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Archived Sex Stories

camping trip


Camping Trip By Mistress Diana

Every once in a while I liked to get away from it all and go camping, so
one warm weekend, Mike and I decided to pack up and head for the mountains.
I was so glad to be leaving town for a while and spending time with my man.
I knew Mike was eager too, as work was stressful for him. We didn't really
rough it like some people. I preferred a campground with some amenities,
but enough privacy to enjoy some nude sunbathing or fooling around in the
tent. Fortunately for us, there was such a place. Mike and I got a great
space in the woods not to far from the lake. Our tent was surrounded by
trees, but there was an opening in the middle where the sun beat down and I
could work on my tan. Once we were set up, that's exactly what I did. I
stripped my clothes off and settled in my chair to rub lotion all over me.
Mike grinned at me and pretended to read, but I saw that he was getting
somewhat aroused. I chose to ignore him and take a well-deserved nap.
Later, as I was swimming in and out of sleep, I heard some voices. I
opened my eyes a bit to see a woman coming up the path to our campground.
I'm not sure if she saw me - she seemed to be fixed on getting Mike's
attention. "Hello?" she called. Mike stood up and waved her over. "Yes?
Is there something I can do for you?" She entered the site and I checked
her out. She was a short, busty woman, probably about my age with long,
dark hair. Her face was wide and expressive with large, pouty lips and
dark eyes. I noticed her cute ass straining against her shorts. "Hi...I'm
Nancy from the next site over. Do you have any matches to spare?" She
looked somewhat embarrassed. "Sure," Mike said. "We got plenty." When he
said 'we', she looked around and finally saw me. Her eyes went wide and
she blushed furiously. "Ohhh...I'm sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt." Mike
grinned. "Oh don't worry. Diana was just working on her tan." "Um, ok..."
She took the matches and started backing away. "Ah, thanks...ah..." "It's
Mike and anytime." She thanked him again and stole another look at me
before going back to her site. I started laughing. "What's so funny?" he
asked. "I don't think she's ever seen another woman naked before," I
chuckled. "Well, she picked a good one." I smirked at him and picked up my
own book and began to read. I didn't think about Nancy again until that
evening when I was walking up to the bathhouse for a shower. I saw her
just ahead of me and called out to her. "Hi? Nancy?" I asked. She turned
around and looked at me and frowned a bit. "I'm Diana, from the next site?
You were by earlier?" She blushed again slightly. "Oh yes, um, nice to
meet you..." "Same here. Are you with your family?" "Yes. My husband is
here and another couple." "Oh, that's nice," I said as we walked up to the
bathhouse. "I'm on my way to take a shower. I hope it isn't crowded."
"Oh, me too," she said. We entered the little house and I went into the
shower area to get undressed. The stalls were private, but only a curtain
hid the changing area. It required that anyone drying off and changing
after the shower share the area with other bathers. I had no problem with
that because in my own twisted mind, I wanted to see Nancy naked. Nancy
hung back a little until I was in the shower. She really was very shy.
Once I was inside, I heard the water come on in the adjoining stall. As I
began to rub the soap over my body, I started thinking about what she
looked like with the water streaming over her smooth skin. I started to
daydream, cupping my breasts in my hands and running my thumbs over my
nipples to make them hard. My hands slid up and down my body before
resting in between my legs where I cupped my soft mound. I was so lost in
my fantasy; I almost missed my chance to see her. The water had stopped
running next to me and I heard the curtain open. I quickly turned off the
water and grabbed my towel. As I entered the changing area, I found Nancy
had quickly thrown a robe on and was toweling her hair dry. I silently
cursed myself but let her get a good look at me while I dried off. And she
did look - as discreetly as she could. I decided to be bold. "Like what
you see?" I asked. "I, uh, sorry," she stammered. "I didn't mean to
stare." "It's quite alright. I'm not modest - we're both women." "Yes..."
"And I think you're a very sexy one," I said, lowering my voice a bit.
