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amazing orgasm


Amazing_orgrasm.txt MF, mc, oral, mind control (sort of)

Christy, a gorgeous nympho, experiments with her newly developed
"Ultra-Testosterone" drug, which induces impossibly copious orgasms.

***Chapter 1***

Christy was very pleased. Although there was no one to hear her, she
yelled a loud "YES" that echoed through the empty halls of her house. Her
research team had finally made a breakthrough... all their long nights had
finally paid off. The ultra-testosterone (UT) drug was finally stable, and
could be easily synthesized.

This was a pet project of Christy's... one she started due to her own
needs and dissatisfaction with the performances of her past lovers. Her
father had left her millions of dollars when he died, and she was able to
follow her every whim, such as hiring a team of scientists to develop this
drug for her.

She was already a devastatingly beautiful woman. At age 26, she looked
like an 18 year old, tall and thin, a captivating face and a confidant air.
Her very ample bosom stood straight out from her without any sag,
emphasized even more by her flat muscular tummy. Her long dark hair fell
straight down to her curvaceous hips, and her long muscled legs were tanned
and sensual.

Now that her latest effort had been concluded, she remembered why she
started it in the first place. As far back as she could remember, she
always had an insatiable sexual appetite. All the boys she screwed always
shot their loads far too soon for her satisfaction, and the volume of cum was never quite enough. Christy was a true cum-slut, and couldn't get
enough of the creamy treat. She loved to bring a man to orgasm... it was
the best tribute a man could show her. She got weak just picturing a
throbbing cock, poised on verge of cumming, thick and engorged, dripping
pre-cum... all thanks to her gorgeous body and sensual abilities. Seeing
a man in the throes of orgasm, his manhood pulsing with his heartbeat, his
eyes screwed shut in ecstasy, his body a hair-trigger for her touch, made
her wet. Feeling the hot throbbing of his cock when it pulsed thick jets
of cum into her pussy, her mouth, her hand, or anywhere, that was what made
her orgasm. Ending up with a full pussy dripping with cum, or a face
covered in cream, was the perfect way to complete a sexual workout. But
men's orgasms were so short-lived, she rarely got the release she
desperately craved.

Now, she had the answer, or so she hoped. This UT drug should make a
man able to cum much longer, and with more volume. The thought sent
shivers down to her slick, shaved pussy. The drug was still in
development, and was certainly not up to FDA standards, but that would
eventually get worked out. For now, Christy wanted to test out the UT, and
she knew where to get a "volunteer". She grabbed a handful of the pills
and went to her bedroom to change.

Christy put on one of her many form-fitting skimpy tops, a black one
that showed off her flat belly and her eye-grabbing cleavage. She wore a
skirt that was slit right up to her black lacy crotch less panties, which
showed off that fact nicely. She put the pills in her tiny useless purse,
humming to herself, and headed out to a nearby strip club.

Arriving at The Excalibur, she was let in amidst many raised eyes and
lewd stares. She walked into the smoky strip club, and saw all the great
potential volunteers, already terribly excited and horny, watching the
dancers gyrate and strip... although most of them weren't half as hot as
Christy. As she walked through the club, most of the men turned from the
show on-stage to watch her walk past... and she looked back at them with a
sultry look. She found herself getting very hot and excited as she
progressed through the room.

Finally, her eyes landed on a muscular young man who had an impressive
lump in his pants from the show, and he was alone. Christy caught his eye,
accepted his offer for a drink, and sat down next to him, being sure to
show off her fine legs and giving him a clear view of her panties and
bosom. He introduced himself as Jim, and told her she was the best thing he
had seen all night. They made small talk for a while, and had a couple of
drinks. He had to go to the bathroom, and Christy used the opportunity to
crush a pill and slip it into his drink.

When Jim returned, she let her hand rest on his knee. He jumped a
little, but kept talking with her. As he drank the drugged cocktail, she
slowly slid her hand up his thigh, heading straight for the massive hard-on
that was being held tightly against his thigh by his jeans. As she did
this, Jim felt his 9" cock strain outward, getting harder, and begin to
throb with excitement. Her fingertips grazed the head of his thick tool
through the jeans, and she stared him in the eyes and licked her lips. He
was so hard for her, that he could barely say anything. Christy loved
getting a man in this state, but she needed privacy to take it farther.

Jim couldn't believe his luck... he hadn't had any sex for a few weeks,
and had come to The Excalibur out of frustration, hoping to find some
skanky chick he could take home, but he couldn't believe his luck at
finding this gorgeous sex-machine. Now he was so excited by her, he
couldn't think of anything but banging the hell out of her, grabbing those
succulent meaty breasts, and filling her up. Fortunately, Christy had the
same idea, and she took Jim with her back to her place.

