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balancer.Scout Leader


From Mon Dec 30 21:05:21 1996
From: (balancer)
Subject: Scout Leader (Mgggggg, pedo, cons)
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Usual author's babbling: This story was written many years ago (as you will
be able to tell by mentions of technology that is outdated) and is not what
I would write today. Rather than let it rot away on my hard drive, or just
delete it, I've put something of an ending on the story -- I hate stories that
just stop without an ending! -- and posted it here in the hopes someone will
enjoy it. Be warned that there's more story than sex. The story is set in a
possible future, not too many years from now.

Disclaimer: if you are not supposed to be reading this according to the laws
of wherever you live, read it anyway; for any human being to attempt to
control what any other human being can and can't read is far more obscene than
anything in this story.


Scout Leader
by balancer
"It was a dark and stormy night..."

The girls groaned good-naturedly, grouped around the campfire. Shelly,
the oldest Scout at 13, had suggested telling ghost stories before bed. I
suspected that she secretly enjoyed having one of the younger girls clutching
at her. Well, I could understand that. I didn't mind it that much myself.

The problem was that it really was a dark and stormy night. The sun had
gone down hours ago and the waning moon was quickly becoming obscured by storm

clouds. The distant lightning bolts did give a pretty good backdrop for scary

stories though. But the rain coming with the storm was sure to put a damper
on the girls' mood.

Or so I thought.

While I wove my tale of murder, death, and bloodshed I looked the girls
over to be sure I wasn't scaring them too much. Shelly was more frightened of

the slowly approaching storm than of anything I was saying; her green eyes
flinched with every flash of lightning while the firelight made her long red
hair look like the blood I was verbally spilling. Shelly was holding the
youngest Scout, September, in her lap. September was chewing on her ponytail
again and watching me with her brown eyes wide with half-believed horror. As
the youngest at 9, Sept (as we nicknamed her) usually hung around Shelly --
who loved both the attention and Sept's loving shyness.

Tammy and Rhonda were sitting side by side, clutching hands and
squealing as the imaginary blood flowed. As they were the closest in age,
both 12, they were fast friends. Rhonda was the more outgoing of the two --
spunky and fearless. Tammy was much more quiet, letting Rhonda do the
leading. Rhonda's blue eyes and blonde hair matched her cheerfulness
perfectly, while Tammy's black hair and gray eyes were windows to her
sometimes dark moods.

The two remaining Scouts were sitting on either side of me, holding my
hands and leaning into me. They were my favorites of the troop -- a fact
known to everyone, but the others didn't seem to mind as I never let my extra
fondness for Gineen and Kim (10 and 11 respectfully) make any difference in
how anyone was treated. In truth, I was very fond of all the girls and they
knew it. But Kim and Gineen were special to me; Kim for her astonishing
intelligence -- she knew science and math far beyond the high school level
already -- and Gineen for her piping Irish lilt and wry, dark humor. All the
girls were great people but with Kim I could talk about nuclear physics and be

understood and Gineen and I would trade puns, jokes, and friendly insults for
hours on end.

I could feel the girls shiver against me at a particularly gruesome part
of the tale I was spinning. I freed my hands and wrapped my arms around them
both. Kim laid her head on my shoulder and Gineen cuddled up at my side.


I suppose you're wondering how a man gets to be leader of a girl Scout
troop. Well until a year or so ago my wife was the leader. Excuse me, I mean

my ex-wife. Privately I refer to her as SuperBitch. As our relationship
(HA!) began to deteriorate so did the time she spent with the kids. Since we
didn't have children of our own, I'd usually been free to show the girls
things that were out of SuperBitch's league, like carpentry, how to change a
tire, or anything scientific. So one time when the SuperBitch flew home to
her mother (only temporarily that time, unfortunately), totally uncaring about

a big campout she had arranged to take the troop on, I decided that the girls
shouldn't lose out because of her and I took them camping myself. I told them

the truth about why their "leader" hadn't shown and we all had a good time.
My taking the girls was yet another thing the SuperBitch held against me.

Anyway, soon after that SB finally divorced me and flew to her mother to
stay. She'd told the girls that they'd have to find someone else to be their
leader because she was too "distraught" to do it herself. So they found a new

leader on their own.



The story came to its conclusion -- I was shuddering myself towards the
end. The storm had moved in by then and we all knew it would start pouring
any minute. "Okay, everybody, into your tents and to bed before it starts
raining!" I said, and they all scampered into their little two-man pup tents,
plus the bigger one with everyone's extra clothes and most of the gear. They
had split up into their usual teams: Shelly and Sept, Kim and Gineen (in the
bigger tent), and Rhonda and Tammy. I had often thought of requiring them to
rotate sleeping partners but decided against it each time; they enjoyed their
special friendships with each other and for some of them troop activities were

the only time other than school they got to see each other. Besides, "if it
ain't broke, don't fix it."

While they got ready for bed I put out the fire and put away the supper
dishes and other things. I was moving fast as the storm was looking like it
would be a doozy. Every person during our week long outing had to do final
cleanup and I had drawn the first night.

Just as I finished and dove into my own tent the first huge drops
started splashing down. I sighed with relief and zipped up my tent flap -- my

tent was also just big enough for two people but taller so I could stand up in

it. I hate changing clothes in pup tents, and if I was in here the girls
could stand outside their tents and dress if they wished.


After SuperBitch exited stage right, I got an invitation to attend a
special troop meeting where a new leader would be announced by the girls. I
figured that they were being polite to the "old guy" who had taken them
camping once. So I show up at the schoolhouse for the meeting. As I sit down

among the parents I nod to one or two of them and return their questioning
looks with a small shrug. Mrs. Grundy, the obligatory small town
busybody/newspaper publisher, noticed me and gave a loud sniff of disapproval.

I grinned; she and her husband had ruled this town almost unchallenged until I

moved in. We didn't like each other, to say the least.

The girls in the troop filed into the room and stood in formation.
Shelly, as head Scout, stepped forward and gave a little speech. "Thank you
for coming tonight," she said. It was obvious she was nervous. Actually,
the whole bunch of them looked on edge. "As you know," Shelly continued, "we
recently lost out last Scoutmaster. All the girls in the troop tried to find
a volunteer to be our new leader. We asked all of our mothers, our older
sisters, our aunts, cousins... every woman around the area that we knew. Some

of us even asked women we didn't know." I noticed Sept had turned a little
red at that; I gave her a wink and she turned even redder.

"Every woman in this room was asked. None said 'yes.'" The ladies in
the audience looked decidedly uncomfortable at being chewed out by a bunch of
little girls. Shelly just looked sad. She continued, "Most of us even asked
our fathers, our uncles, older brothers, anybody to be our leader. None of
them would help us either." Now all the men looked uncomfortable too. I'd
have been loving this if I hadn't realized the consequences of everyone's

Shelly spelled it out for them; "Without an adult leader, we can't have
a troop. And there's no way around that rule. Without a leader we can still
dress up in uniforms... but we won't be Scouts. Not really." She sighed.
"So we are going to ask the last person we can think of. We don't know what
this person will answer." Shelly began to walk down the single aisle between
the seats. "If the person says 'no,' we give up. We would have asked him --"

Him? Uh oh.

"-- first, but we didn't think he would, or that our parents would let
us choose him. But now there's no one else left." She stopped in the aisle
and turned to me. "Mr. Peters, will you... please... be our Scoutmaster?"

There are times when you don't think your actions through, you just DO
it. You KNOW it's right. This was one of those times for me. I stood up,
faced Shelly and the rest of the troop, and without hesitation said, "Yes."

All hell broke loose. As I expected, the girls had to talk very, very
fast to get the adults to even listen to them, let alone be convinced. Mrs.
Grundy was raving mad, saying no man could be leader of a girl Scout troop.
Everyone latched onto that, saying that in every other respect I was a fine
choice, but since I was male I just couldn't be Scoutmaster.

Then Kim stepped forward, looking scared to death. "Is that the only
reason Mr. Peters isn't acceptable to you?" she asked them. Everyone agreed
that it was the only reason -- but that it was reason enough. Kim then took
them all step-by-step through the Scout rule book, showing them the ban on
discrimination of any kind, including sex; documenting previous cases of boys
joining the "Girl" Scouts, of males being girl Scout leaders (few though they
were, and from other countries) and finally told them of a legal case where a
woman who was prevented from leading a troop of boy Scouts sued the boy Scouts

of the California Republic and the families of the Scouts for discrimination
-- and won. She then produced an article where legal experts said this case
could easily be used in similar cases. Like ours.

Mrs. Grundy stood up and in that sickening sweet voice informed the
girls that to avoid all this "unpleasantness" she would consent to be their
leader. The girls, as one, paled at this and looked heartbroken.

It was my turn.

I turned to Mrs. Grundy. "Correct me if I'm wrong, Mrs. Grundy, but
didn't the troop already ask you to help them?" I asked. Giving her no time
to answer I called back over my shoulder. "Scouts, you did ask Mrs. Grundy to
be your leader, didn't you?" "Yes, we did," Shelly replied. "And what did
she say when you asked her?" Gineen spoke up, "'I don' have the time to deal
with a gang o' brats,' that's what she said, sir!" I looked at Grundy and
told her, "You had your chance, Mrs. Grundy. You refused. I didn't. I am
their Scoutmaster now -- the vacancy has been filled." I started to turn
away, then whirled back and in the coldest voice I could, warned "-- and don't

you ever call my troop 'a gang of brats' again. Ever."

While Mrs. Grundy sat down, gibbering, I turned to the parents. This
would be the difficult task. "Look folks, I'll admit that I never expected
the troop to ask me to lead them. In fact, a little warning from them would
have been nice." I knew Gineen, at least, was grinning at my back. "I'm
honored to be chosen. Now that I've accepted, I'll be the best Scoutmaster I
possibly can. I know that some of you are probably concerned about having a
male leader. I don't blame you. So I want you to know that any parent of any

Scout should feel free to come to any troop activity -- at any time you like.

Unannounced if you like. You're always welcome to help in our activities --
even if you can't help as often as you like."

Some of them looked more relaxed as I told them they could barge in any
time they liked, and I knew that parental involvement would be on the upswing.

Turning to the girls I said, "Thank you for wanting me. I think we'd better
call this meeting to an end... or I might get demerits for being out of
uniform." The girls giggled right on cue, their parents laughed, and a lot of

the tension went out of the room. Kids rejoined their families as individual
parents came up for their individual reassurances. The Grundy's, who didn't
have a daughter to be in the troop in the first place, haughtily stalked out
of the room -- the storm of controversy wasn't over quite yet, but was getting



The storm was getting worse. Just as I was unbuttoning my shirt I heard
a huge blast of wind -- and then the unmistakable sound of a tent ripping up
its pegs and flapping in the wind. I unzipped my tent and rushed out into the

fury. Kim and Gineen were out in the rain and their big tent was flying in
the wind. I could barely see anything. The tent had come loose and the two
girls looked like they were trying to catch the ends of the canvas. I joined
them and we managed to get the canvas wrapped around the supplies. Now
instead of a tent we had a mound of wet clothing, soggy food, and soaked
sleeping bags.