"Oh...oh, thank you." She looked away. "Does your husband find you
attractive?" I asked. "Um, he used to...I think." "Oh, I'm sorry, am I
being to nosy?" I asked. "No, that's ok. We're not getting along these
days." "Well, he doesn't know what he's missing," I said. I took a chance
and stepped a little closer. I heard her breathe in sharply. "Have you
ever had a woman tell you that you were sexy?" I asked. "Um, no..." "You
are." I looked into her dark eyes and smiled warmly at her. She glanced
nervously back at me. I reached my hand out and stroked her glossy hair
and she shut her eyes. I swear she shuddered. "Have you ever been with a
woman?" I asked. She looked at me and was about to answer when I heard the
front door open to the bathhouse. "Nancy? You in there?" I quickly moved
away as Nancy abruptly darted out of the changing room. "Yes, Andrea, I'm
here," she called as she grabbed her stuff. "Come on, we got to get dinner
going!" her friend said, chiding her. I heard the door open and close
again and I sighed - so close. But there was time...

It was very late and the campfire was burning low. Mike and I were
resting on a blanket enjoying some wine. Quiet had crept over the campsite
and it was very peaceful. Between the fire, the wine and naughty thoughts
about Nancy I began to feel very horny. I looked over at Mike and noticed
his eyelids were slowly closing and sighed. He probably would be sleeping
soon and not interested in playing around too much. I decided to use the
bathhouse one more time and go to bed. Maybe once we were snuggled in a
sleeping bag, he'd be more receptive. I grabbed my stuff and flashlight
and began the walk up the hill. As I walked by Nancy's site, their fire
was burning low and it didn't look like anyone was up. The same scene
repeated itself at each site. Most people had retired for the evening. I
reached a clearing and was literally stunned at the array of stars as I
looked up. In fact, I was so taken by it; I sat down on a log to gaze at
the beauty before me. I have no idea how much time went by before I heard
the soft footsteps coming up the road. Pulling myself away from the
daydreaming state, I saw a figure carrying a flashlight begin to approach
me. I could tell from the shape of the person that it was a woman. When
she was close enough to me, I realized it was Nancy. "Beautiful night," I
said hopefully as she stopped walking to look down at me. She looked up
quickly. "Yes, it is." "You're up late," I observed. "I, um, I couldn't
sleep so I decided to take a quick walk." I nodded and stood up. "Well,
I'm on the way to the bathhouse to wash up before I turn in. Why don't you
walk with me?" "Sure." We walked silently to the crest of the hill and I
went inside to take care of business. Nancy said she'd wait for me. As I
hurried along, I felt the horniness come back from earlier. Here was the
gorgeous woman all alone with me. It was dark and it was late. I felt my
body respond as I thought of what could happen. I quickly finished up by
brushing my hair and stepped outside. Nancy was still there and I joined
her in walking back to our site. The air was still pretty warm and humid
and I could feel myself getting sticky again. "It's still hot," I said
casually. "I'd love to just take a dip in the lake right now. I bet the
water would feel great." "You'd go in the water this late?" she asked. "Oh
sure. Perfect for skinny-dipping. No one would be around anyway." I
couldn't see her expression, but I'm sure her eyes widened a bit. "What do
you say? You up for it?" I ventured. "Um, well, I'm not-" "Come on," I
said, grabbing her hand. "It will be fun!" I pulled her off the path down
to the lake before she could protest. I felt the only way to get her to do
something was to just make her do it. That certainly wasn't hard for me to
do. When we reached the edge of the lake I was again awed by the beauty
before me. The water was inky black and flat as glass. The barest sliver
of a moon hung low in the sky, which was thick with stars. I sighed and
began to take my clothes off. After they were in a pile on the shore I
began to wade in, feeling the cool water instantly refresh me. I turned
about to look at Nancy. By some small miracle she had her clothes off and
was cautiously following me to the edge of the water. I took in her
luscious body from her full, heavy breasts to her shapely hips and legs. I
turned back and waded out to my waist and dove in. The cool water washed
over me and it felt delicious on my sticky skin. After a long time, I came
back up for air. The water rolled off my body. I reached back and
squeezed the water out of my hair. "Wow, that was great," I said. I
looked at Nancy who was watching me. "Dive in, you'll feel a lot better."
"Um, ok..." she said looking skeptical. She was close by and I wanted to
reach out and cup one of those full breasts in my hand. I could see her
nipples begin to harden as her body absorbed the coldness of the water. I
licked my lips and moved a little further out so the water just cleared my
breasts. The coolness felt heavenly. Nancy dove in and came up near me.
