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Complex #533 by Alexi92

Life was dull in the base. Fifty scientists living in isolation, unable
to leave the complex unless they wanted to risk the cruel dangers of the
Amazon jungle. Yes, being a scientist working on anti-Communist weapons in
the 1950's could be a pain in the ass.

And for Kevin Eastbrook, who at 28 was the youngest scientist in the
complex, working on top secret military projects just plain sucked. (It
was a term that he had picked up from one of the subjects Dr. Odleman's
time machine had picked up from the future.)

As a scientist it was a dream come true, unfettered research with
unlimited resources and no restrictions on experimentation. As a man who
enjoyed life it was a dead end. As far as he knew he could be stuck in the
Amazon forever, never seeing anything but the stark gray walls of the
complex and the somber middle aged faces of his colleagues.

Which is why, when Doctor Laired told him about the special game he was
planning with Dr. Foster's test subject, Kevin was eager to join in.

But now he was having second thoughts.

"Look, are you sure we can do this?"

"I don't see why not."

"Well it seems a bit immoral."

"Morals be damned. It's not like we get out much. Fuck, the ratio of
men to women in this place is sixty-five to eight! And three of them are
already fucking guards. Then Nancy in engineering's boffing Dr. Lovacs.
Lorna and Shelly are dykes. So who does that leave? Dr. Rose and Dr.

Kevin had a mental picture of both women. One was in her seventies, the
other was experimenting with the effects of LSD. "I don't think that's
going to happen."

"Well then, onward."


"My fellow doctors," Dr. Foster began. "As you all know, my research
has been geared toward the effects of certain stimuli on the brain..."




Dr. Foster sighed. This was the problem with having fifty scientists
locked up together for so long a time. Everyone had gotten so used to each
other's presence that they no longer obeyed the rules of polite discourse.
It was impossible to have a civilized lecture these days.

But Dr. Foster also knew what effect loud noises had on Dr. Lani.

"Shut the hell up!!"

The room was silent. No one argued with Dr. Lani, not after he killed
the dinosaur that had accidentally been picked up by Odleman's time
machine. No one knew what type it was, but it had many sharp teeth, many of
which were hung on a necklace around Lani's neck.

"As I was saying, my research is geared towards the effects certain
stimuli have on the brain. Tonight I wish to show you some of the results
of my research. Bring out the subject."

The last bit was a signal to Frank, one of the guards at the complex.
He pushed a handcuffed woman in front of him, herding her to the middle of
the auditorium's stage. She didn't look any older than twenty-five, her
hair was a dark brown, she was dressed in a plain brown jumpsuit, and she
was a Russian spy. They had caught her trying to break into the complex a
month ago. Dr. Foster was lucky, he had been the first scientist to
request a human test subject.

The woman shouted something angrily in Russian. The complex syllables
held no meaning to anyone in the room.

"As you can see, even after a month of experimentation the subject still
maintains her hostile reaction to her surroundings. But now watch what
happens when I show her this cloth sample."

Foster pulled out a plaid handkerchief from his pocket. The Russian
woman shrieked and fell into a fetal position.

"As you can see, the mere sight of plaid causes her reaction to change
dramatically. This is due to the combination of the colors and the way it
interacts with her optical receptors."

"Conditioning!" someone from the crowd shouted.

Foster turned a bright red. He turned angrily to the direction the
voice had come from. "It is not conditioning!"

"Conditioning!" another voice in the crowd shouted.

"It is not!" Dr. Foster screamed. "It isn't! It isn't! It isn't!"

The crowd was silent again. The last time Foster had gotten really
angry he had beaten the Russian girl until she was covered in bruises. And
while she was Russian, it was still a sickening scene to behold. Besides
she was kind of cute, and for a group of middle aged men who lived their
lives outside the realm of reality infatuation came easily.


"What if we get caught?"

"We're not going to get caught."

"But there are cameras everywhere."

"Excuse me, you are speaking to Doctor Nicholas Laired, aren't you?"