I yelled at Kim and Gineen (or rather, two kid-shaped blurs) to get in
my tent, then ran to Tammy and Rhonda, who were peeking out of their tent and
told them that everything was all right, the storm was getting better, and to
try to get some sleep. Apparently Shelly and Sept were sleeping as no heads
poked out, so I ran back into my tent and zipped it shut. Then turned around
to face Gineen and Kim.

They were naked.

They were also wet, shivering, and scared. First things first, I
thought to myself as I grabbed my lone towel from its perch on my blanket and
handed it to Kim, saying gently, "Here, both of you dry off."

While they solemnly dried off, I turned the lantern down low and thought
furiously. They had obviously been sleeping in the nude, which was fine --
except that I sleep in the raw too. All our extra clothes were now soaked and

tied up under what used to be a tent. And the only other clothes I had were
on my back, also thoroughly soaked. The storm still blew pretty bad and I
didn't want to send Gineen and Kim to sleep with the other girls; there just
wasn't room in those tents for three.

They were finished drying themselves, but were still shivering. I said,
"Okay, here's the way I see it. None of us have any dry clothing. You can't
sleep in the other tents, there isn't room -- and I'd have six wet Scouts
instead of two." A quick grin to show I wasn't mad at them. "So, we'll all
three of us have to sleep here. Plus... I can't sleep in these wet clothes,
all of us would get pneumonia. I'll have to take them off. And we'll be
sleeping almost up against each other." Their eyes went a little wide, but
they looked at each other and then nodded to me.

Nothing to do but do it, I thought as I pulled off my shoes and socks,
then unbuttoned my shirt and peeled it off my back. I tossed the clothing
into a corner. Next my pants. Gineen's and Kim's eyes never left me. I was
watching them too; I couldn't help it. They were beautiful children -- no,
beautiful people.

In the harsh glare of the lantern Kim looked near perfect. Her tan was
enhanced by the whiteness of her loins and just budding breasts. Her mound
was smooth... I'd never seen any female nude who was devoid of hair. Gineen's

fair skin showed no tan lines and her chest was still childishly flat; she had

no pubic hair either. Two demigoddesses in my tent. They were looking at me
as avidly as I examined them; their thoughts were their own, but mine were
betrayed by my growing erection.

There being no point in delaying, I reached down and pulled off my
shorts. My penis sprang up and continued to grow. I was helpless to stop it.

Both the girls stared at my enlarging cock and Gineen, so help me, actually
licked her lips.

We looked at each other for awhile... too long, I suddenly realized.
This was going way beyond the necessity of sleeping together in the same tent,

it was leading to...

I ruthlessly squashed that line of thought and started to say something
when Kim beat me to it. Haltingly, she said, "Jack, Gineen and I have... have

a favor to ask you."

"What?" I managed to croak out. "Well... umm... you see..." Kim hedged.
Gineen, blushing but brash as ever, took over: "Jack, me and Kim have been
loving each other for a while now... and we both love you. Well... will you
accept our virginity?"

I was stunned. Thoughts raced through my mind... so that's what the
giggles from their tent had been... holy, the other girls tend to giggle too,
are they... I wonder when they first touched each other... ye gods, what
they're asking is illegal... I love them so much, but... oh shit, I really do
love them, don't I... they're so beautiful... they picked me to be their
first... I do love them... love them? they're little girls... no, young women
really... so small, so smooth... what I do in the next few seconds will change

their lives; up to me if for good or bad -- what is best for them? Forget the

law, forget morality, whatever the hell that is, forget what your aching cock
is screaming at you, Jack; what is best for them????

I stood still, lost in memory... I remembered my very first time with a
woman. I thought I loved her. When I pulled off my shorts and showed her my
rock hard cock, she had laughed. Oh god... even now her laughter hurts. It
took me years to open up enough to try to love again. I'll wear that scar

Now the two people that I suddenly realized I cared for most in the
world were standing before me, as naked emotionally as they were physically.
They were offering me their love, their childhood, themselves -- I would not,
could not reject them. It would scar them forever, like I had been scarred,
and I would not do that. No matter what the cost.

I lowered myself to my knees and drew them both to me. Hugging them
fiercely, I whispered, "yes, oh yes my loves."


Thunder crashed and the wind howled as my little loves hugged me
joyfully back. 'Music to be Damned By' I thought, caressing their bodies,
running my hands up and down their backs, fondling their small tight asses.
Their skin was so soft, and I could feel the muscles underneath tremble at my
touch. The world I thought I knew crumbled as I kissed them, tasting their
hunger as deep as my own. They could not possibly be human children; the
fairies must have had part in the creation of these hungry, beautiful pixies.

"Oh my dears," I murmured, "I will do as you ask, though it cost me
everything." "We won't tell!" "No one will know!" they cried as one, and
hugged me the fiercer, knocking all of us backwards onto the blankets. We all

giggled helplessly. "I love you, Kim, and I love you, Gineen," I whispered to

them. Kim reached up to kiss me; a long, lingering kiss that would put an
older woman to shame, while Gineen sighed happily and laid her head upon my

"Who shall be first, my loves?" I asked. Making love to two people
simultaneously is possible, but not for anyone's first time; all my
concentration should be on each girl separately. Gineen's light lilt
answered, "Kim, o' course!" I looked deep into Kim's brown eyes, which looked

back unflinchingly. I turned to Gineen, kissed her pert upturned nose, and
said, "Back in a bit."

Gently I rolled over atop Kim. Slowly, ever so slowly, I kissed her
lips... her chin... her cheeks... I nibbled on her earlobes. She squirmed
beneath me, moaning softly as I inserted my tongue into her tender ear. My
cock was rubbing against her inner thighs; it was hard to remain in control.
My mouth moved to Kim's, our tongues wrapping themselves around each other.
The scent of her damp hair and her sweat was driving me mad.

My hands explored her body, as hers did mine. We stroked each other's
skin as I explored every crevice of Kim's mouth with the tip of my tongue.
Her hands ran down my back, feeling the light coat of hair there, then shyly
down to my ass. I could feel her hands clasp my globes as we groaned into
each other's mouth.

I kissed my way from her mouth, down her slender throat, to her breasts.
Her nipples rose up eagerly to meet my tongue's caress. I switched from one
to the other, twirling my tongue around one, then very gently nipping the
other with my teeth. Her breasts were just beginning to swell and they fit
quite easily into my hand; I massaged her left while sucking on the right,
then reversing.

Kim was panting wildly and her heart beat rapidly in her chest. Her
hands no longer played with my body, instead she clutched me, hanging on as
the sensations overwhelmed her. I kissed my way down her body, over her flat
stomach, my tongue flirting briefly with her bellybutton. My hands slid away
from her breasts and down her sides to her legs, opening them to reveal her
virgin cunt.

Always before when I had eaten a woman, I had done it as a duty; the
sour scent had nearly repulsed me, and the taste was awful. So I'd never been

that good at it. I was prepared to undergo the ordeal yet again, for the
girls' sake. I was astonished, then, to smell a smell so enticing that my
cock swelled to near bursting. I cautiously took an exploratory lick at Kim's

modest slit, lapping up some of her juices, and the sweet nectar exploded
across my tongue as Kim groaned with desire. Forgetting all subtlety I spread

Kim's moist cunt with my fingers and lapped eagerly for the heavenly juices.

I licked and lapped while Kim moaned, nearly shouting. Her hips began
to thrust upwards rhythmically, and I knew she was very close to orgasm. My
tongue played with the small tender folds of flesh, slipping in and out among
them; first rimming her outer mound, next plunging deep inside her cunt,
wiggling around as she grunted and sighed. I swirled my tongue around her
clit, which was so swelled it was hot to my tongue. As I began sucking on her

clit with gusto I slipped a finger, then two, inside and began to finger fuck
her. I also put my other hand down the crack of her ass and massaged the
opening of her anus.

The three-way combination was too much; Kim came, nearly pulling my hair
out with her hands, shouting loudly and ramming my face into her crotch. The
winds drowned out her cries, thankfully; she was rigid as the orgasm washed
over her, then she collapsed back onto the blankets, gulping for air.

I spread out her little, limp legs again and pulled myself up her body,
kissing her deeply when our mouths met. My cock was as hard as I could ever
remember it being, in all my life. I put the head of my cock up to the
opening of Kim's now sopping wet cunt. Kim gasped into my mouth as she felt
my head at her opening. Our eyes locked again. I brushed Kim's damp hair
away from her face and whispered, "Do you still want me to? It will hurt the
first time..." She kissed me, then pulled me down to her, putting her chin on

my shoulder. "Jack, please fuck me. It'll only hurt once. Please," she
said, her voice heavy with lust.

The sound of her high, girlish voice, the voice of the girl I had spent
hours talking about physics, math, and chemistry, the sound of her begging me
to fuck her... any control I had left was swept away by that voice. The only
restraint I had left was to enter her slowly instead of ripping into her.

I grasped her, putting my arms beneath her shoulders and wrapping her to
me, supporting my weight on my elbows. My cock was already perfectly placed;

I pushed my hips forward slowly. Agonizingly slowly, I entered her,
centimeter by centimeter. The feel of her virgin cunt opening reluctantly for

my invading cock was indescribable; Kim was whimpering in my ear and hunching
up her hips, trying to take me in faster. What little was left of my mind
knew that any second now -- then I hit it. Her hymen. She gasped a little,
more in anticipation of pain than anything else. I kissed her earlobe again
and whispered, "Ready, my love?" She tensed and nodded her head.

I sighed inside. She couldn't be tensed up, it'd hurt much worse.
So... "On the count of 3 then, Kim..." I whispered. She relaxed once again,
almost with relief -- and I thrust my hips downwards, my cock ripping away her

hymen and plunging in all the way. Kim gasped, gritting her teeth as the pain

hit her unexpectedly. She shuddered and cried, as I remained still, in her
all the way. Through her tears she whispered, "I thought you said '3.'"
"Forgive me, Kim! You were tensing up and you had to be relaxed, my love," I
whispered into her ear. "Oh," was all she said, but she kissed me again.

I took my time, letting her get used to my throbbing cock being inside
her before slowly moving back out. Our hearts beat wildly in our chests as I
began to make small pumping motions. Pulling in and out, first an inch, then
two, more and more; finally I was fucking her with the whole length of my
raging cock. Kim's little ass was moving in time with mine, we thrust
together and ground our hips as they met. A single word from Kim, whispered
through clenched teeth, "harder!" and I was lost.

