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This is a work of fantasy. It is not about real people, and if it is, its
not what they would do. (not that you are likely to know them anyway). If
you are under 18, go away, since I don’t like to get in trouble. If you
are turned off by perversion, what are you doing at asstr? In other words,
go away. If none of this applies to you, great! Read on! Have fun! Let
me know what you like! Oh, and I work hard on my writing…so guess what?
Its mine. That’s right boys and girls…its copyrighted…so if you want it?
Just ask- we’ll talk.

Black Widow (Mf, First,death)

The girl screamed in passion. It had been painful at first, but her
boyfriend was good lover; he would make it all right. The sounds of their
moaning could be heard throughout the forest. The girl looked up into his
eyes as she neared her climax. Then, closing her eyes, she let out a
shriek. First for the climax, and then a second more subtle reason. As
she closed her eyes, she saw her boyfriend—only it was an odd, movie-like
dream—like the ones you have just before you wake up.

He was lying in the woods, not unlike the ones they were in now, but not
there. His body was naked and he had all sorts of cuts and bruises. She
knew that he was dead. She opened her eyes just in time to see him grimace
as his climax had him collapse down onto her. Slowly caressing his back,
she thought to herself what it could have meant. She knew that “seeing”
was a trait dominant in the women of her family, but thought she hadn’t
gotten it. Though she always said she didn’t believe in it, the vision was
too powerful to ignore. She wanted to warn him, but she knew it would do
no good. He was too independent. He didn’t believe in it and would do
what he wanted anyway. She kept her counsel to herself and bided her time.


It rained that day. The coffin was closed. There wasn’t much left of
the body to show. But she had seen it, in a dream, she’d seen it. She
knew she didn’t need to go to the morgue with his parents to identify the
body—she knew it was him.

The young love of her life was in the casket being lowered into the
ground. She couldn’t save him, and that was reason enough to cry. She
didn’t use her umbrella. She let the rain fall down her cheeks so no one
would know she wasn’t crying.

Slowly, but imperceptibly, she began to forget, like most people will.
She started dating again, and eventually starting seeing one man……

Copyright 1990, Dryad (

Now, granted this started as a dream, but would you like to see me add
more to it? Let me know (


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