loves you as much
as we do?"

They managed to tell us that they did.

Julie and I looked at each other, and silently agreed that we figured
they really did finally understand.

I was the one to tell them "If you really understand what you did to us,
and promise to never, EVER do anything like that again - to anybody - then
I guess we can forgive you."

With that, the two of them looked up at us - the sorrow and guilt plain
on their faces.

"We're sorry, Bobby, really we are. I promise I'll NEVER do that
again!" Karen declared, followed by Kathy's "I'm sorry, Julie. I promise,

Julie and I both opened our arms, and gestured to the twins that we
wanted to hold them on our laps. Both looked relieved, and quickly moved
to take us up on our offer - Kathy going to Julie, Karen coming over to sit
on my lap. Julie and I put our arms around them, and held them as both of
them snuggled next to us and started quietly crying tears of happiness.

A while later, when they'd calmed down again, I said "If you two really
want to learn about guys, and sex, and all that" - "We do!" Karen declared
into my chest - "then you need to stop and think about a few things."

"Like what?" Kathy asked.

"Like the fact that both of you are so much smaller than Julie is -
which means that you're smaller there, too. On top of that, you're both
virgins, which means that even if you weren't so small inside, there would
still be the problem of getting past your hymen. Doing that can hurt if
you - and the guy - aren't both ready, and careful."

Julie spoke up, telling them "Bobby's right. When I lost my virginity,
it hurt - not a lot, but it still hurt. I wish I had the right guy, and
taken my time, for my first time. And he's right about how small you are,
inside. I hadn't been with a guy for a long time when Bobby and I made
love the first time; and even though I wasn't a virgin, I had gotten
smaller inside. If he hadn't been careful and gentle with me, I think -
no, I KNOW - it would have hurt to make love again."

I picked up from there, saying "Don't forget that you're going to start
having periods, either. When that happens, there's the chance that you
could get pregnant if you have sex with a guy and he gets any of his semen
in you. That means that if you got to make love at all, either he would
have to wear a condom - which isn't much fun for either you OR him - or you
would have to be on some kind of birth control. What do you think a doctor
would say if you asked him for something like that? As young as you are,
do you think he'd give it to you, or just call the Child Welfare people on
Julie and me?"

That last part gave both of them something to think about while I had a
sip of my soda.

Julie took over then, telling them "Both of you took your robes off last
night to show us you were naked - but are you really ready to have Bobby
start touching you like that? Or do you want to take it a little slower,
and start with something a little easier, and let it grow from there? You
said that you've been touching and learning and experimenting with each
other, and even some of the girls that were at camp - but do you think you,
or any of them, know as much about sex and guys as I do? If you want to
learn from me, then it means that we'd almost certainly have to get naked,
some time or other; how are you going to feel about having ME naked with
you? Me, a grown woman with grown breasts and hair between my legs, and
all the rest? I know you've had some sex education in school, and you and
I have talked - but have either one of you really ever had a chance to look
at a guys parts? Where do you think you'll be able to have the time and
opportunity to really look, and even touch, if it's not with Bobby? How
are you going to feel, knowing that it's HIM you're looking at and
touching? And knowing that HE knows it's YOU?"

I saw Karen and Kathy having one of their silent 'talks', and Kathy
spoke up, saying "We really didn't think…"

"… about all of that." Karen finished.

Julie and I let them contemplate that for a bit before I told them "Then
don't you think maybe you SHOULD think about it? And try to see if there
aren't some other things that you really aught to be aware of? What else
have you forgotten? What do you think the results are going to be if one
thing or another happens?"

"Like what?" Kathy asked.

"Like maybe YOU better figure that out!" Julie told them, then adding
"You want us to teach you about sex, like you're grown up - but you're not
acting grown up by trying to think about any of this stuff for yourselves."

"How can we find out about it, when we don't know where to start?" Karen
asked, plaintively.

"Where to start is easy - what do you want to know? The how is the hard
part - but even that isn't all that hard. You've got a library at school,
don't you? And if what you want to know isn't there, there's still the
city library - and you can read anything you want, and nobody will know as
long as you read it there and don't check it out. And you've got your
computer, and that online service. If you need to, Bobby or I either one
will grant permission for you to look up anything you want", Julie told

"And while you're reading and learning, you need to keep asking yourself
questions - like 'what would I think or feel if it was ME doing this?', or
'what would happen if I did this?', or 'if I did this, what would Bobby or
Julie or someone else think or feel about it?', and like that", I added.

Both of them nodded, starting to understand just what it was that they'd
gotten themselves into - and how much they'd assumed by their demand that
Julie and I teach them.

Julie and I kept quiet for a couple of minutes before she told them
"Bobby and I aren't going to do anything to stop you from learning about
sex - but we're not going to try to push into learning about it, either.
If you want to learn about it from us, then it's up to YOU to let US know
what you want to learn - and show us that you're grown up enough to be
responsible for learning it. Either one of us will answer any question
you've got; if we don't know the answer, we'll help you find it."

I spoke up, saying "Julie just said that we aren't going to stop you
from learning, and we mean it. Anything you want to do with each other or
to yourselves is fine - we're not trying to tell you that it's okay to do
stuff that we know you've already been doing. We're saying that you don't
have to be afraid of us knowing about it - you don't have to try to hide
any of it from us. If you want to kiss or touch each other, that's fine.
If you want to run around the house naked, knock yourself out - just keep a
robe or something handy in case we have a surprise visitor. The house
rules about closed doors still stands: everybody knocks first, and waits
for an answer before going in. Beyond that, it's up to whoever's in the
room to decide what and how to cover up anything they don't want seen. It
someone turns shy or bashful, they're free to ask you to leave - so do it.
Looking is expected, but try to be polite and not stare. Touch someone
else only if you're willing to have them touch you the same way. Comments
about how someone looks should be polite, if you have to say anything at
all - which you shouldn't. In other words, you're expected to be polite
and respectful of other people, and responsible for yourself. Understood?"

I saw Kathy nodding, and felt Karen doing the same.

"Fair enough. We all know the rules around the house. Outside, nobody
knows anything is different - we're just like everyone else, right?"

"Right!" Karen and Kathy said in unison - and with considerable

"Good. Now I think it's time you went upstairs and got yourselves
cleaned up - it's not too long before supper", I told them, giving Karen a
little swat on the butt.

They got up and went upstairs quietly. Julie and I could see that we'd
given them plenty to think about.

When we heard their bedroom door close, Julie turned to me and asked
"Well, what do you think?"

I thought for a moment, and answered "I think we probably made our point
about what they did to us last night" - "I guess!", Julie agreed - "As for
the rest of it, I think we got through to them about what they didn't know
and needed to learn on their own. After that, I guess we'll just have to
wait and see."

Julie nodded, and the two of us sat there for quite a while, lost in our
own thoughts.


From that point on, things started changing around the house. Julie and
I continued to share my bed at night, and neither one of the twins showed
any interest in the matter at all - though I suspect that they might have
heard me or Julie a time or two when we made love. On the other hand,
Julie and I heard as one or the other - or sometimes both - of them found
their own releases. Whether it was individual or mutual pleasuring, we
didn't ask - and pretended not to know about.

The twins did as they were told, and started trying to figure out for
themselves what it was they needed to know, and learning it. Every so
often, one or the other would come to Julie or me and ask a question. We'd
answer them as best we could; if we didn't know, we'd get on the computer
or go to the library with them, and find the answer.

As the weeks went by, we learned to be a lot more casual with each other
- as Kathy and Karen got more and more chances to see me or Julie in just
our underwear, or even naked, they began to relax about us seeing them the
same way. It took a while, but I finally got over the guilt of the
involuntary erections I'd sometimes get whenever I saw them walking around
the house in just their panties - or, a few times - completely naked.

Valentine's day proved to be a memorable day for both of them: Karen
started her first menstrual cycle the day before; Kathy had her turn the
day after. Fortunately, Julie had already talked with both of them about
it some time before, so neither one was frightened by it - in fact, both
were mildly pleased (despite the mess and mild discomfort) to have it
finally happen. Julie had already laid in a small supply of the products
they'd indicated they'd want to use, so it wasn't even necessary to make a
quick run to a store because of the suddenness of it.

Once we hit the point of the girls letting us see them in varying stages
of undress, it wasn't much longer before they were willing to touch, and be
touched - at least, above the waist. They'd seen Julie sitting on my lap,
holding my hands on her breasts; and it was Karen that finally dared to do
the same thing - surprising me mightily the first time she moved my hand to
cover her small breast. But I didn't say or do anything to indicate that I
thought it was any kind of special event, or invitation to do something
more, and Kathy soon followed Karen's example. Neither of them made a
frequent or regular thing out of it - but it still happened often enough
that we all got used to it.

When their 14th birthday came around, Kathy and Karen told Julie that
what they really wanted was to learn about guys - and more specifically,
guy parts. So the party they had for their birthday consisted of exactly
four people: them, Julie, and a naked me. Both of them were noticeably shy
and nervous when it started, but Julie's matter-of-fact tone and my
(feigned) indifference eventually settled them down. As was to be
expected, I had an involuntary response to some of the instruction, but
Julie just took it in stride and used the opportunity to explain a few
things to them.


When it got close to Memorial Day again, I got called to the office of
my counselor at school - Mr. Williams. After I sat down in front of him,
he looked through a file on his desk, then looked up at me and said "You've
done pretty good here at school, Bob. You're carrying a pretty good grade
average - particularly in light of the job you have after school. What are
you going to do after you graduate?"

"I thought about college, of course - but I've still got two sisters in
middle school, and it's my job that brings in most of the money."

He sighed, and said "I figured as much. Bob, your grades are good
enough to get you into college, easily. What about a scholarship - would
that help?"

"I don't think so. I talked it over with my older sister, and it's not
just paying for school - though that's a part of it; its food and rent and
all the rest of it, too."

"I expected that, too. Bob, here's the deal: the state is starting a
new program, aimed at kids pretty much in your situation - smart enough to
get into school, and motivated enough to make it, but that can't afford to
lose the income from whatever jobs they have because they're either the
sole or primary support for their families. What happens is that the state
pays the tuition for you to go to school part-time, AND reimburses your
employer for part of your salary if you're working in whatever field you're
studying. Does that sound like something you'd be interested in?"

"Sure does!"

"What were you thinking about studying, if you went to college?"

"Something to do with computers. We got one for my younger sisters, and
I've been able to spend some time on it. I pretty much figured out how it
worked, and I've tried learning how to write programs for it. Simple
stuff, really, but it helps me understand what's going on inside it."

He nodded, and said "The whole field of computers is going to open up in
a few years. Anybody with formal training in them is going to be able to
pretty much write their own ticket. That's one of the areas the state is
willing to go half on salary on - they figure it's going to be a growth
area, too. Other stuff - trades, clerical, office, and such - they're only
going a quarter or even just ten percent of salary. Do you need any help
finding a company that would let you work for them on computers while you
went to school?"

I thought about something Gus had said a few weeks earlier, and answered
"Maybe not. Where I'm working after school, the boss was saying that he
wanted to get some computers for the office. I can talk to him and see if
he'll let me change jobs."

Mr. Williams told me "You do that. Make sure you let him know the
state would reimburse him for part of your salary - as much as half of it.
He can call me if he has any questions; I've got the full details here."

I thanked him, and left, going back to my regular classes.

That afternoon, when I got to work, I asked his secretary if I could
talk to Gus that day - or if not, if I could get an appointment. She told
me that she thought he'd be available, and that she'd make a P.A.
announcement when he was able to see me. I thanked her, and went to my
work station.

A while later, I heard her announcement, and went to Gus's office. He
was waiting inside, and when he saw me in his door, told me "Come on in,
Bob. I understand you wanted to talk to me about something?"

"Yes, sir. I got called into my counselor's office this morning, and he
told me about a new program the state is getting ready to start. It
sounded pretty good."

"Tell me about it."

I did - not just what the state program was, but about the computer we
had at home, how I'd been learning on it, and what I thought I wanted to
study if I got to go to college.

When I was done, he just sat there looking at me for a couple minutes,
apparently lost in his own thoughts. I was afraid that I'd said or done
something wrong, and was really starting to get nervous when he suddenly
snapped out of it and looked at me before saying "That's some program, all
right, Bob. And you're right, I was thinking about getting some computers
for the office here. But then I realized that there wasn't any of us that
knew how to use the darn things, and we'd be god-awful slow while we
learned - so I decided to forget about it."

I thought I'd just lost my best shot at going to college; he must have
seen the expression on my face, and quickly said "But listening to you just
now, I realized that I wasn't as bad off as I thought I was - and even if I
was, I can't afford NOT to get them. More and more of the competition is
using them, and I don't dare get left behind. And if you've already got a
computer at home and know how to use it, then you're a fair piece ahead of
the rest of us in here. I'm going to go ahead and start getting us
switched over from pen and paper to computers - and you're going to help
me. This state program sounds like just the thing to help BOTH of us - with
the state reimbursing me for part of your pay, it makes it cheaper for me,
and with them paying for it, you get your schooling. How much am I paying
you now?"

I told him, and he said "No, that's not enough for computer person.
We'll bump that up by half - no, we'll double it, since the state will be
paying half anyway, and there's no reason to short you on this. You'll be
needing the money for books and such - you said the state only paid
tuition, didn't you?"

I said that was what Mr. Williams had told me, and Gus said "That's it,
then. You go ahead and finish your shift tonight, but report to me a soon
as you get out of school tomorrow. We're going to have to get together so
you can tell me what all we need - the computers, the - software? - and
anything else. When you come in tomorrow, it'll be at your new pay rate.
What the hell do I call you - what kind of job title do I give you?"

I didn't have the faintest idea, and just waited until Gus finally said
"Ah, hell, let's make it good - you're my Lead Computer Operator. You're
my only computer operator, so you must be the lead one, right?", laughing.

I laughed, too, and said "I guess so!"

"When do you get out of school - graduate, I mean?"

I told him, and he said "That sounds good to me - first Monday after
that, you start here full time. Until then, we can get you enough hours as
my computer operator to keep your paychecks up, okay?"

I said that sounded just fine, and he told me "Until you get all of us
trained and up to speed, you're gonna have your hands full, Bob. You ready
for that?"

I grinned, and said "I guess I'm gonna find out!"

Gus laughed, and said "Yeah, I guess you are. But I think you can do
it, Bob. If you can work here like you have, keep your grades as good as
they've been, AND help raise those two sisters of yours, I reckon you can
do 'bout anything you set your mind to. What was your counselor's name?
I'll be calling him tomorrow to get the exact details on this state
program. You make sure you get in there and apply for it; between me and
him, I reckon we can get the state to admit you. If need be, I can make a
couple calls that'll help, too."

I assured him that I'd be in Mr. Williams' office first thing in the
morning, gave him Mr. Williams name and the school's phone number, and
went back to my workstation. At break time, I told a couple of the guys I
worked with about what had happened, and they were not just happy for me,
but actually congratulated me and encouraged me to do it. One of the more
senior guys, Willie, told me "Bob, most of us are out here 'cause we DIDN'T
get to go to college. You're a hard worker, and all of us respect that -
but you're smart, too, and we respect that even more. If you can get a
college education and not have to do this kind of work, I don't reckon
there's a one of us that would begrudge you the chance. There's probably a
few gonna try to talk bad about you - smarty-pants, college-boy, crap like
that. Don't you listen to them - they'll just be jealous 'cause you're
smarter than they are, and that you're getting a chance they likely don't
deserve. Okay?"

I nodded solemnly, and he just grinned and clapped me on the shoulder
before telling me "Now you best get back to work - can't have you slacking
off your last night on the line!"


When I got home, I couldn't wait to tell Julie and the twins - and all
three of them kissed and hugged me in their happiness at the good news.

Over supper, Julie announced "Okay, everybody. We can't have Bobby
wearing jeans and a tee shirt in an office. We're going to have to get him
some office clothes - white shirt, slacks, maybe a jacket and tie. We can
do it, but it's going to mean keeping expenses down for a couple weeks.
Does anybody have any reason we can't?"

Kathy and Karen just looked at her like she'd just suggested they paint
themselves purple. Julie just smiled and said "That's what I thought."


The next morning, I was waiting outside Mr. Williams' office when he
got to school. He looked at me, a little surprised, but responded
agreeably to the big grin I had on my face. When we were in his office, I
told him about my meeting with Gus, and he told me "Sounds like you've got
a pretty good boss, Bob. When he calls, I'll have all the information
ready for him. In the mean time, you need to fill out this application,
and get it back to me as soon as you can. I'll be passing it along with my
recommendation; I can't guarantee you'll be accepted, of course, but you
fit the program parameters so well I can't imagine why they wouldn't accept

With that, he handed me a small pile of papers; when he saw the
expression on my face at the idea of having to fill all of them out, he
laughed and said "Don't worry - most of that is just instructions. But you
still have a fair amount of printing to do to fill it all out."

I tucked them into my knapsack, and thanked him as I stood up to leave.
He looked up at me and said "I think this is going to work out just fine
for you, Bob."

Whenever I had a chance the rest of the day, I would pull out the
instructions for all the forms he'd given me and read them - I didn't want
to make any mistakes that might cost my what could well be my one and only
shot at going to college.


As instructed, I reported to Gus just as soon as I could manage to get
to work after school - with that including a brief detour to home so I
could change into clothes that were more 'office' than the jeans and tee I
usually wore. Gus saw what I was wearing, but didn't say anything - though
I did see him nod to himself, apparently in approval.

We sat down in his office and he told me about all the stuff that the
company had to do - invoices, purchase orders, time and payroll, and so on.
It didn't take me long to realize that a businesses needs were a LOT more
serious than what we were used to at home. I listened closely, and asked a
lot of questions - which seemed to please him, strangely - while taking a
lot of notes. I was completely surprised to discover that nearly three
hours had passed when he suggested that we call it a day, and pick up where
we left off the next afternoon.

As we were getting our things together so we could leave, I told him
straight out that a lot of what we'd talked about was new to me, and that I
was going to have to do a lot of studying and learning before I could give
him any solid recommendations about what we needed. He smiled, and said
"Bob, if you'd told me anything BUT that, I'd have had you back out on the
production line. I already figured you didn't know much about what goes on
in the offices here, and that you'd have to learn it. But with the grades
you get in school, I know you CAN learn it, and learn it fast enough for
what I need. I don't expect you to be perfect - I KNOW you're going to
make mistakes. I trusted you to know what you don't know, and you proved I
was right to do it by asking me all the questions you did. I can't begin
to tell you how much it has cost me over the years because folks didn't
want to ASK. You know more about computers than I do. I know more about
running a business that you do. We work together, we can learn from each
other and BOTH of us will be better off. I'm not looking to run out and
buy a bunch of computers next week - or even next month. If you get after
it, you'll know enough to be able to give me the answers I'm after when I
need them, for right now. As we get into this computer stuff more, you're
going to have to keep learning - but that's why you'll be going to college,

I grinned, and said that I reckoned so. He went on to tell me "It ain't
gonna be easy for you, Bob - but I got confidence in you. You worked hard
for me out there on the production line, and I know you'll work hard for me
in here - the difference is, out there, you were exercisin' your back; in
here, it'll be your brains. You ready to make that change?"

"I'm ready. I don't know if I can, but if I can't, it won't be because
I didn't give it my best shot."

He put his hand on my shoulder, and said "I can't ask for more than
that. And I'm thinkin' that your best shot is gonna be plenty good enough.
Now let's get on home."

I walked with him out to the parking lot - and when he saw where my car
was, told me "You're office staff, Bob. You can park over here, now."

I nodded, got in my car and went home - where Julie and the twins were
eagerly waiting to hear how my first day in my new job had gone.


A few days later, Mr. Williams saw me in the hall at school, and
gestured for me to come to his office after I'd eaten lunch. I did, and
when I got there, he had me take a seat before asking "How are you doing in
your new job?"

I admitted that I was discovering a lot of things about business that
I'd never really thought about before. Mr. Williams smiled, and said
"That's to be expected. That was a pretty hefty jump you made, going from
production to the office - particularly for somebody that's just a couple
weeks from graduating high school. Any problems?"

I said that I'd been staying up a little later than I meant to, reading
books and trying to learn more about business and computers so that I could
have better answers for what Gus was asking. Mr. Williams told me "Don't
worry about that right now, Bob. He called me yesterday to see if I'd
heard anything about your application - he wants you in that program as
much as I do. We got to talking, and he told me that he thinks you're
doing - and I quote - 'a helluva good job'. You've got finals next week,
so I think he'd understand if your attention was on that, for right now.
Once you pass them, you'll have nearly two weeks before graduation - and
I'll make arrangements with your teachers so that you have as many study
halls as you want, so you can do your reading and studying there."

I nodded, and answered "I wasn't worried too much about finals, but
you're right - I do need to take care of those before I worry too much
about this other stuff."

He smiled and said "Bob, as good as your grades have been, I don't think
you'll have any trouble with final exams, either - but why take the

Having said pretty much everything he wanted to, he excused me so I
could be sure and get to my next class on time.


