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a slaves story


A Slave's story By Mistress Diana

My name is Dee and I am 26 years old. This is the story of how I became
the slave of Mistress Diana. ++++++++ Mike and I had only worked a month
when we took our first business trip together. It was pretty uneventful
and I was glad when we were headed out of the airport. We shared a cab as
we only blocks away. During the ride he asked me if I wanted to stop by
his apartment for a drink. At first I was taken aback since I hadn't known
him that long and it was only professionally. Then I figured, what the
hell. I had nothing I had to do when I got home.

The sky was looking dark and angry when we got out of the cab and headed
up the steps. The storm was rolling in fast. I felt a bit anxious, not
liking thunder and lightning. We hurried inside and climbed the stairs to
his apartment.

It was nice place - cozy but not small. He had windows that faced the
river and the skyline. There was a balcony as well. I sat on the leather
couch next to the window and relaxed.

"What can I get you?" he asked.

"Gin and tonic, if you have it."

"No problem."

I watched him go over to the bar and mix us some drinks. As the first
rumbles started in the distance I let my eyes wander over his body. He was
of medium height with dark hair and dark eyes. His hair was a little long,
but acceptable enough for the office. I had a weakness for long hair. His
body looked as if he worked out. I could see the muscles under his white
shirt. When he turned around, I gazed at a nice, tight ass.

I snapped out of it wondering where those thoughts were coming from. I
knew it to be lack of sex in a big way. I sighed and took the drink from
his hand as he sat down. The tv went on and we watched the news as the
storm got closer.

We didn't say much, opting to relax and unwind from the trip we had.
The drink started to go to my head and I wondered where the evening was
going. The storm was pretty close and each clap of thunder got me a bit
edgy. Mike noticed it.

"What another drink? I can see you don't like storms."

I nodded and held out my glass. It was almost full dark by now. I put
on a light and looked for the bathroom. Once inside I calmed myself and
fixed my face in the mirror. Just I opened the door there was a huge crash
of thunder and the lights went out.

I let out a short scream and instantly felt like a fool.

"Dee, are you ok?" I heard him yell from down the hall.

"Y-yes," I stammered. I fumbled back to the main room and saw him
standing there in the gloom. I was shaking a bit. He noticed that as

"It's ok, Dee. Really." He stepped over to me and stood before me. One
hand reached out and stroked my hair. Feeling the affects of only one
drink, I let him do it. It felt really good.

His hand reached down and caressed the side of my cheek. I closed my
eyes as a chill went all through my body. Then he pulled me close to him
and kissed me hard on the mouth. The force of it scared and thrilled me at
the same time. Before I knew it, my lips parted and his tongue was in.
His warm hands were sliding down my back to grip my ass. He pulled me
closer to him and I could feel his hardness. I began to get very excited,
but I held back. It was so sudden.

After a minute or two of groping he pulled away. I could see his cock
was getting very hard now. The thought of if sent a little spasm of
pleasure down to my pussy. He began to unbutton my blouse. I stood very
still as he did it, liking the feeling of being in his control. He
unbuttoned it all the way down to the waistline of my skirt and then he
pushed it back on my shoulders. Next he slid my bra straps down my
shoulders as well. I sucked in my breath as he pulled down the cups of my
bra just enough to let my 36 D's stick out. I felt vulnerable but very

I stood there without a word as he rubbed my nipples. I could tell my
submission was turning him on and I went with it. He bent his head and
took one in his mouth and began to lick, then suck, then bite very gently.
I let my head tilt back and a soft moan escaped me. This made him bite
harder and it felt like heaven. I could feel myself get hotter by the
minute. He switched to the other nipple and did the same thing. As he
sucked, I felt his hand go up and under my skirt to feel my dripping wet
box. He groaned in approval and released me.

I was panting as I watched him remove his clothes. When he slid off his
boxers, his cock was standing right up and it was a beautiful size. I knew
I had to have it in me. He lay down on the couch and motioned for me to
get on top. Still wearing my clothes (somewhat), I pulled my pantyhose
down as well as my panties and hiked my skirt up. I climbed on top of him
and let his cock go the full length of me. I was so wet, I just slid down
on top of him.

Mike thrust his hips up again and again as we fucked. I leaned over so
he could grab my tits and pull on the nipples. Every time he did, it sent
wave after wave of pleasure through me. I knew I was close to coming.
Sensing it, he gave a good push and I let out a long moan as my orgasm took
me. I could feel my pussy grip his cock tightly. That was all he needed
and with that he came inside me. I looked down at his face while he did
that and I knew I wanted to fuck this man again.

A couple of days went by before I saw him again. It was late in the day
and I was starting to pack up my laptop for another night of work. I
seemed to be constantly behind in everything. About 5:30 I heard Mike's
voice outside my office. He was talking to one of my staff. They were
discussing some hockey game. I tensed up slightly thinking about our last
encounter. After we fucked that night, I went home feeling kind of weird
about everything. I wasn't sure what was going to happen after that - he
didn't talk to me about it. I just got dressed and went home.

Mike wound up his conversation and walked into my office and shut the
door. I looked up at him.

"You look good tonight, Dee," he said, smiling.

I laughed nervously.

"No really. Come over here."

I got up and went over to him. He looked just as sexy and appealing as
he did the other night. I started to feel anxious, but in a good way, if
that is possible. No sooner than I got close to him then he pulled me
close to him and started kissing me. His hands went right to my ass and
cupped it firmly. As his tongue went to work, I cared little as to where I
was and the fact that people would be around. I wanted him again.

