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The author of this story (cactusjuggler) reserves all rights to this
story--reproducing or posting this story without the author's permission is

Bad Therapy

by Cactus Juggler (c) 2000

My self-image was a problem that had plagued me since highschool. I'd
always been thin as a child, and even when all the other girls filled out I
still remained rail-thin. I never developed much in the way of breasts or
hips, and I never got over it. I was jealous, bitter, and resentful of the
way boys lavished attention on my more curvy peers. Twice I lost
boyfriends to women whose bras had full round female flesh filling them
instead of kleenex. Being dumped those two times were scarring experiences
that would never leave me.

Over time I became more and more depressed. Even though I was
successful enough in my career, and attractive enough in my own slim way, I
was obsessed with my skinniness. It was driving me insane. It got even
worse when I was passed up for a promotion. I was more qualified than the
woman who got the job. But guess what? She was better looking than me and
that's what counts in our shallow society. I actually started to think
about suicide. I had to do something.

I found the therapist through the yellow pages, I just picked a female
therapist at random really. I thought it would be easier to explain my
problem to a woman. I called the number listed, and a receptionist asked
me if I could wait a while to speak with the doctor briefly. I held on the
line, and after a minute or two a woman with a deep and pleasant sounding
voice answered the phone. We briefly discussed my problem, and she assured
me she could help. I made an appointment for the next Tuesday evening, and
that was that.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

The weekend rolled by, and all day Tuesday I was loathing myself for
having made the appointment. How could I actually talk to someone about
the way I felt? When the time rolled around though, I forced myself to be
there. I had to do something about my depression.

"The doctor's just on the phone. Why don't you sit down for a moment?"
The receptionist suggested.

I liked the receptionist, she didn't make me feel threatened at all.
She was just as skinny as I was, and she was dressed sort of plainly too.
Maybe this was going to help after all. Down the hallway I could faintly
hear that deep female voice again coming from an open door.

"Dr. Hoopes is ready to see you now. Her office is just down the

I got up and moved to the doctor's open door. Doctor Hoopes got up from
her desk to greet me. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her. My jaw
just dropped. She was beautiful. She was tall, blond, and extremely
busty. Exactly the sort of woman that made me feel bad about myself. I was

"Hello Christine, it's nice to meet you." She said, extending her hand
to me.

I ignored her welcome and stared at her uneasily.

"You...I really don't think this is going to work.. I'm sorry I wasted
your time." I was stunned.

"Why? Do you find me that threatening, Christine?" She asked, smiling
as if to suggest that the idea was silly.

"In a word, *yes*! I have anxiety about my appearance because...because
I don't look like you." I admitted to her.

"But I can help you Christine. If you'll let me, I can help you with
this problem." She reassured me.

"I-I don't think this is going to work."

"Christine, you should at least give me a chance to help you. I think I
have a way to help you get over this problem quickly and easily. Have you
ever been hypnotized?" She asked me.

"Hypnotized? No."

That knocked me for a loop. Hypnotized? That was a silly trick they
did at magic shows. Was she serious?

"If you're willing to let me help you, hypnosis can be a powerful tool.
It's completely safe, only you can make any changes happen. I'm just here
to help you." She said, and once again I marveled at how nice her voice

"Do you really think that would help me?" My skepticism was pretty
obvious in my voice.

"I do."

"Okay, I guess."

"Why don't you just lie down on the couch here and tell me more about
your problem." She urged me soothingly.

I lay down on the extremely comfortable couch and she pulled up a chair
next to me.

"Like I told you, I feel bad about the way I look. What more do you
need to know Dr. Hoopes?"

"Call me Charlene. Tell me specifically what it is about you that makes
you feel bad."

"Well, I'm so skinny and flat-chested. I just hate the way I look. men don't even know I'm there, it's like I'm invisible. And all the while I
see men drooling over women like you."

"There's nothing wrong with the way you look Christine. We all look
different. The problem isn't the way you look, it's the way you think of
yourself. And I can help you fix that. Do you want me to do that? Will
you help me help you feel better? Because this will only work if you give
yourself to it fully. You have to want this. Would you like me to
hypnotize you?" She asked me earnestly.