"And do you know what field Doctor Nicholas Laired specializes in?"

"Surveillance... oh."

"Yes. So, Dr. Eastbrook, if you want to do this you should shut up."

It almost scared Kevin how easily Dr. Laired picked the lock to Dr.
Foster's lab. The Russian woman was asleep on a tattered cot in the back.
She still had the handcuffs around her wrists.

Shining his flashlight on her face, Kevin couldn't help but admire the
Communist's face. He wasn't one of the many in the complex infatuated with
the young girl, but he could see why others would be. Sleeping she looked
almost angelic, dark brown hair framing pale, cherubic features.

Dr. Laired violently slapped her thigh and she awoke with a start.

<Shut up,> Kevin said in Russian. <You do not speak, you do not scream,
you do not move. You only listen. Do you understand?>


"What did she say?"

"She agreed to listen."

"Good. Tell her our deal."

"Okay." Kevin paused for a second to let his brain switch to Russian.
<We have an offer for you, young lady. We will take you from this abusive
scientist in exchange for your help in a capitalistic venture we are



<You are not from mother Russia?>

"What is she saying?" Dr. Laired asked. He didn't like being left out
of the loop. Especially when it came to his plan.

"She thinks I'm a fellow Commie."

"You're kidding."

"Nope. She thinks I'm a Russian."

"That's almost funny."

"I guess. What should I tell her?"

"The truth, we've got the upper hand here."

<I am a scientist from America.>

<You will free me if I do this thing for you?>

<No. I will take you away from the scientist that beats you.>

<Where will I go?>

<You will be taken from here to my laboratory.>

<You will not beat me?>


<Will you experiment on me?>


<What do you research?>


<I will do what you want,> the woman said quietly. But this was because
she couldn't understand Dr. Eastbrook when he whispered, in English, to
himself, the words "and chemicals."


So far the young scientist who had promised her a better life had not
shown up. Lilia was disappointed as he was the only person she had met
since her capture that treated her decently. And he was also the only one
who's speech she could understand without extreme concentration, something
she had found difficult during the last month of her imprisonment. Being
hit with a cane until you feared plaid made higher brain functions

But, if the young scientist was to be believed, that would be over soon.
Lilia might still be a prisoner, but at least she would be an non-injured
prisoner able to understand the angry words being shouted at her.

She hoped the nice scientist was going to come soon. Already the men sitting before her were saying things she didn't understand in tones she
didn't like.


Doctor Welche was angry. His mind was churning with foul thoughts of
malice. It was difficult to articulate exactly how utterly annoyed and
vicious he was, but that didn't stop him from trying. Finally he turned to
the man sitting next to him.

"You're an idiot if you think she knows what the second largest import
to come out of Canada is."

"I didn't say she knew FOR SURE, just that she might know because she's
a spy," Dr. Stanton explained angrily. "Really, you should listen to what
I'm saying."

At which point Dr. Jacobs butted in with his two cents. "He would but
you usually don't say anything worth listening to."


"Well you're the one who's talking about Canada when we've got a
perfectly good looking woman standing in front of us."

To emphasize his point Jacobs pointed at the Russian woman, who, for
some odd reason, flinched.

"Shut up!" Doctor Lani muttered, making sure it was loud enough for
everyone to hear. "Just shut up!"

Everyone went silent. The door opened, every head in the room turned
nervously to see who had entered, the scientists afraid of being caught by
the director, who surely would have something to say about what was going
on, and the woman afraid of Dr. Foster, who would hit her.

Nine people sagged in a sigh of relief as Doctors Eastbrook and Laired
walked in.

"Sorry gentlemen, sorry to keep you waiting," Laired said jovially.
"We'll get this party started soon enough, I just want to make sure
everyone has paid their ten dollars."

There were gruff sounds of assent.

"Good, good. Then I think it's about time we got started."

You could feel the mood turn from fear to excitement.

"Doctor Eastbrook, if you would."