His hands left my ass and went around to my breasts. He squeezed them
gently and began to work on my nipples. I wanted nothing than for him to
suck on them again. But he was in control. Slowly he pushed my sweater up
and over my breasts. Then he began to suck on my nipple through the silk
fabric of my bra. I felt myself getting very wet. Then he pushed the bra
up as well to expose me as he did the other night. Both nipples felt
extremely sensitive from the other night's sucking and biting, but I still
wanted his mouth there.

"suck me...." I breathed.

He laughed and told me to turn around and go and face my desk. I
complied and stood there to see what he had in store.

"Pull up your skirt."

I pulled it up and held it. He slid my hose down and I stepped out of
it. Next he pulled my panties down. I felt his hands slide up my legs and
then he began to lick my ass cheeks. It felt wonderful. He licked and
licked until I practically came right there. Next he slid his finger into
my wet pussy and rubbed my clit for just an instant. The sensation caused
me to take a sharp breath.

Satisfied that I was aroused enough, he undid the zipper on his pants.
In seconds I felt his hard cock nudging at my pussy lips.

"Lean forward," he whispered.

I leaned over the desk and he thrust himself inside me. He grasped my
ass and started to pump away at me. My breasts hung down over the desk and
every thrust caused my hardened nipples to rub against the hard surface. I
wanted to scream out in pleasure, but I remembered where I was. Within no
time I heard him grunt and then he came inside me. I wasn't all the way
there yet but he pulled out of me. I let out a long sigh and turned

"I, I, didn't come," I stammered.

He didn't care at that point. He was cleaning up and re-arranging his

"You should get dressed. Someone might come in," he said.

I looked at him and disbelief. What an asshole, I thought. I got
dressed as he watched me. I was getting angry but there wasn't much I
could do. When I was done he finally spoke.

"If you want more of that, then come over to my house tomorrow night.
Around 8."

He left without another word and I slumped down in my chair knowing I
would be there.

True to my word, I showed up at his apartment the next night. It was a
Saturday, so I wasn't worried about getting into work the next day. When I
got there he offered me a drink and we sat on the couch and talked about
whatever - mostly work. Nothing was said about our previous 'encounters'.
He also seemed a bit tense but I didn't ask. After I felt pretty loosened
up, I was half-expecting him to make a move when I heard the key rattle in
the lock and the door opened. A tall, stunning woman stood there and
smiled at us.

Mike stood up and went over and kissed her. I was pretty dumb-struck at
that moment. The girlfriend!

"Dee, this is Diane," he said, introducing me. I noticed he didn't say
girlfriend, but either way I felt really strange all of a sudden. I
stammered a hello and excused myself to go onto the balcony, as I sudden
felt kind of lightheaded.

I stood out there for some time finishing my drink and wondering what
the hell was going on. I felt pretty used. I didn't want to come between
Mike and Diane as it looked pretty obvious they were a couple. I did find
it weird that she didn't seem surprised or upset I was there. I pondered
that awhile and decided to go back in and leave.

When I walked back in I wasn't prepared for what I saw: Diane was lying
on the couch, skirt hiked up and Mike's face was between her legs slurping
away at her pussy. Both were oblivious to me standing there. I stood and
watched Diane moaning and squirming in ecstasy. Mike had his back to me,
but Diane had full view of me. Eventually she opened her eyes and looked
at me. Seeing me standing there she smiled and pushed up her top. She had
no bra on and her breasts spilled out into full view. Never losing her fix
on me, she started to pull on her nipples until they hardened. I didn't
know what else to do and I found myself mesmerized by her. Soon Mike's
licking brought her to an orgasm and she let out a long, low moan. I
realized I was getting wet watching everything, but I felt somewhat
sickened by the display.

Mike sat up and turned around to look at me.

"Did you like watching, Dee?" he asked in a low voice.

"I, I'm not sure..."

Diane smiled and stood up, fixing her clothes.

"I think you liked it," she purred. "And you want to participate
yourself, don't you?"

I found myself not sure what I wanted. I knew I went over there so I
could feel Mike's cock inside me again. But now with Diane in the picture everything had changed.

Diane didn't wait for me to say anything more. She walked over and took
my hand and led me to the bedroom. Once the three of us were inside, she
shut the door.

"Ok, from now on, you're doing what we say? Do you understand?" she

I nodded, not sure what she was getting at.

"Good," she said as she sat on the bed. "Stand before me and take off
your clothes."

Finally, it all hit me and I realized what was going to happen. I was
somewhat nervous, but the wetness between my legs told me that I really
wanted this. I pulled off my T-shirt and dropped it on the floor. Next I
unzipped my shorts and let those fall. I stood there for a minute in my
bra and panties. Diane nodded her approval and urged me to continue. I
reached back and unhooked my bra. My breasts fell out and right away the
nipples hardened from the coolness of the air conditioning. Lastly, I
pulled down my panties and stepped out of them. Diane sat back to look at

"Very nice, indeed. I can see what you mean, Mike. You must have had a
good time fucking her."

"Oh yeah..." he agreed.

Diane got off the bed and told me to lie on it. No sooner than I did
that than she was tying my arms and legs down to the four corners of the
bed. She leaned over me and put a blindfold on.

"Now, we aren't going to hurt you, but you must do whatever we ask you.

I nodded somewhat uncertainly but I was still pretty excited. I lay
there spread out for everyone to see and I couldn't see anything at all. I
waited for something to happen.

Diane got off the bed and I heard sounds of clothing being shed. After
a minute she got back on the bed and straddled me so her ass was almost in
my face. I knew that because I could smell the warm scent of her pussy. I
had never been with a woman, but I knew the smell. The bed sagged again as
Mike joined us. I heard a sucking sound begin and realized she was sucking his cock. How I wanted to watch that. I lie there helpless as Diane's ass
occasionally moved very close to my face. I heard her sucking hard and
then Mike began to pant and moan, urging her on. Just when I thought he
was going to cum, Diane moved away and suddenly I felt the warm feeling of
cum on my belly and breasts as Mike came in several long spurts.