When she exited the water, she gave a little 'ah' sound and pushed her hair
from her face. "See? Isn't that great?" She smiled. "Yes, it is...good
idea." We said nothing for a few minutes as we took in the peaceful scene
around us. It was a perfect summer night and I was determined to make it
even more memorable for the two of us. "Nancy, I must tell you I find you
very attractive," I said softly. She gazed at me and I knew she was
blushing. But she didn't turn away. I reached out slid the back of my
hand across her cheek. Her eyes shut and she didn't move. I took a step
closer so our bodies were almost touching in the dark water. "I think
you're interested, aren't you?" I asked. "Yes," she said in a shaky voice.
"Good," I smiled and leaned into her. My hands cupped her face and I
pressed my lips against hers. Her body stiffened but I wouldn't let up. I
kissed her harder, forcing her mouth to open for my tongue and I felt her
begin to relax. As my tongue explored her wet mouth, my hand reached under
the water to cup her buoyant breast. It filled my hand and then some. As
my thumb flicked her hard nipple she shuddered. I pinched the flesh and
was amazed at how fat and big her nipples were when hard. They had to be
at least as wide as my finger. Her tongue became alive and it dueled with
mine as my hand slid down her stomach to cup her mound. Her pubic hair
felt soft in the water and my finger slowly slid inside her wet folds. She
broke the kiss and moaned. "You like this?" I asked. She nodded and
arched her head back as I found her clit. "Ohhhh...yessss," she moaned. I
removed my finger and pulled her close to me so our wet bodies could touch.
Our breasts pushed against each other as I whispered to her. "Do you want
this?" I asked. "Yes, oh yes..." she answered. "Are you willing to do it
my way?" I asked as I cupped her firm ass. "Mmmm...yes." "Nancy, I am a
dominatrix. Do you know what that is?" "Um, I think so..." "I like to
dominate women only. If you submit to me, not only will you serve me, but
I bet you will experience the best orgasm you've had in a long time. Do
you understand?" She nodded and I broke the embrace. "Good. Now let's go
back to my campsite. Will you be missed?" "No, everyone's asleep. I doubt
my husband knows I've gone." "Ok, let's go." We emerged from the lake and
shared the towel I had brought and quickly dressed. Nancy was not allowed
to wear bra or panties. At first she was surprised at my order, but then
she complied. We walked back to my site quietly and I could see her large
breasts swaying under her thin cotton shirt. I couldn't wait to get my
mouth around them. When we got back, Mike was up. I was somewhat
surprised but very glad. No doubt he would enjoy fucking Nancy too.
"Where have you been?" he asked with a big grin. He knew how I was lusting
over her. "Taking a dip in the lake," I said casually as I put my stuff
down. Nancy seemed somewhat hesitant at seeing Mike there. "Don't worry,
he doesn't bite," I said, laughing quietly. "In fact, you'll soon be
begging for his big cock." I winked at Mike who smiled broadly at me. "Ok,
Nancy. This is your last chance. Are you willing to obey me for the
night? If not, you can go now." Her gaze flickered back and forth between
us. I could see the decision going on in her head by the dim firelight.
"Yes. Yes, I will," she said in a very soft voice. I smiled at her.
"Good, for this evening you will address me as Mistress." "Yes, Mistress,"
she said, lowering her eyes. What a perfect slave, I thought. I had Mike
build up the fire a bit for more light and I began rummaging around in my
bag. I wasn't planning on having this particular type of fun, but I always
had a few things around. I looked through what I had and selected some
rope and my favorite strap-on. "Ok, slut, take your clothes off. Let Mike
see your body." She took a deep breath and pulled her shirt off and lowered
her shorts. I could hear Mike gasp as she stood there in the firelight.
"Wow, she's got nice tits, Diana." "Yes, she does," I said smiling.
"Nancy, come here and turn around." She walked over and turned around. I
grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her and tied her wrists together
tightly and held them there. I knew her breasts were sticking out even
more now. Mike walked over and stood before her and began to cup her
breasts. His large hands kneaded the firm flesh and began to squeeze.