<Are you ready, young lady?>

<My name is Lilia.>

Taken aback, it was a moment before Kevin could continue.


For some reason Lilia had trusted the capitalist scientist. Maybe it
was because he was the only person in the Americans' science facility she
had seen that was close to her own age. Maybe it was the way he didn't
beat her until she screamed. Around him she felt... well, not normal,
that's an impossibility when you're being held prisoner by enemy scientists
in South America, but definitely better than she had been feeling the last
of month.

So when she found out how she was to fulfil her part of their bargain
she understandably felt betrayed.

Another letdown from the capitalist system. Her instructors at the KGB
had been right, Americans were evil incarnate. She had to escape. Of
course to do that Lilia needed to be in a situation where she wasn't beaten
every day. And to do that she would have to endure the humiliation.

But she had expected so much more from the young scientist. Even
without knowing him she had expected more. It went against everything she
knew about reading people, snap decisions could be deadly. So why had she
trusted him?

There was only one answer. Her time as a prisoner had finally gone to
her head. There could be no other explanation. If she ever got back to
Russia she wouldn't be suited to continue her existence as a spy. It would
be determined that her best chance of helping the People would be to breed
or work on a farm.

It wouldn't be a pretty life, but at least she would be helping the
People. And it was no more than she deserved for participating in such a
debase act in the name of capitalism.

<Take off your clothes,> her betrayer commanded.

Snapped out of her self-contemplation, Lilia began to undress.


"Because if she had information about Canada's exporting it would make
her better able to sabotage..."

"Still, any information she would have had is months old and now

"Would you morons be quiet?!"

"Shut up! Everyone just shut up!"

"Holy... she's taking off her suit!"

While Dr. Eastbrook spoke orders in Russian the young spy was shedding
her jumpsuit. Before long she stood before the eight scientists, naked.
Her cheeks burned red with embarrassment, but she made no move to cover her
freshly bared breasts or pussy. That might have been because of the way
Eastbrook was shouting out his Russian, sternly, like a father disciplining
his child. It made no difference to eight middle aged scientists, who up
until today had only seen a woman's naked flesh when it pertained to their

They watched her, memorizing every inch of her nude form. The way she
moved as she breathed, the way her breasts were shaped and how the round
pair jutted out from her body to hang in the air. The way her pussy...

-flash Dr. Jacobs leaned over. "What are you doing?"

Dr. Fenrich looked up from behind his camera. "I'm taking pictures.
If I'm paying forty bucks I'm damn well leaving here with more than

"Forty?! I only paid thirty?"

"I gave Laired another ten for the camera. He designed it himself. The
pictures develop in the camera and come out an hour later."

Jacobs got out of his chair and searched his pocket for another ten


Lilia found herself blinded by an intense flash of light. Her sight
returned soon enough, but the experience left her rattled. Scared, she
screamed out.

<What happened?!>

<Don't worry,> the young scientist's voice called to her soothingly,
assuring her that all was well. <It was only a camera.>

<A camera?!>


<That wasn't part of our deal.> There was proof of her indecency now!
Hard evidence. What if it got back to the KGB? Her family?

<Yes, I'm sorry. I didn't know there would be pictures.>


<No! My partner sprung this on me today. I'm... I'm sorry.>

Lilia tried to shoot him a dirty look, but it was betrayed by her own
self loathing and humiliation. Some of her own pain must have been
conveyed to the scientist for he bowed his head down in shame to avert her

-flash- -flash More cameras went off. The older scientist, the young one's partner was angrily shouting something in American. The young scientist was shouting back, his voice impassioned with empathic sorrow.
The older voice responded with a threatening tone.

Then there was a pause.

<You need to pose.>


<You need to pose. Thrust your breasts out, spread your legs so they
can see your...> He stopped, trying to think of the word. <Your box?
Flower? Hole?>

<My vagina?>

<I guess. They want good pictures to remember... fantasize... you

<No! This is too much!>

<If you don't then there's nothing I can do to help you. I'm sorry.
Please, if you don't then they'll probably hurt you.>

Some primal instinct told her what she was doing was wrong. It yelled
at her to stop. Then she remembered the cane and pushed her chest out,
thrusting her breasts forward.

