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a walk on the wild side


This story contains sexual acts, words, and themes. If
you are under 21, go away. If you think this isn't
'normal' where you are from, go away. If, on the other
hand, you think it IS normal, and you are of legal
age... keep on reading.

Please do not repost this ANYWHERE without my

Hi all! I haven't written in a while... life is still
all chaotic and twirly (I love that line - its from
'Friends', BTW). But I popped this off this afternoon
while I was feeling in the mood for a rumble. LOL If
you like it, why not email me? You can check out the
rest of my stories at (thanks to
Rey and Rui Jorge) or
"A Walk on the Wild Side"
by Pami (
(M/F, bond, f-dom)
James was enjoying a nice stiff Jack and coke... his
favorite drink after a long work week. James worked
hard as a welder at one of the local plants, and he
didn't much care to do anything more than this on a
Friday evening. Later, he would pick his woman for the
night and go bust a nut deep inside her wet willing
pussy. Life was good.

The bar was smokey and he stared into the mirror facing
his bar stool. He was a handsome bugger, he decided
for the umpteenth time, through the liquor-related fog
that was invading his mind. He smiled, and saw a
curly-haired guy in his mid-30's smile back at him in
the mirror. He winked at himself, lazily closing one
long-lashed eyelid over the sea-blue irises that drove
the women, and sometimes the men, wild. He hated it
when the homos hit on him. Couldn't they tell that he
liked WOMEN, for Christ's sake!

He rubbed a hand over the scruffy shadow of beard on
his face. Sometimes James just couldn't stand the
thought of shaving. Sometimes he thought he just liked
to drive the women wild with lust as he diddled their
clit with the roughness covering his chin. He loved to
eat pussy, as long as the woman was clean, and he loved
watching a woman come over and over again from between
his thighs as he licked and sucked her cunt until her
entire body sagged with exhaustion. It wasn't that he
was a generous lover, it was just that James had
learned early in life that if you gave a chick a few
climaxes that she would let you do just about anything
to her. He smirked as he remembered last week.

He had left that night with a college slut. She was
young; had perky tits with nipples that showed right
through her little T-shirt. He had known from the
moment their eyes had met in the mirror early that
evening that they would end up in the sack. She had
been a wild bitch, alright... what was her name now?
Alice... Allyson... Amy... some "A" name was about all
James could remember about it. She'd come for the
first time in the car, while James had driven back to
his place, one hand on the steering wheel, the other
buried in the chick's sopping cunt. After about six or
seven comes, she'd been willing to do anything James
wanted. His pupils dilated as he remembered how she
had even licked out his asshole when he told her to.
He wasn't a queer, but James had learned what kind of
thrills some good analingus could give him. He'd
gotten his rocks off three times, and then he'd given
her cab fare and sent her back to her dorm. He said
he'd call, but he knew he wouldn't... once James had a
woman, he didn't want her again. Variety is the spice
of life, he'd decided after he'd realized with his
looks and charm he could score as many women as he

James finished off his drink and gestured to the
bartender for another. James was a regular, but he
didn't really have any buddies at the bar. He was
there for the liquor and the pussy. That was it.

He took a swig of the stiff drink the barkeep plunked
down in front of him and started looking through the
crowd. It was about time for the evening's festivities
to begin, he decided. Which bitch would he fuck the
brains out of tonight, he wondered.

James knew many of the women in the club. Either they
worked at the plant in some capacity or else they lived
around the area. And then there were the ones he'd
already had. He looked down toward the pool tables and
enjoyed the lovely ass of the chick bent over trying to
make her shot in the corner pocket. Her spandex pants
defined supple thighs and when she stood up and turned
towards him, he noticed the silver navel ring showing
just below the hem of her top. She was a brunette,
with long wavy dark hair, and her tits looked pretty
pert. 36B, James thought, expertly, and wondered how
big her nips were. He had noticed that there was not
any relation between the size of a woman's tits and how
big her nipples really were. He liked titty fucking,
and he loved to pinch a woman's nipples as he ran his
schlong between her fun bags. James decided... this
chick was the one. She looked to be about 25 or so,
and his cock was already twitching at the thought of
her beneath him. He called the bartender over and told
him to give her a drink and put it on his tab.