What could it hurt? I was almost sure it wouldn't work, but if there
was the slightest chance it was worth a try.


"Alright then. Just lay back and close your eyes. I want you to try to
relax. Try and just relax and let my voice guide you. You have some
confusion in your mind and you and I together are going to clear it up.
Imagine that you're laying in a soft hammock, comfortably swaying gently in
a cool breeze. You're happy and relaxed, it's so nice and comfortable. A
warm sun-beam is bathing you all over in a soft yellow light that makes
your skin all warm and snuggly. You're so warm and happy and relaxed that
you start to doze off. You feel safe and happy, you know that your I will
guide you and protect you as you let yourself slip away. I'm going to take
good care of you. Let your mind relax and just tune out everything but my
guiding voice counting you down deeper and deeper."

Her voice was so soothing that I really was relaxed now.

"Five. You're doing so well, you're already at the first level of
relaxation and happiness. I'm going to lead you even deeper into
relaxation and happiness with every number that I count all the way down to
one. You're already wonderfully relaxed and happy and it will only get
better and better. You so want to let me help you relax that you can't
wait for me to take you down to the next level of relaxation. And now
you're relaxed enough to go even deeper, deeper and more relaxed while you
listen to my voice."

I felt like I was just melting into the couch. It felt *so* good.

"Four. You've never been this relaxed before. You don't have a worry
in the world. You feel so warm and happy to have me helping guide you. My
voice is safe, you know that it will lead you to happiness. Just let my
voice take you deeper and deeper. I'm here to help you. You're just
letting go now, letting go and relaxing so that I can help you. You feel
safe and relaxed, relaxed enough to let me lead you down to the next

I was getting so relaxed that it was hard to think now. Even if this
didn't help my problem, it felt really nice.

"Three. To relax even deeper you have to let go of your body for me.
Just let your mind leave go free. You're becoming so relaxed that you're
ready to let go of your body altogether. When I say two you're going to
just be a drifting bit of energy, relaxed and happy. All you need is the
sound of my voice. My voice that's helping you to relax. My soothing
relaxing voice will be all that's left. Don't try to think, just let go
and I will lead you. Put yourself in my hands, let me help you. Relax
even deeper for me now, and let your mind leave your body."

It felt so good. I yearned for her to take me even deeper. For her to
just say the next number for me. But, even as I hung waiting to hear her
voice with all my being, something in me cried out in alarm. Something in
me wanted to stop listening to her, to stop relaxing. But I was *so*
relaxed that the little inner voice cried out in vain, ignored.

"*Two*." Charlene said forcefully, and any resistance building in me
collapsed as I drifted free from my body.

"You're just energy now, drifting, happily listening to my voice. There
is no going back now and that makes you even happier and more relaxed. You
feel *wonderful*. My voice is everything to you now, let it guide you
deeper still. You're so relaxed and happy. You love my voice, you know
it's your only guide to nirvana. You're so close to *total* relaxation and
bliss. You're so relaxed that you can't even think. Trying to think is
too much work. All that's left is to let go of your will. You don't need
to think now, let me think for you. To reach complete relaxation you just
have to give up your thoughts. You know that I'm here to safely guide you,
that you can trust me. When I say one you will disappear completely.
You'll relax so completely that you won't even have a single thought in
your mind. You'll just relax so totally that you my voice will replace
your thoughts. You'll have no will to worry about, my voice will become
your will. When I count one you won't be able to resist my voice replacing
your thoughts. You are ready to give yourself to me, you're perfectly
relaxed and happy now." She droned melodically, and although I was dazed I
could sense some eagerness building in her voice.

It was so very hard to think. The little voice was screaming now, but
screaming in some far away room. I was so warm and comfortable. Charlene
was helping me. There was nothing but Charlene's voice. Guiding me.
Helping me. The little voice screamed even more as I lay waiting for
Charlene's voice to replace my thoughts.


* * * * * * * * * * * * *

And then I awoke to find Charlene smiling at me.

"How do you feel?" She asked.

"I feel...great!" I told her truthfully.

