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Brideprice (July 2000) your head hums with a dull roar of pain as you
blearily open your eyes .. seeing only gray and brown, then closing your
eyes against the sudden light .. you try to shut out the room you see
revealed as the curtain over the window above your bed(it IS a bed isnl't
it ?) is pulled back and you wake to the ache of a dull medicated sleep..
only to feel your chin gripped in a strong hand and a chiding voice telling
you to" open your eyes so the gents could see them .. " you feel the
weight of the gazes of several men, standing in the shadows where the sun
cannot reach them , their forms vaguely large, and rough, clothes not those
of any department store you have eve been to .. your arms are tied to your
waist, the rope running around your wrists and stomach tied out of reach of
your hands at your back.. your legs are tied loosely to the bottom of the
bed(a hospital bed ..) suddenly you look to the voice and hand that grips
you, only to see the mean face of the man who gave you a shot just moments
ago in your new doctor's office(who WAS that nurse at your regular OB/GYN's
office?) .. the mean faced hard, wiry man calls out to the shapes "All you
loyal men will see that she is healthy .. young enuff .. and in less than
a month's time fertile .. we checked her records well .. and rest assured
she is highly sexually responsive,notice the responsiveness".. you try to
call out and demand to know what is happening to you but his hands stuff
your mouth with the edge of the sheet that had covered you during your
sleep, and goes between your legs, teasing you til your hips move in
response against your will but still moving, his hand opening you and
exposing your hidden places, his other hand probing inside and caressing
your softness.. then, holding his wet fingers up for the men to see he
gestures to someone behind the men.. a man steps thru them and into the
light, a man who held you down on that radically odd exam table in the
strange looking doctor's office your Gyneecologist supposedly referred you
to ... This man who held you helpless on the table while the hard-faced
man drugged you is naked from the waist down, his body tight and corded ..
the man beside you assures the men quickly .. "don't worry men .. john
here is benefitting from a vasectomy I gave him years ago .. he will show
you just how responsive she truly is ." "and remember she is yours for the
paltry bride price of 10000 dollars .." The large corded man climbs onto
the bed besideyour corded thighs, anxious and tense in your denial at what
is happening here to you .. Swiftly adjusting the height and angle of the
mattress , without preliminary, he moves between your legs to push his mule
like cock between your cringing inner thighs, his head having trouble at
first... then slamming in the mean faced man leans over you, saying "
would you rather he demonstrated your ass with that donkey dick of his ??
no no no you shake your head...your eyes big "if you don't want that, I
would suggest you control your self and endure .. or even enjoy .. none
of the men to buy you is nearly as large .. well almost none" you feel the
large man above you push in til his cock fills you, still outside you but
into your inner walls ..then it begins, lucky for you the mean faced man stirred you a bit .. this brute spares no time for niceties like preparing
you .. slamming his cock into you quickly now ... he works his prick in
your shocked and shattered body, filling and pulling from you, dragging you
inside out again and again .. Now your ankles being untied and pulled back
toards your chest, tied to a side rail of the bed high so your hips are up
enough for his cock to sink to the balls in your narrow beaten cunny ..
you feel your body juicing around him as your traitor body feels only that
it is being fucked and filled .. your senses warring as you are violated
hard and fast, your body overcomes your mind and coming quick and fast,
drawing his prick in to gush his spermless cum into your pussy .. then
just as quickly as he entered you he pulls out, walking away only to return
with a douche and pan to wash him from you while the men in the shadows
begin to bid for you, making rude remarks about breaking in your bottom for
their use .. untying your ankles the large man who just serviced you like
a stallion does a mare lifts you to your feet, pulling your hair back from
your face and showing the men your still-toned body as the bidding slows
and stops at double the asking-price; the winner, a cold eyed man with a
nice lump in his pants steps forward to bend you over his leg, he still
standing .. As you look over your shoulder at him, begging him to help
you, to get you out of this horrible nightmare, he silently takes a cane
from his belt, cutting three strokes on the inside of your thigh and three
on the outside of your hip, marking you as his with vicious red welts, and
dragging your naked form after him to the door of the room you were stumble over the ground thru what seems to be a town, towards a
large house surrounded by a high fence.... grass beneath your feet
cushions your stumbling, but he drags you still, your arms still tied to
your sides... you enter the yard of the house, walking on paving stones
around the side of the house and thru a door at the back of the house,
stairs leading down instead of up to the first floor.. Then down a narrow
ill-lit hallway you stagger beside him, stopping finally in a small room..
