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association day 9 by adrian hunter and chelsea shepard

Association (a serial bdsm novel)
By Adrian Hunter and Chelsea Shepard
Note: past episodes can be accessed at

Sabrina seemed so ravenous, I allowed her a second helping of
breakfast before harnessing her for the morning's workout in the
ring. After an hour of perfecting her canter on the wheel, I traced
a variety of circles and figure-eights in the dirt with my toe, then
directed her with the crop to follow them exactly. When the sun was
high over our heads, I led her back into the pool, then fed her lunch
on the veranda.

Consistency, I kept reminding myself, is the foundation of good

After tidying up, I led her down the stairs to the studio. In the
center of the room stood a large wooden pillory made of dark mahogany
that looked like it had been teleported directly from the Spanish

"No wilderness rides today, I'm afraid. I have to go to town for a
few hours, but I promise I'll make it up to you."

Sabrina gave me a dubious look as I placed her feet in the
appropriate holes in the bottom panel, then locked the wooden beam
around them. Before I could say anything, she bent over and placed
her neck and wrists in the openings of the upper frame.

"I must say, your attitude is much improved, Sabrina. I do hope
you'll make this condition a permanent one."

I lowered and locked the top of the stocks, leaving her imprisoned
at a 90-degree angle with her legs spread wide and her ass all tense,
supple and much too available.

"Sorry, love, can't resist..."

I entered her quickly from behind and climaxed even faster.

"I'm afraid I don't have time to do you properly. Like I said,
we'll try again later. In the meantime, I'll give you something to
remember me by."

After I replaced the rubber ball in her mouth with the penis-gag
harness, I attached the set of three tweezer clamps lightly to her
nipples and clit, then inserted an inflatable plug into her anus.

"Just a breath to get you started," I said as I squeezed a few pumps
of air to make it slightly firm.

"There. A reward for your impeccable behavior this morning. Keep
up the good work, and I'm sure we will arrive at a mutually-
beneficial conclusion to our odyssey."

I turned and started heading up the stairs.

"Oh, by the way...the bidding for you has gone into six figures."
The door clicked shut. Moments later, Geoffrey's car pulled out of
the driveway. Not long thereafter, I heard the sound of gravel
crunching beneath tires filled the compound. The front door opened,
then slammed, followed by footsteps clicking rapidly in the front
hallway. Could he be back so soon?

"Yooo hooo, Geofffffrey. Are you home, sweets? I just wanted to
take a quick dip in your luscious pool. Come out, come out, wherever
you are. Oh, you're probably playing with your stupid cameras in the

The door to the studio flew open, and Brenda started bouncing down
the stairs wearing nothing but high heels, a towel around her
shoulders, and a string thong that just barely covered the sculptured
strip of fuzz over her pussy.

"Oh, my. What have we here?"

Brenda came around to face me, and picked up my chin in her hand.

"Hello, you must be a friend--a very special friend--of Geoffrey's.
You're awfully cute. Typical. Nice bod, too."

Brenda walked around the pillory to continue her inspection.

"Um hmmm. Good tits, great ass, shaved twat, plugged, clamped,
gagged--yep, that's my Geoffrey. Hey, wait a sec. Are you the girl I was supposed to be when I did that weird thing on the train last
week? You are! Oooh, you must be his prisoner or something. Here
against your will, my darling? You lucky little thing."

Brenda began stroking my backside with her long fingernails.

"That nasty old Geoffrey never plays with me like this, even though
I've practically tied myself to his bed. Wanna know why?"

She grabbed a handful of my flesh and squeezed hard.

"Because I like to switch. Top and bottom. Dom and sub. And
Geoffrey's petrified that I'll get him in cuffs some day. You'd like
that, wouldn't you?"

Brenda let go and gave me a hard swat.

"Answer me, cunt!"

I nodded my head as much as I could inside the stocks. What the
hell was this woman doing here? Couldn't Geoffrey keep the goddamn
door locked? The small flame smoldering inside of me ignited into a
real fire, sending a surge of adrenaline through my veins. The old Sabrina Taylor--a.k.a. the bitch--was back.

"That's right, a little 'yes, please' goes a long way around here,
as I'm sure you've learned. But Geoffrey always says no. Such a
pity. I'd love to let him...well, I'm sure you could regale me with
stories for hours."

She walked around to face me, then reached down and grabbed the
chain connecting the clamps, causing one of them to pop off my

"Whoops...that's awfully loose for someone who doesn't use
safewords. Here, let me adjust them properly..."

Brenda slid the small rings up the arms of all three clamps as far
as she could.

"Much better. Now, how are we going to amuse ourselves until the
elusive Mr. Sorenson returns from his travels?"

While little miss look-at-me-I'm-so-beautiful-I'm-only-wearing-a-
string searched the room for toys, I tested my bonds as vigorously as
I could, but Geoffrey had done his usual thorough job. I felt a new
rush of anger toward him. Why did he have to leave anyway? Did he
ever think about what might happen if the house caught on fire, or
lightning struck, or if a cunt from hell decided to whip me to death?