Nancy moaned softly as he worked her over. But I wasn't going to let him
enjoy them all to his self. "Let's move her over to the blanket," I
suggested. I led our new slut over to the blanket and had her lie down on
it. Her hands remained tied behind her back. Mike and I kneeled down and
each took a breast. I took one delicious nipple in my mouth and began to
suck it eagerly as my hand squeezed her tit-flesh roughly. Her skin was
still cool from the lake. Mike was doing the same and soon she was moaning
and squirming. "You like this, slut?" I asked. "Yessss, Mistress." I bit
down on her nipple and she cried out. I slapped her face. "You want
everyone to hear what a slut you are?" She shook her head, her eyes wide.
"Then keep your mouth shut or I'll have to gag you. I don't especially
want to do that because your mouth is going to get used." I sucked her some
more and pulled away. "Mike, check out how fat these nipples are." We
gazed at her tits and Mike pinched one. "Yeah, they're fucking huge. Good
to suck," he grinned. I stood up and began to take my clothes off. Mike
lowered his shorts and his cock was already standing straight up. I smiled
at him. "Me first, dear," I said sweetly. He laughed. "I know." I was so
incredibly horny that I couldn't wait any longer. I had to cum and soon. I
looked down at Nancy's heaving breasts and grabbed her by the arm, forcing
her to her knees. I got down on my knees in front of her and forced her
head down to my breast. "Suck me," I breathed. She lowered her head and
took one flat nipple in her mouth. I held her head there and sighed as her
mouth began to suck me. I directed her tongue and mouth to lick and suck
my nipples to full hardness, loving the feel of her soft mouth on me. Back
and forth her mouth went licking and sucking and kissing my breasts. She
was a fast learner and in no time I was moaning. I held her face into my
breasts and kept her licking until I on the brink of cumming. Finally I
pushed her away. I desperately needed Mike's cock in me. I had Nancy lie
back down and I positioned my body over her as Mike entered me from behind.
My pussy was so wet that he slid in easily. I groaned and lowered my head
to Nancy's breasts and began to lavish them with my tongue. My teeth
gently nipped the hard, fat nubs of her nipples, which brought lusty moans
from her mouth. Mike was grunting with pleasure as his cock slid in and
out of my clenching pussy. I squeezed my slut's tits together and buried
my face in the deep cleavage. Soon the moans from all three of us filled
the air. "Mmmm...fuck me Mike, fuck meeeeee," I urged in between biting
Nancy's breasts. "Yeah,'re pussy is so wet, Diana," he groaned
as he squeezed my ass and pounded away. Suddenly I could feel my orgasm
building quickly and I felt myself screaming towards the point of no
return. I raised my head and let out a long, low moan as my whole body was
gripped by a powerful orgasm. "Oh god, I'm cummmminggggg!!!!" I
practically yelled as Mike released his warm seed deep inside me. Mike
pumped me a few more times and slowly withdrew with a groan. I practically
collapsed on top of Nancy as he went around and made her clean his cock.
She obediently lapped our cum off his still stiff cock as I forced myself
to get up. "Having fun with my slave?" a voice said at the edge of the
campsite. We all turned our heads to see a figure emerge from the shadows.
I immediately knew who it was and suddenly it all fell into place. I
hastily grabbed my robe and pulled it around me and greeted an old friend.
"Dan, good to see you!" I said going over to him. "I didn't realize..." He
laughed and gave me a hug. I could see Mike's mouth hanging open out of
the corner of my eye. "Mike, this is a Dan. He's a fellow Dom and I
believe the husband and Master of Nancy?" He nodded and shook hands with
Mike. I could see his cock suddenly go limp and he felt extremely
self-conscious. He moved away from Nancy and started looking for his
shorts. Dan looked down at his slut. "Very nicely done, Nancy. Have you
pleased your Mistress?" "Yes, Master, I did," she said, lowering her eyes.
"I don't think we're through just yet," he said, smiling at me. "That
little show really turned me on." He lifted her up to her knees and I could
see his bulge pressing through his shorts. He was big guy with unruly
brown hair and a full beard. Even though he was big, his stomach was flat
and his body muscular. He definitely was good-looking. He pushed his
shorts down and forced his slave's head to his cock where she began to lick
his swelling head. "Good girl," he said as her tongue began to lick and
suck his cock to full erectness. I sat next to Mike as we watched her
serve her Master. I realized that he knew I was here all along and sent
her to serve me. It worked because I had never met his wife. Dan began to
groan in earnest as he began to slowly fuck her face with his long dick. I
could see her throat muscles trying to reject his cock as he forced it
deep, but his hands held her head on him. "Oh fuck, yeah...suck me, you
little bitch," he groaned. Mike's lap and I found that he was very hard.