With no thought other than blasting my semen inside of her, I rammed my
cock in and out of her. Both of us could only moan incoherently and thrust
back at the other. Her cunt was like a thing alive, holding stubbornly onto
my cock as I withdrew, then gobbling me up as I entered yet again.

Her skin pressed against mine, melding us together; our sweet sweat
mixing together; her tight cunt around my cock like a vise; all of it too
much. We exploded together, her cunt spasming around my cock as I poured my
cum into her. Our orgasm lasted and lasted, and went on some more as we
melted into each other, becoming one lust-filled animal.

Just as suddenly, we both collapsed. Kim was panting wildly, her
breaths in short gulps. I was barely able to keep from falling on top of her.

She reached up, kissed me, and said "Thank you oh thank you I love you Jack I
love you." "I love you too Kim," I said to her. It was the simple truth.

Reluctantly I pushed myself away from her, pulling my softening cock out
of her no longer virgin cunt. Kim gave a little sound of regret as she felt
me slipping out of her, then the soreness began to set in and she winced a
little. I kissed her again, then scooped up some blankets and wrapped her
with them, before her sweat-covered body could start to chill.

Then, with a twinkle in my eye, I turned to face Gineen. If Kim was the
goddess of wisdom in my private pantheon, Gineen was surely the goddess of
humor and trickery. She had burrowed under the blankets while watching me and

Kim; now she threw them off and opened her arms to me.

I went into her arms and we gathered each other up. Our hands explored
each other, our fingertips lightly brushing the other's skin. Where Kim was
hesitant, Gineen knew what areas of my body she was curious about and set out
satisfying that curiosity. She explored my ears, my eyebrows, my lips. We
kissed, and to my surprise Gineen darted her tongue into my mouth. I sucked
her tongue while she moved it around my mouth. She reached down and began
running her fingers through my chest hair.

While she explored my chest I explored hers. Her breasts had not yet
started to grow; not even a hint of what was to come could I feel. Gineen's
nipples were extremely sensitive though, as my light massage and gentle
pinching soon had them standing up and Gineen moaning into my mouth.

As one, our hands went to the other's crotch. Her small fingers
encircled my once again growing cock. She gave it a few quick pumps and I
groaned with pleasure. My own hand was between her legs and I carefully
fingered her cunt.

She was so small! Even though she was quite moist already, a single
finger was a very tight fit. As I pushed more and more of my finger inside,
Gineen suddenly pushed me over onto my back, quickly stood up and turned
around, put her feet on either side of my head -- and sat down on my face!
"Lick me, Jack, please!" she cried, laying face down on my body, her cute
hairless cunt right in front of my face. The hair must make a difference, I
thought as I began lapping up Gineen's sweet juice. She moaned and wiggled
delightfully on top of me.

For a while I simply lapped the whole of her little slit. Then Gineen
rose up and began to lick my cock. The feeling of her small, kittenish tongue

lapping at me drove me wild again. I pointed my tongue and drove it into her
sweet, dripping cunt. My left hand grasped Gineen's tight ass, my tongue
plunged in and out of her cunt, my chin rubbed her swollen clit at every
motion, and I wet my right index finger with her juices and pushed into her
tiny puckered asshole.

"Oooooo....," Gineen hissed and began rocking her hips back towards me.
She stopped licking me and lay her head on my stomach, concentrating on what I

was doing to her. Abruptly she orgasmed, squealing out her pleasure. She
shuddered, then relaxed. I pulled my fingers and tongue out of her, gently
rolled my trickster goddess off of me, and turned around to slowly kiss her
smiling, happy face.

She giggled, spread her lithe legs wide, and pulled me down to her. I
ended up on top of her, my tongue probing deep into her mouth and my cock
wedged in the crack of her spread little asscheeks. I shifted position
slightly and my cock sprang up and pointed directly at Gineen's virginity.

With Gineen being the rogue she was, there was no need to ask; I began
pushing myself into her. I went slowly; Kim had seemed incredibly tight but
Gineen's smaller 10 year old cunt felt like a vise gripping me. I expected
her to make sounds of pain, for surely I must be stretching her beyond belief,

but she simply widened her eyes, kissed me harder, and thrust up her slender
hips for more.

So more I gave her, until I had no more to give. Apparently Gineen had
no hymen to break (she probably lost it horseback riding or something as so
many girls do). My pubic hairs tickled her clit, I'm sure, for she moaned and

shifted her hips up and down. Without pulling out any, I began to grind and
twist my hips up against her. Gineen moaned loudly and I noticed the wind had

died down.

Even more slowly than with Kim, I began to pump in and out of Gineen's
small, tight cunt. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and clutched to
me. The muscles in her cunt were stretched further than they ever had been
and still it felt as if I was scraping the skin off my cock. I took my time,
slowly building up speed. Gineen perfectly matched my downward plunges with
upward thrusts of her hips.

Her warm tight wetness only made the fire of my cock hotter. We were
pumping and grinding and only Kim knows what else; my mind was lost again and
I was pure desire. Without warning she orgasmed, shouting out a high-pitched
yell, her cunt spasming around my cock. Every undulation of her cunt was
transmitted to my cock and I immediately shot my spunk into her depths,
letting out a roar of my own.

For some timeless period Gineen and I shouted out our pleasure, our
love... and then we collapsed back to earth. I was utterly exhausted and just

barely kept my full weight from crushing Gineen. Her cunt still gripped me
tightly so I waited for my cock to soften. Gineen and I gently kissed while
my cock shrank; her cunt holding me just as tightly until I slipped out of

I rolled off of Gineen and lay down between the two girls. Kim threw
blankets over me and Gineen, and I pulled both of them to my side. Kissing
them both, I whispered, "I love you both, with all my heart." Smiling, they
kissed me back, and all three of us fell into an exhausted sleep, holding each

other in the now quiet night.


When I awoke, my goddesses were curled up against me, using my chest as
their pillow. For long minutes I just enjoyed the sound of their breathing,
the sight of them so at peace, the feel of their nakedness against mine. I
stared at the ceiling of the tent above me, thinking it quite an unlikely
choice for a pleasure dome. Yet that was what it was after last night. I
smiled; regardless of what happens in the future, I'll remember last night as
a wonderful experience and I would do it again, I thought.

Well, I had to get up and face the day. I slowly wormed my way out of
the girls' embrace, only disturbing them slightly. No need to wake them just
yet. I quietly put on my soggy clothes from the night before, wincing at my
sore penis. If I was sore, Kim and Gineen would probably be walking
bowlegged. I hoped I hadn't hurt them.

Walking out into the day, I saw the sun's glow beginning to brighten the
horizon. It looked to be a hot day which was good because everyone's clothing

needed to dry out. I walked over to the tied up mound of tent and supplies,
and started sorting things out. About an hour later I had everyone's clothes
in a pile to the side, the supplies sorted out, and the radio unearthed. Some

of the supplies were ruined, but most of them were okay; the clothes would
have to be hung up to dry, but the radio was safe and dry in its protective
cover. In fact, I'd better check in with someone after that storm.

As I turned to the radio, I looked up and saw Shelly walking towards me.
She was still wearing her nightgown and it wrapped around her figure
suggestively. I shook my head, bemused at my thoughts; would I start to look
at all the girls that way?

drawing nearer, Shelly asked, "What happened to the tent?" I replied,
"The storm ripped it up during the night. Most of the food is still good, and

I think the radio is okay, but everyone's clothes are soaked." I gazed at the

steadily brightening sky. "At least it looks to be a hot day, so running
around in our night clothes for a while won't be that much of a problem."

"Where did Gineen and Kim sleep?" Shelly asked, a little too innocently.
"In my tent, since there wasn't anywhere else. Could you get everyone up and
start making breakfast while I go check in with the sheriff?" I said,
changing the subject. "Sure," Shelly replied, "I hope today is as much fun as

last night was!" The twinkle in her eyes told me she thought something was
extremely funny.

I sighed and pushed aside all my problems except that of seeing if the
radio worked. I leaned down, put the box's strap over my shoulder, and began
to cart it towards a nearby hill. The problem with camping in these canyons -
- besides there being few roads and fewer maps -- is that you almost always
have to be on a hill for any type of radio to work. Fortunately I'd brought a

lightweight radio so I wasn't killing myself hauling the thing around. I got
to the top of the hill, set up the antenna, and tuned to the local sheriff's

I got hold of Ed, the sheriff, and told him we were fine. He was
relieved to hear from me as he had already been called by some of the girls'
parents, asking him to drive out and check on us. Ed then told me that the
only road to where we were had been blocked by a landslide from all the rain.

I replied that there was an old mining road nearby and that, although too
steep to come up here on, I thought we could use it to safely drive back to
town. As I had planned on staying a week, we had plenty of food and water so
there was little reason to come back early. I asked Ed to call the parents
and tell them everyone was fine and our plans were unchanged.

As I repacked the radio I realized acutely that the troop and I were
almost completely cut off from the world -- until we decided to come back
down. It was a thought that I had very mixed emotions about.

I lugged the radio back down to camp and found that the girls were all
up. Everyone was in their nightclothes, except for Kim and Gineen who wore
blankets wrapped around themselves. As I walked past the fire to stow the
radio, Shelly looked at my wrapped goddesses, glanced at me, and became
suddenly very busy making breakfast. Was it my imagination or were the other
girls also sneaking knowing glances my way?

Holding back a blush through sheer force of will, I put down the radio,
grabbed a rope and the tent-wrapped bundle of damp clothes, and announced that

I would be busy hanging up the clothes to dry. I weaved my way through the
group of girls who were giggling at the sight of me trying to navigate with
such a huge pile of clothes. At least, I preferred to think that was what
they were giggling about.

I staggered quite a bit from our campsite to a place where I could
stretch the rope between some outcroppings of rock to form three clotheslines
in a zig-zag pattern. As I busied myself, draping clothes over the line, I
tried not to think about the night before and what I had done. Or rather,
what Gineen, Kim, and I had done... no one could say I had forced them. "Not
that they'd need to say that," I muttered to myself.

"Who'd need to say what?"

I whirled, startled. Tammy, who had spoken, jumped as well at my sudden
movement. Sighing, I said, "Don't DO that!" We both smiled, as it was a
standing joke between us for her to sneak up behind me. As the best tracker
of the troop she prided herself on being able to move quietly. She smiled up
at me as I glanced at the short teddy bear nightgown she was wearing. Her
small young breasts rose slightly with each breath she took... I tore my eyes
away from her and resumed hanging clothes.

"Why are you out here instead of back at camp eating?" I asked. "Oh, I
figured you could use some help hanging up all our clothes," she replied as
she began to drape clothing over the lines, "and... I thought we could talk."

I suppressed an urge to raise my eyebrow in surprise. For Tammy to volunteer
to talk was definitely out of character, which meant it was pretty important
to her. "Oh?" I responded as nonchalantly as I could, "talk about what?"