The last thought made me shiver. I knew Geoffrey would never truly
hurt me, at least not until Friday, as I was his valuable six-figure
prize. This woman, on the other hand, had nothing to lose, except a
potential rival for Geoffrey's affections.

Her clickety walk around the studio was driving me mad, not to
mention her constant babbling which reminded me of my 60-year-old
neighbor. Only she wasn't discussing the weather or the latest soap

"Everything's locked," Brenda sighed loudly once she completed her
tour. "Too bad. There's gotta be something I can use in this house."

She dropped the towel to the floor and went up the stairs.

"Don't worry, sweetie, I'll be with you in a moment," she yelled
when she was on the ground floor.

Yeah, well, here's hoping you stumble and break your neck, I
grumbled in my head.

Unsurprisingly, my wish wasn't granted, and she returned five
minutes later, a little too cheerful for my liking.

"Now, this will be perfect. Let's see how your ass turns a lovely
shade of pink. Or red."

Thwack. I choked under the pain as a hundred of needles assaulted
my tender flesh. Brenda was using a brush of some kind. I bit as
hard as I could on the gag and fought back the tears gathering in my
eyes. It wasn't just the pain, but the degradation of receiving it
from a woman who thought with her genitals.

Despite my internal opposition, I didn't take long before I began to
sob, then cry. The blows moved from my ass to my thighs, then my
shoulders, and back to my ass again. The plug was pushing deeper,
too, and I knew my sex was dripping, even though I mentally refused
to be aroused by a female. But my body worked in mysterious ways.

Suddenly, the blows stopped, and I heard her move around the pillory.

"Aren't we having fun, dear?" Brenda asked stupidly when she stood
in front of me, now completely naked. "And there's much more coming.
Gotta see if Geoffrey taught you the good manners. Here, let me
untie this."

She unbuckled the harness, and I spat the gag out of my mouth, which
earned me a sharp slap on the face.

"Don't you dare, girl," Brenda threatened, picking my chin up and
staring into my eyes. "Now hear me well. You'd better do a fine job
with your tongue, or you won't be able to sit for a week."

Brenda positioned her pussy in front of my mouth and pressed my head
hard against it.

"Get to work, slut," she ordered.

But I couldn't. I was paralyzed, unable to open my mouth. Her
scent was suffocating, and I tried to jerk my head away.

"Lick, or get licks."

Thwack. The brush landed on my shoulder with a fury that Geoffrey
had never shown, even in his worst moments.

Fear and pain are excellent means of persuasion, and I began to
ravish her orally. Soon, her juices covered my face while her moans
filled the room. And I licked. And sucked. And invaded her with my
tongue. I knew I was getting excited; as much as I hated it, I
continued lapping her fluids while mine flowed in abundance, too.

Brenda was on the verge of coming, her sighs of lust turning into
screams of passion, when we both heard a car driving into the front

I immediately stopped. She immediately got mad.

"Keep going," she yelled, pulling on my hair and pushing my face
towards her.

"Go to hell, you bitch," I growled.

I waited for the brush to strike, but Geoffrey was already running
down the stairs.
"What the fuck is going on here?"

I practically jumped down the entire flight of stairs in a single
step and ran across the studio.

"I...uh...uh...don't stop now, you little cunt," Brenda moaned as
she pressed Sabrina's face deeper into her crotch.

"Like hell," I snarled as I whipped off my belt and threw it around
Brenda's torso, then pulled her body away from the pillory.

"Hey! Christ, Geoffrey, just another second and I woulda been
finished. Whatsamatter, it's not like you haven't done way worse to
her. Whoa, easy there."

While Brenda complained, I kept dragging her backwards until we
reached a support pole. I stepped around it and buckled the belt
behind her so her arms and body were pinned against the metal.

"Oh, so now Mr. Sorenson finally wants to play with me? Doesn't
like it when I mess with his toys, huh? Oooooh, yes, pleeeeease,
with sugar on the top."

I scooped up the gag from the floor and held it in front of Brenda's

"I hardly think 'play' is the word I would use, Brenda. And that
'sugar on top' comment is going to cost you your voice. Open."

She turned her head away and giggled.

"Make me," she cooed.

"My pleasure," I replied as I reached up and pinched her nose shut,
then pressed the tip of the rubber penis against her firmly sealed
mouth. A minute later, her lips burst open in a blast of carbon
monoxide, only to find themselves stretched around the wide base of
the gag as I buckled the straps around her head.

"I'll be with you in a minute, Sabrina," I said as I unlocked one of
the boxes and pulled out a pair of cuffs for Brenda's wrists, which I
padlocked behind her back.

"Fuck, I swear, if she hurt you," I muttered as I inspected
Sabrina's back, legs and ass while Brenda kicked uselessly at the air.

"Well, other than a little redness, you look like you'll survive," I
said. "My deepest apologies, Sabrina. Shame on me for leaving the
front door unlocked. But Brenda does have, or rather did have, a
standing invitation to use the pool. Obviously, we'll have to make
some severe modifications in her social skills before extending such
generosity in the future."