"Enjoying this?" I whispered. "Oh yeah." Dan fucked away for a few more
minutes and then he stopped thrusting as he came. Nancy's mouth was
tightly clamped over his cock as he spurted his cum in her mouth making
sure she swallowed it all. He groaned loudly and called her every name in
the book as she drained his cock. When he was done, he pulled away and I
saw his cum dribble down Nancy's chin. He tucked his cock into his shorts
and pulled her up to her feet. He looked over at us. "How long are you
two staying here," he asked, casually. I found myself unable to answer him
at first. "Um, until Sunday..." "How about we have some fun with my slut
tomorrow night. It's pretty late." "I would love to, Dan. She's very good
and I know we'd love to use her again." "Great, see you after dinner
tomorrow night. I'm glad you enjoyed her." He grabbed her clothes and
marched her naked back to their campsite. "Wow, that was weird," Mike said
as he began to put the fire down. "Yes it was, but great," I said. "I'm
definitely looking forward to tomorrow night."

Mike and I crawled into our tent and made love slowly in the quiet
evening. We were both still turned on by what we had just seen and done
and I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep until I had another release. The
sun was high the next day when we finally rolled out of bed. I spent the
day swimming and tanning while Mike went fishing with a few of the guys in
the campground. It was a lazy day all around. I didn't see any sign of
Nancy and her husband - they probably had gone hiking or sightseeing
somewhere. As I lay in the sun, I kept thinking about the little ruse Dan
had set up for me. She definitely had me going there, I wouldn't have
guessed she was a slave. I smiled to myself as I thought about what we
would be doing to her that evening. In fact, I was more than smiling - I
could feel my body slowly respond as I began to fantasize her taking two
cocks at once. My pussy began to twitch slightly and I knew it was getting
damp, but I loved to let the sexual tension build up until I could finally
release it. Nothing a quick swim wouldn't do, I thought as I got up and
walked to the lake. Mike returned late from fishing and we had a leisurely
dinner. I noticed that Nancy's party had returned and were cooking their
own dinner by the campfire. I began to feel the tension again as I
anticipated their arrival, so Mike and I relaxed in our chairs by the fire
and shared some wine as we waited. It was probably around 9 when they came
over. Most of the campground had quieted down a bit. Dan walked into our
site wearing nothing but shorts. Nancy was walking behind him, collared
and leashed, but otherwise naked. I licked my lips as she came into view.
"Good evening, Diana...and Mike," Dan said, nodding to each of us. "Are
you ready for some fun?" I laughed and tossed my hair back. "Sure thing,
Dan. How is our pretty slut tonight?" Nancy looked at me and lowered her
eyes. "I am well, Mistress." "Good. Are you horny, slut?" I asked.
"Y-yes, Mistress." Dan laughed and tugged her leash and brought her to the
middle of the site. "Ok, slut, you are to serve all three of us tonight
and do whatever we say. Is that clear?" "Yes, Master," she answered
softly. He led her over to us and I got a chair for him to sit in. "I want
you to start by giving all three of us oral. Start with your Mistress
first. On your knees!" She walked over and knelt in front of me. I stood
up and removed my shorts and sat back down, legs open wide. She leaned her
head closer to me and put her hands on my thighs. I pushed her head down
into my crotch and thrust my pussy up to her face. Her tongue immediately
began to lick my folds apart, searching for my clit. I instantly knew she
was experienced in this and leaned back to enjoy her. Mike was sitting
close to me and began to rub my breasts through the thin t-shirt. My
nipples began to stand up as he probed and prodded my firm flesh. Nancy's
tongue was doing wonders as she pushed deeper into my pussy. I could feel
myself getting hotter by the minute as she slowly tongue fucked me. I
pushed my shirt and bra up over my breasts to give Mike better access. He
immediately began to pinch and pull my nipples knowing it drove me wild.
"Oh yes...suck my pussy, slut...push your tongue deep in there," I moaned.