"Very good. We made lot's of progress today."

"Did you...hypnotize me? How long was I..." I asked

"About forty-five minutes. We laid a strong foundation today. But this
was just the beginning. It will take a series of sessions to finish what
we started today. Just make an appointment with Claire at the front desk.
I've got a spot at the same time on Thursdays. How about Thursday

"Okay. Thanks doctor, I really feel better." I told her.

"You're welcome Christine. I'll see you Thursday then." She told me as
I left her office.

The receptionist greeted me with a strange smirk that vanished quickly.
I made the appointment for Thursday, but I couldn't shake the feeling that
something wasn't right about the receptionist.

In the car on the way home, I really felt great. There was still
something strange about Charlene and her receptionist that bothered me a
little in a way I just couldn't figure out. It felt like everything had
happened so quickly, my memory seemed a little mixed up. Regardless, I
felt better and that was what was important.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

My newfound happiness lasted until my Thursday night appointment, and
Charlene seemed pleased to hear about it. I was lying on her couch again,
gushing my thanks at her.

"You've helped me so much Charlene. I can't thank you enough. I've
been so much happier." I told her.

While I thanked her, I couldn't help but admire the heavy curves of her
full breasts pressing against the fabric of her expensive looking blouse.
Hypnosis or not, I still felt awfully jealous looking at these superior
examples of feminine flesh.

"That's wonderful Christine, but there may be some ups and downs in the
process before we're done. Reforming your self-image is going to take a
while and may not always go so smoothly. But I'm glad you're feeling
better now. Are you ready to begin?"


"Just lay back and relax. I've planted a suggestion that should help
you get back into a trance state. All you have to do is say 'Please
hypnotize me Charlene' and you'll go right back into hypnosis. You're in
complete control. Okay?" She explained.

I was wondering if she'd done something that would let her hypnotize me
again. I was sort of afraid of the idea actually. But I liked the way
this sounded, it only happened when I asked for it.

"Okay. Here goes. Please hypnotize me Charlene." I said, and then
everything went blank..

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I awoke again to find the smiling doctor and an hour of my life missing.
I felt relaxed and confident, completely happy. I did seem to have a
strange taste in my mouth, but it wasn't bad. Must have been something I
ate earlier, I thought.

"You're doing just great Christine." Charlene told me with a smile.

Was her blouse buttoned up one button less now? Why would I notice
something like that? God she had beautiful breasts.

"I-I feel great." I answered, sheepishly aware that I must have been
staring at her chest for a moment.

"Wonderful. How about next Tuesday night for our next appointment?"

"Okay. That's fine. I'll just go tell your receptionist. Thanks Dr.
Hoopes." I told her, hurrying up off the couch.

"Charlene. See you Tuesday Christine." She told me with a strange

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I was happy and upbeat, and my friends and co-workers had actually
started to comment on my personality change. But home alone Saturday I
started to get depressed again. The same old feelings seemed to be
creeping back in me. And that night I had the first dream.

I dreamt I was in a department store looking for a bra. The salesperson
helping me was Charlene. She asked me what size I was looking for, and
when I told her she just started laughing at me. All the customers in the
store joined in and laughed with her. I awoke panting and feeling
unbelievably inadequate. And the most humiliating thing about the dream
was that I awoke feeling more than a little aroused. Humiliated, but
turned on too.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sunday night I had another strange dream. This time I was at Dr.
Hoopes' office, but I couldn't find her. In my dream I wondered up and
down the hallway looking into rooms but not finding her. I was so
desperate to find her. Finally I saw her familiar office door standing
open as I approached it. Inside Charlene was sitting naked behind her
desk! She smiled when she saw me and gestured for me to come closer. As I
approached her I saw that her receptionist was kneeling under her desk, her
face buried in Charlene's crotch! Charlene cupped her hands around one of
her huge boobs and held it up to me with a smile.

"Suck it Christine." She told me, and then I was crouching next to her,
sucking her teat.

"That's a good little girl, suck my tit like a good slave." She told me
before I awoke in a sweat.