Sabrina looked up at me. Was that a smile? Despite all the
excitement and her current gag-free state, she hasn't said a single
word. I was suddenly feeling much better about the current
situation. In fact, it might provide the perfect opportunity to...

"Sabrina, I'm going to take back what I said earlier this afternoon
about a horseback ride. Would you care to accompany me and our
friend on a nice, long jaunt? Of course, you'll have to ride with
me, but I'm sure we can find a suitable mount for Brenda. And
luckily, I seem to have an extra saddle hanging in one of the stalls."

Sabrina practically yelled "yes, please!" as she obviously tried
hard not to laugh out loud.

I removed the clamps and the plug, then unlocked Sabrina from the

"Much as I want to trust you, better safe than sorry," I said as I
cuffed her wrists in front of her. "No gag unless you make a
mistake. Got it?"

"Yes, please."

"Excellent. Now, Brenda, let's all take a little walk to the barn.
I don't believe you've met my favorite stallion, Thunder."

I strapped a collar with a long leash around Brenda's neck,
unbuckled her from the pole, and gave the lead a hard tug.

"After you, Sabrina," I said, pointing to the stairs.
Knowing all too well where we were heading, I led our trio on the
dirt path to the stables. As we passed by the pool, I secretly hoped
that was where our feather-brained visitor would end the day, with
water up to her nostrils. Or maybe higher, I grinned maliciously.

Ten steps further, my grin turned to a huge smile as I played back
Geoffrey's intervention in my mind. I hadn't really expected him to
take my side. After all, Brenda was his friend, while I was merely a
temporary toy; I presumed his only concern would be the depreciation
in my market value. But he had offered unexpected apologies, and
they even sounded sincere. Then I remembered the words he had spoken
that night of the candle, and wondered what it would be like to be
his partner. I quickly dismissed the thought; I'd be gone in less
than four days, I reminded myself. Let's not forget it.

While we walked in line, I could hear the occasional crack of the
crop, which Geoffrey deftly applied to Brenda's ass every time she
strayed from the path. At first, the sound made me cringe as I
recalled the painful sensations, but then I enjoyed it, knowing that
the crop wasn't aimed at me this time.

When we reached the first trees, Geoffrey asked me to stop and come
near him.

"Maybe you would like to try this," he said as he handed me the
crop. "After what she did to you, it's only fair."

Staggered by his proposal, I gave the crop a bewildered look and
realized I wanted to use it. I held it with my cuffed hands and
swung it a couple of times through the air. Then I looked up at him,
silently asking permission to strike.

"Go ahead." he replied.

I aimed and swept the crop right onto Brenda's ass. But the
ridiculous sound it created was disappointing. Brenda hadn't even
moved, and I could almost hear her sneer through the gag.

Geoffrey moved behind me and held my hands to help me maneuver the

"Let me show you. Here, bring it up. Not too high. Now, you don't
need to be quick, but firm. Like this!"

A muffled scream came out of Brenda's mouth, indicating that the
crop had landed properly.

"Now, try again," my instructor told me, letting my hands go.

I hit her again. Thwack. A perfect sound.

"Excellent. Now let's move on. And don't spoil our mischievous
child by sparing the rod."

Geoffrey adjusted his voice to command volume. "Brenda, forward!"

We continued our parade through the woods. At first, my efforts
with the lash were uncertain and irregular, but by the time we
reached the stables, I was able to whip exactly where I wanted, and
with the appropriate strength. And I was having the time of my life.

Before entering the barn, Geoffrey tied Brenda's leash to a ring
high up on the wall. Then he turned to me.

"Keep an eye on her while I prepare the horses, will you?"

While he disappeared inside, I noticed he hadn't tied me. Had he
forgotten? Unlikely. Was it a test? Or did he trust me? I decided
to go with option three. Although it would have been fairly easy to
escape, I was finally enjoying myself. I would probably regret it
tomorrow morning, but all I wanted now was to go for a ride and see
Brenda punished. So I stood where he had left me, the crop in my
hands and my eyes kept firmly on "my" prisoner.

Our host came out five minutes later with Akasha fully saddled. He
left the horse grazing next to us and went back to take care of

I watched Akasha and welcomed the fact that I was too excited to
experience any kind of fear.

Brenda gestured nervously, trying to get my attention; when she had
it, she began to moan and grimace as if she wanted to tell me
something. Her eyes went to the stables, then to me. Then she
lowered them onto herself. And looked back at me again.

I knew what she wanted to say. If I freed her, she would help me
get out of here. We could even have some fun with Geoffrey before we
left. Even though escaping wasn't on my agenda, the thought of
Geoffrey defenseless had undeniable charm. However, I wouldn't share
that fantasy with Brenda, or with anyone else, for that matter. If
the opportunity should occur, it would be between him and me.

I lifted the crop and smacked Brenda's thighs.

"Keep quiet," I ordered calmly.

Brenda was undoubtedly taken aback by my reaction. She stared at
me, then turned her gaze to the clearing as she sighed behind her gag.

At that moment, Geoffrey stepped out of the stables, pulling Thunder
by his leash. When Brenda saw the saddle, she let out a cry.

