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by the way


By the Way

In two days i will be Mrs. Christopher Hunt and as most brides to be do days before their wedding i am currently going over the best sex i've ever had, and honestly only one time comes to mind. Its a cut or two above the rest, though i'm not sure what element makes it so memorable, it could be the location or the person or the fact that at the time i was dating my then boyfriend (and now future husband.) when it happen. Any way, heres how it happened. I was at the time vacationing in New York, it was my third time there and i was at the moment or rather for that day all alone. My BFF couldn't come out with me so i ended up going to the beach by myself. I decided to head to the one and only Jones beach, where there was a nude section with my name on it. I got there pretty early in the day and camped myself nice and close to the water on a little deserted patch of beach, i lotioned up and then layed down topless and started my tanning ritual. The day seemed to be dragging, so far the only interruption i'd recieved was from i freesbee that had flown a little too far when his owner came to retrieve it he appologized and complemented my well tanned body. Waving goodbye i decided it was time to turn over and focus on my back. About fifteen minuntes in i heard a forced cough that if i was right was looking for my attention, but i ignored it. After that the cougher seemed to become a little agitated and so he actually spoke.
"Excues me but your in my spot." He said in a matter of fact tone. Sighing i rolled over paying no mind to the fact that i was topless.
"Im pretty sure theres room enough for both of us to lay in this section."
"Yeah but i like my privacey."
"Wow, that sounds should share it with someone who maybe cares." i said rolling on to my stomach.
"Miss i really just wanna get a tan thats it, and it just happens that the best place to get that is wher you're laying."
"Which might have something to do with why i'm laying here."
"I'll pay you to move." He said on the brink of desperate.
"I'll pay you to turn off." With a light sigh he gave in and placed his blanket a couple of feet from mine. "That wasn't too hard was it?"
"I didn;t think i'd meet some one more sarcastic than me."
"Wow you kiss your boyfriend with that mouth?"
"Why yes i do." I said turning my head so i could see him. He was laying in the buff and for a moment my entire mouth filled with saliva. He was gorgous, a rock hard body and a cute boy next door kinda face. Added to the fact that he had a cute ass and he was pretty long and thick. He noticed where my gaze had fallen and smiled slyly.
"So you have a boyfriend?"
"What gave it away the fact that i aknowledged him?" I asked turning away.
"Yeah. So where is he?"
"In Florida."
"Is that where you hail from?"
"No...his doing some work down there. Anything elese you wanna know? Cup size maybe?"
"No thats okay. i take it you dont like talking to strangers."
"No i dont."
"Well what do you like doing with strangers?"
"Did i mention my boyfriend whom im devoted to."
"Yeah, second time." He paused and in a husky voice added. "I can forget that detail if you can." Turning my gaze to meet his i smiled.
"Now why would i do that."
"You look tense." He said sitting up. "Hows bout a massage?"
"Thanks but i'll pass."
"Aww come on...i'm good at it i swear." Turning away again i took a deep breath, buddy was seriously tempting me and three weeks without sex was no joke in the life of a recovering Nympho.
"No thanks."
"Its a massage."
"Massages with hot guys on the beach tend to lead to things."
"Only if you want them to." Shutting my eyes tight i took another deep breath praying that some how i might shrink away. For a few minutes things seemed to be cooling off or so i thought. As i began to calm down from the offers of my flirty beach pal i felt a hand cover mine, then the other was covered and i heard a soft husky groan in my ear. "You have got to relax."
"What are you doing?"
"Isn't that obvious?" When i didn't respond he gently nudged me with his hard on. "You." Slowly he bagan to grind his hard on into my pelvis, and i have to admitt it felt pretty good. After a couple of minutes of him grinding into me i finally rolled over and faced him. He was smiling broadly as i offered my hands up for services. With a smile he lowered his mouth to mine and gave me a soft and lingering kiss. "Not yet." He whispered before trailing soft kisses down my stomach, stopping once to give my hardened nipples wet kisses that added to how deeply i longed to have him in me. Then he continued on his way down to the slippery wet heat in between my theighs. He licked it through the fabric and laughed lightly when i moaned loudly at the sensation. He kissed my belly again as he untied the strings to my bikkini bottom, then seeing my weakness and desire splayed before him he burried his face between my theighs and took me to new heights with his magical power drill of a tongue. On the verge of an orgasm i pulled him up by the hair.
"I need you in my mouth right now." I whispered in shattered breaths. With a smile he turned over and placed his stiff member over my mouth. I reached up and wiped the sand off of him and than took him completely into my mouth. i worked my magic longing to hear him groan and sure enough he did, muffled groans escaped from his ever pleasuring mouth.
More then eagerly i ran two fingers up and down the crack of his ass while my other hand was busy massaging his balls. Soon i felt his stiff member get ready to burst and as he did i prepared myself to swallow a truckload. When he climaxed i sucked and slurred everything down, and when he was done i continued until he came a second time. At that time i was on the verge of my own climax and i tended to that urging him on with moans and groans that shattered the silance of the beach. The orgasm was amazing and shook my entire body. With a smile he sat up and wiped his mouth off.
"I think i need to take a dip."
"The only dip your taking is in me. And since it looks like you need some time i think there are a couple of things we can do till you up to the job." With a smile he laid down next to me and sighed.
"I'm all yours."He said, With satisfaction i climbed on top of him and kissed him deeply. It was nice the feel of his tongue thrashing against mine and his hands on my hips. It was no surprise when he became errect again. And with a smile i pulled away.
"and now im yours." He smiled and rolled over slipping inside my already wet and aching pussy. He rode me nice and hard reminding me of why i loved to fuck in the first place. It wasn't long before i felt myself get ready to climax, and maybe he felt it too, cause he slowed down and stopped the climax, then he picked up speed and once again slowed as i was on the verge of a climax. I loved that he could do that, that he could control the way i climaxed.
Finally he gave into it and let me come. And to my surprise it was another earth shattering orgasm followed by three more. I was breathless as my body drained itself of all of the fluids, and then to my surprise he continued he pumped and pumped and pumped until his own member burst within me which actually made me cum again. When he slipped out of me all the cum poured out onto the beach towel and my bikkini bottom i was shocked and turned on by the mass of it. He laid down next to me and after a long and lingering kiss whispered in my ear.
"By the way my name is Adam."


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