As I'd expected, I didn't have any trouble with final exams; I passed
all of them with relative ease. And as he'd promised, Mr. Williams talked
to all my teachers, and got me study halls to replace all my classes - when
he told the teachers about the promotion I'd gotten and the state program,
all of them were more than happy to do it. My last few days as a high
school student were spent doing nothing but reading and taking notes. The
school didn't have much on computers and business, so I was reading stuff I
got from the city library.

When graduation came, Gus was in the audience, right there with Julie
and the twins, just as he'd said he'd be - and wearing the belt the twins
had made for him at camp, pleasing them immensely. His wife Belinda was
with him, and seemed to enjoy being there as much as he did.

After the graduation ceremonies were over, he came over with Julie and
the girls and congratulated me. I thanked him, and he told me "Bob, there'
something I do for every one of my employees that graduates - whether it's
high school, getting a General Education Diploma, or college." With that,
he handed me a folded piece of paper. When I got it unfolded, I saw that
it was a check equal to a week's pay. I could just stand there,
speechless; Julie finally took it out of my hand and looked at it - then
gasped. Both of us were looking at him in a mixture of awe and surprise
when he told me "I went to college, too, and I know how much an education
means. Every time one of my people graduates, they get a check for a weeks
pay - before taxes - just to make sure they understand that more education
means more money in their pocket. I reckon you'll be wanting to celebrate
tonight, so I'll be heading on home, now. I won't expect you in the office
until Monday - have yourself a good time, and I'll see you then."

He shook hands with me, and his wife gave me a kiss on the cheek before
the two of them said their goodbyes to Julie and the twins. When they were
gone, Julie showed the check to Karen and Kathy, who both got wide-eyed at
the amount.

I went around and said my goodbyes to the teachers that I'd really
liked, along with the very few people in school that I'd been able to call
'friend', then the four of us went out to the car and headed home. There,
the twins and Julie waited patiently as I changed clothes, and the four of
us went out to eat to celebrate my graduation. I knew a lot of the other
kids would be going to parties and finding other ways to celebrate; but I
was perfectly content to have the company of my three sisters.

When we got home, we all went upstairs to change, then collected in the
living room. There, I found that they'd actually bought a copy of my
all-time favorite movie - Close Encounters - on videocassette, and had the
TV and VCR all set. Julie brought us in some sodas while Kathy and Karen
made popcorn for all of us. While we were waiting for them, Julie and I
got into a little bit of an argument about what to do with the check Gus
had given me. I wanted to give it to Julie to use for all of us, and she
insisted that it was my bonus from Gus, and that I should spend it on
whatever I wanted. I tried to argue that what I wanted to spend it on was
the family, but she wasn't having any of that. It wasn't until after the
twins came in with the popcorn that we finally made an arrangement: half
would go toward family expenses, and I'd agree that the other half would be
'mine' - but that I was allowed to use some of it for the clothes I'd need
for work.

With that out of the way, it was time for the movie - but only after
Kathy climbed into my lap, and Karen took up station on Julie's. Because
it was 'my' night, the three of them were careful to just sit quietly and
watch the movie, rather than chatting as they usually did when we watched a
rented movie.

After it was over, it was late enough that we all decided to go ahead
and call it a night. Karen and Kathy both kissed and hugged me goodnight
after congratulating me and telling me how happy they were for me. Julie
waited until we were alone in my room - and we finished up the night with a
long, slow, gentle session of '69' that left both of us thoroughly


The next morning, Thursday, the twins still had to go to school; they'd
have to go for a half-day on Friday, then they were done for the summer.

I got to sleep late - until the ungodly hour of 7:00 AM - while Julie
got up to fix them breakfast and lunches to take to school. Before they
left, they came up to my room to kiss me goodbye, and smiled and dimpled at
me when I patted them on their butts. When they were gone, Julie took her
robe off, and climbed back into bed with me so the two of us could cuddle
for a while. At noon, Julie got ready, and then left for her part-time
job, leaving me alone in the house. There wasn't anything pressing for me
to do around the house, so I just got the book I'd been reading and found
myself a comfortable position on the couch to finish it up.

I'd finished it and was just laying there thinking about what I'd read
when Karen and Kathy got home from school. Both immediately went upstairs
to change clothes, surprising me when they reappeared in the living room
wearing only their panties. They came over to where I was laying, and
Karen gestured that they wanted me to sit up. I did, and Kathy indicated
that I needed to move over a bit; when I was appropriately situated, they
sat down, one on each side of me; then snuggled into my sides before
pulling my arms around them, each placing one of my hands on a breast. By
that time, things had progressed enough that when they did that, it was a
sign that I was welcome to caress their breasts and nipples - which I
started doing, feeling their nipples erect slightly in response. Both of
them had grown out a little more, so the breast in each hand made a nice
handful, the nipple pressing into my palm.

I looked from one to the other with a raised eyebrow in question; it was
Kathy that spoke first, saying "Bobby, we've been thinking, and there's
something we wanted to ask you."

"What's that?" I asked.

Karen said "Well, ever since our birthday when you let us, you know, um,
look at you so we'd know about guys, we've been thinking about stuff."

"What stuff?"

"Um, well, you know that we've been talking to Julie, right?" Kathy

"Yeah - we don't talk about exactly what you say to either of us, but we
know in general, so that we can answer your questions and stuff better", I

"Well, we've been, uh, touching ourselves - you know, masturbating -
and, well, each other, too. And Julie kind of helped us find out how we
could make ourselves feel better than we could before." Karen said.

Kathy followed that by saying "But sometimes, we can hear it when you
and Julie are doing something." Realizing what she'd just said, Kathy
quickly amended herself, saying "I mean, we can't hear WHAT you're doing,
we just know you're doing something because we can hear it when Julie has
an orgasm."

"And we were, uh, wanting to know if it would be okay… If you would
mind, um, helping us have orgasms like Julie's", Karen finished.

"You want me to make love to you?" I asked, surprised and concerned.

Both of them got strange looks on their faces before Karen said "Oh, no!
We don't think we're ready for THAT yet!", followed by Kathy saying "Julie
told us that sometimes you and her… that you…"

"That you use your hands and mouth on her." Karen blurted, making both
of them blush before lowering their heads to stare at their feet.

I grinned to myself, and told them "If you think you want to try that, I
don't mind - but you'd better check with Julie to see if SHE has any

Kathy quickly lifted her head to look at me, and exclaimed "Oh, we
would! We wouldn't want to do anything with you that would upset HER!"

Karen added "Yeah! We thought we'd better ask if it was okay with you
first, since if you said 'no', there wouldn't be any reason to ask her.
But you didn't, so we'll ask her before… you know."

I smiled at them, and said "Okay. As long as Julie doesn't mind, I

Both of them looked up at me and said "Thanks, Bobby!" in unison. We
sat there a few more minutes before they got up and went back up to their
bedroom - doubtless to figure out how to approach Julie with their request.

Julie got home a little after 6:00, and I caught her before she went
upstairs. I quickly let her know about the twin's request - she didn't
seem all that surprised - so she'd have a little warning before they
approached her about it.

When they heard Julie come upstairs, Karen and Kathy came back
downstairs - wearing oversized tee shirts - to make supper, as they did on
the days she worked; it was their way of trying to make things a little
easier on her. They weren't as good of cooks as Julie was, but what they
made was still reasonably tasty, if simple.

After supper, Julie and I were sitting together on the couch when the
girls came in and took seats in the chairs across from us. They sat
quietly until a commercial came on the TV, then Kathy spoke up: "Julie?"

Julie muted the tv and turned to face them.

Kathy told her "There's something we wanted to ask you."

"What's that?"

"We decided that we were ready to, uh, start letting guys start touching
us, and stuff." Karen offered.

"'and stuff'?" Julie asked.

"Uh, well, touching us, and maybe, um, using his mouth on us." Kathy

"You said 'his', so it sounds like you have someone in mind. And what
does that have to do with me?"

Kathy and Karen looked at each other, and Karen answered "We were hoping
that you wouldn't mind… that you'd say it was okay if Bobby was the one we
started with. We already asked him, and he said it was okay with him as
long as you didn't mind. Do you?"

Julie waited a few seconds before saying "If you really want to try it"
- "We do!" Kathy declared - "then I guess its okay. What did you have in

They shared another look, and Karen said "We've had orgasms, but we
sometimes hear what it's like when you and Bobby are together…"

Kathy spoke up to say "And you told us that sometimes you can Bobby use
your hands and mouths on each other and…"

"… we want to do that with him, too, to see if we can have orgasms …"

"…as good as what you sound like when you're with him." Kathy finished.

"So you want him to touch you like that, and use his mouth on you?"
Julie asked.

They nodded, and her next question was "And did you plan to do anything
to him?"

They looked at each other again, and Kathy said "Uh, well, yeah, we
wanted to."

"If it's okay, and he doesn't mind." Karen added.

Julie turned to look at me - and give me a smile that the two of them
couldn't see. We'd talked about it before, and she'd finally gotten me to
admit that the idea of having a chance to be naked with them didn't hurt my
feeling all that much.

Julie's face was composed again when she turned back to them and asked
"How did you want to do all this? And when?"

The first question obviously threw them, but they were ready for the
second, Karen answering "Uh, we were hoping that Saturday would be okay."

"But how did you want to do it? The two of you together with him, or
just one at a time? Or did you have something else in mind?" Julie asked.

Realizing that she wasn't asking them for the gory details of what they
wanted to do, but the logistics of it, both looked considerably relieved
when Kathy answered "We aren't really sure about that - I mean, both of us
are kind of scared about it. We were hoping that you'd stay with us, and
kind of help us get started."

Julie smiled, and said "I think I can do that" - to the twin's obvious

"Thanks, Julie - and Bobby!" Kathy told us, followed by Karen's "Yeah,
thank you SO much!" before the two of them left o go back up to their

When they were gone, Julie snuggled into my side and asked "Do you think
they're ready for this?"

"Damned if I know - I guess we'll find out Saturday."

"Do you think you're ready for it?" Julie teased.

"Well, I've had enough time to get used to the idea. It'll still be
kinda weird, what with them being so young and all." I paused a few moments
and added "But I love them, and don't want them to have the kinds of
problems you told me you had. Besides, it might be kinda fun, actually…"

That last part got me a playful pinch from Julie before she told me "You
realize, of course, that once they get a chance to start having fun with
you, they're probably not going to want to stop."

That was something I hadn't thought about - I figured their request was
just a one-time deal. I looked down at Julie and asked "You're kidding,

She grinned at me, and said "Not even a little bit. I remember what it
was like for me when I finally got to start having orgasms with guys. The
ones I gave myself were nice, and the ones I had with other girls were
better - but with guys? There's just no comparison - I guess it's just the
way a girl's mind is hooked up; at least, if she's not completely gay. I
know you'll be even more patient and gentle with them that you are with me,
and that'll only make it better for them. So yeah, I think it's going to
be more than just this once."

I was sitting there thinking that one over when she told me "And just so
you know, there's a pretty good chance that once they've gotten used to
having you touch them and bring them orgasms, it's probably not going to be
long before they decide they're ready for the next step, and ask you to
make love with them - so you'd better start getting used to THAT idea,

The whole conversation we were having was starting to overload my mind,
and I just sat there for several minutes thinking it over before I asked
"So what are YOU going to have to say about it, if all this turns out the
way you think it will?"

Julie sighed, and said "As long as they don't get in the way of what you
and I already have, I'll be okay with it. I don't think that you're going
to be chasing after them, or anything like that, so as long as they don't
come to you so much that you can't take care of ME, it'll be okay. I love
them, too, and if they're going to learn about sex and all that, I'd rather
they learn from someone that I know will treat them right, and not rush
them; for that, I trust YOU more than I'd trust anyone else in the world.
Just make sure you save some for me, okay?"

I hugged her close, and answered "You'll always be first with me,

She looked up and gave me a pleased smile before tilting her head back a
little to give me a kiss on the cheek.


The next morning, I went through another one of the books I'd gotten
from the library while Julie went grocery shopping. She was home well
before the twins got out of school, and had lunch ready for all of us when
they got home. Afterwards, it was decided that it would be a good time for
all of us to go out and do a little shopping - primarily for me, to get
clothes more appropriate for my job. I managed to keep the amount of stuff
we bought for me down by pointing out that I'd need clothes that I could
wear to school, too, and that we should keep some of my 'allowance' back
for later. Julie grudgingly agreed, but let me know that I would be
getting more stuff later. The one thing she wouldn't let me slide on,
though, was a suit. We found ourselves in one of the larger department
stores, and Julie and the girls got together to pick one out for me -
charcoal gray, with a vest and two pairs of pants. It wasn't one of the
store's top-of-the-line brands, but just short of that. Julie went on to
get one of the store's tailors to make the measurements needed to fit the
suit to me. That added a little to the price, but when we got the suit
back a few days later, I had to admit that it certainly made the suit look
better on me. Nobody was going to mistake it for some thousand dollar
Armani number, but they'd certainly know it had been tailored to/for me.
Between the tailoring and the couple of ties the three of them had picked
out to go with it, I had to admit that I looked and felt like a lot more
than a kid that had only recently graduated high school.

On the way home, we stopped off at the library. I returned the books
I'd borrowed, and got a couple more - Julie and the girls each got a couple
of books while we were there, too.

Back at the house, we all got our purchases put away, then kind of
gravitated to the back yard to enjoy some nice weather. When it got close
to supper, Julie suggested we just cook some burgers on the grill - an idea
that met universal approval. I got the grill fired up while Julie and the
twins got things ready; when the charcoal was right, I got the burgers
going - I was as bad in the kitchen as Julie was good; but when it came to
the barbeque grill, the situation was just the reverse. Woof, of course,
was at my side the whole time I was cooking, just waiting for me to drop
something. Between the wagging tail and his look of intense concentration
as he tried to make it happen through sheer force of will, I couldn't help
but break apart one of the patties and give him pieces of it every now and
then - earning me his undying gratitude and continued company. We normally
didn't feed him 'people' food, but it was kind of a special occasion, so
Julie and the girls didn't say anything - they just looked on with
amusement. Woof had been trained to stay away from any table that people
were eating at, so we didn't have to worry about him begging or trying to
steal anything off our plates as I got the burgers loaded onto them.

After we ate, the twins volunteered to clean up, leaving Julie and I to
sit outside and relax. We'd been just watching the world go by for quite
some time when Julie asked "So, are you ready for tomorrow, Bobby?"

It took me a second to realize what she was asking, and I just grinned
and said "About as ready as I can be, I guess. Are you?"

She laughed, and answered "About the same, I think. I don't know what's
going to happen tomorrow, exactly, but one thing I'm sure about: this
family isn't ever going to be the same afterwards!"

I laughed, too, and replied "I don't think we've been the same since
that night you came into my room…"

Julie knew what night I was talking about, and said "No, I guess we
haven't, have we? Are you sorry about any of it?"

I reached over and took her hand to give it a squeeze, and answered "Not
even a little bit. I knew I loved you before; my only regret is that it
took me so long to realize just how MUCH I love you."

She squeezed my hand back and smiled, and the two of us sat there
holding hands until the sun went down. The twins must have seen how happy
we were out there, because they left us to ourselves until we got up and
went inside.


The next morning, when Julie and I went downstairs to get some
breakfast, we found the twins in the living room watching TV. With my
promotion and raise, we'd decided that we had enough money coming in that
we could afford cable tv - and the girls had quickly discovered a fondness
for one of the 'nature' channels.

In the kitchen, we saw that the girls had gone ahead and gotten their
own breakfast: cold cereal and English muffins. It sounded pretty good to
us, too, so we did the same - with the addition of coffee. Julie and I
teamed up to do the breakfast dishes, and then went into the living room to
watch tv with the twins.

They were on the couch, so Julie and I each took 'our' chairs. After
we'd been seated a few minutes, Karen got up to come over and sit on my
lap, while Kathy went to Julie's. It was a relatively cool morning, and
none of us was wearing anything more than just underwear, so it felt good
to hold them and keep each other warm.

As we watched TV, Karen casually took my hand and moved it to her
breast, then squeezed it, letting me know that she wanted me to play with
it a little bit. As I did, I saw from the corner of my eye that Kathy was
doing the same thing with Julie. The twins continued to watch tv while
Julie and I softly caresses their breasts; after a bit, I looked over to
Julie; she looked back at me, and we silently agreed that the twins were
starting to 'make their move' - and that we'd go along with it.

I continued to fondle Karen's breasts: softly caressing one, then the
other; holding one or the other in my hand as I ran my thumb across its
nipple, and feeling it harden under my touch; gently squeezing and
massaging them, back and forth from one to the other. It was a slow
process, but eventually, I had Karen slightly squirming around on my lap -
and a while later, I could detect the faint scent of aroused female.
Discretely looking down at her panties, I thought I could see that they
were a bit darker at the crotch - as though from the overflow of her
juices. I didn't say anything, though, content to let Karen - and Kathy, if
she was anywhere near the same condition - to set their own pace and make
their needs and wants known when they were ready.

It was nearly another half hour before Karen finally looked up at me and
uncertainly asked "Bobby? Would you take me upstairs? I… I think I'm
ready to… you know…"

I smiled down at her, and said "Sure, I can do that."

Kathy spoke up then, asking Julie "Uh, can we go, too? I think I'm
ready, too…"

Julie grinned at her, and answered "Yeah, we can go, too. Where to?"

It was Karen that answered, saying "We, uh, thought that our room would
be better - you said you'd be with us, and our room is the only one with
two beds so everybody would have someplace comfortable."

"That's fine" I told her.

Karen slid off my lap - giving me a look of surprise when she discovered
that I'd gotten an erection from touching her. Kathy got off Julie's lap,
and gave me a similar look when she saw my erection tenting my briefs.
Julie kept her from embarrassing herself by taking Kathy's hand; I did the
same with Karen, and the two pairs of us made our way up to the girls bedroom. It was the largest in the house - Julie and I had decided that
since the two of them were going to have to share a room, it might as well
be big enough to hold them. Besides which, neither of us had any need - or
expectation of needing - anything larger than the rooms we'd taken for

As a consequence, the girls' room was nearly twice the size of my room,
and half again Julie's. They'd arranged their beds and other furniture so
that each of them had a little bit of 'private' space, but that they were
still close enough to keep each other company. Anything they shared, like
their computer, was situated in the 'common' area.

Karen led me to her bed, while Kathy did the same with Julie. I could
tell that Karen was extremely nervous, and said "How about if you just sit
on my lap on your bed? Then if you want us to do anything else, we're
already there?"

Karen nodded, and as she waited for me to situate myself on her bed, I
saw Julie finding her own spot on Kathy's bed - and when Karen joined me,
Kathy made her way to Julie's lap.

With Karen on my lap, I tilted my head down to kiss her softly on the
forehead; she looked up at me and smiled, reassured. Julie reached over
and turned on the radio they had on the table between their beds, then
selecting an 'easy listening' station and setting the volume low. That
helped fill a vaguely awkward silence, and I put my arms around Karen
again. After a minute or so, I started slowly caressing her body - and
after a bit, her breasts, as well. It wasn't long before I again had her
squirming on my lap and the faint scent of her arousal tickling my nose. I
gradually began to expand the range of my touch to include first her torso
and arms, then on to her belly. She gave a faint start when my hands
finally came in contact with her legs, but when I only ran my hands along
the tops and outsides of her thighs, it didn't take her long to relax to my

I lowered my head to kiss her again, surprising her by placing my lips
on hers. She was hesitant at first, but she soon began to kiss me back as
she let her hands come in contact with MY body. Her initial touch was
soft, and almost reluctant; but when I didn't object or say anything, she
grew bolder and her contact became firmer and more insistent.

I was kissing her again when I finally let my hand trace it's way along
the inside of her thigh, from knee to mid-thigh, then back up and around to
her hip. As my touch approached her nylon-clad mound, I felt her stop
breathing, then resume again when it became clear that I wasn't going to
touch her there - yet.

I continued to let my hands wander across her body and down her legs; on
each return journey from her knees, I'd trace a path along the inside of
her thigh - and get a fraction of an inch closer to her crotch before
veering off. After a minute or two of that, her eyes were closed as she
concentrated on the feel of my soft touch on her skin; I let my eyes
flicker down to her panties, and saw that there was a distinct change in
their color between her thighs - confirming what my nose had already told

A few more passes along the inside of her thigh, and I felt her shift
her weight slightly as she let her legs fall open a little farther. I
chanced a look over at the other bed and saw that Julie had Kathy in a
similar position - with the exception that it looked like Julie was
maintaining a running commentary of soft words into Kathy's ear.

Turning my attention back to Karen, I let my hand wander semi-randomly
on her body -her breasts and nipples, sides, belly, hips and waist, and
legs were all subjected to my soft touch. A few more minutes, and my
caress of her thighs finally ended with the edge of my hand brushing across
her mound. Karen's breath caught in her throat, and she deliberately
opened her thighs in invitation to repeat the contact.

Instead, I softly kissed her on the lips and asked "Would you like for
us to lie down next to each other?" She opened her eyes to look up at me,
and quietly nodded.

