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carol mom me 67


CAROL, mom & ME 67

Lisa and I were lkaughing and giggling as we went back to my room. Oh,
Billy. That was so fucking nice. Oh. What a great idea honey. your dad
must have pumped a gallon of cum in my throat honey.

It was wonderful watching you fucking your mom and seeing your dad
licking and sucking her tits and kissing her. Wow, Billy, I came myself
while watchng you fuck her like that.

Billy, let me suck you quick honey. I want to have your father's and
your cum in me right now. Just like your mom does honey. Lisa didn't wait
for an answer. She quickly pushed me down on the bed and started to suck
me eith excitement. I was only half hard but it still felt nice. OOOOHHH
Billy, shoot your juice in my mouth honey. Fuck my mouth hard.

She gripped my hips with my cock deep in her mouth and pulled me up.
She slipped off the bed and on hre knees now, on the floor. Oh Billy, fuck
my mouth baby. Shoot your cum.

I fucked her mouth, still feeling the sensations of fucking mom. Lisa's
sucking and hands on my cock didn;t take long. I was starting to shoot
again. She sucked me harder andjerked my cock hard as I came. OOOOHHH
Billy...she took her mouth off my cock and used her hand to squeeze my cum out and into her opened mouth.

She was moaning as she sucked with her excitement.

Her warm mouth felt nice as I was drained by her sucking so hard.

Finally, she felt me go soft in her mouth and rose up to kiss me deeply.
I know you probably won't be able to fuck me now for a while. It doesn't
matter honey. We'll fuck in the morning. Now I have yours and your
father's cum in me. I love it Billy. Its so fucking hot.

We laid on the bed, holding each other now, and drifted off to a nice
sleep. Both of us still naked.

Sometime early the next morning, I awoke to a pleasant feeling on my
cock. I opened my eyes and mom was kneeling between Lisa and me. She was
smiling softly. Her hand stroking my cock wonderfully, and tender. Then I
noticed hr other hamd sliding in and out of Lisa's pussy.

Lisa was now stirring as she awoke. Lisa looked at me, thinking it was
my hand fingering her pussy. Then she opened her eyes fully and saw mom. I
saw mom push her hand into Lisa's pussy a little deeper now. Her other
hand stillgently stroking my hard cock. I was raging with my hardon now.
Lisa honey, feel nice? Oh yes. What a pleaant way to wake up mom. Lisa's
hips gently rising to mom's fingers.

Lisa honey, I would like to please both you and billy for what you did
to us so nicely last night. It was wonderful what both of you did for us.
I really came when you licked me Billy, and then again, I came so hard with
you fucking me and your dad sucking my tits at the same time. Oh Billy, it
was so wonderful. Lisa honey, would you please get on top of Billy's nice
hard cock? Oh sure mom. No face me honey. That's it. Slide my son;s
nice hard cock up in you. That's it honey. Feel nice/ Oh yes. I love
Billy's cock in me. Does your lover's pussy feel nice sliding down your
hard cock honey? Oh yes mom. squeeze my son in there Lisa. Squeeze his
hard cock inside you. OOOOHHH mom. I am. I love him inside me. Lisa
rode up and down slowly now. Her ass mostly on my groin. Feel nice Lisa?
Oh yes, mom. Lean back a little on him honey. That's it like that. Oh
honey. I can see my son;s big cock sliding inyur wet pussy. It really
turns me on Lisa. My cock was bent going up into Lisa now. Oh, I can see
his big balls,and you whole pussy taking my son;s cock inside you. Feels
nice doesn't it honey? Oh yes, mom. Oh Yes. Fuck him nice Lisa. OOOOHHH
I am. mom leaned forward now and started to lick and suck Lisa's tits.
They were forced upward as she leaned slightly backward on me. OOOOHHH
mom. That feels so nice. I know dear. I know. I know how nice my son;s
cock feels inside fucking you too....OOOOHHH he really does mom. mom went
back to sucking and licking Lisa's tits again. Lisa moaned loudly.

After a few minuted, mom knelt down between our legs. Oh I can see his
hot big cock fucking you honey.

OOOHH. mom leaned her head down and lifted my balls into her mouth now.

OOOOHH Mom. I yelled. feel good Billy? OOOOHHH mom. I can feel the
cum he's going to shoot into you Lisa. I can feel his cum in his balls in
my mouth.

His balls arde full for you honey. He's really going to shoot a lot of
cum into your this morning. mom licked and sucked my balls tenderly as I
fucked up into Lisa. OOOOOOHHHH. Mom....she sucked me some more. I can
see his big slippery cock Lisa. Feel good honey...OOOOHHH Yes mom. fuck
her Billy. Fuck your lover with your love.