-flash- -flash- -flash Her shaky hands descended to touch her pussy.

-flash- -flash- -flash A slight tingling ran across her skin, like a
light tickling teasing up her arms and across her back. She turned and
bent over, swinging her posterior at the seated scientists.

-flash- -flash- -flash The tingling became stronger, brushing against
her ass, traveling across her skin, over her pelvis. Her breasts hung in
the air as her hands explored her body.

-flash- -flash- -flash The tingling was now tickling over her entire
body. Tingling? No, more like an itch. She was kneeling, her legs
spread, her back straight so her breasts were thrust out.

-flash- -flash- -flash A really bad itch. Really intense. She mocked
blowing the scientists kisses.

-flash- -flash- -flash Intense, as if it was... Pain shot through her
abdomen. She doubled over and crumpled up into a ball.

-flash- -flash- -flash The itching just got stronger and stronger, while
her abdomen felt like it was on fire.

-flash- -flash- -flash***

Oh god! She was hurt! Kevin had never wanted this. Hell, if he hadn't
been intimidated by Laired things would never have gotten any worse than
Lilia flashing the scientists for a few bucks. But pictures, posing, it
was too much.

<Get out!>

It took a second for him to realize he was still thinking in Russian.

"Get out! Get out now!"

A couple heads looked his way, but for the most part the scientists were
intent on photographing the naked spy lying in a pathetic lump in the
middle of the room. Enraged Kevin pulled Dr. Lani out of his chair and
threw him to the floor.

"Everyone get out now!"

Shocked that anyone would even think about attacking Dr. Lani the
scientists stopped what they were doing and stared and the soon to be dead
Doctor Eastbrook.

Lani got up and looked down at Kevin with a murderous stare.

"Why did you do that?" the big scientist asked quietly.

"Get out. You're hurting her."

Lani walked out of the room. The other scientists soon followed. Dr.
Laired shook his head in the wistful disappointed way of a man who wished
for more but at least had got all the money.

Kevin rushed over to the injured spy, almost falling to the floor beside

<Are you okay? I'm sorry! I'm sorry!>

Lilia's only response was a weak whimper.

<Oh god. Let me help you up. Tell me if anything's wrong.>

Kevin placed his hands on her arm with the intention of pulling her up.
Instead she shuddered violently. Kevin jumped back.

<Are you okay?>

<D-do that again,> Lilia said excitedly to the scientist, who had
suddenly become much more attractive than he seemed earlier.


<Touch me again!>

Kevin touched her arm and felt her body shiver beneath his touch.
Goosebumps raised on her skin.

<Yes! Oooh, that feels so good.> Her body uncurled. She grabbed his
wrist and pulled so that his hand caressed the silky texture of her skin.
As his fingers rubbed against her nipples her grip slackened and she
suddenly found herself gasping for breath as tiny jolts of electricity
flooded her body.

Kevin freed his hand, and since she seemed to want it, explored the
beautiful Russian woman's body. As he did she made various gasps and moans
of pleasure. Finally he decided to go for broke and prodded her vagina with his finger.

The reaction was unexpected. Lilia's eyes opened wide with shock and
her body experienced tiny uncontrollable spasms while she squealed with

<I'm sorry! Are you sure you're okay?!>

<Yes! Touch me there again!>

Kevin complied and the young Russian woman went into convulsions again.

<Again! I need more!>

<I don't know. This doesn't seem healthy.>

<Please!> Lilia pleaded desperately. <Please my darling friend! I burn
with desire. Your touch soothes my pain with rapture! Do not take it

<I don't know.>

How could she make him understand? This incredible longing she had
never experienced before and the blissful relief, no not relief, release,
that his touch brought her. A release of every happy memory and enjoyable
sensation she had ever felt flowing through every fiber of her being.