He watched and smiled as the waitress took a long-
necked beer over to the hottie. The woman looked at
him, giggled, and then she actually DECLINED the beer!
James felt his face flush with the insult. He glared
at her as she said something to the guys she was
shooting pool with and they all looked at him and

Dammit! James spun back to face the mirror over the
bar. He wasn't used to having his invitation declined,
and in such a humiliating manner particularly pissed
him off. He glared at a couple of the other guys in
the mirror, noticing their amused looks directed at
him. James hadn't exactly won a whole lot of male
friends. He figured they were just jealous of his
prowess with the ladies. Or else they were fags and
they didn't like the way James was off-limits.

James looked down at the drink in his hand and thought
a little. It didn't matter. The bitch was probably
frigid anyway, he thought to himself.

Suddenly James was pushed forward on his barstool,
right into the edge of the bar.

"What the fuck..." burst out of his mouth as he turned
to glare at the person who had rammed into him.

"Gee, I'm sorry," came out of a generously formed mouth
that was covered with some red lipstick. James looked
up into a set of black eyes set in what was undeniably
a drop-dead fuck-me gorgeous redhead. The hell with
the bitch playing pool, James instantly decided, THIS
was the woman of the night.

He smiled at her, consciously turning on the charm.
"Well, now, that's gonna cost you, miss. I can't just
let you bang into me that way and then run off. How
about I buy you a drink and we make nice? My name's
James. And your is?"

"Candace," the woman responded, with her own smile
answering his. James got up off his stool and offered
it to her, quickly checking out her body as she
situated herself on the stool. And what a bod it was,
he thought, hormones beginning to speed up.

"Candace?" he asked her ingenuously, "Or can I just
call you 'Candy'?" He leaned into her ear, "I just
LOVE candy," he said, meeting her eyes in the mirror
and enjoying the way she blushed but didn't back down
from his stare.

"You can call me anything you want," Candace huskily
answered, swivelling so that James was between her
spread legs and leaning up to whisper to him. "Just
make sure you call me."

James was delighted. A woman who knew how to play the
game was just what he needed tonight. They made small
talk while he finished his drink and then he decided to
cut to the chase.

Just as he opened his mouth to proposition her, the
lady said "How about we get out of here, and let's see
just how much you DO like 'candy'?" She smiled at his
look of lust and continued, "I only live about 10 miles
away from here... how about my place?"

Normally James took his chicks home to his apartment,
but he thought that going to her place would be cool.
That way she wouldn't know where he lived and she
couldn't pester him like a couple of the others had
done in the past. "Let's go, sweet cheeks," he said as
he patted her ass as they threaded through the bar. He
caught the eye of the pool-playing bitch and gave her
his best "I don't give a flying fuck" look as he cupped
the cheek of the woman in front of him. Let her wonder
just what he could have done for her, James thought.

James agreed to leave his car at the bar. He only
lived a few blocks away anyway, and he could pick it up
later. Candace unlocked the doors to a white SUV, and
climbed into the driver's seat. James hopped into the
passenger side and was thrilled to find Candace jumped
on him as soon as he shut the door.

The kiss was long and hot, with their tongues dueling
and flickering in and out of each other's mouths.
James groaned as he felt her hand slide down to his
crotch and cup his growing cock. He reached his own
hand out and latched onto her breast, kneading it and
weighing it with his hand. He easily found the nipple
and pulled on it, eliciting a moan from the hot bitch.

She pulled away, panting. "If we don't get going, we
aren't gonna make it back to my place," she told him
almost apologetically. "I got so hot in that place
just looking at your mouth and thinking about what it
could do to me."

James reached down and shifted his prick so it was more
comfortable in his jeans. He looked up at Candace and
smiled. "The real thing is A LOT better than your
wildest dreams, babe. I am going to lick every inch of
you until you beg me to stop. And THEN, I am gonna do
it some more."

Candace drove quickly, not exceeding the speed limit,
but flirting with it. James looked at her in the
lights from the street lamps as they passed. Her boobs
were pretty big, maybe a 38D, he estimated, and he
thought they seemed pretty firm for their size. She
wasn't as slim as the pool player, but she had a nice
shape on her, with a slightly rounded belly that flared
out to a generous set of hips. Hips that were made for
a man to grab onto as he fucked into her from behind,
James smirked, anxious to do that very thing.

They pulled into a driveway, and into a garage before
James could see the house from the outside. He just
got a fleeting impression of a pretty large house, with
a chimney silhouetted by the moonlight.