I eased her off my lap, then onto her back while I lay on my side next
to her. I quickly went back to caressing her body, but began softly
kissing her face and lips, too. As the seconds ticked away, and my fingers
continued to trace a path along the insides of her thighs, Karen spread her
legs even more, making it even easier for me to include the visibly damp
crotch of her panties in my journey. With each touch, I would make the
contact a little firmer, and last a little longer; it was only a few
minutes before my fingers were almost continuously rubbing her obviously
wet pussy through her panties.

When she started lifting her pelvis in response to my busy fingers, I
slowly kissed my way down to her chest, by way of her throat and shoulder.
My final stop was her breast, where I began licking and sucking on her
hard, dark nipple - and drawing an impassioned gasp from her as she held my
head in her hands, keeping me there. It took only a few minutes before she
was softly panting as my mouth and lips went from one breast to the other
and back again while my fingers danced between her thighs.

She moaned softly, and I moved my head back up next to hers so I could
whisper in her ear "Do you want to take your panties off?"

She opened her eyes again, and nodded enthusiastically; I took my hand
from her crotch and she didn't even glance at where Julie and Kathy were
sitting as she lifted her hips and quickly peeled them down her legs before
kicking them off. With them out of the way, she let her legs fall open,
gasping slightly when my fingers directly touched her labia.

Her hands went to my head again, and with only the faintest pressure,
she let me know that she wanted me to pay attention to her breasts again -
and I did, happily. As I nursed at one breast, then the other, my
fingertips began an exploration of the delicate petals of her blossoming

I quickly discovered that her vaginal lips were small and thin, the area
between them thoroughly wetted with her oils. As I investigated further, I
learned that her pubic hair was starting to fill in, but was still a small
patch of incredibly soft down. At the top of her cleft, her clitoris was
almost completely exposed, and sensitive to my touch. I carefully went
back to explore the area between her thighs, finding her opening to be hot,
wet, and incredibly small. I felt her tense slightly when I first touched
her opening with a fingertip, but when I didn't do anything more than
simply touch her, she quickly relaxed.

With my mouth at her breasts, I used my hand to slowly, carefully, and
deliberately go about the process of steadily increasing her arousal and
passion. I'd wet the end of my finger with her juices, and then use them
to lubricate her clitoris as I softly stroked and circled it, causing her
to begin a slow lifting of her hips in response. Then I'd lower my hand a
bit to wet my finger again before sliding it between her labia and a little
ways into her vaginal opening. Each penetration like that was done slowly
and gently - and went a little deeper than the one before. Karen tightened
a little at first, but when I didn't 'push' the issue, and continued to be
patient and gentle with her, she soon accepted what I was doing - then
began to enjoy it.

Finally, as I'd expected, I came in contact with the barrier of her
maidenhead. When she felt me come up against it, she immediately tensed -
then relaxed again when I backed away from it. With the knowledge of how
far inside her I could go, I slowly began finger-fucking her - with my hand
curled along her mound, the palm of my hand would apply a slight pressure
against her clitoris with each in and out stroke. Before long, she was
panting almost continuously, and I could feel her insides begin clenching
my finger as she got closer and closer to an orgasm - until, finally, it
hit her.

Her eyes flew open as she stared far into space, her tight, wet vagina clamping down on my finger where it was inside her. Her mouth opened, and
she released a long, drawn out cry of
"A-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-h-h-h-h-h-h!" as spasm after spasm washed through

As her climax tapered off, I gently slid my finger out of her - she
lifted her pelvis to delay the process - and moved to put my arms around
her. She was still panting slightly, but wrapped her arms around me and
hugged me fiercely before starting to cry into my chest. Confused, I
looked over to where Kathy was sitting cross-legged in front of Julie,
staring at the reaction Karen had had to having my finger inside her.
Kathy was between Julie's thighs, and Julie had one hand on Kathy's breast,
the other inside her panties. Julie saw me looking at her, gave me a big
shit-eating grin, and indicated that Karen was crying because she was happy
- not because I'd done anything to hurt her.

Relieved - and aroused by the sight of Julie and Kathy - I held Karen
close and started softly stroking her back as I murmured soft reassurances
into her ear. After a bit, the waterworks stopped, and Karen pulled back a
little to look up at me with absolute joy on her face as she told me "Thank
you, Bobby! That was SO much better than anything I've felt before!"

I smiled, and answered "I'm glad I could help. But there's still more,
if you want…"

She looked up at me, mildly confused, and I explained "That was just my
hand. Do you still want to find out what it's like when I use my mouth?"

Her eyes got big, and she could only slowly nod her affirmation that she

We kissed, and I felt her tongue hesitantly touch my lips. I opened my
mouth to her, and responded by letting my own tongue make an incursion into
hers. She responded, and it was only a few seconds before our tongues were
dancing and dueling in each other's mouths. When the kiss finally ended,
Karen was panting again, and I could feel the hard nubbins of her nipples
pressing into my chest. I looked down at her in question, and she nodded
that she was ready for what was to come next.

I softly kissed her forehead, then her eyelids, cheeks, and lips. When
our lips parted, I went on to apply a series of kisses along her jaw, then
down to her throat, and across her shoulder before moving even lower to her
upper chest. She put her fingers in my hair again, holding my head as I
slowly kissed my way across and down her body, with delays at her breasts and belly-button. As I got closer and closer to her pelvis, she spread her
legs again, her thighs parting in anticipation of what was next.

I kissed my way around her small pubic fleece, it's soft, fine hairs
tickling my lips and nose before my head lowered enough for my tongue to
make a series of hit-and-run contacts across her semi-erect clitoris. That
brought it completely out of hiding, and I gently circled it with the tip
of my tongue for a few seconds, drawing a soft moan from Karen as she
lifted her hips in response.

Moving still father south, I was finally greeted with a view that I'll
never forget: the sight of her exposed - and aroused - womanhood. The
lower half of her mound was hairless, making it easy to see the small, thin
lips of her labia. Between them, she glistened with the overflow of her
lubrication - not just from the orgasm she'd had, but the apparently eager
anticipation of what I was about to do. I couldn't resist, and dipped my
tongue between them, collecting a taste of her - and as the heady flavor of
her musky/sweet oils filled my mouth, I saw that her vaginal lips had
stayed separated, revealing the pink, wet entrance to her vagina.

Having had a taste of her, this new view of Karen was more than I could
stand, and I didn't hesitate to place my mouth over as much of her mound as
I could before tracing the folds of her labia with the tip of my tongue as
I tried to softly suck out even more of her delicious nectar.

In just a couple of minutes, Karen was writhing on the bed, moaning and
gasping in response to the sensations I was creating in her - and producing
even more of the juices that I was so eagerly consuming.

I was forced to ease off from what I was doing when I felt the muscles
in my neck starting to stiffen. I realized that I might not be doing
enough to bring Karen to another orgasm, and lifted my head slightly to
begin using my lips to softly 'pull' on her fully exposed clitoris -
bringing me another round of soft moans as she lifted her pelvis in

Rather than all but throw her into another orgasm, though, I chose to
carry her along to an even stronger one by switching back and forth between
licking her labia and exposed opening as though they were an ice cream cone
(a flavor that would always be my favorite, I decided) and circling and
rubbing her clitoris with the end of my tongue. The effect on her was one
of two steps forward (my tongue on her clitoris), and one step back (my
lapping at the fluids she was producing). I took the opportunity to cup
her smooth, tight ass cheeks in my hands to hold her steady during the
process; it was several long, delicious, pleasant minutes before I felt her
getting close to another release. Again, I decided to maximize her
pleasure, and brought her close to the edge several times before backing
off to enjoy myself - but I finally had mercy on her, and with a furious
tongue-lashing of her sensitive clitoris, launched her into what must have
been the most powerful orgasm of her young life: she cried out loudly as it
hit her, then could only gasp and moan and shudder as wave upon wave of
release washed through her. The clenching of her vagina pushed out small
waves of her oils, where I greedily licked them up, prolonging her release.

My actions could only make her climax last longer - they couldn't keep
it from ending. When it finally tapered off, she was left laying there
with a fine sheen of perspiration on her body, panting softly as she tried
to get her senses back.

I lifted myself from between her legs, and was surprised when I felt
Julie's hand on my shoulder. I turned to look at her, and she said "Here,
let me hold her for a while - I think you need to take care of Kathy, now!"

I looked over at Kathy, and saw that she'd already shed her panties, and
was sitting there with one hand on her breast, the other in her crotch as
she looked from Karen to me and back again.

I turned back to Julie, and she leaned in for a kiss - then grinned, and
proceeded to lick my face clean of Karen's juices. When she was done, she
used her hand to dry my face, and then nudged me toward where Kathy was
sitting. As I moved closer, I could see Kathy watching me with shy
anticipation, and a fair amount of desire in her eyes.

When I was next to her, I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her
forehead before asking "Are you ready for this?"

She apparently didn't trust herself to speak; she only nodded that she

"Do you want to sit on my lap for a while, first?"

She shook her head, and I asked "You want to lie down?" She nodded
again, and I guided both of us down onto her bed - she on her back, me on
my side next to her.

"Are you nervous? Do you want me to go slow?" I asked.

She looked up at me with total trust in her eyes, and answered "No,
Bobby, I know you're not going to hurt me", and in a softer voice added,
"You don't have to go slow; I… I just want to feel what Karen did!"

I put my hand on her belly before lowering my head to kiss her on the
lips. She surprised the hell out of me when I did by opening her mouth a
little, and letting her tongue slip out to make hesitant contact with my
lips. I parted my lips in response, and she didn't delay to slip her
tongue between them, touching my tongue with hers - accompanied by a soft

As our tongues introduced themselves to each other, I moved my hand up
to her breast, finding its areola tight and crinkled and her nipple hard
and erect. I softly caressed it for a bit, and then moved my hand over to
the other, which was as tight and aroused as the first. When our kiss
ended, Kathy was panting softly and making small noises of pleased arousal.
I started softly kissing her all over her face as my hand left her breasts to begin a journey of discovery. I learned the feel of her body from
shoulders to hips, one side of her body to the other, marveling and
delighting in the soft smoothness of her skin and the soft curves and firm
muscle it covered. Once my hand was past her waist, Kathy pulled my head
down for another kiss; out lips were locked together as my hand finally
reached her smooth, firm thighs. The first time I let my hand drift along
the inside of her thigh, she raised and parted them in open invitation to
touch the core of her blossoming womanhood.

I didn't immediately begin touching her there, though. As eager and
willing as she was, I knew that she was ready for it; but I wanted to make
it as special for her as it had been for Karen, so I continued to softly
tease the insides of her thighs - first one, then the other, starting at
her knee and moving upward. Each caress was a little longer than the one
before, and ended a little closer to the treasure between her trim legs.

Finally, though, contact was made: my caress of her thigh ended with my
hand softly cupping her mound, my finger lying in the crease between her
extended labia. Under the heel of my palm, I could feel the soft cloud of
her pubic hair, and a little lower, the slight pressure of her clitoral
hood. As with Karen, the lower half of her pudendum was still hairless,
and I could feel the soft warmth of her skin on my fingers - except for the
one that rested between her vaginal lips: it was lying in a hot, damp

I slowly curled my finger, drawing the end of it between her labia - and
collected a surprising amount of her moisture as it slid across the opening
to her vagina before my fingertip reached her clitoris. There, I used the
ample lubrication she'd provided to start rubbing and caressing it, and
slowly teasing it out from under its hood and into full erectness as Kathy
pressed herself against my hand. I let my finger fall back along her mons,
and repeated my actions, getting even more of her oils to use when I began
a slow, gentle circling of her clitoris with my fingertip. Kathy responded
by arching her pelvis up in time with my actions, panting and moaning
softly as her arousal continued to grow.

I kissed my way down from her face to her breasts, by way of her ears
and throat and shoulders. I took the end of her breast in my mouth and
began softly sucking on it as I moved my hand back down between her thighs.
Kathy quickly put her hands on my head, holding it in place while I brought
her nipple to even greater length and hardness. While I was doing that, I
was using my fingertip to trace the folds of her labia, learning that they
were as small and soft and thin as Karen's had been - and that she was
easily as hot and wet between them as her sister. When the end of my
finger was wet enough, and I began to gently probe at her opening, Kathy
didn't have any concerns about what I was doing - if anything, she spread
her thighs even further and lifting her pelvis in encouragement.

As slowly and gently as I had with Karen, I carefully eased the end of
my finger into Kathy's tight opening - accompanied by her soft moans as she
continued to lift her hips, welcoming the new sensations I was creating.
As I had with Karen, I eventually came upon the obstruction of her hymen;
Kathy didn't exhibit any of the nervousness Karen had at my first contact
with it, but I still backed away from it, careful not to cause her any pain
or discomfort.

With the knowledge of my much of her I could penetrate, I did for Kathy
what I'd done for Karen: cupped my hand on her mons, using my palm to
gently pressure her clitoris as I slid my finger in and out of her.
Kathy's greater comfort with what I was doing, and her correspondingly
greater arousal, made my efforts that much more effective. Sooner than
Karen had, Kathy found herself experiencing what I could tell was a
powerful orgasm. Her young vagina clamped down on my finger, making it
almost impossible for me to move it inside her as she softly cried out with
the start of her release.

I continued to move my finger in her a little bit as I licked and sucked on her breast in time with the contractions I could feel in her. I let my
eyes wander over to where Julie and Karen were, and saw that Julie had shed
her panties. Both of them had erect nipples, and their vaginal lips were
extended and glistening as they stared at the sight Kathy and I presented
them: the angle we were at, I knew that they had a fairly unobstructed view
between Kathy's thighs, and could see her labia wrapped around my finger.

As Kathy came down from her climax, I eased my finger out of her and
moved to hold her in my arms. She lay there stunned for a few seconds
longer before turning slightly and wrapping her arms around me as she
kissed my face over and over again while repeatedly telling me "Oh, thank
you, thank you, thank you…"

It felt pretty nice to have her firm young body pressed against mine
that way, but there was still more for us to do - and I was looking forward
to it.

I gently pried her arms from around me and eased her back onto the bed.
Looking down at the expression of happiness on her face, I smiled and asked
"Was that as nice as you thought it would be?"

Her face lit up, and she answered "Oh, it was SO much better than I ever
thought it could be!"

I grinned, and asked "Was that enough? Or do you want to find out about
the rest of it, too?"

She got a slightly puzzled look on her face before remembering that all
I'd done thus far had been to use my hand on her - and that I'd also used
my mouth on Karen. Then she remembered how Karen had responded to what I'd
done, and Kathy's face got an expression of eagerness as she grinned and
told me "I want the rest of it, too!"

I lowered my head to kiss her, and she let me know in no uncertain terms
that she was more than willing and ready for the next step - our lips had
barely touched when hers parted and she slid her tongue into my mouth.

As our tongues tangled, I moved my hand up and started squeezing and
caressing her breasts, and softly pulling on her nipples. She arched her
back a little, pressing her chest into my hand even more.

We eventually had to come up for air, leaving both of us panting
slightly. Kathy laid back on the bed, and let me begin kissing her, just
as I'd done with Karen - slowly easing my way down her body, investigating
and memorizing it with my lips and tongue as I went.

I finally reached her pelvis, and kissed my way through her fine, soft
hair - and on down between her raised and parted thighs. Again, I paused a
few seconds to memorize, and delight in, the sight before me.

Kathy's appearance, of course, was different than Karen's - but only in
the way her vaginal lips were parted, and other such minor details.
Otherwise, I would have found it impossible to tell the difference between
them; not surprising, I suppose, in light of the fact that they were
identical twins. In any case, Kathy's labia and pudendum were a treasure
to see - thin, delicate vaginal lips shining with the overflow of her
virginal nectar; the soft, smooth skin of her mound flowing around them.

I lowered my head and ran my tongue from the bottom of her cleft to the
top, ending with a slight flick of my tongue across her exposed clitoris.
Along the way, I got the full taste and flavor of her, and found it to be
incredibly similar to Karen's, but still unique - and still delightful.

Over the next couple of minutes, I continued to apply myself to
stimulating and arousing Kathy with my lips and tongue - gently sucking on
her clitoris, circling and fluttering across it with my tongue, licking and
softly sucking her labia, and so on. But with Kathy's ready acceptance to
having my finger inside her, I also went on to put my mouth over her
opening, and slide my stiffened tongue into her as I used my upper lip to
massage her clitoris - something that pleased her tremendously, judging
from the groans she released and the way she would lift her pelvis in

In fact, Kathy kept her hips and pelvis tilted up toward me so much that
I felt comfortable reaching up to put my hands on her breasts as I
continued to orally stimulate her - and felt her small, firm breasts tighten under my touch as her hard nipples pressed into my palms.

It was only several minutes - far too soon, in my opinion - before I
felt her body stiffen as she cried out with her release. Her vagina tightened, all but pushing my tongue out of her; I used it instead to
softly stroke her clitoris in time with the waves of tension I could feel
passing through her body as she climaxed. As the waves of pleasure passing
through her grew softer and less frequent, I slowed then stopped my
ministrations before moving up to lie next to her again, and take her in my

I chanced a look over to where Karen and Julie were sitting, and found
that each of them had one hand on a breast, and one between the other's
thighs, slowly masturbating each other. At the sight of them, I realized
that the smell of aroused female was far stronger than could be explained
by what I'd just done with Kathy, and knew why. Julie saw me looking at
them, and managed to give me a sheepish grin - but didn't stop what she was

After Kathy had recovered from the intensity of the orgasm she'd had,
she looked up at me in something akin to awe before whispering "Oh, Bobby!
That was so incredible!"

I smiled down at her, and said "I'm glad you liked it - I enjoyed doing
it, too."

"You… you like doing that, too?"

"Sure, why not?"

"I though it was just girls…" she said, before blushing with the
realization that she'd admitted to something she and Karen had been doing.

I smiled again, and told her "It's okay, remember? Julie and I told you
that you didn't have to be afraid of telling us stuff. You already told us
that you and Karen were touching and kissing; it's not that much more to
try putting your mouths where your hands had been."

"It's okay? You don't mind?"

"As long as you're doing it because you want to, and you're not hurting
each other; then its okay, and I don't mind. Julie won't mind, either, if
you want to tell her."

Kathy looked a bit uncertain at that, but I just nodded in reassurance.
After a bit, we both looked over to where Julie and Karen were.
Apparently, seeing that Kathy had recovered enough to be talking with me,
they'd decided to put an end to their fun - but I could see that both of
them were still pretty aroused.

Julie spoke up, saying "Karen? Would you like to go over and be with
Kathy so Bobby can come over here with me?"

Karen didn't even bother to answer; she was in bed with us almost before
I could blink, to Julie's amusement. I moved out of the way so she could
lay next to Kathy, and made my way over to sit next to Julie. I still had
an erection, and not one of them made any pretense of not looking at the
bulge it made in my underwear. Sitting next to Julie, I could see a very
faint, very fine film of perspiration on her, and knew that it was because
of how aroused she was. And being closer to her, I could detect her own
unique scent, telling me how wet and ready she was. Discovering that she
got so excited and aroused from watching me with each of the twins while
she had her hands on the other one left me feeling rather amused - and more
than a little excited.

Julie and I waited while Karen and Kathy held each other for a while,
and whispered back and forth, comparing notes and experiences. They
finally sat up next to each other, either not knowing or not caring at the
view they gave us when they chose to sit cross-legged.

When she had their attention, Julie told them "Now, both of you know
what it's like to have a guy touch you, and use his mouth on you. I think
it's safe to say that you liked it…"

Both twins grinned and blushed slightly before Julie went on "Both of
you know that all Bobby did was use his hand and mouth - and that he kept
his underwear on. I know he did that so that you wouldn't worry that he
was going to try anything else with you. But you can see that he has an
erection - which means that he liked doing what he did, and that he thought
both of you were sexy, too."

The two of them looked surprised and pleased at that last bit of

Julie saw it, of course, and went on to tell them "When we had that
lesson where you two got to see and touch Bobby's penis and testicles, you
remember that he got an erection then, too. I told you then that an
erection was something that guys can't really help - any more than we can
help it when we feel ourselves getting wet between our legs, or our nipples
getting hard. The big difference is that with guys, it's a LOT more
obvious!" - making the twins smile and nod.

"If you're with a guy and you're not doing anything sexual and he gets
an erection, don't think that you have to do anything with him. guys -
especially ones that are younger than Bobby - will get an erection about
almost anything, at any time of the day or night, no matter where they are
or what they're doing. So don't let them try to tell you that they got it
because of something you did, and that you have to help them with it -
that's bullshit."

Julie's choice of words surprised the girls, and served to emphasize
what she'd just told them - as she'd meant it to. She went on "On the
other hand, it is not right for you to be doing sex stuff with a guy, let
him make YOU feel good, and then not do the same for him. If you're going
to let a guy do stuff with you, it's only fair that you do stuff back - if
you're going to let a guy touch you, then you should be ready to touch him
back. How would you have felt if Bobby had made you feel so good, then
stopped before you had an orgasm? Would you have been happy about that, or
disappointed and mad? It's the same way with guys, only more: don't start
doing anything sexual or intimate with them unless you're willing to do
something to give them some relief. Because guys can get excited faster
and easier than we can, it makes it tougher for them when nothing happens."