Back at her house, Christy quickly let Jim upstairs into her large
bedroom, and told him to sit on the edge of the bed. He did, still hard as
hell for her, and could barely contain himself as she began to strip for
him. Jim stared in mute appreciation as he watched Christy slowly spin
around, bending over to show her voluminous breasts, enjoying watching
Jim's mesmerized eyes. As she turned him on with her striptease, she kept
getting wetter thinking about the surprise he was going to get... and the
orgasm she was going to get.

Christy moved like a cat to where Jim was sitting on the bed. She was
wearing only her bra and crotchless panties now, and Jim saw that she was
completely shaved, and that she was very excited and wet, too. He
practically had to pinch himself to make sure it wasn't a dream. But the
electricity he felt when brushed his face with her breasts made him sure it
was real. He started to take off his pants... they felt painfully tight
at the crotch... but Christy stopped him. So instead, Jim took her bra
off, and saw the most perfectly full and round melons staring him right in
the face. Her nipples, stiff and thick as a man's thumbs, were a dark-rose
color. He rubbed his cheeks and lips over her swollen mammaries, relishing
in their firm and smooth texture. He moved his lips in circles, closing in
on her areolas, and finally her nipples. When he moved his lips onto her
nipples, he simultaneously felt her hand fondle along his encased manhood,
tracing the shape of it in his jeans.

Using her breasts, Christy pushed Jim backwards onto the bed, until she
was straddling him. She bounced her breasts back and forth in front of his
face, grazing him with their weight and her hard nipples. She lowered
herself over his face and smothered him with her dreamy tits. Jim wasn't
idle either... he was kissing and fondling her all over. Christy worked
her way down his torso, and undid his jeans and (finally) pulled them off.
Jim's cock, harder and fuller than usual, instantly tented up his boxers.
Christy yanked those off, too, followed by his shirt.

"Oooooh, your cock is so big," she purred as saw his cock fully exposed
for the first time. She could barely get her hand around the thick cock
shaft and it felt like a baseball bat in her fist. Hot sticky pre-cum was
oozing from the piss-slit and she spread the liquid over his bulbous cock
head and along the richly veined shaft of his cock until the whole thing
was wet and glistening.

She was already lubricated from her own desires, and she slid her slick
hairless pussy over Jim's powerful 9" shaft, all the way up to the purplish
mushroom head, which was certainly engorged! His cock was already dripping
with pre-cum, and that mixed with Christy's juices, made it slide along her
crack very smoothly. Suddenly she popped his fat head inside her opening,
and slowly lowered herself onto his manhood. She enjoyed the feeling of
being skewered by a massive dick, and this was a glorious one. Soon, she
was fully impaled, and her pelvic bone was grinding against Jim's. They
both felt the blunt tip of his cock head bump against the entrance of her
womb, and Christy cried out with pleasure, knowing that she'd taken his
cock to the hilt. When she squirmed her ass a bit, she felt his hard prick
embedded all the way up in her hot cunt and his swollen balls pressing
gently against the wide-splayed crevice of her creamy ass.

Jim laid back and watched her breasts bounce up and down as she slid
herself up and down his greased pole. He felt her youthful cunt muscles
clasp hotly around his swollen prick and was filled with pure ecstasy as
her cunt squeezed his hotly throbbing cock. He enjoyed seeing her slick
pussy and fat labia slide along his shaft, and could see everything clearly
thanks to her shaved pubes. Jim felt a strong tingling in his balls as she
continued to ride his rod. He knew that if she kept riding him like that,
he would cum like a firecracker, shooting straight into her slippery love
tunnel. Christy continued to glide up and down his length, gripping his
thick meat with her abdominal muscles. Jim groaned as the sensation of her
velvety pussy grabbing his cock started his balls churning. He started to
get that far-off look in his eyes that Christy recognized and loved. But
this time, she didn't have to worry about her partner climaxing too
quickly. She figured the UT had enough time to start working by now, and
she was right.

She pistoned up and down on his rigid shaft, feeling his cock bloating
as fat as it could get, and starting to twitch. She heard him moan on
every down stroke, and she felt herself starting to get really wet and
wanton. As she pounded him, she reached back with her fingers and started
to drag her nails lightly and maddeningly over his taut balls. The grip of
her cunt muscles, the sight of her magnificent body, and the tickling on
his balls was too much, and his balls started to tighten, as he felt the
onset of a great orgasm... the first one with a woman in a few weeks.