"Well, it's kinda hard to talk about... " she trailed off, blushing.
"Some things are harder to talk about than others," I told her, going into my
Scoutmaster advisory mode, "but I've found that the best way to talk about
something difficult is to just come right out and say it." "Well, okay." She

sighed and stood on her tiptoes to throw a skirt over the line, which raised
her teddy to expose her midriff. I could feel my cock quiver a bit at the
sight of her pale stomach and panty-covered ass.

Tammy turned to face me. "Jack, did you enjoy making love to Kim and
Gineen last night?" I finished hanging whatever it was I was holding, sat
down on the ground, and let out a big sigh. Not looking at Tammy, I said
softly, "Yes, I did." I looked up at her. "How did you know?"

Tammy came over and stood in front of me before replying. "Two ways:
Gineen and Kim told us they were going to try to get you to have sex with them

sometime during the trip."

I don't recall my mouth falling open, but it surely did because Tammy
reached over and pushed my jaw closed. After making several unsuccessful
attempts to speak, during which Tammy merely stood patiently, looking
incredibly sexy, I managed to squeak out, "You mean I was seduced?" Tammy
smiled brightly and nodded. "And the whole bunch of you knew about it before
hand?" She nodded again.

Still stunned, I asked, "And what was the second way?" Tammy gave me an
evil grin and said, "The storm was finished last night before you and Gineen
were. From all the noise you were both having lots of fun."

I had to chuckle at that. "Yeah, we did." Then I sobered. "How does
everyone feel about what Kim and Gineen and I did?" "Well...," Tammy blushed,

then continued quietly, "we want you to take our virginity, too."

At this point, nothing can faze me, I thought to myself. To Tammy I
calmly replied, "If you and they really want me to, I will." She squealed and

hugged me tightly; I hugged back and kissed her on the cheek. She kissed me
full on the mouth, then pulled back to look at me. She was in my lap, her
legs astraddle me, and I was very aware now of how little she was, and of how
little she was wearing.

Tammy said, acting more like her usually shy self now, "All of us...
have fantasies about some... things we'd like you to do." "Tell me," I
whispered. She blushed and I kissed her again. "Tell me so I can please my
girls, Tammy." Her blush was flaming now, and she looked so innocently sexy
that my cock began to twitch underneath her.

"Well," she blurted, "Sept wants you to lick her all over her body, S...
Shelly wants you to love her while she's tied up; Rhonda wants you to... to
fuck her in her butt; and Kim and Gineen... they want to pretend to be your
daughters while they have sex with you." She bowed her head, embarrassed at
what she had said.

I lifted her chin and looked straight into Tammy's sparkling gray eyes.
"You girls have talked and planned this for a long time, haven't you?" My
cock was now pushing right up against her barely covered pussy. Tammy
murmured an affirmative to my question and squirmed delightfully in my lap.
"And you've all been fooling around with each other, too," I accused. Tammy
looked a little shameful, saying, "Well, we've always just paired off in our
tents... but we touch each other." Her eyes were lowered. "Good for you!" I

told her, raising her mouth to mine and kissing her. My cock rose a bit more,

and Tammy moaned and began to rock on my lap.

I pulled her to me. I could feel her hard nipples through her lacy
teddy and she started to hunch her hips, rubbing her young cunt lips along the

length of my ever-hardening cock. I licked and sucked on her earlobe as she
whimpered softly. I explored her ear with my tongue as she dry-humped me. My

hand slipped inside her teddy and played with her budding breasts, teasing her

stiff nipples. She moaned and let her head tilt back. "Tammy," I whispered
into her ear as she moved on my cock frantically, "what's your fantasy?" She
was very close to orgasm as she panted out, "I... I want to.. s.. suck you..
and drink your sperm!"

Tammy climaxed, moaning as she frantically masturbated on the hardness
of my cock. As she relaxed and put her head on my shoulder, I hugged her
tightly to me. The juices from her climax had soaked both her thin lace
panties and the front of my shorts. After a bit she was breathing more
normally so I picked both of us up from the ground. I threw the last piece of

clothing over the line, then hand-in-hand Tammy and I headed back to camp.

While we hiked back, my mind was wandering from thought to thought. I
thought about what my acceptance of the girls' offer meant... while not
technically illegal to have sex with a willing minor ever since the recovery
period in the first decade of the 21st century, I could still be gotten on
"contributing to delinquency" charges... I remembered when my father told me
about the time he was involved with a 15-year-old, back when the old U.S. was
still around... he told me how he was literally taking his life in his hands
to be with her.. I was glad he had or I wouldn't be here today to repeat my
father's "crimes"... I remember how much mom and Dad had loved each other...
Dad, wherever you are, I guess love for "children" is hereditary...

Yeah, I knew what I was saying. I loved my troop, each and every one of
them. Maybe I loved Kim and Gineen a little more intently than the others,
but that was because Kim and Gineen had to live in that stupid foster home,
while the others at least had families. I had often thought of myself as
their "father", and was pleased beyond words to find out they wanted to think
of me that way too. I figured I was just showing my love to all the girls in
a different way now; a deeper, more physical way.

The cynical side of me said I just liked the idea of having six very
beautiful, very young girls to screw. The optimistic side of me told the
cynical side to shut up and enjoy the ride. I truly believed that the only
"bad" thing you could do to another person was force them to do something they

didn't want to do. None of the girls was unwilling -- although I would
continue to ask them if they wanted to do this -- and I wanted to do it too.

As I admitted to myself that I wanted to have sex with the girls, all of
them, Tammy squeezed my hand. We had arrived back at the camp. Everyone was
around the fire, looking at me anxiously. With no fanfare I said, "Tammy told

me that you all know that I made love to Gineen and Kim last night." Kim and
Gineen glowed with remembered pleasure and pride that I would admit what we
had done. "She also said that the rest of you want me to make love to you,
too. Is that right?" Tammy stepped away from me and rejoined the troop.
"Yes," Tammy said firmly. "Yes," from Shelly. "Yes, yes," chimed in Kim and
Gineen. "Yes," agreed Rhonda. "Yes," Sept piped out nervously. I looked at
them in turn, making sure that each of them meant what they were saying. They

were nervous, but they didn't seem to be bowing to peer pressure. "Okay," I
said quietly.

I was immediately surrounded by girls, hugging me and shouting in glee.
I hugged them all and let them crowd around me for a minute or so, then
shouted them down. "Okay, we're still Scouts and we've still got some merit
badges to earn on this campout. So nothing happens until after supper, okay?"

They looked a little disappointed, but nodded in agreement.

Kim spoke up, "Jack, uh... Mr. Peters, do Gineen and I have to wear
these blankets until our clothes are dry?" My goddesses of wisdom and
trickery looked like they were getting pretty warm under those blankets. I
told her, "Girls, all of you call me Jack except around other people, okay?
And you can both go bare if you want to, until the clothes are dry." They
both sighed gratefully then took off the blankets and stood there nude in the
morning light. They looked a little uncomfortable as everyone was looking at
them. "Everyone else can strip down too, if they want," I said, to make
things fair. As the other girls began removing their nightclothes, I
murmured, "Be right back," picked up the blankets Kim and Gineen had removed,
and ducked into my tent.

While inside, I shucked off my own clothes -- fair is fair, after all --
and picked up some of the equipment. This was the stuff we needed for the
experiments that we'd do to qualify for those badges, and I thought doing some

of them now would help take everyone's mind off tonight.

As I emerged from the tent, I was treated to one of the most beautiful
sights I will ever see. The sun had risen above the treeline and shone down
fully upon my girls, illuminating their hair, their eyes, their bodies. They
looked like angels from above, to use the old Christian analogy. They were
goddesses come to Earth, to use today's paganism. I put down the equipment
and stepped out of the shadow of the tent into the light. They gasped at the
sight of me, either because of the sun's illumination on me, or because my
cock was hard and throbbing, nearly up against my stomach.

"You are all goddesses... my goddesses," I breathed. As I proclaimed
them deities, the girls looked a little taken aback but as they still shone in

glory, it didn't bother me. You see, ever since the fall of the old U.S. and
the Christian oligarchy that had taken it over, most people had turned to
paganism. All the girls were pagans of one sort or another, and even though I

belonged to no particular sect my declaring them to be goddesses --
specifically my goddesses -- was more than a pretty metaphor; it was a
religious action. Hence the girls utter surprise at my words. I myself felt
like I was in the grip of one of those religious ecstasies I'd read about. I
came out of the tent's shadow, leaving the darkness for the light, and walked
among them, going to each in turn.

Shelly. Her long red hair shone like fire in the sun. Her green eyes
flashed at me as she smiled. Her body was showing the signs of womanhood: her

breasts were almost full, albeit small, about a good handful each, the curves
of her waist and hips announcing her advancing maturity. She alone of the
girls had any significant amount of pubic hair, as firey red as the hair on
her head. She was the oldest of my goddesses and she looked after the others
as fiercely as any mother. "Shelly," I declared, "you are the Goddess of the
Hearthfire, the flame that leads us home and warms us. I name you the
Protector." Shelly stood amazed for a second, then her back stiffened and she

nodded, accepting my charge. I kissed her and hugged her tight.

Rhonda. She was the perfect stereotype of a cheerleader -- short blonde
hair that shone like gold, and deep blue eyes like sparkling pools of calm
water. Her pert, upturned nose was covered with freckles, as was most of the
rest of her petite body. I followed the freckles away from her cute nose,
down her slender neck, down across her chest. She was still flat, but there
was a hint of swelling at her breasts that promised much more, and soon. Her
mound was smooth and her legs were long and beautiful. I thought of her sunny

personality, her ever-present cheerfulness and optimism, her spunkiness.
"Rhonda, you are the Goddess of the Sun, the brightness that lights our way by

day and lightens our hearts. I name you Lightbringer." She looked delighted
and I kissed and hugged her, squeezing her firm small ass as I did so. She
gasped softly and wiggled her butt in my hands.

Tammy. Her short black hair looked as dark as night in the sunshine and
her gray eyes sparkled like flecks of crystal in rock. Her budding breasts
that I had so recently fondled looked so inviting, and the few wisps of black
hair at her mound still held the moisture from her earlier pleasure. Her
sometimes dark moods matched the darkness of the forest in a storm; her
woodlore was known for miles around, since having found a lost toddler in the
deep woods the previous year. "Tammy, you are the Goddess of the Forest, the
keeper of its darkest secrets and finder of paths through its depths. I name
you the Tracker." She looked solemn, but our kiss and hug were passionate.