Kathy and Karen both nodded their understanding before Julie told them
"I'm not saying that you have to have sex with a guy. The same way that
you can use your hands or your mouth to make each other feel good, you can
do the same things with a guy. The basic idea is the same, you just have
to do it differently because all his stuff is on the outside."

I hadn't know this was going to turn into a training session, but
cooperated with Julie when she told me to lift my hips, then slid my briefs
down my legs and off my feet - leaving me sitting there with my erect penis
waving in the air.

With their eyes continually wavering to where my erection stuck up, the
twins listened as Julie said "Do you remember what it felt like when Bobby
had his finger moving inside you? That's what you should try to make a guy
feel like with your hand. Bobby, lay down so they can see easier."

I did as I was told, and wasn't surprised when Julie reached over to
wrap her hand around me before saying "See? Just hold him like this, and
slide your hand up and down…" as she began stroking her fist up and down my
erection. I looked over, and saw that Kathy and Karen were listening
closely - and watching even closer - as Julie used me to demonstrate the
correct way to jerk a guy off.

"You two come on over here, so you can see - and I want you to try it,
too, so you know what to do."

Both girls quickly came over and climbed up to where I was laying. It
made things a bit crowded, but I certainly didn't mind!

Julie demonstrated for another minute or so, then had each of them give
it a try as she quietly corrected any mistakes they made. Being the focus
of attention of three females - all of them my sisters - was having a
definite positive impact on my libido.

Finally satisfied that the twins had the basics worked out, Julie next
told them "If the guy is someone really, really special, and he's made you
feel extra good, then you can use your mouth on him, if you want. You know
that Bobby is circumcised, and what that means. Sometimes, if a guy isn't
circumcised, or if he isn't real good about washing himself, you'll find
out that he has kind of a bad smell. If he does, then you don't have to
use your mouth on him - in fact, you probably shouldn't. If he doesn't
smell good, then he's dirty there, and you won't want to have him in your
mouth like that. But Bobby is careful to keep himself clean, so I know its
okay to do this…" - and promptly took half my erect penis into her mouth
while the twins eyes got positively huge. Julie bobbed her head a few
times, then let me slip from her lips to tell them "What Bobby did with his
mouth to you is called 'cunnilingus' - but you've probably heard other
girls call it 'eating pussy', or just 'eating'. What I just did is called
'fellatio' - or 'sucking dick' or 'cocksucking'. Both cunnilingus and
fellatio can be called 'giving head'. If I did fellatio to Bobby until he
climaxed - squirted his semen - it would be called 'a blowjob'."

Both girls looked a bit uncertain, and it was Kathy that tentatively
said "It looks kinda gross… I mean, isn't that where his pee comes out,

Julie didn't hesitate in the slightest, saying "Yes, that's where his
pee comes out - just like your vagina is where stuff comes out when you're
having your period, and that's where YOUR pee comes out. Bobby didn't mind
doing that to you because you were clean there; just like I don't mind
doing this because he's clean NOW. If a guy is willing to do something
like that to make you happy and feel good, don't be too fussy about doing
something that would make HIM happy and feel good. Besides, I love Bobby;
and it makes ME feel excited to know that I can make HIM excited this way."

With that, Julie took me into her mouth again, and slowly slid her lips
along my penis while the girls - slightly chastised - had a chance to think
over what she'd just told them as they watched her.

After all I'd done with the twins, Julie's warm mouth on me felt
wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that I could feel myself getting close
to unloading my balls into her talented mouth. Julie could feel it when my
penis started to twitch, and interrupted what she was doing to tell Karen
and Kathy "You can do this for as long as you want to - and if you do it
long enough, the guy will squirt his semen. If you want to, you can catch
it in your mouth, then spit it out or swallow it when he's done. If you
don't want to do that, you can take your mouth away right before, and use
your hand to finish him."

"Uh, how do you know? When he's going to squirt, I mean?" Karen asked.

Julie answered "You put your hand on his testicles - his balls. When
you feel them pull up next to his body, you know that he's going to do it.
I know that Bobby really liked what he was doing with you, and it won't
take much for me to make him climax. Here, put your hands on his balls,
and you can feel it when I make it happen for him."

Both girls reached out to tentatively put a hand on my balls; Julie
gently corrected their touch, so that each was cupping one of my testicles.
Having my twin younger sisters holding my balls in their hands only made me
that much more ready when Julie began sucking on my dick again, sliding her
lips up and down as her tongue caressed the sensitive underside. I closed
my eyes and gave myself over to the incredible sensations she was creating,
and the eroticism of the soft, warm hands of Karen and Kathy cupping my
scrotum. It wasn't more than a couple of minutes before I felt my balls
tighten, then Julie pulled her mouth of my penis and used her hand to
masturbate me to a thundering climax - the first hot jet of my cum shot
well into the air, coming down on my chest while the next landed lower, and
the third lower still, before the remaining spurts simply flowed out the
end, lubricating Julies stroking hand.

When I opened my eyes, Kathy and Karen had completely forgotten about
having their hands on me - both were in silent awe at the results of
Julie's tender ministrations. As my penis began to soften, Julie released
her hold on it, and asked the twins "Would you like to feel it?"

Both started slightly in surprise, and then hesitantly reached out to
Julie's proffered hand, feeling the texture and wetness of my jism. Both
were amazed by it, particularly when it formed threads as they separated
their fingers.

Julie told them "I just told you that you can catch it in your mouth, if
you want to. Usually, that's what I'd do when I did that to Bobby, but I
wanted you to see what it looks like when a guy climaxes, and what his
semen feels like. You won't know if you like the taste of it until you
actually try it" - and putting the words in action by letting them watch as
she carefully licked my cum from her fingers. Both girls were surprised,
but recovered; then after a few moments thought, each delicately stuck her
tongue out to sample the taste of what she had on her fingers. Both
wrinkled their noses at first, but after a moment, tried it again - and
then proceeded to lick their fingers clean before Kathy announced "Its
okay, I guess. Kind of salty", before Karen made her own pronouncement "I
kinda like it - it's kind of like custard, only different."

Julie looked on approvingly, and said "I think most guys taste
different, just like girls taste different - the basic taste is pretty much
the same for each; it's just that each one adds something that makes it
theirs, and no one else's."

The twins nodded absentmindedly, both looking at my deflated penis.

Julie saw them, and asked "Do you want to try it? To see what it's like
to have him in your hand, and maybe in your mouth?"

Both turned to look at her in surprise, and nodded. Julie smiled at
them and said "Its okay, I don't mind. You have to learn sometime or
other, and it might as well be here and now, with someone I know will be
patient with you."

Karen and Kathy both turned to look at me, and I nodded my head to let
them know it was okay (!!) with me, too. After sharing a look with each
other, their first carefully considered action was to use their mouths to
clean up the small puddles of semen still on my body. Julie moved toward
my head a little bit to make room for them, and I raised my forearm far
enough to let my hand rest on the inside of her thigh. Julie turned to
look at me, smiled, and moved a little closer so that I could reach the
area between her thighs.

The twins shared their self-assigned task of cleaning me up, each taking
an area that meant they got approximately equal amounts of my cum to
sample. When they were done, they looked up at Julie who nodded her head
approvingly, and said "Since Bobby just had a climax, it might take a few
minutes before he can get hard again - but if you're gentle, it'll still
feel good to him to have you touching him." They smiled in response before
moving their attention to my penis. Each remembered what Julie had told
them, and they took turns using their small, soft hands to stimulate me.
Between what they were doing to me, and what I was doing to Julie, it was
only a few minutes before I started to respond to their touch.

When I was semi-erect, Julie told them "When a guy is like that, he'll
usually get hard again faster if you want to use your mouth on him."

Kathy was first to try it, and soon got the idea with Julies patient
guidance. Kathy had been listening, too, and when it was her turn, Julie
only had to offer suggestions as to the different things that could be
done. Back and forth they went, each learning from what Julie told the
other, and from the reactions they got from me as they first learned - then
perfected - their respective techniques.

My hand was busy in Julie's crotch during all that time, and I could
hear and feel it as she steadily got more and more aroused. The twins had
long since managed to get me completely erect; it was only the pauses as
one stopped and the other started that kept me from getting too close to
unloading in one of their warm mouths.

Julie finally decided that I was as ready as I was going to be, and
proceeded to reveal a streak of exhibitionism I hadn't known she had by
telling the girls "Okay, that's enough, I think. Both of you know what
it's like to take care of a guy using your hand and your mouth, and both of
you know what a guy's cum tastes like. He's made both of you feel good, a
couple times each, but he still hasn't made love. I don't think either of
you is ready for that yet" - both solemnly shook their heads - "so I'll do
it with him. If you haven't seen it before" - she knew they hadn't, we
always closed the bedroom door for that very reason - "you can sit over on
the other bed and watch - but keep quiet!"

Both girls quickly scampered over to the other bed, and Julie reached
down to extract my hand from between her legs - the twins suddenly
realizing where it had been, and what I must have been doing.

Julie quietly nudged me around until I was sitting on the bed, my back
resting against the wall. She straddled my hips with her back toward me -
leaving the twins with a clear view between her legs.

Taking my saliva-slick erection in her hand, Julie raised up and moved
herself slightly so that she was in the position she wanted to be, then
holding me steady, lowered herself onto me. She was so wet inside that she
got nearly half my length inside before she had to pause. With me firmly
in place, she let go of me and leaned back slightly. Supporting herself on
her arms as she raised up a bit, she paused a moment - purely for show in
front of the twins, I'm sure - then lowered herself again until she had
almost my entire penis inside her.

I looked over at the twins and saw that both of them were positively
mesmerized by what they'd just seen - and simply astounded that my penis
had actually disappeared inside Julie. That it was inside her was
unquestionable: from the way Julie was leaning back, there couldn't be any
doubt that I really, truly was inside her.

Julie's head fell back a little, and I couldn't help whispering into her
ear "Sometimes you are SUCH a show-off!" - and feeling her consciously
tighten her vagina around me in response.

I reached around to take her breasts in my hands as Julie started to
slowly lift herself up again. While I softly squeezed and caressed her
soft mounds, Julie began to slowly ride me - raising and lowering herself
in slow, deliberate movements. From the times we'd made love before, I
knew that Karen and Kathy could both see Julie's vaginal lips being
stretched as my penis slid out of her, only to disappear again as my penis
re-filled her. What must also have been obvious to them was how incredibly
wet Julie was - I could feel my pubic hair getting damp from the overflow
of her vagina, and my penis felt a cool breeze each time Julie lifted
herself up, leaving only the head of my penis inside her.

As Julie continued to move slowly over me, I tilted my head forward a
bit and began kissing her shoulders and neck - and softly biting her,
drawing a deep moan of pleasure and arousal from her in response.

When I felt Julie starting t tire, I put my hands on her hips to hold
her steady, and started slowly lifting my hips to thrust myself into her.
With my hands on her hips, the rhythm of my thrusts got her breasts swaying
slightly; I saw both of the twins were fascinated by the sight of Julie's
larger bust moving that way - even as each had a hand on one breast and the
other between her thighs.

After a while, the effort of thrusting up into Julie became a bit much,
and when I began to slow down, Julie picked up the slack; with not
interruption of our lovemaking, we made a smooth transition from me being
the active one to Julie doing the work - if you could properly call what we
were doing 'work'. Julie must have seen what the twins were doing just as
I had, because her motion over me grew a little faster, and more
enthusiastic; in return, I moved my hands back to her breasts and started
softly pinching and pulling on her nipples - something that she always
enjoyed tremendously.

Julie gradually got tired again, and we again managed to make the
transition so that I was thrusting up into her again - without missing a
stroke, or having to slow down in the slightest. A glance at the girls,
and it was obvious that each was masturbating while watching Julie and I
make love: their legs were spread wide, making it easy to see that each was
dipping a finger into her wet vagina, and using the moisture to lubricate
her erect clitoris while the other hand squeezed her breasts.

The sight of them so openly engaged in such a personal act stimulated me
much more than I would have expected, and I could feel myself getting even
harder inside Julie as I increased the pace of my thrusts into her. Julie
must have found them as exciting as I did, because I could feel her getting
even hotter and wetter inside. A couple minutes later, I felt Julie's
vagina start a faint clenching around me, and knew that she was getting
close to an orgasm. I looked at the twins again, and saw that both of them
were masturbating furiously, their eyes locked on where Julie and I were
joined. That sight, and the feeling of Julie's hot, wet pussy tightening
around me was all I needed to start me toward my own climax. I started
pumping into Julie faster and harder, and she responded by letting herself
move a bit lower over me, so that I could penetrate her as far as I could.
As I got closer and closer, I felt Julie getting wetter and tighter around
me until it was simply too much: with a couple of hard thrusts, I buried
myself up into her as far as I could before my penis sprayed her insides
with the first hot jet of my cum. Julie nearly screamed in response and
tightened around me almost painfully as she fell into her own climax. I
was still filling her with my jism a few seconds later when I heard first
one of the girls cry out her release, then a second later, the other.
Knowing that we'd been watched by the twins, and that they'd gotten off so
strongly from seeing us, only caused me to all but empty my balls into
Julie's depths. By the time my climax was over, I felt as if I wouldn't be
able to cum again for a month - and it was wonderful. Julie was still
clenching around me as her orgasm tapered off; I took her in my arms and
carefully guided both of us to lie on our sides on Karen's bed with my
penis still inside her.

We looked over to where the twins were, and saw that both of them were
sitting there glassy-eyed, panting softly with one hand still between their
thighs. Julie softly shuddered when I softly bit her ear before telling
her "Yeah, you are SUCH a show-off - but I think we got a little show of
our own!"

She turned her head and grinned at me, saying "Yeah, we did, didn't we?"
She then lifted one of her legs to let it drape over mine - leaving a clear
view for the twins to see that I was still in her - before taking my hand
and holding it on her breast. I nuzzled the back of her neck, and she
shuddered again before telling me "Stop that, or you'll have me humping a
chair leg or something!" with a laugh.

I stopped, all right - but only because it turned out to be more fun to
watch the twins slowly coming down from the orgasms they'd given themselves
while they watched Julie and I making love. Karen was the first to realize
that we were watching them, and she blushed furiously when she realized
that her hand was still cupping her mons. She guiltily brought it out, and
hid it by using it to prop herself up. Her next action was to try and
discretely nudge Kathy - who was still too far gone to care much about
anything, never mind who was looking at her. Eventually, Kathy came out of
it, too - and responded to seeing us watching her in almost the same way
Karen had.

Julie and I just smiled at their discomfiture before Julie told them
"It's okay. Both of us already knew that you were touching yourselves,
remember? And both of us have already seen both of you naked. We made
love right here in front of you; I think both of us knew that you would get
excited by it - and I've got to admit that it was pretty exciting for ME to
watch you make yourselves feel good."

I spoke up then, saying "Like Julie said - you haven't done anything
that you haven't done before. The only difference is that you loved and
trusted us enough to let us see you doing it; and I liked watching you, too
- it made me feel even more sexy than I usually do when I'm making love
with Julie."

Both girls were shocked at what we'd said, and Karen asked "Really? You
didn't mind?"

I smiled, and answered "No, we didn't mind at all. Like I said, it made
it even more fun to make love than usual."

As they thought that one over, both of them looked us over - and
realized that I was still inside Julie. Her eyes big, Kathy looked at
Julie and asked the obvious "He… He's still hard? Inside you?"

Julie gave my arm a little hug and answered "You can see that he is.
He's not as hard as before, but it still feels nice to have him there.
'Specially when he's so nice about holding me like this, afterwards."

Karen was surprised enough to simply come out with the question "Can we

Julie just laughed, and said "Yes, you can look - and even touch a
little, if you want. Just be careful not to touch so much he pulls out of
me. If you do, all the semen inside will leak out, and probably make a
mess on your bed, Karen."

Both of them nodded solemnly, then got up and came over to kneel down
side by side in front of us. For a little bit, all they did was look, but
eventually their curiosity got the better of them and they tentatively
reached out to begin touching us. Both were careful to follow Julie's
warning and not do anything that would cause me to slip out of her - but
that didn't stop them from getting a damn good idea of what each of us felt
like, and how we were joined.

When they'd finally decided that they'd seen enough, both sat back on
their haunches and Kathy asked "Is there anything we can do? If you want
to get up, I mean?"

Julie told them "If you want to, you could get me a towel - even a small
one - from the linen closet."

Karen quickly got up and nearly ran - causing a number of interesting
motions in her anatomy - to get one. When she got back, she kneeled down
next to Kathy and offered the towel to Julie. Julie just said "This is
something you're going to have to know about whenever you start making love
with a guy, so you might as well help. Karen, you unfold the towel, and
hold one end of it against me, where Bobby's inside me. When he pulls out
of me, you slide the towel between my legs to soak up his stuff. Bobby and
I will roll onto our backs; when we do, Kathy can use the other end of the
towel to dry Bobby off. Okay?"

Both of them nodded, and Julie turned her head toward me and said "Okay,
Bobby. Get ready…. NOW!"

I moved my hips back, pulling my softened penis free from her even as
Karen was slipping the towel into place. I scooted back a bit, and Julie
lifted her leg so I could roll over onto my back. She set her leg down,
and I scooted back next to her, our hips touching. In that position, I was
close enough for Kathy to take the other end of the towel in one hand and
my wet penis in the other. In short order, she had me pretty well cleaned
off; Julie spread her legs a little bit, and Kathy understood to add that
end of the towel to the other. Julie closed her legs again, holding it in
place, and rolled back onto her side. I rolled onto my side, too, and then
forward so that I was spooning with Julie. Julie told them "Thanks, guys",
pleasing both of them that they'd been able to help.

Both of them were still kneeling there, watching us, when Julie told
them "Look, I know that what happened today was pretty special for you.
And I know that now you know what it's like to have a guy touching you and
all that, you're probably going to want it to happen again."

At that, both of them got slightly guilty looks, and Julie told them
"It's okay - you don't have to worry about it. If you want to get together
with Bobby again, it's okay with me - as long as you don't do it so much
that he doesn't have the time or energy for me. I mean that. If I want to
make love with him, and he's too tired because one or both of you have worn
him out, I WILL be seriously upset with you. Do you understand me?"

They nodded, and said that they did.

I spoke up then, telling them "I liked doing what we did today - with
BOTH of you. I love both of you more than I could ever say. But what I
feel for Julie is even bigger than that; Julie is always going to be number
one with me. Do you understand?"

They nodded again, and I went on "If one of you - or even both of you -
want to have fun like this with me, that's fine - I'd like it, too. But if
I say 'no', that means 'no'. It doesn't mean that I don't love you, or
that I wouldn't like to, it just means that I want to be sure and save some
of myself so Julie and I can have fun, too. So don't get mad, or upset, or
think that I don't care for you any more, okay?"

They looked from me to Julie and back again before Kathy said "Really,
Bobby, Julie - I love you, and I wouldn't EVER want to do anything that
would keep you from, uh, having fun."

Karen added "Me, too. I really like what we did today, and I want to do
it again - but not if it means that you two couldn't do it, too."

Julie and I smiled at them before Julie told them "Thank you. And just
so you know, I don't think Bobby or I would mind if you wanted to make
yourselves feel good, or have fun with each other, even if we're in the
same room with you - and I hope that you won't mind if we do the same
thing. Okay?"

They smiled, and Karen said "I won't mind - it's kinda fun and sexy,
watching you!" with a laugh. Kathy laughed, too, and added "Me, too - on
both of what she said!", making Julie and I laugh, in turn.

Julie told them "Fine. Now I think it's time you two got cleaned up.
Go ahead and take a shower - together, if you want - but make it quick one.
Bobby and I have to wash up, too; it's after lunch, and I'm hungry!"

The twins giggled, and both got up and headed for the shower; a few
moments later, Julie and I heard the water running, and shortly after that,
the laughter and giggles as they 'helped' each other wash. Surprisingly,
they did manage to keep it quick, leaving enough hot water for Julie and me
to clean each other up.

None of us felt like dressing, so lunch was cold cut sandwiches and
chips in the living room. As the rest of the day wore on, various
combinations of us would team up for a little friendly touching and
kissing. It didn't take the twins long to get used to having my erect, or
even semi-erect, penis pressing against them - they understood that it
wasn't an invitation or request for more intimate activity between us; they
actually seemed to think of it more as a comment on how I felt about them,
and took it as a compliment.

The next day went by quietly - except for the time the twins got into a
session of '69' that got me and Julie going; the two of us climaxed just a
few seconds after the girls got each other off. When they were done with
each other, the twins waited until Julie and I separated; Kathy came over
to sit on my lap and let me lick the taste of Karen off her lips before she
started using her mouth to clean my penis while Karen went about licking as
much of my cum as she could out of Julie's pussy; and bringing Julie to
another orgasm in the process. The feeling of Kathy's warm mouth on me
felt great; that and the sight of Karen bringing Julie to another orgasm
got me hard again much sooner than I would have expected. Kathy took it
upon herself to take care of that not-so-little problem, swallowing every
drop of my cum when she finally brought me to climax, licking her lips and
wearing a self-satisfied smile when she was done.