She obeyed by pushing her tongue as deep as it could go and then she
started swirling it around. I opened my legs wider and gasped as she
expertly tongued me. "Oh fuck yessss..." She moved her tongue back in
forth from my hole to my clit. Whenever her tongue came in contact with
it, I felt like I was going to explode. I couldn't believe how good she
was. Mike started to pinch my nipples very hard. His fingers pulled and
tweaked them roughly, just the way I liked it and I felt my body tensing
towards the first orgasm of the night. Nancy could sense that and she
quickly pushed two fingers in my pussy as she began to nibble on my clit.
"Oh my god!!" I yelled out. My hands gripped the chair and I humped her
face hard. My body cried out for release and I gave into it by cumming
very, very hard. "Oh yessssssss...oh fuckkkk yesssss...I'm cumming so
hard!!!" I thrashed and moaned as Nancy and Mike brought me over the edge
and kept me there for some time. Nancy kept her tongue in my pussy and
completely cleaned all my juices until the shuddering stopped and I slumped
back in my chair. "Wow...that was incredible," I said with a shaky voice.
Dan laughed heartily. "She's had a lot of practice." Nancy got up and
moved to Mike. His cock was practically bursting out of his shorts and he
quickly removed them, freeing his cock. I watched as she began to lick his
cockhead and suck on it a bit. Her tongue swirled around and around his
cock bringing moans from his lips. I could tell she was just as good
giving head as licking pussy. Her hot little tongue moved down his shaft
and began to lick his balls. I thought he would explode right there and
then. "Oh fuck, lick my balls..." he moaned and clutched her head in his
hands. She licked and sucked his balls as her hand began to slowly jerk
him off. His cock was throbbing and his head was thrown back in ecstasy as
she worked him over. Eventually she went back to his shaft and opened her
mouth wide to take him in. She tried to close her mouth over as much of
him as she could before moving her head up and down his big cock. Slowly
she brought her mouth up before sliding it down it a little faster. She
did this over and over, each time increasing the speed. Before long he was
humping her mouth and moaning lustily. I gripped his hand in mine as he
got closer and closer to cumming. "Oh yessss...suck my cock...I wanna cum in your mouth," he groaned. She increased her sucking and bobbed her head
up and down his shaft. One hand cupped and squeezed his full balls.
"Ugggggggghhhhhhhh..." He held her head firmly down on his cock and spurted
his seed into her mouth. I could tell it was gagging her, but she didn't
dare remove her mouth. His groans went on and on as he pumped his cum into
her slut mouth and it began to dribble out of her and down her chin. At
last he pulled out and practically collapsed back into his chair. Nancy
licked his cock clean, but did not wipe away any of the cum from her face.
Now it was her Master's turn. He stood up and had her kneel in front of
him. She immediately began to lick his balls and finger his asshole before
even touching his cock. She was well-trained and I enjoyed watching her
perform. Nancy went on for a while giving Dan a superb blowjob. When he
finally came, he pulled out and spurted all over her face and breasts. It
was incredible. All three of us sat back in our chairs for a bit sharing
some more wine and recovering from the great oral sex our little slut had
performed on us. Nancy was allowed to clean off the cum from her body and
rest on the blanket for a bit. "Do you have any rope?" Dan asked after a
while. "Oh yeah," I replied. "Plenty." "Good, I'm going to tie her to the
picnic table so we can really enjoy her." I got the rope and cleared the
top off so we could secure her to it. Nancy obediently got on her back and
lay there as Dan and I tied her spread-eagle to the table. I knew the
roughness of the wood was uncomfortable on her skin, but she didn't make a
sound. The table wasn't too big, so we had it so her head was hanging off
one end. That would give either of the guys a chance to stick their cocks
on her mouth. Her legs were forced wide apart and tied down as well as her
arms. She looked luscious, as she lay there, unable to move, her big
breasts heaving. We were naked at this time and looked somewhat like
pagans as we gathered around the table illuminated by the firelight. The
object of our desire lay perfectly still on the table ready to be ravished.