And I realized how thrilling power could be.
"Easy, Thunder. Mustn't give the wrong impression to our guests

The horse snorted and shook his head in hopes of dislodging the
bridle from his mouth.

"There, there. You know better than that. Hand me the crop,

I took the lash and gave Thunder a quick swat on his haunches to
quiet him down. Then I turned my attention to Brenda, who had edged
away from the horse as far as her leash would allow her.

"Stand--right--under--here," I directed her, accentuating each word
with a slap of the crop.

Slung over the dildo-enhanced saddle were a variety of leather
straps and cuffs, which I wrapped around Brenda's ankles and upper
thighs, saving the longest for around her elbows. I grabbed one end
of a chain hanging down from a pulley in the ceiling, passed it under
her arms and across her chest, and clipped it behind her back.

"Going up," I said as I pulled the other end of the chain, slowly
raising her off the ground. When her feet were maybe a meter high, I
secured the chain to the wall.

"Care to give me a hand, Sabrina?"

"Yes, please!" she replied brightly.

"Good." I reached into my pocket and tossed her a padlock, then a
second. "Be a sweet girl and lock her ankles to her thighs. If she
tries to kick you, I'll convince her of the error of her ways."

I grabbed one of Brenda's ankles, bent her knee, and cracked the
crop squarely against the sole of her foot.

Sabrina came over to my side and positioned the hasp of the padlock
between the rings of the thigh and ankle cuffs, then clicked it
closed. Wary of flying feet, she walked around the front of Brenda's
suspended body and repeated the process on her other leg while I
remained ready to strike.

"Perfect. Now, let's fly a little closer to the sun."

I tugged the chain until Brenda was another meter higher before
securing it to the wall again.

"I'm going to move Thunder into position, then lower Brenda onto the
saddle. While I hold the chain, I want you to guide her friends into
the appropriate openings. When she's ready, say 'yes, please,' but
not a word before. Understood?"

Sabrina nodded her head affirmative. Luckily, Thunder decided to co-
operate, not caring for the lash either; a moment later, Brenda's
crotch and ass were pressed firmly against the saddle leather.

"We'd better make sure she doesn't fall off, eh?" I said. I knotted
a piece of rope around Brenda's waist, and then the saddle horn,
before attaching the clamps hanging from the knob to her nipples.

"Are you ready for our ride, Sabrina?"

"Yes, please!"

"And how about you, Brenda?"

The non-consensual cowgirl replied with an angry, muffled scream.

"I'd watch my language there, Brenda. Thunder tends to get
skittish, and I'd hate for him to run off at a full gallop, heading
for who knows where."

I helped Sabrina onto Akasha, then climbed on behind her, holding
Thunder's reins in the same hand as Akasha's.


We headed out of the barn and past the ring toward the meadow
leading to the forest.

Although we never went any faster than a trot, our ride lasted for
more than an hour as I pointed out various varieties of trees and
other wildlife to Sabrina while my free hand rested between her legs,
my fingers pressed hard against, then deep inside, her pussy. As
soon as I felt like she was close to release, I moved my hand up to
her breasts, caressing and pinching until I could practically hear
her heart beating in time with Akasha's hooves.

"We'd better get her home before she keels over from all this fun,"
I said toward the end. Sabrina just nodded her head, probably
thinking I meant her and not Brenda, who continued to moan like
someone who had survived a head-on collision, and wished she hadn't.

When we got back to the barn, I left Sabrina with the crop to guard
Brenda while I cooled down the horses and put away their saddles and
tack. I knew I was taking a big chance with Sabrina alone like that,
but I was more worried that she would take the opportunity to
pleasure herself rather than run away. Tonight, I would make it
abundantly clear that her orgasms now belonged exclusively to me, and
me alone. But first, I had one more lesson to teach Brenda.

When we arrived in the back yard, Sabrina walked into the pool
without being prompted, and ducked her head under the water. When
she popped back up smiling, I asked if she would like to take a
proper swim without the handcuffs.

"Yes...please," Sabrina said, hesitatingly. Did it make her nervous
to be in my presence without bonds? I repressed a triumphant grin.
If I trusted her, she should certainly trust herself.

I unlocked the cuffs and tossed them onto the lawn, then turned my
attention to the obviously defeated Brenda.

"You look bushed, darling, especially your bush. I think a dip
would do wonders for your spirits, if not your bruises."

Sabrina sat on the steps in the shallow end as I brought out a big
coil of rope. After I tied Brenda's ankles and wrists with long
leads trailing behind them, I picked her up and carried her to the
diving board.

I lay Brenda down lengthwise on the board and knotted the end of the
lines from her hands and feet to the underside of the fiberglass

Flashing an evil grin at Sabrina, I pushed Brenda sideways until she
fell off the side of the board. Her belly brushed the surface as she
hung helplessly over the clear blue water.

I could feel the murder in Brenda's eyes as I walked around the pool
to admire my creation.

"Did I ever show you my world-class diving abilities?" I asked
Sabrina when I came to the shallow end. "Well, I don't think the
Chinese women's team has anything to fear, but I do fancy myself to
be pretty good. Here, let me show you."