Kim. Her brown hair with its soft curls framed her beautiful face, and
I thought her beauty would cause me to cry. Her brown eyes looked tenderly up

at me and she was also on the brink of tears. Again I looked at her body,
this time in full daylight. Her budding breasts seemed to yearn towards me,
and her nipples crinkled and hardened as I watched. Her tanned skin served to

emphasize the whiteness of her breasts and loins. For Kim, with her dazzling
intellect and magical beauty, I did not need to consider my words: "Kim, you
are the Goddess of Knowledge, she who sees things undreamt of before, and who
takes that which is hidden and makes it known. I name you Sorceress." She
realized instantly what I meant, on multiple levels of meaning, by giving her
that name and she smiled brightly. We kissed, then as I hugged her I
whispered into her ear, "Will you be a daughter of my heart, beloved?" Kim
gasped joyfully, "Yes, oh yes!" and hugged me fiercely.

September. She looked so small, even next to the other girls. Her
brown hair was tied in its usual ponytail, and she was chewing on the tip as
she did when nervous. She realized I was coming to her next and dropped the
braid, which fell to cover one of her girlish nipples. Her skin was tanned,
but lightly, and traces of babyfat could still be seen here and there. Her
chest was of course flat, and her mound was merely a modest little slit. She
was a beautifully proportioned child. I thought of Sept's love of the sea,
and her excellent swimming skills. "September, you are the Goddess of the
Sea, tamer of the waves and speaker to the dolphins. I name you Mermaid."
She looked pleased, and although her kiss was hesitant at first, by the time I

broke away she was returning my kiss and hug with fervor.

Gineen. She was not standing demurely, waiting patiently as the others
had; she had her hands on her hips and her legs spread, planted firmly on the
ground, her gaze meeting mine challengingly. Her fair skin shone in the sun,
as did her braided blonde hair, and her eyes sparkled merrily. Her stance
displayed her smooth mound to me, and my still hard phallus twitched in
response. A smile split her face as she saw my reaction, but her own was
betrayed by the hardening nipples on her as yet flat breasts. "Gineen, you
rouge," I growled, "you are the Goddess of Laughter, who cheers us when we are

down, cuts us with sarcasm when we are up, punishes us with puns continuously,

revels in all pleasures, and alone possesses the courage to stare terror in
the face and laugh. I name you the Trickster." She grinned at the name I
gave her, slipped her tongue into my mouth as I kissed her and rubbed her body

against my stiff cock. I moaned into her ear, "Will you join Kim, and be as a

daughter to me?" She whispered back, "Of course I will... Father!" then
laughed, her emotions betrayed by a single bright tear.


After something like that, no matter what you do it's going to be
anticlimactic. So we went ahead and did some experiments. It was extremely
difficult to lecture while Shelly held Sept in her lap, stroking Sept's inner
thighs while Sept squirmed and giggled. Rhonda was spreading sunscreen over
Gineen's pale Irish skin, "accidentally" spreading much more over Gineen's
breasts and ass, while Gineen stood dreamily listening. Tammy and Kim were
listening avidly, at least, but their hands did wander as they sat side by

Finally it was about noon, and after eating a quick lunch we all went to
check on the clothing. As it was dry we got dressed, with the Scouts deciding

to eschew wearing underwear and putting on their green skirts. (It was
designed to give me "flashes" of their pubes as we climbed -- it worked
wonderfully well.) We carried the rest of the clothing back to the camp,
collected our hiking gear, and set off for a nearby rocky hill. I had shown
our Tracker on the map where I needed to go and she was in front leading the
way. The other girls were paying close attention to the path, as I had said
that someone other than Tammy would lead the way back.

Hours later we reached the hill. Everyone plopped down and started
munching on snacks. I finished eating and then brought out the surprise that
I had brought for everyone.

The girls oooed and ahhed as I passed out their gifts; silver pendants
made in the shape of the girl Scout emblem. "Don't put them on just yet," I
told them. I showed them the controls hidden on the side. "This, troop, is a

homing beacon. Each one is coded for each one of you individually, so be sure

you have the one with your name on the back." While they checked this and a
couple of them traded pendants, I dug two items out of my pack. "This is a
direction finder. When you activate your beacon, this will tell me where
you're at. And this," I said, holding up the other device, "is a radio
booster. This and the others we'll put on hills around the area will help the

direction finder, plus the more powerful one in my house, pick up the signal
from your beacon. With the other boosters we'll plant this week, plus some
ones further out that I've already planted, I'll be able to find you anywhere
in a 75 kilometer radius of town. Now, let me show you, using my own pendant,

how everything works." I went through a lengthy demo of how they turned their

pendants on and off, and how to use the finder to track an activated pendant.

"Now, if the pendant isn't activated, I won't be able to find you. So if you
don't want me to know where you're at you don't have to worry about it.
Listen -- these should be used for emergencies only. If you activate your
pendant, I will come to get you. I'll come as fast as I can and I will find
you." The girls were solemn and I knew they believed and trusted me.

It took about an hour to get the booster installed on the hilltop. It
had to be semi-buried and yet still exposed enough to pick up a signal. I
camouflaged it a bit so anyone stumbling along out here -- something extremely

unlikely to happen -- wouldn't steal it or destroy it.

We hiked back to camp, with Sept leading the way (with occasional help
from me and Tammy). By the time we arrived, everyone was getting tired and
hungry. It was Tammy's turn to fix dinner and Shelly and I helped her. As we

finished eating, the stars were coming out and shining. Everyone was getting
a little tense, except for Gineen who was watching everyone else with

I stood up. "Time for bed, everyone. Rhonda? Tammy?" They looked up
at me expectantly. "Care to sleep in my tent tonight?" I asked as
nonchalantly as I could. They whooped and dove into my tent. Shelly and Sept

looked disappointed, so I explained to them, "I'd love to have you both
tonight too, but I don't think I'm up to loving four beautiful goddesses in
one night. Tomorrow, okay?" They nodded and I kissed them. I kissed my
"daughters," and Gineen whispered, "Make it good for them Dad." I grinned at
my Trickster, then entered my tent.

Tammy and Rhonda were waiting, already naked and panting with lust.
They both playfully attacked me, unbuttoning my clothing amid wild giggling.
My shorts they took from me last; my hard cock sprang up on being released.
The girls gazed at my cock, entranced at the way it jerked slightly with each
beat of my pulse. I dropped to my knees and grabbed them, pulling them to me.

I kissed my Lightbringer, then my Tracker, sucking tongues with both of them.

I whispered to Rhonda, "I'll have to do Tammy first, before you, so I can
fulfill both your fantasies." Rhonda sighed, but nodded agreement and laid
down to the side to watch.

I lowered Tammy to the blankets, kissing her deeply. She wrapped her
hands behind my back and hugged me tightly. As my tongue probed her small
mouth, my hands grasped her budding breasts as they had this morning. Tammy
moaned into my mouth as I rubbed and tweaked her stiff nipples. I kissed my
way down her neck, arriving gleefully at her breasts. I ran my tongue slowly,

teasingly, in the slight valley between her youthful breasts.

My hands wandered down Tammy's waist, to her hips, running inside to her
thighs. Tammy moaned, running her fingers through my hair, and spread her
legs open wide in invitation. My mouth arrived on her erect nipples at the
same time my fingers began to stroke her moist, hairless cunt. Tammy groaned
loudly and began to thrust her hips against my hand. I swirled my tongue
around her nipple and used my middle finger to slip inside her. Tammy grunted

as I began to finger fuck her; she humped back furiously at my hand.

Without warning, Tammy screamed and orgasmed, thrashing wildly as my
fingers brought her to climax. As she twitched in pleasure, I positioned
myself between her legs, put my cock to the entrance of her spasming cunt, and

slowly began to push my way inside.

Tammy, tired from her climax, just smiled up at me as I entered her. I
lowered myself upon her, skin touching skin, and we kissed deeply. I dove
deeper and deeper into her tight, warm pussy. Her cunt, while not as small as

my daughters', was still grasping my invading cock tightly. Tammy quivered as

my cock began to press against her hymen. "Wait a sec," she panted at me, and

I halted my slow inward plunge.

Tammy wrapped her legs behind my waist, took a deep breath, the thrust
her hips upward and pulled me downwards with her legs -- impaling herself on
my cock. She yelped out her pain, but continued to draw me inside her. I
helped, pushing myself in her small body to the hilt.

We stopped then, the both of us, and while my cock throbbed inside her
grasping cunt, I kissed away the tears of her virginity. After a while,
during which I murmured soothingly to my Goddess of the Woods, she herself
began to move her hips under me. I moved with her then, stroking my cock in
and out of her depths. We moved faster and faster, our tongues intertwined,
sucking each other's breath, moving together. I hammered myself in and out of

her -- without warning again she exploded under me, wrapping her arms and legs

around me and hanging on, howling out her pleasure like a wolf. The exquisite

undulations of her flesh around my boiling cock came near to sending me over
the edge myself; I resisted the urge to spurt my spunk inside her.

I held still inside Tammy as she came down from her orgasm, waiting for
her to rejoin me in this world. Her frenzied panting gradually slowed to deep

breathing; she opened her eyes, smiled up at me, and kissed me passionately.
I kissed back then slowly pulled my rigid cock out from her. Her cunt made
sucking sounds as I exited, as if still hungry for more.

Immediately Tammy pushed me over onto my back and without preamble began
licking my cock. It was my turn to groan as her little tongue licked from the

base of my cock to the crown, cleaning away her own juices and virginal blood.

She lapped her way back down, sucking one of my balls into her mouth and
gently swirling her tongue around it.

I reached down and ran my fingers through her hair. Tammy released my
testicle and popped my cock into her mouth. I moaned and thrashed as she
enthusiastically began wrapping her tongue around me, and bobbing her head up
and down. She used her fingers to massage my balls. I could only lie there
and groan.

I was getting close when Tammy took a deep breath and began to deep
throat me! I watched, amazed, as she swallowed my cock entirely. Her slender

neck bulged as my cock went down into her gullet. I began bucking my hips,
shoving my cock in and out of her little throat. On an inward plunge, Tammy
started singing -- and the added vibrations finally caused me to explode,
sending gush after gush of hot cum into her little girl mouth. With my last
coherent thought I ripped my hands away from her head, to avoid ramming my
cock into her throat and keeping it there, choking her with my sperm. My roar

of release was mixed with the sound of Tammy's frantic gulping down of my cum.

As I lay back, catching my breath, Tammy kept my softening cock in her
mouth, swallowing every iota of my semen. As my penis collapsed completely,
she sucked it whole into her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue. It was

a totally new sensation for me and soon Tammy had licked and sucked my cock
back to hardness. Leaving my cock with a final lick, she clambered up my body

and kissed me. I could taste my cum on her small tongue, and I sucked it
greedily into my mouth. Tammy broke away and whispered, "You taste good
Jack... thank you so much." I smiled down at her and hugged her, then rolled
her off of me and covered her with warm blankets. One last cum-flavored kiss,

then I turned to Rhonda.

