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Too-Kay Web

After the Ball M/F

“I want to undress you slowly and make love to you downstairs, on the
stairs and upstairs” he whispered as they came home from a Fancy Dress

They had dressed as a pair - Elizabethan Lady and Gentleman. The
clothes were warm but made up of many layers as they both liked being
authentic in their fancy dress. It was January 1 and it was half-past four
in the morning.

“You are incredible, darling; you want me again?”

She pretended shock; but really, she looked forward to the suggested
prolonged love-making. They had found a quite alcove at the party shortly
before midnight and enjoyed a frantic fumbling quickie; then again a couple
of hours later, they had enjoyed themselves again. Three times in one
evening was a bonus.

As they locked the front door behind them, his arms came up round her
waist. Not bothering to switch on any light, he nuzzled her neck, gently
covering it with kisses. She turned in his arms, skirts swishing against
his legs, and cuddled up close to him. She felt his hard cod-piece press
against her as he pushed her against the door to kiss her more
comprehensively. She kissed him with increasing ardour, feeling the
cricket box tease her by pressing her skirts against her thighs.

He pulled her coaxingly to the sitting-room where he leant her against
the sofa and stood back to admire her, still without any lights on in the

“You are beautiful in that get-up. No wonder I'm so randy.”

She giggled,

“Are you sure its got nothing to do with me not wearing knickers?” She
scooped up her dress in an attempt to give him a brief flash. It did not
work, there was too much material and they had both had a lot to drink at
the party. She did, however, give him an idea.

“Sit on the floor, with your dress all round you.”

She slowly moved to the soft rug they had got for Christmas, and,
carefully lifting her skirts, lowered herself to the floor.

The rug tickled her, and she wriggled slightly. He came to lie, propped
up on one arm, beside her. His free hand fumbled, found the edge of the
skirt, and slid up to caress her stocking-ed legs. She stopped him from
going above her knees,

“Thought you wanted me all over the house.” she teased. So instead, he
devoted himself to fondling her calves and feet, while gazing at her face.

After a while, he left her feet and proceeded to cover her face with
light, feathery kisses. He kissed her eyes, her neck, her mouth. She
kissed back. Soon they were both breathless, drunk not only with alcohol
but with kisses. They smiled at each other and he turned his attention to
her breasts. The costume meant that it lifted her breasts and they bulged
slightly over the top of her bodice. He kissed and licked her warm,
scented skin.

“Beautiful woman, you're all mine. Your are very definitely mine. I
want to make love to you forever.”

He nuzzled her neck as he murmured this. His ruff tickled her cheeks,
and she put her hands to his chest to push him away. Deftly unfastening
the tiny hooks that held it together (she had had a lot of practice, after
all, that evening), she pushed it back, away from his neck.

“That's better. I can see you.”

They continued to pet heavily for some time, then his hands strayed to
the embroidered magenta lace-up bodice and he pulled the bow undone.
Carefully easing the laces open he began the slow process of undressing
her. In no time at all, the velvety padded restraining bodice lay
discarded. This left her in a white cotton chemise that tucked into her
skirts. Making no attempt to pull the chemise up, the man fondled the
woman's large breasts through the cotton. Languidly, she moved towards him
to kiss him before beginning to unlace his black quilted jerkin. After
throwing that to one side, she pulled at the cord that held his shirt closed. The shirt fell open and she slid her hands inside it. They rolled
over then, she landing on top of him, and kissed lingeringly.

Reaching up to her chemise ties, he released them and pulled the fabric
down her arms. Her breasts tumbled out. They were bulbous, with large
dark pink aureoles around her nipples. He pulled her down onto him,
burying his face in those luscious breasts.

He attempted to take all of one breast into his mouth - but failed.
Instead he started to suckle, pulling hard on her nipple until she started
to gasp with pleasure. Changing to the other breast, he continued to
suckle, sending shivers of sensual pleasure through her. This was her
favourite position for him to suckle her. The downward motion on her
breasts accentuated the sensations three-fold.

Grunting her pleasure, she wriggled her belly and thighs against his
torso, seeking pleasure there, too. After a lot more suckling, he rolled
her off him and got to his feet. Stooping, he pulled her to her feet and
hugged her.

