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Blink sat alone once again in her holding pen. She could here various
wimpers and moans from some of the Beast's less fortunate lab rats. She
stood up and made her way to the old sink in her cell. She didn't doubt
the water was bad but what else was there? She looked up at the mirror and
realized she looked older. It was something she couldn't QUITE place. She
couldn't exactly say it was a look in her eyes, but still something was
definately different. She fumbled at the odd device someone had clamped on
her. Someone said it was a collar.

Soon she heard the door to the pens open and saw some of Apocolypse's
gurads dragging a couple more people in. Since she was in the lab area she
assumed they were mutants that had either not yet manifested their power or
had powers that could use a little "boost".

When she saw them throw the new arrivals in a cell she sat against the
wall. When the Infinities were around it wasn't usually healthy to be to
easily seen. As their footsteps grew louder Blink nestled herself in a
corner by the door. She could her them muttering as they went by.

Guard 1: "...dunno why he puts up with these..these...Humanitarians..."

Guard 2: "Just something to keep his attention I'm su..."

Blink gulped. The voices had been getting steadily louder when they
stopped rather abruptly. Blink leaned carefully around looking just barely
out her cell door when it slammed open catching her in the head.

Guard 2: "Now what do you suppose she was hiding from?"

Guard 1: "Us probably Bring her. We'll let the Beast punish her."

As the guards brought Blink into the Beast's lab they saw a young lady
strapped to his exam chair. She was unconcious either from a drug or pain.
Knowing the Beast the latter was probably more accurate. The Beast
motioned them to put Blink in a chair and then go.

As Blink came to she felt her head throbbing. She fell back against the
chair holding a hand to her head trying to block out the pain.

Beast looked over to her and pulled open a drawer containing various
bottles. Finally finding the one he wants he looked over to Blink and put
a couple capsuls in his hand.

Beast: "Quite a bump we have there. Try some of these, they should stop
the throbbing."

Blink carefully looked at the pills and decided she had nothing to
loose. As she swallowed the pills she looked over to the young lady in the
Beast's chair.

Beast looked over and smiled. "Having fond memories of the chair are

blink looked at him as the memory of the feelings she felt before
blasted through her mind. She looked over to the young lady again.

Blink: "So who is she?"

Beast turned his back to her punching buttons and manipulating dials
until a image formed on the screen. Blink looked a bit confused at it.

Blink: "Is that possible?"

Beast nodded: "The lady your looking at is not only a mutant, but one of
the most legendary mutants. she is a lycanthrope, specifically a
were-wolf. The weird thing ISN'T that she is a were-wolf though. It's that
she can turn fully into a wolf."

Blink stared at him: "A wolf with a human mind?"

Beast nodded: "She and her group were dumped by Magneto as being to
uncontrolble. Most of them are in their late teens. Apparently they
weren't strong enough to survive this world."

Blink sneared. Certainly being locked up here was no picnic, but being
abandoned because your young?!

Beast pushed a button as Blink tried to calm herself and a couple straps
pinned her in the chair. Blink tried to struggle as she saw the beast
approching with a needle. As she tried to force her way out of her bonds
she felt the needle stick her arm and the contents push into her blood.
She groaned trying to block whatever affect it would have. She could be
certain that it wouldn't be pleasent.

As she opened her eyes she saw the young lady, and then saw the beast
inject her twice. Once was probably the same drug he'd given Blink. The
other she quickly found out was to wake her up.

As Beast went back to his controls he pushed a button and both ladies
were released.

Beast: "Throw them in Monitor cells A and B."

The infinities that had come in took both ladies less than gently to the
new pens. Blink realized immediately that there was little room to do more
than lie down. Also all she could see was the lady in the next cell. She
leaned over to touch the bars of her new cell and felt a wierd vibration
running through them. Not strong enough to cramp her hand, but enough to
be easily felt. There wasn't much space between them, but enough that
Blink could slide her arm through, and probably her leg.