I stripped off all my clothes, walked back to the deep end and
climbed up the short ladder into the board. With a wink, I took
three long steps and pushed myself up and off the end, only to come
down twice as hard before launching myself into the air where I
executed a rather sloppy jackknife.

Despite the gag, Brenda yelled like a banshee when her head re-
emerged from the water.

"Oh, that was terrible, just terrible," I said as I climbed out of
the pool. "Better try it again."

After maybe 10 dives, I motioned a very giggly Sabrina over to the

"You think I'm funny, do you? Let's see you give it a try, then."

We spent the next hour alternating a variety of dives, including a
few variations on the cannonball that caused gallons of water to
spray in every direction, including under the board.

"Well, I think she's learned her lesson, don't you?" I finally said
as we rested on the lawn next to the pool.

"Yes, please," Sabrina replied, still giggling a bit.

"Me too." I turned and yelled over at the still-thrashing form
under the board. "What do you say, Brenda? Had enough Geoffrey for
one day? What was that? I couldn't quite make it out. Sounds like-

"Yes, please!" Sabrina said, cracking herself up.

"Why, I do believe you're correct, my dear. All right then;
Sabrina, fetch me your handcuffs over there. You can watch the
sunset while I take the divine Miss Brenda home."

I led Sabrina to a chair and wrapped the short chain around one of
the arms, then clicked the bracelets around her wrists.

"I'm sure we can keep today's adventures a secret between friends,
right, Brenda?" I said before jumping into the pool to untie her from
the board. "After all, I'm sure you wouldn't want your ex-husband to
know about your pervy tendencies, especially given all that alimony
you wrangled out of him."

Despite its garbled syntax, I allowed Brenda's stream of curses to
suffice for "yes, please."
Once the roaring sound of the car died away in the distance, I
allowed myself to slump into the chair and relax. What a day! I
couldn't remember having so much fun.

I closed my eyes, enjoying the warm rays of the setting sun on my
face, and began to hum a song somehow inspired by my latest
adventures in the studio.

"These boots were made..." It was nice to hear my voice again. It
had been days since I had said anything except "yes, please." In my
gag-free condition, I had a hard time controlling the comments that
spontaneously came to mind.

"For walking..." What would my life be like when my time with
Geoffrey was finished? I didn't really think he was going to sell
me, much less kill me. And I certainly had no plans to hang around
here, figuratively or literally. But I was no longer the woman I
used to be, and I couldn't deny the simple truth: I was beginning to
enjoy the game.

"And that's just what they'll do..." Well, part of the game,
anyway. I hated the pony training. So degrading.

"And so exciting, too," said a tiny voice at the back of my mind.
Shut up, I yelled at myself. There's nothing exciting about wearing
a harness and being whipped. Or is there?

"One of these days..." I had a strange feeling about what I'd do as
soon as I was free. First, I would do some research on advanced
sexual activities. The Internet was a wonderful tool in that
respect. What search term would I start with? "Bondage"? "Whip"?

"These boots..." Then I might start looking for someone to play
with once in a while. Partners who would respect me and my pleasure,
instead of making me canter around in a dirt ring, or leaving me tied
up all night, another ordeal I dreaded. Partners I could still

"But is that really what you want?" squeaked the little voice. Oh,
gimme a break, I scorned. I'm not insane. I'm not spending the rest
of my life with my wrists permanently cuffed and only two words at my
disposal. And that's when I'm a good girl.

"Are gonna walk..." I visualized my last thought, and felt a
stirring in my loins. Why did my body react this way? The flush of
arousal reminded me of the horseback ride, and how Geoffrey had
brought me so close to release. And then...I sighed and squirmed in
my chair, instinctively directing my fingers down to my sex, but the
chain holding my hands to the arm of the chair was too short to allow
me to touch myself.

So I moved, turned and brought my legs up and over the chair on
either side of my arms. And my fingers went to work, first very
slowly as I recalled the sensations of the horse's powerful moves and
Geoffrey's fingers probing inside me, then pressing harder as the
need for release came extremely rapidly.

"All over you." Oh God, it felt good, I almost said out loud as I
let my head fall over the opposite arm of the chair, savoring this
blissful moment where I was so perfectly in control of myself.

I was still resting peacefully in a position that left no doubt as
to my activities when Geoffrey's car engine signaled his return.

Only then did I realize that I was probably not supposed to
masturbate, although he had never explicitly forbidden it. I
adjusted my body to a more suitable sitting position, swearing as the
chain got in the way of my legs, and quickly licked my fingers to
erase any revealing traces. When I was almost certain he would not
discover my little treat, I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep.
"Sabrina? Time to wake up, my dear."

I shook her shoulder gently, but when that didn't seem to work, I
reached down and began squeezing one of her delectable nipples until
her eyes popped open.

"You must be famished," I said as I unlocked the handcuffs, only to
reconnect them behind her back. "Come inside and keep me company
while I cook."