I pumped harder up into Lisa .... Now mom surprised Lisa. She took her
fingers and spread her upper pussy lips and licked her clit as my cock was
sliding in and out of her hole. Lisa screamed louly now. OOOOHHH Billy,
mom is sucking my clit too...OOOOHHH Fuck Billy, I have your cock and mom is sucking me too.

Lisa was humping wildly as mom sucked what part of her clit and slit she
could reach with her tongue and mouth. Lisa was screaming .... mom wen
back to my balls now, and sucked them intoher mouth....UUUUMMMMM she moaned
as she sucked them. My sosn will shoot in you soon Lisa honey.

I was on edge. I was humping up into Lisa's wet pussy as mom forced her
to cum with her mouth on Lisa clit. My cock fucking as hard as I could
into her.

Lisa was in bliss as she came several times from my cock fucking her,
and mom's sucking her pussy also. She was bucking hard off me as I held
her tits hard and squeezed her nipples above me.

I could feel Lisa's hips push forward probably to meet mom's sucking mouth on her clit. She screamed and tensed hard on my body as she came
hard into mom's mouth and all over my cock. Litterally screamimng as mom held her mouth to her pussy tightly. I vaguely saw dad for a moment and
then heard mom moan loudly as she sucked Lisa and me, and dad must have
started to fuck into her from n behind.

dad moaned softly as his cock slid all the way into mom. I could feel
her press gorward into Lisa's pussy as dad forced his cock hard into her.
Fuck me honey, she moaned as she lifted her mouth from Lisa for a moment.
Lisa was still moaning, almost screaming as mom sucked her to another cum,
just above my fucking cock. mom started to nibbly the whole underside of
my cock as it came in and out of Lisa's pussy. I screamed with thjis added
pleasure. She was nibbling the large cum tube under my shaft now.
OOOOHHHMOM OOOOOOHHH I was cumming hard now into Lisa. She was still
dripping her juice into mom's sucking mouth and all over my cock and balls
as we both came. mom moaned as dad fucked her and I heard him yell as he
shot a fuinal blast into mom's pussy. mom continually went to my balls and
gently sucked them. Finally, dad stood behind her and looked down at Lisa
and me still with her back being held up by my hands. Her tits heaving on
her chest. mom still licking both of us as we came down from our cum. dad
had quickly came to the side of the bed and bent over to suck Lisa's tits softly as she shivered in her final cumming on my cock and mom's mouth.
Lisa was shaking now, as dad caressed her upraised tense body all the way
down to her pussy. Where he met mom's licking and sucking mouth.

I could feel his fingers sliding into Lisa slit as my cock started to
slide out now. He fingered in and out of her as mom quickly took my whole
softening cock into her mouth and sucked me. BothLisa and I were still
moaning, as mom and dad were bringing bothof us to another cum. mom gentle
sucking was wonderful as usual. I could feel and sense her love she was
giving withher mouth.

I could feel dad's caresses of Lisa's swollen pussy as she finally
rested comlpletely on me now. mom moved from sucking me finally, and dad
took her place to suck up and down Lisa once more. I held her tits and
massaged them as mom stood at out side watching dad eat my lover to yet
another cum.

Finally, after Lisa had clamped dad's head between her thighs with a
shaking cum, she almost collaped and rolled off me onto the bed.

Both of us were absolute spent.

Dad smiled at Lisa, as mom once more reached over and caressed my
softened cock lovingly. OK, guys. Almost time for breakfast now.

Dad and me already had brunch right here. She smiled and then her and
dad walked out.

Lisa was laying with her legs spread wide next to me. I could smell her
pussy aroma vey strong now.

Oh Billy. That was the most fantastic thing that has ever happened to
me. Me too honey.

I came and came and came Billy. I came hard when your cock was in me,
and mom sucked your balls as your shot into me. I came again when she
sucked my clit when you were still fucking me. Then your dad making me cum again. Oh fuck Billy. OOOOHHHH.

Oh Billy, your mom and dad are so fucking hot.

Oh Billy, my pussy is still dripping my juice. Your mom sucked me so
nice, then your dad right after her. Oh fucking wow, Billy.

We finally got up and took a shower. By now, carol was just getting up
and came in. Join us for a shower hon?

She came in and I soaped both girls thoroughly and washed them off.
carol reached for my cock as she had the soap and wanted to jerk me off. I
had to tell her we were both completely empty of cum.