As she looked back she could see the youngster stirring. Blink seemed
to get a bit dazed as she watched her move. By the time the young ladies
eyes were open Blink's eyes were glued to her.

If anyone had told Blink or her new friend what a aphrodisiac was it
probably would've gotten the same answer as someone trying to explain a
great english novel to a tribe in Africa. She didn't know much more than
how to survive, but now Blink was starting to realize what she couldn't
see. Her changes she had felt were on the inside.

The young lady stretched and as she did a shiver went along Blink's
spine. She felt her heart start to beat faster, and when the two finally
locked eyes, her breath was starting to get labored.

The young lady for her part just started at Blink's reaction. She
couldn't deny her own body getting quite warm at the site of the odd
looking ladies reaction. She tried to turn away, but coulnd't.

Just then the voice of the Beast sounded.

Beast: "Good morning my little labrats. As you've probably guessed by
now I have injected you with quite a lovely little drug. I was asked to
try it out on two specimins. First off let me introduce you two. The red head is known as Rahne, and the odd colored lady is known as Clarice though
she preferrs Blink. Now that we're all introduced let me explain the drug.
It is supposed to make your body react ...ahem...somewhat favorably to the
first living thing you see. In this case you to are right now in lust with
each other. Have fun trying to satisfy that lust."

Beast chuckled and cut the mic. Blink and Rahne hadn't heard much past
the introduction as they were to busy mapping each others bodies, or what
could be seen.

Rahne was the first to move. She stood up and leaned against the bars.
As she did Blink could hear a soft whimper.

Rahne: "Why do you have to look so a elf or faerie."

Blink blushed. no one had called her beutifull before. Usually there
were some not to nice words about her. Blink for her part leaned against
the bars and sighed. She hadn't enough experience to know what to do.

Blink: "You're quite pretty yourself."

She couldn't believe she said that. It wasn't that she thought it was
wrong, quite the contrary..she didn't know anything about her body. She
had been in the pens for years, only recently catching the eye of an
Infiniti. After that she was taken to Beast's lab where her power abruptly
maifested. since then however she was caged while the beast caught up on
his other "patients".

Blink felt her body start to get even warmer as she started to hear an
odd sound. As she looked back towards Rahne's cell her jaw dropped. The
young lady had wrapped her legs around one of the cell bars and was
starting to breathe rather loudly. Blink looked around somewhat
embarrassed by the display. Still she couldn't deny that watching the girl was making her body feel somewhat flush.

She looked at the girl and say that her hand had gone between her legs.
blink looked on and nervously moved her hand down her body. As her hand
moved down her belly she felt a surge of warmth. As her hand reached its
destination, Blink was a bit discouraged to find that she now didn't know
what to do. Nervously she started to speak.

Blink:"...uh Rahne?"

Rahne looked up. Blink could see little beads of sweat on her...face?
Rahne had apparently shifted enough in form she now had a thin layer of
what Blink could only guess was fur. She also had ears even more sharply
pointed than Blink's. Blink wouldn't put it past the were to have a small
tail to.

Rahne smiled: "Yes Clarice?"

Blink gulped. Seeing Rahne's reaction was stimulating enough. she
didn't expect to feel a rush though when Rahne said her name.

Blink: " are you doing that?"

Rahne smiled. "Didn't anyone ever tell you about love?"

Blink shook her head. Of the many things she'd been taught, how to live
with little food, how to avoud Apocolyps's troops, love seems to have been

Blink: "No one was ever around enough."

Rahne ah'd and pulling her legs back through the bars stood up. As she
did Blink could see her body. She was sweating enough that her clothes
were clung to her top. Before Blink could digest that delicious sight
however Rahne pulled her top slowly off. Blink gulped and started at the
body of her lust. Rahne wasn't to developed either. Her chest was
developed enough that she could turn some heads, but she could be even

Rahne saw Blink's reaction and smiled as she brushed some fur aside
showing the young woman her breasts. She could see Blink's cheast start to
rise more quickly suggesting that this was probably the first time she'd
seen anyone but herself naked.

