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bedroom window


Content Warning: This story deals with mature subject matter including
sexual descriptions of activities between a consenting man and woman.
If this material is illegal in your area or you are a minor, please
hit the delete button now and read no further.


Subject: As always, Celeste is an endless source of inspiration. This
time she inspires her voyeuristic neighbors to passion.


Authorís Note: Celeste proffered an invitation for a sequel to her
story, "The Review." Iím not all that great at working with someone
elseís plot lines -- itís one reason I donít do fan fiction -- but I
had an interesting idea so decided to give it a go. About the title,
Iím sure itís been used before, but it seemed appropriate. I do
suggest you read the original before reading the sequel. Celesteís
"The Review" can be found at


Subject Matter: (M/F) (Voy)
Rating: (X) Not suitable for minors. May be illegal in some areas.

Author: The SandMan
Copyright ( c ) 1998 sandman@bitsmart.com
Archive: ftp://asstr.ml.org/pub/Authors/sandman/index.html

Distribution Rights: May be distributed freely WITHOUT MODIFICATION on
USENET, USENET II, not-for profit web sites, not-for profit ftp sites,
and news archival services which offer free public access to archived
articles. With the sole exception of news archival services. All
other rights are specifically reserved by the author. Other than
normal Internet access charges, if you had to pay to view this story please contact the author immediately at sandman@bitsmart.com.

Creation Date: 2/12/98
Distribution Date: 2/13/98 (ASS/M)


The Review: Chapter 2
The Bedroom Window (By Sandman)


"Sheís at it again isnít she?" janet said as she stepped up behind

"Well this time her husband is with her." I said as I gazed through
the bedroom window.

"The woman is a machine I swear!" janet said as she peeked over my
shoulder. "Look at them flirting with each other. Well we both know
where this is leading donít we?"

"They do seem to enjoy their sex, and she definitely seems to enjoy
that computer." I mumbled. "But come now, you enjoy it every bit
as much as I do. Itís like having a cable sex channel without the

"And sheís given you a horribly distorted view of women." janet said
as she slid her hand down under my pants rubbing my swollen cock.
"Not everyone can sit at a computer for hours at a time with their
hand on their pussies and then fuck their husband until midnight when
he comes home."

"Well," I said taking her other hand and kissing the fingertips
lightly, "I guess this block is just lucky to have two such women
living right next door to each other."

"Not me dearest, I save myself for you." She replied as her hand
wrapped itself around my cock. "Oh-ho! I guess the showís over lover
boy. They got a phone call."

I turned around a bit disappointed but with Janetís hand still wrapped
around my cock, not too disappointed. "Guess youíre right. Looks
like itís just you and me tonight." I couldnít help but grin at that,
after all this was hardly a consolation prize.

"Youíd think after all this time sheíd have seen us peering in and
closed the shades." janet said as she began to unbuckle my pants.

"I dunno, she usually looks pretty preoccupied. But maybe she just
doesnít mind if we see her." I said as I slowly began to unbutton her

"Ohhh. Thatís naughty. She might even get a thrill at the idea. Oh
my God!"


"Turn around! Her husband is giving her a head job while sheís on the

I turned around and laughed. "Well now thatís my idea of phone sex!"
I stepped around behind my wife and resumed the job of undressing her
as I watched the couple in the house next door. "They certainly seem
to have a healthy marriage donít they?"

"Very." janet gasped, as aroused as I was by the sight or maybe it
was my hand wrapped around her breast -- after five years you learned
how to push your partnerís buttons, and it was so easy when those
buttons where nicely erect.

"I wonder who sheís talking to?" I asked.

I could hear her smiling as she answered. "Probably Rose. I just got
off the phone with her, sheís calling all the parents in town bitching
about how Disney is corrupting the youth of America."

"You know Celeste loves her jokes. It wouldnít surprise me in the
slightest." I said as I ran my hand down to her pussy. janet was
more than hot, the erotic view and my attentions had more than worked
their magic.