Since I had been otherwise occupied for the past few minutes, I had not
seen that Rhonda had become quite aroused by watching Tammy and me; Rhonda had

her eyes closed and was lying on her back, furiously masturbating. As she
rubbed her clit, I moved beside her and kissed her. As her eyes flew open in
surprise I replaced her hand with my own, massaging her clit even more
rapidly. I moved my mouth down to her not quite flat breasts, leaving her
mouth free to gulp air as she moaned. As she neared climax, I switched my
hands and my mouth -- teasing her clit and lapping up her sweet juices. As
she had already been close Rhonda quickly climaxed, flooding nectar in my face

and mewling loudly.

While she lay panting, I kissed and licked my way up her body, rimming
her bellybutton, licking my way up her heaving stomach, sucking gently on her
still-hard nipples, kissing her neck and feeling her pounding pulse through my

lips, and finally sucking on her tongue, which she weakly pushed in my mouth.

I spread her legs with my knees and probed her sopping cunt with the tip
of my cock. Rhonda moaned lustily, the whispered, "Fuck me, Jack!" I buried
the head of my penis inside her with one shove. She groaned with desire and
spread her legs even wider, thrusting her hips upwards. She was small and
tight, as all my goddesses were, and we grunted and groaned together as I
lowered myself into her.

Rhonda winced as I felt my cock hit her hymen. I cradled her little
body to me -- I could tell she was scared. "Do you want me to stop,
Lightbringer?" I asked softly. "No!" she cried. I soothed her, stroking her
hair, kissing her deeply, holding her close... then thrusting my cock deep,
breaking her cherry. She screamed and thrashed wildly under me; I realized,
too late, that she was one of the rare girls whose hymens were hypersensitive.

I held her to me as she cried, tears of pain rolling down her face. Tammy
looked on, wide-eyed, as I tried to soothe Rhonda, crooning softly and rocking

her gently in my arms. I was extremely careful to neither enter her deeper
nor pull back out any; I let her outraged young pussy adjust slowly to my
invading cock.

After a bit, it was Rhonda who resumed our lovemaking, thrusting her
hips upward so violently that almost all of the rest of my cock rammed inside
of her. Rhonda groaned lustily and with another thrust took all of me inside
her. Instead of waiting to allow her cunt time to adjust, Rhonda obviously
wanted to fuck. Being at least a part-time gentleman, I obliged, pumping in
and out with longer and longer thrusts. She moaned long and loud as I fucked
her harder and harder. She gasped with each thrust and wrapped her arms and
legs around me, banging her hips up against mine in rhythm.

She got hotter and hotter, then climaxed violently, screaming and
clawing at my back. Her cunt milked hard at my cock and it nearly made me
shoot inside her. I continued pumping as she came, thrusting rapidly at her
spasming cunt -- and sending her over the edge. Rhonda fainted, sighing
softly as she fell back onto the soft blankets. I listened to her breathing
and checked her pulse to be sure she was okay. After checking, I pulled
myself out of her still twitching pussy and reached for a towel to clean us
both off with.

"She's okay, isn't she?" Tammy whispered hoarsely. I smiled
reassuringly and answered, "Yes, she just fainted, that's all. It happens
sometimes when you have a really deep, intense climax." I finished wiping
Rhonda's virginal blood and juices off the both of us. I tossed the towel
aside and got a tube of petroleum jelly from the first aid kit, beginning to
slather it on my erect cock. I looked down at Rhonda's face, smiling in her
unconsciousness. "Help me roll her over, very gently," I told Tammy.
Together we rolled Rhonda over until she lay on her stomach, with a pillow
under her hips, raising her little butt, and her head to the side so she could

breathe. I told Tammy, "This actually is pretty good, since this way she
won't be tensed up as I enter her." Tammy nodded, understanding.

I took Rhonda's legs and spread them out, then gently grasped her firm
cheeks and slowly parted them. I placed my cock against her cute, tiny,
puckered hole. As my head touched her asshole, it tensed and Rhonda shifted
in her deep sleep. I merely held myself there, waiting, and was soon rewarded

by feeling her asshole relax. I waited a bit more, then began pushing my cock

in her ass.

I slowly but persistently entered her, stopping as her rectum muscles
would tense up from time to time; I just waited for her to relax again, then
continued. After what seemed like a very long time, I had every inch of my
throbbing cock inside Rhonda's incredibly tight young ass.

I lowered my body onto Rhonda's, holding my weight with my knees and
elbows. My chest was against her soft back, and I moved her short blonde hair

away from the nape of her neck and kissed her gently there. I moved one hand
under her chest and began to caress her breast; the other hand slipped beneath

her hips and to her vagina, softly stroking her swollen lips. After a few
minutes of this gentle stimulation, Rhonda moaned softly in her sleep. Then
her eyes fluttered open and she gave a start of surprise. I leaned over and
kissed her, than said, "Tammy told me your fantasy was to be fucked in your
ass." I tightened my crotch muscles, causing my cock to swell in her colon.
Rhonda nodded in confirmation of Tammy's claim and groaned as she became aware

of the violation of her ass. She tightened her ass around my cock, causing me

to gasp out in pain/pleasure.

I held her body in place by clasping her to my chest. I began to move
within her, pulling out an inch, pushing back in, pulling out more, going ever

so slowly. "Relax, my love," I whispered to the trembling child under me,
"I'll do all the work. Relax and enjoy." Rhonda let her little body go limp,

and her tiny ass gave no further resistance.

I humped my hips, fucking her faster and faster, gently increasing my
speed. My fingers continued to stroke her hard nipples and caress her clit.
She writhed under me, panting and gasping, discomfort mixed with exquisite

It went on and on, my cock plunging in and out of her rear, my hands
bringing her closer and closer to climax, both of us grunting and gasping.
Rhonda hunched her cunt on my hand, then shoved her ass back to impale herself

on me, keeping time with my now frantic thrusts.

Rhonda crept up on her orgasm... then came violently, jerking and
moaning loudly. Her ass convulsed around my cock and I climaxed, shooting my
sperm into the depths of her intestines. A few last deep thrusts which
knocked the breath from us both, and we collapsed, utterly exhausted.

It took a lot of willpower to slowly pull my softening cock from
Rhonda's ass and clean up both myself and her. Rhonda simply lay limp, slow
to recover from her climax. I laid down next to Rhonda, pulled her to my side

and Tammy to my other, and covered us all with the warm blankets.

Rhonda kissed me, murmuring, "Thank you, Jack." I cuddled them both to
me, kissing them both, then dropped quickly into an exhausted sleep.


I awoke to the wonderful smells of bacon and eggs cooking over a fire.
Rhonda and Tammy had already gotten up and I could hear their chatter outside
the tent. Usually I wake up before any of the girls do, but it sounded like
everyone else was already up. I decided today would be an excellent day to
sleep in. I rolled over on my back and began to doze off, when a vengeful
goddess, glorious in her nudity, burst into the tent, bent on wrecking the
sanity of my mortal mind. Or at least bent on waking me up, which is much the

same thing.

"Come on, Dad," the spiteful spirit cried, "get up already!" I groaned
and mumbled something incoherent. The deity sighed, an evil sound indeed, and

jumped on me. The breath whooshed from my exhausted body; the sprite began to

cover my face with kisses, ending with a passionate kiss on my lips, her
tongue roaming inside my mouth. The goddess' skin rubbed against mine
sensuously. I surrendered to my goddess, as all worshippers must.

I grabbed my Trickster and got up, holding her under my arm. I walked
out of the tent, not bothering to dress, while the Trickster protested
vigorously. The other girls were around the campfire, laughing at the two of
us. "Look what I caught just now," I told them, "think we could cook it and
have it for breakfast?" A squawk of indignation came from behind me, and two
first began to half-heartedly beating on my back. "Put me down!" came her
command in a voice that was not to be denied. I denied it anyway, as Shelly
answered me, "I'll cook it, but only if you'll skin it first." I looked down
at my captive's small rear and stroked her ass with my free hand, saying,
"It's pelt is certainly warm and cuddly..." I broke off as Gineen had reached

between my legs and grabbed my balls with her hand. And gently squeezed.

"Will you please put me down now?" she asked, squeezing a bit harder to
make her point. "Of course, dear," I replied, slowly bending my knees and
lowering her to the ground. Her hand never left my testicles until she was
safely out of my grasp. The other goddesses were laughing hysterically at the

two of us.

After we had released each other, I pretended to scowl down at Gineen.
"Where'd you learn that particular move?" "From SuperBitch -- she always said

she had you by the balls," Gineen answered, smiling brightly up at me. I was

surprised for an instant, then burst out with laughter.

I put my arm around Gineen's shoulders and, still laughing, led us over
to the fire. After snagging a pair of shorts and slipping them on, I hugged
Gineen to my side and she happily hugged me back. Shelly came over with two
plates and handed them to us as we sat down next to each other. The look
Shelly gave me was one of those indecipherable looks that men are genetically
incapable of figuring out. I admired her figure as she turned and walked back

to the other side of camp. I noticed Sept was watching me; when she noticed I

noticed, she began to eat her breakfast in earnest. I shook my head and
sighed deeply.

Gineen put her hand on my thigh. "What's wrong Dad?" she asked me,
looking over at me with those beautiful blue eyes. "Shelly and Sept. I don't

know if I can do what they expect me to do tonight." "Why not?" my Trickster
asked around her food.

"Well," I began, "you know Shelly's fantasy, don't you?" Gineen nodded
and said, "We all know each others'... Shelly wants to be tied up." "Right.
I don't know if I can make love to her like that. It might feel... it might
feel like I was raping her. I can't even stand to think about that." I was
lost in thought for a moment, thinking of terrible things; I shook my head to
clear it. "Sept's fantasy is no problem. I can lick her all over as many
times as she likes -- but taking her cherry is something else."

"Why?" my daughter-goddess asked. "Remember when you and I made love?"
I asked, putting my arm around her and hugging her (and trying to keep hold of

my plate with my other hand). She grinned up at me and nodded. "What did it
feel like, having me inside you? How did it feel as I stretched you out?"
"Besides wonderful, you mean?" Gineen leaned her head against my side. "It's

hard to describe in words... it didn't hurt, exactly... it was like finding a
part of me that I didn't know I had... in the beginning it was uncomfortable,

but then later it was so good." She kissed my skin, thanking me again.

"Did you hear Rhonda last night?" I asked as I hugged her again. "Yes,"
she said softly, "you hurt her didn't you?" "Yes, I did, even though I didn't

mean to. Her hymen -- her cherry -- was very sensitive and when I broke it...

well, you heard her." "It won't hurt the next time she does it, will it?"
"No, as long as she doesn't rush it. She's still pretty small. And Sept is
very small indeed."

"So then the only reason Rhonda hurt was her hymen?" "That was most of
it, yes. I don't think Sept's hymen will be as sensitive, though; with Sept
the problem is that I'm not sure I can enter her without tearing her open.
And her hymen, if she still has it, will just make things harder."

"Sure it won't make you harder, too?" my daughter said, looking
pointedly at my crotch. We both laughed and finished our breakfast.