I led her through the house into the kitchen, and pointed at a
chair. While I prepared our dinner, I regaled her with stories about
what had happened with Brenda, including her threats to call the

"I asked her what exactly she planned to tell them; she came over to
my house and began assaulting my girlfriend? That on many occasions
she had literally begged me to do exactly what I did to her this
afternoon? I started pointing out various products and accessories
in her living room, and asked if the police would even know what
these things were for, much less why they were in her house.
Finally, I told her I was definitely looking forward to reading the
crime report in the local newspaper. As you can imagine, all this
did not go over terribly well, but she'll get over
it...unfortunately. Besides, I think she liked it a lot more than
she let on. And I can only presume I am a distinct improvement over
her usual play partners, given that 'good pervert' is a bit of an

I could tell Sabrina was trying hard not to laugh, much less comment
on my stories. Even better, it felt like her usual fear and loathing
had largely dissipated. She seemed much more relaxed. Too relaxed,

After feeding her a second helping of seared tuna and pasta, we sat
together on the sofa in the living room. I put one arm around her
shoulders, my fingers glancing off her breast, and used the other
hand to click on the VCR.

"I'm curious to see how soon you fell asleep after I left this

An image of Sabrina sitting in the chair by the pool flickered onto
the screen, followed by the sound of her voice singing Nancy Sinatra.
I felt her heart beating faster as we watched her swing her legs over
the arm of the chair and begin pleasuring herself.

"Video surveillance," I said when the tape finally ended. "Don't
leave home without it."

Sabrina looked like she had swallowed a live round of ammunition as
I stood up and began to hum a familiar song that she soon recognized
as the genetic predecessor of her earlier performance.

"Regrets, I've had a few," I sang as I went into the kitchen to
freshen my drink, thinking how Dean Martin would undoubtedly
encourage his pal Frankie to make it a double.

"I certainly hope you enjoyed yourself, Sabrina, because it's the
last time you'll ever touch yourself like that again," I said when I
returned with something circular in my hand that reflected the room's

"Stand up and spread your legs."

I wrapped the apparatus around her waist, then reached between her
legs and pulled another piece around her crotch. The combination
lock clicked loudly as I threaded the hasp into the slot just below
her navel.

"They haven't really done much to improve these things since the
days of King Arthur," I said as I gave the tumblers a thorough spin.

"Your pleasure, along with the rest of your body, now belongs
exclusively to me," I said, my fingers tapping the wire mesh in the
front of the chastity belt that covered her sex. "Now, let's get you
changed into something less comfortable for the remainder of the

I headed toward the door leading to the hallway, knowing she had no
choice but to follow me.
A video camera. Damn it, I should have suspected as much, I scolded
myself while I followed Geoffrey down the stairs to the studio.
Well, at least he hadn't seemed too angry about it. Oh well, if the
price to pay was wearing a chastity belt from the Middle Ages around
my crotch for the remainder of my stay, I'd survive.

I watched him unlock one of the closets and wondered what kind of
sexy apparel he would choose for the evening. When he returned with
a long leather piece I had seen during previous sessions, the
familiar butterflies returned to my stomach. It looked like I
wouldn't be using my hands for a while.

He unlocked my handcuffs, then looped and adjusted two straps around
my shoulders, and inserted my hands into a single leather sleeve,
which he laced tightly. He zipped the long arm binder all the way up
to the top, and buckled the five belts tight enough to make my elbows

Geoffrey let me sit on the stool by the stage while he retrieved
suitable footwear.

"Since you like boots so much," he muttered as he began to work on
the laces.

While he was busy sheathing my ankles, calves and thighs in black
leather, I observed the empty space where the tall mirror used to
stand and smiled as I recalled my attempted escape. He could have
got rid of me then, but he hadn't. I suddenly felt grateful for his
patience, and almost regretted that it wouldn't be rewarded the way
he expected.

Of course, presuming I could hold out until he sold me, or worse.
But my brain simply wouldn't accept any ending to the story but a
happy one.

Once the boots were perfectly laced, Geoffrey finished his
decorative work with a pair of nipple clamps. I winced a little when
he screwed them tighter than necessary, and again when he pulled on
the leash connected to their chain.

"Let's go back to the living room," he said. "Time for your first
lesson as a sex toy."

Puzzled by his enigmatic words, I walked back up the stairs, doing
my best to keep my balance on the too-high heels. On our way up, I
held back the sarcastic question on the tip of my tongue. And where
is my gag, please?

Back in the living room, I waited for Geoffrey to put a new tape in
the VCR, take the remote on the coffee table and install himself
comfortably in the armchair. Then he gestured to me to come and
kneel between his legs.

When an obscene close-up of an engorged penis swallowed by a pair of
cherry-red lips hit the screen, I heard him say "watch and learn,

"Do you mean to say 'I suck'?" I silently sneered, smirking at my
easy pun.