His leg muscles tightened, and so did the rest of him, as his entire
being became hard and focused on his orgasm. He saw Christy through hazy
eyes, still bouncing on him, and moaning in wild abandon. He felt his
balls contract and a powerful surge, like a hose that's been kinked and
finally released, shoot from his balls straight up his cock, and finally
explode out the head of his cock, which was buried to the hilt inside

To Christy, it felt like a water balloon had burst inside her, and she
thrilled to feel the thick penis throbbing and spurting inside her. She
felt the wet heat of his cum splashing deep into her writhing slit. Jim
was riding the wave of his orgasm, as he felt surge after surge shoot
thickly and powerfully up and out of his turgid cock. After 3 or 4 pulses,
he expected to soften and his cum to slow to a trickle, but he kept feeling
wave after wave of intense spasms, as his cock seemed to have a life of its
own. He growled and grunted as he steadily pumped a stream of liquid fire
up into Christy's horny cunt. His brain was on fire from the power of this
orgasm, and he knew he had shot at least 9 or 10 times. His penis was just
throbbing and pumping out loads of cum that he didn't know was possible.
He felt and heard thick squishy sounds as his sperm poured out of her full
pussy and coated their crotches in a viscous sticky mess. Still his cock
was pulsing into her, although after another 10 pounding explosions, it was
finally petering out. He was having the experience of a lifetime, and felt
almost like electric shocks were shooting through his loins.

Meanwhile, Christy was cumming like crazy, having her own extended
orgasm. thick streams of Jim's jism poured into her cunt and as more of it
spurted into her, it began squishing out around the edges of Jim's cock
lance. Wad after wad of hot cum belched into her overstuffed cunt hole.
It felt as though Jim was pumping gallons of jism into her pussy, making
her cunt spasm from one incredible orgasm to the next, until she thought
she'd lose her mind. She'd never had so much cum inside her pussy, and she
loved every minute of this wild fuck-session.

She was on cloud 9 as this lovely horse-sized cock throbbed and pumped
load after load into her excited pussy. Her cunt convulsed as she
experienced her own gut-wrenching climaxes. She screamed and grasped the
cum- spurting prick with her cunt muscles, pulling it deep inside her and
milking it of its heavy load.

Eventually, it started to subside, and she became aware of her
surroundings again. She reached down to Jim's belly, and felt a sticky
mass of gooey, slippery cum which ran from her pussy out over Jim's cock,
along their joined bodies, legs, asses, and finally onto Jim's stomach and
then the bed sheets. All in all, there seemed to be about a pint cum. Jim
looked rather pale and limp, but happy. She absentmindedly ran her hands
through the warm sticky white cream, feeling it coat her hands, scooping up
handfuls and rubbing it into her large breasts and flat belly. She lifted
herself off of Jim, and was sad to feel his shrinking, but still
substantial, thickness slide out of her gripping pussy. When the head
popped out, with an audible slurping sound, a new flood of Jim's jism ran
down her legs in a deluge. Her bed was soaked, and she and Jim were both

Christy led a dazed Jim to the shower, where she cleaned herself and Jim
up. Jim's cock remained flaccid, and she was not surprised after that fuck
of a lifetime. After the shower, Jim began to come back to life, and he
asked her what had just happened. Christy led him to a couch, and pulled a
bottle out of her purse, which had the UT pills in them. Christy explained
to Jim about the ultra-testosterone, and how she had slipped it into his
drink in the club. She didn't tell him that it was largely untested, or
that he was the first person she tried it with.

Jim took it in stride... hell, it was the best screw he ever had, and
he didn't care if he had been drugged or tricked or anything. He did feel
like he had a hangover, and his cock was still limp, but he was happier
than he could remember. He suddenly realized he felt ravenously hungry and
thirsty, so they got dressed, went downstairs, and had a large breakfast.
After an hour of eating, drinking, and talking, his strength returned, and
he began to look lustfully at Christy again. Christy noticed the look in
his eyes, and decided she wanted to do some more experimentation too. She
asked him if he wanted to try another pill and see if they could destroy
another set of bed sheets.

***Chapter 2***

Jim agreed, and poured himself some more orange juice, while Christy
produced another UT pill for Jim to take. No need to hide it this time,
she purred to him, feeling herself start to get excited. Jim swallowed the
pill, put his glass down, grabbed Christy and kissed her deeply. She
returned his vigor, and swirled her tongue with his, and pressed her large
hardbody breasts into Jim's chest. She wriggled her hips against him as
they continued to kiss, and felt his trouser snake start to come to life,
and press against her.