I said, we'll tell you later hon. Yes, Lisa agreed. later, Carol. It
will blow your fucking mind. I bent down and kissed Carol's tits and
softly stroked her pussy as we got out and dried off.

mom had a pretty flowery blouse and white shorts, as we walked into the
kitchen. Dad was at the table with a cup of coffee. :isa went to hm and
stood behinf him. She hugged him and pressed her tits deliberately into
his neck and head. Thank you so much, she whispered in his ear. It as
wonderful. You too, mom. I had gone to mom at the sink and caressed her
tits through the blouse. I kissed her neck, and also thanked her for the
most wonderful sex I ever had.

Dad watched as my hands caressed mom's tits. He had reached for Lisa
standing behind him and pulled her around in front. His hands also went to
her tits and he kissed her softly.

i enjoyed making you cum very much sweetheart, he said. I could feel
mom's nipples harden in my fingers as I caressed them. She turned and
kissed me with her arms around me now. My hands still holding her tits softly. OK, honey. Time for breakfast now.

Carol, still had not realized what had happened as she watched all of
us. Finally mom spoke. Lisa honey? Yes?

I want you to know I am not or ever wanted to be lesbian, honey.

What I did up there was from my heart to both of you. We love you Lisa,
as I love Carol, here. Dad and me are so very happy you will be part of
our family. Yes, Carol and dad immediately agreed. Lisa started to get
tears in her eyes now.

Its OK, honey. mom reached next to her to hug her.

Dad rose and went over and gave Lisa a hug from behind. Then he leaned
over and kissed mom, caressed her tits in front of all of us, and said he
had to go to the office. But only for a couple hours today. I decided to
help mom witrh the dishes and Lisa and Carol went out on the deck. I knew
Lisa would fill her in on all the juicy and sucking details of last night
and then again, this morning.

As we finished the dishes, I turned mom around and kissed her with a
renewed passion. She didn't pull away. Mom........again honey?

I took her hands and placed them on mycock...My hardness surprised her,
and it was her answer. OK Honey, I want you in me too. Let's go in my
room, she said.

She turned to me as a regular woman now, next to the bed. She smiled at
me and looked at my hard cock as she undid her blouse.

She held her tits and offered them to me. Suck them honey. Suck mom's
hard nipples for me. I bent my head as she held them for me and kissed and
sucked each tit.

I want to suck you for a minute Billy. i want to feel your cock 9n
mymouth once more before you put it in me honey. She knelt by the bed and
reached for my cock. Stroking it sosoftly as she lowered her mouth on it.

UUUUMMMM its so nice sucking you Billy. I sucked your dad just befoe we
went down this morning.

I love both of my men, honey. She sucked me slowly and for quite a
while. Really enjoying what pleasure she was giving me.

Finally she rose and kissed me, and said fuck me honey. Put this hard
cock in my pussy and fuck me nice. She laid on her back and smiled at me
as I neared her and she placed my cock into her wet pussy. OOOOHHH Mom.
Take my pussy honey. Share our complete love. Fuck me Billy. I pumped
her slowly for a long time. each stroke felt with pure love. Slowly, she
half whispered to me. cum with me billy. Make your wonderful cock cum with me. She rotated hr hipsnow, and maneuvered her pussy muscles to grip
my cock.

Mom's pusy feel nicebaby. Yes. Mom. so nice. Shoot honey. I'm ready
for our love juice in me now. She spread her legs as wide as she could.
Fuck your mother honey. Shoot it. Deep as you can honey. I rammed her
harder and faster now. Feeling as though I was going deeper than I ever
have. You're fucking me good baby.

My cum is right there honey, waiting for yours.... I started to shoot.
I wan on my hands above her as I pumped and shot hard into her sucking pussy. OOOOHHH baby, she smiled softly ...OOOFill me, baby. Its your
pussy forever honey. Fill it. Fill your om with your precious cum.

She was still speaking as in almost a whisper. Oh honey, I feel you
shooting. I can feel it so very deep in my womanhood. I can feel you too
mom. I can feel your juices too. That is our love honey. Only yours and

Feel it honey. Feel our love being mixed between us, deep in my pussy.
My cock exploded one last time now and her pussy gripped me tight.

Stay there honey. Right there. Feel me.Like I feel you and your
wondeful cock. We stayed still like that for almost a full minute before
we pulled apart and kissed each other.

She sat up now. looking for her blouse. It was wondeful again honey.
you know I will be thinking of this all day, feeling my son's cum deep in
my body.

I leaned down andkissed her again. Almost wanting to start all over


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