Guessing that I would have to put theory into practice, I watched
the series of blowjobs carefully. However, my attention was often
distracted by his tugs on the leash, which hurt and teased my nipples
at the same time. The natural connection between my breasts and my
crotch was perfectly working, too, and the chastity belt soon became

When Geoffrey decided I had seen enough examples, he ordered me to
turn around and show him what I had learned. It took me a good ten
minutes to unbuckle his belt with my teeth and free his stiff cock
from his pants. I made it a point of honor to show him I was a good
student. After using my tongue, lips and entire mouth, he was
getting close to release, judging by the sound of his ragged
breathing. I began to scrape him with my teeth while my tongue kept
teasing his tip at the back of my mouth. He buried his fingers into
my shoulders and pushed me further down.

"Take it all," he said, his voice raspy.

I swallowed him whole, and soon felt the first spasms of climax
shake him. When he filled my throat, I panicked from the lack of
air, but he held me down until the last drop dribbled out. He
withdrew a little, just enough to allow me to breathe, and waited
another five minutes to withdraw completely.

I sagged on my knees, panting and shaking a little. But a light tug
on the leash reminded me that my job wasn't completed yet. So I
started to lick him clean, only stopping when I felt another prompt
on my leash.

Feeling the fire inside me, I hoped he would return the favor.
"That was a good first try, Sabrina. Again."

She looked at me dubiously, but mindful of the chain in my hand, she
quickly took my cock back into her mouth. Twenty minutes later, I
finally stood up and zipped my pants.

"Excellent. Now, let's work some more on your technique."

I reached behind the couch and pulled up a leather bag, from which I
produced a long rubber penis with a base that looked like a pair of
testicles. Holding it in front of her lips, I turned on the VCR and
began giving her instructions while we watched the action on the

When the tape finally ended, I put the dildo back in the bag and
retrieved a thick butt plug connected to a variable-speed control. I
bade her to stand up, then squat on her haunches in front of me.

When she was in position, I reached down and unlocked the chastity
belt. I positioned the base of the plug on the floor between her
feet, and nestled the tip toward the back of her very wet folds.
Sitting back down on the couch, I spun the wheel on the control box
to its lowest setting.

"Now, the last thing you want to do," I said in a low voice as the
device started humming softly, "is have an orgasm without permission.
If you feel a climax coming, I want you to stand up before an
accident occurs."

I nudged the vibrator up a notch.

"Of course, this turn of events will mean the plug will be placed in
its proper orifice, and we'll try again with a different dildo. Oh,
and before I forget..."

I rummaged through the bag until I found a ball gag mounted in a web
of leather straps which were soon buckled securely under her chin and
behind her head.

Thirty minutes was my goal, but I was certainly pleased when she
pushed herself up after twenty-three, her eyes squished tight in
concentration and her body awash in perspiration.

"I think you can beat that time," I said as I slowly pushed the plug
all the way inside her anus.

The next vibrator looked like a missile ready to be launched after I
balanced it straight up on the floor.

"Resume the position," I commanded. She bent her knees and lowered
herself until the tip barely grazed her sex, and grimaced when I
twisted the control to its fastest setting.

Damn. Only 17 minutes this time. Obviously, Sabrina needed some
help with her focus. I reached between her legs and slid the curved
metal up and over her crotch until the combination lock clicked home.
Then I took out a roll of tape from the bag and secured the second
vibrator lengthwise to the chain between the nipple clamps. I
marched her to an empty corner of the room and instructed her to
place her nose against the seam where the two walls met. Dialing
down the speed of both devices to practically zero, I pushed her legs
together and stuck the plastic boxes between them.

"Don't let them fall," I warned her.

After two blowjobs, I definitely needed a splash of liquid
fortification. The night was young, and her pussy had so much to

I sat down on the couch with my drink and began laying out the rest
of the evening's implements on the coffee table.
While striving to keep my legs still, I decided to try a new
endurance method, seeing as how I had failed the first two tests so
miserably. I thought that by emptying my mind, the lack of erotic
sensations would slow down the arousal process. Sex is in the mind,
I've often heard.

Rewind and cue mother loop: "never trust what you hear, dear."

A mental void proved to be the perfect receptacle for waves of
pleasure traversing across my body from my crotch. And with no other
thoughts to distract me, I soon lost myself to pure sexual abandon.
A big no-no.

The vibrations were low, but they emanated from two different
locations, and seemed to join in that very sensitive middle portion,
making them rather impossible to dismiss. What started as a long,
pleasant warm-up, the kind every woman dreams about, soon turned into
painful frustration.

When I felt I wouldn't last half the time he expected me to, I
focused on thoughts where the letters "s," "e," and "x" were banned.
Anything from the last movie I saw to reciting the capitals of
godforsaken African countries would do.

Except it wouldn't, nor didn't.

My whole body was vibrating in unison with the dildos, and I was
desperate to let go. I flexed my inner muscles, but it made me all
the more aware of the anal plug. So I relaxed them, but it was
worse. At a loss over what to do, I bent forward and pressed my
forehead so hard against the wall, I could practically hear blood
pounding through my brain.