This time I wasn't just turned on, I was *wet*. I couldn't help myself.
I fingered myself until I came, and then I felt degraded and humiliated
afterwards. What was wrong with me?

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

At my Tuesday appointment I told Charlene that I was having problems
again, and she just brushed off my claims.

"Don't worry about it Christine, you're going to have some down days
before we get you fully straightened out. Just relax and be happy that
we're making progress. Are you ready for us to begin now?" She asked.

"Alright, but I don't think this is working right. 'Please hypnotize me
Charlene.'" I asked her, and then I was out.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

That night, while I slept, I had another dream about Charlene. I was at
her office, kneeling in front of her and begging to suck on her breasts.
She was laughing at me and calling me names. After a while I just started
to cry, and then she came to me pulled my face to her breasts. In my dream
I licked and kissed her huge boobs until she pushed my face down to her
crotch and ordered me to kiss her pussy! I awoke, sweaty and aroused, and
once again I had an orgasm while I masturbated thinking of Charlene. What
was wrong with me? Was I gay or something?

Although the dream left me feeling a little bit ashamed when I awoke, I
found that I was happier again Wednesday. The day went well, and
thankfully I slept a deep and dreamless sleep. But the happiness was short
lived. When I awoke Thursday I found that I kind of missed the
orgasm-inducing dreams, however humiliating they might be. I started to
get just as unhappy as the old days, and I started to wonder if this
therapy was ever going to help me. It was sometime Thursday afternoon that
I got the idea to tape my session with Dr. Hoopes. I'd turn on my little
tape recorder and hide it in my purse just before the session. That way I
could find out just exactly what was going on while I was dozing on that

I had the tape recorder all ready when I got there, and the receptionist
told me to go right in. I actually felt kind of anxious about the tape
recorder, worried in that way that you feel when you're do something wrong
and afraid of being caught.

"Hello Christine. How are you doing today?"

The urge to just stare outright at her beautiful boobs was harder than
ever to ignore. They were so big and perfect looking. I reluctantly drew
my gaze from her luscious chest and met her eyes with some sadness. She
had a little grin on her face, had she seen me ogling her bosom? I felt a
quick flash of embarrassment heat my face.

"Not so good Charlene. I haven't been feeling all that well. I'm not
sure I want to keep doing this." I told her.

"But Christine, we've hardly started. Don't quit now."

"It's just...I don't think this is helping me." I said.

"Alright, I'll make you a deal. I think we can make a breakthrough
tonight. If tonight's session doesn't change your life, I'll refund you
all your money and you can try a different therapist. Okay?" She smiled
confidently, and I felt a strange twitch in the back of my mind.

I wasn't really ready to quit, my curiosity just had to find out what
was going on while I was asleep.

"I guess. Let's get this over with then. 'Please hypnotize me
Charlene.'" I said, and like always I just sort of blinked out.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

When I awoke I felt great. I thanked Charlene and grabbed my purse to
leave, happier than ever.

"You're my last appointment tonight. Claire and I will walk out with
you." Charlene told me.

Claire locked the door behind us and we all walked out to the parking
lot together. They must have both been parked in the opposite direction to
where I was, we split up at the parking lot.

"Goodnight." I told them.

"See you soon." Charlene called with a funny smirk.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

On my way home, something strange started to happen. I noticed that I
was driving the wrong way. I tried to pull over and turn around, but it
was like my body wouldn't listen to my brain. I just kept driving! My
mind raced, amazed, and it took me a moment to come to grips with the fact
that Charlene must have done something to me with her hypnosis! What was
she making me do? And where was I driving? I fought to regain control of
myself, but it seemed hopeless.

My body continued to disobey my commands, and soon I reached into my
purse and pulled out the tape recorder. I rewound the tape and pressed
play. I listened as I heard Charlene greet me, and then put me under.

"Christine, listen to me very closely." I heard Charlene saying.

"I know you trust me, and want me to help you with your problem. You're
just so confused, it's so much easier for you to let me help you think.
You want me to help you, don't you?" She asked, and I heard myself answer
softly in the affirmative.