Before we went on our daily hike, I talked with Rhonda to be sure she
was okay after last night. She admitted to feeling a little sore around her
crotch and rear, but said she was up to the hike. So off we went, with the
girls once again in skirts and without any underwear. What we were trying to
do today was spot various species of birds for a bird-watching merit badge.
As the girls bounded up rocks, I could look up and see their cute asses and
flashes of their little mounds. I thought of a great joke about 'looking for
birds in the bushes' but since only Shelly had anything close to a bush it
wouldn't have worked. I'd tell it to my Trickster later; maybe she could use
it someday.

All in all it was a pretty uneventful day. We got the last two boosters
in place, ate the lunch we had brought with us, and then hiked back to camp.
Everyone was pretty tired, so I called for a siesta until dinnertime. I
myself was about ready to collapse, but I ran a quick diagnostic on the beacon

system, ensuring that the boosters were all responding properly and
communicating with the location finders. Only after everything checked out
did I crawl into my tent and quickly drop into a deep sleep.

I was awakened in what was becoming the usual way -- one of my new
daughters jumped on me. It was Kim's turn apparently; she pounced on me with
a cheerful whoop and started to kiss me all over my face. I grinned groggily
and opened my mouth, instantly my Sorceress had her tongue deep in my mouth.
We kissed and hugged for quite a long time, until Gineen came in. "Don't rape

him!" she exclaimed, pulling Kim off of me. "I wasn't raping him, I was just
making sure he was awake," Kim calmly replied.

My daughters leaned down and, hauling me by the arms, dragged me out of
the tent. They released me and pulled away, giggling. The setting sun shone
brightly yet and it took my eyes some time to adjust from the dimness of the

There they were, in front of the fire. Sept was sitting on a log near
the flames, while Shelly... Shelly was standing, her eyes blindfolded, mouth
gagged, hands secured behind her with handcuffs, and her head bowed. Both of
them were nude, and both were awaiting me. The other girls had apparently
decided to leave us alone as they were nowhere to be seen.

I approached Shelly, my senses drinking in her bondage. My footsteps
were silent for all their stumbling; Shelly jumped as I grasped her lightly by

the shoulders. I looked imploringly down at Sept, asking her I know not what
with my eyes.

"It's what Shelly wants, Jack," Sept said, almost begging me to accept
it. "It's what she really wants." Sept stood and walked into the tent.

I looked down at Shelly's bowed head. "Is it truly what you wish? To
have me make love to you while you're like this?" I asked softly. Shelly
nodded her head. "Okay then, my love. You shall have your wish. But," I
added sternly, grasping her chin and raising it firmly, "unbow your head.
Young women, Scouts, and Goddesses bow to no one." Shelly nodded again,
happily, then leaned into my body and rubbed her cheek against my chest. I
put my arms behind her back and under her legs, and lifted her into my
embrace, carrying her into the tent.

Sept was already lying amongst the blankets, waiting. I gently laid
Shelly down next to her, then lay down myself on Sept's other side. A grin
split my face as I thought about how turned on Shelly would get listening to
me fulfilling Sept's fantasy -- and not being able to see what was going on.

I kissed Sept, who shyly poked her tongue into my mouth. I sucked on
her tiny tongue, swirling my own around it. With every movement, every
gesture, Sept reminded me of just how very young she was.

I rolled Sept over onto her stomach and lifted her ponytail out of the
way. She now was lying on the left side of her face so I began licking behind

her right ear. I lapped down her ear to the back of her neck, the tiny, soft
hairs tickling my tongue. As I kissed and licked, I turned her head and
progressed to the back of her other ear. Sept gave a little whimper as I
captured her earlobe and began to sensuously suck on it. Her hand shot under
her hips and she began to furiously masturbate -- until I caught her arm and
pulled it away. "Don't be in a hurry, luv," I whispered into her ear, "let
the good feelings build and last. You'll be cumming tonight, I promise." She

moaned, but no longer tried to touch herself.

I licked my way across her shoulder and began to lap her left arm. Sept
was breathing heavily as I kissed and licked the back of her arm out to her
hand. I kissed the back of her hand and sucked each of her fingers, swirling
my tongue around and around each one. Releasing her hand, I gently moved her
arm back towards her body, positioning it so I could lick the other side. I
started from her palm -- and Sept grabbed my tongue with her fingers and gave
a playful tug. I nipped her lightly with my teeth and she let go, giggling.
I lapped my way back along her arm, tickling her armpit when I reached it,
sending her into spasms of laughter.

I licked back across her shoulder and repeated my actions on her other
arm, including the sucking and tickling. Having worked my way back to her
shoulders, I began on her back, licking it in slow, long strokes of my tongue.

I was through with her back in what seemed a very short time; yet again
reminding me of just how small and young Sept was. During this Sept lay
quietly, enjoying my tongue on her body.

I had reached her ass now, and I slowed the strokes of my tongue
considerably. I bathed her small asscheeks with my tongue, carefully avoiding

the cleft between them -- for the time being, at least. I began to lick my
way down her youthful legs, switching from one to the other, keeping my
progress equal. Sept gasped as she realized that I was not going to lick
between her legs just yet. I grinned; I planned on saving that for the very
last. Upon reaching her small feet, I lapped the soles of her feet (which she

had apparently been thoughtful enough to clean), which brought more laughter
from my little Mermaid. I sucked each of her toes, and Sept obligingly
wiggled them in my mouth. I spent quite some time sucking, as it helped bring

more moisture to my mouth, which was getting a little dry.

After quickly turning her over I lapped my way back up her legs, again
switching from one to the other. As I approached Sept's crotch, her breathing

increased and I could smell the sweet scent of her excitement. I slowly and
gently spread her legs -- but not to lick her moist little cunt. Instead I
merely licked the inner parts of her legs, bringing my tongue within
millimeters of her labia, but never quite touching it. Sept squirmed and
whimpered as she felt my tongue all around the place she most wanted to feel
it. She almost raised up when, finished, I closed her legs again. I placed
my hand on her chest, holding her down, whispering, "Trust me, little
Goddess." Moaning, she lay down again, allowing me to begin to lick her

On my way up her body I made sure to cover her sides as well, which
occasionally brought helpless laughter from my littlest lover. Upon reaching
her chest I drove her even further into her desire, as I circled her hard
nipples with my tongue, but never touched them. Sept was trembling with need
as I continued kissing and lapping, up her neck and onto her face. I licked
along her jaw to her ear, lightly stroking the insides and sucking on each
earlobe. I lapped across her forehead, tasting her eyebrows, gently licking
her closed eyelids, taking her cute little nose into my mouth entirely, and
licking her cheeks, her chin, her upper lip. Only then did I stroke my tiring

tongue across her lips.

Instantly, Sept opened her mouth and captured my tongue inside. She
sucked on my tongue desperately as we kissed deeply. Quickly I broke off our
kiss and attacked her nipples with my mouth, sucking first one, then the
other, switching back and forth. Sept cried out and dug her fingers into my

She had been on the edge for a very long time now and was almost crying
with the need to orgasm. I crawled down to her crotch and began to spread her

legs once again. Sept moved faster, however, and pulled her knees up to her
chest and open, exposing her childish cunt to me. I placed my tongue deep
into the crack between her asscheeks, licking slowly at the area I had skipped

earlier. My face was pressed against the blankets as I rimmed her small
asshole, shoving my tongue in and out of her. Sept's body shook and she gave
a long moan.

I knew that she couldn't take much more of this prolonged pleasure, so I
began licking her little hairless pussy. I started on the outside, lapping
her outer lips, but soon moved inside to drink up her sweet juices. Sept's
breath came in short gasps now and she didn't need much to send her over the
edge. I wanted to lick up all her wonderful nectar, for it was just about the

sweetest thing I had ever tasted, but it was obvious that Sept couldn't wait.

So I gently took her small clit into my mouth and began to stroke it with my
tongue, sucking it slowly.

A few seconds and Sept orgasmed, screaming out her release and pleasure.
Her legs were clamped firmly around my head and she thrust her hips up to my
mouth. I licked at her clit and cunt as she climaxed; it was a very long time

before she came down from her peak and lay back among the blankets, exhausted.

I crawled up her body and cuddled her into my arms. Sept threw her arms
around me and kissed me, then rested her head on my shoulder. "What next?"
she asked. I laughed, then answered, "I'll take your virginity next, if you
still want... and if we can." Sept raised her head and looked up at me, her
brown eyes serious. "What do you mean, 'if?'" I sighed. "Well, my little
one, the problem is that I might be too big for you." I took her hand and
placed it on my cock, which had been hard and throbbing for quite some time
now. "I'm not sure I can get inside you without hurting you... but we'll try
if you want to." Sept rubbed her face against my chest and whispered, "I want

to try."

Kissing her, I rolled over onto my back, carrying her with me. "Okay
then... here's what we'll do. I'll stay on my back and you stand over my
cock..." Sept stood up and positioned herself over me. "Now then, you just
sort of sit down on me, but put me inside you as you sit. This way you'll be
in control and can go as slow as you need." Sept smiled down at me, then
squatted down over me. She grasped my throbbing penis in her little hand and
drew the head to the opening of her wet pussy. Immediately she began to push
herself onto my shaft. I could feel her wet, trembling flesh slide tightly
around the head of my cock... it was the smallest, tightest pussy I'd even
thought of invading. Sept's legs shook as she strove to keep herself upright
and push herself onto me. I reached up to steady her, but she shook off my
hands and, pursing her lips, gave a large whistle.

There was a scrambling outside, then two figures burst into the tent.
My daughters sized up the situation with a glance, then went to either side of

Sept, supporting her. Kim and Gineen grasped Sept, wrapping their arms around

her, and lifted her legs from the ground. Sept was now held in the air by my
daughters, who began to slowly lower her onto me.

They eased her down onto my cock. The feel of her childish flesh
spreading over my throbbing penis was indescribable. Lower and lower my
daughters eased Sept, until she gave a sharp little gasp -- I had hit her
hymen. All of us looked at Sept, who took a deep breath and nodded for us to
continue. I reached up and grasped her by the hips, then thrust her downwards

on me as Kim and Gineen let her slide down several inches. Sept cried out and

tears began sliding out from under her tightly closed eyelids. I stroked her
inner thighs, murmuring reassurances as my two daughters kissed away her

We slowly lowered Sept onto my penis, up to the hilt. Gineen and Kim
quickly kissed the little Mermaid, then left the tent, zipping it behind them.

Sept began to move, up and down my rigid cock, slowly lifting herself up
and then impaling herself upon me again. I leaned up and, grasping her small
sweaty body to mine, rolled the both of us over. Her tight, tight vagina
fluttered as I began to carefully pump in and out of her. Sept mewled and
whimpered under me, clutching at the blankets we were lying on. Despite my
care and slowness I caused her some pain with each stroke into her immature
body; when I asked, "Do you want to stop?" however, she glared angrily up at
me and thrust her hips upward in response. So we continued, my body almost
dwarfing hers, my hands rubbing and stroking her as my cock plundered her
tender depths.