By now I had pretty much lost interest in the view from the window,
preoccupied with the view of my lovely wife. I knelt down and began
running my tongue through her pussy lips until she got the idea and
leaned over and spread her legs. "Ohh thatís so nice." She moaned.
"Itís so damn sexy watching them go at each other with you down

"Mrrrf" I agreed.

In such situations I usually manage to keep track of the time only by
the number of orgasms janet has. Rose talked for two orgasms before
Janet said, "Oh! She couldnít. She wouldnít!?"

"Wrmf!?" I asked.

"Sheís taking her husband up the ass!" janet said, still rather
shocked at the idea.

I finally pulled away and stood up to get a better view. Well, not
better, lets say different. "She obviously loves her husband more
than you love yours." I said coyly.

"Maybe my husband loves my pussy more than he likes hers." She said

I had to laugh. janet and I had tried everything under the sun at one
point, but anal sex was not on her favorites list. Her hand had
wrapped itself around my cock again, stroking slowly to keep me
interested, not that I really needed much prompting. "She certainly
looks like sheís enjoying it."

"She would." janet said dryly. "One more thing for me to try and
live up to."

I kissed her neck and ran an appreciative hand around her breast.
"You donít have to live up to anybodyís standards but mine dear, and
youíve never failed to do that."

"You say the nicest things lover." She said as she increased the
pressure around my cock. "Good thing I like it doggie style." She
said suggestively leaning forward again.

"Woof, Woof!" I agreed as I slid into her.

Even after five years this had never lost its appeal to me. Our
exotic neighbors added a spice to our passions on occasion, but janet to me always remained a full course meal. Every time I would hear
from my friends and coworkers how boring their sex lives were, how
their wives were uninterested or uninteresting, I thanked all my lucky
stars for my wife. My neighbor might be discovering the joys of anal
sex, but I was rediscovering yet again how perfectly Janetís pussy knew exactly what I enjoyed.

I lowered my hands to her waist, pressing my fingers into her flesh.
There was a joy in the power and control of this position that added
to the pleasures I was feeling from her moist, responsive pussy.
Added on top of that was the perfectly unobstructed view of our next
door neighbors. Life does indeed have its moments. Janetís moans
told me that she was having one of those moments as well.

I really didnít need all that much stimulation at this point. I had
been aroused far too long; janet and the erotic view all conspired to
overwhelm my senses. I was not gentle in my orgasm; I didnít need to
be. janet was no delicate flower, and a little roughness only added
to her pleasures on occasion. The orgasm was, as it always was with
Janet, a thing of blinding intensity, an all consuming rapture. As I
came down, I came down to the sensations of janet rocking back and
forth on my still erect shaft as she followed her own pleasures. She
was near, very near to her own. I raised her up, cupping my hands
around her breasts moving for her benefit, surely I could hold out
just a little longer. It was enough. Her contractions around my
cock, her moans, her shudders kept me aroused long enough for her own

"You are so kind to me." She cooed as she reached back and ran her
hand across my face.

"Looks like theyíre done for the night as well." I said. Noting our
neighbors had parted.

"You know, I think maybe I should call Celeste tomorrow and discuss
this Rose situation." janet said as I rested my chin on her shoulder.

"You wouldnít have an ulterior motive in mind now would you?" I asked
slyly. Knowing immediately what she had in mind.

"Would you be so terribly disappointed if I did?"

I laughed. "I think I can be up for the task."

"Where are you going?" janet asked as I stepped away.

"I just got an idea for a story." I answered with a wink.

"Do you really think the Internet would be interested in what you and
I do together?" She asked.

"I donít know. But thereís also a Celeste on the Internet who reviews
these stories. This ought to be right up her ally."

Janet paused, looking as if she was rolling an interesting thought
around, testing it for the feel of reality. "You donít think the
Internet Celeste and our neighbor CelesteÖ."

It was a startling thought, and I considered it for a moment. "What
are the odds?" I finally answered. But janet had turned back around
and was staring thoughtfully at our neighbor who had begun typing.
-- Sandman

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