"We have to make big progress today. You can't stop your sessions with
me until I'm done with our work here. Don't worry though, I think we're
ready to move forward today. I'm going to solve all your problems for you.
It's better for you to let go of your confused ideas and accept my ideas.
Let me guide you. You trust me don't you, more than anyone else?" She
asked, and again my voice answered yes.

"I know your secret Christine. I know that you're fascinated with my
breasts. You want to kiss them, don't you?" She asked.

"Yes. They're beautiful. I want to kiss them. I have dreams about
them." I murmured.

"Of course you do Christine. My breasts are the most beautiful breasts in the world. They are the proof that I am superior to you. I have the
breasts of a beautiful dominant woman, and you have no chest at all.
You're a pathetic little girl. What are you?"

"A pathetic little girl."

"You're embarrassed of your tiny breasts, aren't you Christine?" She
asked, and more softly this time I heard myself agree.

"That's okay Christine, you should be embarrassed of them. Look at my
breasts Christine, look at what a real woman's breasts look like. You like
the way they look, don't you? You wish you were a real woman like I am,
don't you?" She continued, and again I answered her with a tortured "yes".

No wonder I wasn't feeling any better! She was running me down under
hypnosis! I was so mad, I told myself she'd soon lose her license for this

"You're so small and pathetic. You don't really even look like an
adult. With your bony ass and tiny tits you look like a little girl.
You're not smart enough to be an adult either. Your breasts are so small
you couldn't even have a baby. How would it eat? It would starve. You
know that you're totally inferior to a real woman like me. You're very
happy that I'm willing to take precious minutes out my time to help
straighten you out, aren't you?" She asked me, and got my "yes".

"Now let go of your thoughts, let go of your identity, just drift and
listen to my voice and I'll fix everything for you. Listen to my voice, my
voice will enlighten you, my voice will fix your problems. The reason you
are having such difficulties is that you are trying to be a woman. But
you're obviously not a woman. You have the body of a child, so you should
try to be what you are--a child. You're not very intelligent at all.
You're just a stupid little girl, aren't you?" She questioned me, and I
couldn't hear my answer.

"You trust me, and want to please me because I am so much smarter than
you, and because I am so beautiful. You'll do what I tell you, because you
want to make me happy. That's the most important thing, making me happy.
There is nothing else more important to you, the most important thing is
making me happy. What do you want to do?" She asked, and this time I could
here my reply clearly.

"I want to make you happy, Charlene."

"That's good Christine. But I am so much better than you in every way
that I am actually a goddess to you. I am smarter and infinitely more
beautiful, and you desperately want to worship me, to serve my every need
in hopes of pleasing me. You're only a stupid little girl and I'm a
perfect beautiful goddess. You just want to let go and be my slave. What
do you want to be?" She asked.

"Your slave. I want to be your slave Charlene." I told her.

My god, she was trying to brainwash me! I listened with horrified
fascination as she worked her evil on my suggestible mind. It made me
wonder even more where I was driving.

"I will allow you to be my slave Christine. Because I am so superior to
you, you will address me only as 'my goddess'".

"Yes my goddess." I heard myself faintly reply.

She was going to jail for this. Whatever was making me drive wherever I
was going would wear off ant then I was going to get a lawyer and sue her
for all she was worth.

"I am obviously better than you, aren't I?"

"Yes my goddess."

"Why am I better than you?"

"Because you're so beautiful and smart. Because I'm just a stupid
little girl." I replied in that strange monotone.

I kept trying to fight whatever she'd done to me, but I couldn't stop
myself from driving wherever I was going. It's a horrifying thing, losing
control of your very ability to control your body. How was she able to do
this to me?

"It's all very clear to you Christine. I am a goddess and you are my
slave. It makes you very happy that you have such a clear path in life.
It makes you happy to obey me, because you know that I am totally superior
to you in every way. It's so clear. You must obey me to be happy. Only
through total submission to me will you find happiness. What must you do

"Obey you my goddess."

"Very good Christine. You are now my slave, and you will serve me
forever. You can't disobey me, you can't resist me. Because I control you
now. Because I will make you happy be letting you obey me and be my slave.
My control is complete. You do not have the will to resist me, I am your
beautiful dominant goddess. Can you resist me Christine?"

