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buying some snacks


Buying Some Snacks (FMM) (c)2002 - Satin

This is a work of adult fiction and should be read only by adults. If
you are not permitted to read sexually explicit erotica due to your age or
location, then please do not continue reading.

It is also original fiction written by me. Please do not repost this on
another site without my permission.

hot_satin@ NOSPAM

Rhonda was hungry. Not hungry for chips and dip - hungry for man. It
had been two weeks since her boyfriend had left her for some girl he met at
a bar and she hadn't been able to curb her desire with her toys so she was
hungry. Starving. She wanted some cock to fill her up and she wanted it

It was late at night so she threw on her little satin summer dress that
barely covered her ass. She pulled her white lacy thigh-highs up her legs
and stepped into some heels. She liked how her legs looked when she was
wearing heels. She hoped the guys who worked down at the corner market
liked how her legs looked when she wore heels, too. Actually, she didn't
care if they liked her legs or not she just hoped they got half as horny as
she was when she walked in the store.

She knew two guys worked late on the nights when the orders came in.
They worked through the night putting stock up on the shelves. She had
spotted them in the past when she went into the little store to buy snacks
for her boyfriend.

Tonight she hoped to get some snacks, but she wasn't planning on buying
them. She walked into the market and was thrilled to find that the two
guys were alone in the store. There weren't any customers and she hadn't
seen anyone else on the street, although she wasn't sure that would have
stopped her mission. She looked at one of the guys and asked if he had
anything she could snack on. At first he looked puzzled, but then she
raised the edge of her short dress and he smiled when he realized she was
naked underneath. She walked up close to him and then rubbed her crotch
along his thigh while her hand rubbed the front of his jeans feeling his
cock grow in response.

Rhonda knew she'd had the desired effect on at least one of her targets.
She'd start with him and then add the other in a few minutes. She unzipped
his jeans and took his hard cock in her mouth. Her lips and tongue worked
it over for quite a while before she pulled it back out and stood up again.
She told him to ask the other guy to come back and help him out. They were
soon joined by the second clerk who wasted no time at all dropping his
jeans and letting Rhonda snack on his cock. She loved feeling it grow long
and hard in her mouth. The first clerk lay down on the floor just under
where Rhonda was kneeling and quickly slid his cock up into her already
dripping pussy. She slid down on him and finally started feeling her
hunger being satisfied.

As she stroked up and down on the cock beneath her, she sucked on the
one in her mouth and rubbed his balls as they tightened in her hand. She
knew she wouldn't leave the market hungry tonight.

The clerk on the floor started thrusting faster as he erupted into her
hungry pussy. She loved feeling full of his juices and couldn't wait to
have the second clerk slide his cock up inside her and fill her even more.
The guys traded spaces and Rhonda soon felt another hard cock throbbing
inside her. She licked their combined juices off the cock in front of her
and he got dressed and returned to the front of the store. The cock inside
her soon burst with an amazing eruption and the clerk reached in front of
her and rubbed her clit with amazing fingers until she was shaking all over
with an overwhelming orgasm of her own. He pulled his cock out and she
stood up and pulled her tight little dress back down over her ass.

She promised to return another night to help stock the snack aisle. She
then walked out of the store and down the street with the breeze blowing
cold air across her wet pussy lips as their juices dripped down her inner

Rhonda wasn't starving any more, but she knew exactly where she'd go if
she got the least big hungry in the future.


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