“Sexy lady. Come on, I have an idea,”

With that, he undid her quilted jade green overskirt, leaving the
plainer, underskirt behind. The pale green linen skirt hung in folds
around her, held in place with yet more ties. Kissing her, he led her to
the hall. She leant against the bottom of the staircase, allowing him to
caress her extensively. She moved her hands down to his black breeches,
and ran them over the silk fabric. Grabbing his buttocks, she pulled his
hips towards her.

“Eager, aren't you, my sweet? All right, I'll undo my belt for you.”

He fumbled at the ornate buckle. Finally releasing the belt, he let it
hall to the floor and she undid the hooks that held it closed. Having
pulled the breeches free from the belt that held his cod-piece, she pushed
them down over his buttocks. Beneath the breeches, he was naked, and his
shirt hung loosely down to his thighs. She could just make out his
cod-piece beneath the shirt in the gloom. It wriggled as his cock tried to
escape its confines.

As she reached up to caress his back, he began to fondle her breasts gently. They were quietly arousing each other, knowing that it would take
him time to climax a third time in five hours.

“Where is my lovely kitty?” he whispered against her mouth. “Where is
she?” Pushing his hand inside her waistband, his fingers grazed the top of
her bush. She pushed her bottom forward, tempting him.

Sliding down onto one of the lower stairs, she took his wandering hand
and, lifting her skirt and petticoat, and steered him up to her stocking tops.

“Try again from here.” He kissed her and found his way to that wonderful
part of her body.

“Hello kitty. There you are. Care for a stroke?” She replied just as

“Yes please. Stroke your kitty, and let her know you love her.”

He caressed her fine, curly hair, so different in colour to her head
hair. That was a mouse brown, while the hair he was stroking now was much
darker. She felt him graze her skin lightly, teasingly, and she moaned her
impatience. While he caressed her, she fiddled with the knots holding her
skirt and petticoats, finally getting them undone.

“Wait a moment, lover-boy.” She stood up and shook the garments down to
her feet. Her dishevelled chemise hung over one shoulder and reached the
top of her pubic hair. Her shoulder-length hair had become rumpled, too,
in their love-making up to now. He thought she was beautiful and told her

“Thank you kind sir. What would my lord like to do next?”

Looking mischievous, she lunged for his cod-piece. Side-stepping
neatly, he grabbed her round the waist and kissed her soundly.

“Later, sweetheart, later.” He pulled her chemise up over her head and
hooked the garment over the bottom of the banister. She was naked. In the
gloomy light, her paleness was like a beacon to him.

Pressing her back down onto the stairs, he fondled her pubic hair
slowly, gradually working his fingers towards her vagina's lips. He felt
their slightly rubbery skin, and played with them. This tormented her and
he knew he couldn't linger much longer. She was impatient for sensations.

He thrust his fingers between her moist flesh, seeking her G-spot. As
he sought for that pleasure-spot, she parted her legs in flagrant
invitation. Finding it at last, he stroked and teased it until he felt her
clit hood pull back to expose that small, tender spot. He felt her muscles
give, and he was able to insert a second finger into her vagina.

She shook with enjoyment; what she wanted was to hold back her orgasm
till he had a third finger in her, pulling her cavity wide open. With
difficulty she managed it, and she savoured the sensation of his three
slender fingers in her, each moving independently, sending waves of
pleasure through her body. Suddenly she jack-knifed forward as her orgasm
hit her. Leaning against his shoulders, she held his hand between her
legs. Soon he began to move his fingers suggestively inside her again.
Feeling her respond, he withdrew his hand, covering her pouting mouth with
his, and bent to pick her up in his arms.

Carrying her upstairs and into their bedroom, he laid her on the bed.
Sitting up, she gestured to him to come closer.

“Time for the great escape, eh?” she asked as she slowly removed his

Cupping his balls in her palm, she licked the very tip of his erect
cock. He pulled her head forward, making her take him into her mouth. She
sucked for a few moments, then removed her mouth, replacing it with her
hand. Moving slowly at first, she ran her hand up and down his satin
shaft. She went faster and faster, all the time softly manipulating his
balls, bringing him to fever pitch.