"No my goddess."

"You will serve me, be my slave in every way. And it will please you to
serve me. Please you to obey a beautiful goddess like me. You will
worship my beautiful feminine body with your pathetic little mouth.
Because my beautiful body entitles me to worship. And your ugly skinny
body makes you only fit to serve. You'll kiss my ass, suck my tits, and
lick my cunt whenever I want. And you'll be happy to do it, because
serving me and pleasing me is your only road to happiness. Even though you
don't like the idea of giving pleasure to a woman, you'll do it anyway
because you want to please me so much. And if licking my pussy and ass
makes you feel humiliated, you'll only enjoy the humiliation because you
know that you deserve it. Because you're so insignificant you deserve to
be degraded by a beautiful goddess like me. Will you be a good slave and
worship your goddess with your mouth?" She asked me.

I listened in disgust as my voice quietly moaned an affirmative "Yes my

"You will also never do anything to harm me in any way. In fact, you
will do anything to protect my safety. Can you do anything that would harm
me Christine?"

"No my goddess. M-my goddess...the awake Christine is trying to harm
you. She does not yet know that you are her goddess and she is taping your
divine voice tonight. I cannot let her harm you." I heard my voice say
haltingly, as if I was confused.

"Taping me? What do you mean Christine?"

"There is a tape recorder in our purse my goddess." My voice said, and
then there were loud rustling sounds on the tape.

"My my. I'm very displeased Christine. We're just going to have to
accelerate your training schedule even more than I thought. Listen to me
carefully Christine. I am your goddess, and I'm going to give you some
very important commands. If you obey me commands I will reward you with a
chance to worship my beautiful breasts. Would you like a chance to please
me and worship my tits?" She asked.

"Oh yes my goddess!" I said, with some emotion finally showing in my

"After I take you out of this trance tonight, you will forget that I
know you tried find me out. Instead of driving home, you'll drive to my
house. My address is on this slip of paper I'm putting in your pocket.
You'll notice you're going the wrong way to get home, but you won't be able
to stop driving. On the way to my house you'll remember that you will take
out your tape recorder and you'll listen to this tape. You'll listen to
this message in its entirety and be helpless to stop yourself from obeying
my commands. You will be totally unable to stop yourself from to my house
instead of yours. Even though you'll know what's happening, you won't be
able to resist me. I am your goddess and I control you. You will drive to
my house and wait there for me to arrive. I may beat you home and already
be there waiting for you. Either way, once you see me you will come into
my house and sit where I tell you. As soon as you sit down you will
re-enter this trance state and await my further commands." She told me.

"Yes my goddess."

"You will not be able to alter your course, or tell anyone what's
happening to you in any way."

"Yes my goddess."

"When I touch your forehead you will fall into a deep and restful in
which you see and hear nothing. You will close your eyes and await my
second touch. When I touch your head again, you will wake up and remember
nothing as usual. You will think the session is over, and you will leave
to follow my commands. Sleep." Charlene said softly on the tape, and I
pictured myself closing my eyes on the couch next to her.

"And now I get a chance to talk to the waking Christine who has been so
badly behaved. I don't know how you figured out what I was doing to you,
but I'll find out when I see you at home. By now I'm sure you've realized
that it's useless to try to resist me. You really are an excellent
subject. In fact, you're one of the best subjects I've ever encountered.
That's why I've decided to make you my slave. That's right, I already
enjoy the service of one submissive female slave and you will soon join
her. This isn't my first time, and yes I *can* get away with it. God I
love doing this. But don't worry, you're going to learn to love this too.
Ha ha ha ha. See you soon." She said evilly, her laughter still ringing in
my ears.