After a few seconds I felt a soft, velvety tongue begin to lick the cum off my belly. She did it slowly and deliberately and I began to feel my
clit start to throb. She took her time making sure she didn't leave any.
Eventually she moved up to my breasts where she licked them, being careful
to avoid my nipples. I started to moan softly and squirm.

"You like that, don't you?" she asked.

"Yesss," I breathed.

She laughed and pulled away. A minute passed and then I heard the
distinctive sound of a vibrator come on. She put it between my legs and
teased my already swollen pussy with it. I pulled tightly on my bindings.
I wanted nothing than to have that inside me. She sensed that and teased
me even more.

"Oh please....", I gasped. "Stick it inside me."

She complied by easing it inside my pussy and she pushed until it was
almost all the way in. It felt heavenly. The warm, vibrating feeling
enveloped my cunt and it spread up to my hardened nipples. I wanted to
explode, but I wasn't quite there yet. I knew that Mike's cock fucking me
was the thing to do it, but it didn't seem like that was going to happen.
Diane was in control here. She let me lie there for a bit getting used to
the dildo inside me. Eventually I started to get used to it and didn't
quite feel like I was on the edge of coming anymore. I started to squirm
hoping the movement would get me there. What happened was I got a slap on
the face. It startled me and made me cry out.

"What do you think you're doing? You can't cum yet, you little slut."
she yelled.

I was totally taken aback by that, but said nothing. Clearly the power
trip got her off.

"Well you can lie there for a while, then." And with that I heard them
leave the room.

I wasn't sure how long I lay there with that vibrator humming away. It
was a pleasant enough feeling, but I wanted more. But obviously I had to
wait. I even started to doze a bit.

After a while I heard them come back in. Then I felt the blindfold
being lifted. Both of them were naked and I got to gaze at her whole body.
She was beautiful - long legs, small and firm ass and her breasts were
probably about a 34C, with large, upturned nipples. She proceeded to get
on her hands and knees over me and her face was about 3 inches from mine.

"I'm gonna let you watch Mike fuck me," she breathed. "And you might as
well enjoy it, because that's the last you are gonna see his cock tonight,

Mike got on the bed and took her from behind, doggie-style. He began to
pump away at her and I watched her breasts sway back and forth with each
thrust. She lowered herself so that her breasts brushed against mine. The
sensation brought new waves of pleasure through me. It was quite a feeling
having her tits rubbing against mine. I started to feel myself getting to
the edge again. Mike pounded away at her and she began to grunt. Then she
lowered her face to mine and assaulted my mouth with her tongue. I can't
say she was kissing me. It was more like she was fucking my face with her
tongue. With every thrust she sucked greedily at my tongue and even bit it
lightly. When she wasn't doing that, she was sticking her tongue inside my
mouth, hungrily exploring it. Finally as she started to climax, she pulled
away and arched her back up, head thrown back and began to scream that she
was cumming. That's all Mike needed as he came too. Watching them was
unbelievable and I wanted to cum so very desperately, but I couldn't.

After they finished, Mike got dressed and left the room. Diane removed
the vibrator and proceeded to untie me. I was somewhat disappointed that
yet again, I was denied the final pleasure. I sat up and went to get my
clothes when I got another slap.

"Did I say to get dressed, bitch?" she demanded.

I shook my head.

"Well then follow me, you aren't done yet."

I followed her into the adjoining bathroom where she shut the door. No
sooner than we were in then she pushed me up against the wall. One hand
twisted my left nipple painfully. I winced in pain and wondered what her
game was now.

"Remember, you are to do exactly what we want."

She released me and started the shower. Once she was inside, she
beckoned me inside. She gave me the soap and told me to wash her. I
proceeded to wash her body being extra careful not to piss her off any
further. When I was done, she spread her legs.

"Clean down there, too," she said. I went to use the washcloth when she
pulled it out of my hands. "With your tongue!"

I looked at her in disbelief. I had never, ever done anything like that
before. She pushed me so I was on my knees and moved her cunt up to my

"Do it!"

I had no choice but to start to lick her. At first I let my tongue
tentatively slide over her outer lips. Then I got more ambitious as I
realized it wasn't so bad. I started to lick and then suck her clit.
Within minutes she was moaning and clutching my head as I went to work. I
figured I wouldn't be done until I brought her to an orgasm, so I eagerly
sucked away. Soon I felt her trembling and tasted her sweet cum as she
rocked to another orgasm. I licked every last drop from her swollen pussy until she told me stand up.

"Would you like to cum now?" she asked.

"Oh yes, please," I answered. I was so hot after that I needed release

"Stand against the wall and do it to yourself."

I eased up against the wall and slowly started to rub my sensitive clit.
I was so wet with my own juices that my finger slid around easily. It
didn't matter that she was watching me. In fact, it heightened the
sensation. She watched me with a look of hunger on her face. Finally she
couldn't take it any longer and bent her head to suck on my tits. The warm
water washed over us as she sucked and bit my nipples. I rubbed myself
hard and within minutes I was brought to an unbelievable orgasm. I
screamed out and put my arms around Diane to hold her tightly against my
body. At last I got the relief I needed and it was worth it.

Part 2

A week went by with no contact from Mike or Diana. I began to feel
restless and confused at my behavior with them. I had never done anything
like that before, but found myself day dreaming about it more than once,
and getting somewhat wet in the process.

Finally, Mike came by my office and asked me if I wanted to spend the
weekend with them. I blushed deeply and furiously but told him I would.
He smiled at me and told me to be there on Friday night. Something about
that smile told me it would be an interesting weekend.