Lilia grabbed Kevin's shirt, pulled him towards her, and kissed him.
Her body squirmed against his, although her hips moved more than anywhere
else on her body. She could feel something on his body, in his crotch,
harden and press against her own groin. It felt good so her hips moved
even more franticly, trying to extinguish the fire in her loins. This only
served to make the young scientist's thing harder.

She pulled her lips away from his. <Bring me great pleasure,> she said

He pulled off his own clothes and she marveled at the way his skin
against hers seemed to relieve her itch, placating it with the warmth of
his flesh. When he was completely naked he moved his hips a little and she
felt something long and hard, yet still fleshy, push against her pussy.

<What is that?!>

<It's my... pole? Stick? Wand?>


<Yes, whatev... Aaah!>

When it entered her she could feel the burning itch that had filled her
cunt melt away into an exploding throb of painful and pleasurable
sensations. As it moved within her she could feel the explosions intensify
and become more frequent.

<Yes! That! Fill me!>

It moved, pumping. She began to move her own hip in rhythm with it.
The motion was all that consumed them.

They continued their thrusting of hips, his cock moving in and out of
her hungering cunt until finally he froze. At first Lilia was afraid she
had killed her darling young scientist until she heard him emit a loud
moan. Suddenly she could feel her cunt fill with a warm liquid that was
shooting from his penis. It was warm, but it was also soothing the itching
pain that had wracked her body. It was like some sort of magical balm.

As for Kevin, he was spent. His body was tired now. What he had just
experienced had been incredible. He liked it, he wanted more. He was
going to kiss the sweaty young spy when he heard a very vexed voice from
above him. He couldn't make out the words but he recognized voice. It was
the director of the complex.



"You were consorting with a spy!"

"I was extorting her, sir, I don't see how that's cooperating."

"You were just using her?"

"Yes, sir."

"Ah, well that's different then."

"Yes, sir."

"Very well, dismissed Eastbrook."

"Um, sir."

"What is it?"

"I'd like the spy transferred to my lab."

"That spy is Dr. Foster's subject. And I think under the circumstances
you can see why I might be reluctant to put her under your care."

"Yes, but he's wasting her. His research is laughable."

"Don't you deal with chemicals though?"

"Yes sir."

"Why would you need a test subject?"

The Director's thoughts suddenly strayed to Doctor Foster's lack of
reports. No findings, not even a note claiming an experiment had failed,
nothing to justify his larger than average budget. Nothing but a scared
Russian spy in the incarceration cell that seemed devoted to her new lover.
A new lover that, according to the submitted research, was on the brink of
something big.

"I'll think about it Eastbrook."


That night the incredible mind that made Doctor Eastbrook such a highly
talented scientist began to work on a new problem, how to get more sex from
his Russian plaything. With thoughts of Lilia danced in his head a plan
began to congeal.


As Kevin walked toward the incarceration cells to visit Lilia he began
to whistle.

Laired had given him his share of the money, which turned out to be a
hundred bucks. There had been no requests for refunds. The pictures had
all turned out well. He had even been given one. Lilia looked incredible,
like a wanton slut. True, it did no justice to what it felt like to
actually fuck her, but as a photo it was excellent. It drove him even
harder to have her with him.

In a place as small as the complex there were no secrets. Everyone knew
about the pictures. Everyone knew about Kevin's tryst with the Russian
woman. And if Kevin used his hundred dollars to grease the right palms,
soon everyone would know that Lilia was pregnant. Then convincing the
Director that she needed to get married would be a piece of cake.

She would be his. He might have to rid her of some rather nasty
beliefs, like communism, but things would work out. Unless he couldn't get
her pregnant in a month, then there might be questions.

But that was a problem for later. There was one more thing he had to
deal with now.


