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PORNO TV: The Classic Pornographic Television Network Presents:


The space was dark. Marilyn's eyes slowly adjusted, as her ears
picked up the sound of soft, feminine voices in conversation.

Serena led the way into a softly-lighted area. Marilyn glanced
around. She could see nothing beyond the lights -- they must be in
the Continuum.

All around her were large and small pillows, and draped over the
pillows in various positions, were roughly ten women. Marilyn looked
at them and noticed that they were of many ages -- and some whom she
could not determine their age.

Serena leaned closer to her. "This is one of our regular gatherings;
what the mortals might call a 'coven', although that's not our term
for it."

Marilyn nodded. "Are they all... like us?"

Serena smiled. "Usually. Sometimes one of the 'girls' will bring a
guest, but usually it's just us 'witches'."

"What do you do in these gatherings?"

There was a glint in Serena's eye as she winked. "Just wait and see."

She led Serena to one of the larger pillows, and they sat down.
PORNO TV: The Classic Pornographic Television Network Presents:
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| |_) . _|_ _ |_ _| |
| |_) (Z \/\/ | | (_ | | (Z (_| |
| |
| (part two) |
| |
| Original Material Copyright (C) 1996 All Rights Reserved |

Introduction and commercial break:

This posting is segment two of two, the two segments forming part
three of a three-part crossover story, the first two parts being "The
Munsters" and "The Addams Family", respectively. (If you can follow
the grammar in THAT sentence, Celeste!)

It would probably do you well to read the first parts first.

Please don't email me for the other parts; they should be reposted at
the same time this segment is posted.


The early sixties saw a lot of "fantasy" sitcoms, like "I Dream of
Jeannie", "Bewitched" and "My Favorite Martian". Two popular series
that featured a "horror" theme were "The Addams Family" on ABC, and
"The Munsters" on CBS.

"Bewitched" also ran on ABC, and told the story of Samantha, a lovely
witch who married Darrin Stephens without telling him of her special
powers. Those powers -- and Darrin's strange in-laws -- became
evident shortly after their wedding.

Samantha was played by the late Elizabeth Montgomery. In the early
episodes, Darrin was played by Dick York and in later episodes by Dick
Sargent. Endora (Samantha's Mother) was played by Agnes Moorehead,
and Larry Tate (Darrin's boss) was David White.

Darrin's role was not the only one to undergo a cast change. The
roles of Louise Tate and Gladys Kravitz (the neighbor) were also
filled by a second cast of actors with no explanation to the audience.

There was also a full cast of occasional characters, played by Maurice
Evans, Marion Lorne, Paul Lynde, Alice Ghostly and Bernard Fox, all
gifted character actors.

Elizabeth Montgomery also played the recurring character of her
look-alike cousin, Serena. Usually, she was billed in this role as
"Pandora Spocks".

The stories usually revolved around Samantha resolving not to use her
witchcraft, then Darrin ending up in a jam (because of some stupid
action on his part or a practical joke on the part of one of
Samantha's relatives), and Samantha coming to the rescue.

The couple was blessed in 1966 by the birth of Tabitha, and later by a
son, Adam. Tabitha herself became the focus of a later series.

This is another show which has never been off the air since it began.
It has been seen in daytime reruns on ABC, then in syndication, and
now on Nickelodeon.


This story breaks with my own tradition, in that it does not attempt
to be an episode of the actual show. In writing it, I found that the
character "Serena" wanted to do a lot of expository stuff, and I found
room to work in several other television series as well. But I
started out as "Bewitched", and will continue with that title.

This explains why the characters of Samantha and Darrin appear only in
cameos, and Endora and Dr. Bombay and the others don't appear at all.

Perhaps sometime down the line I'll do a 'real' Bewitched episode.

It should also be noted that this story "got away from me" in that it
seemed to take on a life of its own. Three specific "gags" that I had
in mind when I began the story did not appear until this segment.

I also forgot to run the lyrics to the theme song in the first part.
So here they are:

Bewitched, bewitched,
You've got me in your spell.
Bewitched, bewitched,
You know your craft so well.
Before I knew what I was doing,
I looked in your eyes.
That brand of woo that you've been brewin'
Took me by surprise.

You witch, you witch,
One thing is for sure.
That stuff you pitch
Just hasn't got a cure.
My heart was under lock and key,
But somehow it got unhitched.
I never thought that I could be had,
But now I'm caught and I'm kinda glad
To be Bewitched,
Under your spell.


Bewitched: "At Long Last, Marilyn (Part 2)"

Serena nudged Marilyn and pointed, discretely. "That's my cousin
Samantha -- you remember peeking in on her?"