Finally, they broke from the kiss and headed back upstairs. Christy
ripped off the soiled sheets, and went to get some fresh ones. While she
was gone, Jim found her purse, pulled out the bottle of pills, and decided
to do some experimentation of his own. There were about 10 left in the
bottle, so he took 2 out, and swallowed them down. He put it all back and
had just sat down when Christy returned. He helped her put the sheets on
the bed, and he started to feel the effects of the drug as his cock started
swelling up and he felt a strange buzzing in his balls.

Christy again took the dominant role, and quickly stripped off her
clothes and Jim's. She smiled in appreciation as she struggled to remove
his boxers and saw his obvious arousal. She smiled at Jim and said "happy
to see me?" as she simultaneously started to stroke his swollen cock, which
was pointing outward and upward. Jim grunted an affirmative, as Christy
led him to the bed, and helped him lay down. Jim couldn't have said much,
as his entire consciousness was down in his supercharged pecker, and his
whole body felt slightly dizzy. Just Christy's touch was enough to send
his mind and body reeling with excitement, and he felt and saw everything
happening to him as if he were floating and watching it happen to him. He
was not just horny--he was ecstaticly horny.

He let Christy move him into the center of the bed, and watched with
fascination as this sex-goddess started to climb on top of him, straddling
him in a 69 position. He looked up in time to see Christy in reverse...
her pussy right over his face, he looked up her flat belly towards her
humongous perky breasts. They seemed to defy gravity, standing straight
out from her chest despite their obvious and proven weight. On the end of
each flawless breast was a perfectly erect nipple. Jim didn't get to see
that for long, though, because Christy started lowering her snatch onto his
face. Now Jim's entire vision was taken up with a perfectly formed,
slightly moistened, completely hairless pussy. The labia were slightly
swollen, and he could just glimpse her clitoris.

As she moved her slit closer to Jim's mouth, she held it just above his
tongue, letting him reach her but just barely. At the same time she stared
down the barrel of his one-eyed shotgun, and it seemed to be swollen even
larger than she remembered. It was nicely thick, and the head was bobbing
right in front of her lips. She slowly swabbed the fat head with her
tongue, savoring the feel and taste, and imagining the onslaught to come.
Jim's tongue was starting to excite her, and she lowered herself more fully
on his face. She squirmed as he moved his mouth, lips, nose and tongue all
around her opening and her clit.

The moment that Christy's tongue starting flicking Jim's cockhead, he
noticed that his balls definitely felt like they were vibrating. He
eagerly lapped at the smooth pussy hovering over him, moving his tongue all
over the glistening lips, and circling the swollen bud of her clit with his
tongue. He caressed her back and squeezed the pear-shaped globes of her
ass with his other hand. But no matter how enjoyable it felt to slurp this
beautiful wet oyster, he couldn't help but moan and roll his eyes with
every sensation he received from Christy. At first, as she ran her tongue
along his glans and shaft, he felt tingly waves of excitement run from his
toes to his balls to his cock head. It was maddeningly exciting, and he
had trouble focusing on licking the progressively wetter and wetter cunt that was rubbing nicely over his lips. Then, when she slipped her lips
tightly and slowly over the head of his manhood, and slowly pressed her way
down his shaft, he felt as if he was already cumming, except he knew he
wasn't. He just felt an orgasmic rush that increased on every in and out
stroke of her slurping mouth, flicking tongue, and tight lips. His
feelings of dizziness and ecstasy kept increasing.

Christy was an expert cock-sucker, from lots of practice, and from her
incredible appetite. This cock was a perfect challenge for her... the
thickness and the length combined to make a considerable package that at
first looked to big to even get her lips around. As she flicked her tongue
over the slit, she began to taste Jim's salty pre-cum. Each drop that he
produced, she used her tongue to rub it into his sensitive head. This in
turn caused more drops, and pretty soon his cock was slippery with saliva
and his own lubrication. Christy curled her lips back over her teeth, and
pressed her moist lips together to form a pucker. She pressed this against
Jim's slippery lance, and just kept pressing ever so slowly and
relentlessly, until her jaw was extended into a gaping yawn. Just before
it got uncomfortable, she felt the whole head pop into her mouth, filling
her mouth with just the engorged head.