<Are you okay?>

<Considering the situation, I am doing well.>

Afraid that Lilia had seduced Eastbrook for his secrets, the Director
had Lilia moved from Dr. Foster's lab to one of the complex's cells in the
incarceration wing. It was with much reluctance on everyone's part that
Kevin was allowed to see Lilia. Their meetings had to take place with bars
between them and a guard fluent in Russian standing nearby.

<I'm sorry for everything that has happened,> Kevin said.

<It is not your fault.>

<Yes it is.>

<I know, I was being nice.>

<Oh. Thank you.>

<But I did not have to make a bargain with you.>

<Well, I assume you wanted to get away from Dr. Foster.>

<Yes. And now I am.> Lilia smiled with relief. <What is to become of
me now?>

<I don't know. I am trying to get you transferred into my lab as a test

<Thank you. I appreciate you trying to uphold your part of the deal.>

Kevin coughed awkwardly. <Yes...>

<What is it?>

<I didn't have to come here. They think you're trying to seduce and
corrupt me. Every time I see you I am just digging myself deeper into a

<I had guessed as much. I assumed you kept coming out of a sensed
obligation to ease the suffering I experience due to your contributions.>


<That you felt guilty.>

<Oh. Yes, that is part of it. And I'm really sorry about the cameras.
The pictures are really popular in the complex. No one admits they exist,
but they talk about them when they think no one else can hear.>

<They do not admit openly they have the pictures?>

<No. That would be admitting they like looking at pictures of a naked
woman acting like a... well... you know.>

<I see. That is how I am thought of now.>

<Yes. I'm sorry.>

<You say that a lot.>

<It is all I can think of.>

<Yes. I assume it is. You Americans are so much talk and little
action. You say you are sorry but offer no reparations.>

<What do you want?>

<I don't know. What would make up for my loss of dignity recorded for
all my enemies to see? The image of my naked form is now no longer my own
but also belongs to your colleagues, a commodity to be traded and
objectified. What could make up for that?>

<I did what you wanted when you were horny.>

<I didn't want that! I mean I did, my body did, but I didn't want to.
It's like my real brain just shut off.>

<Oh.> Chalk another one up to Dr. Foster's conditioning, Kevin decided.
He wondered if the stimulus was the flashes, the clicking of the cameras,
or the nudity.

<So you didn't like it?>



<I enjoyed it, but that doesn't mean I wanted it to happen.>

<I see.>

Kevin was quick, he knew quickness was key. As a spy Lilia had to have
had a lot of physical training, so if Kevin wanted to succeed he would have
to finish before her training kicked in. He reached through the bars,
grabbed both sides of her head and pulled her forward. He brought his own
face forward and kissed her.

She struggled at first but she eventually melted into the kiss. Her
hands reached through the bars and embraced him around the neck. And with
that, the plan Dr. Kevin Eastbrook had devised began to fall into place.


As a side note it should be mentioned that while Doctor Foster did
condition Lilia into fearing plaid, something she had to be treated for
soon after her wedding when the Director of the complex showed up wearing
plaid pants, Doctor Foster never conditioned her to become horny when she
was exposed to flashing lights. The entire idea is, in fact, preposterous.

Just as preposterous, but true, is that before she was caught Lilia
stumbled into Doctor Odleman's lab. There she found herself facing an
elderly woman with streaks of white running through her brown hair.
Although a tad overweight Lilia admired how such an old woman could still
appear so stunning. The old woman said a few words in English before
stopping herself and continuing in Russian. At first Lilia thought the
woman to be a superior until she began to realize that the woman was
speaking of the future. A future where Lilia was happily married with many
children and grandchildren. A future that sounded too good to be true.

The old woman told Lilia exactly how to attain such a future, with
detailed instructions. At first Lilia was uncertain if she could trust the
old woman, the immediate future sounded unpleasant to say the least. But
the old woman insisted that everything would turn out for the best.

When security found Lilia she was alone in Doctor Odleman's lab, staring
at the time machine in shock. They were surprised when the young spy gave
herself up without a struggle, only asking if there was anyone named Kevin
in the complex.



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