Marilyn nodded.

"And that," Serena continued, "is Morticia Addams, and that..."

"Addams," Marilyn whispered. "Eddie was visiting the Addams family last night."

"One and the same." Serena motioned to another woman. "That's my
Aunt Esmerelda."

"So what are we doing? What's this for?"

"Just a little get-together for the girls. Look..."

Marilyn looked across the lighted space. The woman Serena had
introduced as Samantha had a large black bag in her hand. She opened
it, and pulled out a large, pinkish --- something. The woman Samantha
was sitting with giggled loudly.

Samantha adjusted the thing in her hands, and there was a low buzzing
sound. She held it out in front of her, and Marilyn could finally see
that it was a fairly large dildo. As it buzzed, the shaft twisted,
wiggling from side to side like a snake.

Still giggling, the other woman snapped her fingers. Her clothing
shimmered, then disappeared. She leaned back naked on the pillow and
spread her legs. A dark patch of hair was visible. She reached down
between her legs and her fingers spread open her pussy.

Samantha slipped the dildo's head between the open lips. The woman
gasped as it entered her. The gasping turned to moans of pleasure.

"See?" Serena whispered. "That's generally what goes on here. Look
over there." She pointed.

Two of the other women had formed a sixty-nine position with each
other, their tongues darting into each other's slits.

"And there..."

An older woman knelt in front of Morticia Addams, her face buried
between Morticia's thighs. Morticia was sitting, her head thrown
back, her fingers tweaking her own nipples.

To one side of the group was a solo young woman, in a filmy, long,
black lace negligee. The lace was thin enough to allow nothing to the
imagination, but the woman was distracted, scribbling in a legal pad
with a black quill plume pen.

"Serena, who's that?" Marilyn asked, nodding toward the writer.

"Oh," Serena shrugged, "that's just Ann. She's one of us, but she
mostly just comes to watch... and write. Sometimes we she joins in
the action, but she keeps stopping to write something down."

Marilyn looked around her; all around her the women were in various
stages of undress and intimacy. Over there, two were necking, their
hands buried in the bosom of the other. Behind her was a threesome --
one squatting over the face of one whose pussy was being fingered by
the third.

The air began to fill with low moans and gasps, and the musky scent of
sexually excited women.

Marilyn squirmed in her seat, peering around her.

"Getting horny?" Serena whispered, huskily.

Marilyn nodded. "Oh, yeah!"

Serena's hand slid toward her, her fingers brushing Marilyn's breast.
Marilyn turned her face toward her, and Serena kissed her, lightly at
first, then with more feeling... touching and feeling. Serena's
fingertips found Marilyns nipple and pinched it, while it tightened up
into a hard ball under her touch.

Marilyn's lips parted, and Serena's tongue slipped through them to
meet Marilyn's. Her breath deepened, and she moved closer to the
older woman.

Serena's other hand waved -- and both of them were naked. Marilyn
paused only a moment before pushing Serena back, and climbed over her,
lying atop her mother, their mouths still kissing while their hands
roamed over the other's body.

Marilyn broke the kiss, and slid down her mother's body, pausing a
moment to run her tongue over Serena's taut nipples. She reached
Serena's black bush, and buried her nose in the dark curls.

Serena lifted her knees and spread them wide, opening herself to
Marilyn's lips and tongue. Marilyn darted her tongue across Serena's
clit, then buried it as deeply as she could into Serena's moistening

A shudder ran through Serena's body as Marilyn worked her tongue in
and out of her pussy.

Marilyn was on all fours between Serena's legs as she lapped at her
mother's cunt. She felt a pair of hands touch her bare ass, softly at
first, then with more pressure, pushing apart her rear cheeks.

She lifted her head from Serena's crotch briefly to look back. The
woman in the black lace was behind her.

The woman's eyes met hers; there was an unspoken question and answer.

Marilyn dipped her head back into Serena's well of passion; the woman
in black lace knelt down behind her, and gently prodded Marilyn's
labia with her warm tongue.

Marilyn writhed as the woman expertly flicked her tongue over her
clit; she nearly forgot what she was doing as warmth flooded her
pelvic region.

"What's going on?" Serena asked, raising her head. Spotting Ann
behind Marilyn, she lay back again and sighed.

Marilyn sensed motion and looked up. Morticia Addams was slinking
toward them, her long, black hair flowing over her body, her breasts peeking out from the dark tresses.

She knelt down beside the pillows on which Serena reclined and leaned
forward, planting a long, deep kiss on Serena's mouth. Marilyn bent
back to her mother's pussy, caressing her warm slit with her tongue.