I wasn't going to make it. How the hell could I? Didn't Geoffrey
know it was more difficult each time? And, besides, what was I
supposed to do if I felt a climax coming, which would happen any
moment now? He hadn't given me any instructions. I definitely
couldn't spread my legs, even less turn around. Oh, bloody hell,
tell me what to do, Geoffr--

When the first spasms started, I fell to my knees, my nose scraping
the wall on its way down. The two white boxes were still in place
between my shaky legs, and the toys kept vibrating. If he didn't
come and turn them off, I was done for.
The commotion in the corner compelled me to look up from my book.

I was amazed that Sabrina was so resolved to follow my directions so
explicitly. After all, I hadn't threatened any specific punishment
if she had an orgasm, although by this point in her vacation, she
probably had a pretty good idea of what might happen.

I was also impressed by her control, not to mention her sensitivity;
many women required direct stimulation on their clitoris, and she was
about to burst from a mild buzzing in her butt. Encouraging.

Oh yes, and the vibrating nipple clamps, I thought as I commanded
her to stand up and turn around so I could fish out the controls
between her legs and turn them off.

"Nice job, Sabrina. Better cool you off."

I reached over to my drink and dug out a half-melted ice cube, which
I worked under the chastity belt until I felt it disappear into her
sex. When water started immediately dripping down her thighs, I
figured she must be boiling over, so I decided to insert the rest of
the cubes, just to be safe.

As she shuddered and groaned, I looked over at the devices I had
pulled from my bag that I planned to use on her pussy. She's too
close to losing it to risk any kind of contact down there, I decided.

But her nipples might be a different story. Could breast stimulation alone make her come? A good thing to know, and a good
test under these circumstances.

I ordered her to kneel in front of me. I considered a blindfold,
but decided it would be easier for her to remain in control without
having the element of surprise as a wildcard. I also decided to
leave in the butt plug, albeit without electricity.

A little lubricant on the arms of the nipple clamps made it much
easier to slide them open a millimeter at a time. When they were
finally off, I decided to add a final ice cube under the crotch piece
for insurance.

After it devolved to its original state, I began to tease her
nipples with a variety of different feathers, including the fluffy
kind and the stiffer ones that came from a bird's wings. When that
didn't seem to faze her, I started with the paintbrushes, then
escalated to a hair brush and a pet brush with metal tines.

Next came the special clothespins, tiny ones made of steel, a dozen
of which I applied to each breast.

When those didn't work, I pulled out the pussy whip, a single thin
strand of leather attached to a short wooden stick. With a little
practice, I was soon snapping the tip of the strap directly on her

"Interesting," I said out loud, but not necessarily to her. "Maybe
if we tried it in reverse..."

I proceeded to work my way back through the litany of devices, from
the clothespins to the various brushes to the feathers. I guessed we
had been at it for at least an hour, but it could have easily been
longer. Planetary time was rarely critical in these matters.

"That's enough for tonight," I said as I began putting everything
back into the bag. "You did very well. But it's time for a much-
deserved rest. Stand up so I can unlace you."

Naked save the chastity belt, I allowed her to pee, then I led her
up the stairs to her bedroom, where the four leather cuffs lay open
at the corners of her bed.

"Can I trust you without a gag tonight?" I whispered after her
wrists and ankles were suitably spread.

"Yes, please," she whispered back, rather more hoarsely.

"Good girl. See you in the morning then."

I clicked off the light by the bed, then gave her forehead a quick
kiss before slipping out of the room.
I was exhausted, but I couldn't sleep. I must have laid on the bed
for hours before entering dreamland. I was too restless, too
troubled, too horny. An overdose of feelings, yet I hadn't had
enough. I had hoped my compliance would earn me a deserved release,
but no, I was sent to bed like a kid who doesn't get a nice dessert
after eating liver. And I was pouting at the injustice of it all.

I was also amazed at how quickly I was aroused these days. Sure, I
received stimulation galore, but could that explain why my body was
ready to burst with the most indirect touches? My, even that sweet
and sour torture Geoffrey inflicted on my nipples caused a heat I had
never experienced in the past. Never so easily. Never so

In this state of hypersensitivity, I wondered how I would react if
he touched one of those sensory islands that few men tried to conquer
in their impatience to reach the mainland. My ear lobe, my navel, a
breath of air, a flick of the finger, a kiss would be enough to
trigger an electric shock that would spark directly down to my crotch.

Thinking of kisses, why the kiss on my forehead? Even though it had
been quick and light, I could still feel its mark, burning like a
branding; I hated the way it troubled me. I couldn't let Geoffrey
mess with my feelings, too. I was enough of a wreck already, and if
he was using tenderness as yet another trick to convince me to stay
here, that wasn't fair. Not fair at all.

I suddenly felt an urge to call him. Ask him what he wanted. Get
answers to the hundreds of questions I had been storing up in my mind
ever since my arrival here.

I opened my mouth, ready to call out his name, but closed it as
quickly. What was the point? First, he wouldn't answer. Second, he
would punish me for breaking the rule of silence. My loss, his gain.
As always.

And yet, when my heavy eyelids shut down for good and my thoughts
melted in a colorful kaleidoscope, I fell asleep, not feeling like a
loser, but like a lonely runner competing for a special prize. And
there were three more laps to run.
(To be continued in Association - Day 10)
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