The tape ran silent, and again I willed my body to stop the car. To
turn a different way, anything. But the autopilot Charlene had so cleverly
programmed into me was resolute. I watched myself, helpless, as I drove
closer and closer to this she-witch's home. My horror only grew deeper and
deeper as every minute brought me closer to my fate. This couldn't be
possible. How could she make me do things against my very will? And yet
the proof of her evil power was obvious and true to me. Although I wore no
chains or ropes I was bound somehow much more securely, a prisoner in my
own mind. My car seemed to know it's own way to her house as I watched
myself turn into an affluent subdivision filled with massive homes spaced
widely apart. As my I turned into her driveway I saw that she was already
waiting, standing next to her parked sports utility vehicle with a woman.
As I pulled up next to them I saw that the woman was her receptionist,
Claire! I stepped out of the car and Charlene smiled confidently.

"How nice of you to drop by Christine. Did you have a nice ride? Go
on, get in the house and take a look at your new home." She laughed,
mocking me again.

I followed silently, trying desperately to resist her and failing with
every step forward. She opened the door and I followed her inside. She
led me into her gorgeously furnished livingroom and gestured to an

"Sit down."

I sat and, like a light whose switch had been flipped, my brain just
shut off.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I awoke some time later, still sitting in the chair. My goddess
Charlene was standing in front of me, looking absolutely beautiful in some
sort of loose robe. As I realized with a start that she was naked under
the robe, I saw Claire enter the room wearing a silly looking french maid
outfit. She was carrying a glass of something on a silver tray, which she
sat down near my goddess on the coffee table before kneeling like a peasant
in the presence of a queen. Seeing her kneel triggered something in me,
and I felt a strong urge to do the same thing. Charlene just watched,
smiling, as I climbed out of the chair and sank to my knees before her. As
I knelt I noticed that I was wearing the same outfit as Claire! Something
about the outfit, and kneeling, really made me feel good. Submitting to my
goddess in even this simple way made me feel happy.

"You wear almost the exact same size as Claire, you're lucky. Otherwise
you would have had to wait for your uniform. This way you can wear one of
Claire's until yours arrive. How do you like it slave?" She asked me.

"I-I love it my goddess."

"It suites you, you pathetic ugly little thing. Now it's time to test
you out a little. I promised you a reward for being good, and you've done
well. Stand up." She ordered and I stood uncertainly before her.

Once again I felt humiliated by her words, and I liked it. I felt
honored that my goddess would accept the worship of someone as ugly and
stupid as I.

"Yes my goddess."

She slowly opened her robe and then shrugged it off her shoulders. As
it pooled around her feet I was awed by her beauty. Her tremendous,
magnificent breasts hanging heavily in front of her. She lifted the
weighty mounds of flesh in her hands watched, amused, at the way I stared
reverently at them.

"You've already sucked them several times while you were in a trance.
Now that you have become my servant I will allow you your first time
worshiping them awake. Now suck them. Suck my tits and feel how truly
inferior and worthless you are." She ordered haughtily.

My heart raced as I lowered my mouth to her divinely female assets. I
sucked hungrily at the familiar flavor of her stiffening nipples, their
musky taste intoxicating beyond belief. I basked in the religious glory of
worshiping my goddess, a being so divine that I could only feel grateful to
be allowed to serve her.

"That's enough. You sick, disgusting little freak. Your stupid, ugly,
face is bothering me. Get back down where you belong, on your knees before

Her nasty words cut into me, but I knew that she was right. I deserved
to be abused by her. She deserved to be in control. Her abuse was a good
thing, I should be happy.

"Yes my goddess." I answered quickly as I dropped to my knees.

"Get that ugly face in my cunt, show me whether or not you're even
useful for that. Please your goddess." She demanded.

I plunged my face into her crotch, and gave myself to her sex. It was
humiliating, but I had to please her. I had to show her that I could be
useful. I worked with every ounce of my being to lick her cunt like it had
never been licked before. I slurped and sucked with total abandon, working
my tongue like a dervish. When she came, it was the greatest reward to me
to feel her pussy twitching against my tongue. I knew that I had pleased
her, and pleasing my goddess made me so very happy. If I had a tail I
would have been wagging it when Charlene pushed me away and sighed happily.

"Very good Christine. Welcome to your new life as my slave."

"Thank you my goddess." I answered happily.

I was so lucky. Even though I was ugly and stupid, this beautiful
goddess was going to allow me to serve her. What more could I ever want
than that? My life was so much better now. Now I could finally be happy.


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