Over the next several weeks, the twins got together with me and Julie in
varying permutations for our mutual pleasure. They didn't come to me as
often as Julie had feared, but certainly often enough to keep ME happy.
Whether they figured it out for themselves, or heard about it from Julie,
they seemed to understand my male limitations, and so focused most of their
activities on her and each other. One afternoon, I got home from work to
find all three of them tangled up on Julie's bed; I could only stand there
in awe as they brought each other to at least two orgasms that I was aware
of before they collapsed from their efforts. When they were done, I went
through and kissed each of them 'hello', and got a taste of the other two
in the process. A truly unique experience…

At work, Gus kept me busy learning the various details of how a business
was run - I followed the path of all kinds of documents, learning how they
were generated, where they went, what they were used for, and so on. Sales
invoices, bills of lading, shipping invoices, purchase orders, inventories,
proposals, production schedules, and anything else he could think of was
brought to my attention - and along the way, I learned that every bit of it
had SOME purpose necessary to running a successful business. I also
learned how long the different forms had to be kept, how long they were
good for, and so on. Then, on top of that, there was the 'routine'
day-to-day paperwork: letters to and from customers and suppliers,
insurance companies, the government (!!) at various levels, and all the
paperwork resulting just from employee activities - the occasional
job-related injury (mostly minor), sick days, doctor visits, vacations,
holidays, employment applications, reviews, and god-knows-what-else. It
didn't take me long to realize that almost nothing could happen without
SOME kind of form or other paperwork being generated, routed, handled,
sorted, collated, stamped, and stored.

That's not to say that all my time was spent fiddling with paperwork -
quite the opposite, in fact. After a couple of meetings with him, and some
time for me to figure things out, he finally ordered some computers. When
they arrived, I was the one that got them put together and set up for the
staff - and then began training people on how to use them which turned out
to be a full-time job in itself for the first couple of weeks. Once folks
got the hang of them, though, the calls for help that I got quickly tapered
off, leaving me free to plan out the next phase of our computerization.

When Gus found out that I was spending some of my own money to buy
reference books after I went through everything the public library had, he
reimbursed me for what I'd already spent, and told me that if there was
anything else I needed that was job-related, that I could charge it to the

The biggest problem I had in planning was trying to get the most 'bang
for the buck' on our purchases, and how to organize things for the greatest
ease and efficiency. I finally went to Gus with my problems, and he told
me to go ahead and figure a long-term solution that could even include
moving offices and staff around - and to come up with a series of
in-between goals that would get us there from where we were. I didn't
figure he was going to just accept anything that I came up with, but it was
still a lot of responsibility that he was giving me. But I thought about
it, and went through a series of plans to make it happen - going through
each to see if there wasn't some change I could make that would make it
faster and cheaper. I'll freely admit that the first few passes I made at
it simply sucked - I would have fired me for them! But I kept at it,
recognizing my mistakes, and learning from them. I eventually ended up
with something that seemed like it would work. I still didn't take it to
Gus, though - instead, I put it away for a few days before taking another
look at it. When I went over it again, I still couldn't find anything
wrong with it, and put it away again - for a week. The second time I
pulled it out, I saw that there were still a couple of small rough spots -
but I couldn't think of any way around them, despite two solid days of
skull-sweat. I finally decided that I had to take it to Gus. He had it
for a couple of days before he came to my 'office' (a room without a door),
and sat down to talk to me about it one morning. He picked away at it for
a couple of hours, approaching different aspects of it from different
directions; each time he did, I had to explain him why I thought the way
I'd suggested would be better than what he was asking. He didn't like the
rough spots in the plan any more than I did - but when we were done, he
told me "That's about as good of a reorganization plan as I've ever seen,
Bob - and I've seen a few. It looks like you made the right decisions at
the right places, and for the right reasons. There's a couple tough
places, but that's to be expected. I think it's taking a little longer on
paper than it has to, but I can't be sure of that - besides, this stuff
NEVER happens quite the way you expect it to, and it looks like you've
allowed for that. My only suggestion would be to have another look at it
here and here" - he pointed out a couple places in it that I hadn't been
real comfortable with - " and then break it up some, so we have some
definite 'this part is DONE' points so we can see how it's going. Bring it
to me when you're done, and we'll have at it." - the last part coming as a
complete surprise; I hadn't figured that I'd thought about it enough to
have it that close to being acceptable to him.

He must have seen the surprise on my face, because he told me "You've
been learning more than you think you have, Bob. I admit that I was kinda
surprised at how good this was, but when I got to thinking about it, I
realized that you pay attention to what you're doing, and that you're
careful to think ahead of what you're working on. I know you've been
working hard on this, and studying a lot about what goes on around here.
Not just what we actually do here in the plant and offices, but the theory
behind it - and it shows. I know you're still going to have a passel of
studying and learning to do before we get done with this; that networking
stuff still baffles the hell out of me, and I can just barely understand
that database stuff you talk about - but I know when somebody's got a good
head on their shoulders, and knows what they're talking about. I ain't
saying that you haven't make mistakes - both of us know you have; and a
couple of dillies, at that. But you owned up to them, learned from them,
and didn't make them again."

He sat back and gave me a sly smile before saying "I got a call from the
state, the other day. Seems they wanted to know if you really worked for
me, and if you were really my Lead Computer Operator. I told them that no,
you weren't my lead operator."

My face fell, and Gus laughed before saying "What I said was that you
were actually my computer manager. They didn't want to believe me, so I
faxed them a copy of this plan you came up with, along with my notes about
it and copies of the purchase orders you've made for computers. After they
had a chance to look at all of it, they finally called me back and said
that they'd decided that yeah, you ARE a computer manager. I got to talk
to the head honcho for that program they started, and after we jawed a bit,
he finally told me that I could tell you that they're going to approve your
application. You should be getting the letter in the mail any time now."

It took a few seconds for what he'd said to sink in - and when it
finally did, I realized that I was being given the chance to actually go to
college, and have somebody actually TEACH me about the stuff that I'd been
spending so much time trying to learn on my own. I was so thrilled, I
didn't even mind that he'd know about my approval for a couple of DAYS
before telling me about it.

Gus smiled at the expression I must have had on my face, and told me
"Bob, I told you, you've got a pretty good head on your shoulders. If you
do as good in college learning this stuff as you did in high school while
you were working here, you're gonna make all of us right proud of you. I
know you haven't been putting in for overtime, and I don't think for a
minute that you could have been learning all this just while you've been at
work here - which means that you've been spending a fair amount of your own
time reading and learning. I expected that you'd be doing some of that -
but from the look of this, you've been at it more than I would have asked.
You go ahead and take the rest of the day off - and tomorrow, too. This
plan will still be here when you get back, and you've earned yourself some
time off."

I thanked him, and he just stood up and offered me his hand. I stood,
too, and shook with him before he told me "I told you I was gonna work you,
Bob, and you stayed right with me. I'm glad I gave you the chance to show
me what you could do."

I was fairly busting with pride at hearing that, and Gus just gave my
hand another shake before telling me "Now go on and get out of here, before
I think of something for you to do!", with a grin.

"Yessir!" I answered, picking up the briefcase Julie had talked me into
getting, and making my way toward the door.

Outside in the parking lot, I heard someone calling my name; when I
looked around to see who it was, I saw that it was Willie, the older guy
that had talked to me my last night on the production line. He came over
to have a look at me, and smiled, saying "Looks like you're doin' all right
there, Bob. But what's with going home so early?"

I briefly told him about being approved for the state program, and that
Gus had given me the rest of the day off to celebrate. Willie just grinned
at me as he said "Sounds like you're doin' pretty good. We've been hearing
about all the stuff you keep doing to make things easier in the office.
Maybe you don't realize it, but when you make things easier in there, it
makes things easier out on the line, too - and all of us appreciate THAT.
You keep it up, and you'll have all of us working for you before long!"

I thanked him, and he just shrugged it off; we wished each other well,
and he headed back toward the production area - turning once to give me a
smile and wave.


Julie was all kinds of surprised when I pulled into the driveway next to
the house; she came out to see what was going on, and started crying and
laughing when I told her what Gus had said to me about my application being
approved. We hadn't any more than gotten inside the house before she was
hugging and kissing me like there was no tomorrow - and I was kissing and
hugging her right back.

A couple of hours later the twins got home, and were surprised to see me
sitting in one of the chairs in the living room. They just stood there,
looking at me, wondering why I was home so early. Julie came up behind
them, and said "Girls, come on into the living room. There's something
we've got to tell you."

Both of them came in and took seats next to each other on the couch
while Julie stood in the doorway. They were looking at us nervously when I
told them "I got some news from Gus at work today. It was about my
application for that state program we told you about."

I didn't think it was possible, but the two of them got even more somber
looks on their faces, and I managed to keep my voice and expression under
control as I told them "I found out I was approved. I'll be able to start
going to college part time this fall."

It took them a few seconds to get past the tone of voice I'd used, and
actually listen to the words I'd said. When they finally realized that it
was GOOD news, both of them nearly screamed their delight - and outrage at
the trick Julie and I had played on them. Both jumped up and came charging
over to us, Kathy almost jumping into my lap while Karen wrapped her arms
around Julie. All four of us were laughing and hugging, just as Julie and
I had done when I got home - with the three of them crying in happiness, to

It was Kathy that asked "You won't be going to school all the time, will
you, Bobby?"

"No, just part time - but that doesn't mean that I won't have to study
and everything. If anything, I'll probably have to study harder, because
it's college."

Julie spoke up, telling them "He's right. The only real change will be
that he'll be studying for college, instead of high school - and college is
a LOT harder. He's got a different job now, so he won't be working his
body so much; but you can bet that he'll be working his mind a LOT harder.
And if he doesn't do well enough in his classes, they can take him out of
the program - so as careful as we all had to be while he was in high
school, we have to be even MORE careful while he's studying. Okay?"

Karen and Kathy looked at each other before Karen said "Okay. We know
this is really important, and we won't bother him when he's studying."

I gave Kathy a hug and told them "But not bothering me doesn't mean that
you can't give me a hug or a kiss if you want to!"

Kathy smiled up at me, and said "Good! 'Cause I like kissing you!", to
Julie's and Karen's laughter.


The next day, I was home when the letter from the state arrived - Julie
and I celebrated by making slow, gentle love with each other for nearly two

The letter from the state said that I had to go to an orientation
meeting later that month; Gus didn't hesitate to give me the time off. At
it, I learned that the state was teaming up with colleges to make the
program as efficient in time and money as they could - something the person
giving the orientation said was "unique in the annals of government".

Half the day of orientation was spent explaining the details of the
program - what grades I had to maintain, how tuition and salaries would be
paid, and so on; plus filling out the applications for whatever college we
were applying to. The other half was used to give each of us a one-on-one
session with a counselor, looking at the classes we'd taken and how we'd
done in them to give us credit for some of the more 'basic' classes. They
were using my high school grades to determine what classes I could skip
over in college - because I'd carried over a 3.75 average, and taken some
advanced courses, I was exempted from a lot of the classes like English,
Humanities, and a few others. And because I was going to major in Computer
Science, that - and my high school grades in the subjects - got me out of a
few other things, like Chemistry and Physics. By the time they got
through, I was still looking at a couple years worth of classes, even if I
went full-time; but that was still a big improvement over having to deal
with the full 4-year curriculum.

I was feeling pretty darn good when I got home from it - and felt even
better after the welcome home Julie and the twins gave me.

I had the college handbook and schedule for the coming fall with me, and
Julie and I sat down that night to start figuring out what classes I needed
to take, and what order and schedule would be best. We were a little bit
hampered by not knowing how much time Gus would be willing to give me away
from work - if any.

The next day, I asked him about it, and he told me "Bob, I'll work with
you on it as much as I can. You know what you're doing here, and how
important it is. As long as you don't leave me hanging on something
important, I'll give you three half-afternoons or half-mornings a week;
anything more, and we'll have to talk about it. Can you work with that?"

I assured him that I could - that I'd only thought an hour or two twice
a week would do it.

He told me "If you can do it in that, that'd be better, of course - but
if you really need it, take it. Just keep me and the rest of the office up
to date, so we know when you'll be here."

I hastened to assure him that I would, and that seemed to be all he
needed. That night, when I got home, Julie and I got together again, and
it didn't take us long to work out a schedule for the semester. As it
turned out, I'd only need to leave work a half hour early one day a week;
Julie and I didn't have any trouble agreeing that as nice and helpful as
Gus was being, it was still better for me to try and get as many classes as
I could for after work hours.

In due time, I got confirmation from the school that I'd been accepted,
and told when and where to report for registration and class scheduling.


As it got close to Labor Day, Julie and I both noticed the twins were
getting more and more 'frisky' - not just with each other, but her, and
even me. So when I got home from work the Friday before the 3-day weekend,
I wasn't all that surprised when Julie met me at the door and said "Karen
and Kathy want to talk to us after supper. They wouldn't tell me what it
was about, so you know it's probably something to do with everything that's
been happening between us. Or more to the point, sex."

I sighed, and nodded, telling her "I expect you're right. And you
probably suspect the same thing I do - that they're going to tell us that
they think they're ready to take it farther."

Julie made a face, and said "Yeah, that's what I think, too. Are YOU
ready, if that's what they want?"

I looked past her, and Julie understood, telling me "They're upstairs in
their room."

I sighed again, and answered "I don't particularly WANT to - but if
they're really that determined, then I'd rather have it happen with me,
under controlled circumstances, than have them go out and have a rough time
of it the first time."

Julie nodded, and told me "That's what I'd want for them, too - if it
has to happen this soon. The first time is always special; I'd rather have
them remember it as special-good than special-bad. I know you don't
necessarily want to do it, either - I think BOTH of us would be just as
happy if they waited a while longer. But if it has to be someone, I trust
you to do it right, and not hurt them any more than necessary."

Both of us stood there a few seconds before I offered "Maybe they just
want to tell us they want new sneakers for school, or something…"

The expression on Julie's face told me what she thought of that.

Supper that night was a quiet affair - something to be expected, I
suppose, with Julie and I wondering/fearing what the twins wanted to tell
us; and Kathy and Karen keeping silent until they were ready to make their
big announcement, whatever it was.

After supper, Julie and I teamed up to do the dishes while the twins
went back up to their bedroom. When we were done, we went into the living
room to watch TV. The filler program between the evening news and the
start of prime time was scrolling the credits when Kathy and Karen came
into the living room and took seats next to each other on the couch.
Knowing what was coming, I turned the tv off, and Julie and I turned to
give them our full attention.

Kathy started it off by telling us "Bobby, Julie - we wanted to tell you
that we've been having fun" - "Lots of fun!" Karen interjected - "with you
- I mean, the touching and kissing and all that."

Karen picked it up then, saying "Both of you have been SO nice about it,
and you've both taught us SO much about how to feel good - not just by
ourselves, but with each other, and with you."

Kathy took over then by saying "But we've been thinking about it, and
what you told us before - you know, about what we wanted and all that. And
we've been doing a lot of reading and learning and everything. And we've
decided that we're ready."

"Ready for what?" Julie asked.

"Ready for Bobby to start making love with us." Kathy replied.

Julie and I looked at each other, our worries and fears confirmed.

"We've been thinking about it REAL hard", Karen told us, adding "We even
kind of eavesdropped on some of the older girls we've heard talking, and we
know that it might hurt and everything, but we're really sure that we don't
want to be virgins any more."

"Yeah", Kathy confirmed, before saying "As nice as it feels when you two
make us feel good, we think that it probably feels even better to actually
make love. And we're going to have to stop being virgins sometime, so we
want it to be with someone both of us love, and that we can trust. Bobby,
you were so gentle and patient with us when you helped us find out what it
felt like to have a guy touch us, and used your mouth on us, that we
decided that we wanted YOU to be the one we give our virginity to."

"Why should I believe that you're really ready?" I asked.

They looked at each other before Karen said "Because we've been really
careful to learn as much as we could about it - we even read what other
women said about what it was like for them the first time, and what they
would have had done different, or what they wished had been different about
it. We really thought about it a LOT, and while we were even a tiny little
bit unsure or worried about it, we didn't say anything about it to you; we
waited until both of us were absolutely positive we wanted to do this - we
didn't want one of us to do it before the other one because we knew that
the one that waited would start thinking SHE had to do it, too. We know
that once it happens, we can't UNdo it - that we can't go back to being
virgins again. We know that if it was just losing our virginity, we could
find almost any guy that would do it - but we love you and trust you to
make it good for us; or at least, as good as it CAN be for our first time."

Kathy hesitated a moment, then added "We don't want to just start having
sex. We want to learn what it's like to make LOVE, like what you and Julie
do. We've heard so many girls - some of them not much older than WE are! -
talking about what it's like when they're with their boyfriend, and we
don't want that: just to have some guy on us so he'll be our boyfriend, or
doing it just because we're bored, or we can have sex. We want to be with
someone we know loves us the way you do. We want it to be something
special, and we know that if we learn from you, we won't feel like we have
to do anything with anyone else unless we think they'll be as nice and
careful as we know YOU would."

Julie and I looked at each other again, and I had to admit that it
sounded as though they really HAD given it a lot of though. But I still
wasn't sure, something that Julie could see in my eyes.

She turned to them and asked "What do you think will happen if Bobby
does that? What do you WANT to happen?"

Again, the twins shared one of their silent communications before Karen
told us "We thought about that, too. We know that we don't want Bobby to
have to wear a condom or anything - both of us want to feel it when he
climaxes inside us the first time. So we want it to happen right before
either one of us starts our period. Even though some of the girls at
school that are younger than we are have already started having sex, we
know that we're still kind of young - but we know that Bobby would be
gentle with us, and help us stretch a little bit inside, so that when he
put his penis in us, it wouldn't hurt so much. Both of us already know
that we get really wet inside, and that helps make it easier, too. We read
that it's easier if the girl is on top so she can decide how fast to go;
you know, how much of the guy she lets in, and how quick, so we know that's
how we want to do it the first time. It would be something really special,
so we don't want to be together when it happens; both of us want to be
alone with him so that it's our private time with him. Kathy would get to
go first, and when she was done, it would be my turn."

Intrigued, Julie asked "How would you decide she was done?"

"We thought that each of us would get to be with him until he climaxed
twice", Kathy replied.

Julie looked at me, obviously surprised and even a little impressed that
they'd thought it through that far. I saw her expression change as
something came to her, and she turned back to ask them "What about
afterwards? What do you expect will happen or be different if he does that
for you?"

They shared another look, and Karen answered "We were hoping that you
wouldn't mind if he made love with us, too. But if that isn't okay, then
we would accept it, and not try to do anything more with him than we
already have. We know we're probably still too young to get birth control,
so we'd only want to make love with him when we couldn't get pregnant -
like right at the end of our periods, and before they started again."

"And if you decided that you liked making love, and wanted to do it more
often than that?" I couldn't help asking.

Kathy answered "Then we'd want you to wear a condom - but we really
don't want you to have to do that; we read that wearing one means the guy
might not get as much pleasure as the girl, and we want you to enjoy making
love with us, as much as possible."

"When did you want all this to happen?" Julie asked.

Both of them looked at us before Kathy answered "We were hoping that we
could do it this weekend, if you agreed. We read that sometimes the girl is sore afterwards, and we wanted a little time to get over it if that
happened to us. If it's okay, I would go first tomorrow; then Bobby could
do Karen Sunday if he needed to wait or rest. Then we'd both have Monday
to get over it if we were sore or hurt or anything."

I could only sit there, surprised at how carefully they'd thought things
out, and planned for it. As hard as it was for me to admit it, I had to
concede that they seemed to have done their research, and learned what they
were getting themselves into. About the only thing they hadn't told us was
how they'd settled on who would be first - and I suspected that that was
only because we hadn't asked.

I looked from one to the other before saying "Okay, you've had your say.
Let me and Julie talk about it, and we'll let you know what we decide in a
little while."

Neither one of the argued or made any fuss - they simply stood up and
headed for their room, obviously ready to accept whatever decision we gave

When they were gone, Julie came over to sit on my lap. I put my arms
around her and she told me "As much as I hate to say it, it sounded like
they really did what we told them: found out what they needed to know,
figured out what they had to do and what the consequences would be, and
politely made their request. It sounded to me like they thought it through
pretty good - they were even ready when I asked them what about

I nodded, and said "I have to admit that their reasons for what they
wanted sounded pretty good, too. They let us know what they wanted, and
why we - I! - should give it to them. They're not trying to make any
outrageous demands; far from it! Once I make them non-virgins, they're
willing to let it stop there, or so they say."

Julie made a face, and said "From the way they acted when you told them
we had to talk, I actually think they WOULD let it stop there. They
wouldn't be happy about it, but I don't think they'd push it, either. If
it turned out that they like making love as much as I do, they'd probably
just start looking for a guy that WOULD treat them nice, and do it with
him. At least, if they're making love with you, we can be sure they're not
going to catch anything, or have anyone start talking about them."