When I showed up there on Friday, Diana cooked us a great dinner that
included some excellent wine. I immediately felt any nervousness drop away
and began to look forward to whatever she had planned for us. Starting to
feel the part, I cleaned up the dinner table and did the dishes, eager to
please them. When I was done, Diana led me into the bedroom to begin.

"All sluts of mine are to be naked, so get busy," she ordered.

I immediately shed my clothes and stood naked before her, waiting. Mike
had come in and was sitting in an overstuffed chair in the corner watching

"Hold out your arms, wrists together."

I held them out and she binded them with a soft, velvet rope and raised
my arms up over my head to attach the to hook which hung from the ceiling.
I didn't remember seeing that last time. Next she had me spread my legs
wide. I did that and she stood back admiring me for a bit. At this point,
she was still fully clothed, but I could see her nipples getting hard with

I stood there, my muscles somewhat stretched to accommodate what she
wanted. My breasts felt very exposed as did my pussy. But I felt
extremely turned on as I watched her slowly circle me. She stood behind me
and began to rub my asscheeks, softly at first, then a little harder -
kneading the flesh. I moaned softly as she did that and pushed my ass back
against her hand. This brought a short laugh from her.

"Greedy slut, aren't you?"

I said nothing as she already knew the answer.

"Well, let's see what else we can do..."

I heard her open a draw behind me and next I felt a few strands of soft
leather tickle my ass. Then she pulled back and lashed my with it.
Startled, I cried out. Again she laughed and whipped me again. My ass
stung each time and I began to moan, not sure if it was in pleasure or
pain. After a few more swats she stopped and moved around to face me.

"I think you need to be gagged, slut."

I looked at her wide-eyed but said nothing. She was in control and
there wasn't anything I could do about it. She showed me a ball-gag and
pushed it into my mouth hard before securing it around my head. After a
few tugs, she was satisfied. I immediately started to feel like I couldn't
breathe until she told me to relax and breathe through my nose. This did
help somewhat and I tried to relax again but it didn't last long.

Diana began to lick and suck my nipples until they were unbearably hard.
My whole body was tingling and my pussy was throbbing with each suck and
lick. She began to massage my breasts as she licked and I moaned against
my gag. I began to writhe against her touch, wanting and needing to feel

When she was satisfied my nipples were hard enough, she produced a set
of nipple clamps. My eyes opened wide as she showed me the clamp. I
watched her open the clamp then slide it around the nipple. When she
released it, the hard nub of flesh was painfully enclosed by the cold
steel. A wave of pleasure bordering on pain coursed through my body. The
second clamp was attached to the first one with a chain and she proceeded
to clamp my other stiff nipple. I cried out against my gag and felt my
whole body practically convulse with the sensation.

Diana watched me squirm.

"What a slut you are...I can tell you enjoy it, don't you?"

I could only nod as I wasn't able to talk. She reached over and lightly
licked the tip of my engorged nipple while pulling the chain that linked
each one. The sensation that ripped through me almost made me cum at that
point. I could feel the wetness seeping out of my pussy. I looked over at
Mike and saw a huge bulge in his shorts as he watched me. He met my eyes
and smiled wickedly.

Diana snaked her hand down my tummy and thrust a finger inside my
sopping pussy. I almost came as she wiggled it around before pulling it
out. She sniffed it and inserted it into her mouth.

"Mmmmm, so wet, slut."

She picked up her whip and lightly struck my protruding nipples. I
screamed against my gag which only made her do it again and again. The
sensation was too much and I felt myself waver on the edge of
consciousness. Drool was seeping out of the gag and down my chin. I could
feel sweat forming on my brow and in between my breasts. She noticed how
close I was to cumming and stopped.

I felt my head roll back and my body slump when she did that. I
desperately wanted to cum, but I knew she wasn't letting me off so easy.

She walked around me and went out of my view. I stood there panting as
I felt her begin to lick my asscheeks. Her sweet tongue went around and
around my ass before settling on my asshole. She licked it hard bringing
yet another set of sensations from me. I then felt something cold and hard
enter me and realized it was a small ass vibe. She turned it on and
incredible waves of pleasure enveloped my body. My pussy ached so bad, it
hurt. She pushed it in as far as it would go and somehow was able to
secure it to my body so it wouldn't fall out.

She walked back around to face me.

"Almost there, my pretty little slut."

I wasn't sure what she meant until she produced another chain with only
one clamp on it. She attached it my nipple clamp chain and pulled it down
to attached to my clit. That was the final thing to send me over the edge.
My body twisted and turned as I came hard. The sensation of my pinched
clit sent a huge shockwave through my body and with that, I passed out.

When I came to, the clit clamp and the butt vibe were gone, but
everything else was still intact. Mike was standing before me, naked. His
cock was hard and standing up.

"I'm gonna fuck you hard, slut," he said.

I moaned against my gag, his voice was so incredible sexy. I had to
have him.

I moved close to me and reached around to lift me up by my ass and
slowly settle down on his cock. It slid in with absolutely no difficulty.
His strong hands grasped my ass cheeks and began to pump me slowly. I was
still tied up and helpless in his grip, but my pussy tingled with pleasure.
My eyes drank in the sight of his biceps bulging with the effort.

Diana was next to me watching as Mike pumped my hot little pussy. She
took the nipple clamp chain and pulled it up so Mike could grasp it in his
mouth. Each thrust pulled my tender nipples hard which only made me groan
more. Diana knew I was getting close as she leaned over me and sucked on
my neck, her tongue licking down to my collarbone and up to my earlobe.

