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This is an erotic poem inspired by a dream one night
and is my own original creation. Please do not claim
it as your own. Reposting is allowed as long as you
give me credit for it. Comments and feedback are
always welcome - femNOSPACEecrivain at netdot dot com
or you can use the handy form on my website:

by: Souvie

Come closer my love
Wrap me in your fortress embrace
Warm, sultry nights
Spent with you
Tangled in sweat soaked sheets.
The feel of my hair on your thighs;
Sweet smell of my sex pressed against you.
You're all contradictions,
hard and sleek like a wildcat
on the prowl
With a touch as light as
down when need be.
And you know just where,
Just when to touch me.
Feel this wet, hot warmth
That is just for you.
Touch me, claim me as yours.
Yes, you know me so well
What I like and need.
Stroke me now
Make me liquid fire
And trembling limbs.
Clenching muscles
Uncontrollable ecstasy
Brought to the peak
By your mouth and
Tumbled over the edge
By your steely sex.
Even in the throes
I feel you throb inside me.
Filling me up to overflowing
And sending me crashing again.
Satisfied sighs entwine
And your kiss so gentle
So loving
Seals my fate and
Calms my senses
Until I feel it starting all over...

***copyright 1999 by Souvie


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