Behind her, Ann reached up, and with her finger probed Marilyn's wet
cunt, sliding it inside until it reached Marilyn's still-intact hymen.

"Oooh," Ann smiled, her thumb beginning to roll Marilyn's clit like a
marble in mud, "a virgin! I LIKE virgins!"

She leaned back in, her tongue following the contours of Marilyn's
labia, while her finger worked in and out of her pussy, bringing forth
a flow of fragrant, sweet honey from Marilyn's well.

Marilyn felt as if she was about ready to burst. She raised her head
from Serena's crotch as her contractions began. Her body shook as it
fell forward onto Serena's. Serena clutched at her, as did Ann, who
still had a couple of fingers inside Marilyn's clutching pussy.

Marilyn rolled over onto her back. As she did, Morticia crawled over
Serena's head, positioning herself into a classic sixty-nine with her.
Marilyn glanced over, noting that Morticia's long hair nearly obscured
both of the women. Serena immediately began to moan with pleasure.

Ann moved up between Marilyn's knees, and stroked her thighs gently,
applying some pressure to urge Marilyn to open her legs.

Slowly, Marilyn's legs moved apart, and Ann slipped two fingers back
into Marilyn's cunt, her thumb firmly pressing against Marilyn's clit.

"Ohhhh," Marilyn moaned. "It feels so good..."

Beside her on the pile of pillows, she heard Morticia with an echoing
moan, "Say see bone..."

Marilyn's eyes snapped open. Ann's fingers stopped moving inside her.

Marilyn looked over at the long-haired beauty whose body was draped
over Serena's.

"Say see bone?" Marilyn asked, incredulously. "Morticia, you don't
really SPEAK French, do you?"

Morticia lifted her head from Serena's crotch long enough to glare at
Marilyn, then turned back to twist her tongue around Serena's clit.

Marilyn chuckled -- then her attention was drawn back to the fingers
in her cunt. "Oh, Ann..." Marilyn murmured, "isn't it your turn now?"

Ann smiled, then dropped down to a seated postion on the pillows. She
leaned back, lifting her knees, as Marilyn slid betweeen them.
Marilyn slipped her index finger into Ann's wet pussy, then leaned
forward to draw her tongue across Ann's clitoris.

It seemed to buzz under her tongue. She swirled her tongue over it
again, feeling it swell with the attention it was given. Ann's cunt squeezed around Marilyn's probing finger as Ann emitted a low moan.

There was movement behind Marilyn, then an exclamation of "Oh,

Marilyn glanced over and saw that the woman Serena had introduced as
'my cousin Samantha" was standing behind Morticia.

Ann muttered, "Please..."

Marilyn quickly reapplied her tongue to Ann's clit, and began to work
her finger in and out of Ann's pussy until the other woman began to
breathe shallowly.

"I'm very close," Ann muttered, her fingertips caressing her own hard

Marilyn continued to swirl her tongue over Ann's clit, until Ann
gasped and cried, "nnnngggghhhh!"

She jerked and shook as her pussy convulsed around Marilyn's finger.
Ann put her hands on each side of Marilyn's face, and pulled it up to
her own. She slid her tongue out, and licked at Marilyn's lips and
chin. Marilyn opened her own mouth and extended her tongue. As they
met, Marilyn felt an almost-electrical thrill.

They slid down to the pillows, holding each other in their arms.

The sounds coming from Morticia were curiosity-raising, though, and
Marilyn's eyes were drawn to the woman lying over Serena's body.
Samantha was now kneeling behind Morticia, working a very large dildo
in and out of the long-haired woman's cunt.

Serena was doing her best to keep her nose out of the way as she
sucked on Morticia's clitoris.

Morticia was gasping, her head raised from Serena's pussy. It was
evident that she was on the edge of orgasm, and as Marilyn watched,
Morticia slid over the edge. Her body convulsed with pleasure.

Samantha slid the dildo out, and touched its tip to her lip. Her
tongue slid out to just touch the pointed end of the rubber cock.

"Next?" she whispered.

"Me." With one final kiss on Marilyn's cheek, Ann got up, picked up
her notebook, and took Samantha's arm. The two women stepped over to
another stack of pillows a few steps away.

Morticia rolled over onto her back beside Serena, breathless.
The three women lay motionless, resting. Marilyn nearly drifted off
to sleep.

Suddenly, however, there was a flash of light. A male voice laughed.

The women all stopped what they were doing, and turned to face the

"At last!" the man shouted in glee. "I've found you!" He looked over
the array of naked women around him. "What you -- ladies -- need is a
few good men."

"Now wait a minute," Samantha shouted. "What makes you think..."

Marilyn's father laughed. "Behold!" he boomed. He waved his hand,
and there was another flash of light.