"Diana, she's all yours," Dan said. "Thanks," I grinned. "My pleasure." I
went and stood next to the table and looked at her tits. They were ripe
and ready for the taking and I immediately brought my hands down to grasp
the firm tit-flesh. She gasped as I squeezed very hard; digging my nails
into the soft, white skin. I slowly dragged my fingers along her tits until I got to the nipples. With each thumb and finger, I pressed her
juicy nubs between them until she was thrashing and moaning in pain. I
released her and lowered my head to one engorged nub and sucked it hard
into my mouth, biting down lightly. Her cries were soft so I bit down
harder and she screamed. Mike went around and clamped his hand over her
mouth as to draw too much attention to us. I began to chew on her nipple
as her muffled screams were heard behind Mike's hand. The licking, sucking and biting went on and on and my body was getting very warm from hearing
her muffled cries. Eventually I stopped and moved to the other one, which
brought fresh cries and squirming. Dan was impressed and encouraged me to
continue. "Don't worry, she can take it," he said. I pulled my mouth off
her and began to slap her tits hard. They bounced and jiggled all over her
chest and began to get red from the slaps. Mike held his hand firmly on
her mouth as she cried and I could see tears sliding out of the corners of
her eyes. I kept it up for a bit longer before stopping. Mike removed his
hand and she was panting and sobbing. Her tits were red and the nipples
swollen painfully. "Very good, Diana. It's always good to see a woman who
knows what she is doing." I smiled at Dan and moved aside to let him take
over. He had a hand full of clothespins from the line I had strung up to
dry our clothes. He nodded to Mike who clamped his hand over her mouth
again and proceeded to clamp each nipple. I winced as the plastic closed
over the tortured flesh, my own nipples hardening. There were more muffled
screams, but they went ignored. Dan grunted and moved to her cunt. For
the first time that evening, I realized she was shaved. Her bare pussy lips glistened in the firelight as Dan pulled them apart. He applied four
pins to her lips. I watched as she jerked her hips each time, but there
was nothing she could do. "Could I trouble you for your panties and some
tape?" he asked. I smiled, knowing he was about to gag her, and got what
he wanted. My panties were still damp as I rolled them up and presented
them to him. He sniffed them and smiled at me before shoving them into
Nancy's mouth. He put a piece of tape over them and we left our bound,
gagged and clamped slut to her own devices for a while. More wine and a
little food were shared as we chatted about different things. But in the
back of our minds, we were thinking about what was to happen next. Our
slut's nipples were dark with the blood trapped under the clamps as well as
her cunt lips. When we released them, the sensation would be overwhelming.
Dan turned to Mike and asked him if he wished to fuck Nancy. Mike laughed
and quickly accepted. We all got up and went over to see how she was.
Nancy's head was lolling off the end of the table and sweat was covering
her body making it glisten in the dying firelight. Dan ripped the tape off
her mouth and placed his cock over it before she could make a sound. Dazed
as she was, she started to lick his limp cock and I could see it begin to
harden. Mike was stroking his cock, taking in the scene. When he felt
hard enough, he climbed on the table and knelt between her legs. His cock
rested at the entrance to her pussy. "Remove those clamps, Mike. It'll be
easier on your cock," Dan said. Mike plucked each one off and the effect
on our slut was astounding. She screamed against Dan's cock and bucked her
hips. Mike looked down at her throbbing pussy. "She's so fucking wet!" I
laughed and watched him push his cock deep in her wet cunt. "Mmmm...yeah,
she's very wet." Mike leaned his whole body over her as he began to slide
in and out. He took long, slow strokes, grunting with the effort of being
on that table. Nancy began to moan like the slut she was against Dan's
cock. I watched mesmerized by the scene as both ends of her were filled
with cock. She lay there helpless as her holes were violated, but she was
moaning all the same. My hand wandered down to stroke my own pussy as Mike
increased the speed and depth of his strokes. "Oh fuck...she's so
tight..." he gasped. "So is her mouth," replied Dan. He was panting now
as he fucked her hot mouth. Nancy was trembling and her breasts quivered
and jiggled as the men fucked her. I thought that she would be the one to
cum first. She most certainly was close. I could hear her muffled moans
of passion as she was assaulted. "Diana...take the clamps off now," Dan
said between gasps. "Do both at the same time." I went over to Nancy and
placed my hands over the clamps. Her eyes were wide as she looked at me.