Candace turned off the engine and hopped out of the
vehicle. James followed her through a utility room
into a really nicely appointed living room. She pushed
him down onto the leather couch and told him to hang on
right there while she got them a couple of beers. Then
Candace leaned down and gave him a big wet kiss and
added, "Why don't you get more comfortable, sexy? Why
waste time getting undressed later... strip for me
now?" and she grinned at him as she eluded his grasp
and went into another room.

James was horny as hell, and called after her to forget
about the drinks, but she said she was thirsty, and was
he STILL clothed, cause she wasn't.

At that statement, James figured what the hell, and he
stripped down to his birthday suit. He slowly stroked
his cock while he waited for Candy to come back,
fantasizing about her soft lips wrapped around his
shaft as she sucked him off. He felt a twinge and
looked down to see a drop of pre-cum puddle at the eye.

Candy's hand suddenly appeared from out of nowhere as
her forefinger dabbed at the wetness, and James watched
as she raised the finger to her mouth and smeared it
over her lips, licking the residue off her hand. Then
she leaned into him. "Kiss me," she almost commanded
him, and James did. He could taste something slightly
bitter on her and he knew it was himself. He was half
disgusted and almost against his will slightly excited
by the thought.

He pulled away from her and glanced down. "Candy... Oh
God... I am going to LOVE this Candy..." he groaned as
he looked at her nude form.

Her body was a perfect woman's body, he thought. Her
tits sagged just the tiniest bit from their weight, and
were capped with a set of half-dollar sized dark pink
nipples that were just begging to be sucked. Her body
tapered to a waist that made her look top-heavy, and
her skin was milky-white with a reddish tinge showing
that she was a live woman, and not some sculpture made
of alabaster or marble. Her hips were as generous as
he hoped, and her pussy was lightly covered with fur...
just enough, he thought. She had taken her ponytail
out and her auburn hair fell just below her shoulder in
a riot of curls. James mentally patted himself on the
back. Candy was FAR sexier than that other chick at
the bar.

She handed him a bottle of beer and gestured to make a
toast. He raised one eyebrow at her as she spoke. "To
a night that neither of us will ever forget."

"Here, here," James answered as they both drank. He
took a sip and made to put the bottle down to get on
with things, but Candy stopped him.

"No fair... I drank mine.. You need to finish yours
too," she mock-pouted at him as she sank to her knees
before him, taking his mostly hard dick into her hand.

James smiled lazily, "Nah... I don't need any more to
drink...I just need something to eat." And he winked
at her.

"Nope... not a thing more till you finish every last
drop," Candace teased him, opening her mouth and
running her tongue from the base to the tip of his cock
in a line of fire.

James sighed. Fine, if that was the way she wanted to
play it, he'd just finish the damn thing, and then she
had better finish what she was starting. He upended
the bottle and chugged the rest of alcohol down,
slamming the bottle back onto the coffee table.

"Mmm... good boy," Candace purred. "Now you shall get
your reward," she commented as she opened her mouth and
began licking him with the flat roughness of her

James ran his hands through her thick mane as he
enjoyed the sensations that a good blow job could give
him. He stumbled back a step or two as Candace sucked
him particularly hard. "Jesus!" he mumbled, thinking
that maybe he shouldn't have had that last beer.

"Are you okay, sexy?" Candy looked up at him as she
took her mouth off of him.

James blinked as he looked down and saw two bitches at
his feet. "Maybe I should sit down for a minute,
babe," he told her. He gathered himself together.
"Then you can get back to playing lollipop, 'kay?"

Candace smiled at him. "Sure thing, baby... I just want
to inhale every inch of you..."

James felt a queasy feeling run through him, and he
plopped heavily down on the leather sofa. Immediately,
Candy was next to him, licking his ear, and whispering
nasty suggestions about what she wanted him to do to
her. Normally, James would have gotten even more
excited by her dirty talk, but he felt a wave of
dizziness run through him, and he leaned his head back
against the cushion. The last thing he heard was
Candy's sexy voice, "Just a minute....almost there..."


James groaned as he awoke. He was standing, or
hanging, was more like it, with his arms outstretched
slightly above his head. He pulled one, but it didn't
move. He opened his eyes, and couldn't see anything.
"Huh?" he muttered, realizing that he was blindfolded.
He pulled harder, with both arms, but they held fast.
He was attached somehow and he couldn't move them.
His legs were spread as well, and as he tried to kick,
he discovered that they were restrained also. "What
the fuck?!" he asked aloud and was not surprised to
hear a feminine laugh answer him.