Rahne: "Tell you what Clarice. Ive taken my top off...let's see what
you look like."

Blink blushed so bad she was sure if a power outage occoured it would
still shine. Blink nervously stood up and started to take her top off.
She never would've thought this would be the effect of the Beast's drug.
As Blink dropped her shirt she could see in Rahne's eyes that the young were felt as she did.

Rahne gulped. She knew Clarice was pretty, but she didn't expect this.
The odd color of Clarice's skin seemed to cover her body. He dark lavender
body and purple nipples made the lycanthrope almost orgasm at the sight.
Not since seeing Nightcrawler's mother Mystique had she seen such a sight.

Rahne: "You're built very...nicely."

Blink smiled and tried to put her hands over her brests. As her hand
touched her nipple though she felt a surge of warmth. Her hands
immediately dropped.

Rahne chuckles. "Never felt this way?"

blink shook her head. She raised her hand slowly to her brest. As her
fingers brushed over her nipple again she took in a sharp breath. It felt
like someone was zapping her with every touch.

Rahne meantime started to take her pants off and moved her hand down to
try and ease the burning in her body. She watched blink's reaction to her
newly unleashed passions and shivered with her as the lavender mutant's
breathing got heavier and louder.

Rahne: "Take your pants off ..."

Blink looked up having forgotten Rahne was watching and tried to hide
herself. She leaned down to get her shirt when she saw Rahne was already
naked. Blink took her pants off still looking at Rahne. She could see
Rahne's hand apparently massaging something between her legs. As Blink
kicked her pants away she sat down looking.

Rahne smiled and moved her hand away long enough to let Clarice see what
her hand was rubbing. Blink's own hand started to move down to what she
could now tell was the source of her frustrations. As her finger glided
across her nub She fell back. The shock of just brushing by that part of
her sent a shock through her that, if she had been standing, would've
certainly knocked her on her butt.

Rahne's eyes widened at the reaction as her hand went back to its work.
Blink could see what was causing the reaction now and moved her own hand
down and started to slowly massage. It didn't take to long before Blink
was starting to sweat as much as Rahne. As Rahne watched the lavender
beauty she saw Blink's thighs start to quiver.

Blink: "What...what's happening??"

Rahne: "Shh...don't stop...It's like nothing you've ever felt."

Blink felt her muscles contract and then fell back. Her whole body felt
like someone had set off several explosions. She could feel her hand still
massaging, more rapidly now as she felt her body convulse. Before long
Blink felt her fingers start to get damp and her thighs started to jerk as
her orgasm ripped though her.

Rahne while watching had slipped her legs through the bars and was
letting the vibrations of the cell do the work. She fell back pushing her
nub hard into the bars and let out a howl.

Blink looked up long enough to see her and quickly put her legs through
the bars. She looked up and could see Rahne's fingers digging into the
stone floor. As Blink's nub touched the bar she heard a whir. Immediately
Rahne jerked up. Unfortunately The wall which hadn't been to far was
puching against the ladies backs. Blink and Rahne tried to stand but the
walls were now to close and they were pushed until there nubs we pushing
hard against the bars.

Blink started to moan as she felt th buzz of the bars trying to think of
a way out. She saw Rahne trying to push the bars and heard the you lady
start to cry in desperation. As she did she saw Rahne suddenly shiver and
convulse. Rahne's orgasm was pushed by the fact the bars vibrations had
gotten somewhat stronger. Blink could do nothing but rest against the wall
and feel the turrents flow through her.

In his lab the Beast watched the specticle with a sick grin on his face.

Beast: "This little experiment may be worth following."

With a push of a button a gas filled the room and within a few minutes
Rahne and Blink were out cold. As he opened the doors the Beast stopped
the Infiniti carrying Blink long enough to check her collar.

Beast: "That gave it quite a test. so far so good. Looks like we may
finally have a good inhibitor collar."

The infinity nodded as it took Blink back to her cell.


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