They were filled with lust and desire and I had a feeling I knew what was
going to happen next. I grasped each clothespin and pulled it off. At
that moment her whole body shook as the blood flooded back to her nipples,
overwhelming it with sensitivity. I looked over at Mike and his eyes were
wide, as no doubt she was squeezing his cock with her pussy. "She's
cumming," he panted. "Fuck, she's squeezing me
so...ahhhhhhh...ohhhhhhhhh." In that instant he came deep inside her as
both their orgasms blended together. Dan pulled out of her mouth and she
cried over and over that she was cumming. She panted and moaned and wailed
as the orgasm took her with tremendous force. It was an incredible turn on
for all of us. Eventually Mike pulled out of her and slumped exhausted in
his chair. Dan and I untied our slut and helped her over to the blanket by
the fire and gave her some wine. I could see the cum coating the inside of
her thighs, but she made no move to clean it up. Instead, she lay there
and tried to calm herself down. We were all feeling the effects of the
wine pretty well by now. The spark of sexual activity hung in the warm air
and I knew it wasn't over quite yet. "Mike, I have a favor to ask of you,"
Dan said quietly. "Sure Dan, anything after that!" We all laughed. "Well,
your lady has a beautiful ass and I would very much like to fuck it, if I
may." Mike looked at me with one eyebrow raised. "Hon, is that ok?" I
nodded. "Yes, I would like that." Dan stood up - "Great, I know I'm going
to enjoy it as well." We joined Nancy on the blanket and I got on my hands
and knees, breathing heavy in anticipation. "Ok, my slut," Dan said,
looking at Nancy. "Prepare my cock for your Mistress." Nancy immediately
started to suck his semi-hard cock, although I couldn't actually see her do
it, I could definitely hear her. This lasted for a brief time before he
had her stop. "Now lick her asshole, slut. I don't want to hurt her." I
felt her silky tongue begin to bathe my asshole and I shuddered with the
sensation. She was truly an expert in all areas of oral. My pussy clenched and oozed with my juices as she got me ready. "That's good," he
said and I next felt his cock pushing at the entrance to my tight hole. I
relaxed my muscle and he was in. "Oh fuck, yeah...oh my, Diana..." He
eased himself all the way into my ass and held it there. "Nancy, get
underneath your Mistress and pleasure her pussy as I fuck her." "Yes
Master," she said meekly. She moved her body under mine and brought her
fingers up to my clit and began to rub. A jolt went through me as she
began to do that and it was amazing. Satisfied, Dan began to move his cock
in and out of my ass. Nancy's fingers pinched and tweaked my clit bringing
little ripples of pleasure up to my swaying breasts. She lay beneath my
body using one hand to finger me and the other to pinch and pull my
nipples. I was moaning loudly in no time, overwhelmed with sensation.
"Ohhhhhh...that's feels sooo good," I groaned. "Fuck my ass, Dan...pound
me good." "My pleasure," he grunted as he began to pick up the pace. His
hands covered my ass cheeks as he rubbed and slapped them lightly. This
only brought louder moans from me and faster strokes by Nancy's fingers.
We went on for a while doing this. I rocked back and forth between Dan's
cock and Nancy's fingers in my pussy. The lust in my body was growing
faster and faster as I was fucked in both places. My ass was clenching
around Dan's cock, my pussy was dripping over Nancy's fingers and my
breasts were tingling to the teasing touches of her other hand.
"uughhh...ugghhhh...I'm gonna....ohhhhh....i'm cummmmmm-" I broke off my
grunts with a long, thin scream as my body exploded into yet another
mind-blowing orgasm. I couldn't see anything else as my body was wracked
by huge waves of pleasure. I was only dimly aware that Dan pulled out of
me and shot his load all over my ass and back. My senses were too overcome
and I felt myself swimming on the edge of consciousness until it was black.
When I came to, Mike was next to me with worry on his face. "Are you ok?"
he asked anxiously. "Y-yes," I said weakly. "Too much wine, I think." He
pulled me up to my feet and cleaned me off before putting my robe on. Dan
and Nancy were watching from a few feet away. "That was quite an orgasm,"
Dan laughed. I smiled at him and collapsed in my chair. Mike immediately
brought me some water. "Yes it was, and thank you very, very much," I
said. "Our pleasure. We'll have to do this again some time." Mike and I
both nodded and said good-bye to them as they faded into the darkness. It
was definitely the best camping trip ever.


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