"Awww.... poor baby... Are you feeling better, sweet
cheeks?" Candy's voice mocked him as her hand trailed
across his exposed ass.
James' queasiness had abated, and he was back in
fighting form. "Listen, bitch, you had better just let
me down" he angrily started but was interrupted by
Candy again.

"Or else, stud? Or else what? Or else you are going
to beat me up? Tsk, tsk... bad manners, threatening a
lady like that, Jimmy-boy," she snickered, slapping his
ass with her bare hand as she admonished him.

James thought as quickly as he could, deciding that he
would try to wheedle her into letting him go, then get
the hell out of there. "C'mon, Candy... if you untie
me, I will make you feel better than anyone else ever
has or could. I'll do anything you want. I'll lick
your pussy till you cry. C'mon, Candy..."


Candace's hand came down sharply across his bare
buttocks, startling a yelp out of James. "I HATE to be
called 'Candy', buddy-boy. You will address me as
Candace from now on. Understand?"

"Okay, okay, Candy-er-uh CandACE" he stuttered,
startled by the no-nonsense tone in her voice.

"Better," Candace purred, "But not quite good enough.
MISS Candace, if you please." She paused. "Now SAY
it," she commanded, punctuating her statement with
another smack to his bottom.

James was getting pissed at the little slaps and smacks
and he was not too thrilled about the way this was
going, but knew that he needed to get his hands free
before he could turn the tables on this little bitch.

"Yes, Miss Candace," James said dutifully.

"That was SO much better," she responded. Suddenly
James was startled to feel her hand touch his limp
member. "See what you get when you are a good boy,"
she told him, from in front of him now as her hand
caressed and teased his prick into an excited state,
almost against his will.

James hadn't given up on trying to get away from this
psycho, but he discovered that his mind hadn't really
informed his penis that they were in trouble here. The
twitches and shudders that ran up his cock as it
hardened were delicious, he discovered from behind his
blindfold. Maybe this was it. Maybe it was just that
she was a kinky chick who got off on taking advantage
of helpless males. James moaned as Candace's other
hand cupped his balls while she tugged at his dick.
She sure knew her way around a cock, he thought as he
enjoyed the sensations running through him.

"Ahhh... you like this, I think, little Jimmy," her
hateful voice purred at him. "You like someone playing
with your teeny-weeny, don't you, sweetheart? C'mon...
tell me. Tell Miss Candace that you like it when
someone plays with your peeny." She squeezed the shaft
and then smeared the wetness of pre-cum on his lips.
"Go ahead, Jimmy. Taste it. See what a naughty boy
tastes like."

Almost against his will, James licked his lips. He
felt like he HAD to... he couldn't really explain why.
He just did. And he felt the same revulsion and
attraction to the taste of his own fluids as he had

"Mmm... yummy, isn't it, Jimmy? Come on.. Tell me you
want more," she cajoled him as her hands continued to
manipulate his fully erect cock, sending more messages
to his brain that he liked this.

James didn't make a peep. He certainly wasn't going to
TELL this chick that he was getting off on the taste of
his own pre-cum. That was sick, and his brain didn't
even want to admit that it was possible.
Unfortunately, his rational side seemed to be taking a
break, and he struggled to maintain what was left of
his dignity.

"I said, TELL me, Jimmy!" Candace raised her voice, and
as she squeezed his balls sending messages of pain
exploding through his body, he felt the crack of
something hard against his ass.

"OW!" James yelped. Wait a minute, he thought. She's
jacking my dick and touching my balls. How can she
be... "OW!" he yelled again as she squeezed his
testicles and he felt a harder slap against his ass.
Oh My Gawd, James thought, she isn't ALONE! WHO IS

Candace laughed. "Ahhh... I see you have figured it
out. I have at least one other person with me. Maybe
two. Maybe ten. What do you think about that, Jimmy-
boy?" she continued to work on his cock which was
trying to go limp with fear. "Oh no, sweet cheeks...
we can't let this bad boy go hide... we wanna SEE that
piece of meat you are so proud of, don't we?" she asked
her unknown companions. "Just give up and let it go,
Jimmy," she crooned as she leaned closer to him. "You
know it feels good. Now, tell me you want me to keep
playing with your peeny, baby...c'mon..."

James was scared out of his mind, but he couldn't deny
that her hands made him horny as hell. Even the pain
from the couple of spanks he had gotten couldn't cover
the pleasure he was getting from her touch. What the
hell, he thought, if he played along, she'd HAVE to let
him loose sooner or later. "Yes, Can...OW! Yes, Miss
Candace. Please, touch my cock...OW!" he yelped as he
was spanked again. "Please touch my penis...OW!
Please touch my peeny and make me feel good," he
finished finally.