A dozen men materialized into a glowing area next to Q. They stood in
a row, stock-still, their eyes closed, their bodies rigid. They were
completely naked, their male organs in a state of complete erection.

Marilyn leaned over toward Morticia and Serena. They moved together
conspiratorially. "Do you know who any of those men are?"

Serena nodded. "A couple. That short one with the fat dick -- that's
a Marine sergeant... Vince somebody. And that tall one with the dark
hair -- he's a comedy writer for television. Bob Perkey... no,
Petrie. Bob Petrie."

"The tallest one -- the one with the cock a foot long -- that's my
butler, Lurch," Morticia added. "I don't know any of the others."

"I think that one standing to the right of Lurch is a policeman,"
Marilyn said.

"What makes you say that?" Morticia added.

"Coffee stains."

They laughed in a subdued manner.

"Any ideas?" Marilyn asked.

"When it seems inevitable," Morticia smiled, "just lie back and enjoy

"Not everyone is into pain the way you are," Serena snapped. She
turned to Marilyn and took her arm. "Whatever happens," she said,
"you know you can escape."

Marilyn nodded.

Q stepped forward and clicked his fingers. The men fell out of
stasis, and their eyes opened. Each one seemed to zero in on a woman,
then they moved quickly.

Very quickly.

The women barely had a moment to move before they were covered with
one of the men.

Marilyn watched as Lurch lifted Morticia up, spun her around with her
back to his chest, then impaled her on his long cock. A mixed
expression of pain and pleasure on her face.

The Marine sergeant grabbed Serena and turned her around, too. He
bent her forward, and pressed the head of his penis against her anus.
Then with a single thrust, he entered her.

Serena gave a short, sharp cry, then through clenched teeth, she
turned to Marilyn and hissed, "Leave!"

Marilyn turned and ran, nearly stumbling over a lanky fellow who was
rapidly plunging a long, thin cock into Samantha's cunt.

Recovering, she dashed toward the darkness.

A flash of light, and she ran square into Q, who had materialized in
her path.

"Now you're going to fuck me," Q smirked. "And you're going to love

Marilyn stumbled backwards.

"Fuck you?" she asked. Then an idea. She reached for her nose.

"Yeah. That's right," she smiled, her teeth clenched. "Fuck you!"

She rubbed her nose. She heard an echo of his angry roar as time
swirled around her.


The car drove down the country lane, its headlights swallowed by the
darkness of the trees. Irving was at the wheel, Marilyn in the
passenger seat.

"Where are we going?" Marilyn asked.

"You said you didn't want to go to that party," Irving said, pushing
his glasses up on his nose.

Marilyn felt a sensation of deja vu. Then the realization of where --
and when she was.

"But that doesn't answer my question," she said.

"I thought you meant you wanted to be alone." Irving looked over at
her. "Didn't you?"

Marilyn smiled. "It wasn't what I had in mind," she said, "but it
doesn't sound too bad..."

Irving grinned. "I've heard tell about a spot out here that's perfect
for 'being alone' in."

"I've heard of the place, too."

"So it's O.K. with you?"

Marilyn smiled her approval, her mind working feverishly.

After a short drive, Irving stopped the car. He and Marilyn sat a
moment, staring out the windshield at the vista before them.

They were parked on the edge of a cliff, which overlooked the city
below them. The stars in the sky were matched by an equal number of
stars beneath them.

Irving yawned, and draped an arm over the back of the bench seat of
the car.

Marilyn laughed. "You don't have to do that," she grinned. "I know
about the cave. And the blanket in the back."

Irving goggled through his glasses. "Umm..."

Marilyn giggled. She leaned over and pecked a kiss at Irving's cheek,
then looked into his eyes. "Wanna fuck?"

She opened the car door. After a moment's hesitation, Irving
scrambled out. He gathered up a blanket from the back of his car, and
closed the trunk. He took Marilyn's hand and she led him to the brink
of the cliff.

She stepped over the edge onto the narrow pathway just over the edge
of the cliff.

"This way," Marilyn whispered.

Taking a deep, steadying breath, Irvin followed her.

"Here it is," Marilyn breathed. She turned a corner around a rock.

Marilyn snatched the blanket out of Irving's hands, and spread it on
the ground. She reached behind her and unzipped her dress, letting it
slide down her body to her feet.

She kicked it aside, and slipped down to sit on the blanket.

Irving dropped down beside her. They wrapped their arms around each
other and kissed.

As Marilyn's lips parted, allowing Irving's tongue to intrude, she
felt his hand on her back, searching for the bra hooks.