"It sounds like you've made up your mind to agree", I said.

Julie just looked at me and replied "I guess I have - they said the
right things in the right way. If you can stop thinking about them as your
little sisters, you'll realize it, too."

I sighed, and said "I already did that - and you're right, they DID say
the right stuff. I still wish they'd waited a little longer, but only
because they ARE my kid sisters. But if they've matured that much, then I
guess all I can do is try to make it right for them the first time, like
they asked."

Julie leaned against me and gave me a big hug before saying "I know it
isn't easy for you, Bobby, but I think you're making the right decision."

We sat there for a few minutes before I finally asked "Okay, so who goes
upstairs to give them the news?"

Julie sat up and grinned at me before saying "Since it's you they're
after, they might as well hear it from you. Want me to go get them?"

"Sure - I might as well get this over with."

Julie playfully slapped at my arm and said "C'mon, Bobby. It's not like
they're asking you to put on a ballet tutu and dance with them in the
school play, or anything! Look at it this way - now you'll have not one,
but THREE females eager to keep you satisfied!"

I grinned, and said "Well, there is that, I suppose….", making her grin

Julie left, returning a couple minutes later with the twins in tow.
Both quickly took their seats, and waited patiently for one of us to tell
them our decision.

I looked at them, and after collecting my thoughts, told them "Julie and
I talked it over, and decided that what you were asking was pretty fair and
reasonable; so I'm willing to do it."

Both of them got delighted looks on their faces before I told them "BUT
there are a few things you have to know, and understand."

That immediately sobered both, and they waited for me to continue.

I did by telling them "I'm sure you already know this, but I want to say
it just to make sure we all understand it: whatever happens between us -
you, me, and Julie - is for us and us ONLY. Nobody outside this house is
to ever know about it. If anyone ever found out that I made love with you,
not only would I go to jail for a long, long time; but they'd break all of
us up - probably separating you two, too."

That immediately got their attention, of course, and Kathy told us
"Bobby! We'd never, EVER tell anyone! Not even a little bit! We love
you, and we don't want you to go to jail because of us!" as Karen nodded
enthusiastically in agreement.

"Good, because I don't want to go to jail; and more important, I don't
want us to be broken up. The second thing is that Julie doesn't mind if
you want to make love with me, too, even after you're not virgins. The
third thing is that we absolutely, positively have to make sure that you
don't get pregnant, or catch any kind of diseases. That means that we can
ONLY make love when you can't get pregnant. Julie and I are only making
love with each other, so we know that we aren't going to get anything from
each other. If you go out and make love with someone else, there is a
CHANCE - maybe only a small one, but still a chance - that they could give
you something. We obviously can't stop you from making love with someone
else; but if you do, there's the possibility that they'll make you sick in
a way that will have people asking questions that we can't reasonably
answer - which will only make for MORE questions. You understand?"

Both nodded, and I went on "Finally, I want to make a suggestion about
your plans. I think it would be nicer if I spent a whole day - twenty-four
hours - with each of you, instead of just having two climaxes. That way,
we can take our time, and we'll all have plenty of time to make it happy
for all of us. If Kathy is supposed to be with me first, then I think it
would be nice if Karen got to sleep with me - yes, I said 'sleep'! - the
night before, to kind of balance things out a little more."

They thought that over, looked at each other, and then back at me before
Kathy said "You're right, Bobby - it would be more fair", to which Karen
added "And I think a whole day sounds a LOT better than the other way."

Julie spoke up then, saying "I've got a suggestion, too. Bobby, and
whoever he's with, should keep the door closed while they're inside. That
way, me and whoever is outside will know to leave them alone so they can
make love or cuddle or talk or whatever else they want to without being

Both twins nodded at that, as I did.

"Then if you understand the 'rules', and you're sure you want to do
this, then we will.", I told them.

Both were smiling broadly as they got up from the couch and came over to
where Julie and I were sitting - Karen climbing into my lap, Kathy going to

As I held her in my arms, Karen looked up at me and said "We really are
sure about this, Bobby. We're both nervous - but we're not afraid."

I hugged her and answered "I'm nervous, too - but I'm not afraid,
either." She smiled up at me and snuggled into my chest.

We stayed like that for the rest of the evening - except for the times
one or the other of the twins would get up to get all of us a snack to
munch on, or refresh the iced tea we were drinking.

When it got late, Julie told Kathy "If you want to, you can sleep in my
bed with me tonight."

Kathy grinned, and said "I'd like that" before the two of them led the
way upstairs, Karen and I following. Once we were inside my room, and the
door closed, Karen got visibly nervous - but when she saw me taking my
clothes off for bed, she quickly did the same, and then climbed in with me
to spoon against my front. I put my arm around her and cupped her breast in my hand. The feel of her small, tight ass against my penis caused it to
inflate slightly; she turned her head to look at me, and I just smiled at
her and gave her a little kiss on the end of her nose to reassure her -
both that she was welcome in my bed, and that I wasn't going to try
anything more with her. She smiled and wriggled a little closer, wedging
my semi-erect penis between the cheeks of her cute little ass. I was
surprised at how nice and comfortable it felt to be holding her like that -
but I still couldn't help staying awake for a little while, wondering what
the next couple of days would be like. I don't think Karen fell asleep any
sooner than I did…


I woke up the next morning lying on my back, with Karen on her side next
to me with her head resting on my shoulder. I could feel that she had one
arm on my chest and a leg thrown across mine - and her small, firm breasts pressing into my side as the soft down of her pubis faintly tickled my hip.
She was already awake, and lifted her head to look up at me when she felt
me start to move. She gave me a positively radiant smile before wishing me
a good morning. I kissed the top of her head, and wished her the same in

We stayed like that for several minutes before she said "I heard Julie
and Kathy get up and go downstairs. It feels really nice to be with you
like this, but today is Kathy's day, and I don't want to take any of it
away from her."

"I like being with you like this, too - but I think you're right, we
probably should be getting up now."

Karen slid away from me and stood next to the bed. I got up, too, and
asked her "Would you like to take a shower with me before we go

She grinned and nodded, and the two of us went into the bathroom to get
ready for what promised to be an 'interesting' day. As we cleaned up, we
managed to behave ourselves - mostly.

After we dried off, I made a brief detour back into my room, taking a
couple of small towels in anticipation of needing them later. Still naked,
Karen and I went downstairs to find Kathy and Julie - both as naked as we
were - in the kitchen as Julie prepared breakfast. Julie looked up and
said "Perfect timing, as usual. Breakfast is bacon and cheese omelets.
Bobby, you just sit down; Karen, you can help by making some toast for

Karen did as instructed, with a slight detour to get me a cup of coffee.
I sat down next to Kathy, and sipped my coffee after taking her hand in
mine, holding it.

Breakfast was surprisingly relaxed, considering that all of us knew what
was going to be happening that day. Julie and I both talked with each of
the twins, trying to help calm and reassure them. Afterwards, Karen helped
clean up the kitchen without having to be asked by Julie; Kathy and I made
our way back up to my bedroom.

When the door was closed behind us, I turned around to see that Kathy
was even more visibly nervous than Karen had been the night before -
understandable, of course. I went over to her and took her in my arms to
give her a hug and kiss on the top of her head before telling her "Its
okay, Kathy. There's no hurry on ANY of this. We'll just take it easy,
and let things happen as they happen. I'm not expecting anything from you,
and I'm not going to try to hurry you or rush you."

She tilted her head back to look up at me and said "I know that, Bobby",
with total confidence and trust in her voice. She went on to say "I know
you won't hurt me or do anything I don't want you to; you were so nice and
patient and gentle with us before. It's just that, well, I've never done
this before" - the last part with a small laugh - "and I don't know what to
expect, really."

I grinned at her and answered "I know you haven't done this before -
that's why you're here, right?"

She grinned back, and I went on "There's nothing to be nervous about.
Like I said, we just take it easy, and let it happen. We've got all day
and all night, so there's no hurry. Even if you change your mind and don't
want us to go that far, it's okay - I won't be mad."

With a serious look on her face, she told me "No, I'm not going to
change my mind. Yeah, I'm nervous - but I'm sure, too."

I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her on the forehead before
telling her "That's fine, too. We just had breakfast, so how about if we
just rest a little bit, and talk to each other?"

She gave me a relieved smile, and willingly let me lead her to my bed.
In short order, she was in essentially the same position Karen had been not
long before - and the two of us lay there for a while, simply talking - and
getting to know each other all over again, one on one. We ended up with
Kathy laying on her back, me resting on my elbow next to her, looking down
at her - and without our noticing it, nearly three hours had gone by. It
was Kathy that noticed the time first, then pointed it out to me, smiling.

"I guess it worked, didn't it?" she asked.

"What worked?"

"Taking it easy, I mean - we've been like this for almost three hours!
Both of us are naked in your bed, and all we've done has been talk."

"I liked talking with you like that."

She smiled, and said "I liked it, too. But that's not why I'm here."

"It is, if that's what you want." I replied.

"I did want - but now, I want more, too."

"You're not nervous any more?"

"No, not even a little bit" she answered with certainty.

I didn't say anything in reply - I just put my hand on her breast and
started caressing it, cupping it my hand before slowly drawing my fingers
from her chest to the rapidly-hardening nipple at its peak before cupping
it again.

Her other breast visibly tightened in sympathy with the attentions it's
mate was getting, and I could hear Kathy's breathing start to increase as
my touch had the desired effect. I moved my hand to her other breast and
repeated my actions, causing her areola to pucker, pushing the hard pebble
of her erect nipple even further into the air. After a few moments, I
lowered my head to kiss her, and wasn't surprised in the slightest when I
felt her tongue touch my lips. I opened my mouth to her, and our tongues
gently danced as I continued to fondle the obvious symbols of her
developing womanhood.

As the seconds ticked by, our kiss continued - and Kathy's hips and
pelvis started lifting off of the bed slightly. From our previous
encounters, I knew that she was getting aroused, and gradually let my hand
trace a path down her body, ending at the small, soft tuft of her pubic
hair. She readily opened her thighs for me, and I let my hand dip even
lower, my fingertips following the cleft of her sex to where her labia were
already lengthening, the area between them warm and slick with her juices.

Another couple of minutes, and Kathy was panting, and moaning softly
with her steadily increasing passion; my touch between her thighs had her
pelvis moving almost continuously.

Moving my head down her body, I starting licking her nipple as I softly
sucked on as much of her breast as I could get into my mouth - making her
gasp in response. With her desire finally high enough, I let my finger
slip between her vaginal lips, to press softly against her opening. Kathy
didn't hesitate to spread her legs even farther, and lift her knees to open
herself to me. As I continued to nurse at her breasts, I slowly and gently
worked my finger into her - first past the tight ring of her entrance, then
farther inside, until I came to the obstruction of her maidenhead. She
didn't flinch or show any signs of hesitation or discomfort as I went about
carefully testing the thickness and strength of her hymen. In fact, her
only response was to moan even louder, and lift her hips in invitation to
continue my penetration.

Once satisfied that I would be able to get past her cherry, I went about
trying to stretch her to accept my penis. She was easily taking the one
finger that I was using on her, so I carefully lubricated both my ring and
little fingers, then gently worked them into her, stretching her a little
farther. That only seemed to excite her more, and it was only a minute or
two before I decided to try my ring and middle fingers - those two being a
little smaller in diameter than my erect penis. It took a little longer,
and I had to be even more careful, but eventually, Kathy was able to accept
having both of them inside her with relative ease. That left only the
first small part of her vagina stretched, but it was enough to let us get
started, if that was what she wanted - and judging from the way she was
moaning and lifting her hips in welcome to my efforts, she wanted it very
much, indeed.

When I slid my fingers out of her, she released a soft groan of
disappointment, and opened her eyes to look up at me. I simply told her
"That's enough to get me started inside you. But I think it would be
easier for you if you had an orgasm so that you were as wet and relaxed as
possible before we try anything more."

She nodded, and I said "If you want to use your mouth on me while I do
the same to you, you can have an orgasm, and your saliva will make me
slick, too."

She nodded enthusiastically, and readily pushed me onto my back before
getting onto her knees long enough to straddle my face. Without
hesitation, she leaned forward, and then lowered herself so that she could
take my erect penis in her mouth and eagerly started licking and sucking on

I took a few moments to look at the view she was giving me of herself -
her mons only half-covered by her soft, fine pubic hair; the way her
vaginal lips were extended, dark red and parted with her desire, revealing
the pink entrance to her young womanhood. All I had to do was to bring her
to orgasm, so that she would be as ready as possible for what was next - a
task that was certainly more pleasure than work.

Lifting my head, I extended my tongue and drew it slowly and softly
between the petals of Kathy's inner lips, collecting a full taste of the
nectar of her arousal as she softly moaned around my penis. From the way
she was licking and sucking on me, I knew that she wanted to have me inside
her, and didn't delay any longer; slipping my tongue between her labia
again, I slid it toward where they flowed out from her clitoris. There, I
paused only long enough to savor the soft feel of the fringe of her pubic
thatch teasing my upper lip before starting a soft, rapid fluttering of my
tongue across her exposed and engorged clitoris. In just a few seconds,
she was moaning almost continuously as she arched her pelvis down, trying
to increase the pressure I was applying. But I wanted her as wet and
relaxed as I could possibly get her, and moved my head away to keep her
from accomplishing her goal of achieving a fast, but smaller, orgasm.

Even so, it was only a couple of minutes before I felt the entrance to
her vagina start a slight clasping that told me she was getting close to
her release. A couple of minutes more, and it happened: letting my
erection pop free from her mouth, Kathy lifted her head to release a loud
cry of pleasure as a mini-flood of her juices flowed out of her vagina and
onto my eagerly waiting tongue.

As spasm after spasm of pleasure washed through her, I continued to
tickle her clitoris with the tip of my tongue, prolonging and intensifying
her pleasure. Only when I felt her all but collapse on top of me did I
stop my oral assault.

Moving carefully, I gently eased her off of me, and then moved around so
that I could hold her in my arms. When her breathing was again under
control, she wrapped her arms around me and hugged me fiercely; then
released me to say "Thank you, Bobby - after that, I know I'm wet and
relaxed enough inside!"

Having said that, she got to her hands and knees and told me "I… I want
you to make love to me like this the first time. I know it might not be
the easiest way for me, but it's what I want to do."

I looked at her uncertainly, and she nodded that that was really what
she wanted. I moved over to give her a kiss on the lips, then on to kiss
the peak of one of her breasts. She shuddered slightly, but didn't say
anything. I got to my knees, and the two of us maneuvered a little so that
I was in position behind her. I paused a few moments to memorize the sight
and the occasion: the firm, round globes of her ass, the tuft of soft hair
between her thighs, and her thin, delicate labia framing the opening to her
wet vagina, inviting me to be the first to sample her womanly charms.

My erect penis was still glistening with her saliva, and I didn't doubt
that between the lubrication she'd left on it, and what she had inside,
there was more than enough to make it possible for me to fill her with my
manhood. The only question in my mind was whether the attempt would be as
pleasant for her as I wanted it to be.

Taking myself in hand, I moved a bit closer and slid the head of my
penis up and down between her shiny-wet vaginal lips, wetting it even more.
Kathy gasped at the first contact, then sighed in pleasure. Easing my hips
back a bit, I positioned the end of my erection at her opening. She didn't
hesitate to press herself back against me, helping to hold me in place.
Holding myself steady, I pushed my hips forward, pressing myself against
her - and after a few seconds, felt myself starting to slip into her, much
to my surprise. Another couple of seconds, and I popped through the tight
ring of her entrance. She gasped slightly, but from the tone, I knew that
it was surprise and not pain. Still, I stopped for a few seconds to give
her time to get used to the sensation of having me inside her - and to give
her another chance to change her mind about going further.

To the contrary, she began pressing herself back against me, sliding
herself even further onto me; stopping only when we both felt me pressing
against the blockage of her maidenhead. We both held still then as I
leaned forward a bit and reached around her to take her small, firm breasts in my hands and start gently pulling and pinching her nipples - something I
knew that she enjoyed tremendously.

After a bit, I told her "We can stop now, if you want, and you haven't
lost anything. You'll still be a virgin, and that's something you can
change in the future, if you want. If we go on, there's no turning back if
we go past this."

"No! I don't want to stop! I want this to happen - here, and now, and
with you!"

"You're sure?"

"Yes! Please, Bobby! Do this for me. I WANT it!"

Recognizing the inevitable, I didn't say anything more - I just eased
myself back a bit to make sure I was well-lubricated with her oils, and
pressed myself in before stopping at her hymen again. A few more strokes
like that, and I could feel her getting more aroused by the sensations I
was creating inside her. On my next thrust, I pressed into her a little
harder - and was surprised and amazed when I not only hit her maidenhead,
but pushed on through it. Kathy squeaked when it happened, and I
immediately stopped - only to have her tell me "No, don't stop! It didn't
hurt, really - I just felt kind of a tug inside, and then it was gone."

A bit uncertain, I still did as she asked - and wasn't surprised to see
traces of blood on my penis when I slid it almost all the way out of her.
But she didn't seem to be in any pain or discomfort, so I pushed myself
back into her, penetrating her until over half my penis was inside her
incredibly hot and tight vagina. Back out, then back in again - until only
an inch or so of me was still outside her. At the head of my penis, I
could feel the deepest part of her, and knew that if I went any farther I
would be stretching and filling her completely. Kathy simply wiggled her
hips, letting me know that she wanted more. I withdrew until only the head
of my erection was inside her, then eased myself forward again - stopping
only when I felt the tight ring of her opening squeezing the base of my
penis as the rest of her vagina was wrapped - oh, so tightly! - around my

Below me, I heard Kathy softly say "I did it! I did it! Oh, God, that
feels so good!"

I had to admit to myself that the feeling of the warm globes of her ass
pressed against my lower belly as her tight, wet sheath softly squeezed my
penis felt pretty damn good, too.

We held ourselves still for a bit, each of us delighting in the
sensations created by our union - but I was the one to move first, holding
her hips steady as I slowly arched my hips back to withdraw from her before
pressing myself back in again, just as slowly. As I did, I heard Kathy's
soft moan as her head tilted back in welcome and pleasure of my penetration
of her young womanhood.

Even with the 'loosening' I'd done to the entrance to her vagina, she
was still tight. And hot. And wet. And burying myself into her that way
was a treasure - one that I had to admit that I looked forward to
experiencing again when I deflowered Karen the next day. But right then
and there, it was Kathy that had my attention and Kathy that was bringing
me so much pleasure. Over the next couple of minutes, I slowly increased
the speed of my thrusts into her - and she happily, even eagerly, accepted
every one of them. It wasn't long before I was making love to her fully
and completely; and listening to the groans and gasps as Kathy's pleasure
and arousal steadily increased with each stroke.

And with each stroke, she got a trifle wetter - something that made
pistoning in and out of her not only easier, but somehow, more pleasurable
and more exciting.

From the way she was responding, I knew that Kathy was enjoying our
love-making tremendously - something that surprised me, considering that
this was the first time for her. Amazingly, I realized that there was a
pretty fair chance that she might actually have an orgasm; but from the
sensations she was creating around me, I knew that there was no way of
knowing if it would happen for her before I found my own release. It
simply felt too damn good to be making love with her that way.

We continued to make love that way, my hips in almost constant motion as
I continued to slide myself in and out of Kathy's tight opening. Much
sooner than I wanted, I felt the faint tightening of my balls that told me
that my climax wasn't far off. I tried everything I could think of to try
and put it off so that I could not only brink Kathy that much closer to her
own orgasm, but so that I could prolong the pleasure I was getting from
making love with her; but it didn't do as much good as I wanted. It
finally got to the point where I knew I was going to cum - the only
question was how hard. I slowed down to take a few long, slow strokes in
and out of her to intensify the feelings I was having in the head of my
penis, then couldn't help but rapidly thrusting into her several times
before trying to bury myself in her as far as I could, groaning when my
dick tightened and I washed the deepest part of her with my hot jism.

As it happened, I heard Kathy cry out "Oh! I can feel it! You're
shooting in me!" before releasing her own loud cry and tightening around me
even more as she climaxed.

I could feel her young, tight pussy begin a rhythmic spasming, running
from the base of my penis to the head as though her internal muscles were
trying to draw out every drop of semen that I had, and keep it inside
herself. But I filled her so completely, so thoroughly, that there was
only so much space for my hot cum. As I continued to squirt jet after jet
of hot semen into her, it forced out what was already inside her; I could
feel my thighs and hers being soaked by the overflow of our combined

Kathy neither noticed, nor cared - she was simply too far gone into the
void of her own release as the spasms washing through her slowed, then
subsided. When they'd tapered off enough, I saw and felt it as she had a
brief period of weakness. I quickly took her body in my arms and guided
both of us - still joined - to lay on our sides on the bed.

As Kathy lay there, I could still feel her vagina tighten around me
every so often - whether it was caused by the slight movements of her body
or after-effects of her orgasm, I didn't know; the only thing I was certain
of was that they were enough to help keep my penis semi-erect and inside

After a couple of minutes, I felt Kathy's body shaking slightly; when I
looked down at her, I could see that she was quietly crying. I gave her a
brief hug before asking "What's the matter, honey?"