with only a mattress on the floor, padding on the walls and a cage and dome
over the only light, the man, not too cruelly, mutters to you" this is
where all my new wives spend their first day, or week, your choice .. if
you need spend more than a week here, you will come to regret it .. only
then would I use this cane again .. I don;t want to mark my wife more than
is decent and proper .. but I will if needs be .. " You open your mouth
to plead, protest, or argue, but shut it at the implacable glance in his
eyes..walking you to the mattress, he pushes you down to it, lifting a cuff
from the floor and locking it round your right ankle, leaning forward with
a knife in his hands to cut free the ropes around your wrists... you move
your ankle, noting the thick steel and sturdy bolt in the floor it is
attached to ..the man walks to the door, then turns to you .. His eyes
smiling not very reasonably, " My first wives will be here to prepare you
for tonight .. obey them and no marks will fall on you .. resist them ..
and it is no telling what they will do .. and In case you have not
reckoned your new life and your lot in it, you are here to serve me, to
bear my children and keep my house .. that is why you are here .. the
doctor said you would breed good sons and daughters ..Be sure you find a
way to live to bear them for me.." with that he dims the room's only light
and shuts the door, silence weighing on you heavily .. you worry over the
cuff for minutes, hours.. maybe longer .. sudddenly the door to the room
creaks open and a young man, perhaps a few days shy of grown, walks forward
to you .. you look to his face and realize there will be no help here ...
Reaching you, he grabs your shoulders, dragging you to your knees, pushing
your face against his pants and ordering you silent .. his clenched teeth
bespeak an anger ill concealed .. " as oldest i was due a wife, but Pa
wanted yet one more ..well i mean to have your services too. If you talk I
will have my mother make your life a living hell ..Now, open your mouth or
you will regret it right now " opening his buttoned fly, he drags out what
rivals the large man who raped you earlier, the head drooling a bit as he
pushes it quickly into your mouth, bouncing off the back of your throat and
gagging you as he grabs your ears painfully, his hips flexing his cock back
and forth over your tongue ..brutally invading your mouth.. He orders
through his angryily pursed lips, " don't just kneel there..suck it woman "
..his eyes still angry as he pushes his cock over your teeth, he stills and
waits for your tongue and mouth to move on him, to cuddle him with your
tender lips and pretty pink tongue like you know he wants you to .. With
some bit of trepidation, and a lot of fear, you move your mouth slowly at
first, then your lips tighten around his huge cock, licking up and down his
shaft, suckling him as if he were some perverted pacifier, mouthing his
head.. his fingers moving down to grab your nipples, he twists them as you
cradle his penis with your face .. looking up at him, with begging
eyes....frightened eyes the door moving open even as he groans, the light
coming to full strength as he grips your head again, the pungent scent of
him strong as his cum flows str8 down your throat..a chiding voice telling
him "Jess, so very rude to do that on her bride's night .. " then a
feminine hand ruffles his hair as he stays buried in your mouth his hands
suggesting you continue to suck him til he is clean .. " but mom you know
she was to have been mine " "Jess you don;t want your first to be an older woman ..your Pa will get you a nice young fallen cheerleader or some
such"..the hand of his mom goes to your chin, a head appearing over his
shoulder "be sure to get every drop from him, he mustn't go back til he is
clean, clean nearly as you will be be ore we are thru"then the hand lightly
cradles this man/boy's testicles and tucks them back inside his pants,
pulling him slowly from your mouth to inspect your work .. then pushing
the slowly shrinking elephantine dick back in his pants, she spanks his
backside playfully, sending him from the room whistling and buttoning his
pants, obviously in a better mood .. Freed from his oppressive masculine
energy. you look up to see three women, varying from mid 40's to a couple
years older than you .. you begin begging with them ..they are women,
surely one will help you get free!.. The oldest, the cruel man/boy's
mother answers you, her eyes sympathetic and yet amused, "you are here ..
you cannot leave this house with out being seen, and not at all at night..
if you are lucky, you will never be collared, chained, traded away, or for right now.. I came to bathe you .. if you resist, my
sisterwives will hold you down .. If that doesn't suffice, well then John
told you what awaited you" kick and scream,struggling hard;telling
them, begging them to help you!.. wailing that nothing could be worse than
this.. The woman softly and dangerously says to your desperate pleas and
denieals, "as for worse, how would you like to be doing the same thing as
here, but overseas, with your genitals trimmed til you feel no pleasure at
all .. hated for your anglo features and abused by guards and other harem
girls" sob and cry out in defeat and denial as the women move to hold
you down, surprisingly strong, and they turn you to your tomach over the
mattress, your feet angled off the end, your kicking legs spanked by their
tight fingers and hard palms .. The three women join in spanking the
insides of your thghs and pulling your cheeks apart to spank inside them
and over your hidden soft spot, your anus.. feeling the sting of their
fingertips there is finally too much for you as they pummel your skin with
their open palms and extended fingers, and beg them to stop, pleading with
them now that you will cooperate! An experienced hand soothing your
feelings by stroking your inflamed swollen puss, their blows compounding
the tenderness of your pussy by falling near and across it earlier, the
fingers bring your need to the surface quickly.. your body arching against
the mattress.. her voice chuckles lowly to the other women, one of them
saying to her" she just needs a bit of a come now and again ..