Finally the pain passed as her unused passageway became accustomed to my
penetrating length. I increased the pace of my plunges, Sept giving out
lustful moans with each thrust. I pressed her tiny body against my chest, my
hips becoming a blur as I began to rotate them, grinding into her clit. With
a high pitched squeal Sept orgasmed, her tight pussy contracting even tighter
around my cock. I groaned in mixed pain and pleasure; with a final shove I
shot my load deep inside my littlest Scout.

We lay there, I supporting my weight on my trembling arms, Sept panting
loudly. We waited until my softening penis had slipped out of her of its own
accord, then I rolled to the side, near exhaustion. I summoned my strength
and gently enfolded my little Mermaid in blankets. She smiled up at me and
kissed me, then lay back.

I turned to Shelly with a slight pang of regret, as I knew that she
would not be getting my best performance. This being the third night in a row

of my serving my goddesses' needs, I was just about dead. I reached behind
Shelly's head to remove the gag; she jumped in surprise as she felt the touch
of my hands on her. She moved her jaw from side to side as I tossed the gag
away. I reached down and pulled her mouth open wide, then placed my knees on
either side of her head. If being helpless was what she wanted, so be it: I
leaned down over her bound body, putting my head near her lightly fuzzed
crotch and pushing my soft cock into her mouth. She immediately began to
nurse at my cock, licking and swallowing Sept's virgin blood.

I grasped Shelly's thighs, pulling them up and apart. Her maiden pussy
spread open for my inspection and I could see drops of glistening moisture
betraying her excitement. I dropped my tongue into the furrow between her
childish fuzz, collecting the delicious drops of nectar. Shelly opened her
legs wider and sucked frantically on my sore but stiffening prick.

I pushed my fingers into her tight cunt, stopping before I went as deep
as her hymen. I began to rapidly finger fuck my little captive. She
responded by clasping her legs shut and moaning around my now stiff cock. I
began to pump in and out of her mouth, feeling my penis rub along her silky
tongue. I pried open her thighs again and, reaching down with my mouth, began

to violently suck on her engorged clitoris.

Shelly gurgled around my dick as I attacked her clit, rubbing the length
of my tongue over it, then sucking it hard. She orgasmed after only a few
seconds; I pulled my cock out of her mouth as she shouted in pleasure. While
the waves of her climax rushed over her, I positioned myself between her
trembling legs and began to shove myself into her. Her virgin pussy fit
snugly around my cock, though it was nowhere near as tight as Sept's cunt had
been. After a few gentle shoves, the tip of my cock ran against her
maidenhead; another shove -- it was gone and Shelly was gasping with the sharp

sting. I continued remorselessly into her, filling her for the first time,
Shelly being helpless to stop me, as she had wished.

I didn't try anything fancy with my Goddess of the Hearth, I just fucked
her little bound body ravenously. We were both too aroused by her bondage to
last very long. After a short while of near-violent intercourse we both
exploded, Shelly's setting off my own.

After the last, gasping thrusts deep inside Shelly, I nearly collapsed
on top of her. With a moist sucking noise I gingerly extracted my sore cock
from Shelly's heaving body and rolled onto my side. I took the blindfold from

her eyes and threw it out of the tent. Shelly's green eyes looked up at me
with exhaustion. I rose up on my knees, careful not to disturb little Sept,
and stuck my hand palm up out the tent flap. Immediately I felt a key being
pressed into my hand and someone else closing my fingers around it. With the
key, I turned my tired Protector onto her side and unlocked the handcuffs,
pitching them out of the tent after the blindfold. I lay down and snuggled my

oldest and my youngest Scouts to either side, and instantly fell asleep.


My day began as per usual, with someone jumping on me. Shelly and Sept
were gone already, recovering far faster than I, who had had three very
strenuous nights in a row. I was groggily contemplating the demanding
nature of my goddesses when a rough slap on my face brought me fully and
shockingly awake. Kim stood above me, and said sharply, "Father, wake up.
The sheriff is on the radio and needs to speak to you immediately!"

Her tone alone told me this was serious, and I leapt out of our
pleasure dome and dashed to the radio. Shelly had the mike, which she
handed to me as I bounded up to her. "Go ahead, Ed," I almost shouted.
Our conversation was brief and pointed, with Ed informing me of another
storm heading our way rapidly that was far worse than the one we'd already
weathered. He asked me to get the girls back home, a request which we both
knew was an order. From his description of the storm, it was an order I had
no problems following, as we weren't equipped to deal with something that
fierce. I told Ed I'd use that old mining road I'd told him of earlier, and
he told me that was fine, obviously having other matters to attend to. We
both signed off quickly.

The girls, having overheard most of the conversation, were already
pitching the tents. "Don't bother packing them correctly," I told them,
"just get the gear into the back of the truck and we'll sort it out later."
Shelly pressed a cup of black goop into my hand that somewhat resembled
coffee, which I drank anyway, knowing I needed a stimulant after last
night's lovemaking.

We threw everything into the truck rapidly; I was just barely able to
grab some clothes to put on before we were on our way. Gineen was strapped
into the front seat beside me, and the others secure in the rear seats.
This vehicle was made to get people in and out of remote places, but as we
got through the clear area we had been staying in and approached the
remnants of the mining road, I wondered if the truck could do it. The road
was in far worse shape than I remembered, and far steeper than any road
made for mining equipment had any right to be. I glanced at Gineen beside
me, looking at me with a twinkle of anticipation in her eyes, and looked
in the rear view mirror at my precious goddesses behind me. Thunder
rumbled through the air, a warning of what was fast coming down on us.
"Hang on," I muttered, and directed the car down the road.

I say "directed" because the trip that ensued could hardly be
described as actual driving. I remember nothing more than flashes myself,
as I was strictly in a reaction mode, fighting the truck's momentum, the
road that barely existed, and the steepness of the grade. It was much
like trying to slide down a mountain riding a two-ton hunk of steel. I
do remember stealing a glance at Gineen at one point, her fair skin and
bright blonde hair shining against the darkening sky, grinning
maniacally as we plunged ever downwards.

Suffice it to say we made it to the bottom and back to the main
road (ah, to discard an epic with a single sentence). As the tires
traded the rough scrabble of the mining road for smooth pavement, the
storm finally hit us. Visibility instantly ceased, and now that I had
the attention to spare I prayed to whatever gods might be listening that
no other fool would be using this road at the moment. The violent
lightning, which had been growing as we came down the mountain, lit up
the sky like strobe lights against my eyes. I thought I heard the girls softly praying behind me, but I dared not spare them a glance.

We made it to town, and I dropped the girls off one by one at their
homes. Each had to dash out of the truck into the pouring rain, after
giving me a sweet kiss goodbye. The deluge was such that I wasn't worried
about even their parents seeing us from the house only meters away. First
Sept, then Tammy, Rhonda, and Shelly were seen safely home, although their
gear was still in the truck -- we'd unscramble the mess in the truck later.

Finally I drove the daughters of my heart towards the shack in which
they were supposedly being cared for. My hands tightened on the wheel as
they always did when I dropped them off. To my surprise, Gineen gently
placed her hand on mine, and murmured, "Maybe this time..." She didn't
continue, and I didn't pursue the matter because as we were approaching
the street where their "foster parents" dwelled, there were clearly
emergency lights flashing from fire trucks somewhere nearby. As I
drove closer, it was obvious that the firemen were there at the very
house my new daughters were living in.

Or rather, had been living in, because that house no longer existed.
It appeared to either have been blown up, or burned down, or some
combination of the two. Telling the girls to stay in the truck, I braved
the rain, which was now merely very heavy, and ran over to the firemen to
ask what had happened. Coming around the fire truck, I saw Ed's patrol
car and dived in, somewhat startling Ed, who was writing up a report.

Ed told me what the neighbors had told him: right before the rain
began, the house had been hit with an enormous bolt of lightening, which
pretty much obliterated it. The fire set off by the explosion had
apparently destroyed whatever was left, although the rain had come in
time to stop it from spreading to the other homes around it. The girls'
guardians had fortunately not been home at the time, and would be staying
with relatives a few hundred kilometers away, although they had been put
up at a nearby hotel for the night.

I immediately told Ed, "I'll keep the girls at my place for now."
Ed replied, "Sure, that's what I told them I'd arrange, since they
don't really want to deal with two kids at the moment." Ed's face told
me what he thought of people who treated people as afterthoughts. "Good,"
I told him, "and... Ed, I want to adopt them." Ed looked at me and said,
"Fine, stop by the courthouse tomorrow and I'll help the paperwork
along it's way. As long as the girls want to be adopted?" he asked,
looking straight at me the way lawmen always do. "Yes, I'm pretty sure
they do." "Good, at least two kids are out of the damn system," Ed said
with more feeling then I think I'd ever seen him display. We looked at
each other with understanding, then Ed growled, "Get your daughters home
and out of this mess." I grinned and jumped back out into the rain.

As I stepped around the fire truck again, I stopped, out of sight
there from both Ed's car and my truck where my family was waiting for me.
I looked up at the sky as best I could with rain pouring into my eyes.
I wasn't a particularly religious man, and with all the different beliefs
out there it was easy to dismiss them all as equally meaningless. But
even I can calculate odds... I mean, the house where the daughters of
my heart had to live conveniently being destroyed while I was plunging
down a mountain with a car full of goddess-children, all of whom had
given their virginity to me, thus letting me become my little loves'
father as well as their lover? Even a man such as I can see when a
prayer, or a sacrifice, has been answered. So I whispered, "Thank you,"
to the sky, which split open with a violent flash of lightning from
cloud to cloud, as if in answer.

I made my stunned way back to my truck, where my daughters
awaited me. I climbed in and told them what had happened to the place
they had lived, and how they would now become my daughters in fact, if
they wanted to. They cheered and smothered me and each other with kisses,
stopping only to hold hands with each other and whisper, "Sisters," and

Strangely, though, I never got the impression that they were very
surprised by any of it. I wondered about that, but decided I really
didn't want to know.

Ed, true to his word, got the paperwork through the system's maze
quite quickly, and now my Scout troop includes my own daughters, which
has eased the other parent's concerns about having a man lead their
girls' troop. Which is kind of ironic, I suppose, since all the girls and I still make love when they wish to do so. My goddesses of wisdom
and trickery live with me, and they have made my life so much of a
pleasure that it stuns me when I stop to think on it, and I don't refer
to our pleasure in bed, which we still share with each other.

Some things they don't share with me, though, as upon occasion they
will go off separately and do mysterious things. I've tried to ask them
about it without prying, but Gineen and Kim just look at each other and
giggle. I've stopped asking, now. There are some activities of goddesses
that mortal man was not meant to know.

-- the end, such as it is


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