She continued to press forward ever so slowly, feeling the head move
back down her tongue and the roof of her mouth, heading towards the back of
her throat. She got butterflies in her stomach and pussy at the feeling of
being filled like this. As it reached the back of her throat, she paused.
She had about half of his cock in her mouth. She took a deep breath
through her nose, smelling his musk, and pressed forward again, keeping her
lips pursed tightly around his shaft. As she pressed forward, she felt the
head scraping over her glottis, which used to trigger her gag reflex, but
she had learned long ago to suppress that reaction. She moved forward a
little more, and felt the head pressing into the opening of her throat,
expanding the soft tissue there. She kept going, and felt it pop into her
throat. There was only a couple of inches left, but her breath was running
out, so she equally slowly pulled back off Jim's penis. Once the head was
in her mouth, and she could breath, she used her tongue to play with his
piss slit, and to flick all around the head.

Now that she knew she could handle this humongous cock, she moved a
little faster, filling her lungs, and pressing his cock into her throat
with a little more ease. She moved steadily the last few inches, and soon
had her nose right up to Jim's balls. Her mouth and throat felt fuller
than ever before, and she reveled in the feeling. She made a little
swallowing motion, which let her feel his cock down in her throat, and made
his penis twitch in response. Christy made a few fast back-and-forth
motions, just an inch or two back, and then right up to his balls again.
She switched between that and playing with the head (and getting a few
breaths) a few times. Christy was lost in the moment, being licked and
fondled, and swallowing Jim's massive cock. She felt Jim's legs tense up,
and then his cock stiffened and extended a little more, and she got ready
for her reward.

As soon as she realized he was about to cum, Christy took a deep breath
and forced his deliciously thick meat all the way into her throat. Her
nose was nestled right in his balls, and his cock was piercing her halfway
down her throat. She grabbed his ass and held on tightly as he let out a
load groan and his entire body started to spasm. Any other noise he might
have made was drowned out as she clamped her pussy down hard on his face.

In her position, Christy saw Jim's balls contracting and churning as she
felt his cock throb in her throat. She felt the cum travel up from his
balls, through the long shaft, and out the head... she felt it pulse
through his meat and her throat, then she felt the warm torrent of sperm
fly out he engorged head deep in her throat, ricochet forcefully off her
throat, and down into her belly. Her eyes grew wide as his pulsing cock
shot thick streams into her, and saw that there was no end in sight. The
pulses kept coming, and she had felt at least 6 shots so far. She was
having trouble breathing, so she had to pull back so just the head was in
her mouth. As she did, the cum kept coming, thick and salty and stringy,
roping into her mouth now instead of her belly. His shots were still not
slowing down, and her mouth was quickly filling, swallow as she might. The
seal between his cock and her lips was pretty tight, but Jim's cum-flood
started leaking out of her lips and down his cock. Her mouth was full of
cum and cock, and her throat was coated with his release, but still he was
shooting into her mouth.

She had to pull his cock all the way out of her mouth, and she saw that
cock shaft was now covered with strings of greasy cum. As she watched, she
saw the eye of his cock open and a geyser of cream launched straight at her
face like a striking cobra. The spurt lasted a full second, and his cum splattered noisily on her lips and nose, arcing up her face, over her eye,
and into her hair. Just as soon as it had finished, another burst came
out, and she couldn't hold his cock still anymore, so it shot wildly across
her face and up her nose. As she gasped for breath, she quickly found
herself being soaked by pulse after pulse of ropy white cum, hitting her
everywhere in the face, hair, mouth, and eyes. By now she was a sopping
mess, and she wondered when it would stop. She had been spurted on or in
at least 30 times in the space of a minute or two now. She blindly felt
his snake throbbing with her hand, and she guided the now-softening cock
back into her mouth. He was no longer shooting, but his balls would
contract and send dollops out into her slippery, slippery mouth. She
sucked on the head of his cock, pulling out the rest of his come, and as
she did, she was rewarded with a few more spurts that came pouring out of
the piss slit, rolling out like small waves. She greedily sucked it down,
and finally it was over.

Jim must have cum for 3 minutes straight, and shot about 2 pints of cum.
This seemed like too much to Christy, but she couldn't really concentrate
right then. She had to go to the bathroom to clean her face. She came
back a couple of minutes later, and found Jim still lying there. He hadn't
moved. She figured he must have passed out from the intensity of his
orgasm... and loss of fluids. He was still breathing, but that was about
it. Out of curiosity, she went to her purse, found the bottle of UT, and
saw that there were only 6 left. That would explain it... Jim must have
sneaked 2 more pills when she wasn't looking. Little did he know how
dangerous that maneuver was. She was just relieved he didn't give himself
a heart attack or something.

To be continued... Any comments, praise or suggestions are encouraged!
I can be reached at


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