Irving's fingers fumbled a moment with the hook on her bra; it snapped
suddenly open.

Giggling, she pulled off the bra, and draped it around his neck.

Irving was goggle-eyed at seeing her bare breasts. He pushed up his
glasses on his nose, and extended trembling fingers toward her left

Marilyn smiled as his fingertips brushed her erect nipple. She put a
hand in Irving's lap, her fingertips pressing against his erection
through his pants.

"Irving," she whispered in his ear. "If you want to put that thing in
me, there's something you've got to do first."

Irving sat back, puzzled. "Oh," he said, finally. "I've got a rubber
in my wallet."

Marilyn smiled. "That's not what I meant. What I want you to do is
go down on me."

"Oh? Oh. Oh!" The realization of what she said finally got through to
Irving's lust-dulled mind.

Marilyn lay back on the blanket, and raising her hips, she slid her
panties off. She spread her knees, allowing Irving a view of her damp
pussy in the full moon.

Irving's breath was short and ragged. He extended a hand, touching
her vulva gently.

"Tongue me," Marilyn said firmly. "Eat me. Suck me. Taste me. Do
it. NOW!"

Irving leaned forward and touched her lower lips with his tongue.

Marilyn squirmed, pressing her pussy toward his mouth. Irving's
tongue slid between her labia, and slid up to brush her clit.

"That's the spot!" Marilyn gasped. "Suck it! Lick it!"

Irving did his best. He fastened his lips around the little warm
nubbin and sucked gently, his tongue flicking it.

Marilyn wrapped her legs around Irving's shoulders, pulling him
tighter, closer. She felt herself tighten inside... almost there...
then the contractions started.

Irving nearly smothered as Marilyn's legs tightened around his head as
Marilyn climaxed. When she finally relaxed, he pulled back, gasping.

"Oh my gosh!" he wheezed.

Marilyn sat up a bit, grabbed Irving by the ears, and lay back,
pulling him on top of her. Then she rolled them both over on the
blanket so that she was on top.

She pulled open his shirt, the buttons flying across the cave.

"Hey!" Irv complained.

"Shush," Marilyn hissed. "I'm in a hurry."

She unfastened his trousers and jerked them down. Irv's erection
pressed out against his jockey shorts. Marilyn tugged them down as
well, freeing his cock.

Irv kicked out of his pants, as Marilyn bent over his penis, using her
tongue to swirl around the purple cockhead. Then deftly, she raised
herself over his cock and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy.

Slowly, she lowered herself on his rigid shaft until she felt the
resistance of her hymen.

Irving trembled under her; she realized he was holding himself back,
trying not to come.

It was decision time. Lower herself and lose that virginity, or just
hold off two more seconds, and he'd climax and not be able to complete
the task.

Marilyn closed her eyes, took a deep breath.

She lowered herself.

With her eyes closed, she could be more aware of her own body. She
felt a soft pop, a momentary sting, then felt Irving's cock jerk; he
was coming inside her.

Marilyn sighed. She opened her eyes, and looked down into Irving's

Only it wasn't Irving.

"Hello, darlin'," Q drawled. "Whatever happened to soft lights and

Marilyn scrambled to her feet, and backed away from him. Q got up to
his feet and dashed over to her, and grabbed her wrists, keeping her
hands from her nose.

"Did you like it better that time? Not that it matters much," Q
smirked. "You're still just as pregnant." He pulled her closer to

Marilyn squirmed, trying to pull away from him, but he was too strong.
She felt his heavy cock pressing against her body. She felt a shiver
of revulsion.

What Morticia had said, "When it seems inevitable..." rang in her
head; she took a deep breath, and relaxed. Then she wiggled her upper
lip from side to side. Her nose moved.

Marilyn disappeared.

"Shit!" Q muttered. "She did it again!"


The car drove down the country lane, its headlights swallowed by the
darkness of the trees. Irving was at the wheel, Marilyn in the
passenger seat.

"Where are we going?" Marilyn asked.

"You said you didn't want to go to that party," Irving said, pushing
his glasses up on his nose.

"I changed my mind," Marilyn frowned. "Let's go to the party."

Irving looked a little disappointed, but turned the car around, and
they headed back into town.
As Marilyn stepped into the doorway of the house where the party was
being held, she stopped. She felt a little dizzy.

"Are you all right?" Irving asked, taking her arm.

"I think so," Marilyn said, putting a hand to her temple. "It just
seems like I lost ... a lot of time ... somewhere."

Irving squinted at her over his glasses. He pushed them back up on
his nose.

Marilyn smiled at him. "Never mind. Let's go in and have a good

She took Irving's arm, and the two of them went in to the party.
the end
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