"Now was that so hard?" Candace's voice came from
somewhere around knee level. "Look at what good boys
get..." and with that, his hard cock was sucked into
her hot, wet, sucking mouth.

"Je-SUS!" James cried as he enjoyed the sensations that
had engulfed his sensitive shaft. "Please, Can...OW!
Please, Miss Candace... suck me.... please.... oh...
god...." he moaned and pleaded, not even stopping when
the paddle came down on his ass, reminding him of the
proper form of address for his tormentor.
Candace's mouth licked and nibbled and sucked, bringing
James such pleasure that he swore he wanted to be
blindfolded for every single one of his blow jobs from
here till eternity. It was true, he thought, that when
you are deprived of sight, the other senses are more
acute. He certainly found that he could concentrate
more on the throbbing of his cock inside Candace's wet
mouth. The suction she was exerting on him would put a
Hoover vacuum to shame, James thought, when he could
think in between slurps. Her hands cupped his ass,
bringing his dick closer to where she was kneeling,
pulling him against his bonds. James didn't even care
that there was someone else watching anymore, he just
wanted to enjoy the amazing art of fellatio of which
this chick was a master...or mistress.

Her fingers slowly separated his ass cheeks, and James
stiffened slightly as he felt her finger touch his
bunghole. Jesus, the chick is going to put her finger
up my ass, he thought to himself. He didn't really
care, in fact, he kind of liked it, but usually he had
to convince a woman to do that to him. Hell, this
Candy was his kind of chick. Kinky as hell, but she
sure knew what felt good.

Her finger pushed against his backdoor, and slid up
about an inch into him. James groaned, and he felt her
sucking mouth come off of him. "Do you like that,
Jimmy-boy? Do you like it when I fuck you with my
finger?" she coaxed him.

"Yes, Can...OW!" the spanker was still back there, and
as he got sharply smacked across his left cheek, he
began again. "Yes, Miss Candace. I like it." He
paused. "OW! I like it when you fuck me with your
finger," he finished, guessing that was what they were
waiting for.

"Mmmmm... good boy," Candace drawled huskily and as he
felt her finger withdraw and then thrust back inside.
Thicker this time. Two fingers, he would guess from
the size of them. Strangely, it didn't hurt at all,
James thought. She must be using some lube.

As she slightly spread her fingers inside his hole, she
suddenly swallowed his cock all the way to the root, as
she started sucking with even more force than before.
James thought his entire body was going to be sucked
out of his penis, and he groaned in pleasure. Damn,
the chick could even deep throat. It might be
worthwhile to see this one again, he thought hazily as
his brain soared even higher on the pleasure shooting
through his body. He was gonna come soon, he thought.
Just a few more minutes of the dual attack of her
fingers on his prostate and her mouth on his cock, and
he was willing to bet he would shoot a load of come in
her mouth that would make her drown.

As his balls drew up tight, he felt Candace pull her
fingers out of his ass, but she kept sucking at him.
Just her mouth was going to be enough to send him over
the edge. He opened his mouth to warn her that he was
about to explode, but then he figured why should he
bother. She deserved to have his jism make her gag for
what she had done to him. He felt her fingers at his
rosebud again, and he grunted as she shoved what felt
like three fingers into him this time. It stung a
little, but when she passed them over his special spot
inside, it felt incredible.

"Aw, Gawd," James yelled as he felt his testicles start
to force his sap up the length of his cock. He blinked
as the blindfold was ripped off his face and he looked
down to see a man's face at his crotch. Je-SUS! A GUY
was giving him the best blowjob of his life! And he
heard Candace's chuckle in his ear.

"That's right Jimmy-boy. I'm fucking you in the ass,
and a queer is giving you a blowjob." James couldn't
stop the orgasm. "What does that make you?"

James blinked again as lights flashed in his eyes. Was
that the blonde from last weekend? What the fuck was
her name? And she had a CAMERA?!

James tried to block it all out, but the dildo scraped
over his prostate one more time and he came harder than
he thought he ever had in his life. The spurts were
long and painful, and the guy at his knees just smiled
and swallowed it all down.

Candace pulled her strap-on out of James and whispered
in his ear. "That's for Ann-Marie, Jimmy-boy. Can't
wait for round two, can you?"


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