She sniffled, and replied "Nothing's wrong, Bobby. I'm just so happy,
is all. You were so gentle and everything, and it felt so good to make
love with you like that - and then I even had an orgasm from it! You've
been so nice to us - me and Karen - even after we were such stinkers that
night. But you still love us enough to do THIS for me, us, I mean! Oh,
Bobby, I love you so much!"

I just hugged her again, and told her "Its okay, Kathy. I know you love
me, and Julie knows you love her, too. Yeah, you and Karen were both a
couple of real stinkers that night - but you apologized and learned from
it. Julie and I will NEVER stop loving you, ever. Sometimes, we might not
like what you do, but that doesn't mean that we don't love you."

Kathy nodded her understanding, and started to move closer to me before
realizing that my half-hard penis was still inside her. She turned to look
at me, her eyes wide in surprise. I just grinned and told her "I liked
making love with you, too. I can feel your insides kind of squeezing me,
sometimes, and it feels good - but I guess you know that already."

She grinned back, and answered "Yeah, I kinda figured that out" before
getting a slightly distracted look on her face. A few moments later, I
felt her vagina twitch, and a moment after that, felt it again. It wasn't
long before I realized that it was Kathy, deliberately going about learning
how to control her internal muscles, and making me feel good in the

After a bit, I got her attention and told her "It feels really nice,
what you're doing - but we just made love" - "I remember!" she declared
with a smile - "and it's going to be a little while before I can do it
again. You might want to wait until then, so you know if what you're doing
is having the effect you want."

She gave me a mischievous grin, and nodded.

A few moments later, she crinkled up her nose before telling me "Uh, I
feel kind of, um, weird - you know, there. Like I just started my period,
only different."

I smiled and said "That's probably us - I mean, our, uh, juices and
stuff. My semen, and a little bit of your blood."

She looked surprised and a little frightened, and I quickly reassured
her "No, you're not bleeding to death or anything - it's just that when
your cherry broke, you bled a little bit. Perfectly normal."

She thought about it a moment, and said "Yeah, Julie told us that might
happen. It still feels kinda icky and gross, though."

I grinned before I told her "We can take a shower, if you want."

"But wouldn't we have to, uh, move? Wouldn't that kinda make a mess on
your bed?"

"Yes, we'd have to move; and yes, it would make a mess on my bed.
Except that I brought a couple of towels before breakfast. We use one to
catch everything before it makes a mess, is all."

She smiled at me, and nodded her understanding. I went on to tell her
"If you can stay with me, I can reach one of them, and then we can clean up
a little."

"Clean up a LOT, I think!" with a giggle.

It didn't require much effort on Kathy's part to ensure that we didn't
'uncork' while I got one of the towels. I got it unfolded and handed it to
her, she nodded when she was ready, and I pulled back from her enough to
pull my penis free - and even as it was slipping out of her, she had the
towel ready, not letting a drop of our combined juices leak onto my bed.
Just it had with Julie, the sight of her holding a cloth between her legs
to catch my cum as it leaked out of her brought me a little bit of a
thrill. But not so much that I couldn't move to stand at the edge of the
bed, take her in my arms, and carry her to the bathroom where I gently
deposited her on the commode. That done, I gave her a smile and a little
wave before leaving and closing the door behind me - giving her some
privacy as she dealt with the consequences of her first complete sexual
encounter. Back in my room, I opened my window to air things out a bit,
and waited a couple of minutes before going back to softly knock at the
bathroom door. I heard Kathy's soft "Its okay, Bobby", and went in to find
that she'd started the shower, and was rinsing the towel out to ensure that
it didn't stain from the blood that had gotten onto it.

She gave me a shy smile when she realized that I'd seen what she was
doing; I just smiled back and got into the shower with her. When she was
done, she set the towel aside and we had a nice time cleaning each other
off - until we started running low on hot water. That was our cue to dry
off and find our way back to my room, closing the door behind us again
before I closed the window.

For the next couple of hours, neither of us felt any need to say
anything - we were closer than we'd ever been before, in more than the
obvious way. We just lay there next to each other, both of us accepting
whatever contact our bodies happened to make as we occasionally shifted
position; neither of us felt any need to make it overtly sexual or

Toward early afternoon, both of us drifted into naps; I woke up to find
myself on my side with Kathy on her back in front of me, her legs draped
across mine as she continued to sleep. She was so beautiful laying there
that I could only lay there and look at her. Her delicate profile; her
smooth, soft skin; the flowing curves of her developing body - all of them
only made me realize how much she'd offered to me, and how much I would
always treasure the experience I'd had with her.

I was still looking at her when she woke up. When her eyes opened, she
was briefly confused to find that she wasn't alone; but when she saw who
was sharing the bed with her, she looked over at me and smiled - warming my
heart all over again.

I lowered my head, and the two of us kissed, lovingly.

"You okay?" I asked.

Her smile only widened before she answered "More than okay. I feel

She wriggled a little closer to me, and felt my penis softly pressing
against the back of her thigh. She gave me a mischievous grin, and started
rocking her leg, applying a soft, rhythmic pressure against it. It had the
effect she was apparently after, since her grin widened as she felt it
growing in response.

I raised an eyebrow and asked "You sure you're ready for more?"

She answered "Yup! And I think you are, too. But this time, I want to
go slow and make it last longer."

With that, she nudged me to roll over and lay on my back; when I did,
she sat up and spun around on her butt so that her head was almost even
with my semi-erect penis. Then she moved to her hands and knees to move
far enough that she could take me in her hand before lowering her head and
taking the head of my penis in her mouth. I wasn't about to let the chance
to return the favor go by, and didn't delay in reaching out to put a hand
on her leg. With my stiffening member still in her mouth, she turned her
head to look back at me; I flicked my tongue at her to let her know what I
wanted to do and she grinned around me before nodding and lifting her leg
to let me guide it over my head.

That left her neatly straddling my head - and gave me a clear view of
the area between her thighs. I could see that her clitoris was already
starting to peek out from under its hood, and her labia were visibly
extended and parted in her arousal. I quickly slid my tongue between them,
and discovered that she was already starting to produce another batch of
the delicious oils that were uniquely hers.

She'd said that she wanted to go slow and make it last longer, and
that's what we did. For a long time, each of us found our pleasure in
pleasuring the other - as Kathy slowly licked and sucked on my erect
manhood, I did the same to her labia and clitoris. A couple of times, she
felt me starting to get too close to my release, and would slow down - or
even stop - what she was doing to give me time to 'pull back'. For my
part, I had to reason or desire to reciprocate - far from it. I continued
my oral assault through two orgasms for her.

After the second, she released her lip-lock on my manhood to tell me "I…
I want you inside again!"

I quite probing the opening to her vagina to respond "I think I'd like
that, too. How?"

She understood that I was asking how she wanted me to make love to her,
and she said "On top of me - but I want to see, too" before moving to sit
next to me, and turning to face my head.

I scooted over to make room for her, and she quickly laid down where I'd
just been. I reached up to grab one of my pillows and told her "If you
want to see, I think we'll need this." She looked at me quizzically, but
understood when I nudged her hip to indicate that she should raise up.
When she did, I quickly got the pillow situated before moving to my hands
and knees over her. She readily pulled her knees up and spread her thighs,
opening herself to me. I slipped between her legs, and she lifted and
spread her knees even more to make room for me. I got myself into position
when she surprised me by reaching between us to take my saliva-slick
erection in her hand before sliding it up and down between her labia a
couple of times, wetting it even further with the lubrication she was

When she was satisfied, she positioned me at her opening and lifted her
head so that she could look down to where I was poised at her entrance.
Her eyes locked on the sight, she softly told me "Do it, Bobby. Put it

Shifting my weight a little bit, I pressed myself forward; after just a
second, I felt myself slip through the tight, wet ring of her opening. Her
eyes widened, but she just said "Yes, that's it! Finish it - fill me up
again, but do it slow!" Satisfied that I wasn't going to slip out of her,
she released her grip on me and pulled her hand away so that she had a
clear view of our union.

Again, I did as she commanded - sliding myself into her for an inch or
so, then pausing a moment before withdrawing slightly to make sure I stayed
properly lubricated with her oils before pressing in again. I was perhaps
halfway in her when I heard her soft "This is so sexy - I can see it and
feel it at the same time!"

I continued to ease my way into her, and her eyes never wavered from
where my manhood was slowly disappearing into her hot, wet channel. Only
when my pubic bone was pressed against hers did she let her head fall back
with a contented sigh. I held myself in her, and after a few moments, I
felt her again teaching herself how to control her internal muscles.

The effect was incredible as she learned to clench herself around me in
a series of 'ripples' that ran from one end of my penis to the other, and
back again. Once she got proficient (!!) at that, she went on to try other
things, finishing by learning to tighten her vagina lengthwise so that I
would feel it along the underside of my penis, then one side or the other,
then along the top. Each time she learned how to do something that felt
good to me, she could feel me responding inside her - and would 'practice'
it a little longer. If I'd been willing to let her, she could have brought
me to a climax just from the way she was able to manipulate herself around

But I wanted more than to simply get off because of the tricks she was
learning to perform internally: I wanted us to make love. When she paused
after a bit, I slid myself out of her; as I did, she raised her head again
to watch - then moan softly as she watched and felt it when I pressed
myself into her again, filling her with a single long, slow motion. She
continued to watch for a bit as I did it again a little faster, then again,
faster still. Only when I was pistoning in and out of her at a slow,
steady pace did she finally let her head fall back again, the pleasure and
arousal plain on her face.

We continued to make love like that, the steady pace of our lovemaking
pleasing both of us. As the minutes went by, our arousal grew, along with
the love and affection we felt for each other. After a while, I knew from
the way Kathy was responding underneath me that she was ready for our
lovemaking to find its proper conclusion.

I slowly increased the speed of my thrusts, and the force with which I
was entering her; Kathy responded by lifting her hips and pelvis in welcome
and eager acceptance. Before long, I was entering her as quickly and
deeply and enthusiastically as I'd ever done with Julie, and Kathy was
accepting it as easily and as readily as Julie ever had.

A little more, and Kathy wrapped her legs around my waist, locking her
ankles as she opened herself to me completely, letting me penetrate her as
deeply as possible while she gasped and moaned her way toward her
approaching orgasm.

And, of course, it finally happened - with a loud cry, Kathy froze in
place, her vagina tightening around me as she was overwhelmed by her
climax. I continued to thrust myself into her even-tighter sheath,
something made possible only by how incredibly wet she was inside. Even
so, the slippery friction of her stimulated me more than I could have
imagined, and it was less than a minute before I made my own contribution
to the situation - unloading wad after wad of my semen into her.

I held myself over her body and deep inside her as both of us finished,
then came down from, our respective climaxes. Kathy was still a little
dazed when I lowered my head to start softly kissing her face and
shoulders. With each touch of my lips, she would give a little shiver and
soft moan, pleased with my attentions. Her ankles finally unlocked, and
she unwrapped her legs from around my waist to lower them to the bed,
panting slightly as she looked up at me in a mixture of love, pleasure, and

Taking her in my arms, I moved one of my legs to the outside of hers and
carefully rolled over onto my back, bringing her with me so that she ended
up lying on top of me. She moved her leg back to the outside of mine
before lowering herself to rest on me, my semi-erect penis still inside
her. She nuzzled my chest before sighing her pleasure at having me hold her
that way.

We stayed like that for quite a while - interrupted only when Kathy
raised up long enough to grab the other towel and tuck it between us to
keep our respective fluids from draining onto my bed when I finally shrank
enough to pull free of her. Other than that, Kathy didn't seem the
slightest bit concerned about the consequences of our lovemaking - she was
content to lay on me with my arms wrapped around her for as long as I was
willing to have her there; which was a very long time, indeed.

We must have lain there for nearly an hour before my stomach finally
reminded us that we'd completely missed lunch - and that supper was fast
approaching. When she heard it, Kathy giggled, and said "Yeah, I'm getting
hungry, too!"

A few moments later, she lifted her head enough to give me a soft kiss
on my throat before rising up even more to kiss me on the lips. I tilted
my head to look down at her, and she smiled at me radiantly before saying
"Thank you, Bobby. I thought it would feel good to make love - and you
made it even better than I thought it would be. And you were so nice and
patient and gentle with me, too. I don't think I could have asked for a
better first time - or a second one, for that matter!"

I smiled and answered "I'm glad it turned out good for you."

She grinned and said "Oh, it turned out way better than just 'good' - it
was wonderful!"

We kissed again, tenderly, and when Kathy started to get off of me, we
discovered that we'd become 'glued' together as a result of our combined
juices drying. That reduced her to a fit of giggles, and even had me
smiling, before we carefully (!) got ourselves separated.

Once that task was safely accomplished, we held hands as we went into
the bathroom to clean up again. When we'd finished our shower and were
drying off, we heard a discrete knock at the door before Julie told us "If
you two are ready for some food, supper will be in about ten minutes. You
don't have to get dressed all the way; Karen and I just have panties on."

I acknowledged Julie's message, and we heard her footsteps go down the
hall toward the stairs. When we were both thoroughly dried off (we tested
each other repeatedly and VERY carefully), Kathy and I went back into my
bedroom to put on some underwear before heading downstairs. There, we
found that Julie and Karen had set up trays in the living room - and
further, had set Kathy's and my food on one tray, expecting that she'd sit
on my lap as we ate.

After we'd finished the cube steaks and mashed potatoes that Julie had
prepared, Karen cleaned up, leaving Kathy free to stay on my lap. As the
four of us watched television for the rest of the evening, she stayed
there, wearing a Mona Lisa smile as she occasionally sighed her contentment
and pleasure. Karen - and even Julie - couldn't help but look at her every
so often. I heard as Julie softly told Karen first "I wish I'd felt that
way after my first time!", then a bit later, "Don't be jealous, Karen.
I'll bet you look the same way after your turn!" - to which Karen replied
"I'm not jealous, Julie - I'm happy for her! And I know Bobby will be as
nice to me as he was her."

When it got late, I was surprised to discover that Kathy had fallen
asleep on my lap - something that amused both Julie and Karen. I simply
held her in my arms and carried her up to my room, where I removed her
panties, then my underwear, before getting into bed next to her.


I woke up to find Kathy in my arms the next morning - already awake and
apparently just watching me as I slept. I smiled at her and said "Good
morning, Sunshine. Sleep well?"

She gave me a big smile in return and answered "REAL well. Uh, did I
fall asleep downstairs?"

"Sure did. You and Karen agreed to twenty-four hours, so I brought you
up here."

"And you took my panties off, too?"

"Yup. I figured you might like to be naked with me."

She smiled again and said "Yeah, I would have… do… whatever!"

I laughed, and replied "Yeah, I know."

She got a mildly serious look on her face and told me "Thank you,

Mildly perplexed, I asked "What for?"

"For yesterday. For making me a woman. For making me so happy and
being so patient and gentle while you were doing it. For last night. For
everything you've done - not just about guys and sex and everything, but
all the other stuff that you - and Julie! - do for me and Karen."

I hugged her and answered "Its okay, Kathy. What we had yesterday, it
was something special" - "I'll say! I'm never going to forget it!" - "and
it'll be something I always remember. But all the rest of it… well, that's
just what I - we - do because we love you so much."

She started to cry a little bit, which surprised me. I took her in my
arms again and asked "What's the matter?"

Through her tears, she managed to answer "Both of you love us so much,
and work so hard to keep us happy and safe and all that - and even after
Karen and I scared and hurt you so much, you're still willing - both of
you! - to do THIS for us! I don't know how you can love us so much!"

I gently stroked her back as I told her "Kathy, we DO love you - so much
that we CAN forgive you when you do stuff like that. Remember yesterday,
when I told you that we always love you, even when you do things we don't

She nodded into my chest, and I went on "Well, it's true. Do you think
we COULD let you be with us like this if we didn't love you that much?" -
she shook her head - "We DO love you, more than either one of us could ever
begin to tell you. Yes, you and Karen scared the hell out of us, and hurt both of us. But we both know that you're young, and still have a lot to
learn about growing up. I told you, we'll both always love you no matter
what - it's just easier when the two of you behave yourselves. And when
you behave, it makes things easier and happier for all of us, doesn't it?"

I heard her soft "Yes" before continuing "Then can you remember that you
don't have to be tricky or anything? That if you're honest with us, that
we'll listen to what you have to say, and honestly think about it before we
give you an answer? And that if we have to tell you 'no', it's because
we're older and know a little more than you do - that we're not just doing
it to be mean?"

She nodded again, and I finished up by telling her "Kathy, Julie gave up
college so she could try to take care of all of us - you, Karen, and even
me. And I got a job to help Julie take care of you two. I really didn't
think that I would ever get a chance to go to college - but then my
counselor at school told me about the state program, and it was like God
himself smiled down on me. If it wasn't for that program, I'd still be out
at the factory, working on the line with the other guys. What I'm saying
is that it was pure, dumb luck that I got a chance to go to college instead
of working at the factory. Luck isn't something that Julie and I want to
have to count on for you and Karen. That's why the FIRST thing we did was
set up bank accounts to pay for you and Karen to go to college after you
graduate high school. And that's why both of us are trying so hard to take
care of both of you, and help you learn to grow up - so that YOU don't have
to depend on luck to do better than Julie and I expected WE could. That's
what families do when they love each other, is try to help one another. I
know that sometimes you don't understand why Julie and I have to tell you
that there's something you can't do, or something that you HAVE to do - but
it's our job to think about stuff that you and Karen don't know or
understand, because both of us love you so much. If mom and Dad were still
here, they'd be doing the same thing - for the same reasons: because all of
us love you and want you to have every opportunity to do good in life. As
hard as it is for you, remember that it's even harder on us: as much as we
love you and WANT to tell you what you want to hear, we still have to think
and worry about what happens with you. You know how much Woof likes to go
out of the yard and play, don't you?"


"But you know something that Woof doesn't, don't you? That if he does
that, there's a chance that he might get lost, or hit by a car, or some
other bad thing happen to him - so you have to keep him from doing
something he WANTS to do because you know that what he wants isn't
necessarily what's good for him. You have to tell him 'no' because you
don't want something bad to happen to him, right?"

"I understand what you're saying. I don't like to have to tell him he
can't do that, and it kind of hurts me when I have to hurt his feelings
when he doesn't want to listen; and it's the same thing with you and Julie
- only its worse for you, because we're your sisters and you love us so

"That's it, exactly."

She thought that over for a bit, and finally tilted her head back to
look at me as she said "Bobby, I'll try to remember that, and be good so
that you and Julie don't have to worry about me so much. I promise."

I hugged her again, and said "That's all either one of us could ask for,
Kathy - that you try. And even if you don't always manage to do it,
remember that we still love you, more than anything else in the world."

She hugged me back, and the two of us lay there quietly until we heard
Julie and Karen go past my room on their way downstairs. Kathy said "I
really like being with you like this - but today is Karen's turn, and I
want her to feel as good as you've made me feel."

"You want to go downstairs for breakfast, then?" I asked.

She answered by moving out of my arms to stand next to the bed. She
looked down at me for a few moments, then leaned down to give me a kiss on
the cheek before saying "I love you, Bobby."

"I love you, too", I replied, making her smile before I got up to stand
next to her. We each put on our underwear again, and with an arm around
each other, we went downstairs to see what was for breakfast - both of us
pleasantly surprised to find Julie and Karen getting set up to make French

After breakfast, we all chipped in to clean up the kitchen; when we were
done, Karen hung back a little bit while Kathy and Julie made their way
toward the living room. Figuring that she wanted to say something to me, I
delayed to so that the two of us were alone in the kitchen. Karen came
over to where I was standing and led me over to one of the chairs. After
nudging me to indicate she wanted me to sit down, she climbed into my lap
and pulled my arms around her before telling me "Bobby, I know that you
aren't going to do anything to hurt me - last night, I could see how happy
you made Kathy. But I'm still a little bit nervous, too. If it's okay,
I'd like to just stay downstairs for a little while, first."

I put a finger under her chin and gently lifted her face so that she
could see me as I told her "Karen, that's fine. We can stay downstairs as
long as you want. Or, if that's what you want, we can wait for this until
some other time, when you think you're ready. It doesn't have to be today
- or next week, or next month, or EVER. It's up to you when and if we make
love, okay?"

"But I do want to make love with you, Bobby!" she declared, adding "I
guess I'm just not as brave as Kathy, is all."

"It's not a question of whether you're as brave as Kathy - it's just
that you're being more careful, and want to go slower. That's YOUR
decision, and no one else's. You have to do what's right for YOU, when
it's right for you to do it."

"That's about what Julie told me when I talked to her about it after we
went to bed last night. Then she said I should talk to you, and that you'd
understand. I guess she was right."

"Sometimes that happens", I teased her.