high-spirits are like that .. she would be murder if she were trimmed like
you threatened her .."your eyes cross as your body feels her hand bring you
off .. you go limp under their restraining legs and arms, as they roll you
to our back on the mattress, bringing the pan of heated water and the
second of lukewarm, bathing the sweat and tiredness from your body, rinsing
the stray stains of the boy's semen from your mouth, and rinsing the sweat
and dirt from your hair, bathing your tired sore feet and washing you from
a second pan between your legs, starting at the tip of your clitty and
washing back and around to the top of your bottom's crease .. then the
three women methodically wet your underarms, legs and bush, lathering you
with a skin conditoioner and bringing out a straight razor to scrape away
the stubble and, betweeen your legs, the hair .. finally, pulling your
hair on top of your head in an odd braid, they unfold a clean white sheet
on the bed, leaving a bottle of oil just out of your reach on the floor ..
they all stand and leave, first raising their skirts and showing you the
scarred welts inside their thighs and on their hips, matching those on
yours, the flash of their smooth hairless crotches oddly reassuring .. you
wait in the now well-lit room for minutes that stretch on endlessly it
seems before you.. finally the door opens and the man, your new husband
(!?!), walks in, leading a troop of girls in with him, they all wear clean
white shifts and vary in age from 5 to mid-teens.. the man moves to stand
near you, pointing to the girls to step forward one by one.. each girl steps forward one after another telling their names and saying" welcome
mother" then kissing your cheek and the tops of your breasts, above your
nipples, before hugging you and stepping back.. their arms and legs are
smooth, their skin and bodies, clean and healthy, you notice that the older girls have hair beneath their amrms and on the legs that poke from beneath
their shifts, the sight registering with your subconscious in some way..
In turn they each move forwward and back ...they smile at you and then,
catching sight of the bottle of oil on the floor, grimace in sympathy at
you .. the oldest of the girls moves to cover your body with a sheet where
you sit, then troop out the door, to be replaced minutes later by a troop
of boys, from toddlerr age to the man boy whose cock you recently couched
in your mouth... these boys repeat the introducing themselves, even the
toddler, though his welcome mother is a bit garbled .. their kiss is not
on the cheek and breasts, but on your lips and strangely enuff on the tips
of your toes ... then smiling, the boys move towards the door, some even
leering as they notice the bottle of oil on the floor, then troop into the
hallway, the oldest giving you a knowing grin as he leaves and shuts the
door behind him.. the man walks quickly to you, yanking the sheet from
your breasts .. he kneels beside you and shoves your legs open, stuffing
the head of a butt plug(yes that) into the depths of your vagina, fastening
it there with a strap arrangement he locks around your waist and thisghs ..
You look at him and ask him again, why you? Not receiving any answer, your
pussy stuffed full with this surprise, you cringe as he pushes you to your
knees on the mattress, leaving you sitting on your heels as he quickly
strips to the buff .. Finally, pulling his pants off his legs, he looks at
your wide eyes, saying" because I wanted you .. and i can have you all to
me .. so why not ?" Screaming"but i already have a life!!", your body
tries to force the plug out, but the twin problem of the plug being
narrower at the base, plus fastened to the leather strap which is pressing
the base into you tightly, you do nothing but strain around it, cramping
your strained cunt .. The man looks over at you as he slips his pants over
his hard lower legs, saying only, "yes you do .. you have this life ..