Abruptly, she let go of him and, turning over on the bed, knelt with
legs slightly splayed. He saw her warm flesh peeping from between her
buttocks. Lifting her bottom higher she tantalised him further. He
reached to stroke her with one fore-finger. It slid between her buttocks
and he felt her tighten her muscles around it. Continuing a downward
moment, he found her clit. Getting onto the bed, he leant against her
briefly, before guiding his shaft into the depths of her vaginal entrance.

She moved to receive him eagerly, making it easier for him to find her
clit again. Fondling it, he began to move rhythmically, enjoying the
feeling of being in her and able to take his time.

It would take a while for him to ejaculate but he intended to enjoy her
body all the more. Picking up speed, he felt her increase her thrusts
backwards until she reached another orgasm. Quiet now, she continued to
kneel, feeling him carry on sliding in and out of her gently. She sighed
with pleasure. It was a great way to end the old year and start the new.
Lazily lying down beside her for a moment he reached for her neck, pulled
her towards him and began kissing her on the nape of the neck. Turning
over, she ran her nails across his chest, tickling him.

“I want you to ride me,” he whispered.

“Great!” she responded, continuing to rake her nails across his torso.

“But first - ” he moved swiftly, getting to his knees and pulling her
onto hers. He thrust his almost-erect cock into her. Unprepared for this
assault, she squawked.

“Sorry.” He reached round her to finger her clit gently in apology.

This became a more insistent movement as he felt her relax around his
erect shaft. Soon he left the clit and, placing his hands on her buttocks,
held her still while he withdrew almost entirely from her before plunging
back into her warmth. This he did for a long time, holding her buttocks
apart to watch himself in action. She climaxed twice while he became
increasingly roused. He felt her bathe his cock in her juices and her
rippling orgasms tantalise him.

When she was thoroughly wet again he made a move to reverse their
positions but she waylaid him. Once he had lain on his back, she reached
for his cock and, enfolding it in her breasts, wiggled her bottom across
his mouth. As she moved him back and forth between her breasts, he licked
her, tasting the combined taste of both of them. Coming to orgasm once
more, she then bore down on his cock with her mouth and sucked delightedly
at him.

Impatiently then, she swivelled around and mounted him. She felt him
slip into her smoothly and eagerly. He pulled her forward to briefly
suckle at her breasts before allowing her to sit upright on him again.
Stretching, she proceeded to lift herself partially off him. Grinning at
him, she went down on him again. Over and over again she did this, lightly
brushing against her pubic hair as she did so.

“Gee up, horsey. Your mistress wants a ride.”

With that, she suddenly increased the momentum of her thrusts downwards,
angling herself so she got maximum penetration. Lifting his knees so that
his legs supported her back, he gave himself over to the riding. Faster
and faster she bore down on him, only to rise again, lifting herself so
high that he felt that she'd let go of him. She didn't. Gradually her
movements became less large, but still as vigorous, and he felt her quiver
on the brink of another climax, but manage to hold back.

This spurred him on and he found himself moving his hips in tandem with
her. Still increasing the speed, she pushed him aggressively towards his
third ejaculation in twelve hours.

“I - want - a - gallop,” she panted as she hammered herself against him
in ecstasy. So, moving his hips in response to her movements, he held her
and helped her achieve what she wanted; the sensation that he was pushing
all the way up to her throat.

Crying aloud, head thrown back, breasts frustratingly close to his chin,
she finally allowed herself to climax - after she'd felt the first
throbbing motions from him. Holding her firmly on top of him, he pumped
his seed into her for the third time, feeling it wring him dry. Utterly
exhausted and drained, he cradled her against him, waiting for his cock to
slide out. It did after a few minutes.

“Happy New Year darling” he murmured as they drifted off to sleep.

Copyright Too-Kay, 2000 All rights reserved. Do not reprint or post
without permission. -- Pursuant to the Berne
Convention, this work is copyright with all rights reserved by its author
unless explicitly indicated.
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