"Cum for us, slut," she breathed into my ear. "Cum all over Mike's

I shut my eyes and felt Mike's finger invade my ass as he continued to
wildly pump my cunt. My orgasm was building quickly and I knew it wouldn't
be long. Mike pounded me hard, grunting with effort as Diana encouraged
him. Finally I shuddered and screamed deep in my throat as I felt myself
reach orgasm. Mike stopped pumping and yelled that he was cumming too. It
was a wonderful feeling as his cock flooded my already dripping pussy with
cum. He thrusted a few more times before he lifted me off. I felt our cum begin to drip down my leg.

Diana unbound my hands and took the gag off. I gulped in air and rubbed
my sore wrists, but she wasn't letting me take too much of a break.

"Get down and clean his cock, slut."

I knelt down and took Mike's still-hard shaft in my mouth and licked all
our cum from it. I smacked my lips several times as I did this which
pleased my Mistress. She released my nipple clamps and pulled me up so I
was standing. I looked down at my swollen nipples and winced slightly.

Diana was still fully clothed and I wondered how she made it this long
without cumming, but apparently she derived her pleasure from my suffering
and using. She stroked my face with her long fingers and told me to go
soak in a bath for while. I was grateful as my whole body ached from the
fucking and abuse that I had suffered so far that evening. But I knew it
wasn't over yet.

Part 3

When I emerged from my bath, I felt much better. I knew I would be sore
the next day, but for now I was refreshed. I padded naked into the bedroom
to find Diana on the bed. At last she had shed her clothes and I got to
admire her luscious body and long legs. Mike was nowhere to be seen.

"Come over here, my little slut. You're going to make your Mistress cum now."

I lay down on the bed next to her and she guided my head to her breasts.
I began to lick and suck her flat nipples, eager to please her. She held
my head in place and moaned softly. I took each nipple in my mouth and
licked it before biting it gently. She moaned louder.

My hand went to her other breast where I began to massage the firm flesh
there before flicking my thumb across the hard little nub. She purred and
encouraged me to suck harder and faster. I complied and had her moaning
and squirming. Suddenly she pulled my head away and forced it down to her

"Lick me, slut. Make me cum on your face. I want you to taste me."

I moved my body down to her pussy and began to lightly lick her slit.

"Harder, you bitch...lick me hard...bite my clit."

I pressed my tongue against her warm slit and licked her up and down
before finding her clit with my teeth. When I nibbled, she thrashed around
and moaned.

"Oh yeah...fuck...stick your finger in my hole..."

I thrust a finger in her wet hole and begin to fuck her slowly. Her
juices were all over my face and my finger and I could tell she was going
to cum soon. She must have been incredibly turned on from the previous
activities that evening.

Diana held my head with her hands and bucked her pussy against my face,
grinding it. I pulled on her clit as hard as I dared when suddenly she
shrieked and raised her ass high.


I stopped and let her rub her pussy around my face until the waves of
orgasm subsided. Her juices smeared my face as I lifted it to gaze at her.
She stopped moaning and became still, but her breasts were heaving from the
effort of cumming. I wiped the juices off my face and sucked them off my
finger. She noticed and smiled at me.

"Very good. Did you like licking my pussy?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"I glad you enjoyed that. Now I am going to give you a good

My eyes widened at that statement and I watched her get up and pull my
hands behind my back. She quickly and deftly tied them behind my back.
Next, she gagged me with a piece of cloth and roughly pushed me down on the
bed so my ass was sticking up in the air. About a minute later, I felt the
rubber tip of a dildo pressing against my asshole. Thankfully she took the
time to lube it before thrusting it in. I could tell be the way it went
in, she probably was wearing a strap-on. She pushed it in hard, and I
cried out behind my gag. My ass exploded with pain.

Diana began to slide in and out of my ass, fucking it hard and slapping
my ass. Tears began to stream down my face as she brutally took me.
Although I knew she was enjoying it, I wasn't at all. My muffled whimpers
only turned her on even more.

"Oh yeah, take that you whore," she hissed as she drove the dildo in and
out of my poor ass. I could do nothing but take it, my cries muffled.

After a while, she pulled out and I was aware of Mike joining her. He
pushed my ass down so I was laying flat on my stomach. Then he spread my
legs wide and kneeled behind me. His cock began to nudge into my asshole.
This hurt more as he was bigger than the dildo. I began to grunt with each
brutal thrust as his cock rammed me and his hand slapped the firm flesh of
my cheeks.

Mike matched my grunts with each long thrust. Then, just when I thought
I was going to pass out again, he pulled out. There was a pause then a
felt his warm cum spurt out of him and all over my ass. Thick, ropey jets
of cum. I heard Diana moan as she watched him unload on me.

Diana wiped the cum off my ass but didn't untie me. She rolled me over
on my back and I felt my arms painfully pressed under me. She then bound
my ankles to the bed posts. I wondered helplessly what was in store next.

I found out when she took an ice cube from a glass next to the bed. She
straddled my stomach and began to drip the ice water onto my breasts.
Little chills went through my body as she did so. Then she took a cube and
began to slide it over my sore nipples. They instantly got rock-hard, but
they hurt from the earlier abuse. She slid the cube around them for a
while until they began to hurt less as the cold made them numb. She took
the cube and made larger circles around my breast. I could feel her warm
pussy pressing down on my stomach as she tortured me with the ice. I lie
there helpless but my own cunt was beginning to throb again.

She moved off my stomach and made an ice cube trail down to my pussy where she slowly rubbed it along my slit. Again, the little chills and
shivers went through my body. She found my clit and began to rub it with
the ice. Water began to drip down my slit as the heat of me melted the
cube. She let it melt completely, coating my mound and lips with water
before getting another cube and starting it all over again. I tried to
move my pelvis up to hump the cube, but the way I was tied, I couldn't.
She kept teasing me to the brink and then pulling away.