get used to it " .. his eyes turn cold as he looks steadily at you.. he
leans forward, his cock angry and hard already, pushing the head towards
your mouth.. " Now why don;t you give me a taste of what you so freely
gave my son.. the wetter you get it, the better your bottom will take it
..", the man orders harshly, his teeth clenched and a wicked glint in his
gaze.. even as thick as the manboy was, this cock is thicker still, roped
with veins and pulsing .. fearing him you open your mouth quickly,
accepting and anxious...grabbing your ear by the edge, he pulls your head
to look to his eyes.." suck it .. now !!!!!" .. your mouth opens
wider,licking your lips, curling them around the thick head.. his fingers
go to your nipples, fingernails nipping into the rim of the areolae .. his
cockhead soft and spongy on your tongue, the weight of him is heavy and
aching in your tender cheeks .. his hands rubbing your cheeks softly, he
mutters as you draw more of him in your mouthHe murmurs softly, "See, You
don;t have to make this so very hard on yourself".. Even as your eyes
change from fear to rebellion at these biting words, your mouth waters
around the bulk pushing against the top of your throat, you coat him with a
slick sheen of your spit .. seeing your eyes change he pops his cock free
of your throat, he smiles cruelly and says coldy, " I guess the oil will
just sit right there then " your eyes get very scared now, widening as he
quickly pushes you to your elbows, his hand hard in the small of your back,
curving your hips up and bowing your back as your shoulders fall to the
mattress.. his knees push yours beneath your body as he holds your hips
arched out towards him feel his weight bearing down on you ...your
legs spread open...the air hitting your exposed asshole and washing over
your strap-bound pussy..As he is pushing the unbelievably big ( to your
bottom it is at least) head of his cock against your anus, you feel the
coating of spit you gave him drying against your sphindter, then shock
rushes thru you as he shoves forward into you, splitting you wide around
him .. the terrifying feel of him ripping your bottom wide open as he
rapes your untried asss making huge gulping sobs break from your throat, a
scream lodged behind them and unable to push past the sobs that shake your
body, the tears rolling in rivers from your eyes ...the huge cock working
deeper into your dry ass til finally you manage to rip thru the shock and
force a scream out!! when your senses clear, you feel him sliding in
andout of your rectum, stretching and making you feel as if you are being
rude at the same time, the sensation doubly embarrassing as he hammers into
you, your body shaking and shivering with the hurt and tumbled end over end
as he punishes your tortured sphincter with his sliding dry cock, his hips
qwuickly burying his cock deep in your tight--too-tight ass .. his body
finally convulses against your back and legs, jetting a huge wad of semen
into your bowels, gushing up and coating the ravaged lining of your gut ..
you feel the final thrust HARD inside you, his weight leaving it there
inside you, his orgasm twitching his hips, with each pulse, pushing in more
of his blistering semen ,grinding it in to you.. to your regret, his big
prick stays rock hard as it slides thru your gut, and he moves on to ream
your body, more and more threading his cock thru the tightest hole you ever
had to offer anyone, his prick seeming almost bigger now than before.. his
prick's moving in you eased a bit by his cum's lubing it, he saws his long
thichk prick into you over and over, slipping a little deeper and making
your back arch--the senses of your pussy moving around the plug in you as
he shafts your botttom overwhelming the pain for a moment, flashing you to
a quick horrid orgasm ..then another jumps thru your defenses, and another,
til your body shakes beneath him in orgasm after orgsam.. your body
starting to spasm...jerk....tightening your ass around his driving penis,
finally drawing him fully into you with your body's motions, the ring of
muscle at your bottomhole clutching him as he withdraws ..his head plopping
out....dripping with cum his body and yours coated with a sheen of
lustsweat .. sliding down the cheeks of my ass ..his cock still swollen
and angry, but signaling a final act of contrition for you, he lifts your
body and presents the bloodstreaked head to your lips.. ordering you to"
draw another load of cum from me, young wife, so I can mark my claim on two
of your holes this nite".. you close your eyes and hang your
head...Pressing the bulk of his glans between your lips, he forces you to
swallow the whole of his well- seasoned cock--flavored with your own
ass,his fingers, beneath your chin .. his cock in your mouth, your juices
and scent on him, the tastes of you there send an odd thrill thru you..
your tongue starts flicking up and down his shaft, cleaning him gingerly
with your tongue, resisting the thought of what you are doing.. your eyes
widen as his cock lurches to an even fuller erection in your mouth and his
hips push it over your lips and into your throat as if he were working in
your bottom again.. your body shaking and aching, what keeps on flitting
thru your mind as to how you can lessen the pain of your existence here and
still enjoy the orgasms he brought to you so easily..these thots on your
mind, you choke in surprise as his penis swells in your mouth, spilling his
seed in your mouth--thicker, richer, more man-smelling than the dose of
semen his eldest son forced over your tongue.. it clots your throat as it
cascades past your teeth,spilling out over your lips and down your chin
..your body collapses forward against his legs, while you wearily nurse the
last drops of lust inspired by your ravaged self from his body ..
Suddenly, your hands move to catch the escaping drops and feed them into
your mouth, needing now to swallow all of him; you strive to make all of
his seed yours this night, knowing if somehow you cannot find your way
free, forced to stay here, it won't be yours alone to enjoy, your only
power here at the mercy of chance and whim.. Strangely you feel a certain
jealousy at the notion, and knowing now you cannot imagine a way not to be
here, since you don't even know where here is, much less how to resist or
escape this room or this life as he called it .. you don't know why he
sealed your pussy closed with a plug while he ravished your ass and
mouth--you only know deep in your soul just one thing--that this night,
this life, has JUST begun .. Jason D L (JasonDkEldar,, ;


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