Karen grinned at me, and reassured, got off my lap and led the way into
the living room where Kathy and Julie were watching one of the Sunday
morning news and entertainment programs. I sat in one of the chairs, and
Karen didn't hesitate to sit in my lap and pull my arms around her. I
simply sat there, holding her, and giving her an occasional kiss on the top
of her head. An hour later or so, she tilted her head back; I let mine
fall forward so she could whisper in my ear "I think I'm ready to go
upstairs, now." I nodded, and she quietly slipped off my lap. I got up,
too, and the two of us started for the stairs. The only notice paid to us
was a look of encouragement and reassurance that Kathy gave Karen.

When the door to my bedroom closed behind us, Karen guided me to a seat
at the edge of my bed before moving to stand between my legs. I put my
arms around her waist and waited to see what she wanted to do.

When I didn't do anything more than that for several seconds, Karen
visibly relaxed and told me "I… I want to be naked with you, Bobby."

I moved my hands to the waistband of her panties, and slipped my thumbs
between the material and her skin, then raised an eyebrow in question. She
nodded, and I slowly slid her panties down her legs, letting her use me as
a support when she lifted first one foot, then the other, out of them.
With a soft nudge, she let me know that she wanted me to stand up; when I
did, she returned the favor, leaving both of us standing naked in front of
each other. Another soft push, and she had me seated at the edge of the
bed again. After a few moments, she reached out to take my head in her
hands and pull it forward until my lips were even with her breasts. Taking
the hint, I opened my mouth and gently sucked one of her nipples into my
mouth, accompanied by her soft gasp. I also reached up to put my hands on
her waist again, and after sucking on her nipple for a few seconds, let
them slide around and down so that I was cupping the smooth, firm globes of
her ass. She didn't object, and I started slowly caressing and kneading
them as I used my lips and tongue to bring each of her small, dark nipples
to glistening hardness.

From there on, my time with Karen wasn't much different than what I'd
spent with Kathy; the only significant exceptions were that Karen wanted to
lower herself onto me for the first time, as she'd heard was easiest. As
with Kathy, getting past her maidenhead turned out to be easier than I
think either of us expected, though she bled a little more from it. The
other major change was that she had me make love to her from behind for her
second time. The entire time, I was patient and gentle and caring; Karen
quickly gave herself over to me once she fully understood that I wasn't
going to hurt or rush her in any way. Because of the previous day's
experience with Kathy, I was able to last a little longer with Karen - and
brought her that much more pleasure as a result.

Karen, too, stayed in my lap for supper, and fell asleep there
afterwards - making Julie and Kathy both smile as they looked on


Monday morning found the four of us seated around the breakfast table -
Julie obviously pleased and amused at the quiet, pleased demeanors of the
twins. When we'd finished eating, Kathy and Karen cleaned up without being
asked, leaving me and Julie free to find seats in the living room. Well,
seat, actually - I hadn't any more than sat down before I found Julie on my
lap. She snuggled into my chest and said "Well, Bobby, it looks like you
did a FINE job on breaking in your 'little sisters'!", teasing me.

I grinned and answered "Well, it was a dirty job - but somebody had to
do it." - and earning myself a playful slap on the chest from her before
she replied "Broke your heart, too, I'll bet. Really, Bobby, I don't think
either one of them will ever forget their time with you. Last night, Kathy
told me how you were with her, and how happy you made her. From the way
Karen's floating around, I think it's a safe bet you did the same for her."

"I heard you that first night - telling Karen that you wished you'd felt
the way Kathy did after YOUR first time."

"It's true, too. My first time, it was with one of the guys from
school, in the back of his dad's station wagon at the drive-in. Both of us
were scared we'd be seen, it went too fast, and it hurt. It wasn't until
afterwards that I realized he hadn't used a condom, and I was so scared I
was going to get pregnant. It didn't happen, of course, but that only made
it worse for me. The sad part was, we broke up a couple months later - we
were just too nervous and scared with each other, I guess. With them, I
know they're going to be happy to remember it for the rest of their lives;
and it makes me kind of jealous, a little."

"You don't have to be jealous - you've got me, too, for as long as you
want me."

She smiled and snuggled closer before saying "Yeah, there is that."


In the months that followed, Kathy and Karen kept their promise to Julie
and me - neither one of them did anything to get in the way of what Julie
and I had. They were more than willing to make love with me when they were
between menstrual cycles, and Julie willingly accommodated them, since it
was just a few days once a month. Only once did they want to try making
love during their periods - after presenting me with a box of condoms (I
didn't ask where they got them), neither they nor I found the experience
particularly satisfying; and least, not as satisfying as WITHOUT the
condoms. That only seemed to make them that much more eager when we could
make love skin-to-skin.

One of them got the idea of trying to find out if there was any other
kind of contraception they could use; it didn't take them long to realize
that anything other than an IUD or the Pill was either too messy or too
unreliable. They checked further, and discovered that until they were 16,
even an IUD was available only through a doctor - and both declared that
all they wanted for their 16th birthday was a visit to the clinic so they
could get one.


I started college as planned, and it didn't take long before all of us
developed a system that ensured that the twins and I all did well in our
studies. Gus was understanding and helpful about my class schedule -
mostly because I kept it from interfering with my work as much as possible.
Still, he didn't mind me studying at the office as long as the rest of my
work was done.

It was getting close to Christmas again, and Julie and I had gone out to
one of the local shopping malls to see about getting presents for the twins
who had elected to stay home. Things were crowded and busy, so both of us
were relieved when it didn't take us long to find gifts that we knew they'd
like. Even after stopping off for a quick bite at a fast-food place, we
got home well before we'd expected we would.

When we got inside, both of us were mildly surprised when Woof didn't
come charging up to welcome us home - during the winter months, we let him
stay in the house, putting him outside every so often to let him relieve

We carried our packages upstairs to my room and put all of them in my
closet until we could wrap them when the twins weren't around. That done,
we started down the hall to Julie's room, only to discover why Woof hadn't
been there to greet us: he was in the twins room, busily humping Kathy as
she kneeled at the edge of Karen's bed, her face buried between Karen's

Julie and I could only stand there in shock as Woof pounded his
glistening red dick in and out of Kathy's pussy, his forelegs wrapped
around her waist. We could see the knot at the base of it banging against
her opening as Kathy enthusiastically licked and sucked on Karen's exposed
and engorged clitoris. None of them had the attention to spare to notice
our presence; after a few moments, I felt Julie tug on my shirt as she
started to lead the way back downstairs.

Without saying a word, we found ourselves in the kitchen; Julie sat down
at the table as I went about making each of us a drink - a strong one.

I set Julie's in front of her, and then took a seat across from her -
surprised to hear her softly saying "fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!"

About that time, we heard as Kathy cried out her release; Julie and I
just looked at each other. A minute or so later, another cry as Karen
started her own orgasm.

As Karen's cry died out, Julie asked me "So NOW what, Bobby?"

I just looked at her and answered "Like I know?"

"We can't have Woof trying to hump them every time someone comes over
for a visit!"

"We can't have Woof trying to hump them at all. It's called bestiality,
and I'm pretty sure it's illegal."

"It is - but so is the rest of what we're doing, remember?"

"Yeah - but at least with us, it's with another human being. But a

That seemed to shut both of us up, and we just sat there deep in our own
thoughts. We'd each gone through about half our drinks when Woof showed up
in the kitchen, coming over to each of us for a little ear-rubbing and
chest-scratching. He was still there when the twins showed up in the
doorway - obviously surprised to find us at home.

From the looks on our faces, they knew that we'd seen what they'd been
up to - neither one said a word as they quietly came over to take seats at
the table with us.

Julie was the first to speak, asking them "Do you want to tell us about

They had one of their wordless conversations before Kathy spoke up,
telling us "We didn't mean for you to find out about it that way."

"How DID you mean for us to find out?" I couldn't help asking.

"We were going to kind of ease into it", Karen said, adding "We planned
to tell you later, after Christmas. We were going to sit down with you and
tell you that we found someone that could make us feel good, but that
couldn't give us any diseases or make us pregnant or tell anyone about us."

"And when we asked who that was?" Julie asked.

Kathy answered "We thought that if we could sit down and talk to you
about it first, we could really emphasize the parts about not getting
pregnant and no diseases and all that, so that it wouldn't matter so much."

"But Woof? Didn't you think that we might have something to say about
you wanting to have sex with a dog?"

"Like Kathy said: we figured if we really brought out the positives, it
might not matter so much - particularly after you had a chance to think
about it. I mean, it's not like he can get us pregnant or anything. He
can't tell anyone, and he can't give us any diseases like you warned us

"But why a dog? Why Woof?" I asked.

Both of them blushed, to my surprise, before Karen answered "We were,
uh, fooling around one day - you know, uh, using our mouths on each other
when Woof came in. We hadn't closed the door enough to latch it, and he
kind of pushed it open. Both of us were really surprised when he came over
and started licking Kathy."

Here, Kathy picked up, telling us "When he started doing that, it felt
so good - I mean, his tongue was going WAY farther inside me than Karen
could. I started getting really turned on, when all of a sudden he jumped
up on me."

Karen told us "I was under her, and I could see his, uh, dick start
coming out as he tried to put it inside her. He didn't look much bigger
than Bobby, and I told Kathy that, but she still didn't want him doing that
to her. I got out from under her as quick as I could while she kept moving
around so that he couldn't get inside her. I managed to pull him off of
her, but he was still hard. That's when both of us really got to look at
him, and we realized that he was almost the same size as Bobby - at least,
the part in front. But we still weren't sure about it - I mean, having him
inside us like that. So we chased him out of the room; then we took a
shower and went back into our bedroom to talk about it."

"We really weren't sure about it - him being a dog, and us being people.
But the more we talked about it, the more we realized that it wasn't such a
BAD idea: he wasn't going to tell anyone what we were doing, he couldn't
get us pregnant, and we didn't think he had any diseases that could hurt us
or make us sick."

"So how did it happen?" Julie asked.

"Well, before we did anything with him, we checked to see if we were
right about not being able to get any diseases from him. We were, but both
of us were still a little scared of actually doing anything with him. So
at first, all we did was let him lick us - he was SO good at it, he made us
have really good orgasms. Whenever he wanted to jump up on one of us,
though, we'd team up to make him feel better - one of us would hold him
while the other one used her hand to make him cum; he always liked that.
After we did that a few times, we realized that he was clean, you know,
there, and that he was only a little bit bigger than Bobby. Finally, when
he tried to jump on me one time, I let him. It felt really weird at first,
but it also felt really good, having him inside me like that. I even had
an orgasm when he shot his stuff inside me", Kathy told us.

Karen added "After Kathy did it, I tried it the next day - and it really
did feel good. He does it really fast and he doesn't last very long, but I
can still have orgasms from it. It's not as nice as when we're with Bobby,
so we only do it when we're really, really horny - maybe a couple times a

Julie and I sat there in silence for a minute or two, trying to digest
what we'd just heard. Finally, I told them "Okay. You two go on upstairs
while Julie and I talk about this."

Both of them left; Woof stayed behind to lie in his favorite spot right
in front of the fridge, where the air off the coils helped keep him warm.

The two of us continued to sit there, deep in our own thoughts, as we
sipped at our drinks. Finally, I spoke up, saying "As much as it pains me
to say it, they had some valid points."

Julie looked at me as though I'd just sprouted another head.

I sighed, and added "I know Woof's still a dog, but they were right
about some things. First, he can't get them pregnant. Second, I think we
can be pretty sure he's not going to tell anyone." - that got me a dirty
look from Julie, which I ignored as I went on to say "As for whether or not
they can get any diseases - I just don't know. I'm inclined to think they
can't; at least nothing sexual. I suppose there's a chance they could get
something else, but I'm still tempted to think not."

"Surely, you're not approving!"

"Whether I approve or not, they've already been doing it. Sure, we can
tell them to stop, and they might even do it for a while - but do you
really think they'd stop for good without having some kind of alternative?
What do we do? Get each of them a dildo or vibrator? Find a friendly
doctor that'll fix them up with contraception so I CAN give them the sexual
relief they're after? Have me make love with them anyway, and roll the
dice? Tell me: what other options do we have?"

Julie just sat there, her jaw working without any noise coming out.

I sighed, and said "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come down on you like
that. Both of them said that they've already been letting Woof fuck them.
It doesn't seem to have done them any harm - other than feeling guilty
about hiding it from us. I can vouch for the fact that it sure as hell
hasn't gotten in the way of their wanting to make love with ME. It sure
doesn't seem to have hurt Woof any. Yes, it flat throws me off, the idea
of them letting Woof fuck them - but as long as it's only sometimes, and
they don't want to do it JUST with him, I'm having a hard time finding any
reason they can't or shouldn't. If you think about it like they're using
him as a method of contraception, it actually kind of makes sense."

"What do you mean, a method of contraception?" Julie demanded.

"Look, they're only doing it during their periods - as in, when they're
fertile. But because he's a dog, he can't get them pregnant. So, they're
getting fucked like they want, but doing it in a way that guarantees they
can't get pregnant - as in absolutely ZERO chance. Even the Pill and IUDs
aren't that good. That he can't tell anyone or give them anything only
makes it better."

Julie stared at me for several minutes, obviously thinking over what I'd
just said.

"You're serious", she finally said.

I shrugged, and said "Unless you can come up with some way to keep them
from doing it again, I don't see a lot of choice anyway. You heard Karen
say that he's their LAST choice, not the first. From the way they act when
they're with me, I don't doubt for a second that they'd rather be making
love with a guy than letting a dog fuck them."

"But…" Julie started to say, then stopped.

"But what? They told us how it started - as an accident. They didn't
just start bending over and letting Woof start humping them; they thought
it through and did their research, just like we told them they had to do
before starting with us. What do we have to complain about, really, if
they found a solution to a problem that we didn't anticipate? Sure,
neither one of us particularly likes the solution, but that doesn't change
the fact that it works FOR THEM. Both of us were hung up on the
brother-sister thing, but we got past that, and we're making each other -
and them - happy now. We went outside the box to find a solution to OUR
problem, and wound up making the box bigger. They've gone outside the box
again - do we leave them there, or just enlarge the box some more?"

"I still don't think they should be using a dog to get off", Julie told

"Fine - I don't think they SHOULD, either. But until and unless we can
find a working alternative, that's what they've got. If you want to, we
can try the other options, and see how that works - if one of them does,
I'd be delighted. But I'm not willing to bet money that any of them will
accomplish what you want - for the twins to give up having a live penis,
even a dog's, bringing them pleasure while they're having their periods."

We sat there and worked out a strategy that both of us could use before
finishing our drinks and heading upstairs to have a talk with the twins.
Presenting them with a united front, we explained that having sex with Woof
was something that was pretty unusual, and certainly illegal. We went on
to tell them that if they wanted - and they did - we would get them some
sex toys to try, instead of letting Woof hump them. Julie didn't much
appreciate it when both of them pointed out that Woof was their method of
last resort - that they'd tried almost everything else to find the kind of
pleasure they got from actually making love: their hands, various inanimate
objects, and so on. Both made it abundantly clear that their first choice
was a real, live GUY (more specifically, me).

When bedtime came around, Julie opted to sleep alone that night. I knew
that she was upset with me, but didn't say anything - I could only trust
that her innate fairness and good sense would eventually let her realize
that once she got rid of the emotional charge of what we'd seen, the
reasonableness of it would prevail. It took nearly a week, but she
eventually returned to sharing my bed at night.

As we'd promised, we found a way to get the twins a few sex toys - a
couple of different dildoes, and a vibrator. They liked them, and used
them with considerable enthusiasm - but they still sometimes used Woof as a
substitute for me. They could tell that it bothered Julie more than it did
me, at first, and they were a lot more careful to avoid letting her find
out what they had been doing. That meant that there were a few times that
I would go upstairs to discover one or the other of them on her hands and
knees, being enthusiastically pounded by Woof - a sight that soon had me
sporting erections when I found them like that.

It took a few months, but Julie finally learned to accept what they were
doing. She never really endorsed it, but seemed willing enough to leave
them alone - and as she did, the twins gradually became more and more open
about what they were doing; as they did, Julie or I had more and more
chances to see them - or even watch.


I continued to work for Gus while attending school. Julie and I got
together to plan my class schedule as soon as the course listings were
available, and we were always able to keep the conflict between my classes
and work to a minimum. Along the way, I earned another raise from Gus
after my reorganization plan was implemented. It took the better part of a
year - we decided to stretch it out a little - but when it was complete,
there was a marked increase in office efficiency. And that increase flowed
out onto the production floor, lowering our expenses and allowing us to
increase sales and profits. Everyone got a pretty hefty bonus for
Christmas that year - and Gus and the office staff made sure the production
people knew how it came about.

For their sixteenth birthday, Julie and I took the twins down to the
clinic, where both were set up with IUDs. We celebrated with a
weekend-long sex marathon that had the folks in the office asking me if I
was okay the following Monday morning. With nothing to stop them from
making love with me, Kathy and Karen both quickly tapered off letting Woof
have them - something that relieved Julie considerably.

The rest of my time going to college, I had the willing company of all
three of them, pretty much any time I wanted one of them. Julie was still
my first choice, but she willingly stepped aside every so often so Kathy or
Karen could have time with me. As the twins grew up, they grew out, too -
both of them eventually looked like slightly smaller versions of Julie:
buxom, leggy, and incredibly beautiful. As I'd expected, it didn't take
long before the guys at their school started sniffing after them - and much
to my relief, both of them were FAR more selective about who they went out
on dates with than I could have hoped for.

My 21st birthday was on a Friday; Julie and the twins made arrangements
with Gus for me to have the day off from work - then proceeded to try and
kill me by all three of them ganging up on me for another sex marathon.
They finally had mercy on me the third day, allowing me to rest and recover
- desperately needed - with plenty of tender loving care from all three of
them before I had to go back to work on Monday.

I graduated with a Computer Science degree right on schedule - I was in
the Senior class while the twins were Freshmen. I kept working for Gus
while they were in school, and continued to learn and study at home, after
work. I thought I saw a trend developing, and wanted to be in a position
to take advantage of it as soon as Kathy and Karen were out of school.
Kathy and Karen both did well enough in school to get scholarships to help
pay for college - something that eased the burden on us. I continued to
turn my paychecks over to Julie, who managed the family finances - and
managed them beautifully. By the time the twins graduated - Kathy with a
degree in Accounting, Karen with one in Engineering - we had a pretty tidy
nest egg set aside. I finally broke the news to Julie about what I'd been
studying and thinking, and she quickly saw the potential of it. For their
part, the twins wanted to find jobs at the same company, and were willing
to join in with us while they looked for a company that would hire both of

We carefully figured out what the expenses would be - time, effort, AND
financial - and decided that we could do it. We started getting things
ready, and when the time came, I let Gus know about my plans - that I
wanted to start my own business, developing web pages for a rapidly-growing
Internet, and specifically, designing front ends to allow access to
databases. To my surprise, he not only encouraged me to do it, but offered
to help finance getting it started - with generous terms that would let me
buy back his share of the company over several years. I talked it over
with Julie, and we accepted his offer - we thought that we could make a go
of it with the money we had on hand; Gus's share would all but ensure our

We found a house in a semi-rural area that was for lease, with an option
to buy. We paid to have a high-speed connection brought in, and made the
move. It didn't take me long to find a couple of clients - the first one
being Gus and his company. That was all we needed to get started. As I
designed the web pages and interfaced them to the client's databases, Julie
and the twins got the house remodeled to our needs, and redecorated.

With the references given me by our first few clients, it wasn't long
before I had as much work as I could handle - and then some. Web page
design was still a fairly new field; that I could also hook them into a
customer's database - and do it so well - was sufficiently unique that I
actually had people contacting ME to see if I could work for them.

I did most of the database interfacing; Karen quickly learned to help
design the web pages. Julie managed the operation, with assistance from
Kathy. In less than a year, we were well past 'breaking even', and were
actually making more money than we'd anticipated. After having it fully
inspected and appraised, Julie and I decided to take the option to buy the
house - and were soon well ahead of the payment schedule set up with the
bank. Of course, Gus was always FIRST on our payback list. We also had
enough that each of us was able to get our own NEW car - but we kept our
old Ford as a reminder, and a backup vehicle.

The twins found a company that was willing to hire both of them - and it
was close enough that they could continue to live with us, and commute to

The few neighbors we had knew that the twins were my younger sisters -
and simply assumed that Julie was my wife. We didn't do or say anything to
correct them, and in a few years, we were openly living as man and wife -
though without benefit of clergy, as they say. Kathy, then Karen, each
found a guy she liked, and after really getting to know them, got married.
Until then, though, both continued to live with Julie and me - and share
beds with us up until their respective wedding nights. Even after marrying
and moving in with their husbands, one or the other of them comes by every
few weeks for an overnight 'visit' - mild debauch is more like it.

Julie and I were careful to never have any children of our own - neither
of us wanted to roll the genetic dice that way. But we still have plenty
of opportunity to have kids around the house - Karen and Kathy are both
pleased as hell to bring theirs over to show off and have us spoil them.
I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure they use us as a baby-sitting service
so the two of them can go off somewhere and continue to have their own fun
with each other. Julie says she thinks so, too - but neither one of us

Woof? He found himself a couple of lady friends - and we've got the
puppies to prove it.


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