When I was sufficiently wet enough, she pulled out a large vibe with
ridges. She eased it into my soaked snatch and turned it on low. The
feeling was incredible. She let it sit there as she leaned down and began
to suck my clit. Her mouth was wonderful as she expertly licked and sucked my clit. My pussy throbbed and gripped the vibe. Again she brought me to
the brink and stopped.

My breasts were heaving from almost cumming but there was nothing I
could do. She was in complete control.

She left the vibe run in my pussy while she moved up to my breasts again. This time she wasn't as gentle as she began to bite my already
sensitive nipples. She gripped my breasts tightly in her hand as her teeth
enclosed the flesh there. I thrashed and struggled beneath her with no
avail. She only bit harder. Her hand moved down to the vibe where she
began to thrust it in and out of my cunt. Eventually I was moving with
her, not caring how abusive she was to my tits.

The vibrator slid easily in and out as her teeth nipped at my nipples. I
was overwhelmed with the pain/pleasure thing again and I started to moan. I
was getting so close. Diana sensed this and thrust the vibe harder while
mauling my tits with her other hand and her mouth. I whipped my head back
and forth and then finally came, screaming against my gag. She didn't let
up at all which prolonged my cumming. I thrashed and moaned and cried
until finally I went limp - totally spent.

After I recovered, she let me go sleep in the spare bedroom that they
had in their apartment. I fell asleep instantly, my body sore still
tingling with the sex.

The next day was to complete my training. The three of us slept late
then had a leisurely breakfast. Diana waited on us and treated me very
kindly. I was wary at first as she had such a split personality. When she
slipped into her Domme personality things would change completely. I never
knew what was in store.

The first thing we did after breakfast was to shave my pussy completely
bare. I had always kept it trimmed, but she insisted her slaves be bare.
She had me soak in a warm bath then I was to sit on the edge of the tub
legs spread wide as she carefully shaved the hair from my mound. By the
time she was done, I was extremely turned on. I knew my pussy was wet
enough for her to notice. But if she did, she didn't say anything.

After we cleaned up, she announced that the two of us were going
shopping. I was to have appropriate clothing for our 'big night out'. I
wasn't sure what that meant, but I went along with it.

Diana drove us to the mall and for a while I felt like it was just two
friends spending the afternoon shopping. But I knew that something was up.

We entered a store and she started looking through racks of expensive
evening dresses. I told her that they were a little pricey for me, but she
said she was going to be paying for it, so I didn't need to worry. I felt
a little uncomfortable about it thinking this role was going to far. She
ignored that and found a little black dress for me to try on.

I was skeptical about the fit as I walked to the changing room. She
followed behind me and insisted on accompanying me inside the stall. I
shrugged and let her in and proceeded to take off my shorts and t-shirt. I
slid the dress over my head and pulled it down. It had thin straps which
made it foolish to wear a bra, but I kept it on for the fitting. I figured
I could get a strapless one. The dress fit tightly and hugged my ass and
didn't cover much thigh. Diana felt that this was just right. I didn't
think it was, but I didn't have a say in the matter.

After I removed the dress and hung it up, she told me to take off the
rest of my clothes. I stood there a minute not understanding when she
slapped me.

"I told you - take it all off you stupid bitch!"

I felt my face get red as I unhooked my bra and slid my panties down.
When I was naked she looked at me.

"You need to get used to serving others beside me," she hissed. And
with that she walked out of the little room leaving me there.

I began to get nervous standing there - I had no idea what she had in
mind for me. I found out a few minutes later when I heard her speaking to
someone. Suddenly the door opened and a tall and very masculine woman
walked in. I had seen her earlier in the store, but didn't really take
much notice of her. Apparently Diana knew her. She walked in and stood
before me looking me over.

"Well, Diana does have a good little slut. It will be a pleasure to use
you," she said.

My eyes widened in alarm.

"But...", I stammered.

My protest was met with a hard slap. I cried out and backed away.

"Do not speak unless I ask you a question, understand?"

I nodded back at her and stood still.

"Ok, now put your hands behind your back and spread your legs."

I did as she asked and she immediately began to cup and squeeze my

"Mmm, nice tits, slut."

She pulled and pinched my still sore nipples until they were hard and
began to suck them into her mouth. She was far from gentle and I began to
squirm a little. She responded by shoving her hand inside my pussy roughly. I cried out in pain as she did this. She only grunted and
continued to maul my breasts. If I whimpered or tried to move she would
bite my nipples or pinch my clit hard. Tears were beginning to stream down
my face.

She stopped what she was doing to pick up my panties and smell them. I
watched in disgust as she rubbed her face over them, then in horror as she
balled them up and thrust them into my mouth.

"You're too noisy, slut, so this will teach you," she said roughly.

She turned me around and had me face the mirror. Then she pushed me
against the mirror so my breasts were pressed painfully against it. Her
hand parted my pussy lips and she thrust 3 fingers in hard. I really
wasn't wet at this point so her fingers felt rough against my sensitive
inner walls. But I didn't dare move - this woman was strong and I was
afraid she'd hurt me.

She stood there as she violated me - her fingers roughly fingered my
clit and my asshole. As much as I didn't want to give in to her, I knew my
pussy was getting wet. I felt ashamed. She fucked my cunt hard and rubbed
my clit with her thumb and I began to moan against the panties shoved in my
mouth. She grunted satisfaction all the while calling me nasty names.
When she removed her finger from my ass and began to lick the hole, I felt
my orgasm begin to build. I shamelessly humped her fingers in my slick
hole, bouncing up and down on them. She loved the fact that I was acting
so slutty even though I hadn't wanted to. She encouraged me more and
fucked me harder. That was all I needed. My muffled cries filled the
little dressing room as I came hard on her fingers.

She pumped me through my orgasm and withdrew her fingers. I slumped to
the floor, completely spent and felt tears running down my cheeks. She
licked her fingers clean of my juices and left. I lie there on the floor -
a whimpering mess. At that moment I hated Diane for doing what she did.
It was total humiliation and not what I wanted to happen. I only wanted to
please her and Mike, but she clearly had other ideas about it.

A few minutes later she came in and told me to get dressed and stop
acting like a baby. What she had planned for tonight would be nothing
compared to this.

Part 4

Diana left me alone until dinner time. The three of us had a great
meal, this time prepared by Mike. Afterwards, I felt better and even
curious as to what they had planned for me that evening. Diana had me
shower and put on the black dress we had bought. I was to wear nothing
underneath it.

I pulled the dress over my body as Diana admired how it hugged every
curve. She was very pleased as to how it showed off my full breasts and
ass. I, on the other hand, felt very self-conscious about it. I knew that
I was to be on public display that night and was a little wary. Diana
sensed that and reassured me that nothing 'bad' would happen to me, but I
was a bit skeptical about it after the dressing room incident.

Finally, we were all ready and Mike drove us to a rather upscale dance
club. I had never been in there before as it really wasn't my scene.
Apparently Mike and Diana went there a lot as more than a few people waved
hello to them.

Once we were inside, I was given my instructions. I was to wander
around by myself. I was to allow anyone to touch my ass or tits but they
couldn't go further. After an hour I was to find them back at the bar and
I would find out what was to happen next. Diana let me have one drink to
get my courage up and off I went.

I wandered around the club amid the loud music and flashing lights. I
didn't want to have anyone come near me, but it was hard to avoid since it
was a crowded place. I was extremely self-conscious about my body. The
dress hugged and rubbed against my skin. It barely covered my ass and my
breasts. The first man to notice me came right up behind me and groped my
ass and moved his hand under the dress to touch my bare skin. I gasped but
didn't pull away. I had to let him do this and I knew Diana would be
watching somehow. His fingers brushed my smooth pussy lips and he grunted
approval before moving away.

I was grateful that the hour passed quickly. A few different men groped
my body as if they were trying me out. None of them spoke more than a few
words such as "nice tits" or "can't wait to see that cunt". When the hour
was up, I found Diana and Mike. I realized I was more than a little
aroused at that point.

They smiled at me and led me to the back of the club to a small office.
We went inside and closed the door. The room was brightly lit. I looked
around and saw that it was just that - an office. A desk and some chairs
were present along with file cabinets. I did notice that in the corner was
a video camera. It was then I realized what was going to happen. All
those men that had handled me were going to use me. I quickly counted in
my head how many and remembered four different ones. I began to tremble

Mike went out and left Diana and myself alone. She went over to me and
tried to soothe me.

"Don't worry, you'll enjoy yourself. You'll be begging for those cocks
to be in you," she purred in my ear.

She stroked my cheek with her soft hand and I shuddered. She began to
kiss me and run her tongue along my lips. I turned my head aside slightly
and she laughed. At that moment Mike came back inside with all four men that had checked me out that night. The 'fun' was about to begin.

Mike went over to the video camera and turned it on. I was to be the
'star' of the show. Diana took a seat off the to side and told the men to
do whatever they wanted with me.

I don't know who these men were or what their names were. It was
strictly anonymous sex and I was merely their slave for the night. I can
only refer to them by their looks.

The first guy to step forward had long, blonde hair. He stood before me
and I could already see the bulge growing in his pants.

"On your knees, slut," he growled.

I knelt before him and found I was face to face with the bulge. He
quickly opened his pants and pulled out his cock. He leaned forward and
rubbed it around my face, lightly smacking my face with his slowly
stiffening shaft. I knelt obediently before him.

"Open your mouth and suck me."

I reached up and took his cock in my mouth and began to stroke and suck
him. He slapped my hands away.

"Just your mouth, you stupid bitch."

I kept my hands to the side and sucked on his cock hard in my mouth.
Soon he was groaning and moving faster. He clamped his hands on the side
of my head and began to fuck my mouth. His huge cock began to force its
way deep into my throat making me gag. Saliva started coming out of my
mouth and dripping down my chin and splattering my dress. My mouth began
to feel numb as he fucked my face. Each thrust brought him deep into my
mouth. His balls were pushing against my chin and his pubic hair tickled
my nose. His moaning grew louder and I knew he was almost there.

"Oh yeahhhh...that's it, slut, take me deep."

He stopped thrusting and I felt his cum suddenly flood my mouth. I
gagged a little but swallowed all of his cum. He pulled out of my mouth
and little dribbled on my face. He wiped his cock on my face, patted my
head and took a seat on the other side of the room.

The next man was also blond, but his hair was cut very short. He was
extremely good-looking as well. I looked up at him as he smiled down at me
and pulled me to my feet. He pulled my dress up to my waist so my pussy and ass were exposed.

"Get up on the desk and lean back," he ordered.

I climbed on the desk and did as he asked. He pushed my legs open and
immediately began to lick my pussy lips. Small waves of pleasure radiated
throughout my body as his tongue went to work, lapping and sucking my
already wet pussy. Each time he thrust his tongue into my wet hole, I
moaned. I couldn't believe how turned on I was.

One of the other men, a dark-haired one, moved over to the side of the
desk and took his cock out of his pants. He waved it in my face for a
second before placing it at my lips. He ordered me to suck, and I did. It
was hard to concentrate, though, as the first guy had now inserted too
fingers in my dripping cunt, but I sucked hard, eager to please him and my
Mistress who was watching me intently.

After a few more minutes of finger-fucking, I was getting extremely hot.
The blond guy stopped and stood up, unzipping his pants to free his hard
cock. He placed it at the entrance to my pussy and pushed it in hard. I
groaned against the cock I was sucking and eagerly took him in. I felt my
legs being lifted up and placed on his shoulders. He began to pound me
hard. I sucked harder on the other guy's cock as my pussy was rammed hard
by the blond guy. In the back of my mind I wanted them to cum at the same
time so I could have cum in my mouth and deep in my cunt. I knew how
slutty I was becoming and I'm sure Diana enjoyed it.

Both of the men were yelling encouragements at me. I felt my breasts wobbling under the tight dress as I was pounded unmercifully. It only
turned me on more as my nipples were rubbed by the tight material. I was
getting close to cumming when the dark haired guy suddenly pulled his cock
out of my mouth and came all over my face. He pumped his hard shaft
several times to spurt his warm cum on my face, neck and hair. It was all
too much for the blond guy - he yelled out and exploded deep in my pussy. I
gasped and felt my own body responding and we came together in burst of
energy. My pussy clenched around his cock and milked it hard almost
pulling the cum from his cock.

I lied on the desk and caught my breath after that incredible orgasm
before getting up. I was allowed to wipe the cum off my face and stretch.
Diana offered a sip of her drink and I thanked her. There was still one
guy left. However, my body was on fire - it was tingling and ready for

The last guy had long brown hair pulled back into a ponytail. He had
already had his cock out and was stroking it by the time I noticed him.
Pulling off his pants and shirt, he lie down on the desk, his huge cock
flopping over onto his belly.

"Come over her and suck my cock for a bit, slut."

I walked over and leaned over him, taking his cock in my mouth and began
to suck hard, playing with his hardening balls.

Up until now, all the men were somewhat silent about their fucking.
Mostly it was grunts and moans, but this guy liked to talk dirty to me.

"Oh yeah, take it all into your mouth - take it deep."

I opened my mouth wider and deep throated him.

"Ohgodyes...", he moaned as he grasped my head in his hands and pushed
my mouth down.

I started to gag a little and he stopped.

"Climb up here and push that slutty cunt of yours down on my cock."

I got up on the desk and straddled him, letting my pussy slowly glide
down on his stiff shaft. I moaned as it filled my pussy, still slick from
cumming earlier.

" have a nice, hot cunt. Lean over me a little."

I leaned over and watched him yank each thin strap off my dress.

"Lean back and pull your dress down so I can see those tits."

He watched me hungrily as I pulled the material over my breasts, setting
them free. My nipples were already hard.

"Oh yeah...nice tits...big and full."

He reached up and began to tweak my nipples, pulling and pinching them
until I was moaning loudly.

"You like that, don't you slut?"

"Yessss...I do...."

He responded by pulling me down so he could suck on my nipples. I
squirmed around on his cock as he did that.

"Oh yeah, ride me, you bitch. Ride my cock."

I moved my pussy around on his cock, humping him hard and he bit my
nipples. I felt like a bitch in heat.

At this time, Mike gave the video camera to Diana and moved behind me,
but I couldn't tell what he was doing until I felt the tip of finger brush
against my asshole. I jumped a little at the sensation which made them
both laugh.

"You ever do double penetration, bitch?" the dark-haired guy asked.

I shook my head no and he only laughed. "Well, there is a first time
for everything."

I felt Mike get on the desk behind me and force the tip of his cock
against my asshole. He spit on his hand and rubbed his cock before
thrusting it in. When he did, I screamed loudly as my ass was very tight
and not used to having a cock in it. Both men responded by assaulting me
harder. My tits were mauled, licked and bitten. My nipples were swollen
and there was red bite marks on my soft tit-flesh. My pussy and ass were
completely filled with cock as they pummeled me. But still, I fucked them
right back as my mind began to blank out a bit. I was totally driven by
this animal desire to be fucked hard and taken.

Both men were calling me a cunt, a slut and a whore over and over as
their cocks filled my fuck holes. My whole body felt electrified as they
pounded me over and over. I was thrashing and moaning against their cocks
and I wanted to cum very badly. And I was getting close.

The dark-haired guy looked up at me. "Tell us what you want, whore."

"Oh please...I want to fucked hard. I want you to fill me pussy and
ass. I want my tits to be sucked raw."

"Do you want to cum?"

"Oh yes...I want to cum very much," I whined.

"Then cum....cum all over my cock. Let your juices coat me."

I shut my eyes and concentrated on the cocks filling me and stretching
me. Suddenly I felt a huge wave building fast in my body. My body felt
weak and my vision clouded a bit but I still knew I was going to cum hard.
I leaned back and screamed - "OH YESSS...CUMMINGGG!!!!"

I rode hard and slumped over the dark-haired guy, not even knowing if
they had cum and within seconds, I blacked out.

When I came too, I was lying on the desk by myself. I could feel cum leaking out of both holes. I felt weak and spent and I was shivering.
Mike was showing the guys out the door and Diana was by my side helping me

"We are so proud of you, Dee," she said softly. "What a good slut you
are now."

I nodded weakly and pulled my dress back to the correct position after
wiping the cum off my legs. All I wanted to do was to go back to my own
apartment and take a hot bath. The entire weekend had caught up to me

Diana knew how I was feeling and together we walked out of the room and
found Mike. We had a silent ride back to their apartment where I was
allowed to change and get my stuff and go home.

Diana congratulated me on becoming their newest slut and looked forward
to using me again sometime. As tired as I was, I also wanted to see them

The End.


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